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Renewal Ragnarok Online

private server dedicated to bringing players together in an active, friendly community. We strive to bring players the most authentic kRO experience through constant updates and fixes. And if you're ever lost, you can read our guides in our wiki!
Patch Notes

The Proof of Loyalty shop and the Gold Coin Vending Machine have merged. We've also increased the amount of Gold Coins given by the Daily Rewards! Implemented Moscovia Cards. Added a new automated event.

November 15, 2017 under Patch Notes

Patch Notes

We've got quite a few skill fixes in this patch, including an increase from 50% weight limit to 70%! Also, 5 new custom headgear quests, and preparations for big Proof of Loyalty changes down the road!

November 09, 2017 under Patch Notes

Monstrous Monstrosity Contest Winners

The moment of truth is upon us! Choosing the winners was once again supernaturally difficult due to the sheer amount of hair-raisingly BRILLIANT entries! All of the rewards will be distributed shortly.

November 05, 2017 under Events

Sat 7:00 & 12:00