End of Summer Patch Notes

Summer has now ended! Say goodbye to the Summer Festival and say hello to new patch notes! We've got a new Hat Quest, assorted bug fixes, a new hat in the Cash Shop and as usual, some skill fixes!

August 25, 2016 under Patch Notes

End Of Summer Art Contest!

As the Summer Festival comes to a close over the next few days, we have one last event up our sleeves. We will be hosting an End Of Summer Art Contest, all forms of visual art are welcome!

August 18, 2016 under Events

PvP Tournament Results (August)

This month's 4v4 PvP Tournament is now over! Congratulations to the winning team, and great job to all of you! You can find the results as well as a video replay of the tournament inside.

August 14, 2016 under Events

Summer Champions Patch Notes

The competition is on! Players who hold the records on the NovaRO multiplayer games when the Summer Festival ends will win HANDMADE trophies based on the games they hold records on. Good luck!

August 18, 2016 under Patch Notes

Accepting Staff Applications!

We've grown as a server so much that our staff is stretched thin supporting all of the players who need assistance! It is because of this reason that we are now opening staff applications once more.

August 08, 2016 under Announcements

Sat 8:00 & 17:00