Support Portal

Technical Support

If heavy lag is an issue, make sure to first check our Lagging Guide and perform all of the steps. Remember also our Troubleshooting page on our Wiki, which lists all the most common technical problems and solutions. If your issue is not listed here, we offer an extended Technical Support section on the forum. All these types of errors are typically caused by variables outside the game.

Keywords: Lag, Crashes, Error messages, Inability to patch

Bug Reports

We fix bugs on regular basis. In order to do this effectively, we appreciate having all of these reports in one place. Thus, if you have encountered what you believe to be unexpected or unintended behaviour in-game, please report it directly in our Bug Tracker section. Provide as much detail as possible for our re-testing purposes.

Keywords: Skill functionality, Client errors, Typos

Support Channels

The support channels in-game and on Discord exist to help you find answers to simple questions that do not require a GM present. You join the #support channel in-game when you send a message to this channel for the first time. If you simply want to have this channel enabled without having completed the Novice Tutorial, please talk to Login Commands NPC in Prontera.

Keywords: Item comparisons, Quests, Generic advice

Support Tickets

Opening a Support Ticket is the appropriate approach for all cases that call for GM intervention in the account department. Choose one of the available categories, provide a character name and as much information as you can include before hitting send. These threads are private and only viewable by you and the staff. Note that you need a forum account to submit a request.

Keywords: Account, Donation issues, Missing items, Other

Player Reports

It is in our interest to keep this server clean, friendly and free of bullying. For this to be possible, you will on occasion need to help us help you. Never tolerate any behaviour that is in violation of our Rules. Instead, do your part to report misbehaving players in Player Reports. This section is private and viewable only by you and the staff.

Keywords: Harassment, Griefing, Stalking, Bad language

Game Masters

NovaRO's international Game Masters strive to be available around the clock both in-game and on Discord. When online, we primarily deal with more serious support cases that do not fall into the categories above. Please make use of the other venues provided here as much as possible and if you find you still require direct support, send one of us a private message.

Keywords: RMT, Botting, Bug abuse