Download NovaRO

      The NovaRO installer is all you need to begin your adventure! (1.65GB)
      Make sure that you patch the client after finishing your installation.

          1. Click one of the buttons below.
  2. When your download is completed, run NovaROFull0804.exe
  3. NovaRO should NOT be installed in any of the following locations:
  • Desktop
  • My Documents
  • Program Files

  4. Please seed the torrent after you're done downloading!

If you have any issues patching or running the game, follow the steps in this guide.


Homunculus AI Downloads

If you'd like to set up your own AI, there's no need to download these.


Chibi Mode:

      With Chibi mode, you and your friends will look cuter than ever!
      And if you find out it's not for you, just click on the Normal button to the right.


   Download the file above and extract it into your NovaRO directory overwriting JobSprites.grf
Sat 7:00 & 12:00