Location acquired!
Marsh Arclouse Card
Matk + 3 and increase ASPD by 1% for every 10 base Int.
If base Int is 120 or higher, additional Matk + 40.
Class: Card
Compound on: Garment
Weight: 1

A specialty dagger made by a small, mysterious, desert dwelling tribe.
Increases damage inflicted on Earth property by 10%.
Increases damage inflicted on Wind property by 10%.
Indestructible (except
in upgrade attempts).
Class: Dagger
Attack: 140
Weight: 80
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 36
Jobs: Swordman, Mage, Archer, Merchant,
Thief Classes, Soul Linker, and Ninja

Master of Water [L]
Make the waves part before you and arrive with a splash.
Class: Costume
Location: Lower
Weight: 0
Jobs: Every Job

Flaming Scarf
Red summer flames, can you beat the heat?
Class: Costume
Location: Lower
Weight: 0
Jobs: Every Job

Gangster Scarf
A gangster's red scarf.
ATK +5
Class: Headgear
Defense: 0
Head Position: Lower
Weight: 10
Required Level: 1
Jobs: All Except Novice

Happy Balloon [L]
So hot! A costumed hat from the NovaRO Summer Festival.
Class: Costume
Location: Lower
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Jobs: Every Job

Minor Brisket
Meat of a Minor's head. Famous for it's soft and tender textures.
VIT +20.
Duration: 5 min.
Weight: 1

Chubby Earthworm Talisman [1]
Reduces variable cast time of [Picky Peck] by 50%.
Increases [Picky Peck] damage according to DEX and skill level.
Class: Accessory
Defense: 1
Weight: 10
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Doram race

Abysmal Knight Card
Increase damage on
Boss monsters by 25%.
Class: Card
Compound on: Weapon
Weight: 1

Drosera Herb Stew
One of the best delicacies in Arunafeltz that has a chewy texture.
AGI +20.
Duration: 5 min.
Weight: 1

Bow of Storms [1]
The power of a storm given form.
Ranged Physical Attack Strength +30%.
Severe Rainstorm cooldown -2 seconds.
Severe Rainstorm consumes +15 SP.
Class: Bow
Attack: 160
Weight: 150
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 130
Applicable Job: 3rd Archer Class

Book of Gust of Wind
A hefty book with
a hard cover that has
been enchanted with
the Wind property.
Class: Book
Attack: 90
Weight: 75
Property: Wind
Weapon Level: 3
Required Level: 27
Jobs: Priest
Sage, and Taekwon Master

NovaRO Market

For Sale

Icon Item Name Price Refine Cards/Opt. Location
Marsh Arclouse Card 5,800,000z - None nova_vend,237,275
Sucsamad 6,200,000z +0 None nova_vend,209,245
Master of Water [L] 28,555,555z +0 None nova_vend,146,254
Flaming Scarf 110,000,000z +0 None nova_vend,265,170
Gangster Scarf 18,000,000z +0 None nova_vend,237,131
Happy Balloon [L] 41,237,114z +0 None nova_vend,158,179

Popular This Week

Icon ID Item Name Average Price Qty Sold
12431 Minor Brisket 83,000z 2507
28424 Chubby Earthworm Talisman [1] 561,000z 123
4140 Abysmal Knight Card 774,000z 74
12433 Drosera Herb Stew 161,000z 1403
18123 Bow of Storms [1] 1,840,000z 61
1556 Book of Gust of Wind 886,000z 49