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Heavenly Maiden Robe [1]
A faint, transparent robe decorated with a beautiful
pattern worn by celestial maidens when they fly
through the heavens.
Class: Garment
Defense: 18
Weight: 50
Required Level: 80
Jobs: All except
Novice Class

Autumn Headband [1]
A hairband with an array of autumn leaves attached to it. It displays the beauty of an autumn forest for all to see.

Increases [ Fire Trap ] and [ Ice Trap ] damage by 50%.

Reduces damage done by
[ Arrow Storm ] by 50%.

If upgraded to +7 or higher, adds +5 ATK for every 5 points of base INT.

If upgraded to +9 or higher, increases [ Fire Trap ] and [ Ice Trap ] damage by an additional 25%.

Class : Headgear
Defense : 10
Location : Upper
Weight : 20
Required Level : 100
Jobs : Ranger

Siroma Icetea
Fantastic combination of transparent ice and tea.
DEX +20.
Duration: 5 min.
Weight: 1

Pendant of Maelstrom [1]
Pendant of Maelstrom.
ATK +6%, MATK +6%.
All stats +1.
Magic attacks from enemies cast Level 1 Auto Spell Maelstrom.
Class: Accessory
Weight: 10
Required Level: 130
Applicable Job: Every 3rd Job

Safety Ring
A strange ring that
curiously raises its
wearer's defense.
DEF +5 , MDEF +5
Class: Accessory
Defense: 0
Weight: 10
Required Level: 40
Jobs: Every Job
except Novice

Physical Enhancer Ring [1]
This magic ring, developed in Geffen, enhances its wearer's physical abilities.
ATK +5%
[+Anti-Magic Suits]
ASPD +5%
[+Geffen Magic Robe]
Reduce after cast delay by 5%.
Reduce damage received from Demihuman monster by 5%.
Class: Accessory
Defense: 0
Weight: 10
Required Level: 90
Jobs: All

Scaraba Summoning Scroll
A scroll that can summon Scaraba mercenary.
When summoner is KO'ed, the mercenary will dissapear.
Weight: 1

Juliette D Rachel [2]
This katar is known to be used by Assassin Cheongeun. She named it after her lover whom she cannot see ever again.

Atk + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item.
Aspd + 1% per upgrade level of the item.
This item is indestructible in battle.

Class: Katar
Attack: 300
Weight: 250
Property : Neutral
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 170
Jobs: Guillotine Cross

Enriched Oridecon
Dense Oridecon
that has been buried
deep underground.
Used as a material to
strengthen weapons.
Enhances a chance of
successful upgrade.
Only Suhnbi of Payon is
capable of refining with
this material.

Weight: 1

Fire Elemental Converter
Temporarily enchant
the user's weapon with
the Fire property.

Weight: 1

Crimson Two-Handed Sword [2]
Two-Handed Sword whose blade shines with a red radiance.

ATK + (Refine * Refine) up to a maximum refine of 15.
MATK + (Refine * Refine) / 2 up to a maximum refine of 15.

If the user's base level is 70 or higher, for every 10 base levels, ATK + 5.

Class: Two-handed Sword
Attack: 170
Weight: 170
Weapon Level: 3
Required Level: 70
Jobs: Swordman Class

A very light, non-toxic metal used for refining and toughening Armor.

Weight: 20


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Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] 244,442z +0 None xmas,137,114
Autumn Headband [1] 82,999,999z +7 Dolomedes Card newvending,86,109
Siroma Icetea 167,977z - None ecl_in01,59,42
Pendant of Maelstrom [1] 56,666,666z +0 Gold Scaraba Card ecl_in01,59,47
Safety Ring 100,000,001z +0 None xmas,137,120
Physical Enhancer Ring [1] 93,000,000z +0 Aspd + #%. newvending,135,38

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12114 Fire Elemental Converter 32,000z 1790
21015 Crimson Two-Handed Sword [2] 601,000z 69
985 Elunium 3,000z 14473
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