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Aqua Orb
A sea-blue crystal ball imbued with power of water.
INT +1, MDEF +2.
Increases resistance to water attacks by 15%.
Has a certain chance of casting LV 3 Frost Nova when hit by physical/magical attacks.
Type: Accessory
Defense: 2
Weight: 20
Required Level: 100
Job: Warlock

Old Fuel Tank
An old fuel tank with some fuels left inside it. Seem useless.

Weight: 10

Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1]
An armor that is enchanted with the Fire property.
Class: Armor
Defense: 25
Weight: 220
Required Level: 45
Jobs: All Jobs except Novice

Elaborate Foxtail Replica [2]
An exquisitely crafted plastic model of a Foxtail.
Long range physical damage + 8%, Max HP + 5%.
Every 2 refines: DEX + 3, Max SP + 15.

- Doram Only Effect -
When refined to +7, ATK increases by 40%
Every refine above +7 increases ATK and MATK by 20%
(Refine bonuses are only applicable until +10)
Class: One-Handed Staff
Attack: 240
Weight: 30
Weapon Level: 3
Required Level: 140
Jobs: Doram race

Flattery Robe [1]
Attire for those who would use whatever means necessary to bring their desires to pass.

Matk + 50
Enables Level 1 Endure.
If the users base level is 120 or higher,
Additional Matk + 50
If the users base level is 140 or higher,
Additional Matk + 50

Set Bonus
Ancient Cape
Flattery Robe
Max SP + 10%
Additional Max SP + 1% per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.
Flee + 10
Additional Flee + 1 per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.
Set Bonus
Survivor's Manteau
Flattery Robe
Max HP + 10%
Additional Max HP + 1% per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.
Matk + 2%
Additional Matk + 1% per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.

Class: Armor
Weight: 10
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Every Job

Gentlemanly suit worn by an unfortunate man who fell victim to the curse of time.
Increase attack speed by 3%.
Decrease after cast delay by 3%, decrease variable cast by 3%.
If refine is + 7 or more Attack speed increase (after-attack delay reduced by 2%).
If refine is + 7 or more Decrease skill after delay 2%, decrease variable cast by 2%.
Class: Armor
Defense: 40
Weight: 30
Required Level: 80
Jobs: Every Job except Novice

Rusty Iron
A rusty piece of
iron that would only
interest scavengers
and vermin. Steel
Chonchon finds it
to be very tasty.

Class: Taming Item
Weight: 5

Light Of Cure
An old but shiny gold ring entwined with rings. It is rumored to be a relic of a saint.
VIT +2, Increases the effectiveness of healing skills by 2%.
Allows the user to enchant items with effects related to Highness Heal.
Type: Accessory
Defense: 0
Weight: 0
Required Level: 110
Job: Archbishop

Poison Bottle
A skeleton shaped bottle which contains deadly poison.

Weight: 10

Boots of Airship
Boots used by travelers who come aboard the ariship Ferlock.
Stolen from the monsters during the event of airship raid.
AGI +1
ASPD +10%
Class: Footgear
Defense: 26
Weight: 0
Required Level: 125
Jobs: Every Job

Excellion Wing
A power wing made from the lost technology of a ruined laboratory.
Perfect Dodge + 8
If level 130 or above,
additional Perfect
Dodge + 2.
Increase Flee by 2 for every refine upgrade.

[+ Excellion Suit]
Reduce skill delay by 10%.
If level 130 or above, additional skill delay reduction by 10%.
Perfect Dodge + 6

Class: Garment
Defense: 40
Weight: 90
Required Level: 99
Jobs: Every Job

Bookclip in Memory
An old leaf that
can be used as a
bookmark or to remind
its owner of something
quite important.

Weight: 2

NovaRO Market

For Sale

Icon Item Name Price Refine Cards/Opt. Location
Aqua Orb 555,999z +0 None nova_vend,146,149
Old Fuel Tank 449,999z - None nova_vend,209,134
Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] 6,000,000z +0 None nova_vend,225,149
Elaborate Foxtail Replica [2] 795,000z +0 None nova_vend,213,134
Flattery Robe [1] 175,000,000z +7 Lucky Nive Lv 2, Spellbound Nive Lv 2 nova_vend,118,203
Menswear 2,111,112z +0 None xmas,158,119

Popular This Week

Icon ID Item Name Average Price Qty Sold
625 Rusty Iron 64,000z 128
2864 Light Of Cure 366,000z 137
678 Poison Bottle 25,000z 9038
22046 Boots of Airship 20,000z 133
20773 Excellion Wing 8,796,000z 43
7015 Bookclip in Memory 5,000z 4367