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Glorious Morning Star
Physical Attack against Demihuman monsters +75%.
Ignore 20% of Physical Defense of Demihuman monsters.
***Additional Weapon Refining Level Option***
+6 Upgrade: Ignore Demihuman physical defense +5%,Increase in ASPD(Delay after attacking reduces by 5%), [Slaughter] Lv 1 (Damage bonus of Slaughter increases up to the upgrade level 14.)
+9 Upgrade: has a chance of Inflicting [Stun] when normally attacking, increae in ASPD(Delay after ataccking reduces by 5%)
Class: Mace
Attack: 130
Weight: 0
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 80
Job: Novice Class / Swordman Class / Acolyte Class / Merchant Classes

Glorious Morning Star • 1546

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