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Empowered Mace Of Judgement [1]
A mace that strikes like the Judges gavel in deciding the fate of evil.
Physical and Magical Attacks have a chance to increase damage by 40% to Demon monsters for 7 seconds.
MATK +180, STR +2, INT +2.
If worn with Judgement Robe, Shoes and Shawl, increase Damage against Undead by 30%.
Increase damage of Adoramus by 200%, and increase SP cost of Adoramus by 30.
Class: Mace
Attack: 170
Weight: 120
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 130
Jobs: Arch Bishop

Empowered Mace Of Judgement [1] • 16018

 Market History

# Min Max Average Std. Deviation
Week 5 7,000,000z 30,000,000z 16,600,000z ±10,965,400z
Month 11 2,999,999z 32,000,000z 12,818,182z ±11,084,950z

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