NovaRO Market

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Infinity Dagger [1]
This weapon contains a strange energy.
Whatever restrains the great power of this weapon was bought at a great price...
MATK + 100.
Class: Dagger
Attack: 125
Weight: 50
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Novice, Swordman Class, Mage Class, Archer Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class, Soul Linker, Ninja

Infinity Dagger [1] • 28703

 Market History

# Min Max Average Std. Deviation
Week 2 7,800,000z 22,000,000z 14,900,000z ±7,100,000z
Month 21 900,000z 34,000,000z 11,890,058z ±8,529,660z

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