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Festive Elven Hat
A jaunty red hat. Given as thanks to friends of the elves.
Class: Costume
Location: Upper
Weight: 0
Jobs: Every Job

Platinum Shield
A magnificent platinum shield that is rumored to be able to reflect harmful magic. Reduces damage from Mid and Large sized monsters by 15%, and reduces damage from Undead monsters by 10%. Has a 40% chance to reflect magic for 2 seconds with each magic spell attack.
Class: Shield
Defense: 95
Weight: 120
Required Level: 68
Jobs: All Transcendent
Jobs except Novice

Mangkukulam Card
Increases Maximun SP + 10%.
Drain 666 HP each time an enemy is killed.
Class : Card
Compound on: Armor
Weight : 1

Vicious Mind Dagger [1]
The dagger of an evil spirit.

Atk + (Refine * Refine) up to a maximum refine of 15.
Matk + 50
Additional Matk + ((Refine * Refine) / 2) up to a maximum refine of 15.

Class: Dagger
Attack: 105
Weight: 105
Property : Neutral
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 160
Jobs: Novice, Swordman Class, Mage Class, Archer Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class, Soul Linker, Ninja

Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3]
One of the twin swords of Naght Sieger. The blue blade shows the sharpness of this sword.
When attacking there is a chance that for 5 seconds you will completely disregard the defense of the opponent.
Enables the use Lv. 5 Frost Diver.
Class: Sword
Attack: 150
Weight: 150
Property: Water
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 75
Jobs: Transcendent Swordman, Merchant, Thief Classes

Old Fuel Tank
An old fuel tank with some fuels left inside it. Seem useless.

Weight: 10

Temporal Crystal
A rare crystal formed by a distortion of time.
Weight : 1

Heroic Backpack [1]
A backpack befitting of any hero.
Enables the use of level 1 Greed
If refined to +7 or higher and base stats (without modifiers) is equal to 90 or higher,
-STR -> Attack +20
-INT -> Magic Attack +30
-VIT -> Tolerance to Neutral property +5%
-AGI -> ASPD +8%
-DEX -> Ranged Attack +5%
-LUK -> Inflict 10% more critical attack.
If refined to +9 or higher and base stats (without modifiers) is equal to 90 or higher,
-STR -> Attack +30
-INT -> Magic Attack +50
-VIT -> Tolerance to Neutral property +10%
-AGI -> ASPD +8% & ASPD +1
-DEX -> Ranged Attack +10%
-LUK -> Inflict 15% more critical attack.
Class: Garment
Defense: 20
Weight: 20
Required Level: 1
Jobs: All

Temporal Boots Of Dexterity [1]
The boots are obviously old, but they show no signs of wear and tear
MHP + 300, MSP + 30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP + 100, MSP + 10, DEX + 3.
When base DEX is 120 or more, Fixed Casting -0.5sec, Ranged Attack Damage + 5%.
Class: Footgear
Defense: 25
Weight: 60
Required Level: 99
Jobs: Every Job except Doram race

Condensed White Potion
A condensed white potion.

Weight: 5

Hunter Fly Card
Enable a 3% chance
of gaining 15% of the
damage inflicted on
an enemy as HP with
each attack.
Class: Card
Compound on: Weapon
Weight: 1

Poison Bottle
A skeleton shaped bottle which contains deadly poison.

Weight: 10

NovaRO Market

For Sale

Icon Item Name Price Refine Cards/Opt. Location
Festive Elven Hat 480,000z +0 None nova_vend,118,158
Platinum Shield 688,888z +0 None dewata,211,179
Mangkukulam Card 2,966,666z - None hugel,82,145
Vicious Mind Dagger [1] 7,525,000z +0 Damage to Wind Enemies +#%. nova_vend,333,194
Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] 36,999,999z +7 Atk Speed 1 nova_vend,122,155
Old Fuel Tank 330,000z - None dewata,202,168

Popular This Week

Icon ID Item Name Average Price Qty Sold
6607 Temporal Crystal 289,000z 3709
2576 Heroic Backpack [1] 2,202,000z 710
22010 Temporal Boots Of Dexterity [1] 31,947,000z 85
547 Condensed White Potion 3,000z 36299
4115 Hunter Fly Card 4,876,000z 45
678 Poison Bottle 31,000z 5834