Location acquired!
Piamette's Brown Ears [1]
Piamette's brown ears cap. It's a favorite among children.
MaxHP +10%
Reduce damage from Demihuman monsters by 5%
For every refine level, MATK +2
Class: Headgear
Location: Upper
Defense: 8
Weight: 30
Required Level: 1
Jobs: All

Pecopeco Card
Max HP +10 %
Class: Card
Compound on: Armor
Weight: 1

Happy Balloon [L]
A bundle of five balloons. A single look at these poring faces will instantly make you feel happier. A costumed hat from the NovaRO Summer Festival.
Class: Costume
Location: Lower
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Jobs: Every Job

Heart Wing Headband [1]
Decorated with tiny hearts and lace wings, headband Young girl wind.
Skill delay -5%, SP comsuption -10%;
Skill delay and SP comsuption -3% for every 3 refining levels.
Class: Headgear
Location: Upper
Weight: 30
Required Level: 50
Jobs: Every Job

Flattery Robe [1]
Attire for those who would use whatever means necessary to bring their desires to pass.

Matk + 50
Enables Level 1 Endure.
If the users base level is 120 or higher,
Additional Matk + 50
If the users base level is 140 or higher,
Additional Matk + 50

Set Bonus
Ancient Cape
Flattery Robe
Max SP + 10%
Additional Max SP + 1% per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.
Flee + 10
Additional Flee + 1 per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.
Set Bonus
Survivor's Manteau
Flattery Robe
Max HP + 10%
Additional Max HP + 1% per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.
Matk + 2%
Additional Matk + 1% per upgrade level of Flattery Robe.

Class: Armor
Weight: 10
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Every Job

Harp of Nepenthes [2]
A harp with its strings made from the tentacles of Nepenthes.
INT +2
Inflicts the Stun effect at a certain rate when using Melody Strike.
The probability of inflicting the stun effect doubles if the Refining Level is over 8.
Class: Musical Instrument
Attack: 120
Weight: 100
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 60
Jobs: Minstrel, Maestro

Contaminated Magic
A spell that has somehow become solid. It seems to have been corrupted.
Weight : 1

Sunflower Boy [2]
This staff is said to be used by Archmage Nazohina. The magic emanating from the staff keeps flowers from withering.

Int + 5
Matk + 320
Additional Matk + 1% per 2 upgrade levels of the item.
Reduces the cast delay of skills by 1% per upgrade level of the item.
This item is indestructible in battle.

Class: Two-handed Staff
Attack: 150
Weight: 150
Property : Neutral
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 170
Jobs: Warlock

White Wing Brooch
An accessory that belonged to a famous warrior from the 'Icarus Guild'.
DEX +2,
Ranged Attack Damage +3%
Class: Accessory
Defense: 0
Weight: 10
Required Level: 100
Job: Ranger

Temporal Boots
These boots are obviously old but they show no signs of wear and tear.
MHP + 300, MSP + 30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP + 100, MSP + 10 .
Class: Footgear
Defense: 20
Weight: 60
Required Level: 10
Jobs: Every Job except Doram race

Vicious Mind Rod [1]
The one-handed staff of an evil spirit.

Int + 5
Matk + 120
Additional Matk + (Refine * Refine) up to a maximum refine of 15.
This item is indestructible in battle.

Class: Rod
Attack: 60
Weight: 60
Property : Neutral
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 160
Jobs: Novice, Mage Class, Acolyte Class, Soul Linker

Guarana Candy
A candy made of guarana berries. Don't eat too much at once beacuse it increases concentration.
Slightly increases agility.
Weight: 1

NovaRO Market

For Sale

Icon Item Name Price Refine Cards/Opt. Location
Piamette's Brown Ears [1] 84,000,000z +4 Essence of Evil VIT 3 einbroch,217,187
Pecopeco Card 2,899,999z - None nova_vend,225,269
Happy Balloon [L] 31,000,000z +0 None nova_vend,285,170
Heart Wing Headband [1] 55,555,555z +4 None nova_vend,241,230
Flattery Robe [1] 112,000,000z +7 Agile Nive Lv 1, Agile Nive Lv 1 nova_vend,186,230
Harp of Nepenthes [2] 16,495,000z +0 Golem Card, Essence of Evil INT 3, INT +2, INT +3 nova_vend,241,251

Popular This Week

Icon ID Item Name Average Price Qty Sold
6755 Contaminated Magic 22,000z 33405
2027 Sunflower Boy [2] 6,856,000z 48
2890 White Wing Brooch 899,000z 67
2499 Temporal Boots 3,442,000z 72
1600 Vicious Mind Rod [1] 370,000z 187
12414 Guarana Candy 4,000z 7960