Location acquired!
This piece's upper part is decorated with a golden dragon and a crystal with strong magical power compressed into it. It looks nice, but it's too heavy to easily carry around.
MATK +240, INT +3, MaxHP +300
For every 2 refine Levels, INT +1, MaxHP +50.
When attacking with a magical spell has a chance of adding MATK +12% and consumed SP decreases by 20% for 5 seconds.
Class: Two-Handed Staff
Attack: 30
Weight: 100
Weapon Level:4
Required Level: 50
Job: Transcendent Mage Classes

Vellum Claymore
*Stats during WoE/PVP/BG
Increases damage to enemy players by 80% and bypasses 30% Def.
If refined to +6 or higher, increases physical damage to enemy players by an additional 40%.
If refined to +9 or higher, has a chance of reflecting damage of physical and magic attacks as well as a chance to cast Magic Mirror.
Class: Two-handed Sword
Attack: 260
Weight: 350
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 95
Jobs: Swordman Class

Sentimental Fragment
A fragment of energy formed from the memories of those in the tomb of honor. It can send the user to the tomb when consumed.
This item has a 5 second cooldown.
Class: Generic
Weight: 0.1
Required Level: 100

Physical Enhancer Ring [1]
This magic ring, developed in Geffen, enhances its wearer's physical abilities.
ATK +5%
[+Anti-Magic Suits]
ASPD +5%
[+Geffen Magic Robe]
Reduce after cast delay by 5%.
Reduce damage received from Demihuman monster by 5%.
Class: Accessory
Defense: 0
Weight: 10
Required Level: 90
Jobs: All

Vicious Mind Bow [1]
The bow of an evil spirit.

Atk + (Refine * Refine) up to a maximum refine of 15.

Class: Bow
Attack: 170
Weight: 170
Property : Neutral
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 160
Jobs: Archer Class, Thief, Rogue

Burning Rose [2]
The name derives from the fact that the gun goes red from overheating.
Increases long-ranged damage on targets by 15%.
If upgrade level is +7 or higher,
Increases the damage of Fire Rain by 30%.
If upgrade level is +9 or higher,
Reduces the cooldown of Fire Rain by 1 second.
Class: Gatling Gun
Attack: 200
Weight: 250
Weapon Level: 3
Required Level: 120
Jobs: Gunslinger

White Knight Card
ATK + 15.
Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%.
[Khalitzburg Knight Card]
Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 15%.
Receive 5% less damage from medium and large size monsters.
Class : Card
Compound on : Weapon
Weight : 1

Field Manual
A manual that explains the effective way of the battle. It is a very detailed and well composed manual.
+ 100% EXP for 30 minutes.

Weight : 1

Excellion Suit
A power suit made from the lost technology of a ruined laboratory.
VIT + 6
If level 130 or above, additional VIT + 4
Increase Max HP by 4% for every 3 refine upgrades.
This item is indestructible in battle.

[+ Excellion Wing]
Reduce skill delay by 10%.
If level 130 or above, additional skill delay reduction by 10%.
Perfect Dodge + 6

Class: Armor
Defense: 100
Weight: 100
Required Level: 99
Jobs: Every Job

Bloody Branch
An ancient, gnarled
branch with a contract
written in blood upon
the bark that can summon stronger creatures than
regular Dead Branches.

Weight: 20

Seagod Anger
Relic of Seagod's anger. Nobody knows about the ability of this weapon.
Weight: 0

Hunter Fly Card
Enable a 3% chance
of gaining 15% of the
damage inflicted on
an enemy as HP with
each attack.
Class: Card
Compound on: Weapon
Weight: 1

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Icon Item Name Price Refine Cards/Opt. Location
Kronos 1,946,666z +0 None hugel,82,142
Vellum Claymore 950,000z +0 None nova_vend,221,206
Sentimental Fragment 124,899z - None nova_vend,257,203
Physical Enhancer Ring [1] 516,000,000z +0 Atk + #%. nova_vend,265,194
Vicious Mind Bow [1] 2,900,000z +0 Damage to Wind Enemies +#%. nova_vend,146,248
Burning Rose [2] 1,680,000z +0 None nova_vend,98,173

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6423 Seagod Anger 884,000z 1227
4115 Hunter Fly Card 4,876,000z 45