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STR Supplement Blueprint
Reactor design that increases attack power.
Atk + 5 for every 10 base STR.
When refine rate is 7 or higher, add an additional Atk + 10.

Weight: 1

HD Carnium
A high density Carnium used in upgrading armor. Take this to Mighty Hammer in Eden Group or Payon next to the Kafra Shop Ladies to help you upgrade armor at +10 and higher.
This Carnium's density guarantees that if the upgrade attempt fails, it will only downgrade 1 level instead of 3 like a normal Carnium.
Basta (Payon 148/174)

Weight: 1

Knight Sakray Card
Atk + 20.
Increase physical damage against demon and undead races monster by 30%.
Class: Card
Compound on: Weapon
Weight: 1

Rideword Card
Rideword Card.
INT +1.
INT +1, MDEF +1 if worn by
Acolyte Class characters.
Acolyte Card Set
Rideword Card
Cookie Card
Fur Seal Card
Geographer Card
Enchanted Peach Tree Card
VIT +10
-10% Cast Time
-10% SP Consumption
Acolyte Class Bonus:
-30% damage from Undead
and Demon monsters.
+5% EXP from Demon and
Undead monsters.
Monk Card Set
Rideword Card
Cookie Card
Fur Seal Card
Waste Stove Card
STR +3
SP +80
ATT +25
A chance of casting
level 5 Signum Crusis with
each physical attack.
Guillotine Fist Damage +10%
Monk Class Bonus:
Uninterruptable Cast
SP consumpion -10%.
Class: Card
Compound on: Headgear
Weight: 1

Giant Snake Skin [1]
The scalp of a Faceworm that was defeated in the Dimensional Crack.
Faceworms were once called the reincarnation of Jormungand.
MDEF + 10

This manteau resonates with all types of high-grade Temporal Boots
[+ Temporal Boots]
MHP + 15% and MSP + 5%.

Class : Garment
Defense : 38
Weight : 40
Required Level : 1
Applicable Job : All Jobs

Abusive Robe [1]
Attire for those who can inflict critical damage straight to the soul by talking.

Ignore 4% physical defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead race monsters when performing a physical attack per upgrade level of the item.
Enables Level 1 Improved Concentration.

Set Bonus
Abusive Robe
Morrigane's Manteau
Ignore 15% physical defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead monsters.
Luk + 3, every refine increase Luk by 1.
Crit + 10, every refine increase Crit by 1.

Set Bonus
Abusive Robe
Valkyrie Manteau
Ignore 15% physical defense of Demi-Human, Demon and Undead monsters.
Max HP + 10%, every refine increase Max HP by 1%.
Atk + 2%, every refine increase Atk by 1%.

Class: Armor
Weight: 10
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Every Job

Contaminated Magic
A spell that has somehow become solid. It seems to have been corrupted.
Weight : 1

White Wing Manteau
A manteau from an archer guild known as Icarus
AGI +2, FLEE +10,
Has a chance of activating FLEE +20 for 7 seconds while physically attacking.
Class: Garment
Defense: 15
Weight: 20
Required Level: 100
Job: Ranger

A very light, non-toxic metal used for refining and toughening Armor.

Weight: 20

Star Crumb
A small stellar crystal, fallen from the heavens, which can be used to craft strengthened weapons.

Weight: 10

Siroma Icetea
Fantastic combination of transparent ice and tea.
DEX +20.
Duration: 5 min.
Weight: 1

Warg Blood Cocktail
A deep red colored cocktail containing wolf's blood.
INT +20.
Duration: 5 min.
Weight: 1

NovaRO Market

For Sale

Icon Item Name Price Refine Cards/Opt. Location
STR Supplement Blueprint 14,869,420z - None nova_vend,309,176
HD Carnium 2,388,888z - None nova_vend,329,173
Knight Sakray Card 43,200,000z - None rachel,134,94
Rideword Card 249,999z - None payon,153,86
Giant Snake Skin [1] 6,999,000z +11 Special Agi, VIT+6, STR+6 nova_vend,205,203
Abusive Robe [1] 199,999,991z +7 Evil Druid Card, Agile Nive Lv 2, Agile Nive Lv 3 gonryun,146,132

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2580 White Wing Manteau 1,155,000z 60
985 Elunium 3,000z 12390
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12432 Siroma Icetea 153,000z 836
12430 Warg Blood Cocktail 26,000z 1489