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Costume: Steampunk Hat
A retro costume hat with some steampunk feeling to it. There is a bear sitting on its top, being attracted to its nostalgic design.

Class: Costume
Defense: 0
Location: Upper
Weight: 0
Required Level: 1
Jobs: All

Bow of Storms [1]
The power of a storm given form.
Ranged Physical Attack Strength +30%.
Severe Rainstorm cooldown -2 seconds.
Severe Rainstorm consumes +15 SP.
Class: Bow
Attack: 160
Weight: 150
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: 130
Applicable Job: 3rd Archer Class

Temporal Boots Of Agility [1]
The boots are obviously old, but they show no signs of wear and tear
MHP + 300, MSP + 30.
For every 3 refine level, MHP + 100, MSP + 10, Attack Speed +3%
When base AGI is 120 or more, ASPD + 1.
Class: Footgear
Defense: 25
Weight: 60
Required Level: 99
Jobs: Every Job except Doram race

Kishu Inu [M]
This playful Kishu Inu will accompany you on many journeys.
Class: Costume
Location: Middle
Weight: 0
Jobs: All

Crimson Mace [2]
Mace which shines with a red radiance.

ATK + (Refine * Refine) up to a maximum refine of 15.
This item is indestructible.

If the user's base level is 70 or higher, for every 10 base levels, ATK + 5.

Class: Mace
Attack: 80
Weight: 80
Weapon Level: 3
Level Requirement: 70
Jobs: Novice, Swordman, Merchant and Acolyte

Broken Chip 2 [1]
It seems that was broken in half by excessive agitation.
INT + 4.
[+ Broken Chips 1]
STR + 8, INT+ 8.
Class: Accessory
Weight: 10
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Every Job

Mystical Card Album
Powerful spirits are sealed within this album.
What will happen if the seal is undone?

Weight : 5

Ring Of Archbishop
A ring mounted with clear mysterious stone. It is rumored to be a relic of a religious leader.
DEX +2, Increases the effectiveness of healing skills by 2%.
Allows the user to enchant items with effects related to the effectiveness of healing skills.
Type: Accessory
Defense: 0
Weight: 0
Required Level: 110
Job: Archbishop

Sentimental Fragment
A fragment of energy formed from the memories of those in the tomb of honor. It can send the user to the tomb when consumed.
This item has a 5 second cooldown.
Class: Generic
Weight: 0.1
Required Level: 100

Big CrossBow [2]
A very sensitive bow to use, and it is specialized on fusillade.
Increases the damage of Arrow Storm 5 times more than refine level as well as increasing SP consumption of the skill. If pure AGI 120, ASPD +1.
Class: Bow
Attack: 160
Weight: 90
Weapon Lv.: 4
Required Lv.: 110
Job: Ranger

Enrich Celermine Juice
Increase ASPD a little. Duration: 500 sec.
Weight: 5

Coagulated Spell
A spell that has somehow become solid.

Weight: 1

NovaRO Market

For Sale

Icon Item Name Price Refine Cards/Opt. Location
Costume: Steampunk Hat 7,800,000z +0 None nova_vend,190,197
Bow of Storms [1] 1,999,900z +0 None nova_vend,126,146
Temporal Boots Of Agility [1] 160,000,000z +6 ASPD Lv. 4, Lucky Day nova_vend,213,227
Kishu Inu [M] 9,399,999z +0 None nova_vend,309,230
Crimson Mace [2] 60,000,000z +12 Element: Wind. nova_vend,190,266
Broken Chip 2 [1] 17,500,000z +0 None dewata,211,178

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Icon ID Item Name Average Price Qty Sold
12246 Mystical Card Album 5,118,000z 176
2866 Ring Of Archbishop 208,000z 133
22687 Sentimental Fragment 102,000z 5381
18110 Big CrossBow [2] 8,021,000z 75
12437 Enrich Celermine Juice 3,000z 15995
6608 Coagulated Spell 21,000z 32322