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    • The vendor that sells gum in Summer has now been added to summer01,163,116
    • Thank you, will do when I'm more free. However, since it was regarding one item I thought it'd be okay hahah. Good afternoon
    • Allowing the Summer NPC to sell Bubblegums has already been approved and is just pending. We will not be lowering the price further.  I am rejecting this suggestion. Please read the suggestion guidelines and make one suggestion per thread.
    • Hello, trying to suggest some stuff regarding bublegum giving a reason why.     1. Enable Summer Shop NPC's to obtain bubblegum, and since summer has ended with an increase of price of bubblegums, decrease their price:   As quoted there, and sorry if I get some grammar mistakes, english is not my first language. To be fair, this was a change it was poorly done and its effects has impacted negatively in Nova RO's economy. Until a week or two weeks ago, there was none events hosted by any GM until Chasm came back to do some and those are hosted at late night hours, when only SEA morning people and American night timezone people could benefit from them, not even considering that usually, there's some people which are good at events so they get more rewards, which is cool, but taking into account that a price of a single bbg is 50 event ticket (i'd say is what u get for 5 rounds if u don't tryhard events). This issue has came to an increase of price of bubblegums, and a huge price related to it, while I particularly don't get affected by it, I understand the need of this change to be done ASAP in order to avoid Nova's economy to keep going down.   Available? Yes. Affordable, not really and kinda "gated" to events and summer events, which will led me to another point afterwards.     Taking for example, Goodwill prices:     Good, if you farm 100 (as for example), ideally, you would get 100m per 1hr - 20m from bbg itself - price of other consumables like guyak= 75m so so; while this is still good zeny, is still draining if you are in a rush and dont even have 20m to farm kek. This was only a example, i'm not implying you have to bring some stuff to farm in x place, but if not, you kinda "waste" time you could do in other places and while people are not forced to farm in those places, ideally some people prefer to do it in this places that looks like a cute geffenia in which you can disconnect your brain but with more endgame monster and with a higher profit; again I'm not saying this gonna be the only place in which you can farm, but it can't be denied that it still is one of the huge markets in game right now.   Summer event.   The issue of the summer event after it was withdrawn for the Weeklies Quest, good call, was that without that, the motivation to attend event was less, people often think of Halloween as the best seasonal event, cos is not time gated and so-on. But, my main point with it is, that after losing the "must" in summer event, people still needed some stuff from Summer Event and other people wanted to get the newest costumes. To be honest, I myself did summer like 2 weeks or so and I had already obtained all the costumes I wanted and even got extra costumes for other people so while some people take longer to do it, is not gonna take them two months or something like that, so the interest on summer event was quickly gone although I kept going until my irl stuff came and couldn't do shit anymore haha. Asides of that, the bad call was:   Bubble Gum (Event) from 875 to 3000 Summer Festival Coins. Field Manual from 775 to 2000 Summer Festival Coins.   3000 summer coins is the average of what normal people do in 1hr of summer event, some people do more, but the ratio is more or less 3000 per hour (Yes, you aren't obligated to do a lot of summer coins to "enjoy" but why not using the time in a good way in which you can benefit from it). Before, when a newbie came to the game, it was easy to say "Go to summer event and farm coins, sell bbg", it used to be a nice option for people with no gear, no acknowledgement of the game in order to get some zeny and friends during the summer event, and more important, to not burn out trying to find out where to do some zeny, with that in mind, even with decreased prices of 3m bbg, you could get like 3 bubble gums per hour, more like 12m per hour? It was good money? Not too much, but it was good for newbie people who didn't know what to do in a 3rd job game (I, myself know some people who afforded their way to end game with summer event stuff) or even to save those bbgs to farm somewhere else, like Geffenia (cos yes, some people used bbg in geffenia, not making this up and this clearly was an upgrade to their farm on Nova). Now, it was not really an option, cos spending time on doing this for 1 bubble gum, which will last only 30min, it wasn't really good (zeny better with actual prices, but the time for them not really). Same with field manual, so my suggestion is leaded in reducing to half (I'd say the best is getting back to 875 but well...), at least, the price of bbg and field manual from summer to act as "to be an end of Summer coin dump for those who had loads of Coins left", basically to revert the effect of this patch as the results has been shown.   2. Reduce Event Tickets needed for BBG   The actual amount needed is 50, but I'd recommend to lower it to 35, as I see it seems more reasonable to not overflow the market. This was said in order to prevent the following stuff:     While this is from today, the days previous of the SS, the price was up to 1m (lf> sugar daddy who bought this)   And, if I add all the event tickets in shop right now, you'll get 6742 event ticket in sale, which while it looks numerous, it's really not, since you gamba some event eggs or you can buy them to get auras, bbgs (it would be 134) or essences for mvp eggs. Available? Yes, but harder to think if people remember bbg prices used to be 7m before summer and their price has increased in more than a half.   As for this day, events in the server are slowly coming back, but again, while I do appreciate the efforts of Chasm to take some of their time to do events, or even Kiwi, you still don't get enough events to participate and/or enough tickets needed for those type of stuff.   3. Bring back BBG to Halloween Event and keep 875 coins to it.   The last, and my main point, is to kinda balance the price of this stuff. Halloween used to have BBG, but it was deleted to only be part of the summer island event. Halloween is pretty enjoyable, and is not quite easy to get coins, since gotta do Realms or TOT or other stuff related to halloween, but you have more options to obtain coins in a no-time-gated event. I don't see why adding bbg would be a huge issue at all.   4. Add BBG to Endeavor Token Shop.   Since other cash shop items have been put on endeavor token shop, BBG could be a good choice to add. Since items are untradeable, I'm not sure of the price of it tho.       As for my last point, I'm not implying you "have to use bbg" to farm in this server, but in some farming spots of the game you use them to improve your time farming (tbh, is time of ur life ur using, so better use it wisely<3, and also cos well, some people like me has only two hours to play kek), which has led to an increase of prices and a huge money sink which I wanna think It was not intended. And well, I hope you read the whole thing and share the thoughts of it.       Thank you in advance. Good afternoon.     PS. I dunno why pics get shown twice, but whatever. Trying to edit it hehe                
    • Hello astroty and thank you for your suggestion. However, this is not something we can reasonably call a "recurring theme". It primarily happened on Faceworm Queen, and it is a direct replication of what the official version of Faceworm's Nest does. Our custom instance is a remake of that. Getting past that and into the actual suggestion itself, this is not a behavior we plan on leaning on, and as such, working on a complicated solution (such as allowing SEs to have multiple hate targets in these special circumstances) does not seem worth pursuing. As for monsters having different IDs, there is always a good reason behind that, as SpaceHelm explained. The same visuals never equal a duplicate monster.
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