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  •   kRO Job Improvement Patch Notes #155

    February 25, 2021 under Patch Notes

    The latest kRO Job Improvement patch is here! A lot is in store from item updates and new quality of life features, a rebalance in Siege game modes, to long-awaited changes to skills in Monster Hunter!

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    • NovaRo innovating, first rpg where the tank has to give a lot of dps to do its function.  
    • Well, to be honest I also do not understand what's the logic behind making tank for the role of DPS. Good DPS deals 20-70m per second, depending on gears and class. To make sure the aggro stays, tank should have at least 3-10m DPS, which is very unlikely to have in combination with resistance/def/HP gears. I also agree that somehow number of hits, HP pool, distance and other factors should influence the hate generation, instead of just comparing apples to bananas (DPS of tanks and that of Damager role). P.S. Instead, you better do something with leeching. As weekly quest is supposed to be end-game quest, I think it will be good to make somehow restrict / rework the leeching, so there would be 1000 players who do MH, and 2000 people who buy leech. IMHO.
    • So is my understanding correct that hate generation is cumulative across time? Say for example, Tank starts up with dealing 100m CF dmg and continues with doing 1m DPS.  So at T0, tank has 100m * 50% * 350% = 175m points of Hate at T_n, tank has (175m + 1m* n) * decay factor points of Hate , where n = seconds and lets say for the sake of example that the DPS deals 30m DPS, So at T_n dps will be having 30m * 50% * decay factor points of Hate? So after about ~15 seconds past the first CF, the approx 15m/sec points of Hate DPS is generating will be about ~225m points of Hate(say we ignore the decay for now), at which point will surely exceed 120% of Tank's current Hate which would be far less than the ~225m points from DPS? OR Is it Tank will be at ~ 175m points of Hate after the first CF and will stay there with 5% decay/5 sec even as time goes on while DPS will be steadily at 15m points of Hate accross time assuming it consistently deals DPS?
    • The idea, in theory, is very interesting. The problem is in the numbers. For a Tank, doing 1/7 of the damage from TOP DPS is totally out of step, and the problem lies in this amount. Something between 15 ~ 20 would make a lot more sense than this 7.   Is it possible to do MH now? Yes. It is not the point. The point is that it does not make sense and basically there is no more "Tank role", just a "DPS that resists a little more".   I am in favor of making MH more difficult, facilitating this content is also not the point. But to make it difficult, you don't have to take the sense out of such an obvious role in any RPG.   It would make a lot more sense for the tank to have tools (in addition to the basic skils of the tank role) to keep Aggro in it, currently the mechanics of relying so much on damage (and an extremely high DPS for a tank) is very limited.
    • Perhaps you guys should consider adding some sort of Hate scaling with MHP for tanks, so tanks can be rewarded for building HP instead of full damage?
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