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    As our community continues to grow, so does our need for active and professional staff members to help nurture and support it. Our applications are open once more, so don't hesitate to apply if interested!

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    • Hi! So sorry for the late reply   Of course! If you could send me the references that'd be great!
    • There are a lot of cheap Blood Suckers on the market lately. Try to buy off from their stalls.
    • Hi guys! Quite new on this server. Any guild out the that's around -8 GMT? I play 1-2 hours per day. pls adopt meeeeeeee. I can be active in discord the whole time tho!
    • I'm glad you finally realized that.   Yeah, your build is different from mine (when you swap it becomes pretty much the same thing). As i said, and repeat, cause you apparently ignore everytime i say that, my build have specific goals (gosh, i wrote this in the beggining of this thing), it applies to a lot of situations in Bio 5 and the most important one probably is when everyone dies and you're the one who needs to get them back up. I barely see those thanky ab's (If we can call it like that) last enough to ress everyone with a slower redemptio. When they fail = wipe. When they do It quickly = they die, everyone else get back up and no wipe. Pretty simple, a situation that happens a lot.   That's kind of what you doing, cause you disagree with my build, but you have one that looks better to you, which is not a problem to me, cause i said (gosh i'll say that again) that everyone is free to do what they want. I'm just trying to set a base for people that don't know how Bio 5 works and it's mechanics, so they can have a better Idea and feel free to follow my guide or build something different over it that will work better for them.   And i'm done here, this discussion gone too far. 
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