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  •   Patch Notes

    January 10, 2020 under Patch Notes

    This patch brings about a number of bug fixes and improvements, mostly centered around the Nysori fight within Monster Hunting 2. Also, a few quality of life updates and some general skill bug fixes.

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    • Still wouldn't be neat thou, just 1 or 3m reward per gramps quest and wait for it to resets the next day or so. Since gramps quest are usally random i'd give more reason for players to exlpore more on the fields maps.
    • No I don't think so. But the drops from the mobs were decent to make some money. I don't thing the goal for gramps is to farm zeny
    • Do the gramps gave you zenies as a reward? like when you get achivements from finding treasure chest in dungeon maps? if so than i'd be more interesting to keep doing gramps quest as a another form of zeny farm. ( I didn't complete mine yet, I was bust farming to think of going max)
    • Hello everyone I'm new to novaRO and to renewal, as I'm trying to do endgame content, looks like I just hit a wall now.   I'm 178 and still using peuz set, Thana weapons and black ribbon. I'm doing decent damage (250k) with wind cutter(buffed with runes including lux anima) and I'm able to even farm (at horribly slow pace) Cor cores in Rudus.   The thing is, now that I'm leveled, I want to start building for instance content/mvp, and I'm trying to get my head around the ideia that my AAs will surpass me spamming wc in dps   I need you guys help with this transition, most of the recommendations I see is to go to illusion set, however that seems pretty pricey and there's no way for me to try to refine it to +7 at this point. Is there any middle ground here ? I have to my list to go after: - a snake head hat, since looks like crits can proc in double attack, I will probably buy it from merchs or buy with gold coins(converting) - Lindy hop, I'm trying to drop one from the sky fortress but so far no luck. I'll probably end up buying since I suck in refining - temporal boots of LUK (?), This looks like a good fit for a crit/aspd build.   If the illusion set without refines was worth it, it could get motivated to farm it myself. But looks like its kinda lame without the +7 So again, anything middle ground here? Some other set that is not endgame like illusion, but will make me stop using wind cutter   Sorry for all the ignorance and thanks for reading.    
    • Thanks for the replies   To add to this for future readers, I kinda learned this the hard way: Now that I'm 175+ only using gramps, there is a lot of questlines to unlock dungeons/instances , the most important cor City and Rudus dungeons where people farm Illusion gear I had to go through all the quests and get 0.00001% exp because they were meant to level 100 - 150.
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