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  •   Glast Heim: Challenge Mode

    July 24, 2021 under Announcements

    Glast Heim: Challenge Mode is finally here! Join Oscar in another adventure to defeat one of the most powerful foes in Ragnarok. Here you can find more information about rewards, changes and achievements.

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    • It's not about trying to tank every skill. It's about having a specific set to tank a skill and not being able to while he can go full damage and still not die because of runes and other classes dmg in general. It's simple math he will always be able to 1 hit before we remove his Berkana runes. Also, there is no counter play on PvP arena to grab + CS, as grab spamming is a thing with turbo.
    • Nice proposal   In my case I don't even consider playing PvP content in RO because I would need to farm for a whole new set of gears, which I'm already having difficult to farm for PvE content. That's a problem of the game right now, PvP is like the endgame of the endgame, few players arrive there and can enjoy PvP.
    • Kinda outdated but works okayish but i would buy a automatic armor instead of a illusion one
    • Hello guys, I'm a returning player and I'm trying to finish a build for MH for my RK. I've tried looking up videos, but I only found this one from Yeon from a year ago, can you guys tell me if this still effective?   Black Ribbon [EVT] - 4 Weekly Coins (I know this have been nerfed in MH, so I was thinking in using a +9 Illusion Hot-blooded Headband) Leaf Cat Card x2 - 20m Monocle - 10m +9 Illusion Armor A-type (ATK ATK ACD) - 300m Marc Card - 5m +14 Lindy Hop (FS FS) - 400m (I want to use a +11 Hypocrisy Edge) Contaminated Wanderer Card x2 - 80m +7 Illusion Engine Wing B-type (Fast Fast AA) - 50m Brown Rat Card - 15m Temporal Boots Of Strength (BM, any) - 100m Piranha Card - 7m Physical Enhancer Ring (ATK 3~4%) - 20m King Schmidt's Strong Insignia (Strong, any) - 50m Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card & Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card - 20m   I want to go for WC DPS build.
    • Hello and thanks for the suggestion, We've gone through and analyzed the overall value, and two changes were made: - Reduced the number of Guyaks by half, as they're already an improvement compared to the previous Speed Potions. We'll also be doing a single 1-hour version instead of two of the 30m one. - Removed the 1h Orleans, as it is considerably more powerful than the versions on other tracks. (overall five 1h foods vs. twelve 1h foods)   There is also a world where we can see upgrading the old tracks to include more modern items and thus making them all more balanced, however that is a lot of graphic design work, as all images would have to be redone from scratch. That being said, the new track look as follows: 1h Guyak (Bound) x1                      Siege Token x100                           Ygg Berry x20                              30m Big DEF Potion (Bound) x4              Valor Badge x500                           Siege Token x125                           30m Big MDEF Potion (Bound) x4             WoE Violet Potion x500                     Valor Badge x500                           Siege Token x150                           1h Guyak (Bound) x1                     30m Regeneration Potion (Bound) x2    Valor Badge x1000                          Siege Token x175                           30m Regeneration Potion (Bound) x2                1h Protective Balm (Bound) x1   This might not be in for the next maintenance, but it is approved and being worked on. Sending to implemented.
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