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  •   Friends & Family Art Contest

    March 30, 2020 under Events

    Take out your pens and drawing tablets for the new community art contest! This time the theme is "Friends and Family". Draw away and perhaps give a go to some of our GM challenges! Good luck and have fun!

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    • Try 706 (moon), 707 (sun) and 708 (star).   or    1035 (moon), 1036 (sun) and 1037 (star)     to use values over 1000, you must have the latest novaext and edit the INI yourself to the same format.
    • Well refine rate is before +9 is not so bad, the problem is +9 to +10, the barrier so big that u actually spend most your BSB on that part.   20% chance it means if u want just to be safe, have 32 bsb to slam 8x from +9 to +10. (84% chance)   Theres big difference of 20% and 30%, 30% is only need 5x, to get high chance to win. (84% chance)   20% on the other hand u need 8 times.   So the problem with refining +9 to +10, buying +10/+15 is actually cheaper than actually refine it.   If you wondering, why novaro so meta, because actually it's so expensive to refine trash weapon to +10, people will stop at +9 and sell it at +9. So people will opt to refine meta class weaps like RK claw sword or GX bolt. Maybe if theres npc that can refine weapon +0 to +10 with 1-2% chance, people will encouraged to refine those trash/meme weapon.
    • Buying King Schmidt's Hundred Luck Insignia [1] (Flash:Fatal/Sharp:ANY) leave price or mail: lDeath Guidance (small L)
    • Just want to say the /timers feature of NovaEXT is amazing, and I use it very often. I am trying to find the skill id for the SE skills Light of the Sun/Moon/Stars but cannot find it. Does anyone know which ID this is? 
    • We already intend on continuing to add more areas for the Monster Subjugation Weekly.
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