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  •   Royal Hunt Patch Notes #198

    June 06, 2023 under Patch Notes

    In this patch, we're introducing Shadow Gear Enchants, as well as the Royal Hunt event, which will be active every Saturday. We've also continued our Siege Improvement Project and fixed a plethora of bugs.

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    • I'm not too sure why you made suggestions under discussion section but well here are some of my opinions on the above topics. It is ridiculous to base the dps of each class on Draft WoEs now tbh. 1. Best in slot gears/shadow gears may not enabled or not functioning as they should (yes the def/mdef pierce set is still bugged upon today's patch) 2. Team balance even when it is 1 vs 1 3. Statpadding exists Magical classes seems to be so strong now because they deal lots of dmg on many elements even not on the respective cards, which can be resolved by nerfing the skill% in the future so they can only deal considerable dmg on the elements they build around. Physical classes (mainly melees) suffer on the range-closing since magical classes are overwhelming, I think they will perform better in terms of stats when the magicals are nerfed. As a player I didn't really play any dps class until very recent updates, I am on most (if not all) support jobs so i have a rough idea when it comes to resistance topics. In my opinion, every job has their own strengths and weaknesses against the other jobs, for example, IG is very good against both physical and magical dps because of Guardian Shield and Prestige. However we should never think of buffing these dps numbers based on how IG tank them. Instead we should be nerfing IG so it wouldn't be tanking everything. For Energy Coat, it is not a skill without drawbacks. As Kuroda mentioned, it is always dispelled and has a long cast time, also sp draining. If Energy Coat is considered "problematic" under such conditions, what about LP, Pneuma or Safety Wall that have no cooldown and acd? I agree on enabling all the cards (or gears) even if they are considered "OP" though, we have noticed many new players getting into pvp are using them since they are the best in slots. We have level 5 weapons and level 2 armors already, why not the thanatos tower cards or whatever it would be? About the WoE tracks, I consider them being reasonable. If they just remove the "criteria" and add the timer for characters staying in castle, everyone will just go afk in the corner like in the past, which is abusable for every player. Now with the restrictions, at least we can see some competitions to get the emperium, though it is not the main concern but still a type of "reward". It is natural for players to get better rewards when they contribute more. I would rather love to see if they can give participation rewards (siege tokens or valor badges through ROdex) back with less requirements. Lastly but not that important, as a guild commissioner in the past, I don't think there is a direct relationship between the disband and "players only considering their own jobs/guilds". It is normal when people are "biased", no way someone should talk in the behave of something they don't know. All we can do about it is get more voices from different people and look at our own jobs for the greater good. Wishing all the best for the PVP council team and thanks for the hard work.
    • The initial post says: "A few suggestions to consider". First of all... why think that my post is against someone or a complain? (cause it feels that way)  i´v been giving feedback so you guys take the best decision (im not demanding that you do what i want) The reason of the Energy Coat SUGGESTION (please read again, so nobody gets the wrong idea) is because if you accumulate all resistance you end up with a char with too much resistance... - How much is the % of siege resistance? - How much is the % of resistance added by energy coat? - Have you guys tested the damage received? Now about the other suggestions, have you check the cooldown of the skills? did you notice that it favors GX? the idea is to have the perfect balance, not to benefit or nerf a class in specific. At this point it´s important to remember in a previous attempt to regulate the siege system... some players did not consider other than their own jobs, and that´s why the Commisioners were  disbanded... also because it was the impression o many that ""they"" (not you) used it in their favor;  and to AVOID that my intention is to give feedback, so that you VERIFY and that you take the BEST decision for the server, not for a sorcerer, not for a cat or a rune knight, or a ninja (just to mention some jobs) or ABs.  Please consider the melee topic, cause you dont see "Suras", "RK", "GX". It is true that people need to play those jobs, but... im sure there are players with those chars, why are they not using them? Now thank you L V K, for the explanations given, but still, and remember that the idea is to balance... "try-error-correction"  
    • Last draft the top 2 DPS was a melee physical class.   Unfortunately, Gravity decided to tune Windhawk's damage based on having Unlimit/Calamity Gale active 24/7, Windhawk isn't even a class without these on. So we talked about whether we should: A ) Customize Windhawk so that they would function the same way as Ranger did in the past (OK damage without Unlimit, huge power spike with Unlimit) B ) Just follow Gravity We ended up going with option B as you can tell, so Windhawk now has permanent undispellable Unlimit, but they can't function without it. (idk blame gravity) (Calamity Gale isn't enabled yet but it's in discussion)  
    • Physical DPS are the strongest damage on PvP, you are just Imperial Guard player with Guardian Shield. You should check Biolo / SE damage. About ECoat, how can you complain about 20 years old skill.... is not even worth using it on WoE as front liner Elemental Master (perma dispell) .    These cards are really strong and probably wont be enabled ever. There is no point on enabling certain cards and nerf the damage wtf.   The reason to enable pierce def-mdef is not about increasing damage. The reason is so that all the skills are in the same condition and make the new RES/MRES similar to old DEF/MDEF.   No, Imperial Guard had custom buff on Inspiration. Hallucination Walk and Unilmit are not even close to the power of Inspiration. Also you are complaning about physical jobs in the first sentence but now you wanna nerf them, I dont understand you.
    • A few suggestions to consider: 1-  Currently the almost exclusive way to kill at pvp-bg-woe is magic... This means that ATK (melee skills) is not enough against the new resistance; i would recommend to lower the DEF and RES given by resistance gear. (Cut by 25% or 50% to test how it goes) Also consider (again) the topic of the Energy Coat , remember that the % of resistance given by Energy Coat makes it really hard for to kill mage class with melee chars. 2-  After you guys fix the ATK (melee skills) consider that there are some cards of the same type that are not allowed for all chars. a) Currently the Happiness Giver Card (gives % in physical damage) is not enabled at Siege modes... (melee characters) however the Empathizer Card (Range damage) has no restriction at all. NOTE: this is probably a wrong description, but it´s necessary to check.   3- Remember that what got us here was the complain of many 1 shot skills, so after fixing the melee/range damage consider that the path of Pierce DEF-MDEF items /shadow gears could lead us to what we´re trying to avoid. 4- Same as in the Inspiration skill (it was correctly added the 180 sec cooldown) the following skills should have a similar cooldown:  a) Hallucination Walk b) Unlimit 5- Remove the @woetrack restriction...  (explaining) we need people to join; we´re getting visitors (new guilds) and even when they´re not 12/24/48/ etc  people they always ask about the woetracks... let them have them... but add a timer inside the castle (30 min-45) 6- Consider again the PVP-track or the BG-track.
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