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  •   PvP Tournament

    February 17, 2019 under Events

    The monthly PvP Tournament is just around the corner. This month team size will be 3 members. More details, including a write-up about the brand new tournament rewards can be found inside.

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    • Well yeah, you could use manananggal cards in a 3 slotted book and switch it to leech, the only thing is if the monsters you're killing at the moment are too weak you won't regain that much sp with that card.   What i said basically is, whenever you're not planning to use pots, keep your leeching gear and if you're gonna use pots go full damage setup without leeching. Solving the sp leech without incubus is key, because the highest damage upgrade will come from WK cards, and without hunter flies you'll need to use succubus instead of incubus. That's always situational though, it depends on what you wanna do, just adjust the gear to every place, if you're overkilling mobs by a lot use hunter flies instead of WK, keep the +7 bible with hunter flies and put the WKs on the +1X. Or maybe you don't need HP leech at all but you need SP leech, then use WK cards so the incubus leeches more sp. Adjust according to the place.   And yeah, PER with aspd and atk + buffalo combo is ideal, but if you're gonna rely on vanberk for crits i'd put another one in the monocle too. You can even try temporal luk boots sacrificing dex, with your crit setup would do more damage, but it would be situational, str boots are all-around.
    • so, if i'm not wrong on what you said, i change the bakonawa tattoos for PER with Aspd and Atk + buffalo combo, and use Fox ears(think with vanberk card) when i'm facing mvp?? if this correct?... and yes i'm using incubus pet, and the grudge knight gss is for SP leach?, i think its better using the vampire card for the bagungot hospital( IDK the name) x3 in a Book for leach SP( i'm try to farm it too). correct me if i'm wrong with something and thanks alot for your reply, helps me alot
    • You already said it all, the only thing is, i would change at least one hunter fly for a WK and keep the rideword hat, at least outside mvps. I suppose you use incubus (?), you can always use a GSS with grudge of royal knight card, change the incubus for a succubus and put 2x WK on the bible.
    • i was wondering to swap my current SE gear to increase the dmg from the skills. i will put a ss of my current SE build.   the excellion have STR/ATK/ATK and the HBP have Brown rat, forgot the weapon( i was trying to make a +10 or more and break it, but i'm farming to make at leas +10). i was wondering if change the 2 Bakonawas tattoo for PER with some aspd and atk enchants and plus the buffalo combo would be better in therms of dmg and switch the rideword and sigrums wings for fox ears and monocle with EOE Str3
    • Yey thanks :"D trying my best LOL
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