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  •   Episode 18 Patch Notes #193

    March 14, 2023 under Patch Notes

    In this patch, Episode 18 is here! The episode introduce the new Reputation and Enchantment UI, as well as Gray Wolf Equipment and Adulter and Vivatus Fides Weapons. Additionally, a plethora of bug fixes.

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    • @Aimer could you please provide your opinions or decision on this? since its been three weeks, pushing this to either be approved or rejected. whatever the outcome, would love to have your opinion on this suggestion.
    • Agree and disagree to some parts of this statement. but I think in my personal opinion, the easiest and balanced way is to nerf the skills than balancing around global reducs. surely everyone agrees that getting one shotted to Diamond Dust on a 62 Medium hybrid build with 149k HP is a joke. and no its not a Fire KSS before someone asks. If sorcs wanna DPS, do it on glass cannon gears and use your defensive skills and gear swaps to survive. DPSing on 75 medium is borderline unhealthy even for a dead af scene that pvp is in. Cant let this go on forever. However I do heartily support buffing gene to a point it would be playable. The class deserves some love.
    • Haha my thoughts exactly, its a bit of a mess since the true issue is gravity's bs of adding crap on their and having private servers to nit pick what to add or remove.   My poor choice of words but fine, woe and bg doesn't have that spice to make things exploitable unlike moba's. . . Unless we get idead outside of RO's standard pvp ideas, what do lads think?  Seems like the case then no monthly adjustments. 
    • thats too much to expect considering they dont even bother correcting wrong descriptions ingame and keep forgetting to disable new items...
    • Played 1000+ woes over the past 10 years; winning and losing as it comes =]. Competition is great, and I personally think woe, conceptually, is great too. However, calling servers 'dead' or 'boring' because woe/pvp is not focused on...that's just objectively incorrect.   It is also pretty well known that the pvp/woe community, in comparison, contain a larger percentile of toxic persons - this should be apparent if you've played any amount of woe in RO.
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