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  •   Patch Notes

    April 11, 2019 under Patch Notes

    A new Illusion update is among us! Head on over to Einbroch to enter the Illusion of Teddy Bear instance. Also, Secondary Storage has been expanded, and a third Premium Storage has now been implemented.

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    • Wait, are you asking for proof that snap is disabled in BG officially?
    • This thread got derailed by the people that started talking about Snap behaviour on officials, way before me.   While I agree that Asura should be somehow fixed, I fail to see any suggestion that could potentially be implemented without killing a ton of potential on the class given it's potential downfall after the patch (yet to figure it out, with the launch of potential new gear it might not suck so much).   Snap+insta CC is a thing in iRO. I have seen (and own) gameplay clips in which you can clearly see a 1 frame window after the Snap where you can CC if you have 193 aspd + bragi (191 since that's my cap with no sunset), and Bragi (RIP Bragi tomorrow) won't be a problem with the update so I fail to see why even bring it up right now.   Don't take it personally. I insist it's not a mater of the class itself, it's a matter of the skill delay/aspd interaction there is in Nova (which is a whole lot of not similar to official behaviour for most classes, in iRO at least) and it applies to basically every single skill that hasn't been customized to have a hard delay after each cast (Like DB and GoH).   TL;DR: My suggestion is to better do some testing and wait for patch, then post a suggestion with actual tests and numbers. It's clear that no one likes the current state of asura.    
    • I'm not proving your point Aria you are the part of 80% ho complain when you cleary don't do nothing to cover your face. The thing is, everyone knows Battlegrounds are made of WOE rules, if i show a video with snap during a woe, is not me tht have to prove in KRO snap is removed ONLY in bg. This is waste of time, complainers gonna do this forever and not improve himselfs...
    • Suras were strong before the asura buff even with the goh formula as it is because of snap. If you dont wanna have arguments like "it's official" then take the argument "because snap cc asura is cancer as it is currently"    Or enable other movement skills which makes "fine" skills/classes cancer    Also, please stay on topic and dont derail the thread like that, ty
    • Why do you guys keep mentioning official behaviour. The ASPD formula in this server is wrong, Tiger Cannon and Gate of Hell are guttered to the ground, DB has custom delay (Official has 0.2 seconds), Magic Reflect is customized, Dorams are DemiHuman instead of Brute, we have built in AHK macros, we have (on the contrary to any official server) a live-and-kicking BG most of the time.   I don't know why "It's not official behaviour" is even an acceptable argument. All things considered, this server is so heavily customized towards nerfing Suras and improving the really bad Quality of Life of most classes which results in actual balance, which is proven by the variety of classes in WoE/BG.   I know my post has little to do with Asura strike but I will voice the opinion I have on the topic after discussing it with my guild:   I don't care if you "nerf" it but take into consideration the downside of using asura as sura, and just how nerfed Suras are when compared to officials (since y'all love to bring that stuff up lol). Customizing the damage is not as simple as "make it half" or "calculate this or that". It's a more tough job that I am pretty sure the GMs aren't going to be able to do by themselves.   And for the record, in WoE, with my 5.8k SP build, +14 GMS and close to 800+ atk, there's still people who tank it, so there is a way. Although hard, there is a way. In BG do whatever you want, if you want suras to quit just finish nerfing the class and let warlocks run the BG like they should.   Stop arguing stupid shit in potentially impactful posts.
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