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  •   Infinite Space Patch Notes

    January 20, 2017 under Patch Notes

    After a long wait, a new instance has now arrived at NovaRO. Head on over to Pharos Lighthouse, or use the warper to be transported to the entrance of Infinite Space. Many monsters and treasures await!

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    • I don't know about other garments but I costumed a Captain's Manteau and it's giving me DEF. Pretty sure it shouldn't    
    • Oooo, cool. Great to hear that soon they'll be changed. I've got these blessing scrolls on my AB d:... I claimed that day without checking what it was... Other than that, I don't think there is any other item that isn't storage-able. Mystery Hat Box might be character bound I'm not 100% sure cause I always open mine as soon as I get it as I'm sure most do too.   @Lumpsinthenight If you die, it doesn't reset your timer btw! With the way it works, you'll eventually get into habit of remembering and redeeming your dailies. I play a lot of slots so the Gold Coins from the Dailies are something that helps me remember to redeem often. It's great it doesn't reset if you miss a day. The timer resets at midnight server-time. If you're on at 11:15PM let's say... and an hour passes making it 12:15AM, you can redeem your reward for being online for an hour but the reward will be for the new day which started at 12AM(15 minutes before claiming). You can check the server time using @time.   Not sure how popular stacking the dailies rewards would be... I'm assuming you mean like a new way to claim it anywhere like let's say the @dailies command changed and started confirming you've been on for 1hr after using it when you can claim for example without grabbing the rewards until you get them from the NPC? I somewhat am against this... as the way it is now, it's great. They're free rewards for spending time to play and to redeem them actively. I feel with some sort of stacking system people can be lazy and just afk(or even vend without autotrade) for a few days and eventually redeem them with little to no effort. Of course I have no idea how it would stack or how you'd trigger/claim the days before redeeming your rewards. 
    • @Galten @Halves @Renata   Hello, I've messaged Halves on Discord, but he hasn't responded yet so I'm posting here to tell yall I've finished my guide once again and in need of a review. Here is the link https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Suroku's_PvP_Guillotine_Cross_Guide. Please PM me on discord  at Sanoshi#5021 once you're done reviewing to let me know if I need to make any further changes. Thank you.
    • Issue: Client suddenly stops responding then crashes   Observation: When in a party and a party mate uses a skill, client closes. The crash happens irregardless of the job(I first thought it was isolated to AB class). This problem started when I patched my client minutes ago. I am now back to using this one : https://www.novaragnarok.com/download/NovaClient.zip and problem is still there. When my character is not in the party, the client doesn't crash even if a lot of characters use skills. When my character is in a party and is a Leader, the client doesn't crash. Already turned off AV, still crashes.       Help please. Thanks!   Addendum: It crashes even if the character is the leader. Normal attacks, Self targeted skills, Homun attacks does not crash it. Skills that does damage(I think) crashes the client. I tested Arrow Storm and Cart Cannon.
    • @bonbon Look at all that MVPs I couldn't get qq
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