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  •   Summer Patch Notes

    June 02, 2019 under Patch Notes

    Load up on sunscreen for the Summer Festival is booting up with beachy waves and a splash of new hats! Additionally, be sure to try out our special summer event for parties, available until Friday 21st!

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    • I do agree with the topic.H It´s also important that the Guildmaster gives oportunity to new players to join them.  
    • Rotation:   Use invisible and hit with a dagger undeads in abyss glassheim, when resurrect hits it will probably deal about 2,2m dmg a hit. Use a bow in sky fortress and just auto attack them got the same result.       I dont understand this part o.o. Why dagger on abyss? and how to perma-invisible? Can u explain me? Im still leveling my shadow chaser, first char ^^   Also as my first char, and tbh i only came again to RO for playing shadowchaser, do u suggest me to do the bow type build too? for swapping? I dont mind about the time for getting it.   Also i have a oboro (medium equipment) for doing instances etc meanwhile i equipp my Shadow Chaser.   Thank you  
    • I agree 24 is too low. People dont wanna start new guilds to join and they dont see the competitive guilds recruiting hence they end up not playing. Allowing more members to each guild could very likely increase WoE population. Ive been on a server with 350 Avg online and we had 150+ on WoE. Max allowed players were 76 in each guild which probably partly contributed to the high woe attendance.   Having 7-8 guilds competing for 1 single castle is pretty silly too, wouldnt it be better if some of them merged and we had bigger fights? Some of the guilds rn are like ”fillers” where they recruit all the players who can’t find space in another guild. Those guilds dont even care to compete for the Emp and are pretty pointlessly just playing for whatever reason.
    • Hi guys,    With the buff on Spiral Pierce, is it now finally viable for a casual build? I'm thinking of enchanting a Lindy Hop just for the Spiral Pierce build (and spam other skills as well).    Thoughts anyone? 
    • Yo, Trying to bring this over the commissioner chat, increment guild size allowed in WoE mainly for 2 reasons: 1st. More competitive ambient, less elitism and 2nd. We consider Nova has ++2500 population yet we see around 7-8 full active guilds at the moment but the main suggestion is directed at the same main guilds for them to not only look for new strategies and synergy but also to contribute greater to the community by opening themselves to more players. Thus being said, this is the only server I've play such a minimum allowed guild in WoE, I don't think we should go directly to a 52/52 Guild but at least would be nice if we slowly allow to 32 for example and test then we open ourselves more as we find how much it impacts overall. Regards, ~X
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