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  3. I see it thanks lad I'll ask more If I meet with another problem
  4. you can use @mobinfo/@mi to checks information and drops of monsters in-game, @help to check other useful commands
  5. so these MVPs' like FBH, Inca, Tau, kiel and Thana drop cards right? if thats so I'll start hunting them soon.
  6. - Disguise Event From NovaRO Wiki: Tips: - You can use @mi (@monsterinfo) to figure out the exact name of monsters who share the same sprite (like biolab mobs, which may be "High Wizard Kathryne", "Warlock Kathryne", "Kathryne Cheiron", "Katrinn" or "Kathryne Keyron". Or, if you don't know how to spell it exactly, you can also use it for search something like "High Wizard", so you can find "High Wizard Kathryne"). This tip is usefull because usually those mobs aren't guessed fast, so you have time to search the actual name. Thias happened in the 4th round in the video. You can also use it in cases like the first round, which was clearly a Faceworm. @mi faceworm is a good try and it would have worked but someone typed faster than me. - After first type, you can check what is everyong saying so you can find tips (and misspells). Just like I did in the first round by typping "Teacher Celia" (the answer was Professor Celia). - Type fast. I usually need 1.500ms ~ 1.600ms (1.5s/1.6s) to type and send, but its not always correct. I don't know all the correct/exact names of mobs beacause I've never played Ragnarok in english, so... its kinda hard to me, I'm still learning the names (I'm Brazilian, so I'm Portuguese speaker). - PAY ATTENTION. The last round was CLEARLY a Deviruchi, but I've (fast) typed Diabolik, even before the winner typped Deviruchi. Thats it, theres still more automated events, and I'll be updating this topic when the videos are ready. Stay tuned!
  7. Last week
  8. Man, I used GX, Ranger, Mecha (axe boomerang) and Rebellion. Rebellion has been the best and cheapest choice today.
  9. All MVP cards drop from their respective bosses, but there are a few MVPs that just don't have cards (like Wounded Morroc)
  10. this was actually done last night forgot to post it here
  11. Ok I got it. sorry the whole renewal thing is far different than I expected. as of now I'm getting started farming stuff on my own and I'll join in the discord server if there's more I need help with. Thanks Last question thou, are all the MVP cards drop on MVP bosses or are there some MVPs' that don't drop any cards at all?
  12. makes sense of getting a spear like that now I just need to know how much.
  13. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Ancient_Hero it's a bit different
  14. There is an account-shared bank you can access by clicking its icon in the same menu you open/close your inventory, or you can use the shortcut CTRL+B
  15. BTW I just realise that this aqua spear a friend I just made showed me. can you enchant those with expert archers or is ti just like those crimson weapons that are base on refine levels?
  16. BTW since its imposibble to transfer zeny in kafras where is this bank people keep telling me to transfer zenys?
  17. dell

    Crazy dummy at @go 50

    You can do this to crystal in training chamber too or even poring dummy at deeps events before
  18. Other popular places for farming raw zeny (selling drops to NPCs) are Juperos 1st floor and Magma Dungeon 2nd floor. For more information on that, I suggest you check this guide: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Zeny_Guide_and_Farming_101
  19. (For anyone) Aside from geffinia where's the best place to farm zenies aside from intances?
  20. depends on what content you're looking at Geffenia Game is Ranger/Rebel/Mech Early Game is Ranger/Minstrel/Wanderer/ab/rk Mid game is Ranger/Minstrel/Wanderer/ab/rk/Sura/SR/Sorc/GX/Any other misc support class I forgot to list here Endgame is any class you're willing to sink billions of zeny in to
  21. 1. I'll leave this for someone else to answer 2. You can use the market page on our website to keep track of price history for items. 3. Not sure what you mean by limited but they are an extremely low drop chance. 4. Nope.
  22. VID_20200119_004746620.mp4 VID_20200119_004746620.mp4 VID_20200119_004746620.mp4 VID_20200119_004746620.mp4
  23. i was looking for the answer fu windsword gave but thx
  24. No, it works like a halter lead. Basically replaces the Rebel peco halter for the bike.
  25. Would it work like peco/dragon for knights/rk?
  26. Nova


    This isn't a discussion, this is a weird conspiracy theory based on limited personal experience. Our displayed refine rates are 100% accurate to what's happening behind the scenes, please don't try to tarnish our server's name by claiming otherwise.
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