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  1. Today
  2. Ben Recycle Suggestion Thread

    Hard no on accessories though. Updated people's posts, we'll take a look at your latest post soon Kaizer! Thanks for the effort.
  3. Eventually we'll try to tackle an even newer client, but the last one we tried that supported the gear swap wasn't very stable at all. We definitely intend on trying again sooner or later, but I'll be sending this to the rejected pile as we don't need suggestions to upgrade clients.
  4. Done for next maintenance, though you won't be able to double check what team you bid on, now the NPC will leave a line on your chatbox that you can go back and check.
  5. Tutti i is now recruiting :D

    *bump* We still are looking for more people! Come and say hi to @go 45 (our base)
  6. How to get more damage whit Round trip skill

    Dex, luk and probably strenght (?) since it also add some atk. But yea, Dex should be your primary stat, better leave it at 120 for both menblatt and Temp boot of Dex bonus.
  7. How to get more damage whit Round trip skill

    Gears... most likely? The ideal weapon to use is WK carded +7 (or higher) Tempest. It also applies to qds (just use eternal chain) For a headgear, Ship Captain's Hat for that added ranged atk bonus.
  8. My Shadow Chaser bosses hunts and instances.

    For an SC to be used in instances and mvps, I'm starting to like you as a player now Really loving those guys and gals who use the not-so-common classes in pvm. I'd love to run instances with you some other time.
  9. Ben Recycle Suggestion Thread

    Can I also suggest these things as I am also one who use ben recycle a lot (apart from those suggested above): Engraved Armor (15066) Death Guidance (1186) Strong Shield (2125) Hero Taget(?) Suits (15098) Hero Nependess/Nepenthes Shoes (22035) Hero Silverleather Boots (22036) Hero Ungoliant Boots (22037) (Could have included the other hero armors but these 4 are the least useful) As for @RadenWA's item suggestions... Horn of Hillslion [3] (1825) Manteau [1] (2506) Vecer Axe [2] (1311) Croce Staff [1] (1647) Falken Blitz [2] (1745) Super Novice Angelic Set (No idea what to look for here. Apologies) I double checked with the npc to make sure these items are not on the list.
  10. NovaRO Screenshots Thread

    Flowery date...
  11. Just like the title says, if this is possible, to add the swap gear feature to the current client? Ever since the beta client was released months ago with the added features, pretty much majority of the players really utilized this feature but due to the client being buggy and crashing a lot, this was removed. However I've seen some players having the beta client (being able to swap gear and all) up until now w/o any problems at all. Pretty much not the only one who enjoyed that feature a lot Thanks and hoping for your reply.
  12. My Shadow Chaser bosses hunts and instances.

    I did forget some consumables( pineaple jubilee, arunafeltz sandwich, grape juice... ) The hallucination walk is really a big trouble cos it evade magic and halves your dps taking me a good time to take him down...need to buy new equipment Shadow Chaser vs Stephan J. E. Wolf https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E7H1MWOHMes
  13. B>+10 Crimson Two- Handed Axe (Holy)

  14. we have available slots! come to lutie or join our discord to get an invite, any class or lvl is welcome
  15. I noticed that it doesn't happens; upon using another, the duration stays the same.
  16. Add items to Item Crusher

    I don't think crushing is the best option here, but let me think about it as you're not the only one with extras.
  17. [ENG] PAWRING guild recruiting

    Recruiting Ab,Ssorcerer, Sc ~
  18. Selling +7temp dex sp9/rm , +11 Vellum guillotine

    Vellum Guillotine already sold?
  19. Recién vi que eres Chileno también. Wena choro. XD
  20. Yesterday
  21. don't hesitate to invite if that happens
  22. B> Ninja golden set

    Buying: +9 or more huuma shuriken of dancing petals +7/+9 golden scarf +9 golden suit Thanks.
  23. Three Word Story

    Obama got drama
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