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  1. Today
  2. [Showcase] FXFreitas' Sprites

    Yeah, I like the Mega Man Sprites. Especially all Zero ones. Though I like the Zero sprites a bit more without his Virus Aura. Those Diablo Manteau tho ! Wish those could be implemented one day.
  3. 2 Questions about forging

    @ruphus ever since crimson weapons came out they became obsolete. The main reason being each crimson weapon having their own element (except those needing ammo such as bow and revolver). Most of them are also easily farmable in mobs (ex: mace in petite, revolvers in metaling) despite their low drop rate but hey, at least the other drops are also sellable to npc (or players) for extra cash As for the safe upgrade, It's not implemented in this server.
  4. HP pool of Super Novice

    or, he has very low vit and the HP is higher.... still need to test this one way or another.
  5. 2 Questions about forging

    New here,too. So in the end it is still usefull using a WS for refining? Slightly higher chances of success while saving a little money? Isn't there some items for safe upgrade on npc (I think I read something like this somewhere...)
  6. Back to RO after years

    Hello Millefey! Thank you the much for the welcoming. I'm fact I used to play on private servers for many years... Actually beginning while RO did not even have monks and stuff. Last time I played re was long released, but I used to play classic low/mid rate private servers. I even tried Ninja and gs once in a while, but never renewal. I will go for a crit rebellion I guess Hope to see you then! PS: is there any way to earn any kind of "tokens" for event gear by voting? Or only by actually logging in?
  7. Starting Rebellion

    Same question here. As soon as I get to start novaro, I will start of with a rebellion. Which instances will be most reasonable for a crit rebellion? While reading, I always read the term "qds". What exactly does this mean? Is this the skill to use after the double attack proc?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Wew, so many suggestions @@...! I'll start with the maps for now: moc_fild18: Very nice map, I'll definitely add this one. Gramps 115+ most likely. hu_fild06: Also a very nice map, it's big enough for Gramps 85+. I wanted to add at some point but we didn't have the map cloning feature. ecl_fild01: As someone else mentionned, it's too laggy without flat maps ;O. xmas_fil01: It's very small so I'd set it for Gramps 145+. But the map is really restricted with matching mobs. There aren't many snow mobs at that range. mjolnir_05: Nice map! 85+ or 115+ ra_fild13: Another nice one, 115+ probably. hu_fild05: This map has an issue with the center; mobs would eventually get stuck in there and you'd be forced to teleport. I like the map otherwise, but I'll have to turn it down. bra_dun01: Nice map for 145+. dew_dun01: The map is hard to walk through, there are lots of dead end. ama_dun02: Not a big fan of it. It's too narrow. prt_sewb4: Not my favorite one, but I'd be willing to give it a try for 145+. pay_dun04: Love this one. 145+ ice_dun03: I like the map, but at the same time it's pretty narrow. I'm not sure about this one. I feel a 12 member party would struggle to kill the mobs in the same screen. gl_chyard: I like it, it's big enough for 85+. jupe_core: I find the map a bit blend, but I'm willing to give it a shot for 85/115+ perhaps. um_dun01: I guess... people do miss this map hah. I can give it a try as well, sure. 85/115+. moc_pryd04: The map is great for 145+. gon_dun03: It's not a bad map, but I'm not a fan of it. It's pretty small and wouldn't fit for a 115+. mal_dun01: For 145+, that'd be nice. As far as mobs go, we currently have: Gramps 85 mobs: Comodo (2152) - Low HP Harpy (1376) - Low HP Ancient Mimic (1699) - High HP Ice Titan (1777) - High HP Aunoe (1796) - Medium HP - Curse Rafflesia (1162) - Low HP Anolian (1206) - High HP Novus (1715) - Low HP Dullahan (1504) - High HP Breeze (1692) - Low HP Assaulter (1315) - Medium HP Gramps 85 maps: hu_fild06 mjolnir_05 gl_chyard jupe_core um_dun01 Gramps 115: Wraith Dead (1291) - High HP - Curse Gramps 115 maps: moc_fild18 mjolnir_05 ra_fild13 jupe_core um_dun01 Gramps 145 mobs: None Gramps 145 maps: xmas_fil01 - maybe bra_dun01 prt_sewb4 pay_dun04 moc_pryd04 mal_dun01
  10. Ok, My turn: 85+ Mobs 115+ Mobs 145+ Mobs Ok lets try to mix them now: Gramps 85+ Map: moc_fild08 Mobs: Hyegun, Elder Trash Mobs: Anolian, Pest, Plasma (red) Gramps 115+ Map: pay_fild11 Mobs: Red Ferus, Nightmare Mummy Trash Mobs: Tikbalang, Wraith Dead, Plasma (Green) Gramps 145+ Map: moc_fild15 Mobs: Arc Elder, Fire Frilldora Trash Mobs: Repair Robot Turbo, Excavation Robot, Lichtern Red. These are just examples, there are literally 2000+ mobs in RO just waiting for us.
  11. Changed Status to Invalid Bug Requested by the person (carrots#0482) after having shown the previous thread issue.
  12. For testing on kRO, but the iRO wiki page for the skill overbrand http://irowiki.org/wiki/Overbrand says that the 3rd hit should proc on boss protocol or targets that are knockback immune. When doing Jitterbug I noticed that only 2 hits proc on the Awakened Ferre (MVP), same also happens with the training dummies in the special area (which are unaffected by knockback). Would someone be able to test and confirm if 3rd hit procs in kRO and if so should also proc for NovaRO?
  13. Finished ET run We are adding Endless Tower / Endless Cellar / Wolfchev as our weekly guild run now! Feel free to join, we are still recruiting people!
  14. Report all sprite/palette issues here!

    The vampire Familiar pops in and out (the ear part) when another hat texture is on the same position, and simply dissapears when zooming out. Video in spoiler, sorry for potato quality, had some trouble with obs
  15. Instance mobs are excluded, but I don't see the harm of using instance maps
  16. Add Neutral Kunais to ammunition NPC

    wow I almost forgot about these. yes they are official items
  17. Feruto, the Shadow Chaser

  18. Some of my new Ragnarok Drawings!

    Okay this time I drew my Shadow Chaser, Feruto, I really like how I got his pose, Hope you like it! <3 Btw! I´m also currently working on my Minstrel, so stay tuned!(?)
  19. HP pool of Super Novice

    Hm... Oh well, I guess I was wrong. Zino told me to look around in the forum : http://ro.inven.co.kr/ ,in case I find anything related to the Super Novice's HP. I didn't really find anything about that, until I've looked at some videos. They weren't really about the Super Novice's HP but I've asked some questions with one of those players in kRo. With some simple math, I got around the same amount of HP as he said. So i guess it's pretty much confirmed. Aaand he must have lots of VIT, like, dang.
  20. > Eclage field rip framerate
  21. Add Neutral Kunais to ammunition NPC

    If its a oficial ammo, so I am with it.
  22. Add Neutral Kunais to ammunition NPC

    I'd love to see this as it would make Oboro/Kage much more viable in PVM where they struggle specifically due to shadow monsters. Neutral ammo, while it exists is not nearly plentiful enough to do anything with. Not only does it not have any kunai scroll, you'll never have enough SP cans to get enough neutral kunai to cover even the most quick of instances. Archer classes also have ammo sold to them that is in the game otherwise.
  23. I can put my insights on map suggestions. This is my 1st time so please bear with me After reviewing majority of the fields and maps in RO, I handpicked some of the good maps for gramps leveling. I based it on three criteria: 1) Open fields (Minimum or no corners/ledges/forks) are really good for leveling players not to split up with their party members (Bossnia and Abyss dungeon 3 are pretty good maps). For example, moc_fild18, hu_fild06 and ecl_fild01: Many fields in the sograt desert, Rachel fields and payon forest are open fields like these. There are also other (relatively) open fields like xmas_fil01, Mjolnir_05 and ra_fild13: @Huka already suggested hu_fild05 and it would most likely fall under this criterion. Maps like these are good for gramps 85 and/or 115. 2) Map Size (Again, bossnia and abyss 3 are pretty good). However, this should be accompanied by another challenge like making the mobs stronger since luring and killing might be too easy. (The current rotation in gramps 145 is good due to this reason). Examples would be the whole bifrost tower (but maybe too small ) or ama_dun02, dew_dun01 and bra_dun01: Maps like these are good for gramps 115 and/or 145. 3) Circular Maps (bossnia/abyss 3 FTW) are good as well. Some of them are prt_sewb4, pay_dun04 (suggested by @Huka), ice_dun03 and gl_chyard: Personal favorites include (from left to right) jupe_core, um_dun01 (suggested by @RadenWA), moc_pryd04 (LOL for this map ), gon_dun03 and mal_dun01. These are my suggestions for the maps. Please comment if you have any suggestions
  24. [ENG] Ravage - WoE 1 Guild

    bump with new video! updated the classes we're looking for
  25. Gray World for Renewal

    google ragnarok grf edit on youtube. there are some tutorials
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