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  2. About the genetic thing (as im genetic main and played both dps and utility-dps as gene in mh) I think that gene should be dps class or utility-dps only and i do not think making it into a healer class is a good idea tbh Gene can be just a back up healer with a little PP or SPP cooldown and an overall dps or utility-dps since endgame genes CC actually do high damage in both roles. A dps or utility with a little heal power I agree about activators being unlocked if a gene is in party, i really like it this part. But i dont like the part about bringing back trow items because its an erased skill So to sum up my take about gene (my main) - dps role can actually do good damage - utility role can do good damage and is one of the few classes that can benefit from this role bacause we dont need ACD - healer role i dont like this idea at all, but i think PP and SPP should be more usable in dps and utility role even if they has lower heal power than HH - i like the activators restriction removed if gene is in the party - i dont like the trow items thing
  3. Replying from to some of all of your point (oldest to newest): While we understand why people would ask for a smaller group requirement for 1star hunts it's unfortunately not something we will currently be exploring because of a number of logistical issues which the instance would run into. There's a suggestion about it which will replied to soon. As far as DDA interactions with @spam it's not something we have thought about but we will definitely keep an eye out for regarding any aberrant behaviour. We're aware that there's a variety of MH consumables which can definitely get frustrating to use over and over again especially considering they dispell on death. For the sake of trying to release Hrungnir as soon as possible I won't make any guarantees for any new item combinations in MH as of yet. But over time we will be expanding recipes, especially to include quality of life ideas changes. As mentioned within the post, Hrungnir is not a 3 star monster, it is a two star monster which is one of our top priorities. We've mentioned that 4th classes will not be coming to our server any time soon so we don't think there's much discuss about them when in relation to current gear or content implementation. While nobody can deny that we are not religiously following kRO's schedule, it's kind of the baseline from where we try to start. Obviously as we've been around for a few years, this also means that we have to compare that baseline with what currently exists, and also what players feel like we need. A perfect example of this is the Reload set where the relatively new change to Bragi at the time, made a lot of classes feel incomplete without it. Now we're in a situation where class reworks and new gear made some classes spike in effective power level, leaving the Extended classes feel like they're falling behind. Which then makes it perfectly understandable that they should now have access to that gear and we'll be working to make that possible as soon as we can.
  4. Werent there talks about releasing some shadow Sets even before the mh3 Mobs due to the delay of the Mobs? That was talked about 3 months ago or something yet the "fix for the delay" seems to get delayed Im asking this again because with 4th classes on their way expanded classes will be Set back even further so there's not much time to make them viable "for a long time" Edit: also trying to Mimic kros shadow gear Progression seems like a bad joke when everything else content wise doesnt follow any Real System. Our patches are all over the place with certain rebalances, dungeons and instances being released way before they "should be"
  5. We mentioned this in the past, Extended classes shadow gear was purposefully not included within the initial release of shadow gear for the existing 2 star monsters. At the time of making that decision, Star Emperor and Doram were actually the "Meta" classes and we did not want them to get an even further advantage with releasing the full set on day 1. That only supported our decision to try to mimic as much as possible, kRO's release time line for Shadow Gear with as few exceptions as possible. The decision was made over a year ago before even Garanth and Nyia were released. From our latest data, as surprising as it may seem, SE and Doram, in this past month, still rank somewhere around 3rd~5th place on average for the highest DPS in a successful Garronath or Nysori run. But you're right, it has been about a year and things have obviously changed drastically with the release of RK / GX rework, Crit changes, Level 200, and Edda Bio, extended classes started falling greatly behind in comparison especially outside of the MH environment. Unfortunately within that year, each of those individual patches required their own time to fully develop and release, which only further elongated the timeline. I think it's important to note that the finalized list of Shadow Gear set for the next release has been continuously updated taking all of the changes which have happened throughout this time and are not simply sticking to an outdated schedule that was developed over a year ago. By this point we had hoped that all of the existing Shadow gear in kRO was released by now and for not having that be the current reality, I apologize. As seen from LGH and MH, we strive to release as much gear as possible through our own original content to not be a server which throws gear out through the cash shop or a generic currency shop such as the Endeavor / GC shops, but that takes time, and sometimes longer than we anticipated. With that in mind we are also against the idea of expanding the gear available for monsters / instances which have grown old by now. It's the same reason Temporal Manteaus weren't just added as an additional reward to OGH. This is something that has been coming up a lot recently while working on LGH, now that our MH has been released, while we will continue to expand on it, we are also eager to create more content that isn't necessarily tied to MH with the purpose of releasing more gear from KRO which is originally cash shop-exclusive.
  6. Since you guys don't want to lower decarding cost, can we have a decard voucher reward for playing MH? It's a huge waste of money when you want to fight a different monster and you have to decard your entire equipment. Most of my MH buddies just have different equipment set to avoid decarding and save money in the long run but that's not sustainable when the new monsters arrive.
  7. while you are at it, please introduce one item that has similar effect with combat ration but only for MH, like casting Vit tonic, Str tonic, Agi tonic, stoneskin etc etc. cause MH consumable / utility item is waste of inventory slot, sometimes you have to bring stoneskin, demon, dash juice, scoutflies, flash bomb, shock trap, max pot, life powder, any kind tonics, not mention Gears to swap, and MH Loot items itself. this is so annoying , especially when you have to open inventory to click one by one, and then realized you forgot to bring Psychoserum / missing something.
  8. "With Hrungnir new shadow gears will be added among those the remaining expanded classes gear." So after 9-10 (maybe even 11-12 months since the release is unclear) you wanna give expanded classes what everyone else had from the Nysori/Garro release. Is this really necessary to delay one's class gear progression by nearly a full year when u said 3 months ago that shadow gear will be added due to the already long wait to mh3? And this blog wants feedback to the new concepts and systems, but how convinced should one be when looking at past cases where massive negative feedback with dramatic balance changing, the class sets and other things that it would be not only heard, but taken seriously this time? In the end I personally do not look forward to future monster hunter content weather its part of the server or not. The newest addition of content called Legacy Glast Heim shows that even without pesky restrictions and systems the game can be made entertaining and also grant gear progression. Maybe you guys could learn from that instead (except the high FLEE mobs).
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  10. Hi, from personal experience, the command @spam works better when im the only one spamming dps skills on MH MVPs. And whenever other party members start to attack it, the spam rate is reduced, lowering the total party dps in most cases. Is this something that should happen and you’re taking it into account for making the new DDA System?
  11. The 5-man restriction for mh 1* will be removed? With new monsters coming there is way less people that are willing to do old stuffs but they still relevant to new players or Can we reduce te materials needed to craft/refine 1* shadow gear?
  12. Strongly disagree. Messing with existing content and making it more difficult has historically proven to cause very negative reactions from our playerbase, unless we attach some sort of additional rewards to compensate for the decrease in damage, which we're not ready to explore at this time. As for "avoiding any possible future bugs", bugs will happen regardless. We're human and mistakes are bound to pop up, but rest assured we'll be quick to address them!
  13. I feel what better to test this system than in an already released bosses, such as Nyia and Garanth. since they considered to be so easy nowadays. you would make it more appealing to those who done with the 1-star hunt not to mention to avoid any possible future bugs.
  14. I wish newer contents for mh would enable soul reapers and other non-meta class to atleast get better in dps/utility role. Would like to see curse of the wicked soul getting modified to benefit other party member's dps even by a mere 10% cause no other contents really enable the use of that skill for team play and hopefully hp adjustment for SR and other class will be done too, 30khp on almost max level makes me doubt I can avoid getting killed on mh2 content. if someone can help them gather info please. Anyways nice read. Keep up the good work devs
  15. As with all monster releases so far, most definitely yes. I won't be able to confirm exactly what, but both new Dante items and new shadow gear will be introduced with Hrungnir and MH3.
  16. As mentioned with-in the post "Therefore, we are likely and will be happy to revert many custom balance changes that affected classes negatively come MH3." With that being said we will be announcing what the specifics of those changes will be when it is ready but we will be again revisiting all of those changes individually and tuning for that new environment.
  17. Uh. Do we expect some new items on the third guy's release? (Like the patent weapons, costumes stones or new shadows??
  18. Will every nerf will be undone after the DDA system implemented? (looking at gx)
  19. This is a dev blog I'm very pleased to hear about since it concerns leftover classes, I hope not only these classes will be changed and the bigger picture will be taken into consideration as we all know that a lot of classes aren't performing that well except sometimes extremely geared ones (and I hope you fixed the heal part for the non-healer roles ! ). Keep up the good work !
  20. Hello everyone and welcome to another MH Dev Blog! In this blog we'll be going over some of our future plans for the current state of Monster Hunter. Keep in mind these can still be changed a lot prior to the actual release, but they serve to illustrate where our mindset is going forward. The Final 2-star Role Patch This patch will be the last big patch regarding role changes in MH which will affect 2 star hunts. You can expect a similar level of changes and improvements to our previous Healer Patch, but we will be looking over all the rest of the roles: Utility, DPS, and even slight adjustments to Tank. We may do follow up patches to tweak changes and fix some bugs but by all accounts this will be our last big patch related to Role balancing and MH 2 star content. As per our commitments to transparency, we will be releasing another Dev Blog closer to the patch explaining our rationale for the changes we've made, accompanied by the full patch notes, in order to get feedback and allow people to prepare ahead of time for the changes coming. So what is this patch going to contain? Well, we will be adding new content and improving on what is already implemented. Aside from additions and improvements, we'll also be focusing on fixing major bugs that have gone unfixed. For example, we will be fixing a major bug that affected Bombring's damage calculation negatively, when your stats increased. Another aspect of this patch will be to prepare for MH 3-star (or MH3 for short). This involves reviewing some of the alterations to skills, gear and other balancing we've made for MH. We want to remove or adjust some changes that are outdated or no longer necessary. We also want to bring back some nuances from some skills that were disabled or reduced in power such that each class will feel unique, useful and worthwhile. We are still discussing these changes internally, but we'd like to give you an example of some of these ideas. Here are some of the ongoing discussions, along with some of our favorite ideas, that are in development (so details may change): The 5-man party limit from Monster Hunter makes it difficult to accommodate two performers. This means Ensemble skills cannot be used at all, as most parties will have one performer. Therefore, we will allow usage of Ensemble skills without the need of a second performer -- however, at a lesser potency. If you're willing to bring dual performers, you will still gain the full bonus for those skills. For example, Invulnerable Siegfried when cast by dual performers increases Fire, Water, Wind and Earth resistances by 15%; when cast alone, the effect will be to increase 5% of each resistance instead. We're aware some Ensemble abilities won't work out as well but we will share more information in the next blog and we encourage everyone to join in our discussion and help steer development. Rogue's Raid is another example of a skill that is tricky to deal with. It is a powerful global damage increase and is something that Shadow Chasers rely on to be competitive damage wise. Unfortunately, the current change led to Shadow Chaser being an unpopular pick and hence reduces class diversity. Something we have strived to improve with this patch is promoting better class diversity. Simply increasing the numbers could lead to a scenario where many team compositions may feel compelled to take a Shadow Chaser due to the strength of the bonus. Instead, we are planning that Raid will increase damage done by all Shadow Chasers by 30% while retaining its current 10% global damage increase for any other class. Hopefully, this buff to Shadow Chaser damage, as well as the party-wide buff (at a lower potency) will make them a more attractive pick for party compositions. (We'll also be looking at expanding this behavior to similar abilities, for example, Comet's Magical Intoxication and Sorcerer's Insignias). Genetic's Red and Blue Herb Activators are simple damage increases that are available to everyone but felt out of place as a consumable inside the Savage Coast. Even before these items were implemented, our original MH item, Demon Extract, already served the same purpose as the "damage increase potion". We have received suggestions from players regarding this - namely to enable the Activators only if there's a Genetic present in the party which is definitely something worth considering. Another suggested that we reintroduced the skill Item Sling and enable Genetics to make throwable versions of Activators. We liked this suggestion as this also allows us to expand Item Sling functionality in the future to also include MH consumables, such as Hunter's Potion, Demon extract or even the newly released Herbal remedy. This addition to the Genetic's kit may even open the door to future discussions regarding the place of Genetics as a potential Healer role class, now with a much larger supportive kit at their disposal. All the above concepts are still open and we're really like to hear what you have to say about what we have planned so far. We greatly encourage everyone to head over to MH Suggestion Forums to share your ideas or constructive criticisms! We made the conscious decision to put a pause on most of our replies for suggestions - especially the ones which were not relevant for the Healer patch - but now that we've finished the Healer patch and follow-up patches, we'd love to hear what you all have to say for this last Role patch. With this thread, we hope that everyone can understand what kind of changes we're considering so that you can formulate your own suggestions and ideas around that basis. Solution to Long-term Invalidation of Content We have spoken previously about the need to come up with a long-term solution to the issue of growing power and the invalidation of difficult content along with it. Other MMOs have taken their own steps to ensure content is kept at a difficulty level that is not easily completed, even under the pressure of the increase in player power that comes with new patches and gear. For example, Final Fantasy XIV has level and gear sync that means your stats are pegged to that of the level range of the content. World of Warcraft has a similar system within Timewalking dungeons. We looked at these, and other, systems for inspiration so that we can build our own system for RO. The problem arises due to RO being both an old game and a not-very-well balanced game. Something like FFXIV's or WoW's system would be extremely time-consuming for us to implement, not to mention difficult to conceptualize, because there is no real way for us to know how powerful a player can be at any given level. We thought long and hard about the best system for RO - best for both us as developers and as players to actually play. After a lot of discussions and meetings we came up with a system we're fairly happy with: Dynamic Damage Adjustment (DDA). DDA works by reducing party-wide damage based on damage per second. As you deal damage to a mob with DDA active, the damage is not actively done to the mob and is instead stored until the calculation phase. The calculation phase happens every second (1 second) and adjusts the damage based on the thresholds we have set (more on that below) and then deals that damage to the mob. Therefore, the mob's health does not get reduced as you hit it but in one second intervals. Damage is reduced based on thresholds and reduction percentages. I think the best way to describe this is with the example of the DDA thresholds we will be using for the Cawful Trickster King this Halloween: Thresholds = 30m, 40m, 70m Reductions = 0%, 20%, 50%, 90% This means that all damage (party Damage Per Second) between 0 and 30m will not be reduced. Damage between 30m and 40m will be reduced by 20%. Damage between 40m and 70m will be reduced by 50% and finally any damage over 70m will be reduced by 90%. Here are some examples: Party DPS = 20m => post DDA damage = 20m Party DPS = 36m => post DDA damage = 30m + 4.8m = 34.8m Party DPS = 60m => post DDA damage = 30m + 8m + 10m = 48m ...and so on. We have made sure that it is always beneficial to increase your power level and deal more damage. At no point are you penalized for doing more damage - you will simply receive less benefit from more damage at certain thresholds. We are adding this system to the Cawful Trickster King for Halloween this year as a test run. We are expecting to implement DDA with MH3 but the CTK makes for an interesting testing grounds before we seek to roll out this system more widely. We are very keen to hear your opinions on this system, particularly how you feel about it and how it appears in game. Please let us know, either on the forums or on Discord, your thoughts and any suggestions for improvements. P.S. More on thresholds and how balance these numbers. These thresholds and reduction percentages were balanced based on the latest MH data from the months of August and September. We had nearly 3GB of data to analyze from over 30,000 MH runs. We had a lot of data to analyze, and we are certain that these thresholds will not affect the majority of players. In fact, we expect roughly 90% of people to never meet the first 30m DPS threshold themselves. However, DDA works off party-wide DPS and changes the context slightly; even so, we still expect the vast majority of parties to be unaffected by DDA. We will be keeping an eye on the data we collect to check if our assumptions are correct and will be using this data to inform our decisions on how DDA is balanced for future content. Pending public opinion and any changes made thereby, we're fairly comfortable with DDA's ability to limit power levels moving forward in a hands-off manner. Therefore, we are likely and will be happy to revert many custom balance changes that affected classes negatively come MH3. Last, but not least... That is all for this development blog, we're eager to hear your feedback and new ideas on the coming weeks before the Role Update goes live. Thanks for reading!
  21. It's just, flush your dns. But, the main thing is... depending on your ISP and where you living at.
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    RK Have a fucking red giant bat
  24. It's not a placebo if your connection has issues but it won't do much if the problem comes from the ISP.
  25. When you clear unnecessary stuff theorically make stuff read better.
  26. so the million dollar question, does it work or nah? placebo only?
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