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  2. Just drop Kades card easy On another matter though, I think Purified Knight Shield is a much better alternative. DPS classes are not supposed to tank damage and I am quite certain supports are meant to be the tanks (sorcerers, chasers, cc suras, ABs, RGs), a problem becomes bigger when even the supports cannot withstand the damage dealt by Tetra Vortex from Warlocks even without FBH. If we already have some custom classes why not customizing Tetra since it's the skill that seems to be the problem, not Mind Breaker.
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  4. I thought Cyr was a particularly MBK-unfriendly castle (or I’m really bad)? I feel like the smaller castles aren’t as hard to make it to the defense guild. That being said, I think disabling MBK is mostly making pushing harder, since (I guess this example, in Cyr) it’s way more common for pushing guilds to have their MBK with them than the defending guild. (I didn’t make it to defense stack a single time last week, so anyone dying to the defending FBH WLs wasn’t an issue with MBK btw) As for the WL change... might be good to disable MBK after that comes in.... yeah......
  5. For real, no one care about pvp room anymore. I dont want to demerit your opinion, i said that cause if you dont know what is going on... how can you write an opinion... However you are right, draft is a woe. "Sorry if i was unpolite"
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  7. The option of adding more resistance alternatives purposed by @Midnight, seems like the more rational solution IMO (as Purified KS and a second Prismatic Protection) As it not only helps with the Magic issue, but also with the "One-shot fiesta" issue in general. Especially considering KRO Content and Reworks are making Jobs everyday stronger.
  8. This is a forum to discuss opinions, but at the end, I can't opinion about WoE? I don't play 2.0, but I do play Draft, and don't try to demerit Draft because it is a WoE, maybe I don't play the "real" WoEs but the decisions that the commissioners made end up affecting BG and PvP where I do play. Why do I have to accept people that not play PvP stablish rules for it but I can't make an opinion about WoE just because I'm not ready to go there, if I plan to play woe in the future every WoE post concerns to me. Don't be selfish.
  9. We desperately need to talk about the Sura issue before this come, or this already cancer will become a hell. Suras are a delicated Topic since years, and will still gonna be as long as they have that Overpowered speed that makes them extremely hard to kill, and allows them to "teleport" to any point of the map (which is obviously unfair). In my opinion, we should add a custom cooldown to Snap and GOH, of about 0.3~0.4 seconds? (the amount is up to discusion). I think that this is the more rational solution for both sides. Yeah i was thinking the same but 0.5 seems too restrictive for me (as is only 2 per second). But we agree is probably the more rational solution.
  10. Do you play woe? If the answer is not, then... there is not point to give an oppinion. Ravage Warlock "Bahamut" kill me more times than Alliance Warlocks. /desp
  11. Alright Thank you Thank you for your character The queue atm : 1. azadii (High Wizard) 2. Leliana (Ranger) 3. Feyre (Arch Bishop or Ranger)
  12. Why seems that everyone is complaining about Magic DMG?! Let me tell you some things about Magical Jobs. Those jobs are one of the hardest jobs to gear in order to have a good DMG, you just can't argue that they need to be nerfed because their DMG is too high, because behind it is a person who spent lots of time gearing, building and testing, actually the magic jobs have to sacrifice a lot of HP and reduction if they want to have a good DMG becoming them an easy-to-kill job, there are so many other skills that have to be discussed. Like mobility in PvP maps, I mean, Guyak and Speed Potions pretend to reduce the considerable amount of walk speed that 3rd Merchant classes have. But why don't we talk about other skills that are far more unfair, like Snap, Fallen Angel, FSK, Dark Illusion, even Back Slide, the mobility inside PvP maps are a subject that anyone wants to talk about because is fully crowded with jobs that uses the skills I list above and no one wants to be hated because of that. You consider fair that a Sura/Rebellion practically "teleport" next to you once KvM starts, when you have been moved to the battlefield few seconds ago? If you are looking for fairness you don't need to nerf any DMG, you need to stablish similar conditions for every job. Physical and ranged jobs are not the only ones allowed to have good DMG inside PvP maps.
  13. Hello! I just couldn't choose one, so please pick which you like the most
  14. Thank you for the patch, however the magic damage right now is too high, and the gate of hell spam will be bad for PvP This are just ideas. "Dont kill me" Increase the global reduction to magic skills. Instead of 50%, i dont know. 75%?. Other option is to add a magic property reduction inside of the castles. 20 / 30 % more against all magic property damage. Gate of hell Must to have a delay between hits. 0,5 sec cooldown i think is a good option.
  15. Se tiver alguma guild massa ai, to procurando também .... é isso, tmj !
  16. MVP cards are not the main problem. Nerfing dmg isn't the correct solution either. Even if FBH gets disabled/nerfed or magic element increases, goodluck surviving against MBK with the new 17.1 gears. We are talking about 100% matk increase, do u realize how huge that is? After MBK is disabled then we can discuss how to further reduce damage either by reducing overall dmg or specifically magic dmg (cuz of the upcoming WL update). This is my view on it.
  17. The changes to Sura will be fine without any skill changes specific to PVP if the custom behavior of being able to use Snap in battlegrounds is removed. However, as a filthy PVM Player, I am looking forward for those changes!
  18. Is there a plan in the near future for this?
  19. Yeah, the problem seems to be the MVP cards, something that have to be discussed by the staff, even if there's just a few of them, seems to generate a imbalanced situation. It probably would be fair if every guild have access to them to equilibrate this situation. But as I can see there's only one guild with several MVP cards. I'm not a WoE player because I'm not well geared, but definitely Nerf magic is not the answer. The fairest solution could be apply a restriction to those MVPs inside PvP maps (as many equipments, like Mad Bunny, etc), this way every player has the same chance to defeat their enemies depending on their individual skills and equipment within everyone's reach.
  20. GoH with 2 Sphere per cast will be disgusting at BG >_>'
  21. No, that requires a new client.
  22. These changes come with the newest skill animations?
  23. play as a shieldless class is going to be impossible -v-
  24. Do not enter the patch, too cheat.. a lot of people in woe will not go more
  25. Well I saw on Divine Pride that Asura got an Change with the Knuckle Changes. The reduce of the Asura Debuff from 10Sec to 3Sec (Which should be costum for Pvp but for Pvm great so Asura can still be relevant). Will this come as well? Found here: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/
  26. Maybe the old formula(s) could stay intact for pvp, otherwise a general damage reduction for those skills in pvp could work but would need some experimentation I guess. As a dirty pvm-only player however, I'm really looking forward to that patch!
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