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  1. Past hour
  2. Character View on Website

    Test @edit My Doram colours are still wrong and headgear is missing ;w;
  3. Today
  4. New Sura Outfit!

  5. RO Webcomic! [FIN]

    I'm glad about it too xD At least it makes me warm inside.
  6. jRO Released Sura alt. Outfit

    Oh. Is hard to keep updated by cellphone, you know... Sadly I've lost my pc. Thanks for the info Nova.
  7. New Sura Outfit!

  8. The wild College used Wrap(Muh Schedule)!

    It's super effective!

    Murdus was wrapped by College!

    (several months later)

    Murdus was released from Wrap(Muh schedule)!

    Murdus has fled(to the internet...)!

  9. Yesterday
  10. ID is BANNED

    If you're still blocked send me a PM with your account ID and I'll look into it with powers that be.
  11. I'll be sending this report to invalid, please make a new, separate report about the Ice Pick effect by itself.
  12. @Nova Further tests seem to show Ice Pick in NovaRO isn't matching kRO's effect. Ice Pick: Scalpel + Ice Pick: I can't test EDP right now as the NPC that sells it in kRO is currently closed.
  13. Selling artz (temporarily)! :v [OPEN]

    @Marikot Still open for requests? If so, i'd like to make one for myself! I'd prefer if you contacted me on Discord (#2722) ty!
  14. New Sura Outfit!

    A new Alternate Outfit has now arrived to NovaRO! You can swap into this outfit via our Stylist, under the Outfit section with any Sura for just 5,000 CP. Male Colors Preview Sheet Female Colors Preview Sheet
  15. Summer Festival Farewell

    can we have one summer hat shop NPC out at Prontera? So people don't have to wait until summer festival hour to spend coins.
  16. Bullions with Incorrect Prices

    I've done the content and plats are not exceedingly common there. I'd be surprised if there were more from that content than HTF, which drops them extremely often. They're stored away because they're expensive enough to warrant merchant selling every time. I know I can't speak for the whole server but I have a large sum of platinum bullion stored away and they're exclusively from Horror toy factory. HTF is also much easier than the deserted island, A nearly naked rebel could clear up to the boss, get around 2-5 Plats where you need a very good character or a solid team to clear the custom instance. Additionally You'd get plats just as fast on kRO since they're not raised by our rates. Is there no way to check the source of these item, at very least to confirm if most of them are from deserted island?
  17. Character View on Website

    We've just added the Alternate Sura outfit to the character generator, and we've also updated all of the character palettes, so colors should now be more accurate!
  18. Summer Festival Farewell

    Well folks, it's that time a year again, Summer has come and gone, and with Fall about to begin, the Summer Festival crew has started to pack up the games and clean up the beaches for some of the last times this year. Monday, September the 25th will be the last day of the Summer Festival, we hope you all enjoyed the festival and look forward to it's return next year!
  19. jRO Released Sura alt. Outfit

    Nova has had them since yesterday my dude. Check my sig.
  20. jRO Released Sura alt. Outfit

    So today 19/09 sura get his alt in jRO, and Haziel already fixed them to fit kami-shi pallete: https://rathena.org/board/topic/104923-job-sprite-third-job-costumes-corrected/?page=5 Nova will get soon of course. So similar to TK clothes, but ok, finally my sura will wear a shirt rsrs ("but it is..." Shut Up! I know!)
  21. B> +9 Oni Horns

  22. Charts for Market Watch

    I like it!
  23. Make Can Hat recyclable

    Yes, I put a worthless item into the Festival on purpose as garbage. It's flavor for the event, not all items have to be useful or worthwhile.
  24. S>Boitata Hat[1]

    A Hat created with power of mythical creature, Boitata. Adds a chance of autocasting Level 5 Sonic Blow on target when dealing physical attacks. Adds a chance of enchanting weapon with Fire element for 3 minutes when dealing physical attacks. When equipped with Boitata Armor: INT +3, STR +3, MDEF +10. Enchant armor with Fire element. Increases physical damage inflicted on Earth element monsters by 10%. class: upper & middle headgear defense: 5 weight: 0 required level: none slot: 1 Leave Offer Here,private message or in game(Nicholas Kane)
  25. ID is BANNED

    You probably mistyped your password several times, which cause the game to automatically block your IP for 15 minutes. Try again after said period.
  26. Help with Homu S choice

    Vanil-Eira is very useful at some point, on lower levels overed boost is incredible useful, the AoE used at level 4 (neutral) is enough to control the mobs while you use CC from a secure distance. The Silent Breeze can Heal you in seconds sadly the homunculus can't heal herself with it, at least chaotic blessing help the homun to keep healed. Free Ress is useful when MvPing, but I used only 2 times on these 2 months playing as Alchemist, farm intimacy with Eira is very easy, Cast overed boost, cast again, hungry goes to 10, feed then repeat. I've played as Eleanor before, she's very nice for MvP, massive Single target damage, nice flee and hp. But level this homun is a pain in ass.
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