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  2. Hello! I'm selling these: +9 White Dooping Eddga : Starting offer: 1.1b Buyout: 1.5b +9 Evil Marching Hat [1] : Starting offer: 180m Buyout: 200m Message me here if interested!
  3. Nice some cool titles !
  4. Hey guys! A friend of mine recommended your server, so here I am. My friend and I would play just about every night almost 10 years ago before 3rd classes were a thing, but I fell off. I've tried to get into a couple other servers since then, but I never found any good ones. You all seem very active, so I'm super excited to be part of a thriving community! I always played Assassins before, but I'm looking into trying out to get either a Hunter or a Monk. Thank you for having me~
  5. After discussing this topic with the Siege Commissioners, we have decided to remove Vidblainn from the WoE1 rotation. In exchange, Draft WoE will be made to rotate between the remaining 3 castles (including Vidblainn) every month.
  6. In the future, please include your suggestion in the title, vague titles for suggestions make things harder to keep track of. I've discussed this suggestion with the Siege Commissioners and we have decided to implement this change for our next maintenance.
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  8. Looking for sure buyer. Send me a Rodex and leave ur best offer ^^ IGN: Rayn/Reyn
  9. Nova

    FE Draft WoE

    As I've mentioned in the Draft WoE Discord, all WoE/BG suggestions had been put on hold until the commissioner system shaped up. Thankfully, I've managed to recruit a number of players now and we're going to begin discussing this and many other suggestions as a group soon.
  10. A number of changes that we'll be implementing in the coming days to keep improving the PvP Room: Dual clienting will be disabled. It causes far too many issues including farming your own characters, or giving easy kills with "hidden" characters. Players who disconnect inside the map will receive a -20 Point penalty to prevent "strategies" where a player goes in buffed up, kills everyone once and disconnects inside the map. The PvP Champion titles will be updated to: Golden Arena Champion, Silver Arena Champion, Bronze Arena Champion.
  11. I'm for this idea, but I would not do it per event and would instead make it a universal achievement that can be earned by winning GM events. So a single title/achievement for winning GM events. Or a system like the BG tiered achievements where you get a title every x wins.
  12. Carefree should actually be a bug. That prefix is on iRO for Kafra Blossom card.
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Heya, The item has a 5% stackable movement speed bonus. Movement speed will be shown with @battlestats on th next maintenance.
  15. Heya, These two items have different flags server-side. The Pendant of Maelstorm is set to: Level 130+ and every classes While Gray Shield is set to: Level 120+ and every 3rd classes Many items work under the assumption that any class above level 100+ is considered as a 3rd class (even though that is not the case). Fixing the issue would result in the following: Star Emperor/Soul Reaper/Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro/Summoner/Extended Super Novice would no longer be able to wear said item. I don't want to simply apply this fix without having Nova discuss it first, so I'll leave this information here for now.
  16. As Arias pointed out, this has previously been rejected.
  17. Hello Zelmit! We hope you enjoy your stay in NovaRO! We are happy to have you in our home Don't ever hesitate to ask for assistance in our Support Forum and also in our #support channels in-game and in our Discord server! Looking forward to see you in-game!
  18. Hey, I have a suggestion. How about receiving achievement titles on winning GM events? Examples: Panic Scatter: Scatter Survivor Run For Your Lives: Apocalypse Survivor Floor is Lava: Volcanic Survivor Human Darts: Bullseye. Turbo Track: Road Runner
  19. Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  20. Changed Status to Fixed for Next Maintenance
  21. is there any chance we can make the exchange system? example exchange the soul for energy/sentimental/cursed fragment? since idk what to do with these extra tons of souls
  22. Maybe increase the Illusion stones received from the daily quests as in getting 2 instead of 1 or something like that. I agree that currently, they're a pain in the ass to farm
  23. I think Illusion dungeons need some further improvements. Latest Illusion dungeons require us to collect up to 125 Illusion stones which are about 37.5m zeny. My suggestion would be to either add Illusion stones as a drop to latest Illusion dungeons mobs or Lower required Illusion stones for several items. Especially those that came with recent illusion dungeons.
  24. You can do this with a custom grf
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