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  5. Mentioned I just came back and only just noticed this. So me missing something is not surprising at all. Also for what I'm doing wrong, it's dying.... I also said that lol Regardless, doesn't change the fact that I'm now leveling a Ranger instead of continuing with my Gen.
  6. Verdana

    Arch Bishop Yellow

    A Chibi Drawing i did of My Arch Bishop Yellow

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  7. Disagree with the sentiment! There's no lesson learned, it was pretty obvious they'd get an upgrade too, just, later. The nice news is it's less later than before.
  8. You missed the point where the ammo you use is now almost free compared to some months ago so it pays itself. The ones that complain about that always miss something about the update. Also, if you can't do 100k to use your hom twice an hour... you're doing something super wrong.
  9. Hi. I do. NovaRo is getting my new spot, bringing me back my old memories. But I miss the competition, the progress as a guild, improve my partyplay and getting some "enemies". Till now I didn't found anything suitable on discord, but I just began my journey on NovaRo
  10. Hi valrogxd, you can find a guide for leveling progress in this link: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Leveling_Guide For youre class progression there a few guide on the wiki, too: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Category:Class_Guides Scroll to the bottom of the page and you find some.
  11. I know I'm bumping an old thread, but I'm just coming back and noticing this. So now I need to spend 45,600 zeni (with level 10 discount) every time I want to use my homun? Not to mention every time I die it seems to vaporize itself. This is honestly a dumb change that is just going to make me drop my gen...
  12. Hello! I hope you are having fun with us ! Don't hesitate to check the guild-recruitment channel on discord to see if any would fit your gaming style.
  13. I wish you the best with everything that will come for you!
  14. Is too late to join in this test? I think it is very interesting this idea and i want to try it. I have both android and IOS if need it.
  15. Hi im not sure if this is the right place to post this but im looking to start up in this server (i havent played ro in like.... 10+ years; i used to play official server ro for a while then moved to private servers like blackout/ darkro but it has been so long so i have 0 knowledge on ro now really) my friend plays talonro but i wanted to play a renewal server so i wanna get started here. Ive read thru the guides (leveling guides/ a couple of class guides) but theres really nothing that talks about gear progression. basically im looking for something to guide me thru gear progression sinc
  16. I don't like spammers too. Also some Alchemists/Biochemist/Geneticist like to place their homunculus in such way that it blocks NPC, and you can't click on NPC because of that.
  17. -1 to wider dead zones around NPCs, they're annoying to walk around as it is already
  18. I think its just a matter of placing wider setbacks from NPCs so people don't block them, and I agree it's nice to see a healthy population roaming around.
  19. -1 (though i'm not sure if this is a suggestion) counter point i convinced a bunch of folks to play on the server, first thing they see is all the afks in pront/eden - 'wow that's a lot of people on here, are those all real players not vendors?' you'd lose that
  20. Seriously just once I'd like to go into Eden during USA primetime and actually be able to see most of the NPCs.
  21. lmao, you're funny Welcome to NovaRO and I hope you enjoy your stay
  22. happiest birthday to you! See you online




  23. Hi I'm new to novaro but is an expert in ragnarok online RUNE KNIGHT / SC / REBEL / NINJA / OBORO / CHAMPION Please add me online as friend I'm downloading the game right now I will try to make a GUILD SinagCoin when my level is high enough. Anyone can join lol but is too early In real life im CHO Chief Heart Officer and Team Lead of SinagCoin, a pinoy bitcoin cryptocurrency We will launch our crypto project 1 year from now, any one can join feel free to message me for more details. Add me on facebook Bibi Agostino Alfonso, don't hack me I have world clas
  24. Hey guys, I'm releasing a public version of my DB calculator since I'm seeing a lot of newbie RKs using the wrong gears due to misinformation. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gWQGHM_EFGl-xggLDmo5Zy7MHp0zkY2hWtUBB2heOM4/edit?usp=sharing The gears already added into it are mostly WoE gears, but you should be able to add PVM gears pretty easily if that's your thing.
  25. Maybe i back to play as Star Emperor just for this upgrade in this job.
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