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  3. It seems if you completed Hooligan quest from previous years, you will be proceeded to the last step of Hooligan quest directly on the same account. Completing the quest lets you buy hats. They are the same ones offered in previous years.
  4. While we know that emotions run high right now, we feel saddened to see players take any amount of frustration out on others. It is not in our intentions to let this continue, thus while we do not enjoy locking threads and wish to keep them open, we do find it best to close this one. It is not easy but please try to be kind to one another. Again, we warmly invite you all to continue to submit suggestions for summer festival, but of course not only. We'll do our best to continue to make the server the best we can.
  5. Theres a difference between completely killing peoples investments by custom buffing and then nerfing stuff and shifting the focus of weeklies, but if you dont understand that you can't be helped. (Ofcourse, Im not surprised you cant make that distinction)
  6. I was going to say some replies are making this bigger than it needs to be and we don't want that. But here you are stirring shit up. You don't want this to end. You love the animosity. It's so funny watching you crying in MH threads yet trying so hard to sound smart and elite here. This isn't high school anymore, class clown. Seek attention somewhere else. @Millefey GM please close this thread. Thanks.
  7. Your words just make me want to give you a bear hug (>,")> Thank you for hearing us out and going out of your way to let us understand your POV even better <3
  8. Some players only know how to complain, in fact. Learn to see when good decisions are made, for God's sake. "Ah, the staft just makes mistakes" Strange. Strange until you still play a server that, for you, everything is wrong. Don't get me wrong; I'm not telling anyone to leave, it just doesn't make sense. @edit: In all this time I believe that the biggest problem in fact was communication and the way things were said. Whether the truth is true or not, players should still be seen as consumers and I believe they should be treated accordingly, at the very least. Thanks for the answer and the reflection @Millefey, and I really believe that things will be much better if this is handled more carefully.
  9. Thank you for receiving my previous post with kindness, I deeply appreciate it. As there have been many responses since last, I would like to say a few more words in an attempt to repair some of the disconnect. I know that at this point it's a little too late to say but your concerns have always been and always will be a part of the internal agenda -- the reality is we wouldn't have a server without you, and the entire purpose of what we do is to make a good game. I do understand why it wouldn't appear so, or why it would be difficult to believe, as we really-really haven't been the best at communicating that, but it is the truth. We read, listen, consider, and discuss all of the inputs as a team. After big changes the flow we go with tends to be one where we tweak a bit by bit and discuss a lot. Then we stop to look at the results, and go back to the discussion table to talk about what we implemented successfully and what we could do better. This process continues until we have something we are happy with, but it does take time. From here on out it is clear that we have to get much better at communicating with you. On that account, I'll do my best to uphold at least this level of communication between you and the staff. That's something I've shied away from doing and I'm sorry for that.
  10. I understand what you saying, but there is better way to go about this, than negatively give the server stat, or crop vague conversation with no name, just to prove a point. if you think there is better way to go about this (or ease), I highly encourage you to use the suggestion section of the forum, that way we can all meet halfway and enjoy the game. I sure know that change will not happen overnight, but I can say for sure that this is a phase and that it will pass.
  11. Tbh I think the apology wasnt even needed, you crying bitches just continuesly brought up the same problems over and over again when you were told several times solutions are on their way. And now even though Miles or anyone from the staff really went out of their way to give you an apology which wasnt needed you still are unhappy about it? I think its time so stfu and move on or just leave the server If you think the server is that bad go find another one that does better. Annoying little shit, honestly. This goes for everyone who is still complaining and crying about the decisions made. Imo those changes nor the post by Millefey were never necessary. "BUT WE HAVE WORK HURRDURR" if you have work and cant play the game thats your personal problem and not the servers. No one in any professional life will wait for you because YOU are busy with something else. Get over it or gtfo
  12. You're missing the point. The point here is that someone had an idea and that idea clearly failed. And no matter what people told in the first days after noticing that the idea is bad even if the concept is good, the main idea is kept and damage is still done. The issue isn't having a vision since every vision should have limits, the issue is to refuse, every damn time something fails, that players identified the flaws of the idea and solutions are only accepted as solutions when it's already too late. Look at all the crap that happened with MH where only some builds work, look at all the stuff it was discussed during months. I, like many others, thought that something was achieved with that but the same freaking mistakes are being made. It's like they didn't learn enough after all this years working in the server. All I see is "we're trying our best, please wait" and this disappearing day after day: and if you don't know what entertaining means: Perfection doesn't exist but being stubborn doesn't help either. The game looks like a freaking chore at this point.
  13. What I noticed is, that we have lost 400-800 People in Peak during the past 2 Weeks. I think the highest I saw NovaRO at was 4,7K. Usually it was 4,2-.4,4 at any given time I saw the Numbers on the Page. I could imagine that its a mix of the new Summer Festival and that many people lost their source of incoming with leeching MH2. However, I think they will all come back and overtime we will increase even more and soon break the 5K Playermark^^
  14. As much as I disliked the changes (although now there has been improvements), I agree with not being a people-pleasing server because you can never please everybody.
  15. nice. so tell me again, what did you possibly gained from this ? because to me it feel like adding fuel to fire. can't you see they're trying to reach the players expectation as best as they could ? (within reason) the least you can do after Millefey comment is to give the staff a chance, or benefit of the doubt, for that matter. and no need to be so cryptic about it: I agree with what said. and there is something wrong with you if you think that's a bad thing.
  16. ^ This. If it's not enough here's a better way of showing it:
  17. Thank you for explaining it so eloquently. I'm one of those people that's been slighted on how things were initially handled but you've been able to provide us the kind of explanation we needed. We know everyone in your team works hard and we hope you continue to do so. Much love <3
  18. At this point it looks like devs are purposefully trying to kill their own server with bad management decisions. From MH to nerfs to events to weeklys, bad decision after bad decision. And while they could listen to their player base, which offers LOTS of great insights and suggestions (there were no shortage of them in MH related topics with great solutions to leeching and BSB farming), they choose to ignore them and keep making bad decisions just to keep their custom content playable like they THINK it should be played. It's really a shame. If devs followed player suggestions in MH2, like damage cap or 30x garranth/niya alternative for weekly, all of this could've been avoided. But no, they choose to be stubborn. Until server dies like many others before it, at least. I really like this server, but stubborn devs are killing it. Please, listen to your player base more carefully.
  19. This is very much appreciated, and contains all of the info that really should have been conveyed to us from the very beginning. Thank you for demonstrating some PR skills, and for possessing at least a bit of sympathy for the fact that this change is so massive for much of the population with some clarity. I'm not really sure I'll ever agree with how massive this change is, but I've already noticed that things are at least tolerable after the conclusion of last night's maintenance with queue times and concert changes (great work!). I look forward to seeing what else is in store in terms of QoL changes and considerations going forward.
  20. Tip for farming: if you're at geffenia keep collecting Mastela Fruits and Royal jellies until you earned 20k pcs each, when you sell them using a mech it would reach 200m. the rest you can just sell it and head back to farming. To avoid getting bored of farming just farm 6 times a day don't over excert yourself on doing it. Items prices changes everyday best to save your zenies until someone sell it at a low price (I've regreted that I didn't before)
  21. Annelin

    Summer Festival Updates

    Gonna just write an imperssion after the last maintanance: 1. Extra multiplayer platforms cut the queue by at least a half from what I've noticed. I was able to complete the summer daily (15x multiplayer game) within 1h (first time when I could finish it in 1 event), 2. The cooldown of solo game combined with instancing is the best solution - while one game is on cooldown can just play another one + there is no need to fight for the empty space (even crystal chaos doesn't seem to be a big problem because the game itself is pretty quick to finish so there is no extensive camping like with poring patterns). 3. Huge + for removing the NPC in concert, it reduced the lag greatly and it feels way smoother now even if the map is crowdy with players. 4. The crashes on foraging are still happening + i've noticed that digging pits, foraging and shortcut portals sometimes bug after the multiplayer game (I think) - can't enter them, can't dig, can't forage. The only solution is a relog (?) Overall, thank you so much for the last update, it really goes in a good direction. Thank you for your work and for listening to our rants.
  22. Time to give Feedback with the newest changes to Summer Festival in mind: Multiqueue Time has reduced drastically! Good work, I havent had any problem to get some nice Multigames this and the last SF! Single Multi being instanced, so you can play whenever you want is great! No more waiting and spamming the NPC to get the free slot! Fishing is still a little bit overpopulated, but its okay. Maybe a 4th deck could help out here, but thats just a minor issue. Maybe reduce the time of the Fishing Tournament by 2 Minutes? So we actually have time to give our caught fishes to the CatNPC. Concert is still the same. Now there were no Concert attendance at all. Was that intended? I mean, it lagged less, which is good. But still, no NPC are looking weird xD. What could help here, as I see many got problems with the ,,run in circle" thing, reduce the times it can come during an concert? I have had 3 of them in my todays session^^ Bugs: I still bug out from time to time when I am in an Multigame and die first round. I cant use Tablet anymore and no warping portals on the map. It says I cant use Tablet/Warp when I am in an Multigame and I also cant leave the queue since ,,the game has already started". Maybe this could be fixed One last wish: If it is possible to reduce the weekly amount of Summer Coins needed to like 8K, it would round this event up and make it perfekt. I think whit this last change, everyone could do the weekly again, even if he could only attend 1 SF during the week and maybe 2 at the weekend per day. With 11K it still feels somewhat like being rushed and not enjoying the event on your own pace, but this is a topic that is up to each own thouhgts^^ Overall: Changes are great and the frustration that has build up the past few days is reducing
  23. I hope we done with this topic since gm team already make a huge huge huge change to make it more more more easier for the players that busy or no time for weekly because the real job/life/whatever it is...can i suggest here to close this topic? Since i dont see the point anymore for this topic...
  24. this is i think the response that player base wanted... we want to communicate. we want to know what happen. this is it...THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  25. Nova

    Summer Festival Updates

    Please make a bug report: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/bug-tracker/
  26. Hibiscus -- You can start the quest at Ayothaya Field 2 (104, 252). Warper - Ayothaya Dungeon level 1 - Exit extrance. The NPC is at top left of the map.
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