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  2. IGNs: Juusto and Snew
  3. A post of promised triggering!
  4. Dude, it's against rules to trade in-game items for real money.
  5. Scalpel is for transcendent classes.
  6. Everything for 39,99 $ +4 White Wing Boots [1] Gold Acidus Card, DEX +2, DEX +1, STR +1 +6 White Wing Manteau AGI +7 White Wing Brooch AGI +2 +9 White Wing Suits [1] Porcellio Card, Expert Archer 3, CRI+5 +4 Ancient Gold Ornament [1] Duneyrr Card +7 Big CrossBow [2] Archer Skeleton Card, Archer Skeleton Card Monocle [1] Dark Pinguicula Card +8 Elven Bow [1] Archer Skeleton Card +7 Elven Bow [1] +5 Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] Raydric Card +4 Asgard Blessing [1] Myst Case Card Monocle [1] Myst Case Card Spare Card and many other stuff in kafra storage Everything for 39,99 $
  7. Well.. This Is More a question than a report bug. But Super Novice spirit doesnt allow equipping lvl4 weapon in lvl 96, as the skill description.(I got lvl96 And tried to equip a Scapel, but it can't be equipped) Is there anything wrong? or the skill have changed since I stopped to play Many years ago? thank you.
  8. Now I know this isn't exactly official but I think the idea of having NPCs of story driven instances hurry up would be a very welcome inclusion for players who have already completed the content several times. Similar to the fast advancement features already existing in instances such as Nightmarish Jitterbug and Horror Toy Factory. Mainly for instances like old glast hiem, which if you're speed running can run up to 30% waiting time. Not that the story isn't nice the first time around but it is very boring to sit and wait for NPCs to exchange dialog you've seen dozens of times. Of course that isn't the only example. Talkative NPCs eat up a lot of time in many other instances such as... Geffen Magic Tournament Last Room Morse Cave Demon God Charleston Crisis I suggest that players be given a hurry option assuming everyone in the party has completed the instance at least once (or maybe just the party leader) this will allow for quicker completions and less downtime, it may even result in people running instances more often which can be great for the economy.
  9. You need to raise your vit and int if you want to handle hits and of course for equipment, use demi-resist equipment.
  10. Can we implement this in our server since it is also implemented on official servers like iRO and jRO?
  11. That would be nice. Weightless costumes means I can lug them around and change styles on the fly!
  12. Every class does, I only know of DD Crit that can effectively do party-type damage without poem of bragi, and reaching 193 without assassin cross on sunset is just barely possible. Even ranger has cast delay on their aimed bolt skill which will cut into their DPS a ton if they don't have it a minstrel. Most DPS focuses classes reach around the same DPS with a minstrel in tow, so it only makes sense that warlock would have trouble keeping up in solo dps as they have way more defensive skills to use. I'd love for gears like flattery robe and excellion which will help all classes catch up to ranger and offer more mid-game options. However content does not come out of thin air so we'll have to be patient until then. Releasing content out of order or rushing it is only going to cause more problems than necessary. Nova has been pretty good getting us content very quickly and we've even beat iRO on several large updates (Faceworm, HTF, Doram), I can understand it might be a lot easier for me to sit tight and wait since I'm at the part of the game where DPS variables really start to narrow. Although Nova would likely tell you the opposite, I'm not exactly the patient type, especially when I see potential in gear we don't have yet.
  13. Every class have endgame gear, some have more options than others. I would love to have that initial bump anytime, because this initial bump of the rangers are just the sufficient to be the only dps wanted/needed in instances, excluding horror toy factory just because of the ghost element. The warlock class need to: deal with the high mdef some enemies have, deal with the enemy element and use skills accordingly, have enough matk to deal decent damage and a fast cast time to do more consistent damage. Ranger only have to deal with element and atk basically, due to differences between the reduction of def and mdef on the attack. Let's not forget that the warlock class is one of the classes that suffer badly with after cast delay and fixed cast time, having basically just diabolous robe (-10%) and temporal boots of dexterity (-0.5s) to help with it, or finding a ministrel to use magic strings near you all the time. The amount of options about gears between ending the level up with eden gear and getting endgame gear for warlock is full and empty at the same time, you can get crimson + another shield or buy a staff of destruction, buy airship equips and some alchemist gloves and you'll not be able to deal significant damage in old glast heim normal to start making a temporal boots. The class don't have effective midgame gear that makes their damage sufficient relevant to try to get endgame gear, like i said before, i would love if the class had this initial bump you mentioned before, specially if the next gear to get after eden to start running instances has this accessible to get. Once you've gotten the gears you're pretty close doing the same as the ranger has doing early on. To a class meant to be an aoe dps, needing almost all of the endgame gear to catch up with a class that does "the service of being the aoe damage dealer" better with just one skill and diferent elemental arrows is at minimum weird. Not sure if is possible or easy to do, but, one way to solve the problem with equipment for warlock, that i forgot to include in the poll, would be adding new equipment and weapons already available in kRO that help the warlock class to be a relevant dps again. This can be by helping with the fixed cast time with things like those from a update that happened in 2015: This one in particular in conjunction with temporal boots of dexterity reduce the fixed cast time in 1s what already would help with spamming skills. Or those two armors: And this helm: I'm not sure if they would be easy or hard to get but it's another way of helping the warlock class. The two almost-official-server solutions in my opinion could be, implement equipment already present in kRO that suavize the disadvantage of magic damage compared with physical damage or implement custom formulas like jRO did to try balance the damage output of magic attacks at all. But again, i don't think both can be easily applied to the server, neither it can be applied faster (like 2 months?) because of the amount of changes it would bring.
  14. DB/Ignition Break RK here. 90 STR/120 VIT/90 INT/120 DEx
  15. Which type of RK?
  16. I think I'm gonna focus on my RK first. Getting an end-game RC GX might be hard
  17. Which class?
  18. That's true but what you're forgetting is that classes like ranger don't really have endgame gear. They get the initial bump from very strong gear early on, but then completely plateau from there. Warlock has plenty of endgame level gear that is bound to increase there damage by huge percentages, like elvira cards which can increase by 40%! Ranger gets the initial strong bow, and white wing suit, but then does not gain much after that. While you're getting headgears that drop mdef by 25% or completely remove fixed cast time on a proc, along with giving you 300+ matk. Ranger gets to pick between 7% ranged damage and 10% ranged damage. While you're getting accessories cards that boost damage of your two hardest hitting skills by a hard 20% each. Ranger gets to pick between Sarah's Earrings with EA, or +20/+5% ATK accessories. Yes warlock requires more gear to compete but once you've gotten it, you're pretty close up there with the heavy hitters. And they don't spike much, aside from DD crit GX for example which has huge peaks as soon as the character can hit 193 and again when they get +9 Oni horns. I've made a graph that will maybe help visualise this. I actually thing that in some cases warlock has potential to out DPS ranger, however I've not really seen many top tier rangers. And of course their damage is much more situational, where rangers excel at adaptation (which makes sense since they're buffed hunters) at least warlock has HTF that ranger can not even compete for due to the bosses mechanics that get in the way of aimed bolt. Which you trade off for Demon god (oh man I'd take that trade anyway, HTF is way better for profit and gear in general and way more fun as an instance)
  19. So straight to the point, what would be the best gears to go for when transitioning from the usual Mora Set + Thanatos Weapon? I'm somewhat tempted to go for Temporal Boots or GSS but I know I'll be needing lots of zenies for 'em, and one of the item doesn't work w/o the other. Any suggestions? I'm pretty much either confused OR clueless on what to save up with :< BTW, hello to my new fellow players here.
  20. The title says it all. When I use ankle snare and don't have normal traps, it says I need special alloy trap, not normal traps. Very small bug.
  21. just thought it was another location, since I get 117ping but I seem to have lag problems
  22. Pretty much the same as the website. So just Start>cmd>ping
  23. what's the adress so I can know my in game ping, is it same as the website?
  24. Divine Pride uses new drop rates from kRO's latest episodes. All mob drops have changed, the 5% is correct, the drops will be updated in time.
  25. Hi, I was wondering why the piece of bakonawa spirit (item id: 6523) rarely ever dropped during the instance, when i checked @wd, it said it only has a drop rate of 5% instead of 20%. Is this intended or a bug?
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