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  2. The next edition of the Great Hunt will take place this Saturday, December 4th, at 09:00AM PST - Server Time (registration) / 10:00 server time (match start). The Great Hunt is an all-out brawl in the Savage Coast, in which teams must fight monsters and their fellow competitors to ensure victory. Registration Registration will open at 09:00 Server Time, for one hour. In order to register, you must be in a guild, create a party and talk to Sothis at The Wyvern (@go mh). Your party must have between 3 and 5 members at least Level 190, all pertaining to the same guild. Once you register, you may withdraw or update your team at any time until the end of the registration period. Only members who are online at the time of registration will be able to join the Great Hunt. A single guild cannot have more than one Great Hunt party and your guild must have a guild emblem to be able to enter the map. The Great Hunt will require at least 5 registered teams to start, if there aren't enough teams when the registration period ends, the event will be skipped for the month. Overview The Great Hunt begins at 10:00 server time, and lasts until 11:00 or until only one team remains standing, whichever happens first. Players will battle out in a well-known area - The Savage Coast, which is inhabited by a wide array of dangerous monsters. Players should be prepared to fight ambient monsters, Primals, and Great Monsters. However, the greatest danger of all does not come from them, but from fellow competitors scattered around the island, waiting for their chance to strike. Aside from battling players and monsters alike, The Great Hunt also involves managing two important resources - Crest Stones and Stocks. See below for an overview of useful minimap markings that may appear during the Great Hunt: Pink Marker - Boss White Marker - Player carrying a large amount of Crest Stones Red Marker - Blocked map zone Blue Marker - Supply Crate Orange Marker - Primal (after talking to the Tracker) Yellow Marker - Top 3 teams (after talking to the Mercenary) Brown Marker - Players with zero Stocks remaining Crest Stones and Points Points are the main factor used to determine a team’s ranking. The leading team will be the one with the highest amount of points among the surviving teams. You gain points by delivering Crest Stones to a Crest Stone Collector. Crest Stones can be obtained by defeating enemies, and each stone will grant one point when delivered. Objective Amount of Crest Stones obtained Killing an ambient monster Chance of obtaining a single Crest Stone Killing a player Small Killing a player in the 6th, 5th or 4th ranked teams Medium Killing a player in the top 3 teams or a Primal High Killing a Great Monster Very high If you defeat a player that is carrying Crest Stones, all their Crest Stones will be destroyed, and you will obtain half of the amount. If you leave the map while carrying Crest Stones, they will be deleted upon reentry. A single player can only carry 100 Crest Stones at a time, and any exceeding Crest Stones will be lost. Stocks and Entering the Savage Coast Stocks represent a team’s lives. Every team starts with 20 Stocks. The leader can warp his team to the Savage Coast, to a biome of his choosing, by speaking to Sothis, which will cost 1 Stock. Individual team members are not allowed to reenter alone. Once a team reaches 0 Stocks, they will be eliminated from the Great Hunt when all their members are defeated, regardless of the amount of points they have obtained. This means that even a team with a high amount of points can end up in last place and get eliminated if they are too brazen with their Stocks. Periodically, the team with the least points will be set to zero stocks, so make sure you are not at the bottom of the ranking! Please note that, if you stay outside the Great Hunt for too long, you will be penalized by losing a certain amount of stocks. Sothis’ watchful eye does not appreciate cowards! Team Elimination and Ranking Once a team is eliminated (either from being defeated while having no Stocks, or by being in the last place in points), their final ranking in the Great Hunt will be the order they were eliminated in. If there are 10 teams in total, the first team to be eliminated will take the 10th place, the second team will take the 9th place, and so on. When the Great Hunt ends, if there is only one team left standing, they will be the winner, regardless of their amount of points. If there are multiple teams left standing, the winner will be the team with the highest amount of points among them. Ties will be decided based on the amount of Stocks each team has. Monsters All monsters in the Great Hunt will be Player race and Medium size, meaning they will be affected by popular Siege game mode items, such as Glorious Weapons and Thara Frog Card. Other monster properties remain unchanged, including element and Boss status. The Savage Coast will contain 6 Primals, spawned a few minutes after the match begins. Upon death, they will grant a buff to the killer’s team and respawn after a few minutes. Periodically, a Great Monster will appear and will be marked on the competitors’ minimaps. It will employ a small part of its original mechanics, and we’ve made sure to not include mechanics that would be too intrusive for PvP, such as Nysori’s Charming Allure or Siren’s Song. Upon death, Great Monsters will grant multiple buffs to the killer’s team. All monsters will be affected by the 85% damage reduction applicable to Siege maps, both in their damage dealt and damage taken. Game Mechanics All King of Emperium game mechanics apply, including Siege reductions and any skill and item behavior changes. Notably, this includes the +15 refinement cap and the disabling of all MVP Cards. Upon entering the Savage Coast, competitors will have most of their buffs removed - outside buffs, such as those cast by alts, are not allowed in the Great Hunt. Make sure to rebuff quickly when you spawn, or you may find yourself ambushed by enemies while unprepared. Enemy players will be displayed with generic outfits, cloth colors, hairstyles and hair colors, and without headgears. Player movement speed will be capped. In addition, Snap, Mechanic slides, Fallen Angel and High Jump will have a 2-second cooldown if they are used when there are no team members of different jobs on your screen. For example, a Sura will be able to Snap freely as long as it is within screen range of a Sorcerer teammate, but not if it is alone or only close to another Sura. Upon entering the Savage Coast, you will receive a White Flag, which allows you to exit the map. All means of warping out of the map aside from the White Flag, including Butterfly Wings, @commands, and Poison Bottle will be disabled. Alongside other items that are usually not available in Siege modes, Novaphone, Kafra Card, Peony Mamy, Snowflip, Sadagui, Yggdrasil Sand, Sothis Shield, BG Repair Scroll and Beast Horn are disabled. Freedom and Marionette Control skills are disabled. Players with the Invisibility status effect will not be able to interact with NPCs. This does not include Cloaking, Hiding or similar effects. No Monster Hunter customizations or exclusive effects will apply. This means all MH consumables and Role Skills are disabled, and none of the Skill or item balancing changes apply. NPCs There are a number of helpful NPCs in each Base at the Savage Coast. To interact with these NPCs, you must be within 4 cells of them, and wait for a casting bar to conclude. If you are attacked during this time, the NPC activation will be canceled. The Crest Stone Collector will collect all your Crest Stones and grant points. The Healing Soup will fully restore your HP and SP, remove debuffs, repair broken equipment, and restore mounts. The Storage Chest will open any storage. The Tracker will display the location of any alive Primals on your team’s minimap. The Mercenary will display the location of the current top 3 teams on your team’s minimap. The Crow Handler will bring back defeated teammates waiting at the Airship to the battlefield, without consuming Stocks. Upon activation, the Crow Handler has a three-minute cooldown. Rules All Rules applicable to other Siege content will also apply to the Great Hunt. Any means to bypass intended game mechanics (such as bringing in outside buffs or using disabled items) will result in punishment. If you are not sure whether something is considered an exploit, make sure to ask a member of the Staff before considering using it. “Teaming”, truces, alliances and all other forms of coordination between participating teams are strictly forbidden. Any form of communication between competitors, including being in the same Discord voice lobby, will be considered teaming. Win trading and similar practices also fall into this rule. Dual clients are not allowed to participate (on the same team or in different teams). Rewards Every participant will receive 2000 Valor Badges. All ranking rewards will be given per member of the respective placing teams: First Place - 15000 Nova Points - 1x Glorious Aura (costume) - 3000 Valor Badges (+2000 from participation) Second Place - 5000 Nova Points - 2x Aura Essence - 1000 Valor Badges (+2000 from participation) Third Place - 2000 Nova Points - 1x Aura Essence - 2000 Valor Badges from participation Updates and Changes Altered the registration time from 10AM to 9AM and tournament start from 11AM to 10AM to better align with the new WoE time after DST changes. Lowered the HP of Garronath and Nysori by 20%. Garronath's or Nysori's buff will now allow the team to deliver Crest Stones without a timer for the duration of the buff. Improved the nearby enemy checker on warp-in to avoid instances of spawning next to an enemy team.
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  4. Features The Christmas Event is back! You can check more information about it on our wiki. 1-week Bombring Assault Tournament Participate in the most bombastic tournament ever! Compete to be at the top of the leaderboard and gain massive rewards. You'll have up to two Solo Queue Happy Hours (3:00-4:00, 9:00-10:00, 15:00-16:00, 21:00-22:00 server time) a day to attain the most points (Match wins) as possible. Please note you can only get rank points during Happy Hours. Every Tuesday the leaderboard will be reset, and the previous week's top 10 will be rewarded as follows: 1st place - 50,000 Nova Points 2nd place - 30,000 Nova Points 3rd place - 25,000 Nova Points 4th place - 20,000 Nova Points 5th place - 15,000 Nova Points 6~10th places - 10,000 Nova Points The Bombring Assault Tournament will run from this Patch Notes going live until the 6th of December at 11:59PM - PST, Server Time. Added Sally to Prontera. Sally will give you two Christmas Weekly quests that reward you with Secret Santa Boxes. These weekly quests are unrelated to standard weekly quests and do not need to be completed to obtain Blacksmith's Blessings. Added Elena to the Main Office. Developer's Note: If you're a new player or a returning player, Elena can show you around the first floor of the Main Office to remind or explain which functions each NPC can perform. We'll be working to expand the Main Office tour to all floors eventually. Improved the detection for loot obtainment whenever a boss dies on your screen. Developer's Note: You still need to be on the screen to receive quest progression and loot. Fixed the experience amounts of Ancient Juperos mobs being much higher than we intended. Items Lowered the reset cost of Sin and Brilliant Light accessories from 100 Fragments of a single type to 75 Fragments of a single type. Developer's Note: As the change is quite sizeable, we'll be refunding people who had used this function previously. Fixed the proc chances for Soul Linker and Star Guardian's Racing Cap. Added all cooking-related items from Summer and Halloween to the Event Storage. All previous Christmas Nova Shop items have returned for the month of December. All Christmas Event Eggs have returned to the Event Egg shop. - Candy Ring [M] has been added to - Red Secret Santa Gift - Snowflake Ring [M] added to - Green Secret Santa Gift - Ice Ring [M] and - Christmas Scarf added to - Golden Secret Santa Gift Added the - Christmas Bounty to the Nova Shop for 2,500 Nova Points. Common: - Snow Blush [L] - Raspberry Mousse Hat - New Year Hairpin - Iceicle Sidetail - Snow Sidetail Wig - Yule Antlers Uncommon: - Twinkling Star - Monkey Fur Hat - Sweet Chef - Whale Cap - Blessed Veil - Snow Bunny - Falling Snow [M] (Can be previewed at the hat effect genie on the third floor of the main office) Rare: - Snow Powder (Can be previewed at the hat effect genie on the third floor of the main office) - Filir Backpack - Triple Ice Cream Smile Can now recolor the following Christmas Hats - Knit Cap Of Water - Sapphire Crown - New Year Hairpin - Yule Antlers - Snow Bunny - Whale Cap - Triple Ice Cream Siege and PvP Siege Commissioners Replaced Vidblainn for Cyr in the Draft WoE castle rotation. Siege Commissioners Decreased the damage nerf of Aimed Bolt from -60% to -50% on War of Emperium. Siege Commissioners Decreased the fixed cast time of Chain Lightning from 1 second to 0.7 seconds on War of Emperium.
  5. Hi gege, I will always remember you as my first ranger friend in novaro, we shared so many moments together and I will never forget it, I hope you can find what you are looking for the most and feel completely good I hope to meet you next time!
  6. Hi gege, We're sorry to see you go, I hope you find mental clarity and joy with your next adventure. We've appreciated your activeness and your social disposition. I've had the pleasure of seeing you get stronger with every passing and admire your relentless pursuit for the hunt! The Candy Shop always has its doors open for you. Til next time! C
  7. A feedback: after a week of playing Ancient Juperos the only thing I could say is Im almost close to taking a hiatus from this server. The content was okay and a fun way of implementing new things/gears and I appreciate every effort the staff makes, even if its not as good of a decision at times, implementing the racing caps there was actually good but enchanting them is much worse than a temporal circlet and they're not even close to making temporal circlets/Bio 5 hats obsolete, it just offers another way to play. The way I see it even if a heavily geared class like mine would atleast take a year to somewhat get the max racing enchant I want. 500 juperium energy for a 5% chance on the safe option (not even guaranteed) is much worse than getting a +12 on an armor. I understand that the staff find the original content of acquiring these hats to be a bit uninteresting and needed a new way of implementation but the enchantment of it is putting alot of us off into not playing at all. You can tell me to play meta classes to farm the content or not do it at all but that isnt really going help me as an off meta player and I really advocate having more ways to play instead of giving more established players an even more zeny sink. Its just not worth it and not to mention its already too late to implement these hats. I implore the staff to review the juperos content again, atleast in the special racing cap enchantment and make some adjustments to make it relevelant even more (I already made a suggestion about that) because with how things are right now no one would play that content at all! Id rather take the hiatus/quit the server than destroy my sanity over a piece of gear that took years to be implemented.
  8. ty for playing w/ cat, not sure if you remember pendu the doram but I remember our bios5 groups, they were the best best of luck to your future endeavors see you next time!
  9. Hey all, Idk how to impart a farewell message. But NovaRO was a good and a ptsd experience to me and thank you for that. I just want to leave a message to whoever reading this. We dont know players here at a personal level, try to be nice to them and greet them how are you. We dont know if they are struggling physically financially mentally spiritually etc irl or not. Being sensitive and nice is free. At the same time, try to understand people who says 'no' since they are also tending themselves and that doesnt make them a bad person. For introverts, who doesnt like saying 'how are you', my experience is that when someone simply sitting beside me at city makes me feel at ease for some reason. So maybe sit with someone who afks at city maybe they arent really afk at all and just staring the screen. What i said above it sounds easy but hard to apply irl and it is okay. I was on the same situation not applying (since it is a constant life lesson) above correctly so you are not alone. I constanly remind myself to be nice to people but end up being betrayed by bad friends and i become toxic to my good close friends. I constantly remind myself to be nice to myself and stand up for myself but became toxic to other people too (see how i rage angry at main few days ago). I end up hurting people either way by being nice to them or being nice to myself. I am still finding the right balance for both on my journey on life. Hopefully i find a good balance and be nicer to myself and to other people. NovaRO has teach me good life lesson especially the community. Once again, thanks for being a good friend to me novaRO community and friends i made and lost. Sorry for hurting and being toxic novaRO community and friends i made and lost. 'Fun times are bound to end' -korosensei, assasination classroom P.S. dont mind me if still reply on main or sit at city, i have withdrawal problems so i need to withdraw slowly. To repeat: please take care of your mental health. Acknowledge yourself and you are not alone. Regards, Gegekid88
  10. if its just sending chara pngs I could join in! ofcourse if you guys are accepting
  11. Hello there, we are discussing about this at discord (multi chat) If you wanna join you can DM me vía discord, my usser name at nova server is Verdana. We are 8 people right now!
  12. Are you sure you really have the materials? Do list them out along with what potion you're trying to create.
  13. I have no issue with this. I encourage you guys to do so~!
  14. 100% on board with this project ^^ Seems fun and refreshing. On my part I'd like to add that, if an admin is too busy or can't/doesn't want to deal with putting together the images, I can do it. I'm a graphic designer and I have good knowledge of photoshop as to merge the images, add a background, any text necessary, adjust the lighntning with layers, etc. Just my two cents for the project (along with my drawing, of course)
  15. Hello, its been a while since my last post, I have to admit that I am not that active that I used to be ingame, but I still love this server alot and play a little everytime I can. Thats I wanted to suggest this, some players and I are interested on do a Art Collab and make a loading screen for Nova and the mechanics can be like this: So sorry English is not my main language but ill try to be clear. -Everyone who participe must send a PNG of their main RO character (Only 1) Transparent PNG format, size can be at least 2000 x 2000. -Before start drawing our character we must set some settings like light and shadows, maybe positions or we can just send the PNGs and an admin can finish the main picture. -Character must have simple costumes or adapt their costumes to dont cover other drawings. And well Idk wich other thing can be useful for this, its open to the admins to decide! I hope this can be enough. ATM this is a list of players that want to participate for now, maybe if you approve it, more people will join when you announce it! Verdana Luabua Kayle Walker Tukaram Rurumine Thank you very much to those who supported the idea I wish we can do this! If there is a possibility that MANY people wanna join, we can have more than 1 loading screen with this theme!
  16. have the same problem .. have all the materials, what can be the cause of the bug?
  17. It might have taken me 3 weeks to respond but yall need some patience. The link expired but I just refreshed it https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxLz4x8eHb5Pa2FCN2ZaYm85Rmc
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  20. Thank you so much for your reply here. Glad to be a part of this community.
  21. Thanks for your updates. Carry on!
  22. Should probably add this to the description in some capacity or make this more known, as I already foresee people in the future making the hats and enchant for the switch just to be disappointed. All around great work though, really enjoying the recent speed up of content and especially looking forward to more custom episodic content to introduce unimplemented gears and items. Lovin' the Juperos addition. Cheers
  23. Yeah, fun of course. Enjoy!
  24. I'm also a newbie here. Welcome to the community. Glad to see you here. LOL!
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