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  3. If having in addition useful elements as holy and poiso...well just holy really, it requires lots of time farming for a mob that's quite scarce on a map that isn't even quick to access and without doing some walking, it gives a major blow of unappealingness for anyone wishing to avoid wasting money or playing other class rather than ranger.... Well glad to hear it maybe would be revised on the future.
  4. @millefey thank you so much mam i appriciate it so much loveyou millefey
  5. Not something we'll be exploring at this time. All of these other classes just recently got easier access to other elemental scrolls.
  6. I'm suggesting bound to account permanent reusable scrolls for giving more potential to classes that don't have access to element switching. Or 1 hour lasting scrolls, so classes like doram can make use of other elements aside neutral/shadow on bio 5, without wasting millions/hours of farming for switching elemental scrolls. Having classes like ranger/se, being the ultimate dps on the game, with not despreciable quirks like never missing/AOE skills, having also the ease of ALL and UNOBTAINABLE elements is just preposterous, just works in favor of killing any form of using other class aside the "actually useful one".
  7. Prozak666


    Right arm looks quite broken, aside that this is great!
  8. Yesterday
  9. @BonMechanic Good news! I've received permission to add those so the NPCs are on their merry way. Thank you for the suggestion. @Yunna Saving in Eden is sadly not something we plan on doing so that one I'll have to decline.
  10. Yunna


    wow that place looks nice. anyway if possible, i would love to be able to save inside eden too.
  11. It's just a tiny thing but thank you for being so positive, it melts my kokoro 8D! Yeeey, it would be awesome :D!~
  12. is it posible to request a WARPER , TOOL DEALER nd HEALER NPC in this place ? there is a kafra and storage NPC here. Crazy
  13. How better is a + 15 Vicious Mind Bow compared to a +15 Crimson Bow? And how hard is to enchant it?
  14. Last week
  15. Hi Enya, Ian Castelane, and bowee21, Thank you all so much for the guidance. I will try the Dragon's Breath build. Gotto gather more zenny for proper equipments . Once again thank you so much.
  16. i've started also as DB RK player (and still im using it for farming/hunting) starter equipments: Top Headgear: Rideword Hat (Leech); Rocket Helm (fast movement - i love this helm) Mid Headgear: Robo Eye or New Wave Sunglasses Lower Headgear: Umbala Spirit or Well-Chewed Pencil Armor: Glorious Suit (max hp=more damage) Weapon: Thanatos Greatsword (with hunterfly card and enchant it and of course for Parrying) Garment: any GSS as long there is Vit/Dex or pure vit Shoes: Temporal Boots of Dexterity with EA/ME (at least there is EA) (first priority so that you can cast DB fast) Accessories: Sheriff's Left Badge (good starter); Ur's Seal (with HP or SP enchant); Expert Ring with EoE Vit 3 (for ACD) or Sarah's Earrings (as long there is EA or Delay After Cast) Dont forget to have Incubus Pet for SP Leeching. for your guide on your question: 1) Solo Leveling is ok but it will takes time to gain your experience. i prefer to join party in Gramps and do as semi tanker (Parrying helps you on this for luring) 2) Farming Areas: starter: Gonryun Dungeon (Royal Jelly); Mid-Farming: Juperos/Magma Dungeon (all loots sell it earn 1-2m in 15-20mins); High-Farming: Geffenia 3) Illusion Goibne's Set will give ACD, Resists and high hp which need by DB RK.
  17. Panic

    Wedding tittles

    Neat idea, I’ll do some thinking on this one.
  18. Yunna

    Wedding tittles

    that is a really beautiful suggestion. you're so smart and creative annelin!
  19. thanks for the details! it really help me
  20. Yep, it's 20% more damage considering you gonna use two for your crimson weapon xD 2x WK = + 40% dmg, 30 atk 2x Heart Hunter = + 50% dmg 2x Contaminated Wanderer = + 60% dmg 2x Knight Sakray is even better if you're focused on instances like OGH, SKY Fortress and etc, where mobs are demon and undead type. + 60% dmg, 40 atk
  21. Follow Enya's tips, everything is correct. I would just ad that you can get some levels at Rachel Sanctuary, i usually get 130~135 level there. The monsters give good exp there and they move slow, with AoE skill like Dragon Breath, i think you can kill quite easy there if you have a decent damage. Their loots can be sold to NPC, like the red sphere (which i forgot the name), they also drop Mora ring for RK, Peuz's Seal, and Scalpel, good things to sell to players. You can get Airship Set (which you can use only at 125 level), that provide you higher speed movement, an awesome HP and SP bonus, resistance to neutral and variable casting time reduction. it's a cheap set and easy farmable, you can read this for further info https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Airship_Assault. At your current level i would go for Goibne's set for Dragon Breath.
  22. 1. You can still solo level inside any gramps maps if you want. They are usually good leveling spots because they tend to be quite mobby. Your main damage skills would dragon breath and dragon breath water, so look for mobs that are weak to fire or water. Another good tip is to go through the Eden board quests for your level range. The mobs they ask you to kill in the quests are often good mobs for your range as well. 2. For someone new, I think you can start in juperos, then move to magma dungeon level 2 when you can survive there. Those are some of the typical solo farming raw zeny places. Gefenia is also good, but given you are an RK and the mobs in gefenia are holy/shadow, you will probably have a hard time there. 3. Most people use rideword hat and incubus/succubus pet for hp/sp sustain. If you really need it, you can also use solar sword (ID 1136) for hp sustain. People generally buy grape juice from the tool dealer for sp. Every once in a while pom spider will be in gramps and you can farm mora mandarins from them for better sp recovery. From what I know though, rideword + pet is usually enough sustain if you mob enough.
  23. really? even with +15 atk each card??
  24. Hello everyone! Welcome to the introductory page of our guild Lore~ Who we are: Just a group of friends looking to help one another and make even more friends! What we do: We participate in Instances, PVE, socializing, leveling parties and more. How can I join?: You can either send me a message on discord ( Nickie#9155 ), or look for any member of Lore in game that has a * in their guild tag for an invite! We do guild activities every Saturday, 6 pm EST (generally). (We do move our schedules around to accommodate people who live in different time zones!) I hope you'll consider joining our little family here at Lore - Bulbie
  25. okie i just want to try my suggestion thank you anyway sensei nova
  26. Hi everybody, Forgive me if you have seen this type of duplicated topic before under the "Swordsman" category but I really need help and tips for this server. I played other server and recently just started playing this server and there is so much differences such as classes, changes in skills and the current also equipment. Currently, I am playing as Rune Knight, lvl 115 and having "Eden's" set. I was hoping someone could give me explanation like: Leveling spots. I know it is recommended for party power leveling but is there any hope that I can play solo leveling? I do prefer to be alone sometime because it helps to learn more about the class I am playing. No offences. Sorry. Farming for zenny. Please based on your experiences, could you please give me advice for farming please. I really need it. Equipment's. Can I please have your recommendations for this please ? Previous server that I was playing I was using General Egnigem Cenia card in my boots to replenish my SP 100 every 10 seconds but in this server the card effect seems to be different as in it only gives 10 SP. May I know how you survive a run or fights like how you replenish your SP ? Also I notice that nobody really selling any "Grape Juice" in the market too due to NPC is selling it for 1400 zenny. Forgive me if I am wrong. But is there any other alternatives other "Grape Juice'. Forgive me if I sound any forceful but I really hope that this topic can help me and others too. Please and thank you so much.
  27. Since I'm a pet collector, I decided to share how I tame them.
  28. S> Recovery 202 Blueprint 30m
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