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Unimplemented Item Submission:

This form was created as a way for players to submit the IDs of items that have not yet been implemented in NovaRO. Please provide the item ID and a short description of how it is obtained officially.

Note that this is NOT a guarantee that the item(s) will be implemented.


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  2. New to NovaRO!

    Welcome to the server, ChibiCommander007! Is your name Char Bond, Char Bond in-game? xD Check this out for more info about the server. Here' to hoping you'll enjoy your stay. as I've said to everyone before and it holds true for a lot of us — Nova is home.
  3. PoringHat!.jpg

    Poring hat XD
  4. Kab's Potato Corner

    Practicing more with digital art!
  5. Today
  6. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    Earthquake's damage is calculated from the ATK, not the MATK. I'll have to ask everyone with issues related to Earthquake to open a new thread or use the Bug Report above to dicuss it. This is not the place.
  7. New to NovaRO!

    Nice to meet you everyone! I'm Chibiman007, though I also go by Commander007 as well. I've been looking for an active Ragnarok Online server for ages, and one with a roleplay community. I was sent this way and was excited! I"m a roleplayer at heart you see, been roleplaying for..... roughly 14 years now. Though I'm not just here to RP! I love ragnarok, and getting the chance to play it again makes me quite happy. Finally I get to play my favorite MMO again. I'll admit I'm rusty though, it will take time for me to get back in to the swing of things in the game. Nevertheless! I look forward to playing with all of you!
  8. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    @Tokeiburu, a little question. How much MATK would be having Ifrit and Randgris after the actualization that would affect the MVP? Less or more than their actual physical attack? I was wondering... what would happen if EQ started to work with the MATK instead of the ATK, from now on.
  9. Cards for points

    I think an NPC like Ben Recycle would work for useless cards, but each card would give a certain ammount of blank cards Like the 1% newbie cards give 5-10 blank cards The useless but 0.1% cards give 30-50 blank cards The useless mini boss cards give 500 or so blank cards
  10. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    MvPs have "tiers" - low level to mid level were always soloable.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Battlegrounds - Add Renewal Consumables

    We've discussed this at length and will be implementing +20 and +10 foods to Telma's BG shop. The rest of the items suggested in this thread are pending further discussion.
  13. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    That open bug report is inconclusive and the other report was invalidated. It seems the nova gms are still not sure what to do with player earthquake being matk/atk based even though officially in all official servers earthquake is based on atk regardless of who is using it, player or monster. Not sure why there's still confusion about this. Tokei seems to be sure it's atk based and it is. It's unanimously confirmed that it's also a magic skill since gtb blocks it and there's overwhelming evidence of that. Sorry about the slight derail but it seems important about what stat monster skills use to scale their abilities in a thread about new mob matk and earthquake is a good example.
  14. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    There's an open bug report: Mun's video is probably outdated now. On Nova it's definitely working off of player MATK, but there is a good chance it's supposed to be player ATK as it is with monsters.
  15. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    The dilemma is when players use earthquake (ifrit card/fql) and which stat the damage scales with. Apparently prior to this fix if I'm understanding correctly, monsters only had one kind of attack which is their phys attack, making earthquake scale with that, but with this new separation of monsters atk/matk and earthquake being clarified as a magic type attack that uses the monster's atk and not matk this should also apply to when players use earthquake. Currently many players have tested and proved that earthquake when used by players scales with matk so this is incorrect. Then there's also this video, which would probably be a lot of misinformation when it comes to how things work "officially".
  16. Emperium hp should scale with defense level

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug Our emperium already increases its HP based on the DEF of the castle. Do note that this bug report being marked as invalid does not mean we are entirely opposed to reviewing the Emperium HP values, but that must be made separately as a suggestion on the forums if it is something you wish to pursue.
  17. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    This is exactly how it works. I can't remember where I read it first, but iro's NPC_earthquake description says exactly the same. So Earthquake will be actually "nerfed" with this actualization.
  18. alb2trea Alberta Island

    Its pointless, I use this map to break Daily's BBs (like every 2 months) and call random players to join the hunt, if no one was able to kill a beelz, valk or ifrit, I just leave a message on #main, for anyone who want to kill it. This map have absolutely no use, so there's no reason to disable it...
  19. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    EQ is a magic skill that uses physical attack (Like a Enchanted Blade RK that uses magic attack to deal physical damage) About the cry on the previous pages: This change will be good for the server, each new content make the game easier and easier, but formulas get updated with each update, if we only bring the content and not the formulas, the game will break. Time to forget all that full-damage oriented classes and go for a more balanced gameplay, remember that in kRO you need ~10 cash consumables to solo somehting, and you will still need to carry healing potions, sieg tokens, op enchant costume, op shadow gears and still have alternative gears to swap while play. Solo a high end instance is not supposed to be possible, its not the end of the wolrd carry a AB with you. And for Kathryne: Thunderproof potions everywhere!
  20. *Disclaimer* The following post is written in german to address german players specifically. So if you are not able to understand it, rest assured that I’m not saying anything insulting or offending towards any one Person or any gender/racial/social group. Einen Wunderschönen guten Tag, wir sind “K4iZen” kaizen.bmp und suchen nach neuen Mitgliedern für unser aller Hobby: Ragnarok auf NovaRO. K4iZen ist aus dem Japanischen abgeleitet und bedeutet frei übersetzt soviel wie “stetige Verbesserung”. Dies ist auch einer der Grundpfeiler unserer Gilde. Stetig besser werden und neuen Herausforderungen stellen. Kurz einmal zu uns: Wir sind eine neu geformte, kleine Gilde aus Leuten mit unterschiedlicher Spieldauer auf diesem Server und möchten nun unsere Spielerbasis um einige motivierte Leute erweitern um endlich alle Instanzen Gildenintern zu laufen. Grundsätzlich sind wir wirtschaftlich ausgelegt, was heißt das wir gern viel Zeny und gutes Gear aufbauen wollen. Unsere herangehensweise ist, dass wir alle einen gewissen Anspruch an uns selbst und Selbstverbesserung haben, was sich durch alle Aspekte unserer Spielweise zieht und nun auch zu unserem Namen geworden ist. Trotz alledem hängen wir viel im Discord zusammen und quatschen über alles mögliche. Sei es theorycrafting oder einfach nur Stilberatung bei Kostümen/ Kostüm- und Farbkombis. Unsere Ziele: Anwerben neuer Mitglieder Organisation der Mitglieder in kleineren Untergruppen (für tägliche kleinere Instanzen) gemeinsame Runs auf “größere” Instanzen Was Du erwarten kannst: Hilfsbereite Leute Informationen über den Server und wie man darauf mehr oder minder erfolgreich ist Leute mit denen man Instanzen laufen kann ohne dabei leer auszugehen Was wir erwarten: Freundlicher Umgang miteinander Einhaltung aller Serverregeln sowie gilden-interner Vorgaben Diskretion im Umgang mit Gildeninternen Infos (z.B. Real-life Zeugs) Discord Beitritt und zumindest Anwesenheit bei größeren Aktionen (min. Kopfhörer) Kritikfähigkeit, damit wir unsere Instanz-runs optimieren können Willen zur Steigerung Eigenständige Nutzung unserer Spreadsheets Was wir nicht wollen: Schnorrer: Jeder Spieler ist für sein Gear selbst verantwortlich, was nicht heißt das niemand hilft, sondern nur das wir keine Freebies herausgeben Fanatiker: Extreme Religiöse und politische Ansichten gehören nicht in die Gilde und Toleranz ist unverzichtbar. Wie ihr uns erreicht: Am schnellsten / leichtesten erreicht ihr uns über Discord Dragoneer#8798 ShiZaR#9460 Danaos#8619 Kittieh#3379 Unser letzter EC run
  21. Considering this map has no other real use, I don't see the reason to implement this suggestion.
  22. That is true, for some reason my party was adamant on killing the mob of mvps there however despite the ranger who came in trying to steal their mvps from their own bb later on. I would still like to poll the community before flatout rejection of this idea but I trust your judgement and will not pursue this any further.
  23. Changed Status to Confirmed We found a bug in our most recent patch to this skill and have since fixed it. A little more testing will be required on some interactions of the skill, but we are definitely closer to bringing this fix into the server. Apologies for the delay!
  24. alb2trea Alberta Island

    Hmm, but... in a similar situation where a group is having trouble on the map (for any reason), they do get the option to reserve a private Dead Branch room (or to use the Juperos map instead). You are in no way obligated to kill these remaining MVPs. Stray Beelzebubs on other maps is indeed a problem and we usually disable Bloody Branches on these newbie-friendly zones, but it is not the case for Sunken Ship ;O.
  25. Mob Attack and Magic Attack

    I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the whole Earthquake's ATK/MATK dilemma. From the sources, it's a magic attack that uses the monster's attack for the damage calculation.
  26. I was at that map because someone else went there and sent out a message on #main that 40 mvps were there at once (not sure why the were there). Ara. Honestly the problem (I.M.O.) is people leaving them and not saying anything. Beelzebubs especially around the major cities lately. When these are sprung upon someone else, I personally as well as at least a few other people find this annoying. Me and my guildies went to that island to break some branches ourselves and were met with someone's leftover 2 beezlebubs, 2 valks, 1 ifrit, 3 nightmare baphomet and several smaller mvps which we had to clear out before having our intentions for going there realized. Even in a party Beelzebub alone is enough to put parties of 12 off schedule by 10 minutes per. By CD I dont mean like an instance CD btw just like 10 seconds at most maybe even 1. Counter suggestion 2: If an MVP is in the area let it be known when entering said area via an announcment to that player. (ex. Warning!! Powerful monsters seen in this area!) Counter suggestion 3 was something I felt like mentioning before but had no idea if possible is a timer after a bb is cracked to tell everyone in a new channel about the mvps left in x map.
  27. Refining Guide?

    Hi peoples, I was wondering if there is a upgrading guide somewhere? People mention that getting an item to +15 is extremely difficult? Why is that? Do items break? So many questions!!! Edit: Nevermind it was right in front of wiki this whole time im an idiot.
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