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  2. Depends how you want to see it. It multi-hits without the need of a snared monster, which is a buff, but you cannot let Ranger run more rampant, so you need to nerf the damage too.
  3. Dismas

    Bounty Board Quests

    On-Topic I personally think going through with the Zeny gain in head it's not a good idea, mostly because Z37,500 is nothing. The Leveling Wise though, Board Quests sounds like a good way for Solo Players to find another way to grind needed levels for whatever you need: Gramps, Quests, you name it. There are times where you get your plans messed up for the monthly Gramps mob selection, I remember a couple of months ago, the second Gramps Quests messed me up massively with the mob selection. This is anecdotical evidence though, and it should be treated as such. According to that Wiki page, those rewards doesn't seem bad but it still might need some adjustments here and there, the Reset Stone being effectively useless, and Citizen Oda and Wing of Beelzebub for obvious reasons. All in all seems like an interesting suggestion, but might need some tweaks here and there. Quotes I agree with the bold section to an extent. Arguably, some items in that list can contribute to the economy by adding them to the market, or by using them. As for the italic section, I really can't see that as an issue. People guild taxing themselves sounds like a certain way to get bored of doing these really fast. Geffenia will give more raw Zeny per 150 mob than any of these mob + Badge reward. I don't see this as exploitative, but more of a convenient way of farming; If you are farming Bio3, you can make the farming more efficiently by doing these quests. Again, this can be tweaked here and there. I'm personally seeing the rewards as what you see is what you get. From what I'm seeing, these gives you full clean GSS, this means no refine, no slot, no enchantments, which all in all are worse than any reward that you can get from Nest. Also, it's pretty safe to assume there's already a lot of useless GSS. These clean GSS would sell really bad imo, or no sell at all. Just my two cents though
  4. Vermiliana

    kRO Developer's Note 17.1 and level expansion.

    I'm a little bit confused with aim bolt new mechanic. Is it a nerf or a buff?
  5. Ronosho

    Invite player to party

    Was worth a shot, is there topic what is client side and whats server side?
  6. Today
  7. you don't need to make separate queues, just balance the teams based on ELO that way skilled players are evenly spread out across both teams.
  8. Ara

    Bounty Board Quests

    I feel like people who use this won't be new players that want to earn zeny. What I see is people who farm Geffenia guild taxing themselves to stay under 150, and people picking up the biolabs ones when they're farming bio3 to get a little bit of extra zeny + the badge things. 150 feels like too many mobs for someone to kill and still stay in that level gap, also, probably since the x25 rates and all. Also there was a previous suggestion for eden merit badges that I'll include at the end of my post, didn't get approved/rejected/much attention at all tbh. But on that topic, I don't think Faceworm Skins should be able to be traded in for Badges if it gets implemented. GSS are still useful and I'm willing to bet some people have BOATLOADS of useless GSS that would flood the market if this hits. Dunno how I feel about the Sky Fort ticket, also. Otherwise, I think it'd be pretty cool. Kinda reminds me of the old Proof of Loyalty Shop tho.
  9. FlashyX

    Bounty Board Quests

    Im patient, only requested players support
  10. Skeleton King

    Monster Hunting Blog #1

    @Froth @ninjinshiru, Nice art work. Holy balls!
  11. You have to realize that splitting up the BG population using an ELO system would kill the BG activity. On a good day, BG goes up to 24v24, on a bad day, it can be as low as 8v8. A system like the one you're saying you want would result in a new group of people being forced out of BG.
  12. Nova

    Invite player to party

    Not something we can do. That would be a pretty involved client edit.
  13. Hello, I have been wondering if an option in the Chat room could be added. So that you can right click the a playersname and invite him/her to your party. This would making a Gramps party less tedious, since some names not always as easy to type.
  14. Shadowrayleigh

    Monster Hunting Blog #1

    Too damn good to be Private server respect to all gm works
  15. I really want to explore the PvP Environment but as a noob in that domain, getting in BG is just not fun with all of these pros one shotting you each time you take a step , with that being said, it discourages me to even play PvP... But if we have this ELO/Ranking system, getting in the same game with people of your level would be nice to have a system in the future.
  16. AloeLeaflet

    Monster Hunting Blog #1

    The ART is marvelous ! <3
  17. AloeLeaflet

    1/19 Surprise Patch Notes

    My Doram Costume isn't exclusive anymore
  18. MoonSword

    RC GX Gears

    Yes, with 187 ASPD you should get max speed on RC
  19. hey, we have NovaEXT on our server which allows us to spam skills like dragon breath while holding a key (smart-cast mode). And there is a turbo mode similar to rolling cutter for skills like Quick Draw Shot (the other AA rebellion build). Should also be helpful on SE. You can see NovaEXT in action at 4:46. Good thing about Rebellions is they are easy to level. Typicial leveling skill would be round trip, not AA. Rebellions have a shield + round trip pushes enemies back making it easy to solo gramps.
  20. yep, your main damage comes from the Falling Stars.
  21. Sure, I'll take a look, thanks So how does the AA Emperor work? You hit an enemy with Flash Kick every 10s and then just auto attack?
  22. Star Emperor Falling Star Auto Attack builds are very easy and very strong. Hitting 193 ASPD on a Star Emperor is also very easy thanks Star Gladiator's Demon passive, which in NovaRO, is customized to allow removal of the blind effect. Leveling up with falling star is not as easy as using New/Full Moon skills, but it's doable. Many instances can be solo'd/completed fairly easy using Falling Stars as well (GMT, Sky Fort, etc...) and HP/SP leech is amazing with Rideword and loyal Incubus/Succubus pets. Take a look at my "always almost finished, but not quite" SE guide: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Colours'_Guide_To_Star_Emperor
  23. Fu Windschwert

    Monster Hunting Blog #1

    The wait is a torture.
  24. Max

    [ESP] ¡Nuevo proyecto Guid Latinos!

    Hola, estoy buscando guild. Todavía existen?
  25. Not Really, RK is better soloing, but ranger and rebel can also do the job well. Most of thode builds actually are focused on Critical, so you have to spend a lot to make all of them. Good luck
  26. HexapusTapes

    Organized cells for vending in St. Capitolina Abbey

    Awesome, looking forward to it.
  27. Darcy

    Monster Hunting Blog #1

    Wew The wait is worth. No rebel character tho
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