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  2. Allow Re-Mounting or Add a Mounting Item Mid BG

    Verdana, your posts are a little confusing but as it is, RKs can use poison bottles to kill themselves and remount. The difference is that DB RK dismount makes lose all function permanently after dismount, even after masque ends. Interesting thought. But in our current levels of bg population getting a DB rk + bragi in one team or even one single RK with lux anima pretty much ensures victory. I don't think we have enough people outside of peak 25v25 bg to make Jet's suggestion work. As it is right now, a non-braindead chaser can shut down that DB RK for good if it comes down to it , even if he has to die for it.
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  4. Post You Sn Video HERE

    Super Novice tanking Kimi in Happy Tree Friends. I mean... Horror Toy Factory. This video shows the last 12mins of the fight, when Kimi finally unleashes her inner emo and truly maximum pain to the party. Oh the pain, the pain~ /ene
  5. I did it, but if you want to save the world in BG using only one skill, well you have to understend it has a cost imo.
  6. Ban id?

    Hey there, Without more information, we cannot help you. Feel free to contact us on Discord.
  7. RC ASPD cap?

    RC isn't exactly "capped" at 180, it's just that in Nova, at least, it has a 0.2sec delay for each spin (or something around that). RC spins much faster with Bragi if you go above this value; but until we find out if that delay also exists in kRO, we can't do much more.
  8. Visible Poem of Bragi buff icon

    Is a custom .grf change allowed? @Luka whoa, those icons looks neat
  9. Why is my character card's sprite is pitch black?

    Sorry to hear it didn't work for you
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  11. s>+10, +18 Crimson revolver

    pmme thank
  12. RC ASPD cap?

    Not really much explanation on this information, why again is RC capped at 180 aspd and how so does it spin 5 hits per second at 180?
  13. Adding animation to celermine juice

    There's a status icon displaying it being on/off. :[
  14. Convite aos jogadores brasileiros!

    Opa, muito obrigada =)
  15. I've tried this, didnt work for me
  16. Visible Poem of Bragi buff icon

    This. Countless times I've bounced up to third cade with fire dance after clearing both cades solo just to lose bragi and stand there awkwardly doing one fire dance per second instead of 10. timer would be nice so I know when to spam chat for bragista thank
  17. Town Achievements

    What character is this happening on? (Need a name) @Tyldoer
  18. Town Achievements

    I have a weird issue with the town achievements (payon elder, yuno scholar,...) For some reason i've got 7143 / 100000 on every town even if i've never been/spoken in one of them (in this case, Rachel) The thing is, it completely shifted the reward titles : for instance I got the Payon Citizen title (which I should have got when reaching 12000/100000) when I reached 19143, which is exactly 12000+7143. I've also got the final titles of Alberta and Morroc months ago and I remember I already had this weird 7143 score, but I didn't have the same shift issue back then. I hope I am clear enough but if not feel free to ask me more details
  19. Done for next maintenance.
  20. End of Month Sale - Coming Soon!

    Hey guys! We've got another Cash Point sale coming up. Starting on Friday, May 26 and ending on Sunday the 28th at Midnight, we will be holding a sale in which all of your Cash Point purchases earn an additional 15% Cash Points. Don't miss out!
  21. Exclusive Palettes

    Oh...okay then i feel disappointed xd" I thought it's a full palette of colours, not 2 of them only. I'm glad I haven't spend my points on it then haha. Anyway thank you very much for the answer, I really appreciate it ^__^
  22. Visible Poem of Bragi buff icon

    Dyfer, I'm not exactly suggesting this for people who are focusing on their job as a minstrel. If anything, they should be flashing bragi more often than not. This is more for those in BG (like me, a reckless and aggressive sura) who need to capitalize on the minstrel buffs before they run out and it's a real buzzkill when you make a play, assuming you've got buffs, and end up having no such thing. This is also for rangers that dual client minstrels so they can have an easier point of reference to remind them when to flash bragi.
  23. Visible Poem of Bragi buff icon

    That's somewhat true but it would help me notice it a bit more often. With that said I've just lost my preserved spell to a Bash for the 3rd time today so maybe I'm beyond help
  24. Too many bugs in the old forum theme to keep it until it gets updated. Sorry guys! I'll swap it back on when I have some fixes for it. (Should be less than a month)

    1. Verdana


      Ill stand it if you rec some sheep noices for me

  25. Exclusive Palettes

    That's the palette itself. It's two colors per class, and it shows how your gender looks in all classes wearing that exclusive pal.
  26. It's something I'll be looking into soon, seems to have affected a number of people.
  27. Hair color bug?

    Thank you for the fast response Mallinock! Indeed, not a game breaking bug, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask XD I'm just gonna change the hairstyle in-game then. Have a great day.
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