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  2. Oh is there any reason we haven't got some of the cards? They are really nice and meta changing, would be nice to have them all
  3. I'm not too sure why you made suggestions under discussion section but well here are some of my opinions on the above topics. It is ridiculous to base the dps of each class on Draft WoEs now tbh. 1. Best in slot gears/shadow gears may not enabled or not functioning as they should (yes the def/mdef pierce set is still bugged upon today's patch) 2. Team balance even when it is 1 vs 1 3. Statpadding exists Magical classes seems to be so strong now because they deal lots of dmg on many elements even not on the respective cards, which can be resolved by nerfing the skill% in the future so they can only deal considerable dmg on the elements they build around. Physical classes (mainly melees) suffer on the range-closing since magical classes are overwhelming, I think they will perform better in terms of stats when the magicals are nerfed. As a player I didn't really play any dps class until very recent updates, I am on most (if not all) support jobs so i have a rough idea when it comes to resistance topics. In my opinion, every job has their own strengths and weaknesses against the other jobs, for example, IG is very good against both physical and magical dps because of Guardian Shield and Prestige. However we should never think of buffing these dps numbers based on how IG tank them. Instead we should be nerfing IG so it wouldn't be tanking everything. For Energy Coat, it is not a skill without drawbacks. As Kuroda mentioned, it is always dispelled and has a long cast time, also sp draining. If Energy Coat is considered "problematic" under such conditions, what about LP, Pneuma or Safety Wall that have no cooldown and acd? I agree on enabling all the cards (or gears) even if they are considered "OP" though, we have noticed many new players getting into pvp are using them since they are the best in slots. We have level 5 weapons and level 2 armors already, why not the thanatos tower cards or whatever it would be? About the WoE tracks, I consider them being reasonable. If they just remove the "criteria" and add the timer for characters staying in castle, everyone will just go afk in the corner like in the past, which is abusable for every player. Now with the restrictions, at least we can see some competitions to get the emperium, though it is not the main concern but still a type of "reward". It is natural for players to get better rewards when they contribute more. I would rather love to see if they can give participation rewards (siege tokens or valor badges through ROdex) back with less requirements. Lastly but not that important, as a guild commissioner in the past, I don't think there is a direct relationship between the disband and "players only considering their own jobs/guilds". It is normal when people are "biased", no way someone should talk in the behave of something they don't know. All we can do about it is get more voices from different people and look at our own jobs for the greater good. Wishing all the best for the PVP council team and thanks for the hard work.
  4. kagi

    Royal Hunt Patch Notes #198

    Are we going to have the second batch of Royal Family Cards anytime soon? Or was it forgotten to be included in this patch? (eg: Friedrich S. Heine Card [https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/300424/friedrich-s-heine-card] )
  5. The initial post says: "A few suggestions to consider". First of all... why think that my post is against someone or a complain? (cause it feels that way) i´v been giving feedback so you guys take the best decision (im not demanding that you do what i want) The reason of the Energy Coat SUGGESTION (please read again, so nobody gets the wrong idea) is because if you accumulate all resistance you end up with a char with too much resistance... - How much is the % of siege resistance? - How much is the % of resistance added by energy coat? - Have you guys tested the damage received? Now about the other suggestions, have you check the cooldown of the skills? did you notice that it favors GX? the idea is to have the perfect balance, not to benefit or nerf a class in specific. At this point it´s important to remember in a previous attempt to regulate the siege system... some players did not consider other than their own jobs, and that´s why the Commisioners were disbanded... also because it was the impression o many that ""they"" (not you) used it in their favor; and to AVOID that my intention is to give feedback, so that you VERIFY and that you take the BEST decision for the server, not for a sorcerer, not for a cat or a rune knight, or a ninja (just to mention some jobs) or ABs. Please consider the melee topic, cause you dont see "Suras", "RK", "GX". It is true that people need to play those jobs, but... im sure there are players with those chars, why are they not using them? Now thank you L V K, for the explanations given, but still, and remember that the idea is to balance... "try-error-correction"
  6. Last draft the top 2 DPS was a melee physical class. Unfortunately, Gravity decided to tune Windhawk's damage based on having Unlimit/Calamity Gale active 24/7, Windhawk isn't even a class without these on. So we talked about whether we should: A ) Customize Windhawk so that they would function the same way as Ranger did in the past (OK damage without Unlimit, huge power spike with Unlimit) B ) Just follow Gravity We ended up going with option B as you can tell, so Windhawk now has permanent undispellable Unlimit, but they can't function without it. (idk blame gravity) (Calamity Gale isn't enabled yet but it's in discussion)
  7. The new event sounds like fun, can't wait for Saturday!
  8. Physical DPS are the strongest damage on PvP, you are just Imperial Guard player with Guardian Shield. You should check Biolo / SE damage. About ECoat, how can you complain about 20 years old skill.... is not even worth using it on WoE as front liner Elemental Master (perma dispell) . These cards are really strong and probably wont be enabled ever. There is no point on enabling certain cards and nerf the damage wtf. The reason to enable pierce def-mdef is not about increasing damage. The reason is so that all the skills are in the same condition and make the new RES/MRES similar to old DEF/MDEF. No, Imperial Guard had custom buff on Inspiration. Hallucination Walk and Unilmit are not even close to the power of Inspiration. Also you are complaning about physical jobs in the first sentence but now you wanna nerf them, I dont understand you.
  9. Survivor LT is also a cash item gear from kRO. the way nova implemented it was making it harder to get. i mean look at the ingredients alone lmao. CD in mouth type k?? good luck making it They will eventually implement Thanos helm. besides. these are not the only insane gears in kRO. we haven't even touch the cons towers. that instance gives some of the bonkers stats in the game. an absolute must have. they will leave thanos helm as it is for sure. but getting it? its gonna be harder given again, how they implemented gears such as: A. Temporal Mant2 (its a cash item) B. Costumes stones (Also, cash items) C. Shadows (Also, cash items. funny story though. the transcended time shadows was implemented in iRO via booster event. its insanely good for starters so idk why it doesnt get impemented) D.CD in mouth type K (also, a cash item) a lot of customized instances and maps here in novaro holds most of the cash items from kro. but again, if you are hoping to get it easily. give up. its gonna be either very grindy or very expensive to make
  10. Azulao

    Royal Hunt Patch Notes #198

    awesome money Sink ideias !
  11. Yesterday
  12. A few suggestions to consider: 1- Currently the almost exclusive way to kill at pvp-bg-woe is magic... This means that ATK (melee skills) is not enough against the new resistance; i would recommend to lower the DEF and RES given by resistance gear. (Cut by 25% or 50% to test how it goes) Also consider (again) the topic of the Energy Coat , remember that the % of resistance given by Energy Coat makes it really hard for to kill mage class with melee chars. 2- After you guys fix the ATK (melee skills) consider that there are some cards of the same type that are not allowed for all chars. a) Currently the Happiness Giver Card (gives % in physical damage) is not enabled at Siege modes... (melee characters) however the Empathizer Card (Range damage) has no restriction at all. NOTE: this is probably a wrong description, but it´s necessary to check. 3- Remember that what got us here was the complain of many 1 shot skills, so after fixing the melee/range damage consider that the path of Pierce DEF-MDEF items /shadow gears could lead us to what we´re trying to avoid. 4- Same as in the Inspiration skill (it was correctly added the 180 sec cooldown) the following skills should have a similar cooldown: a) Hallucination Walk b) Unlimit 5- Remove the @woetrack restriction... (explaining) we need people to join; we´re getting visitors (new guilds) and even when they´re not 12/24/48/ etc people they always ask about the woetracks... let them have them... but add a timer inside the castle (30 min-45) 6- Consider again the PVP-track or the BG-track.
  13. Niceee another update
  14. Features Implemented Shadow Gear Enchants. You can buy them from Laila at the 4th floor of the Main Office (main_office,300,272). Developer's Note: Shadow Gear Enchants are split into 3 categories: General, Class and Skill. Using an enchant item will grant a single random option enchant to the selected Shadow Gear. General Enchants are available to all Shadow Gear and can be bought for 250,000z. Class Enchants are available to any Shadow Gear specific to a certain class. They can be bought for 550,000z. Skill Enchants are available to Shadow Gears that improve a skill, such as Ignition or Dust. They can also be bought for 550,000z. Implemented the Royal Hunting Event. The event will run every Saturday (whole day). To start the main quest, talk to Commander Nadez (prt_fild01,98,171). Completing the main quest allows access to the Hunting Field and unlocks daily quests and item exchange from Adjutant Lopinch and General Jang. Mobs in the Hunting Field drop Elite Hunter Token, which can be exchanged to Rose of Choice at a 3:1 ratio. Event Starving Kokos can be found in every map during the duration of the event. Killing them drops a random amount of Roses of Choice. Rose of Choice can be exchanged with General Jang (prt_fild01,107,180) to buy equipment and Royal Secret Box, which has a chance to drop Royal Family Autographs, among other items. Royal Family Autographs can be exchanged to Royal Family Cards, at a 100:1 ratio. Community Suggestion Added an option to increase ASPD to the Training Chamber. Community Suggestion Added an option to automatically regen HP/SP to the Training Chamber. Community Suggestion Added a black aura to interactables in Tomb of Remorse, so they're easier to notice. Community Suggestion Added a visual cue to Hero Boots-LT enchantment procs. Community Suggestion Gray Wolf Village now has a PVP Warper. Community Suggestion Amethyst Fragment can now be mailed. Bug Fix Fixed Sakray and Tiara's (Tomb of Remorse) base element to be Fire 4 and Holy 4 respectively. Bug Fix Fixed an error with the Build Manager not loading builds. Bug Fix Fixed an issue with Doram Costume effect being wrongfully kept after dispel. Items Bug Fix Fixed Perfect Hit sources not stacking. Developer's Note: This applies to all items that currently grant Perfect Hit. Bug Fix Fixed Regenschirm Scientist Card not granting bonuses to non-warlocks. Bug Fix Fixed cards showing wrong artworks. Bug Fix Fixed Penetration Shadow Set +54 refine combo not properly being applied. Bug Fix Fixed Auto Spell Shadow Buckler +21 refine combo not properly being applied. Bug Fix Fixed Foxtail not granting its fixed cast time reduction. Bug Fix Fixed sprite for Sprint Gloves. Skills Bug Fix Fixed an issue with Madogear not applying its inherent bonus movement speed. Siege and PvP Draft WoE changes: All MVP cards are disabled. All MVP rental gears are disabled. The following items can now be used in Siege: Illusion Silver Guard Hero Boots -LT All [EVT] Headgears The following cards can now be used in Siege: Rekenber Guard Card Regenschirm Scientist Card Ash Toad Card Rakehand Card Spark Card Hot Molar Card Volcaring Card Lava Toad Ashhopper Card Ashring Card Grey Wolf Card Tumblering Card Firewind Kite Card Phantom Wolf Card Ghost Cube Card Lude Gal Card Brutal Murderer Card Gan Ceann Card Grote Card Disguiser Card Blue Moon Loli Ruri Card Pierrotzoist Card Item changes: Executioner and Magic Executioner Shadow Gears now correctly work against players. Skill Alterations: Freedom now removes the following status effects: Strip Shadow Severe Poison Blaze Quench Concretion Torrent Pitch Darkness Quiet Lethargy Swooning Unlucky Gloom Holy Fire Elemental Master Diamond Dust now has a 5-second fixed cooldown (irreducible by gears). Dispell now removes the following status effects: Strip Shadow Pitch Darkness Quiet Lethargy Swooning Unlucky Gloom Holy Fire Imperial Guard Guardian Shield shield's HP reduced from 50%/100%/150%/200%/250% to 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% at levels 1/2/3/4/5 respectively. Guardian Shield now has 1 minute fixed cooldown (irreducible by gears). Ultimate Sacrifice is now disabled. Inspiration cooldown reverted to 180 seconds instead of 30 seconds. Dragon Knight Dragon Breath no longer has its damage reduced by 25%. Dragon Breath - Water no longer has its damage reduced by 25%. Inquisitor Zen Fixed Cast Time reduction cap reduced from 0.5s to 0.3s. Abyss Chaser Bloody Lust Fixed Cast Time reduction is now capped at 0.3s Strip Shadow now has 2 seconds fixed cooldown (irreducible by gears). Cardinal Lauda Agnus now removes the following status effects: Severe Poison Blaze Quench Concretion Torrent Pitch Darkness Lauda Agnus now removes the following status effects: Quiet Lethargy Swooning Unlucky Gloom Holy Fire Clearance now removes the following status effects: Strip Shadow Severe Poison Blaze Quench Concretion Torrent Pitch Darkness Quiet Lethargy Swooning Unlucky Gloom Holy Fire Status Recovery now removes the following status effects: Pitch Darkness Quiet Lethargy Swooning Unlucky Gloom Holy Fire Bug Fix Fixed MVP rental Warlord's Mail to follow the updated base Warlord's Mail effects. Bug Fix Fixed Recolors of Challenger’s Blindfold and Handkerchief in Mouth not being updated. Bug Fix Fixed an overarching bug with some items that affected demihuman race not working against players when they should. Bug Fix Fixed Hiding Shadow Armor not being enabled. Bug Fix Fixed Sky Emperors not getting Soul Link when entering Battlegrounds.
  15. Last week
  16. Since Hector tested it out, would it possible to share the build of every class in discord? Most of Builds in Discord channel are outdated and made my the players which you can't rely on bothering them. It is a bit easier to find builds for popular class such as Biolo , Taekwon Classes, Swordsman and etc but it almost impossible find Inquisitor one. Figuring out by asking players and researching by yourself are really expensive and time consuming. I'm new to the server and i struggling really hard to find out the optimize build to be able farm the end game content. It really discouraging me for continuing the game because i don't even know where to start.
  17. HI, Im experience stuttered on my windhawk character when spamming Crescive Bolt. I have tested ACD from 39% to 100% and aspd 183 to 193, nothing works. It actually get worse when aspd goes over 190. Anyone has a solution on this? Or is this due to Ping issue ( 250 Ping from Asia ).
  18. And three times the kill time! What's are the returns you're having?
  19. Solo dps with 2 dual support characters is the new meta, double the rewards with no debuffs
  20. Earlier
  21. Hey, I was talking to a friend and explaining to her my thoughts on it. Since I felt like I explained my experience and thoughts in a pretty concise and informative manner, I thought I'd share them here so that people could talk more about the update and on what it's missing to truly shine ______________________________________________ From the conversation: But basically I went there with Exiled, Mity and Alek We reached the conclusion that the loot wasn't as good as solo, you could get close if you had the perfect party. But at that point you might just as well make the perfect solo class instead. Which is a really bad conclusion to have when it's me plus those 3 in a party lol Now for my personal take is that the mob being doubled is understandable from the perspective you need more monsters for a party since they'll kill faster and need more loot to compensate. The problem is that this isn't the case. Killing takes far longer in a party compared to solo due to the lack of the damage buff. And since the mob density is doubled, you get swarmed really hard. Now, this shouldn't be a problem for most maps. But this one has two really big deterrents. The thief bugs triple when they're near death so suddenly your party will be swarmed by triple the amount of damage in no time and you wipe. The fish are really really hard to mob, so killing them in a timely manner becomes hard. And since there are double of them, you take damage from all sides Also reentering is bugged lol We had to re-make the instance 4 times cause one of us fucked up in one way and got out by accident or had to buy pots XD That was funny Also one other thing that is in my mind is that, since the instance requires you to have two different dps, one for fish one for insect, 4 slots feel a bit too restrictive on party composition imo. You either ignore one of the mobs (and get swarmed) or you get two top dps (mid won't do since no atk buff) and have to dedicate the other two slots to support classes, which feels restrictive since some classes need a very specific support to function optimally Adding one more slot would help but then, rip your loot distribution right "one more slot def wont happen" Yeah Then they need to make the map more viable for four lol So I have to minmax my party less to be able to clear the content lmao I'm at the point where I'm saying "I'll just solo this instead"
  22. Just curious, what happened to the survivor LT ? And yea, i mean just look at the Thanos helm..the bonus they give are just freaking insane. If nova implemented them no way they are left untouched, specially since they are basically vip gear.
  23. its already in their database.. we're just waiting for it to get implemented.. ofc given what happen to survivor LT. i'm lowering my expectations lmao the only thing they will not implement for sure are the jRO items. well.. tbf, jRO itself is not a ragnarok game anymore. its a different entity than kRO xD
  24. The draft woe was nice, the balance is working! (glad for that) As Feedback: 1- The reward system needs an update (woetrack, etc) 2- The overboost of some skills was evident (this time was Magic), however at this point i can´t say it was because of the gears that overboost skills or if it was mvp cards . (yes i was using pvm gear to test too... but other players agree with the damage of magic) The 3° job skills work perfect in the Draft entrance map, however when you enter the Castle you get Dispell of some skills (4° jobs), please make a revision on that. (I noticed it while casting Guardian Shield outside the castle... however when entering you lose the Guard Stance) Also please make a revision with the Shadow Gears, for some reason they got unequipped as entering the castle (Warlords shadow gear) . 3- I´m patched, however once entering the castle i don´t see the Map. 4- I´m patched, however some skills appear as "missing sprite". 5- The Warlord´s Ring at @go woe is 10,000 Siege Token... however at @go bg with the "Siege Supplier" is 1250 valor badges (it´s not equivalent) 6- There are new players at the server that dont really know what draft woe is, how to join, so im suggesting to post a Global message 2 times x Day.
  25. Asolic

    Cart Cannon!!

    Full Coloring Sketch Commission for Verdyne Original Character - Verdyne Art - Noxxia39

    © Noxxia39

  26. Im glad to see that most of the changes made to the pvp-bg-woe balancing the damage is good. We had newcomers: the Wogharts guild, who did a lot effort and gave the fight even when they´re not 250. (lv. 200 up to 246) Im glad to see that you guys didnt get intimidated by veteran players! good job there!! Now the feedback: If you were using at least the recruit set (free from the BG npcs) you had chances to survive against almost all players. Of course there´s players that are full geared or using mvp cards, at this point i would like to suggest: - New players in server/woe are joining... please REMOVE the @woetrack restriction. - Revision on the added resistance of energy coat. (Remember that the resistance has gone up, so it would be sad to make class with too much resistance) - Make a revision on the following: ** Stacked effects cards at WoE-BG-PvP (i´ll explain): Some skills are really good even without cards that boost damage, they cause status effects, damage, etc, however the fact that you can use pvm gears at pvp-bg-woe allows you to use gears that overboost the damage... and dont get me wrong, it´s ok to boost a skill, but not overboost. Just as an example i´ll use my job/class but please think of other jobs/class: Ray of Genesis : 1- You have PVM headgears that boost the skill. 2- You have PVM armor/garment/shoes and even weapons with enchants or modules that boost the skill. 3- You have Cards that boost either the skill or the "holy" elemental / MATK. 4- You have "piercing DEF-MDEF" effects/etc All of this generates in some skills an extra damage that even with the balance is still very high (not EXTREME as before but... still very high), so i would recomend to keep those type of gears away from pvp (weapons/armors) or at least regulate or limit the amount of boost to avoid overboost. And yes, this is my personal view of things, you can agree or not, but the idea here is not to force, but to give alternatives in order to find the right balance.
  27. Executioner Shadow Gauntlet Magic Executioner Shadow Gauntlet Executioner Holy Water Shadow Plate Magic Executioner Holy Water Shadow Plate Minor Casting Onyx Casting Onyx i have tested by Magic build but the Magic Executioner Shadow Gauntlet doesn't work with combo tempest brooch and focus Please check this
  28. While I'm trying to try /q2 in with turbo, it doesn't work with target/area skill, can anyone help?
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