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  2. Joddy Joddy Dumplings is recruiting right now! Pm Sanoshi powertripped by power hungry apes in YYD
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  4. Are +[7-10] Thanatos Bow even worth it?


    The randomness of the Thanatos Enchants makes me think if it's even worth the try ...

  5. Katzudo

    B> Ghostring Card

    Eastwood #1281 pm in discord
  6. RadenWA

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners

    whoah, we sure are getting really awesome artists in the community
  7. Miko^Hon3y3a3y

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners

    Congratulation ! I love the first and second pieces <3
  8. Rissa

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners

    the last one is very cute and she gets gtb card xD hahaha so cute
  9. StrayCat

    RG Maximize Reflect Damage procs damage

    I abandon the build, but I have 30 str, 110 vit, and 120 int iirc. Then some are dump on dex and agi. Though I manage to kill queen scaraba beforeI abandon it.
  10. Feynman

    another art shop

    Another satisfied customer here! <3
  11. StrayCat

    Update BG Foods Timer

    Update +10 foods timer same as +20 foods or make both timers same as the happy hour.
  12. eikztot

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners

    Wow, Congrats guys! First is badass and scary, the second is creative and funny and the third beautiful and cute xD You all deserve to be in the first place!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Millefey

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners

    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners And the results are in! This is always simultaneously a very exciting and positively nerve-wrecking moment for (I suspect) not only us staff but especially much so for everyone who (in fact) participated..! There were 38 entries this time, and as few of you noticed, we implemented as many as we could as loading screens a few days ago. I do humbly apologize that it took us a moment longer to drag out get the final votes from last of our 16 judges. Now that we have the vote averages tallied and everything, without further ado, let's congratulate our top trio! 1st place Winner: Sphyrnax 2nd place Winner: Bowiie 3rd place Winner: Snowshade Honorable mentions: Belhard & Hon3y3a3y Congratulations again to our winners and thank you to our participants, many of who are probably unaware of how amazingly talented they are! Keep up the drawing and painting, lovely folks, while you enjoy the late Autumn, dark evenings (and maybe some hot cocoa with sprinkles). Also, as a good number of you have been curious about where the rewards have been at, well, I'm happy to say both the participation bonus and the main prizes have now been distributed. (Thank you, Tokei!) This means you should hurry and check your RODexes. We hope you get something nice from the Loki's Boxes, and to see you again soon! GO GO GO! P.S. Remember that you will need to redeem the rewards on the character whose in-game name you provided when you submitted your entry in the original post.
  15. Tokeiburu

    Star Emperor "Miracle mode"

    Changed Status to Invalid Bug
  16. Pori Pori


    Thanks everyone! @Jazzy v2 I'm always available to make new friends.
  17. Rimekissed

    LF Social/Casual/PvM Euro Guild

  18. Flous

    [Baby Rebel] error skill rich coin

    i wonder if this bug still gonna be fixed? i noticed that my old client becomes beta client now and im having trouble to play my baby rebel
  19. Millefey


    Hello, Pori Pori! What a bouncy forum name you have chosen. ^^ I hope you will have fun here with us and meet lovely fellow NovaROvians!
  20. Training chamber dummy is too easy to kill with endgame damage testing and the dummy dying really messes up the stats of the monster. Give the dummy more HP to tank higher end builds or have it heal on a timer or with an NPC function (assuming the healing would interfer with DPS count)
  21. Piah

    Meme-ing with Hindsight [Theorycrafting]

    Now we have Soul Reapers! Any new idea about this Topic?
  22. Prices adjusted and updated. Angelings are currently 6m each. PM if interested!
  23. I made a shabby guide because I'm a shabby person myself.


  24. [Guide for level up Novice to Third Job - Modifications from the original one - Scaraba/Mercenary Method] This is an attempt of an idea of how I make new characters. And I wanted to share. It may or may not be slower, but I just want to help. This isn't probably newbie friendly, but if you go the "friend" part, I'm willing to lend a hand if I'm around. Would probably make another guide which is newbie friendly. P.S. Don't know where to put guides exactly, I can't seem to find it beside the Wiki itself. 1. If you can spend for a bit for 1 or 2 Scaraba Scrolls or Mercenaries, then please continue reading this guide. 2. One hit from the Ant Egg makes you at least 5~6 base and job level 10. Job change to what you want. 3. Go to this area in order for you to hit 2nd class easily. Payon Level 1 (Up to 25) > Orc Dungeon (Up to Job level 50) 4. Change to 2nd job. You'll be at least 52/1 by now. At this point, you can continue with Orc Dungeon until you reach 70 on base. There's also Orc Dungeon > Stalactic Golem Cave (Beach 2). 5. Go to Eden. Register, and take the quest from the level 70. Take the quest and you will be going to GH Church (Abbey). If able, get the quest from the boards too. 6. This is to get you to kill Evil Druids and Wraiths. You can do the ff: --- 1. Make Scaraba kill for you. 2. Ask a friend to help out kill stuff for you. 3. Have an AB with Convenio and Adoramus or just something enough to kill the mobs. Once done, you'll reach at least 85-87 and a set of Eden gears. --- 7. Join 85+ Gramps. Depends on your job, fulfill a role. You'll reach 99/50 at this point, but finish the 800 monster kill quest. 8. At this point, after finishing and rebirth, there are two options. a. Do the Malaya Quest and warp around and finish it. Yay, instant job 50. b. Or, repeat the killing quests with your other Scaraba and enjoy a bit of leveling adrenaline rush. <-- Highly recommended by me because I want some action in leveling myself. 9. Job change. Then pass the gramps quests. As it seems, you're 99/69 at this point. 10. Get someone or have your scaraba kill at least 30 Siromas or 30 Stapos. They're the safest (for me) for the level 99 quest. 11. Turn it in, you're now 99/70. Go be the 3rd job you've earned for. --- In another perspective, you can level and not submit the gramps until you're 3rd job so it'll boost you ahead than level 100. But it's your choice. I'm just giving options. --- That's all. It's a shabby guide and needs improvement, I'll fix it from time to time and continue probably until level 175.
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