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  •   Angnar & Eden Academy Patch Notes #183

    July 01, 2022 under Patch Notes

    This start of Summer patch brings the monster Angnar to the Savage Coast, a massively revamped Izlude and Eden Academy, an extension of our tutorial designed for brand-new and returning players.

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    • Im also think if we can get soapstone just by clearing HG then most ppl can buy the epic module each 10~15 day in 1 account,that can make epic module flooded in the market.
    • Hello Yuko92, I hope you're doing well. We thank you for your suggestion but regrettably do not accept individual item requests. To clarify a little why, our database is extensive (that is another way to say very, very large) and as such contains many an item that may never see the light of day. While it is probable that we'll pursue implementing those particular stones in the future, I would ask you to be mindful of the items found in the manner. That something exists in the database, most of the time it is unfortunately not a guarantee of pending implementation. If you want to suggest particular hats and costumes, we have a dedicated thread for them, into which we feel this one might also fall: Wishing you a great day from here.  
    • @Millefey Hai Millefey im hit this thread again since eventhough its on the "Implemented this one is not there yet , im not sure to put it as bug or not , can u hit the admin up?"    since Nova recently rejected the suggestion for the items to be stored on event storage. and eating the slot on the "normal" storage is kinda unnecesary, let me know if i need to post the "Bug Report" for this case ..  ,       
    • Hello valrogxd, and thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, after a discussion with the team, it didn't get much traction. We were open to the possibility but ultimately we're happy with how the system is set up right now.
    • This is not what the Event Storage is for. These are quest items first and foremost, not event items.
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