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  •   New Alternative Madogear!

    November 10, 2019 under Announcements

    A new Alternate Outfit has now arrived to NovaRO! You can swap into this outfit via our Stylist, under the Outfit section. Enjoy looking cooler than the average Mechanic!

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    • I guess you're using Rolling, so in my personal opinion AGI > VIT. The thing here is that you need something like rideword hat, Incubus/Succubus pet and probably hunter fly card(s) for HP and SP leeching.  You could try to make your own Rideword hat and farm the hunter fly cards. It shouldn't be too hard.   Also... You should change the pantie for a ninja suit (Combo with Shinobi Sash). You can get it easy in gramps 85+   Depending on your zeny, you could also buy a cheap Giant snake skin with agi, str enchants. I hope it helps you. Good luck 
    • I'll let the suggestion stand, but I am going to lock the topic preemptively as I can already see the Clown Fiesta forming over head.   If this is a topic the commissioners wish to discuss they are more than free to do so.
    • The server has already preemptively banned/nerfed the use of certain mvp cards that negatively and dramatically affect gameplay in BG/woe. GTB is pure cancer and nullifies magic completely, rendering warlocks (and other magic based classes) completely useless. As it currently stands, there is only a single player with an active gtb card (which is weird considering the time this server has been up) so this change doesnt affect 99% of the server and should be implemented in all fairness to other mvp cards that received the same treatment, some of which haven't even dropped to players.   
    • There's so much imbalance in this game, but in bg its only snap. I bet even Saitama can't catch them
    • As the title says. 900m as buyout w/ Card.  
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