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    IGN : Ninjinshiru Pet : Kimi Celine (I can't choose.. so attached 2 versions) original size
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    My entry this time ^_^~ IGN: Menardy Pet: Banshee
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    IGN: Lily Whitevalley Pet name: Kimi Celine, Bathory Smoll size Original Size
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    Wraith Retribution IGN: Abnormity
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    New Alternative Madogear!

    A new Mado Gear outfit has now arrived to NovaRO! You can swap into this outfit via our Stylist, under the Outfit section with any Mechanic for just 5,000 NP or 1 Alternate Outfit Voucher. (The new cart is not included with this update.) Male Palettes / Female Palettes
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    Hey everyone! As a quick teaser, we're happy to announce that both the Rune Knight and Guillotine Cross improvements from kRO are coming soon! In fact, they will be implemented on our next maintenance, which we plan on having early November. (Still up in the air!) Here is the full list of everything that the update will bring: Rune Knight and Guillotine Cross Updates Rune Knight Enchant Blade Improved damage formula. The Base Level modifier is changed from 150 to 100. Wind Cutter Updated skill behavior: Changed skill logic to self skill. Increased the Area of Effect up to 7x7 at level 5. Removed knock-back effect. Removed fear status effect. Uses the weapon element instead of forced wind element. Reduced cooldown from 2 seconds to 0.2 second at level 5. If a two-handed weapon is equipped: Ignores the target's defense. Increases the number of hits to 2. If a spear weapon is equipped: Changes the damage type to long range instead of melee. Improved damage formula. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update 150% 200% 250% 300% 350% Two-Handed (per hit) 250% 500% 750% 1000% 1250% Spear 400% 800% 1200% 1600% 2000% Other Weapon 300% 600% 900% 1200% 1500% Ignition Break Removed fire property damage bonus. The skill can now apply critical hits. Its critical rate is equal to half of the user's base critical rate. Changed damage formula. It no longer varies with the distance of the target. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update Distance 3x3 Distance 7x7 Distance 9x9 Fire Property Bonus 300% 250% 200% 100% 600% 600% 400% 200% 900% 750% 600% 300% 1200% 1000% 800% 400% 1500% 1250% 900% 500% After Update 400% 800% 1200% 1600% 2000% Sonic Wave The skill can now apply critical hits. Its critical rate is equal to half of the user's base critical rate. Changed damage formula. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update 800% 900% 1000% 1100% 1200% After Update 600% 700% 800% 900% 1000% Skill Level 6 7 8 9 10 Before Update 1300% 1400% 1500% 1600% 1700% After Update 1100% 1200% 1300% 1400% 1500% Hundred Spear Removed Spear Boomerang autospell. Now deals damage to the target and nearby enemies. Increase cast range from 5 to 7. Changed damage formula. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update 680% 760% 840% 920% 1000% After Update AoE 800% 3x3 1000% 3x3 1200% 3x3 1400% 3x3 1600% 5x5 Skill Level 6 7 8 9 10 Before Update 1080% 1160% 1240% 1320% 1400% After Update AoE 1800% 5x5 2000% 5x5 2200% 5x5 2400% 7x7 2600% 7x7 Dragon Breath Turisus runestone endows the skill property to Holy. Lux Anima runestone endows the skill property to Shadow. Lux Anima (Shadow) element takes priority if both runestones are active. Dragon Breath - Water Asir runestone endows the skill property to Ghost. Lux Anima runestone endows the skill property to Neutral. Lux Anima (Neutral) element takes priority if both runestones are active. Runestones Removed the stack limit. Reduced item weight from 10 to 1. Changed Rune Mastery success rates: Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update Base Chance Runestone Gained Runestone Chance 53% 1 2% 56% 1 2% 57% 1 5% 59% 1 5% 61% 1~2 8% After Update Base Chance Runestone Gained Runestone Chance 32% 2 4% 34% 2 4% 36% 2 8% 38% 2 8% 40% 2~4 15% Skill Level 6 7 8 9 10 Before Update Base Chance Runestone Gained Runestone Chance 63% 1~2 8% 65% 1~2 11% 67% 1~2 11% 69% 1~2 14% 71% 1~3 14% After Update Base Chance Runestone Gained Runestone Chance 42% 2~4 15% 44% 2~4 30% 46% 2~4 30% 48% 2~4 60% 50% 2~6 60% Verkana Runestone : Millennium Shield Increased effect duration to 15 minutes. Isia Runestone : Vitality Activation Increased effect duration to 15 minutes. Removed SP penalties. Now also reduces damage taken from melee reflect by 50%. Hagalas Runestone : Stonehard Skin Increased effect duration to 15 minutes. Pertz Runestone : Storm Blast Removed knock-back effect. Improved damage formula. The Base Level modifier is changed from 150 to 100. Can now apply critical hits. Urj Runestone : Abundance Increased effect duration to 15 minutes. Turisus Runestone : Giant Growth Increased effect duration to 15 minutes. Increased the chance to trigger damage on normal attacks from 15% to 30%. The amplified damage is increased from 200% to 250%. Removed weapon destruction chance. Reworked the skill effect, the damage is now additive rather than multiplicative. Increases melee physical damage by 15%. The damage bonus now also applies to skill attacks. Asir Runestone : Fighting Spirit Increased effect duration to 15 minutes. Changed the ATK bonus formula. Lux Anima Runestone : Lux Anima Increased effect duration to 15 minutes. No longer shares the active runestone buffs to allies. New skill behavior: Added a 15% chance to autocast Storm Blast when dealing normal attacks. Increases physical damage against all size enemies by 30%. Increases critical damage by 30%. Increases short range physical damage by 30%. Increases long range physical damage by 30%. Adds 30% Max HP and Max SP. Guillotine Cross Double Attack Increased double attack chance from 5% to 7% per skill level. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% After Update 7% 14% 21% 28% 35% Skill Level 6 7 8 9 10 Before Update 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% After Update 42% 49% 56% 63% 70% Soul Destroyer Changed damage type to long range physical attack. Added 0.15 second cooldown. Changed after-cast delay to 2 seconds for all skill levels. Changed SP consumption. The skill can now apply critical hits. Its critical rate is equal to half of the user's base critical rate. Improved damage formula. Gains bonus damage from Str, Int and Base Level. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update Attack Magic Attack 350% 350% 400% 400% 450% 450% 500% 500% 550% 550% After Update 140% 280% 420% 560% 700% Skill Level 6 7 8 9 10 Before Update Attack Magic Attack 600% 600% 650% 650% 700% 700% 750% 750% 800% 800% After Update 840% 980% 1120% 1260% 1400% Rolling Cutter The rotation counter will now reset if the player changes locations (including Back Slide). Increased the duration of status effect from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. Improved damage formula. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update AoE 100% 3x3 150 3x3 200% 3x3 250% 3x3 300% 3x3 After Update AoE 130% 3x3 210% 3x3 290% 5x5 370% 5x5 450% 7x7 Cross Ripper Slasher After using the skill, the rotation counter will no longer reset. Changed damage formula. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update 480% 560% 640% 720% 800% Bonus (Rotation x AGI)% Cooldown After-cast Delay 0s 1s 0s 1s 0s 1s 0s 1s 0s 1s After Update 80% 160% 240% 320% 400% Bonus (Rotation x 200 + 3 x AGI)% Cooldown After-cast Delay 0.5s 0.5s 0.45s 0.5s 0.4s 0.5s 0.35s 0.5s 0.3s 0.5s Cross Impact Increased cast range to 7 (it remains a melee attack). The player will now move to the target on cast, similar to using Dark Illusion. Removed the multi-hit animation on the character (requires a newer client) Increased SP consumption. The skill can now apply critical hits. Its critical rate is equal to half of the user's base critical rate. Improved damage formula. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update 1100% 1200% 1300% 1400% 1500% Base Level Mod 120 Cooldown 0s 0s 0s 0s 0s After Update 1150% 1300% 1450% 1600% 1750% Base Level Mod 100 Cooldown 0.7s 0.7s 0.7s 0.7s 0.7s Poisoning Weapon Increases melee physical damage by 5% and gives various buffs. Endow Effect Paralysis Increases movement speed. Pyrexia Increases critical damage by 15%. Increases normal attack damage by 15%. Death Hurt Recovers 1% Max Hp per second. Leech End Grants immunity to Blind and Stun. Venom Bleed Reduces damage taken from melee reflect damage by 30%. Magic Mushroom Reduces after-cast delay by 10%. Toxin Recovers 1% Max Sp per second. Oblivion Curse Grants immunity to Silence and Curse. New Poison Research Increases the duration of Enchant Deadly Poison. Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 Before Update 3s 6s +9s +12s +15s After Update +45s +60s +75s +90s +105s Skill Level 6 7 8 9 10 Before Update +18s +21s +24s +27s +30s After Update +120s +135s +150s +165s +180s Dark Claw Increased effect duration to 10 seconds. Removes and prevents usage of melee physical damage reflection buffs for the duration.
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    Will do more later...maybe uwu IGN:PurrSin Pet: Chimera Forgot the scar xD; Pet:Familiar
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    IGN: Eiwaz Pet: Deviling (still working on others uwu)
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    Accepting Staff Applications

    NovaRO Staff Application Over the years, we at NovaRO have formed a small but solid team of staff members in order to help you with various in-game matters and assist you on the forums. We are always working to improve our players' game experience to be the best it can be. With this same goal in mind we are once again looking to expand our GM family. The application is open to all interested players that fulfill our age requirement. Prior experience is not necessary (we will teach you everything you'll need to know) but robust knowledge of the game -- or at least enthusiasm for learning as much as possible about it -- is. Available Positions: Support Game Master At present our primary focus centers on finding people to answer questions in both of our #support channels. As a Support Game Master, it would be ideal if you also were willing to engage with the development team and aid us with testing official and custom content. While this is the only position we currently seek to fill, if you have other talents that you think would be great boons to our server, don't be afraid to apply for positions that we do not specify. Remember your tasks are unlikely to be limited to only one, so it would be of great benefit if you are naturally interested in donning many different hats. For example, quest writing and event hosting are things every GM is able to do on the side if they wish. Be sure to read the rest of this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers. RULES & REQUIREMENTS Age: 19+. You will have to be at least of age 19 in order for your application to be considered. All applications must be filled out in their entirety. Do not leave any fields empty. While we understand that some questions may seem difficult or tedious to answer, we ask that you fill each field to the best of your ability. Please aspire to use full sentences, proper punctuation and capitalization and avoid abbreviations. Applications must be filled out in English. While most of our staff members are multi-lingual, the server's primary language remains English. Your English does not have to be perfect but we consider that your application reflects your fluency in this language. Any applications filled out improperly will not be considered. As we process a large number of applications, it would be a huge task to contact each individual player regarding errors or omissions. Please double-check your application before you send it to us. Please do not send multiple applications, or ask about the current application status. You will be notified of our final decision once we are ready to do so. Recruitment is a lenghty process and we will reply to everyone in due time. Do not post applications in this thread. They will be deleted, and you will be immediately disqualified. Just don't do it, folks..! This would only indicate you have not paid attention to our requirements. HOW TO APPLY Copy and paste the application found in the spoiler tag of this post, along with your answers into a message via THIS LINK. You can remove the comments in small font without any worry. The actual answer length is completely up to your discretion; your replies may be elaborate, consice, or something in-between. Please BOLD your answers to make your application easier for us to read. You can do this easily by highlighting your answer, then pressing Ctrl + B. Use the appropriate title for your message. The format should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name]. Examples: Event GM Application - Nova Scripting Application - Tokei We wish you all the best of luck and are looking forward to reading your applications!
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    IGN: Faris Nyan Nyan Pet: Necromancer
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    Patch Notes

    17.1 is level 110 content, while 17.2 is level 150 content. Neither of which are meant to be hard for level 185 characters. They are slowly making the content match with the player levels, but most of their new content is not meant for end game play at all. It's mostly targeted at level 100~150 on average. There had been a few exceptions, especially in the later years, though.
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    Hello, dearies!

    Greetings! I'm Sothis and currently a Trial GM for the server. My name of choice comes from the game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I'll be in you care, everyone! Cheers!
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    Rune Knight and Guillotine Cross updates

    @Mandie stop wasting time on idiots that claim they personally saw +20 weapons on kRO and afterwards simply deny they ever said that (while there are screens of it) Those delusional people that have never played kRO, have never been on kRO can only convince their alt(aria sun) so stop arguing or you'll lose brain cells and we both know you are lacking them already and yeah there are enough videos of suras and other classes simply oneshotting in their woe scene. Just don't bother with these people, they seek the attention they do not get elsewhere by pretending to know things others don't and hope to feel important for once. fu wind cringe claw is the perfect example. So stop giving him attention he'll realize soon enough nobody except his alt(s) care about the stuff he makes up.
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    HYPED x1000 FOR THE RK CONTENT!! I have no words.... This is too much for my heart... Just.... Suggestion to implement Golds sold by NPC as they did in KRO please. FOR THE GX PART: I'm happy for the GX improvement on PVM. I have GX too and i'm exited to test all the new stuff. Ranger equipment will be great for Soul Destroyer. On the other hand, i'm concerned about how OP they will become on PVP. Ziu and other KRO sources showed how Cross impact tripled it's damage (now even newbies on SAPHA SET will be able to one shot). And that Cross ripper slasher is now spammable. I wonder how wil they balance this for PVP. ABOUT THE LUX ANIMA TOPIC: On one hand is a huge buff for Dragon Breath. On the other hand is a huge debuff for the defensive part. Again, is noticeable the lack of resistance gears we have compared to KRO, where people can reach up to 97% DH resist + Purified Knight Shield. Or other Officials as IRO, where people can wear 2 Kafra Blossoms. Again, implementing some of those gears could be the solution to all of KRO's new reworks and equipments... But yeah, we common players and BG players have no voice on the topic... So whatever.
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    IGN:Chibinights Pet:Celine Kimi
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    Lore /PVE/Social/Casual/Newbie

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the introductory page of our guild Lore~ Who we are: Just a group of friends looking to help one another and make even more friends! What we do: We participate in Instances, PVE, socializing, leveling parties and more. How can I join?: You can either send me a message on discord ( Nickie#9155 ), or look for any member of Lore in game that has a * in their guild tag for an invite! We do guild activities every Saturday, 7 am EST (04:00 sever time). (We do move our schedules around to accommodate people who live in different time zones!) I hope you'll consider joining our little family here at Lore - Bulbie
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    Why is PvP so hard to get in to?

    @Conga My Suggestion: Dont play warlock in pvp, for bg and woe its ok. And i Agree with @Arwen Leticia. I used to play Warlock in pvp/bg and Woe. It was almost the reason I play Ro. Now i dont play warlock in pvp anymore because the nerf or "change" (if u preffer) that was made for BG and WoE was applying in PVP, what is a totally different environment and that was a really huge mistake. But nobody do care about that and/or understand, not the commissioners, neither the staff. So literally u can't defend ur self playing warlock in pvp anymore unless u have a amazing gears with an amazing damage and when I say that im talking about MVPs. I agree. The class balance is not good and is coming worst every day. And about those people who just discourage you or insult you, just dont listen them and dont give up because of them. Find better pple who teach u, pple who help u. Believe me, not everyone is an asshole, there are nice pple even in PVP environment. Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG, thats means is about to grind, farming items to make zeny and doing that a lot of time u will be getting stronger. So if u r new obviously u wont be able to fight an old player, or it will be hard. If u need any help send me a PM.
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    Hello everyone, I am super new here! In other servers there was a weird quirk with mutation, where it increased the amount of stats increase a Homunculus would gain per level so it was very ill adviced to try to level up a regular Homunculus before mutating it to Homunculus S. I am not sure if this is true in Nova or not but if it is true that brings me to the other question, can I overshoot level 99 and cause my Homunculus to miss on some important stats by delivering something like Gramps TI that gives a lot of exp? Thank you in advance <3
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    Drop Rate

    Novaro has custom drop rate where it doesnt influenced by level difference. Thats why geffenia always full of farmer even they already reach 185
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    Feyre Archeron

    DPS Wanderer videos

    With the lack of performer DPS videos on youtube, i decided to upload, when possible, some of my wanderer gameplays, especially regarding the endgame content, starting with this one.
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    DPS Wanderer videos

    Awesome!. Thanks for sharing
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    Getting ready for GX update

    As you guys already know, GX is finally having an update https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/11535-rune-knight-and-guillotine-cross-updates/ I created this topic so we can discuss in advance what would be the possible builds. I'm planning to use a CI GX for pvm and also pvp and I want to know what you think. Is CI katar going to be more effective that daggers because it will be easier to hit 200 crit and be able to crit every CI? Maybe use a +16 JDR with 2 Eremes card With all the recent updates is abuse robe + valk manteau the best option for pvp or maybe FAW fatal + Illusion armor? Here are y toughts for PVM Old Bone circlet +8 or above with crit5 enchant Fafnir combo Illusion Armor type A Atk Atk CDR FAW Fatal YSF01 +9 Weapon - Scalpel + Naght saber / JDR Illusion Booster Crit Aspd + ?? For pvp would still use scalpel + naght saber + Glorious flambadge What are your thoughts?
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    Critical RK after REWORK

    thats because your critical damage is your diminishing return, as your critical damage get higher and higher, its effectiveness decreased, adding Acute Lv 5 on your character wont do that much, > temp luk + 30% > your FAW > accessories thats also the reason why, some rangers go for critical mod instead ranged atk, it gives lower damage on general usage, however when you use Unlimit, your ranged attack llosing its effectiveness, while Critical Damage mod shines brightly boom , 3.5m
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    gx critical chance

    >define Balance
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    Lore /PVE/Social/Casual/Newbie

    This thread is so cute
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    Yes, you are most welcome to submit more than two, all the way up to 15 illustrations total (one of each mob).
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    @Fu Windschwert You can check Ziu's video about them (lazy to search dp or kRO's website for the changes).
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    No, do you have source about this or is it just based on your assumption ? what they do is just , to make rune effect exclusive to the caster, there are 2 RKs in party, both of them are having Asir, and 2 Asir effects are exclusive to the caster, it is not going to cancel each other or share the effect to the party. 2 RKs in party, 1 is crit type , 1 is DB, Asir that casted from crit RK is not going to remove Asir for the DB RK which is to endow its element to Ghost. anyways, this is what the update did to both classes in kRO 21m Critical Cross Impact Unfortunately this GX is decked out with mvp cards, like Miguel and Eremes on garment. while CI is very strong skill, suprisingly after this update, Soul Breaker does similar thing and can be spammed like a mad man ( even though with 0.15 secs cd ) RK vs Hard Amdarais, auto cast critical Storm Blast is good
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    IGN: Milk Estheim Hell Poodle
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    I am very glad that these changes are implemented more than anything by the RK, I just want to point out that according to what I read in the official KRo page, the Asir rune no longer have any effect on the members of the party, I stress it because it is currently a problem when 2 or more RK use the rune on the same screen, this proves that the effect is lost in the other RK, it seems that KRo was aware of that already the effect was withdrawn from the allies. Translating the text: 16 Asir Runestone:Fighting Spirit. -The caster's ATK gain has been changed -Effect duration changed from 180 seconds to 900 seconds -Has no effect on party members I report this because for me it is annoying that the effect is lost when there is another RK's at the party. Even so thank you very much for the changes.
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    Why is PvP so hard to get in to?

    Before reading i'll quickly say this isn't a "I want to get in to woe thread" as it no longer interests me, rather it's a thread about how I tried to get in to it but was pushed away. I'm not a WoE/bg/pvp expert either as you could probably very easily guess the previous statement. Personally, i've wanted to get in to WoE for a while as it looked really appealing to me, it looked fun with it's high speed combat and complexity requiring fast thinking. However after trying it I realised two of my largest issues with it, it's extremely confusing to new players and some new players are so undergeared they literally can't win a 1:1 fight simply due to a statistical disadvantage; without the other person just throwing it that is. A lot of PvP centered games don't do the two things I mentioned previous; and those which do typically just, die. Fast. Imagine you're a new player to some Multiplayer PvP FPS or whatever, you have no idea what anything is; where to learn how to play the game and have no idea what the meta is. A good pvp game, if it's complex, would limit the player's options not to an unfair disadvantage but to an amount where they're free to learn with the very few tools they're given and can learn the rest of the game at their own pace; slowly and gently giving helpful advice along the way. Take TF2 for example, you start with your 3 basic stock weapons; learn how those work, what they do and how to use them, then you begin getting unlockable weapons after that, the player's given everything they need to get kills and be just as good as a seasoned tryhard if they had the skill but they aren't overwhelmed by being offered every single weapon at once. Again, every player even when they just start a new account can be just as good as a veteran if they had the skill. Nobody is at a statistical disadvantage. Nobody is at a statistical advantage. All you need to do to understand the very basics of the game is how to move around and shoot. I understand WoE is not a full game and I genuinely don't know how this would be effectively ported over, however dying knowing somebody is literally just statistical stronger than you due to having some super expensive really rare items or stuff that they could've even paid for is not a pleasant experience in the slightest, it makes the death feel cheap and undeserved in some ways~ MVP cards feel like a massive cause of this. I'm not proposing to put everyone on an equal playing field right away, especially since this is RO and some people have worked literally years to get their build perfect, what I am pointing out is one of the reasons I and probably many others have been driven away; dying due to an unfair fight because the other person just had a statistical advantage over me. The other big problem is overwhelming new players, you step in to WoE and sure you're given the basic WoE kit of bare minimum items but after that it's completely unclear on where you should go since there's literally thousands of items you can choose from; the damage formula is some crazy complicated thing? I don't understand this. What do you mean that less damage reduction is good in exchange for more damage? what? This card does what now? I genuinely can't tell if hide is a good skill or not? How are these peoples doing x15 the amount of damage I am? What do you mean I can remove this list of specific effects but I can't remove these others? What does this super weird thing on the ground do? What killed me nothing was on my screen? There's so, so, so many questions and almost no answers. I'm sure there'll be quite a few helpful individuals but finding them amongst the sea of the Novaro community, especially when someone might not even know that the discord, wiki, forums or etc exists; it's very difficult to find help. Especially when 99% of my social interactions when I tried bg or woe was "WOW you're so bad" "somehow you're exceptionally useless" "go uninstall the game" "can you stop sucking?" "Stop playing bg" and so on is typically what I got; I really don't feel like playing PvP anymore when I keep on getting told this with no helpful advice, who would've thought? That's actually the single main most reason that I quit Novaro a year or two ago before coming back since I heard my old guild leader was. I also talked to a *few* people those years ago before I quit and when I brought up MVP cards I typically got a response along the lines of "Oh yeah people can just grind for those" Why would I grind for something that I don't even know if I like or not yet? Why would I invest time in to learning PvP when the entry-level of it feels so unfair and confusing? Essentially, PvP feels extremely unfair to new players as they die knowing they simply have a flat disadvantage compared to their enemy and it's very confusing and overwhelming too. Again i'm no PvP/BG/WoE expert and I don't have access to the server's raw logs either so there may be a bit of information partially incorrect or missing here and there but this is my experience and having talked to a few others about this before I quit years ago, some other's experience too. I'm also not suggesting either that PvP suddenly gets a "everyone's on the same playing grounds" update as PvP is an insanely big help for the economy of the server and helps in keeping players around and active~ And to be honest I don't even know if this post is under the right forum area either as I couldn't find an easy-to-locate guide on where to post this kind of stuff~ Anyways have a nice day, goodluck and have fun BG~
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    Why is PvP so hard to get in to?

    I don't have access to kRO stuff so idk what is going on there except major update that has been widespread, but this is interesting fact that I learned today. They have superior offensive gears yet they lack of damage. With possibility to get 97% demi reduc its understandable... LOL its broken in another form. no wonder they keep improving dps classes.
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    Why is PvP so hard to get in to?

    It wasn't a nerf. It was a change. WLs damage got boosted, but they lost utility on their skills. Overall they become stronger than before. Because sura already nerfed comparing to the their official state. Not to mention that they don't get any buff on damage side in this update at all. Sura op only when you don't how to play against them im BG, which is a matter of experience. And well, sura's like natural WL's enemy, so.. Because not all players are "one character only", and not all of them playing on your timezone. I'd suggest you to find commissioners in NovaRO Draft WoE discord and contact them there. (Just asked to list them somewhere for easier contacting for you and those who also want to share their opinion). Because they are. Just because some players can't do anything on class because of lack of gear/experience/gear and experience doesn't mean class bad. And when we carefully look at the general picture of what is happenin on BG/WoE, it's easy and obvious that currently WL is a top-tier DPS. Yes, support WL is dead, but commissioners are not the one who you should blame for that. You simply can't have old and new behavior in the same time because client restrictions. Just because you didn't succeed in contacting with commissioners doesn't mean system doesn't work. Each guild has 2 commissioners that speak for them, so we can easily say that commissioners represente at least (5x24=108) 108 players, which is really big and can actually be called a "biggest part of PvP community on Nova". 24x24 on BG is a really rare thing outside of weekly reset day. And well, WoE players mostly are BG players too, so. Not to mention that there's only one sura player (not even main) in commissioners, and 2 of them are WL mains. UPD. So yeah, if you want, you can still contact with commissioners by Draft Woe discord. Can't guarantee that commissioners will agree with you (they most likely won't, yeah), but it's worth to try anyway.
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    Why is PvP so hard to get in to?

    Hello~~ Indeed, you point out several essential points concerning a part of the community that is not familiar with the PvP content and i think this feelings you have there is shared by a lot of newcomers in the PvP Scene, most of the time it might feel really unfair and indeed it is in some situation. I will try to give you some points that I hope will help you to see more clearly and familiarize yourself with this content. First of all, keep in mind as it was said that RO is now a game with 16+ years of existence, lot of players that still play this game are players with several years of experience. For some of them, little things like you pointed there are so basics now that they get too haughty with some newcomers, because for them its pretty the basics of ro mechanics. Don't get too disturbed about some salty players. PvP & WoE & BG are part of the most funniest & most competitive content, but those requires lot of Experience first, and lot of practice. Some players are really invested on it and have already built strong Builds & have already a lot of practice, this is where the huge gap came from. How to do that ? First of all, documents yourself, ro is a game with a lot of ressources where you can find informations and help, like building your gears, your swap, and even how to find a counter build or playstyle to another. My first Suggestion is for you to go check Ro Database's , Ro Wiki's , Forum's about your class etc .. if you dying to a Crimson Rocks even its a FBH users, solutions can be found like using Magic Reflection, or building Fire resistance : +9 Magic reflector shield + Frus card on a +9 Armor already give you 27% of magic reflection. Building Jakk card + Leib Olmai card + valk shield will build + 2 Fire resist MIR/PER : 80% fire resist. Hiding will make you survive lot of risky situations , like hiding during an Area of effect skills fiesta. Or just to hide when someone divested your eqps the time for you to recover it. Keep in mind that the PvP environment if very diversified so even you counterpart a style , there will still be other classes or build that can take you down or counter you don't expect to be invicible, but RO is a strong community based game when its related to PvP content so there will always be variety and possibilites. Let me explain myself : My second Suggestion will be you must play with your teammates in order to really feel it. What i mean is that if there is a chaser disabling you, a Sorc in your team can dispell you to recover that masquerade, if you got crystalized a sorc can warmer you, if you stoned , an AB in your team can clemencia & lauda you etc.. so try to play it with some "friends" than alone is preferable you still can ask for buffs & stuffs when solo, but i know its not easy to always have a duo pt during BG, as for WoE its easier because of the conditions, so there you can always ask for buffs , for recovering etc.. so don't hesitate to do. Ask for the informations you need too, you'll learn a lot playing with others players, experienced or not. Don't mind when people are being a bit "rude" or salty, some other players will be kind and appreciate to help you, just don't be too intrusive haha. My last Suggestion will be , just try to enjoy it, sometimes, just little things is enough to enjoy and be the most impactfull player, like taking down a WL by reflecting him is satisfying as fuck, or just disabling the right target that is always taking down your key DPS is also satisfying. Everyone has a role in those kind of hostile environment, and a little things can make everything different. You don't really have to be the most try-harder player to enjoy it, sometimes little things make you feel that you've done your job and you saved the game. an AB that is recovering a full team being stasised is the best feelings, an AB that always buffs the whole teams and only putting pneuma's when a Unlimit is going to hit, saved a lot of game too. You will always find your place in this type of PvP content everyone has a role, WoE , PvP , BG Wise.
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    5th Anniversary

    Happy 5th anniversary, may be good for future.
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    5th Anniversary

    Happy 5th!
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    yep, I agree. I just say it In case someone not see the new CI have 0.7 cd. Average people do 2x CI in 1 sec by dancing and to dance we must "walk" next to the target so its still covered by the CI range (3 cell). Now, imagine new CI with extended range have 0 cd. So I believe 0.7 cd is there to balance things.
  39. 1 point
    it has 0.7 CD now but you can spam that, yes
  40. 1 point
    it also lasts 15minutes now though and... kRO implemented an npc selling gold, idk if we're gonna get that though
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    Knuckle Boost Mechanic

    CW CW since blasti is two handed so you wont have a WK/kk set happening what u use on headgear/accessory really depends on your playstyle and how much you mind consumables I personally am using +20 int food (which is around 300k for an hour) and the +6 foods from sarah instance to reach instant variable cast. On accessory Im using the buffalo set (blasti has very high weapon atk so str + % ATK does a lot) inside hg im using EoE dex, I'm always playing with AB buffs. So yeah it really depends on where u wanna use ur mech
  42. 1 point

    Knuckle Boost Mechanic

    You do not need ACD on KB mechanic, if you want sustain use a +7 illusion hot blooded headband with SP/HP drain depending on your needs, if you want dmg use a fancy feather hat Try to upgrade to a blasti, a +9 is already significantly better than a +15 VM Mace Idk at lower refines, but probably on +7 as well Later on you'll also want FAWs and if you only have access to a +7 abusive robe the new illusion armor is probably better
  43. 1 point

    Halloween Patch Notes

    Afaik there isnt. Wiki is maintained by players after all. If someone is willing to compile a list of all the changes, I'm willing to make it into a proper wiki page and keep it up to date, as this is useful information to have available.
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    Fu Windsword

    Equalize movement abilities in BG

    SC has been always an "unfair" class. While they have a sad perfomance on PVM, on PvP they shine as no other Job, being able to disable 3, 5 or even more players at the same time on their own. Their only natural counters are jobs that one-shot them before they start playing around, as Warlocks. But some SC can switch into GTB and laugh of them. And now they have insane ranged reduction due to Illusion Gazeti card. Wich leaves them with literally zero counters. All of this makes SC the ultimate cancer Job, having an imbalanced advantage over the great majority of jobs, advantage that not even numbers can equalize. When FSK was removed from BG, for the first time in my life i saw SC acting as a balanced Job. A Job that's strong and can disable a lot of players, but at the same time killable, trapable and over all counterable. For the first time, SC had a decente amount of counters, and they died to great group of players instead of easily escaping from them. So I see removing FSK as the only viable way to actually turn SC into a balanced job (its sad for SE, but as with backslide GXs, its collateral damage to keep the overall balance). On the Sura side, when Snap was disabled, I myself admited that there were good players demonstrating their skill even without Snap, but the great majotity of Suras where giving pity, not even using Guyak/speed potion, which turned them into just "easy targets to kill". Because of this.reason, I myself stated that Snap should be bringed back. But now, looking in retrospective, I realize that clearly it was their fault. If a player is not using a Speed Potion or Guyak, items that everyone can use, it's his own responsibility. It is there for everyone to use it, and it has a very low cost of valor badges. So yes, Snap should be disabled forever. And the reasoning behind of this is simple: This skill gives them insane advantage that no other job has (except maybe, FSK SC) . Suras can move faster than the fastest movement speed allowed in the game. They can also CC + Asura Strike, which is insane considering Asura's actual damage. While this tactic could be considered suicide over large amount of players (and still not a bad one, since you will always take down someone with you before dying), BG is not WoE, and in BG there are situations when you will face players in 1V1, 1V2 or 1V3 duels. In those situations, CC+Asura strike is broken as hell. You don't even need MS to do it. You can literally take your time keeping the CC waiting for someone to lose his buffs, or for a friend to help you. It's hardly oppressive. @Ouilyan Its worth to mention than BG is not and it will never be like WOE. Why? Because of a simple reason: Team distribution. On WoE, you and your partners build a balanced Team togheter, where everyone fulfils an specific function. And the role of some jobs is to specifically target and stop other jobs. On BG, team distribution is so random, that you can literally end in a team with only Rangers against a Team with only Mechanics. So what's my opinion on the topic? It's not hard to realize it if you have read with attention my structured post until the end (if for someone is not clear yet, i'm all for removing everyting, since it seems to be the only way to create a perfect balance between jobs). With nothing more to add, thanks you and wish you good nights.
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    Equalize movement abilities in BG

    oh really? Dark illusion allowed in BG but why disable it in woe and draft? well ur main is sura of course u gonna chose the * no no* its like hey just let my char be the one and only class that can have the customized movement skill while freaking disable others class movement skill...kinda funny u assuming backslide for sc is OP but snap dont? and yeah dont forget others need their movement skill too...*coughgxcough*
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    To be perfectly honest in some of the really bad cases, the drop rate could literally be 100% and it wouldn't really make the refining part any better. You could make it so YSF drops 10 pieces of every part and people would still not get to +13 since the chance is extremely low and the average cost just going from +10 to +13 would be well above 4B zeny. Our droprates are already jacked up but in many cases this does not help us and obtaining these refine goals ends up harder than it is officially. A great example of this is that getting an abusive or flattery robe to +10~13 officially only doubles or triples its price (+0 = 660m / +10 = 990m on iRO) (+0 = 8m / +10 = 30m on kRO) While on Nova any item, especially armors go up in price nearly hundreds of times what the price was at +0. It's very clear to me that gravity did not intend for +10 to be a 1.4% chance on top of a very large ore cost tax when making armors that expect and need +10 to surpass anything we're already using. You could literally make almost every drop 100% and it would still be harder than it is officially to get to +10. Refines are 100% the issue and as we approach these absurd refine expectations no amount of drop rate manipulation is going to help that. As oppose to our current system where you can waste 200 Enriched Elu/Ori at a premium price and get less than nothing. You'll end breaking a few dozen weapons as well. At least with the HD ores I'd still have my weapon. I fail to see how this dreaded Pay2Win system is any worse than the one we already have.
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    [Showcase] FXFreitas' Sprites

    Copied Thread from another forum, Sorry by taken so long NovaRO Last Update: 2016-09-26 Hello All, I'm here to Finally post my Sprites, yes these sprites are posted in many threads haha, but I really want to add here too: Valkyrie (rebirth) Basic Sprite, Just completed, Click on the gif to see the full sheet, Most of the sprites are Randgris edits: ZeRO I used this sprite as my avatar long time ago, someday will be done to use in a server, maybe, maybe not xD (Old) (New) Diabolus Set Everything started with the Manteau, Then I done on this rsrsrs, I finished the manteau, just need to make the In-Game spr and act files (ragnarok have many jobs to make a spr for each .-.). Manteau GIFS: Half-Life Half-Life Characters Sprites (Half-Life, Blue Shift and Opposing Force) I made them as NPC's. Berzebub One of the most scary monster of the game, many just doesn't like his design, compared with the card (except the cloths aheuaheau) reason why I'm making a Dami-Human Version: Actually the sprites doesn't look good in animation side but I'll fix it. VAMPIRE With my brother, we made it, using dracula as reference, but with some changes (Yes this is the demon god hair) Small Edits Order: Chaoplin(Red Grashoper), Mavis, Mado Vesper, Rockman X, Zero HAIRSTYLES: EVIL MOROCC - GOKU DARK KNIGHT MALE - DARK KNIGHT FEMALE VENOM SNAKE - SASUKE Thats all ^^
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    Fu Windsword

    Sura Gate of Hell damage

    I didn't mentioned officials. Besides, I don't think that they're dead because of a fix on a single skill. I always believed that they were dead because of being Pay to Win and the bots everywhere. Hmmm... I still believing that the problem is not GOH, but snap. Many classes have insane killing damage, but Sura's mobility is what gives them isane adventage over others. And not based on officials, but in facts here in Nova. RK's also have Millenium shield, and Warlocks have Energy coat, safety wall and WI. Suras have Pneuma.
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    Fu Windsword

    Sura Gate of Hell damage

    Sure, why not. As said, the issue with Suras is not their killing power, wich other classes also have. Is their isane mobility. Why? All the other classes of the game walk, and are playable.
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