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    Monster Hunting Blog #1

    Monster Hunting Development Blog #1 LORE & SETTING The elite among the Monster Hunting Guild have recently discovered an area which they refer to as The Savage Coast. There are breeds of Monsters that inhabit The Savage Coast that are found nowhere else in the world. Some of these Monsters are remarkably powerful, on a level far above those native to The Flooded Forest. But with greater risk comes greater reward. However, something is causing Monsters to flee The Savage Coast. But who -- or what -- could strike fear into the heart of such formidable creatures? Far from Rune-Midgard lies a tropical island, long isolated and only recently discovered by the Monster Hunting Guild: The Savage Coast. The island's diverse landscape has lead to the evolution of many strange and wondrous creatures found nowhere else in the world. But some of these creatures are not to be trifled with; these beings of unbridled might set themselves apart from Monsters found elsewhere. Exploring The Savage Coast will present its own trials and tribulations, but it may also yield rich rewards to those brave enough to venture there. Will you rise to the challenge and make your mark on The Savage Coast? Character Biographies Seruel Age: 26 Class: Minstrel Badge: Utility Home: Hugel Guild Membership: 12 years Traits: Charming, charismatic, quick to laugh and quicker to joke. Though he often has the air of "the clown", that is merely a projected image he displays for the world. When you get right down to it, Seruel can be a gravely serious man, although temperate; moved more to pity than to wrath, but not without a sense of conviction and justice. He randomly met Reidin Kurs years ago and stowed away on a hunt. Seruel nearly died, but Reidin saved him. A lasting friendship began that day, and has not diminished with the passing years. Indeed, their friendship has only strengthened. With Reidin's guidance, Seruel rapidly became one of the most renowned Monster Hunters in the Guild. Along the way, his magnetic personality attracted others, most notably those in his 'party'. With his leadership and their various talents, they have become the singular most proficient team in the Monster Hunting Guild. Astrid Age: 27 Class: Rune Knight Badge: Protection Home: Prontera Guild Membership: 9 years Traits: Strong, serene, confident. Where others may be boastful and prone to hubris, Astrid neither exaggerates nor downplays her abilities as a warrior. She is a badass, and knows she is, but she does not walk all over people; rather she is the kind to go head to head with whomever comes before her with restraint. Only using the measure of her abilities as she determines necessary to complete the task. Years ago, she failed to rescue King Tristan III from Nameless Island. Distraught over her own failure, and despite the insistence of fellows in the Order of Knights, she departed from their ranks in self-imposed exile. Her heart remained heavy for several years, never wholly recovering from the shock and dismay. But there came a time that a restless longing began to stir within her. The gleam of her armor would catch her eye and a pang of nostalgia stirred up fond memories of days long past. Her hand longed for the grip of her sword, her shoulders ached for the weight of her armor. The guilt has never wholly left her, but with time she moved beyond it. While she could not bring herself to rejoin the ranks of the Order of Knights, her first venture onto the world stage was in the arena. She quickly climbed the ranks, outshining even the most veteran combatants. It was this stellar rise that caught the attention of Reidin Kurs, and at one such event, he made his way to the sidelines to extend her an invitation to the Monster Hunting Guild. Delphina Age: 25 Class: Arch Bishop Badge: Mending Home: Rachel Guild Membership: 7 years Traits: Uplifting, tenderhearted, kind. She shares her insight and wisdom with those who are willing to listen, and will lend an ear to those with plights that they need to unburden themselves of. Always willing to lend a hand if she can, even at the expense of her own peace of mind. Delphina left the Rachel Sanctuary when things began to turn for the worse. Heartbroken and disillusioned, she made her way to Lighthalzen, where she spent some time tending to the poor and downtrodden. But there was a hole in her heart she could not fill with these ministrations. Something greater called to her, though she did not know what it was. It wasn't until she happened to cross paths with the Minstrel named Seruel that she had the first inklings as to where her heart was leading her. The grand challenge of Monster Hunting tested her limits, and in testing her, fostered an insight: this could bring her happiness, bring her fulfillment in a way she had never had before. Sain Age: 30 Class: Guillotine Cross Badge: Power Home: Morroc Guild Membership: 6 years Traits: Quiet, reserved, muted. Not uncaring, but a man of few words; words which he weighs carefully before sharing with others. Sain rejected the dogma of the Assassins Guild, sought a better and more fulfilling life elsewhere in the world. Wandered far and wide, refusing multiple offers from various political activists seeking to spark revolution, or to off their rivals, or some other nonsense that didn't interest him at all. It was in Umbala that he first caught wind of the Monster Hunting Guild, and immediately sought them out. It was then he met Reidin Kurs, and while the initial reception was chilly at best, they soon came to have an understanding. Mutual respect grew with time. Eventually he was introduced to Seruel, Astrid, and Delphina, and a kinship grew amidst them. While he says very little, his mind is sharper than his blades, and on several occasions, it was his snap decisions that saved the party from disaster. His compatriots respect him, though they may not always understand him, they have come to rely upon him in many ways. Will Age: 22 Class: Ranger Badge: Power Home: Malaya Guild Membership: 4 years Traits: Foolhardy, cocky, arrogant. Prone to shooting off at the mouth as much as with his bow. Taunts and humiliation are a second nature to him, so much so that he often does it without thinking about it -- or intending to do it. Will's mother and father wanted him to join the army, but he had other plans: not joining the army. Playing along initially, the day before enlistment, he hopped a cargo ship leaving from the port and never looked back, with no care where the ship was headed. It made port in Alberta, and from there, he made his way across the country to Payon, a city that was supposedly a home away from home for Rangers and the like. While he made friends, and for a time was content, he quickly outgrew the 'tiny town'. It was around this time the news of the Monster Hunters Guild first reached his ears. He made his way to the Guild, and while his abrasive attitude garnered him no friendships at first, his skill as a Ranger granted him respect in many eyes. One set of such eyes belonged to Seruel, who had a deep appreciation for the young Ranger's talents, and who could see the untapped potential; Will was good, but he could be great, with the right guidance. And while at times he proved to be as stubborn as a mule, Will followed Seruel's guidance and continued to grow into a more proficient Monster Hunter. Map Previews THE WYVERN A marvel of modern engineering, soaring high above the clouds, a wonder to behold! The Monster Hunting Guild Airship: The Wyvern. The brainchild of Reidin Kurs, The Wyvern is a floating fortress, meant to serve as the new mobile headquarters of the Monster Hunting Guild. Many of the old staff reprise their previous roles, while some new faces have joined as passengers and crew aboard The Wyvern. With updates to familiar facilities as well as the introduction of new technologies, The Wyvern is a much anticipated renovation to the Monster Hunting Guild's base of operations. THE SAVAGE COAST The Monsters that reside on The Savage Coast are like forces of nature; sculpting and shaping the environment around them to suit their own needs, resulting in a complex network of habitats. From the wide open sandy beaches, to the shadowy depths of the forests, to the soaring heights of the mountains, The Savage Coast's varied terrains will present their own unique challenges. But keen eyed hunters may find the wealth of untapped materials unique to The Savage Coast, allowing them to craft new items to utilize on their hunts, giving them an edge over their quarry. Stay tuned late next month for the next Monster Hunting Development Blog! Character Art provided by Froth and Ninjinshiru. _____________________________ _____________________________
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    Improve Recruit's Set

    I think we can all agree that gearing standards have went WAY up since recruit's set was first implemented, and the gearing process hasn't gotten any easier, so it's harder and harder to get into pvp nowadays, which is why I'd suggest some improvements to recruit's set. At the end of the day, in most MMOs when new content is released the old content is made easier to get, but here we're just adding more and more gears which everyone is expected to have, and not reducing the cost of the old items (especially Siege Token / Valor Badge items), making it really hard for a new player to get up to speed (especially when those currencies are locked behind ACTUALLY PLAYING pvp, not to mention the time gate on Siege Tokens). In addition to just generally buffing the items, I also think these items should have additional effects enabled solely on Draft WoE, making them comparable to their real item equivalents. This would make it way easier to try a new class in an actually competitive environment without a massive investment, and could also encourage draft participation overall. I'll split the suggestions by item to make it easier to go through. Recruit's Beret: Current: 5% DH reducts. Suggested: 5% DH reducts, 5% MHP. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 5% MHP]. Reasoning: This will basically make it a nerfed Brown Piamette instead of a nerfed beret. Recruit's Beret as it is now basically has no reason to exist, considering how easy to get a regular Beret [0] is, which is why I'd basically like to turn it into an alternative for newbies: either wear regular Beret for 10% DH resists, or wear Recruit's Beret for 5% resists + 5% MHP. Recruit's Masque: Current: 1% DH reducts. Suggested: 3% DH reducts. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 2% DH reducts.] Reasoning: this item is straight up garbage. When it was made, it was kept weak so it wouldn't devalue existing CP items (Blush+Pipe combo), but it's just so weak you're almost always better wearing something else. Making it 3% would still make it worse than Blush + Pipe combo at 5%, and not even close to Hanky+Blindfold at 8%, but at least then it'd be actually useful for newbies. Recruit's Shield Current: 20% DH resist. 10% resist to Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow. Suggested: 30% DH resist. 10% resist to Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 10% resist to Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow]. 10% DH reducts is an incredibly big thing in PvP, and it's basically suicide to try any form of PvP without the full 30% reducts from Thara. So I think it'd be better to just give newbies the full 30% reduction, and then they just farm/buy a Thara when they get a better shield. Recruit's Ring Current: HP+100. Water, Wind, Earth, Fire resist +3%. Suggested: 3% all element resist. 3% ranged resist. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 1% all element resist and 2% ranged resist]. When recruit's ring was originally made, PER/MIR enchants weren't a thing, and the default resist gear for acesssory was GRing. Nowadays, the default resist accessory is a 4~6% all element resist PER with Alligator Card, so I feel the Recruit's Ring should be changed to reflect the current WoE meta, and not an item that is no longer relevant. Recruit's Plate Current: 10% MHP. 1% DH resist. Freeze immunity. If worn with recruit's manteau and greaves, +7% DH resist. Suggested: 15% MHP. 1% DH resist. Freeze immunity. If worn with recruit's manteau and greaves, 15% DH resist. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 5% MHP, 10% potion effectiveness, and 1% DH resist] Reasoning: this is made to mimic a weaker WoE plate, but the combo is just too weak IMO. Because of the way DH resists stack, the difference between 7 and 15 DH resist is massive. And making the combo stronger still won't make this replace the regular WoE set, because it locks you into the other two items (you can't wear Recruit Plate + regular WoE Greaves and Manteau). Recruit's Suit Current: 10% ranged resist. 1% DH resist. Freeze immunity. If worn with recruit's manteau and greaves, +7% DH resist. Suggested: 10% ranged resist. 5% MHP. 1% DH resist. Freeze immunity. If worn with recruit's manteau and boots, 15% DH resist. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 5% ranged resist, 5% MHP , and 1% DH resist] Reasoning: basically the same reasoning as the plate changes. Recruit's Robe Current: 7% ranged resist. 1% DH resist. Freeze immunity. If worn with recruit's shoes and muffler, +7% DH resist. Suggested: 7% ranged resist. +500 HP. 1% DH resist. Freeze immunity. If worn with recruit's manteau and boots, 15% DH resist. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 5% ranged resist, 300 MHP, and 1% DH resist] Reasoning: basically the same reasoning as the plate/suit changes. Recruit's Manteau/Muffler Current: 1% DH resist. 3% Ranged resist. 3% neutral resist. Suggested: 1% DH resist. 5% ranged resist. 5% neutral resist. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 1% DH resist, 5% ranged resist. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 1% DH resist, 5% ranged resist and 5% neutral resist]. Reasoning: basically just making it closer to noxious card. Recruit's Greaves / Boots / Shoes Current: 1% DH resist. 4% MHP. Suggested: 1% DH resist. 5% MHP. 5% MSP. Reasoning: basically just making it closer to acidus carded WoE greave.[If worn on Draft WoE, additional 1% DH resist, 3% MHP and 3%MSP]. In addition to the changes to the existing items, I'd like to suggest creating two new items (as suggested by Midnight): Recruit's Combat Knife 7% DH resist. Equippable by the same jobs as CK. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 3% DH resist]. Recruit's Long Mace 7% ranged resist. Equippable by the same jobs as Long Mace. [If worn on Draft WoE, additional 3% ranged resist]. These are weaker versions of CK/Long Mace that also can't be enchanted. These ould be the total stats of each set if the suggestion was added. For reference, the maximum reachable DH reduct right now is 80%, and having 60% DH reducts means that you'd be taking double damage compared to someone with the maximum reducts. ===Plate Set=== 55% DH Reducts. (+7% if recruit CK) [On Draft: 60% +10%] 25% MHP. [On Draft: 37%] 5% MSP. [On Draft: 8%] 10% Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow resist. [On Draft: 20%] 5% neutral resist. [On Draft: 10%] 6% all element resist. [On Draft: 8%] 11% ranged resist. [On Draft: 20%] Freeze immunity. [Draft only: 10% potion effectiveness]. ===Suit Set=== 55% DH Reducts. (+7% if recruit CK) [On Draft: 60% +10%] 15% MHP. [On Draft: 27%] 5% MSP. [On Draft: 8%] 10% Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow resist. [On Draft: 20%] 5% neutral resist. [On Draft: 10%] 6% all element resist. [On Draft: 8%] 21% ranged resist. [On Draft: 35%] Freeze immunity. ===Robe Set=== 55% DH Reducts. (+7% if recruit CK) [On Draft: 60% +10%] 10% MHP. [On Draft: 18%] +500 HP. [On Draft: 800] 5% MSP. [On Draft: 8%] 10% Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow resist. [On Draft: 20%] 5% neutral resist. [On Draft: 10%] 6% all element resist. [On Draft: 8%] 18% ranged resist. (+7% if recruit Long Mace) [On Draft: 32% + 10%] Freeze immunity.
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    BMD Card Expansion

    Christmas Event The Christmas Event has now ended. Snowball Fights will continue to run until the end of Winter. Features The 2019 Name Prune has now taken place. All characters below level 99 in accounts that have not logged in for over 6 months have been renamed. All characters below level 150 in accounts that have not logged in for over 18 months have been renamed. All renamed characters get a free rename, to use it, simply right-click the character in the character selection screen. Added a new Save Point (@go 48) in Pharos Lighthouse. Reorganized the Nova Shop. Fixed an issue where players were able to skip a warning and vend items for 0 zeny. Added warps to the various Churches in the game to Warper under the Special Areas section. The @partyinfo command will now display which members of the party have No Share enabled and their autoloot percentage. When a party member changes their @noshare settings, a message will be sent to the entire party. Added [Bio 3], [Bio 4] and [Bio 5] tags to their respective cards. Fixed a bug with where it wasn't possible to retrieve items from returned RODex mail in the newest client. The 20180621 client will no longer be able to access the server. If you were using this client, you will want to use the following ones instead: 2018-09-06: Live Client 2017-01-24: Legacy Client @nodrop changes: @nodrop has again been turned on for everyone on login. @nodrop will now only affect items that are refined, carded or have a random option (including enchants). An additional list of headgears, accessories, and other useful items that should not be dropped has been included. Added a cut-in for Doram storage kafra. Items Added Demon God Morroc, Bios Island and Morse Cave cards! Descriptions Added a quest for [Costume Sakura Coronet]. (ama_in01,180,130) Added a quest for [Raven Cap]. (niflheim,143,82) Added HomuncuBank Ticket to the Nova Shop for 5,000 NP. Reduced cost of Name Change Coupon from 7,500 NP to 5,000 NP. Added Dragon Ball to the Nova Shop for 5,000 NP. Allows you to choose between one of the following Saiyan Hairs: Added White Ornate Scarf to the Nova Shop for 7,500 NP. Added a 1 Hour Giant Fly Wing to the Nova Shop for 600 NP. Fixed an issue where Angeling Potion was not giving the user Angelus Lv 5. Evil Enchanted Box Card now has a 50% chance to curse enemies, up from 1%. Mega White Potions have been fixed to not recover SP. Fixed an issue where Mega White Potions would count as two items being consumed in the WoE Statistics pages. Fixed Fancy Feather Hat combo to take garment refine instead of weapon refine. Skills Star Emperor Universe skills can now be used in towns. Fixed an issue with targets having a 0% elemental attribute modifier. Volcano, Violent Gale and Deluge will increase and deal damage in such scenarios. Fixed an issue with Dragon Breath where the soft defense was not ignored when using defense piercing items. The following skills will no longer have a casting animation when the player has instant variable cast: Reverberation Poem of Netherworld Severe Rainstorm WoE & Battlegrounds The first time you become a Draft Captain, you will receive the following rewards: 5,000 Nova Points 1x Costume RWC Commemorative Pin (18821) - Account Bound 5,000x Valor Badges 250x Speed Potions 1x Mystical Card Album These rewards are PER PERSON and cannot be claimed more than once. You will receive the rewards on the account you played on. We will verify you based on voice chat as well as server side logs to prevent abuse. Attempting to cheat the verification system can result in a ban (not Draft ban, actual ban). If you already captained prior to these rewards being introduced, you will not receive them retroactively, but you can receive them the next time you captain. Regular Captain rewards will be changed as follows: 500x Valor Badges 250x Siege Tokens (count toward cap) Draft Captain Title Progress As usual, this second set of rewards can be claimed every time you become a Draft Captain.
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    1/19 Surprise Patch Notes

    Features Added a warp to Mom's House under special areas. Improved the Daily Rewards safety feature. You can now change characters without losing your daily rewards. Allowed Land Protector to be level-selectable. @battlestats now shows Long Ranged Reductions. Added a Reset Man NPC to the Hall of Valor. Disabled vending in the dali map. Fixed town mapflags in the newest save points. Added more NPCs to the Training Chamber. Class-specific battlegrounds titles now properly give 100 achievement points. Items Moved the Scarlet Rose from the limited-time Valentine's Day Box to the Master of Coin (700 GC Price). Sentimental Fragments now drop on an individual basis (just like Fallen Energy Particles). Because it's now calculated on an individual basis, the drop rate has been decreased from 7.5% to 2%. Added Doram costume to the Nova Shop for 10k NP (note this item can ONLY be used in towns). Fixed a bug with one of the Packed Envelope not giving its effect. Muramasa's Sea God requirements is changed to 1 instead of 5. Added the Scrap Robots Card drops effect. Changed the Thanatos Staff bonus to heal 50 SP and 300 HP every 2 seconds. The buff lasts for a whole minute. Skills Re-enabled Wink Charm and updated its behavior to match with kRO. It is simply a confusion status. We have fixed the line of sight issue regarding single target skills (only, ground skills have not been affected). Silvervine Root Twist can now be removed with Heaven's Drive even if the skill does not damage you. Removed Death's Bound damage cap. Intense Telekinesis now increases the damage at the end of the formula rather than being additive. Fixed Acid Demonstration's formula with the card modifiers to properly match with kRO. Inspiration now removes Blessing, Agility up, Angelus, Imposito Magnus, Suffragium, Kyrie Elesion, Magnificat, Gloria and Assumptio. Instances Increased the GMT side quest bonus effects from 5% to 10% WoE & Battlegrounds Gravity Control is now removed by Freedom. Empty Shadow will now be properly removed by Freedom. Empty Shadow will now only last 20 seconds in Battlegrounds. The New Moon hide effect will now be removed when taking the stone in Stone Control. Fixed an issue where casting songs in KvM in the preparing platform wouldn't give their effect.
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    Guild BR Recrutando

    Estamos tentando reunir uma galera pra fazer aquele pvm maroto e quem sabe um dia rola uma woezinha 4fun. Atualmente farmamos(ou pelo menos tentamos) a HH do Monster hunter e mais algumas instancias... sim, praticamente todos são bem vindos PM discord: HaureN#1998
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    Just Chilling

    I just wanna share my fanarts to the Ro community XD. Some of my pics are not completely finished ;-;. Hopefully everyone having a good time looking at my drawings XD
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    Hair Style Suggestion

    Well I made this one and Id like to know if its possible to add it to nova RO, sadly I still have no clue about how to compress the frames lol... (I edited some details)
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    Old Payon town

    Hello! Suddenly, I felt nostalgic for this amazing old town from the early days of RO~ It would be nice if we could revisit old Payon again. ^^ I'm suggesting if it could be brought back as a new hangout town or be used for future quests. After all who doesn't like new towns and places to hangout in! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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    Achievement Suggestion

    Heiya everyone! I was thinking we have achievements for almost every single MVP in the game but there's no hunting achievement with any theme. So I thought of something like these two achievements to hunt every single dragon MvP in RO: #1: Dragon Hunt - Tier 1 Description: Slay Legendary Dragons! OBJECTIVE: Defeat 10 Bakonawa Defeat 10 Buwaya Defeat 10 Detale Defeat 10 Lost Dragon Defeat 10 Nidhoggr's Shadow REWARDS: Title [Dragon Slayer] (or [Dragoon]) Hat [Baby Dragon Hat] (ID 5531) #2: Dragon Hunt - Tier 2 Description: Eliminate Legendary Dragons! OBJECTIVE: Defeat 50 Bakonawa Defeat 50 Buwaya Defeat 50 Detale Defeat 50 Lost Dragon Defeat 50 Nidhoggr's Shadow REWARDS: Title [Dragonborn] (or [Dragoon Master]) Hat [Dragonborn Helm] (19304) <<the actual item name's translation is God's Helm but this sounds cooler>> Second hat is a jRO item which can be turned into a costume for this cheevo: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19304/
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    (Star Emperor) I couldn't get a picture while I was dealing the damage, but here are the results. Damage received on the Star Emperor with no gears: Damage received on the Star Emperor with Thara Frog: Damage received on the Star Emperor when the Rune Knight was wearing Thara Frog: The damage received on the Rune Knight which used Death Bound: Which means: There is no cap for the damage. The damage reduction is applied before the damage is reflected (already works as intended).
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    Done for next maintenance. We added in an additional surprise in there too!
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    Further tests showed: Elemental Resistance does not affect Status Attack. Elemental Resistance affects Weapon Attack. Elemental Resistance affects Magic Attack. Racial Resistance affects Status Attack. Racial Resistance affects Weapon Attack. Racial Resistance affects Magic Attack only. Racial Modifiers increases Weapon Attack. Size Resistance does not affect Status Attack. Size Resistance affects Weapon Attack. Size Resistance affects Magic Attack. Size Modifiers increases Weapon Attack only. Class Modifiers increases Weapon Attack only. Long Range Resistance affects Status Attack. Long Range Resistance affects Weapon Attack. Long Range Resistance affects Magic Attack. Long Range Modifers increases the whole damage. Attribute fixes are applied twice: Once on the whole damage. Once on the weapon attack. Summary:
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    Here is kRO proof: You can see the RK doing an instance with Stoneskin turned on, and it does not wear off no matter how much damage he takes.
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    80 wAtk + 31 mAtk (averaged to 255): 80 wAtk + 31 mAtk + deviling (averaged to 173): 30 wAtk + 80 mAtk: 30 wAtk + 80 mAtk + deviling: Other test (with deviling): Other test (without deviling): Other test (no weapon, without deviling): Other test (no weapon, with deviling): After recalculating the damage, the status attack part of the damage does indeed ignore the neutral resistance, but the weapon attack part should not (after applying the fix):
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    Hello and welcome back! I will give you this wiki link: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Leveling_Guide , it is a good guide and there is another one in this forum, I will search for it so you could try it!. EDIT: I found it: www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/9925-an-attempt-to-make-a-leveling-guide-scarabamercenary-base/ .
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    Show trade restrictions on Token of Siegfried from daily rewards. Currently it has the same description as tradeable ones, making it annoying to find which ones you want to take from storage. The same applies to Bloody Branches.
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    extend duration of autotrade

    @autotrade duration has been reverted to 3 days. It should also no longer disconnect you prematurely if you have not logged the account.
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    Old Payon town

    Wow, so many memories! I fell in love with this game in this exact town!
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    always, just jump into our discord!
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    Staying up to grind Bio 5 : YAYYYY Staying up to do school works : NAYYY
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    A compilation of the Myths and Legends of most of the bosses of Ragnarok Online. My personal contribution was to make the work of compilation, redaction and translation. The sources of this work are the Quests found inside the Game, the Ragnarok Online Wiki, the Ragnarok Manhwa (Manga), and the folclore of all around the world in wich the creators inspired to create the vast Universe of Ragnarok Online. Hope you enjoy the reading. AMON RA Amun or Amon is an Egyptian deity whose legend originated in the city of Thebes. He is represented as a human bearing the Uas scepter (the symbol of power). Amun was the embodiment of the air, cause he was everywhere and at all times. Henced the title of "the hidden one", since he could not been watched, but he could be felt, and he was the one who generously attended to the requests that the people sent him, in the form of supplications and offerings. With the passage of time, the legend of Amun became so popular, that it spread beyon thebes an throughout all of Egypt, to the point that the priests came to accept him as the son of the very god Ra (the sun), and even as a incarnation of Ra on earth. Hencing the impressive title of Amon-Ra. In the Universe of Ragnarok, you can find Amon in the deepest subterrain of Pyramid Dungeon, beyond the secret lair of the Thief Guild. OSIRIS Osiris is the Egyptian god of reincarnation. Legend says that his brother Seth, jealous of Osiris, killed him with a dagger, and to make sure he did not return, he cut his body into several pieces, throwing them into the Nile. But his wife Isis, devastated, gathered the pieces of her beloved, then she sticked them with her own tears. Thanks to this, Osiris was able to resurrect and ascended to become the god of the reincarnation and lord of death. That is why it is believed that the Pharaohs are able to achieve immortality and become gods after death, for which their bodies are mummified to preserve them until their return. Because the Pharaohs are decending of the Gods (and from Osiris inself). The effect of Osiris card is directly related to this myth, because it allows you to relive being "in perfect conditions". PHARAOH Hundreds of years ago, there was an ancient civilization in what is now known as Morroc. This town was ruled by a tyrannical King, also recognized as a great architect. He is credited with the construction of the pyramids, the sphinx, the Pharos lighthouse and multiple infra-structures that today are being devoured by the sands of time. But this architectural splendor had a very high price, because it was achieved by whiplash and blood, to such an extreme that many people died during the tasks. When the King died, some cried, others secretly celebrated his death, but the most resentful for his cruelty cursed his mummy for all the damage he had caused, causing the Pharaoh never to find eternal rest and wander for all eternity between walls of his splendorous and forgotten tomb. ATROCE The name of Atroce comes from the Latin Atrox, which means: "Atrocious, terrible, inhuman, cruel". Many years ago, a priest from the Temple of Rachel committed the horrible sin of blaspheming against the goddess Freya. As punishment, he received the worst curse of all: He was transformed into a monster half man, half wolf, barely able to reason. This fact would explain why Atroce uses an axe identical to the one of the Vanberk monsters (who are priests of the Temple of Rachel) and why it carries with him the item "Bloody Rune". Later, he was expelled from the city, condemned to wander eternally through the desolate Ida Plane. But the Atroce, humiliated and resentful, began to stalk the environs of Rachel, attacking anyone who abandoned the safety of the walls. There were many fights between the Atroce and the People of Rachel. During those battles, the Atroce discovered that his curse could be transmitted by sinking his fangs into his victim and letting it escape. Those who were bitten by the Atroce, were poisoned with their blind fury, becoming fierce monsters identical to him. That's the reason why today, there is a lot of Atroce surrounding the city of Rachel. Furious and thirsty for blood, they attack anyone who crosses their path. AWAKENED FERRE / AWAKENED PERE Elder adventurers always have lot of stories to tale. In the Headquarters of Eden Group, the experienced soldiers that gives you the Eden Leveling Quests also have their own story togheter. Those are Rurane the AB, Roel the baby RG, Gelkah the Sura, Miming the Genetic, Lagi the Bard and Aigu the Wanderer. Long time ago, they all formed a party togheter, guided by Newoz the Ministrel, with the mission to investigate about the misterious creatures known as Pere, a group of lesser demons that loved the music and had the ability to possess a giant Piano, turning it into the Boss monster known as Awakened Pere. In this travel is where they met their friend Shalosh, a misterious girl with different colored eyes (just as the Peres) and barely expression of emotions that accompanied them all the way long. At the end of the adventure, when they defeated the Awakened Pere, Shalosh confesed to be a Demon that was once at the service of Satan Morroc inself. But, even when she barely understood human emotions, during their travel togheter, she started to feel attracted for the group, to the point of starting to learn what friendship is, and she started considering them as friends. So, even by being a Demon, they all accepted her as a friend and as honorary part of their group. This is the story of how they met their friend Shalosh. BAKONAWA OR BAKUNAWA Bakunawa is a monster of Philippine mythology, is represented as a water snake, has a giant mouth of the size of a lake, a red tongue, wings, gills and other ... She is blamed for the Eclipses, and she is also called the "Devourer of the moon." Bakonawa is also known as the ruler of the Underworld. According to the Filipa mythology, there were originally 7 Moons, but the Bakonawa devoured them all, leaving only one last. Its ultimate goal is to devour the last one and plunge the world into total darkness at night. Origin: Among the inhabitants of Port Malaya, there's a legend about a woman who became a dragon. This legend tells the story of a loving mother who saw her son go to foreign lands whose return would be when the moon was set for the 90th time. The mother waited patiently but even though the moon went down hundreds of times, her son never came back. The woman, already made an old woman, cursed the moon and hating her she threw herself into the lake to return like a dragon that would swallow the moon. BANGUNGOT The Batibat, also called Bangungot, because of the disease it causes, is a female demon of Ilocano folklore (the Ilocanos are an ancient tribe living in the Philippines). The Batibat takes the form of a very thick woman and is a peaceful demon until someone cuts the tree in which she lives. Then it becomes vengeful. She will go to the house that has been made with the wood of his tree and will sit on the chest of the one who sleeps in it, causing his death. The death will occur by asphyxia, and this fatal nocturnal disease is called Bangungot and its description is very similar to the sudden death of the adult that occurs during sleep (a disease that is also known as Nightmare Death Syndrome or Sleepy Death Syndrome). BUWAYA It is a giant creature half crocodile, half human. He works for Cuca (a powerful witch with the appearance of a Big Fat Crocodile in front of a cauldron, to whom many kidnappings of people are attributed). The monstrous sarcophagus on his back is attached to his spines. In it, everything that his maid Cuca wants, including the human victims he kidnaps. Everything that his mistress Cuca does not want, is given as a Snack to feed the Buwaya. The more powerful the Cuca, the more Buwayas it has under her control. BAPHOMET Baphomet is the name of a famous demon during the agesof the Crusades and the Knights Templar. Baphomet was considered the Guardian of the Gates of Hell (the equivalent of St. Peter, who is the guardian of the gates of Heaven). He was represented as a horrible being with a human body, a goat's head and a pentagram on his head. At that time, it was said that some traitorous Templar Orders worshiped this Demon, so that its members were judged with the death penalty. Although many historians believe that it was really just a justification to kill them for political reasons. In the universe of Ragnarok, Baphomet is a Demon with a huge scythe, protector of the forest and nature, who defends monsters and hates humans. It lives in the Labyrinth Forest. Although it is said that the Baphomet that inhabits this forest, is actually an astral manifestation. In other words, it is an illusion that possesses only a small fraction of its power. The real Baphomet is sealed in another dimension ... GREAT DEMON BAPHOMET This is the true Baphomet. Also known as "The greatest evil of all." Legend says that this scourge of evil threatened to destroy the entire human race. But being an immortal being, no human could defeat him. Until one day, a brave legendary hero managed to imprison him in the depths of the Sealed Shrine, this hero was the first Monk in all history. This Monk commanded a Party of brave comrades to defeat Baphomet and then lock him under a powerful spell. To perform this spell, the lives of the 5 heroes who accompanied him had to be sacrificed. According to the legend, Baphomet is enclosed in another dimension (presumably Muspellheim, the reign of fire of the demons), and the five pillars of the Sanctuary prevent him from crossing the threshold that brings him to this world. But Baphomet is so powerful, that the spell must be restored from time to time, or the terrible demon will escape and devastate the world. That is why players must complete the mission known as "Sealed Shrine", to lock him again in his eternal magic prison. The Monks Guild was created to continue the legacy of this legendary hero. Those who wish to become Monk, then Champion and then Sura, are those who follow in the footsteps of this brave hero who managed to defeat and capture the Great Demon Baphomet. BEELZEBUB In Hebrew-Christian mythology, Beelzebub is one of the 7 great demon lords who rule Hell, the one who represents the capital sin of Gluttony. It owes its name to the god Baal, because the worshipers of Baal made offerings in the form of food and left it rotting in their temples. That is why the Hebrews began to call him "Ba'al Zvuv" (Baal, the Lord of the Flies). In the universe of Ragnarok, we know that Nameless Island (the Nameless Island) was once a quiet and devout island, until during a stormy night, a thief was shipwrecked and ended up on the Island. The thief, despite being rescued and cared for for the inhabitants, thought that the island would be a perfect hiding place to escape justice, so he spread the word to all his fellow thieves and murderers. In a short time, the island witnessed the worst atrocities: Torture, murder, rape. Soon the evil energies seized the entire island, turning it into a cursed island... Until one day, the people of Arunafeltz saw a mysterious glow in the sea ... Then they heard a sound of what looked like a whole town screaming. That day, the entire Island disappeared in the fog, and for years nobody knew about it ... One day, the island appeared again ... But the thieves and inhabitants of the Island were now zombies and ghosts ... No one knows exactly what happened on this island ... Some say that the whole island was sent to the underworld and then returned ... The only thing that is surely known is that currently the powerful demon Beelzebub is the one who governs these lands. FALLEN BISHOP HIBRAM Legend says that the descendants of King Tristan III were victims of a strange curse, due to which his firstborn son had a Serpent mark on his body and was destined to receive an untimely death. Anguished, the King asked the help of the Church of Prontera, who sent three of his best priests to extract the curse. But the exorcism was a resounding failure, because strange dark forces were released and instead of dying one, the three sons of the King died. Actually, today we know that the other two princes were killed with poison by infiltrated traitors, who later tattooed a false Serpent on their bodies. Without knowing this fact, the three priests blamed themselves for what happened and were voluntarily condemned to exile. One of them escaped to a lonely island in the middle of nowhere to try to redeem himself for his sins. It was a quiet island and its inhabitants were peaceful, there he could forget everything and start from scratch. But one day, the priest found a ship stranded, in which there was only one survivor. This priest rescued and took care of the shipwrecked man, without realizing that he was really a thief and that he planned to bring all his comrades with him to turn the island into a den of evil. In a short time, the island witnessed the most horrible atrocities. One day, the Island was devoured by the evil energy and sent to the other world. Then it returned bringing with him all the inhabitants and thieves in the form of zombies and demons. Apparently, this priest ended up tormented by the guilt of his failures, possesed by the evil energies and becoming one of the most terrible demons on the island: Fallen Bishop Himbram. BACSOJIN / WHITE LADY According to an ancient Chinese legend, Bai Shu Zhen (or Bacsojin) was a white serpent who after much training in the art of magic, gained the ability to acquire human form. One day he met an immortal named Gui Zhi. In a short time they fell in love with each other. But his love broke the heavenly rules, causing the rage of the Kami (gods or immortals). As punishment, Bai Shu Zhen was imprisoned in the Well of the Lilies, while Gui Zhi was stripped of his supernatural powers and banished to Earth. But Bai Shu Zhen managed to escape and left in search of his beloved. On the way, she found a beggar who had captured a green cobra and planned to kill her. Bai Shu Zhen bought it to save his life. In gratitude, the green cobra learned to take on the human form (Green Maiden) and became her housekeeper and best friend, referring to the white snake as her "older sister". After much searching, they found the former immortal Gui Zhi attending a pharmacy next to a lake, now under the name of Xu Xian. Then the Green Maiden (Chung E) invoked a boat with its magic for lovers to marry on the waters of the lake, becoming their wedding godmother. After the marriage, Bai Shu Zhen devoted all his free time to heal the sick and the poor, granting them free medicine. His act of charity infuriated the monk Fa Hai, as fewer and sick people stop coming to his monastery, staying without donations. So it was that, during a festival, Fa Hai put a curse on the wine of Bai Shu Zhen, who when drinking it was transformed again into a white snake, giving such a big scare to his beloved that he died of cardiac arrest. In a desperate attempt, the snake maiden ran to the sacred mountains of Kunlun to try to steal a magical herb that could revive the dead. She was almost killed by the celestial guards, but luckily, the god of Longevity appeared at that moment, took pity on her and gave her the magic herb. Xu Xian was resurrected by Bai Shu Zhen and confessed that he would love her forever, even in spite of knowing her true identity as a snake. BIOLAB The Renkeber Corporation not only wants to make money, but to control the world. So much so, that even the Lighthalzen president himself is afraid of what they are capable of doing. Hungry for power, one of his most ambitious projects was the proyect "In vivo", a proyect to create Super Soldiers using a Piece of the Heart of Ymir (a magical artifact with inmense power). They wanted kidnap the piece of the Heart of Ymir keeped by the Royal Family of Rune Midgards. To do so, Renkeber corporation hired a guild of assassins called the Heart Hunters. But they realized that the royal family's Heart of Ymir was fake. But they had a real one, Terra Gloria, the Royal gem in the crown of the King. So they stole the Royal crown. Once having the piece of the heart of Ymir, their plan was to clone the most powerful warriors of Rune-Midgard and turn them into an army at their service. Their agents found and recruited the most skilled warriors of all 1st Job: Armeye Dinzer (Merchant). Errende Ebecee (Acolyte), Kavach Icarus (Archer), Laurell Weinder (Mage), Wickebine Three (Thief). And among them was the young Egnigem Cenia, the best Swordsman of the time, daughter of one of Renkeber's scientists, who had to threaten to deliver her or his entire family would be killed. Although they were only children, they were subjected to the most horrible experiments. But even so, the board was not satisfied with the power of the clones, so they decided to clone the upper classes. This time they recruited with false promises the best of the best, the elite of each class: Cecil Damon (a Sniper that was the sister of the Archer instructor of Payon), Eremes Guile (an elite Assassin Cross), Howard Alt-Eisen (Whitesmit), Kathryn Keyron (High Wizard), Margaretha Sorin ( the legendary High Priest who sacrificed herself for her Party to resurrect them all, creating the Redemptio technique), and Seyren Windsor (the most powerful Lord Knight of all times), who's mission was to find Terra Gloria, the Royal Gem, and bring it back to the Royal Family of Prontera. All of this proyect was in charge of the ambitious Scientist Eisen Werner. So they attracked those warriors with fake promises and they all fell into a trap. They locked all the warriors into indestructible capsules and started the procedure to clone them, trying to creat invincible soldiers. But something went horribly wrong ... Nobody knows exactly what happened that day, but the clones created by Renkeber lost control of theirselves and provoked a bloody massacre, tearing apart the guards, scientists, and everything alive. Then, they continued to multiply endlessly. After that horrible incident, the facilities of Biolab were closed forever ... Or at least, that's what they wanted us to believe ... Apparently, a man named Wolchev is still experimenting inside, and as a result of those experiments have appeared new malignant clones: Randel (Paladin), Flamel (Creator), Celia (Professor), Chen (Champion), Gertie (Stalker), Alphoccio (Clown) and Trentini (Gipsy). It is said that there's even another deeper level, called Tomb of the Fallen (also known as Bed of Horror), where clones have evolved to another level, managing to get the power of 3rd classes somehow. It is said that there's a lot of valuable treasures hidden there, that any adventurer would desire, but who will dare to enter into this Hell of Nightmare and try to get them? HEART HUNTER EVIL Heart Hunters are an organization of expert assassins, hired by Renkeber Corporation to slay the former inheritor Prince, and kidnap the piece of the Heart of Ymir keeped by the Royal Family of Prontera. When they realized that the Heart of Ymir they keeped in the underground was fake, they later found out that the real one was in fact in the crown of the King. Terra Gloria, the Royal Gemstone passes throught generations, was indeed the piece of the Heart of Ymir that they were looking for. So they stole it and gave it to Renkeber Corporation. Years after this incident, the Rebellion guild (a guild of elite Gunslingers that joined fight back the Renkeber Corporation), finally found the base of the Heart Hunters, so they planed an organized attack against them. Evil or Ebil seemed to be the leader of the Heart Hunters. After her defeat, she was kidnaped and carried to be interrogated, cause due to the strange nature of her powers, it is believed that she is not really human. CUTIE After defeating the Heart Hunters, the Guild of Rebellions finally found some proofs to incriminate Renkeber Corporation for their crimes, so as a Secret Underground Laboratory known as Werner Laboratory. This was the laboratory of Eisen Werner, who was one of the former scientists of the project "In vivo", the infamous project to create Super Soldiers by cloning the stronger warriors of Rune Midgards, proyect that ended into a bloody mess where all clones lost control and killed everyone around. Despite the efforts of adventurers, Werner managed to escape, leaving behind Cutie, a giant beast that is the guardian of the Laboratory, that seems to be a genetically modified experiment, possibly a human before its transformation. Cutie looks like Atroce, but it's even stronger than him, and somehow he still having the ability to reason and to talk. BOITATA In the wild forests of Brasilis (Brazil), lives a giant snake of fire, which hides under the waters and protects the forests of those who burn them. Its story begins in an ancestral time in which the jungle was accompanied by darkness and floods that never ended, for which most of the animals escaped to higher ground. At that time, Boitata was a huge snake that lived in a dark cave, being the only animal able to see in total darkness, so she took advantage of the situation and left his cave to hunt other animals. Sheltered by the rain, she took advantage of eating the part she loved most about animals: the eyes. After having eaten hundreds of eyes, the light they contained caused the body of the Boitata to begin to glow as if it burned in flames. Then her eyes became bright like two suns. But there was so much light, that he destroyed his body from within, leaving a dead Boitata on the floor. But Boitata also gained the ability to reborn from the death, becoming a godlike creature. Since that day, Boitata appears as a beam of fire flying over the jungle sky, attacking those who try to harm it. Every time the jungle is in danger, Boitata is reborn to defend it. It is said that anyone who sees Boitata, could be blind, go crazy and even die. To prevent this from happening, it is said that the best option is to stay still, without breathing and with your eyes closed until you hear that the snake is gone. CELINE KIMI Celine was the last doll made by a dollmaker, who suffered from a chronic heart condition. On the day that the Toy Factory was to be closed, the dollmaker was so overjoyed after creating Celine that he triggered his own heart attack and collapsed dead to the floor. The devotion that the dollmaker had for his work was what brought Celine to life. However, upon seeing the dollmaker die, Celine became distraught and believed that she instigated his death. Her distress and guiltiness brought a phantom into being, which obsessively blames her for the death of her creator. The phantom then attacks the dollmaker's assistant, Catherine Jet Johnson, and changes her face into that of a horrifying skull before aggressively discharging her from the factory. Kimi's not an evil being, but she's constantly tormented by the phantom of her negavite emotions, pushing her towards madness and losing control of her actions. This is when she needs help of brave adventurers to return to her calmed state. DARK LORD In antiquity, Glast Heim was a living and flourishing kingdom that expanded its borders beyond Prontera and the desert. At that time, Glast Heim had good diplomatic relations with Gefenia, the kingdom of the Elves (a race elder than humans). But the ambitious King of Glast Heim wanted to take Ymir's heart; a treasure guarded by the Elves and the secret of their magic. He tried to persuade them by thousands of methods to give it to him, but when he did not receive the answer he wanted, the King declared war on the Elves. This war claimed hundreds of lives on both sides, but the Elves always seemed to have the advantage. However, with the passage of time, the humans were perfecting their magical abilities, until finally they were able to steal Ymir's heart and hide it in Glast Heim's castle. But the war did not end there, because the Elves wanted to get it back at all costs. So the battle went on for many years, claiming more and more lives. Until the day when a necromancer named Lisa Kahn Himmelmez, obsessed with power, took advantage of the war to infiltrate the castle of humans. She managed to get to Ymir's heart and used it to summon dark forces. But, by doing so, she opened the doors for the dark forces to take complete control of the city. This also opened the doors for Dark Lord (an evil Lord of the Death) to come into this world, bringing with it a mantle of chaos and destruction that completely devastated the kingdom ... That was the end of Glast Heim ... Some theories even says that the Dark Lord is in fact the King of Glastheim, turned into a Demon by the evil forces. After the dissaster, the last human survivors of this massacre escaped Prontera. The last surviving elves settled in the city of Geffen and taught the secrets of their magic to humans. This is how the Mage class was born. ROOT OF EVIL / CORRUPTION ROOT The Root of Evil is a monster summoned by the Valkyrie witch Himmelmez. This horrendous creature had the ability to corrupt the heart and the mind of poeple around it, turning them into half-dead half-alive monsters . Himmelmez used its ability to turn every soldier of the Glast Heim Castle into undead soldiers out of control, this way creating a chaos that allowed her to reach and steal the Heart of Ymir. AMDARAIS Amdarais was formerly a Rune Knight named Geralt. He managed to defend the Heart of Ymir located at Glastheim Castle from the necromancer Lisa Kahn Himmelmez, but was eventually defeated by the valkyrie sorceress. To punish him for wasting her time, Himmelmez tortured him using her magic and then mutated him into a terrible monster she called Amdarais. Even as Amdarais, Geralt still had his mind intact and tried to stop himself from attacking his commander Heinrich and the people he was with. But he eventually fell under the control of the terrible witch, so they had to stop it by the force. BIJOU Bijou is a powerful witch with a deformed hand. She is a servant of the infamous Valkyrie Himmelmez, the Valkyrie witch that attempted to get an inmense power by stealing the Heart of Ymir hidden in the realm of Glast Heim. Bijou began sacrificing her body at a young age in order to increase her powers in the occult arts, so that way she could help her friend Himmelmez in her plans. After the catastrophe of Glast Heim, all of the humans survivors runed away to prontera, and the Heart of Ymir was placed in hands of the Royal Family of Prontera. While Himmelmez invaded prontera with a Horde of zombies, Bijou commanded an attack to Prontera with her floating Sky Fortress, this with the mission of trying to steal the Heart of Ymir again. Bijou is so Powerful that she was able to create multiple copies of the monster Amdarais, and several other monsters as the immortal golem Stefan, the guardian of her Sky Fortress, but she finally met her end in the hands of the Valkyrie Sarah Irine, who was protecting the life of her sister Iris. STEFAN JACK ERNEST WOLF / STEFAN J.E. WOLF Stefan is an Undead Golem created by the witch Bijou. Created by the parts of different human bodies, Stefan has the ability to limitless rebirth after his dead, ability that guarantees him immortality. He is the guardian of the Sky Fortress, and with his immortal body, he will server to this purpose forever, no matter what it takes. DETALE / DETARDEURUS Detale is inspired by the ancient legends of dragons that protected treasures. One of its most famous exemplars was Fafnir, a monster of the Nordic Myths who was formely a dwarf. Turned into a dragon by the magic of a cursed ring, Fafnir stole the whole gold of Andavi, keeping it in a cave for years, until he was slayed by the legendary hero Siegfried, who was covered by his blood, thus gaining inmortality. Other of the most famous exemplars of those dragons was Smaug, described in the novels of J.R.R. Tolkien as a gigantic red dragon who stole the gold of the King Under the Mountain (the king of dwarves), killing almost all of the dwarves who lived there. Visiting the deepest part of Abyss Lake cavern, we find a gigantic treasure scattered all over the floor, guarded by hundreds of ambitious Dragons, who have been collecting it for hundreds of years. The largest of them is Detale, whose res scales are more resistant than steel, and whose fire is capable of easily melting any armor. We must also take care of the Mimic and Ancient Mimic, carnivorous monsters that deceive the adventurers by posing as treasures. Bold ones who try to steal the treasure of Detale, the Great Lord of the Dragons! DOPPELGANGER In Norse mythology, a Doppelgänger is a "double evil" that appears for unknown reasons and with which you can ever find yourself in your life. It is believed that seeing one can bring bad luck, illness or even death. In the universe of Ragnarok, Doppelgänger is a demonic spirit summoned by the elves during the war between Glast Heim (realm of the humans) and Gefenia (realm of the elves), in order to prevent humans from entering Gefenia. The Doppelgänger apparently looks like a human, but he will slay any human intruder that he detects. It is said that he has the ability to copy all of the movements and battle tactics of his opponent. It is also said that for every nightmare he has, a Nightmare Horse is born. DRACULA It is inspired by Dracula, the most famous vampire of all time, whose legend was narrated for the first time by writer Brad Stoker. With a lot of abilities in his arsenal, such as creating mist and becoming invisible, Dracula terrified England. In turn, this fictional character of Literature is inspired by a real historical character: Vlad III or Vlad Dracula, former king of Wallachia (what is now Romania). He was also known as "the impaling prince," for he covered the fields around the kingdom with the bodies of his enemies impaled on giant stakes; this in order to scare off the invaders. It is said that this king was reputed to be a sadist and a ruthless. The title of Dracula comes from the expression Draculea, which means "Son of the dragon", as his father Vlad II belonged to the order of Dracul (the order of the dragons). DRAKE It owes its name to Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596), a famous Corsair of ancient England. He was a controversial figure, since he was considered a pirate by the Spaniards (his enemies), while for the English he was a brave corsair and a great hero. So that the difference is understood: The Pirates were delinquents who did not have God or Law, who acted by their own ambitions; while the Corsairs were murderers sent in the name of the Crown (with a character similar to the knights). Sir Francis Drake was famous for being an excellent navigator, having traveled all the seas of the world: He sailed from the European coasts, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the Argentine coasts, the Strait of Magellan, the coasts of Chile and Peru, Central America, Mexico and later disembarking in Oregon (USA). Then it crossed the Pacific Ocean, Oceania, the Asian seas and finally skirted the African coasts to return to England. At this point, he had gone all around the world. In the Universe of Ragnarok Online: It is said that one day an abandoned ship was found on a desert island. Since then, many treasure hunters infiltrated seeking fortune, but only found death. Knowing how dangerous this place was, Kafra Corporation decided to turn the ship into a tourist place that all adventurers could explore, so they installed their Teleportation and Storage services on this island, in order to obtain information. According to the little information compiled to the date, Drake was a legendary pirate who was defeated and cursed by a witch who had a great grudge against him. The curse is to tie the soul of Drake and his men to the ship, which is why they can never leave it. But apparently they will not allow anyone to steal the treasures that belong to them. EDDGA This curious smoking tiger was created based on an old Korean saying: "In those days when tigers smoked ...". By quoting that saying, you are implying that what the person is saying is completely fictitious, ridiculous or beyond reality. In many Eastern tales, animals are attributed identical behavior to that of human beings (such as smoking or wearing clothes), but we all know that this only happens in stories and not in reality. That's the explanation of this saying. Its western equivalent would be the saying: "The day the pigs fly ...". In the Universe of Ragnarok Online, Eddga is an imposing tiger that hides in the depths of the Payon forest. Eddga is the king of these lands, and like any tiger, he fiercely defends his territory from the invaders. EVIL SNAKE LORD According to many Eastern beliefs, snakes are mystical beings that represent wisdom. When the snakes reach a certain degree of wisdom, they become Dragons and ascend to heaven as benign spirits that guard the balance of the world. But according to an ancient legend, there once existed an extremely evil Serpent called Buraki. Buraki was so evil, that she was denied the right to become a Dragon, because if she managed to ascend to the heavens, she would destroy the balance of the world and plunge it into darkness. They say that Snake still roams this world looking for a way to become a dragon ... GARM / HATII In Norse mythology, the name Garm belongs to the watchdog of Hel or Hela, the queen of Niflheim (the underworld). But most likely, this wolf living in the snows of Lutie is inspired by Hati. In Norse mythology, Hati was a wolf that chased the Moon (Mani) through the sky every night. Each time he managed to approach his prey, there was a lunar eclipse. His brother Sköll was a wolf who chased the Sun and every time he reached it there was a solar eclipse. Both wolves were sons of Fenrir, a monstrous wolf of immense proportions that even the gods could not defeat and who were chained with indestructible cords created by the Dwarves. But legends says that the day of Ragnarok (the end of the world), Hati will reach the Moon, Sköll will reach the sun and they will devour them, plunging the world into total darkness. Fenrir will be freed and a war will be fought in which almost all the gods will die. In the universe of Ragnarok Online, the Ragnarok supposedly happened and all the gods disappeared from this world. But apparently, the monster Hati still roams this world as a wandering beast, accompanied only by her children. GIANT OCTOPUS / COELACANTH A group of ambitious business cats, who call themselves the "Cat Hand Group", have sailed from their homeland in an attempt to obtain benefits in a foreign land. After 26 days of sailing, they were caught in a fierce storm. The rudder of the ship was damaged during the storm, losing its functionality. Feeling helpless, the "Cat Hand Group" was left with no choice but to wander aimlessly and wait for the tides to calm down, only to crash into an unknown reef. When the cats regained their consciousness, they found themselves on an unknown and peaceful island. Stunned by the recent events, they focused all their senses on finding "Nabeeho", one of their boats, which was found in the middle of the island. Fortunately none of the cats were injured or disappeared, however all boats with the exception of Nabeeho have been destroyed and most of their cargoes have been lost. Trapped on an unknown island with no way to return to their homeland, the "Cat Hand Group" settled on the island and named it as their new home, baptizing this island as 'Malangdo'. There they established a local business for the adventurers, thanking any support with Malango Coins. But under these islands, in the underwater caves, there is a terrible danger that the cats ignore ... In the deeper caves of the island, hides an octopus of gigantic proportions that commands the other octopuses and that catches the cats from the shadows. And in the place where ran aground the ship, cats are being stalked by a Gigantic Monstruous Coelacanth able to eat them with one single bite. Only the greater Adventurers of Rune Midgards can defeat them and keep the poor kittens safe. GOLDEN THIEF BUG In Prontera's Culvert Dungeon', when one of the thousands of thieving roaches eats a certain amount of garbage with high gold content, his body mutates, not only increasing its size, but his body becomes of solid gold. The reason why this happens is unknown and is still being investigated by the scientists of Prontera, but that would explain why the Golden Thief Bug is peaceful, since it is only a small Thief Bug that ate too much gold. The legend says that if you see a Golden Thief Bug, your future will be full of fortune. If you come face to face with this rarity, you will be safe, unless you attack it, in which case you will receive a solid gold attack. GOPINICH We all know that Muscovia is inspired by Moscow, the capital of Russia. Gopinich owes its name to Zmey Gorynich, a famous dragon of Russian mythology who defeated and devoured hundreds of knights; which was characterized by being green, having three heads and walking on two legs. For its part, Baba-Yaga is the name of a blue-nosed witch who lives in the forest, flies in a mortar and kidnaps humans to eat them (preferably children), then uses the skulls and bones to decorate her house with them. Mavka is the name of a race of nymphs or ghostly beings that inhabit the forests. They are blond and with beautiful hair. They do not reflect in the water and do not cast any shadow. They sing to seduce the men and attract them to the forest to kill them there (just like the sirens do in the sea). In spite of being evil, they are said to be souls in pain and if they are splashed with holy water they can become angels. GLOOM UNDER NIGHT Those who have done Rachel's Quest and read the story, will know that in reality this monstrosity is a giant homunculus. Created as a result of the experiments of those Alchemists who fled from Rune-Midgards to hide in the kingdom of Arunafeltz. These alchemists took over the Temple of Rachel, where they could experiment without ethical or moral restrictions. Then they invented a false religion to cover up their forbidden experiments. The religion of the Goddess Freya is actually a screen to cover up these experiments. The young Pope girl, reincarnation of the goddess Freya, is that beautiful girl with white hair and two-colored eyes who lives inside the Sanctuary. But although she is supposedly the leader of the religion, she completely ignores the experiments that are done in the deepest masmorras of the Temple. In this place, the false priests hide the powerful Gloom Under Night, an uncuntrollable monster that is its most powerful creation to date. IFRIT According to the legend, Thor's Volcano is so named because the god Thor had a violent battle, during which he destroyed the earth with his hammer, creating a fissure to the bowels of the world. One day, the spirits that lived in these caverns awoke in a fiery rage, killing everyone who passed near the volcano. The road to the volcano was blocked, but according to some children from the city of Veins, people with military clothes have been constantly entering and leaving the volcano. Apparently, these unwanted intruders aroused a much greater evil that slept in the center of the Earth ... The Ifrit (whose name means "powerful") are known in Arabic mythology as a type of Djinns (genies) who are made of fire. It is said that the Djinns or Genii were a race similar to angels, possessing immense powers beyond human's imagination, but they could be partially controlled by humans through the famous magic lamps of King Solomon. The legend of the Ifrit has its origin in the Koran: When God (Allaah) created the first man, he ordered all his servants to bow before him. But a great djinn called Iblís (the father of all the Ifrit) refused to bow down, because he considered him to be an inferior being created of clay, while he was created from the very fire of creation. In punishment for his arrogance, Allah exiled him by sending him forever to the depths of the Earth. That is why the Ifrits (the descendants of Iblís) hate humans so much and try to destroy them at all costs. KIEL D-01 Kiel owes its name to a German city of the same name, which was completely devastated by 710 American bombers on December 13, 1943 (during the Second World War). Because of this incident, most of its buildings are new, giving the city an industrial image. In the Universe of Ragnarok Online, the Kiel Hyre Corporation is one of the most important in the Republic of Schwarzwald, even competing with the gigantic Renkeber corporation. It is responsible for the Guardian Project, being responsible for the creation and repairing of the androids Sword Guardian and Bow Guardian, created to protect the most precious treasures (such as the Emperium). However, behind its doors lies a dark secret ... This story begins with an unrequited love. The young Kiel Hyre was in love with a blonde maid called Allysia, who in turn was engaged to the wealthy businessman James Rosimier. Obsessed by his love, Kiel asked Allysia to escape together. But they had a discussion under the rain, which caused Allysia to accidentally slip and fall into the river, after which she drowned ... Without the truth being known, her death was officially recorded as suicide. Upon learning, Allysia's mother fell into madness (you can still find her in the streets of Yuno holding an invisible baby in her arms). Some time later, a fisherman found in the river a ring that belonged to Allysia. Just when the fisherman was trying to sell it in the market, Kiel appeared and bought it at a high price ... From that day, Kiel kept that ring as the only memory of his beloved ... Years later, Kiel founded the Kiel Hyre corporation, focused mainly on robotics. Initially, Kiel Hyre created the first generation of robots, which possessed completely mechanical bodies. And obsessed with the memory of Alyssia, he made for himself several models in the image and likeness of his beloved deceased. But very soon he realized that they had no real emotions, so he tried to create a second generation of robots with a better memory processor, trying to emulate human emotions. However, this new processor came with numerous errors, which led to a series of resounding failures ... Almost all of them died. The only surviving robot of the second generation was called Kiel Jr. by its creator. His father taught Kiel Jr. everything he knew about robotics and technology, but he forgot to teach him ethical and moral standards, so Kiel Jr. was raised as a selfish subject and without empathy for the rest. At the request of the Rekenber Corporation, Kiel Jr. developed a third generation of robots, this time combining alchemy and robotics, successfully creating organic robots. Their hearts were Rune Stones, inspired by Ymir's heart, so these robots were able to feel emotions identical to human emotions. Among these robots were the beautiful models known as Alice and Aliza. Later, to prevent the third generation from being like his son, Kiel Hyre father created the "Kiel Hyre Academy", with the aim of teaching robots ethical and moral standards. Meanwhile, in absolute secrecy, Kiel Jr. was devoted to experimenting with some robots of the third generation, managing to create weapons of war without emotion, unable to feel fear (all this being a plan of the Renkeber corporation, as a direct request to Kiel Jr.). Kiel considered that the emotions were weakness, and that without them the robots would be more powerful. So murderous models were born, as the Alicel and the Aliot models. His father discovered him creating these monstrosities, but when he tried to ask for help to stop him, he was discovered and kidnapped by his own son. But, with the help of a group of adventurers, Kiel Hyre was released, and after a hard battle, the android Kiel Jr. was finally defeated. However, just before his body was destroyed, Kiel Jr. transferred all his memory to a much more powerful model he was working on, the first of a fourth generation of robots. That day he became Kiel D-01, a fierce murderous machine with no emotions, totally detached from the bond he had with his father ... KRAKEN The kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Authors over the years have postulated that the legend originated from sightings of giant squids that may grow to 12–15 meters (40–50 feet) in length. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works. It was first described by the Dane Erik Pontoppidan in 1752–53. In the Universe of ragnarok, the Kraken inhabits in the most deep of Undersea Tunnel, an strange dungeon full of ancient ruins located in Byalan Island, a mysterious skull shaped island located a the east of Izlude. Dungeon contents are six floors of mostly water creatures. An Eden Group Member NPC, Callandiva, is located on Undersea Tunnel 5. It is said that those ruins are are the remains of an ancient civilization, versed in magic and very advanced science. Presumably the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis. It is because of these advances in magic that it is possible for humans to breathe underwater in this place. The role of Kraken seems to be to protect the treasures and secrets of this ancient civilization. KTULLANUX This monster inhabits the Ice Caverns from ancestral times. There is a theory that the Ice Caverns were formed thanks to the cold that their body emits. Currently, Ktullanux is the guardian of a child with white skin and silver hair who sleeps inside a block of ice. This child is on the 4th Floor of Ice Dungeon, which can only be entered after defeating Ktullanux. You can know this child's story if you research in the Rachel Sactuary library (Floor 4, 137, 48). Apparently, this child is actually the reincarnation of the god Frey, twin brother of the goddess Freya, who returned to this world together in human form. The priests of the Temple of Rachel for many years expected the return of the goddess Freya, but what was not expected was that she was born along with a twin brother, who like her sister emitted a strong spiritual energy. For a time, there was a lot of turmoil in the Temple, some even proposed to worship the child, but were tortured and thrown into the deepest dungeons as punishment for their heresy. The High Priests wanted to get rid of him, but they knew it was a mortal sin to kill a god. So, to avoid the fury of the gods, they put him to sleep peacefully in the deepest part of the Ice Cave, and made a pact with Ktullanux so that he would become the eternal guardian of his dreams ... LADY TANEE One of the most disturbing stories. According to the mythology of Ayotaya (Thailand), Mrs. Tanee is a feminine spirit that has a very beautiful face and very long hair. Its skin is soft and its lips are the color of ripe fruit. It inhabits the tree Balbisian Musa (a tree similar to a palm tree). Tanee can seduce a man to have sex with her. After having sex with her, the man can not pay attention to any other woman. If he tries to seduce another girl, Tanee will go after that girl to kill her. If you get permission from Tanee honestly, the boy will easily reach the girl with Tanee's help. Some say the boy will lose weight to death shortly after having sex with Tanee. Because of this ghost, people prefer not to grow a Balbisian Musa near their home. If you want to get the banana leaves to use, you have to break them or cut them before taking them home. Bringing a whole sheet into a house will cause a family member to die. LEAK In the mysterious island of Dewata lives the Jaty, a mysterious tribe of very strong traditions. According to the legends of the Jaty: Many centuries ago, there was a powerful deity named Garuda, with the body of a human being, but with the head and wings of a bird. This entity protected the humans of the island, fighting the demons and the snakes that attacked them. In honor of this deity, a ritual was created in which the tribal leader must prove worthy of his office by creating his own Jaty Crown, a crown created with the feathers of local birds, which possesses mysterious powers. But to prove worthy of the Jaty Crown and its position, the leader of the tribe must climb to the top of the Krakatau volcano and return alive. But everyone is afraid to go to the Krakatau volcano, since it is inhabited by horrible demons. The most dangerous of them is what the local inhabitants call Leak (literally translated as "flight", perhaps referring to the lava leaks of the island). Not much is known of this demon, but it is said that it has survived since the times of Garuda. LORD OF DEATH / LORD OF THE DEAD Its appearance is inspired by the Grim Reaper, a representation of death in the form of a skeleton, which has its origin in Roman and Medieval beliefs. Lord of Death (Lord of Death) is the champion of the undead. It has a remarkable strength and power over the profane. He has no free will and his mind is constantly intertwined with the designs of death, for which he acts as a blind emissary of death, murdering the living without mercy. He is believed to be a faithful servant of Hel or Hela (The Queen of the Dead), who rules over Niflheim (the realm of the dead and the shadows). Lord of Death originated from the convergence of hundreds of lost souls that wandered in Niflheim, which gathered and merged to give shape to this mysterious entity that serves the designs of Death. In his right hand he carries a large spear (known by most as Shining Spear Blade); his main weapon. In his left hand he carries a Cross Shield similar to the one used by some Crusaders, but with strange runes engraved on it. He also carries with him an iconic helmet called the Lord of the Dead Helm, which is said to bestow mystical powers on his port. MAYA, MISTRESS AND TURTLE GENERAL, REGENTS OF ANIMALS It has been shown that humans are not the only species that can form a complex and structured society. In the hierarchy of bees, ants and turtles, all loyally obey their respective leaders. Each of them plays an important role in their community and they are even capable of giving their lives to defend their sovereigns against the invaders. Maya (known by the inhabitants of Morroc as "The Lion Ant"), is the ruler of Ant Hell, along with her companion Maya Purple (apparently the male of the colony). The elusive bee Mistress governs the green fields of Mount Mjolnir, which is covered by gigantic flowers and inhabited by all kinds of insects and winged dragons (the Sky Petite), which feed on local honey. Turtle General is the ruler of the wild Turtle Island, always accompanied by his loyal bodyguards the Assaulters, a fierce of ninja turtles trained for combat and to defend their King. MOONLIGHT FLOWER In ancient times, Payon was a small but beautiful kingdom, ruled by Princess Sohee. But during the war between Glast Heim and Gefenia, the Kingdom of Payon was attacked by the invaders of Glast Heim, which caused a fire in which hundreds of people died and caused the end of the small flourishing kingdom. In oriental mythology is known that the fox (Kitsune) is an intelligent being that possesses great magical abilities, which are increased with the passage of time. When increasing its powers, the number of tails is also increases, the highest grade being that of the nine tails. Among the most outstanding powers developed by foxes, is the ability to adopt the human form (such as the shape of a woman like the Moonlight Flower). Moonlight Flower was a Fox that felt sorry for the misfortune of the people of Payon. So, in order to encourage them a little, she began to play her bell to awaken the spirits and make them dance. But since she is a playful spirit, he repeatedly rings his bell, without letting the dead rest in peace. She's not evil, is just an innocent playful spirit of nature that ejoys playing with the death spirits. NAGHT SIEGER / NATCH SIEGER The name of Natch Sieger comes from the German and means: "Night Victor". Natch Sieger was one of the most powerful demons, being almost invincible in individual combat. Thanks to that, he occupied one of the highest places in the hierarchy of demons. But he was betrayed by one of his own servants: Entweihen Crothen, a mid-level demon who planned to assassinate him to usurp his place in the hierarchy. Entweihen Crothen took over a hundred-story tower built in antiquity by the Normans (humans), which was said to be so high that it was able to touch the sky; turning this place into their base camp. Then he began to recruit an army of demons and creatures from all corners of the world, organizing them in such a way that the most powerful were at the top and the weakest at the bottom. Finally, Entweihen hid in the upper level, from where he could direct his subordinates and supervise the tower. Thanks to this army, Entweihen threatened to defeat Natch Sieger and seize the entire world. After learning of Entweihen's betrayal, Naght Sieger raced furiously to face him, but found an army of gigantic proportions. Natch Sieger understood that, if he faced it, he would be defeated because of the overwhelming numerical disadvantage. So he used all his power to seal the tower through a spell, leaving Entweihen and all his soldiers locked inside. After that, he created a dense fog around the whole island so that no one would enter or leave it. Unable to do anything else, Natch Sieger sat on the top of the tower watching all the movements of his enemy. One day, the Misty Island was discovered by the fishermen of Alberta. Since then, many adventurers have dared to explore the island, but very few have returned. Those who survived, returned telling stories about a nightmare tower that seemed to have no end, where on each floor there were more and more powerful monsters. That's why the adventurers began calling it the Endless Tower ... Currently, the Endless Tower is considered one of the greatest challenges for the best adventurers ... The place where the most powerful monsters of all parts of the world. In the top of the tower is waiting the powerful demon Naght Sieger, waiting for a challenge worthy of his power. NIDHOGGR'S SHADOW According to Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is the tree that connects all the worlds. At its roots is Niflheim, the kingdom of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel or Hela. While further down in the depths of the abyss, lives the Niddhögrr, a giant dragon that feeds on the tree, gnawing its roots day and night without rest. It is said that after Ragnarok (the end of the world), this terrible dragon will be freed and will torment the souls of those who remain in the world. In the universe of Ragnarok Online, Nydhoggr feeds on the roots of the tree of the world and threatens to destroy it at all costs. Although this is only due to the evil influence of the demon Satan Morroc. Long time ago, she was the Guardian of Yggdrasil. LOST DRAGON / WANDERING DRAGON This is the true appearance of Nydhogrr. Those who have done the Quest known as Wandering Guardian, know the true story of Nydhoggr. Nydhoggr is the guardian and protector of Yggdrasil (the tree that connects all the worlds) and of Bifrost, the bridge that leads from Yggdrasil to all other worlds. Normally, she has the form of a beautiful young woman covered in flowers, but if she wish, she can become a fearsome and powerful Dragon. One day, feeling depressed and lonely in his work as a guardian, she began to question the meaning of her existence. At that moment, she was seduced by a voice that spoke to her in her head .... This voice was nothing more and nothing less than Satan Morroc, who after his defeat in the desert of Morroc, opened a fissure in space and escaped towards the New World to survive. Nydhogrr was seduced by the evil of Satan Morroc, after that she lost her mind and began to attack and destroy the tree of Yggdrasil, and anyone who got in his way. Subsequently, she was defeated by a group of courageous adventurers. When she was defeated, she lost all her memories and got lost in the Mist Labyrinth leaving aside her duty as a guardian and attacking anyone who approached her. But with the help of her friend Loki (an experienced Guillotine Cross) and the adventurers who found her in the Labyrinth, she was able to recover all her memories. Thanks to this, she was able to return to normal and return to her duty as Guardian. ORC HERO AND ORC LORD Orcs are creatures where the strongest is the boss. Indisputably, the Orc Lord was the most powerful of all. But one day, during a battle against normans (humans), the Great Orc Lord was about to be defeated by a strong Crusader. However, at the last moment, an Orc managed to deliver the coup of grace to the Crusader and assassinate him, becoming a hero for his people: From that day on, he was known as the Orc Hero. Here arose the controversy over who was the stronger of the two, a conflict that lasted for years, ending with the orcs divided into two tribes: Those who followed the Orc Hero (the High Orcs) and those who stayed in the village with the Orc Lord. Several time later, the exiled High Orcs migrated to the deeps of the Clock Tower in Aldebaran city, where they reside today. PHREEONI AND TAO GUNKA Ok... Talking seriously... Very little is known about these strange and mysterious creatures, except that Phreeoni feeds on ants and lives in the desert of Morroc, while Tao Gunka lives in the caves west of Comodo. Not even in official sources can you find information about these strange and mysterious beings. The ragnarok wiki says: "Phreeoni is a mysterious monster. Nobody quite knows what it is or where it came from for that matter. An extremely strong bastard that is 40% tongue". Those weird creatures are a true mistery. SCARABA QUEEN / GOLD SCARABA QUEEN The race of the Sapha (the tree men of Manuk) bases all their economy and their style of life in the extraction of the Bradium, a mineral with strange magical properties. They also need if for their health. But when the Sapha worked in the Manuk mines, they dug too deep and encountered an unprecedented evil: The Scaraba, a race of beetle men more dangerous than any other monster, endowed with great war skills and a skin such as resistant as the Bradium. The Sapha tried to make war on them, but they were defeated humiliatingly ... From that day, the Sapha had to leave the Manuk mines forever ... It is said that the queen inhabits the deepest of the caverns, and that is even much more powerful than her soldiers. It is believed that this power is due to the Scaraba lives feeding on the Bradium. RSX-0806 The mines of Einbroch were one of the most important of all Rune-Midgars. But one day, the people of Einbroch had to abandon them because of the risk their lives were running, since the contamination had caused horrible mutations in the place, creating an incalculable amount of monsters. Inanimate objects began to become inanimate. The pieces of coal, minerals and even gas; they all took on a life of their own, becoming strange monsters such as the minerals, obsidians, venomous and noxious. Among those monsters created by pollution were the Pitman, some naughty dangerous pixies that stole the helmets and machines of the workers, causing all kinds of damage. Everything finally went out of control when the Pitman stole the RSX-0806, the most powerful machine ever created by Einbroch, causing terrible devastation and earthshakings. So humans had to escape before being annihilated by their own mechanical wonder. SATAN MORROC Satan Morroc, is the most terrible and powerful demon of all the Universe of Ragnarok. It owes its name to the legendary demon Satan or Shaitan (meaning "the defiant"). According to Hebrew-Christian mythology, Lucifer (from the latin Lux Fero, "the light bearer") was the most beautiful and powerful angel of all, but at the same time he was arrogant. Lucifer was envious of the benefits that humans received (such as free will), so he commanded a war against Heaven, recruiting all the angels who supported his cause and considered the regimen of heavens to be unfair. But, at the end of the battle, they were all defeated. Lucifer was pierced by the Legendary Spear of Mikael, also known as Michelangelo (leader and commander of the devout angels). After that, he was stripped of his wings, disfigured and exiled to the fires of Hell. Since then, he is known as Shaitan, Satan or Satan; Supreme Leader of the 7 Great Demons that govern Hell, incarnation of the capital sin of Pride. According to Universe of Rangarok Online, Satan Morroc is actually the giant Surt, from the norse myths. Leader of the fire giants and sovereign of Muspellheim (the kingdom of fire). "Surt is the one on the border of Muspel, guarding the earth, his sword is flaming, and as long as the world ends, he will go out, fight against and defeat the gods, and burn the whole world with fire" (Gimle Gylfaginning, IV) . The day of the Ragnarok (the battle of the end of the world), Surt murdered the god Frey and was one of the main causes of the death of the gods. Because of the similarity between their stories and their affinity with fire, we could deduce that Lucifer, Shaitan, Satan, Iblís (their Muslim equivalent), Surt, and Satan Morroc; they are all really the same individual: The incarnation of evil, the one who challenges the gods and desires to destroy humanity. Legend says that in ancient times, Satan Morroc threatened to destroy the entire world. Until a brave warrior named Thanatos confronted him, guiding humans to victory. Thanatos locked Satan Morroc through a powerful spell under the sands of the desert. On this point the city of Morroc was erected, which little by little flourished as a beautiful oasis. After that, the peace lasted for many years ... Until one fateful day, the sacred seal was weakened enough for Satan Morroc to escape, leaving a giant hole in the center of the city. Later, Morroc fled into the desert, leaving behind him an army of evil shadows created by himself (the Incarnations of Morroc), so that no one would follow him. Morroc threatened to destroy the entire world, so the three most influential kingdoms (Rune-Midgards, Schwarzwarld and Arunafeltz), joined forces to face this threat. The plan was to recruit the most powerful warriors of all to overthrow Satan Morroc once and for all ... But all the squads they sent to fight him were eliminated ... Finally, after many sacrifices, Satan Morroc was forced to retreat towards the limits of the desert. In the second assault, Wounded Morroc (Wounded Morroc) still had enough power to defend himself, but after a hard battle he was defeated. However, just before he was killed, he used his last forces to break the walls of realitly, thus creating an interdimensional fissure to escape. His body was destroyed, but his soul escaped through the portal. Fearing the return of Morroc, the Alliance of the Three Kingdoms decided to explore what was behind the fissure. Upon crossing the portal, they found a parallel universe that they called New World, inhabited by a race of Fairies (the Laphine) and another of Tree Men (the Sapha), as well as by monsters that were never been seen before by human eyes. In this Universe, the soul of Morroc had already begun to wreak havoc. First it was commissioned to corrupt the mind of Nydhogg, the guardian of Yggdrasil, turning her into a furious dragon out of control. Subsequently, his new body was found by the Sapha (tree men) right next to the dimensional fissure. Morroc was cunning and used a spell of illusion that allowed him to take the form of a beautiful being to the eyes of anyone who saw him. Thanks to this spell, the Sapha saw Morroc as if it were a very beautiful Sapha. Then he introduced himself with the name "Ahat". Using his powers of mind control, Ahat quickly ascended the social ladder of the Sapha. Currently, Ahat (the reincarnation of Morroc), is one of the most influential ministers in the city of El Discastes, the capital of the Sapha. In addition, he has at his service a mysterious servant named Cheshire, which has a human appearance and cat ears. But we all know that he is not really human, because of his strange evil powers (like hypnosis). No one knows what Satan Morroc's plans for the future ... It is said that a secret satanic sect is trying to resurrect him, through the human sacrifice of children... It is said that it could come back even stronger than before, in the form of an Immortal God. THANATOS / MEMORY OF THANATOS According to Greek mythology, Thanatos was the god of death, brother of Hypnos (god of sleep) and servant of Hades (Lord of the Underworld). In the universe of Ragnarok Online, Thanatos was the name of a Magical Knight that in ancestral times commanded the forces to defeat Satan Morroc. It is said that Morroc weakened humans by infusing them with despair (Despero), hatred (Odium), agony (Maero) and pain (Dolor). But Thanatos absorbed all those negative energies within his own body, thus giving humans the courage to fight. Finally, after a tough battle that lasted ten days, Thanatos and the humans succeeded in locking Satan Morroc under the sands of the desert by means of a powerful spell ... On the point where Satan Morroc was imprisoned, the city of Morroc was erected as a Oasis in the desert ... Soon after, Thanatos disappeared forever and never heard from him again. In honor of this brave warrior, the monument known as "The Tower of Thanatos" was built. Several years later, "The Tower of Thanatos" was found again. It was totally devastated, but the Renkeber corporation saw the opportunity to turn it into a tourist destination, so decided to undertake the reconstruction tasks to recover its former splendor. However, when the work began, strange creatures with the appearance of angels began to attack the workers. That's why today the Renkeber Corporation recruits adventurers to exterminate these monsters. Legend says that the soul of Thanatos is still at the top of the Tower, poisoned by the evil feelings he absorbed during his battle against Satan Morroc, and running the risk of losing his sanity. It is said that his ghost manifests itself in physical form from time to time, hoping to face some challenge worthy of his height. EVIL FANATIC When Satan Morroc escaped to another dimension, he left a time-space rift behind him. When you enter in the time-space rift, you can travel to the past and watch several important events that happened. One of them is that, long ago, an evil lord (known as the Evil Fanatic) was preparing the resurrection of Satan Morroc, this due to kidnaping kids in order to sacrifice them. He had the ability to summon and control terryfing Evil Shadows, in order to attack his enemies. Luckily, the Guild of Assassins, guided by the skilled Assassin Loki, were able to stop them and to rescue the kids. GRIM REAPER ANKOU Grim Reaper Ankou is indeed the Death. As his name says, is based on the Grim Reaper, a representation of death in the form of a skeleton, which has its origin in the Roman mythology and later passed to Medieval beliefs. In the Universe of Ragnarok Online, Ankou is a Servant of Satan Morroc, that patiently wait for his resurrection As the incarnation of death, he is able to see the future and to know when everyone is going to die. Due to this ability, he reveal us that Satan Morroc is gonna be resurrected soon, stronger than ever, in the form of a God that will bring death and destruction to the world. MORROC'S NECROMANCER Through Reaper Yanku scheming, Satan Morroc will soon return stronger than ever, in the form of an immortal God. Necromancy is known as the forbbiden magic art to resurrect the deads, throught an equivalent sacrifice. This means that you have to sacrifice one or more lifes in order to bring back a dead person or creature. This Necromancer is the responsable of performing the ritual that will bring back the lord of all evil, Satan Morroc, ritual that will be perfomed inside the Morse's Cave. SAMURAI SPECTER / INCARNATION SAMURAI In the heart of the Lacustrine Castle, located in the city of Amatsu, lies a dark secret. It is rumored that there is a secret entrance that leads to a series of mysterious dungeons. The first of these is the Tatami Dungeon, an endless and deceptive labyrinth, with rows and rows of rooms. There are traps and false walls everywhere. Nothing you see here is real. The second subway is known as the Underground Battlefield, because in that place there were bloody battles in the past. Thus, there's a lot of evil energy and evil spirits in this place. The third floor is the Haunted Shrine, but nobody dares to enter there for fear of what may be there, because when approaching you feel a heavy malignant energy that consumes the air. All that is known is that the place has been closed, and the sinister aura that it emanates could scare even the bravest of the warriors. Legend says that a long time ago, they sent a priest to exorcise the Haunted Shrine, but instead of eliminating the negative energies, he was possessed by the vengeful spirit of a Samurai who died in this place, thus becoming the terrible Samurai Specter. STORMY KNIGHT The Knight of Windstorm, or Stormy Knight, is a legendary monster who's legend is being told the Lutie region. He is the keeper and guardian of the Toy Factory of Lutie, where all the toys of the children are made, and must be keeped safe until Christmas, when Santa Claus will deliver them. So the Stormy Knight shows no mercy against the intruders. According to the folklore, when he arrives, he brings a snowy storm with him, and butchers Normans (humans) cruelly. VALKYRIE RANDGRIS According to Norse mythology, the Valkyries were female deities represented as beautiful women in the service of Odin (the father of all gods) and Freya (the goddess of love). The main duty of the Valkyries was to take the spirits of the bravest heroes to Valhalla, the hall of the fallen, located in Asgard (the sky), where they could enjoy endless banquets and drink until they are satiated. But the Valkyries were also fierce warriors with powers beyond human limits. Randgris owes her name to Randgrior, one of the Valkyries of Nordic legends. Randgrior was one of the most powerful Valkyries. But during the Ragnarok (the battle of the end of the world), while flying towards the battle, the giant Fafner took her by surprise and kidnapped her, taking her to his cave. There, he proposed marriage, believing that it would change the course of the war in favor of the giants. But Randgrior strongly rejected his proposal. Because of this, the giant beheaded chained her over a pool of burning lava so that she suffered for all eternity. Fortunately, she was saved by a mice that took pity on her and bit her chains to weaken them. Then Randgrior freed herself and escaped to fight on the side of his Lord, Odin ... But when she arrived it was already too late ... The Temple of Odin was completely devastated and there was no one left alive ... At present days, the only humans who know the sea routes to the temple of Odin are in the city of Hugel. It is said that in ancient times a Valkyrie helped humans to lock up Satan Morroc. But today, humans are not welcome in the Temple of Odin, and are attacked by the vengeful ghosts of the Valkyries who died in battle: Skeggiold (ax bearer), Frus (force) and Skögul (fury). And in the depths of the Temple lives Randgrior or Randgris, a powerful Valkyrie who until today keeps the temple of his Master and Lord, attacking without mercy the invaders. VESPER Many years ago, the city of Juperos was a technological marvel and the pride of the Schwarzwald Republic. The inhabitants of Juperos, living surrounded by dangerous creatures (like the harpies), began to make machines to defend themselves. They created increasingly complex and powerful machines, starting with the Venatu, until they ended with the great colossi called Apocalypse. But one day the scientist Vesper, obsessed with the power of machines, decided that his human body was obsolete and transfered his soul to a giant robot, becoming himself the most powerful machine of all, thus reaching immortality over time. Then, Vesper decided that humans were unnecessary and that the city could only thrive on machines, so he reconfigured all the robots to kill any humans they encountered. Men, women and children died; No one escaped from the massacre. So much was the horror caused by these machines, that for many years humanity left technology aside and concentrated only on studying magic. Vesper still lives in the depths of the city, and inside his body is the Vesper Core: A hard drive that controls all the machines and all the robots of Juperos. WISH MAIDEN A dark valkyrie with a mysterious sigh. Wish Maiden is the messenger of Hel, goddess of the underworld. When you're a brave warrior and you die, If you decline Valkyrie's offer to join The Order of Odin, Hel will send the Wish Maiden to recruit you to join the dark side: The Chaos. She's also the guardian and keeper of two of the most powerful treasures of the world: The godlike items Asprika (who's name means "the light of the gods"), and Brynhild (who's name means "the warrior's armor"). This last one is named in honor of one of the most famous valkyries of all times. But the Wish Maiden will not give them easily to anyone. It will test the teamwork of the bravest warriors in the "Okolnir" challenge. Warriors must put aside their greed to work as a team in order to get these valuable Godlike treasures.
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    Customize SE Nova Explosion

    We will not be so quick to customize skills when the class has barely been introduced into BG.
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    Patch Notes

    Christmas Event Added two new quests to the Shelter Supervisor inside the Main Office. Added the ability to exchange 50 Jolly Socks for one Secret Santa Gift to Frosty. Features Fixed a number of character generator bugs. Added the ability to search for Costume Top, Mid, Low and Garments to the website's Market Feature. Fixed Zombie Guard's element to Undead 4 instead of Undead 1. Fixed Immortal Death Shadow element level from Undead 4 instead of Undead 1. Added Bio 5 MvP killing achievements. Added a new AFK check to Snowball fight. Items Added the Cyber Egg II to the Nova Shop 5,000 NP. Added the Snowflake Tiara to the Nova Shop for 5,000 NP. Added the Snow Fox to the Nova Shop for 5,000 NP. Poison Forged Spear now gives +10 crit. Rebellions can now wear Boots and Boots [1]. Changed the position of Fairy Feathers from upper to mid. Skills Fixed Final Strike: Status attack does not get affected by any of the modifiers below, only weapon attack and equip attack are. The damage is split in two parts, the weapon attack part and the HP damage part. Class damage and reduction modifiers affect the weapon damage only. Size damage and reduction modifiers affect the weapon damage only. Race damage modifiers affect the weapon damage only. Race reduction modifiers affect the whole damage and are not applied on the weapon. Range damage modifiers affect the whole damage. Range reduction modifiers affect the whole damage. Elemental reduction modifiers affect the weapon damage only. Elemental damage modifiers is ignored, the skill is forced neutral. The damage is divided by two on boss monsters. Cursed Explosion can now be copied from Reproduce. Fixed an issue where Crimson Rock was pushing targets to the left instead of away from the caster. Fixed an issue which was causing Chain Lightning to cast slower than intended in certain circumstances. Fixed Kaite's damage increase (Overall damage increase). Rapid Throw damage is no longer reduced by Wall of Fog. The amplified damage reflected by Death Bound will now properly damage the casting Rune Knight. Cicada Skin Shed will now evade traps. Crazy Weed will now remove Fire Expansion. You can no longer re-summon Wargs, Falcons, Dragons, Peco Pecos while Gloomy Day is active. Cluster Bomb will no longer be able to kill allies in the waiting section of KvM. Song of Mana's duration now matches with kRO and should display properly. Clementia and Canto Candidus can now be used when a player has the invincibility timer (when they enter a map, for example). Praefatio now works on Undead players and it also works when entering a map. Fixed weapons so that the over refine bonuses are no longer affected by Maximize Power. Pain Killer now reduces up to 2k damage instead of the previous 1k limit. Fixed a bug where Pain Killer would randomly reduce damage to 1. Tiger Cannon can now be used on hidden targets. Gate of Hell no longer consumes the HP/SP requirements if used on an ally. NPCs Nidhoggr's Shadow now casts invisible on self rather than the target. Geffen Magic Tournament: The reward NPCs (Fenrir, Sarah, Chaos) will now appear after a successful instance clear. WoE and Battlegrounds Star Emperor and Soul Reaper classes can now participate in Battlegrounds. Reduced the effectiveness of Critical Wounds in WoE and BG by 10% per level. Increased the healing efficiency of Mega White Potions by about 30%.
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    Just feel like it'd be nice to reward/give incentive for people to partake in what I think was one of the most interesting p l o t in the game. This is partly because I'm curious to do the Job Change Quest for SE/SR, but idk if it'd be worth it or I should rather just watch some video of it instead. But while we're at it, might as well have it for the rest of the job classes too. Title is optional but would still be nice. Maybe it's for the 3rd job/Expanded 2nds only. Feel free to give suggestion on a good title for each job class that is relevant to their job change quest. I haven't done any so I can't really give any idea.
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