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    Patch Notes - Draft WoE

    You asked for it, and we've listened! Starting from this week, all adventurers, new or old, are invited to participate in a battle for glory and honor. The Draft War of Emperium is here! Overview Play War of Emperium in temporary teams, which will be drafted from the participating players by Captains. Earn Valor Badges for participation and victory - earn additional rewards if you've played regular War of Emperium on the same week! Join a team with veterans and newbies for a chance to experience WoE in an organized environment and improve your skills. Battle alongside different players each week, fighting side-by-side with those you once called enemies. Experience WoE without needing a big investment by using BG Consumables. Schedule The event will happen every Sunday, with the Drafting phase starting 08h15 server time (PST). The War of Emperium itself starts on 09h00 and ends 10h00. How to Participate You can start by joining the Draft WoE Discord here: https://discord.gg/AsWgHjZ Once you're in the Discord, all you'll need to do is head to the east side of @go 15 by 08h15, and you'll be chosen by one of the Captains to join a team. Players who are not in one of the Draft teams will not be able to enter the castle. For more full information on the event, check out our Draft WoE wiki page. We hope that this will be an opportunity for all sorts of players to experience WoE in a new and fun way, and look forward to seeing you there! Patch Notes 2017-05-31 Beta Client You can now buy items from the Buying Shop. You will no longer crash in the Summer Festival map. Increased attack display limit. Flags have been enabled. Possible fix for random crashes when teleporting around. Updated beta client for those who want to further test it out. Features Fixed the vending zones in the Archer Village. Prontera's infamous "I am looking for the hero who returned from the expedition..." is gone once you take the quest ~! Disabled some skills in Rock Ridge similar to other official towns. Fixed a bunch of item names that confused the @ws command. Added @showsp to show the other player's SP (it replaces their HP bar). Telma now allows you to buy packages of 100 items (previously 50) Completing Charleston Crisis now gives you experience as a reward (as well as 3 Charleston Components). VIT no longer reduces the Curse status. Skills Critical Attack Update The following skills can now inflict Critical Attacks: Double Attack Chain Action Shadow Warrior Raging Trifecta Blow Fear Breeze Note that 2016 clients will not display this correctly. We recommend using the default client in the installer or the new 2017 beta client. kRO Mado Mechanic Update Increased Mado walk-speed. Walkspeed is increased based on level of Madogear Licence. Level 5 is equivalent to Peco Peco speed. Increased max weight capacity by 1,500 while riding Mado suit. Increased HP regeneration while in Mado suit. Added a new item to the Mado Dealer: Emergency Mado Gear (1,350,000 zeny) kRO Rune Knight Rune Update Turisus Runestone Makes auto-attacks deal 250% damage (125% in PvP/WoE/BG) [Does not affect Crush Strike] The 15% 3x damage proc has been decreased to x2 No longer has a carrying restriction Pertz Runestone Now factors in STR instead of INT for damage calculation Delayed until next maintenance. No longer has a carrying restriction Verkana Runestone Maximum carrying amount: 60 Rhydo Runestone Maximum carrying amount: 60 Nosiege Runestone Maximum carrying amount: 60 Aesir Runestone Now increases Caster's ATK by 70 + Number of Party Members * 7. Now increases party member's ATK by half of that amount. No longer has a carrying restriction Urj Runestone No longer has a carrying restriction Hagalaz Runestone Maximum carrying amount: 60 Isia Runestone Maximum carrying amount: 60 Lux Anima Maximum carrying amount: 60 Lux Anima Runestone has been temporarily disabled due to an issue with the interaction with Turisaz Runestone. It will return next week. Rebellion Coins can now miss. Changed the cooldown of Shattering Storm to a skill cooldown instead of an after cast delay. Banishing Buster can no longer hit hidden targets. Fire Rain will hit all the mobs along its path (it used to skip a few randomly). Royal Guard Players affected by Devotion will now get a status effect icon for Guard and Reflect Shield. Inspiration ticks now happen once every 5 seconds, instead of once every second. Banding changes: Now gives hard defense rather than soft defense. Distributes the HP among the Royal Guards correctly. Shadow Chaser Fatal Menace will now always teleport all the mobs that have been hit. Feint Bomb changes: Properly handles the status effects from ground skills after the pushback. No longer drains SP while hidden. The duration of the hide has been slightly reduced. You will no longer get forcibly unhidden once the Feint Bomb hide timer runs out. Status effects from range skills will affect you (such as Stasis, Cursed Circle, Arrullo among others). Sura Fixed Fallen Empire's damage against mobs. Spirit Spheres can now miss. Doram Bunch of Shrimp now gives a Weapon Attack bonus instead of a Stat Attack bonus. Scar of Tarou's status effect now hits 9 times instead of 8. Scar of Tarou deals double damage on boss monsters. Fixed Catnip Powdering to work on mobs as well. The following status effects can no longer be dispelled: Stoop Arclouze Dash Tuna Party Genetic SBR44 and Bio Explosion should now reduce intimacy properly. Cart Cannon now always uses the element of the Cannon Balls equipped. Crafting the following items can be done in batches (select "Bottle Grenades (all)"). Bottle Grenade Acid Bottle Plant Bottle Marine Sphere Bottle Glistening Coat Fireproof Potion Coldproof Potion Earthproof Potion Thunderproof Potion Anodyne Aloevera Alcohol Embryo Blue Potion Condensed Red Potion Condensed Yellow Potion Condensed White Potion Please note that these do not give any ranking points. Others You'll now be able to see numbers past 32k when using healing buff on yourself (these numbers can only be seen by your character). Delayed until next maintenance. Chorus Songs now count the amount of performers correctly. Weapon Blocking can now proc off of misses. Magnum Break no longer affects Dragon Breath. Pure Soul will be cancelled after receiving damage. Reading Spellbook now consumes the SP before storing the spells and does not consume them upon release. Fixed Mystical Amplification to affect heal skills. Items Added the Brasilis cards! Added the Balloon Egg to the cash shop for 6,000 CP. Includes the following headgears: Implemented a new custom headgear quest (spl_in01,25,323). Suras can no longer wear Faceworm Queen's Leg. Updated the Buy/Sell prices of the following items Red Potion Orange Potion Yellow Potion Four Leaf Clover 3carat Diamond Gold Darkred Scale Piece Treasure Box Valhalla's Flower Bloodstained Letter Unsent Letter Dark Red Lump
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    My claw arm twitches! Plushie Claw is no doubt my favourite summer fes activity IGN: Fabelwhiskers
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    Fire Basin Card Expansion

    The Summer Art Contest's duration has been extended to Sunday, September, 10th: Features Fixed an issue regarding Gear Swap interaction with Sheriff Badges. Pet Intimacy now shows when vending eggs. Added further Weight Checks to Episode 16.1 quests. Skills Fixed Wizard's Soul Link gemstone functionality. Pertz Runestone (Storm Blast) now properly takes STR into account instead of INT. Passing Giant's Strength via Lux Anima Runestone will not boost an ally's melee attacks. (Effect only applies to the caster) Fixed a bug affecting Inspiration's duration. Lion Howling now properly removes Frigg's Song. Clearance now properly removes Critical Wounds. Added status effect icons for the following Performer songs: Poem of Bragi Assassin Cross of Sunset Apple of Idun Further songs will be getting icons as they're made. Items Implemented Fire Basin Cards: Fixed Gemini Red Eyes combo. Fixed Headless Mule card effect. War of Emperium Fixed a bug that caused some players to not receive rewards from Draft WoE. Fixed the rest of the BG items to properly function inside Draft WoE.
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    I love digging, Plushie Claw, and fishing. But I spend most of my time hiding somewhere on the island, watching players do Shellfish Shuck. And since I had drawn the fishing version, I drew this instead. RIP GMs via Bombring, 1 July 2017. (or was it 2 July?) IGN: Alba Forbell the deadline was extended? O_O. Welp RIP sleepless nights.
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    Phew. Rushed but made it! xux This was fun! ^u^
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    Finally finished it! Thank you for the extension! I rushed this since I draw using my phone. Happy summer from me and me beloved guild members/friends! <3 IGN: Lerisoirme
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    *just randomly drops this here and goes hide again in my corner* IGN: g c q
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    My summer favourite activity is chilling with love ones (including galapago) at the beach side~ IGN: Rinnnie
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    What better way to close off Summer than with a spectacular fireworks bang? Let's have the entire server donate their fireworks rather than letting them rot in Kafra XD My favorite part of the Summerfest was the hooligan subplot, so I just hang out with them. They are quite chill people UwU IGN : Vaults
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    Finally done! And yes I spent almost all my summer fest afking at the plushie claw... Also trying to win shellfish shuck with lag is impossible. IGN: Falchion Kiersted
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    Dodgebomb with my friends is my favorite summer activity #funfunfun Digital Artwork x Cutouts and texturized IGN: C r i X / Dream Reaper
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    IGN: LightOfSky my summer favorite activity is the poring matcher
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    IGN: Siluka Favourite summer fest activity.....opening Plushie dolls
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    This topic will be aimed for everyone that speak Portuguese and want to be part of our group. Sobre nós: Primeiramente, vale a pena mencionar que somos uma Guilda de amigos e estamos juntos há bastante tempo nesse servidor. Estamos em busca de expandir nossas fronteiras, atualmente estamos recrutando aqueles interessados em fazer um PvM ocasional e jogar a WoE 2. O Discord é nossa principal ferramenta de comunicação, é imprescindível sua utilização para interagir com os membros da Guilda. Informações pra contato: Nosso Point: @go 43 (Rock Ridge) Contato no Discord: vTours [Vitor]#2722 Kyou#8326 Damm#7074 Flávio Joni#0701 Mateus / Tendachi#6977
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    hellooooooooooooooo hope its not too late lol favorite activity : monster trivia ( loading screen size ) IGN : Meriven
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    Hello, I'm looking to see if RCX is allowed. I am a developer for a similar RCX-type plugins and I would like to showcase the fruits of my work on your server. I'm asking if such a plugin is allowed on your server. Thank you.
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    Summer Art Contest Winners!

    The time has come, the judges have finished going over all the entries, and man let me tell you it was no easy feat picking the winners...There were so many AMAZING entries, but there can only be Three winners! But that's enough small talk, let's get down to it. Winners Our 1st place winner: Vaults Our 2nd place winner: Alba Forbell Our 3rd place winner: Fabelwhiskers Congratulations to our winners! I'd also like to thank everyone for submitting entries, the amount of amazing artwork that was entered in to the contest was crazy! Now that being said, I'd like to get some feedback from all the people who participated, would you like to see more art contests and if so what kind of themes would you like to see? If you want to see all of the entries from this years contest you can view them on our forum gallery! https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/gallery/category/8-summer-festival-art-contest-2017/ Alternatively you can check out this imgur album https://imgur.com/a/ndW7T Also please note that rewards will be distributed soon and we will contact the winners for mailing addresses so we can ship out the stickers! Don't forget to follow us on twitter for constant updates! @NovaRagnarok
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    "You start to forget the things you should remember. And you can't stop remembering the things you should forget. We always had the power. Not anymore. All we have is each other. We're Ghosts. Fighting for something that can't be killed. Soldiers stand against their enemies.. But Ghosts.... haunt them." ANNOUNCEMENTS BACKGROUND United as one family, with one goal. This is our guild, GHOST. An international guild doing different instances and will join the fun in woe soon. Our purpose is to enjoy the game to its fullest and create one big family that has bond and friendship within each member! So sit back, relax and have fun with us! Guides are also available for new players on our discord channel. RECRUITMENT We are looking for members who aspire to become better and have perseverance to do so. ALL JOBS are welcome to join whether newbie or not. But we prefer the following: PvM: Sura (tank), DPS (Aimbolt ranger, etc.) PvP: Royal Guard (Devoer), Sura HOW TO JOIN Drop by at Ghosts savepoint @go 42 (Prontera) and look for any member of our guild. Make sure your aim is to have fun and enjoy the game while prioritizing your own real life. REQUIREMENTS: Be able to have discord app in PC/mobile. Be able to speak and comprehend English. Be able to understand and willing to comply with the rules below. Be willing to work as a whole and sacrifice own gain for guild gain. Be OPEN, HONEST, and TRUSTFUL in dealing with members. Be able to have fun! We do not tolerate drama queens and kings and issue makers. RULES To take the rules seriously at all Ranks. To obey orders and decisions from Elites. To join our discord channel. To have loyalty, betrayers will not be re-invited. Double sided will be expelled. To finish the the instances/woe. DO NOT AFK / ditch others half way in pvm/pvp without good reason. To have teamwork. Listen to commands. To survive reasonably at all cost. To respect EVERYONE in the guild. Mandatory expulsion for a solid racist case – we DO NOT tolerate racist. Don't hesitate to approach us. See you there! ~ GHOST REMINISCENCIA ~ MORE PICTURES ON THE COMMENT SECTION ~ GHOST SIGNATURE ~ Instruction on how to put guild siggy: 1) Save the Ghost guild signature above in your desktop or anywhere you want to save it. 2) Click your name on the upper right hand corner an options will appear. 3) Choose Account settings. 4) On the right hand side, choose signatures. 5) Upload Ghost Siggy. 6) Save. Voila! you now have our guild signature! *Special credits to Alot/Dinokward for making the Guild Banner above. *The editors of this page has the right to change the contents at any given point of time. So always check the page for new changes.
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    New Cloth Palettes!

    I'm happy to let you guys know that we've finally decided to expand our Cloth Palette selection! While before we had a measly 585 palettes, we've expanded this number to 999! Make sure you patch! Not only that, but we've also added 36 exclusive palette colors to the re-branded Omni Dye Ticket. You'll be able to preview these at the Stylist before choosing if you want to unlock them. These new colors were specifically designed with the Alternative Outfit in mind, so we suggest you try them out! Full credit to @Tokeiburu Preview:
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    I rushed home to finish and upload this hopefully it makes it on time. Ign. Maximo Cheeks Grils just wanna chill
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    Rough sketch, plan to touch it up and colour it~ o uo The alt outfit for warlock is too cute, don' 'cha think?
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    ... https://clips.twitch.tv/RacyInnocentStorkWow
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    So I need gear cause Im new to the server and Im too lazy to hunt my own stuff Selling each one of these (1 character) for 25m, or trading for actual equipment/GC c: There's an extra 10m for an additional creature/pet. Doing them traditionally cause I dont have my tablet with me. ): I'll take pictures for now and scan them later as a whole. Some of my examples! And some Pokemanz cause I dont have enough RO drawings laying around You can see more of my stuff on my Instagram or my Facebook page~ If anything, my name in game is Lyrebird. ♥
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    Sup folks, I’m posting this to share an idea to the GM team and also to fellow players. I’m not entirely sure if this should be in the Suggestions sub forum but I’ll take the advice I’ve received from friends that I’ve talked with about this idea and put it here. So I’ve been struggling to determine the right prices when I’m setting up my shop recently. I don’t want to undercut others but I also don’t want my wares to rot in my cart for weeks. So this is what I did: Pull up the prices of items (in the example below, clean +9 Heroic Backpack, clean Flattery Robe, and clean Abusive Robe) that has been sold from the Transaction History, from a certain time period. Pop the numbers into Excel then made a line chart. And this is what it looks like (you can click the images to enlarge them). From these charts, I can estimate the price level of a certain item that both buyer and seller can agree on, then use that to determine my selling price and my buying price range. For example, I can choose to ignore the Abusive Robes that were sold/purchased at 84 million (that was last month and it’s highly likely that nobody will want to buy an Abusive Robe at that price now) and 39 million (that was early in September but that price is so low, it’s not likely to happen again. It’s not even low-balling anymore, it’s low-kneeing!). Thus I’ll set my buying/selling price range around 50-55 million, as that seems to be the price range that most buyers and sellers can agree on recently. How did you make these? These charts were not made with one magical snap of my fingers, sorry folks. I looked through the Transaction History from the Market page in NovaRO website, plug the numbers into Excel one by one, then generated the line chart. The prices are obtained from a source that can be accessed by anyone who has registered a game account with NovaRO. In other words, these charts are made with data that’s accessible to all NovaRO players. It was a boring and time-consuming process to come up with these charts but hey, they’re neat and convenient to look at. Why do you use the prices from Transaction History? Because I think it’s a better indicator of price levels that buyers and sellers have agreed on. The prices of items on Live Market Data are determined by sellers, and as long as nobody purchased the item at that price level, it means that there is no buyer yet who agrees with that price and is willing to purchase it. When it's already on the Transaction History page, it means a deal (agreement) between both buyer and seller has been reached at that price level. When it's still on Live Market Data, no deal has been made, which is why I don't use them to make these charts. Why use line chart? Because most of us are visual creatures and numbers are spooky. Heck, I’m one of those unfortunate souls who is mathematically challenged. With that said, I’m sure we all have a rough idea of how much an item is worth... but when we see a lot of people setting super low prices or low-balling in recent days, we’re inclined to think that everybody is undercutting, that there’s a Zeny crisis, the value of items are crashing, the amount of Zeny circulating among players and the deflation is going out of control… and the gloom and doom spirals to no end. However, when we pull up the receipts, then displayed the data in a way that's easy to read and interpret, we will have a better picture of how the prices of items have changed over time, and a clearer idea of the price level that most buyers and sellers have agreed on in the past. In other words, the numbers and data turn into meaningful information when displayed in charts. Also, it’s a lot easier to read and interpret a chart than a table of numbers. It might even be possible to figure out why prices drop or rise depending on when the item was sold. Unfortunately I do not know if there’s any way to automate and simplify this process, and if something like this can be included in the Market page. At least now you know how to make your own price chart. I’m certain this will help you be a more informed buyer/seller, and help you haggle/negotiate better. After all, a good deal is when all parties involved gain something good out of it.
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    NEW VIDEO: Used same stats, just changed 2 gears and voila! Killed Stefan under a minute. PREVIOUS VIDEO: Here's my 193 aspd 101 crit rune knight killing stefan c: Take note, I didn't use white drooping eddga here yet and abusive robe. I'm still gearing my rune knight and will change gears accordingly soon when I have the budget c: Also, I didn't have any AB buffs in here with me. It's just +20 agi, dex luk food and some food you get from sara's memories which are almost free c: Take note that the increase agi you see is from the equipment called "city map[1]" Also took advantage of succubus' life steal since I can get back my hp little by little with my RK's crits. c: Even with berserk, your hp will remain high. P.S.: Sorry I forgot to re-cast asir runestone :c
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    I am not sure if I am doing this right or if there is still time at all but here favorite activity: Digging(?) Name ingame: Armin Dashnev
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    My favourite NovaRO Summer Activity is Monster Trivia! IGN: Clustar
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    Fishiiing!! Until the kraken appears out of nowhere lmao IGN: TheCat193
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    I would like to propose that the emergency mado gear item be made into a reusable item at the cost of selling for about 15-20 mil from the npc.With how frequently self destruction is used in bg/woe, this item would cost about 12 mil zeny per woe/bg happy hour, assuming it was used after every self destruct. I feel like it being reusable would be balanced because the 3 minute cooldown on the item would prevent it from being abusable anyway.
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    I DID IT!!!! I can finish in time IGN: deaddoggo
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    my drawing for the contest good luck every one IGN : Blank Ji
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    hi just started playing last week ;'p my gen and homun enjoying the fishing event so much.... ign: Everlish sorry for this art of mine
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    DodgeBOMB! IGN: Reck Instagram: @Monstruonauta / Tumblr: 365.monstruonauta.com
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    all the good memories IGN : V00D00
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    Sky fortress : Room of Consciousness :
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    LMAO, THanks! and yeah, I mean, thats the most sense I can make out of that skill bein attached to hbp lmao lol, idk, it was proly not optimal since savages r non aggro -- The world is all but an illusion, and magnifiers are the window to the truth... https://tapas.io/episode/814871
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    ty captains hans for leading us to victory gg everyone
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    Lmao yeah p much, but man it's boring to only sing and do nothing e.e Thank u~~ -- Sometimes in Midgard, you just get poopheads ruining your day and you can't do anything about it... https://tapas.io/episode/807254
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    Our 3rd Draft WoE event will be held this Saturday on August 26's morning WoE (08h00 Server Time)! Discord link: https://discord.gg/AsWgHjZ As with the previous weeks, the main idea will be to have captains take turns picking through a pool of people to form their teams. This time, we're going with Inexperienced Captains, since we feel that one of the major issues holding back WoE is the lack of people interested in leading. After creating said teams, the Captains will go against each other in the castle as if it's just a normal day of War of Emperium. The goal for groups will be to capture the castle until WoE ends. Drafting will be held at @go 15 on the right side of the bridge 45 minutes before WoE (07h15 Server Time). You will need to be on the Discord to participate. Everyone other than captains will be advised to lineup with their gears open through Show Equip. The process will be as follows... Captains roll /dice Higher roll gets priority pick (one/two/three picks depending on how many people have already been drafted) Lowest roll will pick last Repeat until everyone is chosen When draft ends, it ends. There will be no way to input you into a team after draft since WoE is going to start very soon after. Goals: Promote WoE 1 activity Help those who are new to the scene experience what WoE feels like from a semi-organized perspective Have fun and be competitive at the same time Rules: Your Discord name needs to be [Class Name] In-Game Name (You can change this with /nick "name") Your character needs to be Level 175 Coordinate with your team and listen to comms Remain loyal to your team even though your friends could be on the other team Be in your designated team's Voice Channel throughout WoE If you leave after the draft without a justified reason, you will be banned from future draft WoE events until further notice Foods and consumables will NOT be given out by Captains. Have your consumables ready before WoE. BG Consumables do not work in WoE except for Mega Whites and Mega Blues Access to Guild Dungeon will NOT be allowed to the winning guild. You will still get the other rewards. Captains: Hans Sanoshi Tarles As we've previously discussed, this will be the last time we will host Draft WoE on Saturday. We still want to play regular WoE 1, and whether Draft WoE will continue or not as a separate event will depend on the staff and on player interest. Because of this, I'd highly appreciate if anyone who's interested could join, and tell your friends who might be interested too.
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    Ahh yeahh, all good things come to an end after all unu I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! Ehe I dunno bout a sequel coz like, idk, its a big commitment to work on something for this long lol. Thanks a lot Reno! and yeah, ikr, it feels like i only started the comics a few weeks ago. But man, this was a ride lmao, and I'm glad you enjoyed it~ Ehe thanks a lot! and Im glad it was entertaining lol. I don't think I'll be makin a sequel myself, but ykno maybe someone else might get inspired to do something similar ;3 Eheh youre welcome and im glad you enjoyed it! And yeah, it's a goodbye for now. I just hope other artists can pick up where I left off and maybe do their own stories in the ro universe wink wonk - Thank you everyone for joining me on this wild ride~ https://tapas.io/episode/829335
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    Join us and you will experience Instance hell XD
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