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    Hello there, like the title says, is there a possible way to skip those 10 mins dialogues in this instance, because this instance is not that well rewarded besides the MVP card and takes a lot of times to complete it, if we have a hurry option that removes all dialogue besides the 3,2,1 counting per ecounter could be amazing for this instance It takes a round 25 seconds to be able to fight the encounter and after that the npc usually take a while to appear after you win the battle because of another 17 seconds dialogue. if we count all the encounters x time wasted on dialogue will give a round of 546 seconds (9 minutes and 10 seconds) wasted on dialogues.
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    Excellion Patch Notes

    Excellion Gear Implemented Excellion Suit and Excellion Wing quests. The quest for the Excellion equipments starts at Verus town [verus04] near 164/218. Completing the Charleston Instance will now reward you with a Huge Metal Scrap or an Old Fuel Tank. This reward is limited to one per player per run and will not be given to dual clients. Speak with MARS_01 to enchant your Excellion gears. PLUTO_09 will make Excellion gears and produce reactor Blueprints (enchants). Excellion Suit Excellion Wing A power suit made from the lost technology of a ruined laboratory. VIT + 6. If level 130 or above, additional VIT + 4. Increase Max HP by 4% for every 3 refine upgrades. This item is indestructible in battle. [+ Excellion Wing] Reduce skill delay by 10%. If level 130 or above, additional skill delay reduction by 10%. Perfect Dodge + 6. Class: Armor Defense: 100 Weight: 100 Required Level: 99 Jobs: Every Job A power wing made from the lost technology of a ruined laboratory. Perfect Dodge + 8. If level 130 or above, additional Perfect Dodge + 2. Increase Flee by 2 for every refine upgrade. [+ Excellion Suit] Reduce skill delay by 10%. If level 130 or above, additional skill delay reduction by 10%. Perfect Dodge + 6. Class: Garment Defense: 40 Weight: 90 Required Level: 99 Jobs: Every Job Reactors Effect Location Max Fire Property Reactor Enchant an armor with fire property. Suit 1 Water Property Reactor Enchant an armor with water property. Suit 1 Earth Property Reactor Enchant an armor with earth property. Suit 1 Wind Property Reactor Enchant an armor with wind property. Suit 1 Fire Resistance Reactor Reduce damage from fire property by 25%. Receive more damage from water property by 25%. Wing 3 Water Resistance Reactor Reduce damage from water property by 25%. Receive more damage from wind property by 25%. Wing 3 Earth Resistance Reactor Reduce damage from earth property by 25%. Receive more damage from fire property by 25%. Wing 3 Wind Resistance Reactor Reduce damage from wind property by 25%. Receive more damage from earth property by 25%. Wing 3 Recovery 101 Reactor Restore 50 HP every 5 seconds. If refine is 7 or higher, gives an additional 50 HP every 5 seconds. Both 3 Recovery 102 Reactor Restore 3 SP every 5 seconds. When refine rate is 7 or higher, gives an additional 2 SP every 5 seconds. Both 3 Recovery 201 Reactor Increase HP recovery rate by 50%. When refine rate is 7 or higher, further increase HP recovery rate by 50%. Both 3 Recovery 202 Reactor Increase SP recovery rate by 50%. When refine rate is 7 or higher, further increase SP recovery rate by 50%. Both 3 STR Supplement Reactor Atk + 5 for every 10 base STR. When refine rate is 7 or higher, add an additional Atk + 10. Suit 1 INT Supplement Reactor Matk + 5 for every 10 base INT. When refine rate is 7 or higher, add an additional Matk + 10. Suit 1 DEF Supplement Reactor DEF + 100. Both 3 PD Supplement Reactor Perfect Dodge + 3. Both 1 Attack Supplement Reactor ATK + 20. Both 3 Magic Supplement Reactor MATK + 20. Both 3 HP Supplement Reactor Max HP + 5%. Both 3 SP Supplement Reactor Max SP + 3%. Both 3 Frozen Supplement Reactor Grants immunity to being frozen. Suit 1 ASPD Supplement Reactor ASPD + 1. Both 1 Mobs New Drops Drop Chance Repair Robot Turbo Huge Metal Scrap Old Fuel Tank Very Low Explorer Robot Turbo Huge Metal Scrap Old Fuel Tank Very Low Step Old Fuel Tank Low Lockstep Old Fuel Tank Low Kickstep Old Fuel Tank Low Kick and Kick Huge Metal Scrap Old Fuel Tank Low Features Fixed a common issue where clicking disappearing NPCs could cause client crashes. Implemented the Item Crusher, an NPC who gets rid of unwanted items you cannot sell to NPCs. You can find him in the 2nd floor of the Main Office. Healer now removes Slow Cast status effect. Monster Hunter entrance fee (50k zeny) is now split between the entire party. Thor Volcano Camp can now be accessed via @go 45. Experimental Position Lag changes: The animation delay (the time required between you clicking an enemy up to the moment the damage is shown on the target) should now sync up properly with the server. There used to be an actual gap, unrelated to your latency, between the client seeing the damage and the server applying the damage, resulting in some movement issues. This change will mostly be noticeable with attackers having low aspd. The coodinates of the character after receiving damage should now match with the time it was hit (mostly affects fast moving characters). This slightly reduces the amount of position lag, but it only applies for specific scenarios. Pneuma should no longer stay up if you're outside of its range. When enchanting in Mora, the equipments will no longer be unequipped. Wedding rings will once more record your partner's name on them. Quests and Instaces Sky Fortress Ticket System: Upon completing the Sky Fortress instance, you will be able to speak with Scientist Doyeon for new options. He will give you a Sky Fortress Ticket that lasts for 1 hour. While you have this ticket, you will be able to create as many new instances of Sky Fortress as you want. You can also re-enter the instance freely while you have this ticket. Gunslinger Butcher quests now requests Elemental Bullets rather than Spheres. Skills S.B.R.44 will now properly remove the intimacy after being used. Changing gear while casting Shield Spell will now cancel the cast. You can no longer dispell the Santa Suit. Items Visual effect headgears will now properly show their effects on login. (Winter's Gift, Fluttering Angel) Bubblegum-type items now have a shared cooldown so that players cannot accidentally pop two at the same time. Fixed Evil Slayer Vanquisher Staff's effect. Kafra Doll Hat Box will now properly give its items. War of Emperium Fixed an issue where the winning MBK guild was not getting their Highlander's Bounty. Merry Christmas everybody, and we hope you enjoy the implementation of Excellion Equipment, our Christmas present to you, our players. If you do, please write us a review on http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=17776&url_sname=NovaRO Thank you, and happy holidays!
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    WoE Reward Track System With the Holiday season coming to an end, we've shifted focus towards improving the War of Emperium. Our main goal is to make the War of Emperium more rewarding for veteran players while also making it more appealing to new players. With this in mind, we've come up with a new system that we think will achieve this goal! Though it is still in development, we wanted to take some time and share some of our early ideas for the system with the community and get some initial feedback. The WoE Reward Track system is designed to reward players for attending WoE. Progress will be shown via a new UI which players will have access to in-game. Image of the WoE Starter Track. A player who attends WoE but does not win will progress 2 notches on the track. A player that attends WoE and wins will progress by 3 notches on the track. Upon the system being released, everyone will begin on the Starter Reward Track. This is meant to be a brief tutorial track. Once a player finishes that track, they will be able to choose from a set number of tracks. Our initial plan is to roll out around 7 tracks on release. Here are two examples of such tracks (Showing 1 win): Players can change tracks at no cost as long as they have not begun progressing on a track. Once progress has begun on a track, it must be finished before moving on to a new one. The track will function similar to the Siege Token reward system in the fact that you only get track progression for one WoE a week: If you participate in WoE 1 and then WoE 2 as well, you will only get track progress for WoE 1. Draft WoE will not count towards track progression. Please share your thoughts and let us know if you have any input or suggestions regarding the War of Emperium Reward Track System. Thank you!
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    Christmas Screenshot Contest Winners We asked you to share your Holiday Cheer with us and over 60 of you did! It was wonderful to see so many screenshots and the ways you expressed the theme. There were gifts, family, love and tenderness... Escapades, outside games, lots of snow and so much more! It was not easy but with all the judge votes tallied, we are now ready to unveil our final result -- the three winners who could claim the spotlight. 1st place winner: Lucifer_z 2nd place winner: Somehow 3rd place winner: Dyfer Honorable mentions: Mays Congratulations again to all our winners and thank you again everyone who took part! We hope to see you again soon. Meanwhile, stay warm and stay safe! The participation rewards and the main prizes will be distributed as quickly as we can but please be prepared to wait for a few days for them to appear in your RODEX. Remember that you will need to redeem them on the character whose in-game name you provided when you submitted your entry. Additionally, the winners will be contacted within the next few days for addresses so we can send the stickers your way promptly.
  5. 11 likes
    IGN: Sinistro It's time, Christmas gift's for all.
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    [This update has been applied to the live server.] Heya, The Navigation System is a great feature in RO but unfortunately it's never been very useful since we've been using the navigation files from iRO. I've spent a little bit of time and remade all the files to sync up with our most recent server databases. The navigation system will now work with the Warper NPC, giving much more accurate information. The /navi command is also a bit awkward to use, so I've decided to add an alternative command named @navi: @navi <map_name> @navi <map_name> <x> <y> (it allows other formats such as @navi prontera,155,188 or @navi prontera 155/188). @navi2 This is the same as the others, but it opens up the Navigation window. @navistop This command will stop your current navigation path. Before we apply this patch to everyone, we would like you to try it and see if you have any issues (or find a location that isn't working for instance): Download the following zip file: [link removed] Put the file in your NovaRO folder, then right-click it and use "Extract here". You'll have to re-open your client to see the changes. Please post your issues/feedback in this thread, thank you!
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    Merry Christmas

    Zap a Kimi or idk however else you wanna celebrate it
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    Land Protector at level 5 has a big area of effect. While that's cool and all, I really don't like the fact that you have to be forced to use only 1 level of the skill, we have silly stuff like Safety Wall being level-selectable even though we know that lower levels of the latter are just useless and prove to be impractical in every single other instance that is not level 10. My suggestion is: Make Land Protector a level selectable skill. Its durability and utility do not change (unlike other level selectable skills), because certain skill levels of LP are more practical on other instances. Being able to freely select a level from 1 to 5 adds more utility to this skill -- you'd think better of what level suits best on which instance (pvm, pvp, bg, woe, etc). At least, for me, I'd like this feature since it'd help me to not change between builds every time just to get a different level of Land Protector.
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    science has figured out the secret to how Min is able to fit 4 people in one SW
  10. 7 likes
    Here the updates for 2018 kRO: 1 - 3rd Job Improvement 4th stage. Next Class to get a buff will be the Arch Bishop, making the existent builds stronger and making new ones more viable. Changed Skills: 1- Expiatio Currently can only bypass Def. Now will bypass MDef too. 2- Lauda Ramus Removed LUK Bonus, on level 4 the chance to remove the debuffs will be 100%, It will increase Critical Damage and more effects will be added to make the skill points worth. 3- Lauda Agnus Removed VIT Bonus, on level 4 the chance to remove the debuffs will be 100%, It will increase MaxHP% and more effects will be added to make the skill points worth. 4- Duple Light Skill Damage will be Increased (Shadow Chasers are now Hyped) 5- Ancilia It will be used exclusively for the creation of the article and the expense of SP will be the only one of the skill without penalty, enhancing the effects of regeneration, except when you use the article to regenerate SP. 6- Renovatio Instead of a single target skill, it will be casted on the party, arround the arch bishop, Higher the party size, higher will be the Regeneration bonus. 7- Judex Magic Damage Increased. 8- Adoramus Will be turned on a AoE Skill (Yaaaaaaay f*k off that rangers, Tme for ABs) New Skills 1- Vituperatum Allow cast Lex Aeterna on a target and splash the effect to the arround area. Higher Levels increase the splash area. 2- Convenion This Skill allow the user call all the party members on the same map to the Arch Bishop (Same Effect of Emergency Call). This skill will help the support to reorganize the party in quests and battles. 2 - Taekwon Job Expansion Many Users are very Hyped with the Soul Reaper and Star Emperor and here is the currently progress of the class: 1- Implemented Skills The Main skills are completely implemented to the game and we are actually making internal tests. [First Stage of the skill addition completed] 2- Sprites and Visual Effects Both the soul reaper and star emperor sprite are almost finalized, we are working on implementing all the visual effects of the skills. [Base Sprite, can get future changes] (They have simplified the back of the Soul Reapers -.-) 3 - Awakening System We will introduce the aweking system presented in the last meeting. It is currently in the process of being created but we are sure that it will be available during the year 2018. For the moment we continue to improve the system and will be revealing more information as new internal content is added. 1- The System You can Rebirth a 3rd job when base 175, when you rebirth, your character will back to level 100, but the level cap will be increased to 185. (However stat points can only be obtained up to level 175). Job Level cap will be Increased to 70 and the classes will get new skills. [When you rebirth, your character back to level 100] When you rebirth, you can choose between the basic costume or a new costume (Same as jRO). Avalible Costume List: 2- Characteristc System When you rebirth a 3rd job, a new Characteristc will be avalible. Everytime you get a Base Level, you get a point for this system to improve a specific characteristic. This system have a variety of options according of where you spent the points. [When you rebirth a new option will be added to the UI] [Example] First Point MATK +2 Every 5 points MATK +2, have a maximum of 50 First Point 1% Ranged Damage Every 5 Points 1% Ranged Damage, hame a maximum of 20 etc... 4 - 32 New Cards New Cards will be Added from Heroes Trails Part 2 and 3 [And Here are the new Cards] 5 - Rework on Charleston Crisis Instance The instance will be disabled on the main servers for the improvement. 6 - Episode 17.1 Heart Hunter and Rebellions... After the incident that directly involved the schwarzwald republic new stories would be added with a lot of new episodes and equipment. 7 - Ilusion Teddy Bear Ilusion version of Einbroch area. 8 - Breaking the limits of Super Novice The Super Novices will reach the Level 175 and with a rework on their skills, planned to the middle of 2018. Aaaaand thats all folks, after a Long wait finally we have some info, what do you think? Lets us know!
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    Christmas is the time to spread cheer to those less fortunate than you ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭~* IGN : Gendouc
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    Santa's a busy man, he can use all the help he can get IGN: Dyfer
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    Hello! I was reading kRO patches, on August 30th they did a change to Stefan's Hallucination walk CD from 5 seconds to 500. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=6824&curpage=5 (Roughly translated to) I have translations from Ziu's Blogspot (in spanish) http://ziu-ro.blogspot.com/2017/08/30082017-mantenimiento-kro.html It is possible to add this change to NovaRO in our current patch, it could give an opportunity to mage classes and non-crit users to defeat this MVP.
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    New Rune Knight Outfit!

    A new Alternate Outfit has now arrived to NovaRO! You can swap into this outfit via our Stylist, under the Outfit section with any Rune Knight for just 5,000 CP. Male Palettes / Female Palettes
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    And here my friends we see the classic PvP room lord in his natural habitat. Have you faced our lord AZN COMBO yet?
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    Arch Bishop Verdana

    I made this draw and i wanted to share with you Is my arch bishop with new xmas hats x3
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    -- Come on, Max. It's our first stop -- the old Grinchy Claus hissed. IGN: valkees
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    Getting a sweet back rub from these two lovely girls. ign: eatmewhileimhot
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    NovaRO Christmas Giveaway!

    NovaRO Christmas Giveaway! Start: 24th December 2017, 1:00AM — End: 7th January 2018, 11:59PM All times in PST (server time), check @time in-game or the website clock to confirm.
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    Patch Notes

    Features Rotated Gramps. Re-made the Brasilis hub. Added a Stylist to Brasilis. Implemented the @partyinfo/@pi command, which tells you information about your online party members. Fixed an issue where the Malangdo Shopkeeper would not speak with Dorams. Re-worked The Claw headgear machine to progressively go through its list of headgears, rather than select 4 at random each time. Pruned the names of characters below level 99 whose accounts had not been logged into for more than 6 months. Fixed the spelling of Schwarzwald Republic on every quest. Reduced the decarding cost from 1.5m to 1.25m. Fixed an issue where refining your own forged weapon resulted in too many Blacksmith points. Implemented a change to reduce client crashes inside of the Faceworm's Nest instance. Fixed the small lagspike that ocurred at 00:00 (Midnight). @restock will now mark items that you are low on in red. Excellion Changes Sped up a number of the cutscenes in the Charleston Crisis instance. Players will now be able to obtain their rewards from Charleston Instance before the end-of-instance cutscene is finished. Added a 'Hurry' option to a number of the instance cutscenes. Reduced Step's and Kick and Kick's drop rate of Old Fuel Tank from 1% to .8% and Kick and Kick's Huge Metal Scrap from 1% to .8%. Increased end of instance Old Fuel Tank/Huge Metal Scrap rewards from 1 to 2~4. Episode 16.1 Quest Changes Added a warp to the Warper to send you to the Prontera Underground Prison. Increased the rewards for the following dailies: The Royal Richard: 4 Honor Tokens -> 8 Honor Tokens Underground Prison: Refreshing Prison Life (Mistress): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens To My Beloved Fellow (Drake): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens Lowly Standards (Dracula): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens Bothersome Little Thing (Stormy Knight): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens Finding Lights (Baphomet): 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens Chief Guard requests: Any of them: 4 Honor Tokens -> 7 Honor Tokens The Dress Dilemma: 4 Honor Tokens -> 6 Honor Tokens The Maid: 4 Honor Tokens -> 8 Honor Tokens Reduced the amount of Illusion Flowers required in the Dress Dilemma Quest from 5 to 2. Collecting Dishes quest will no longer calculate item drop individually on each party member. Instead, only the Dish killer will get the item. Increased the number of Frozen Wolves that spawn in the prt_prison map from 20 to 30. Skills Amstir's Defense skill no longer shows its visual effect on its owner. Fixed a bug where Ominous Moonlight could crash players. Wall of Thorns is now a player-targeted skill, rather than a ground skill. Players who cast Basilica will no longer be able to walk until the skill duration ends. Players with the Berserk status effect will no longer be able to recover HP with drain HP gear. Slaves will now keep attacking even if the boss or MVP is in a trap. Flash Combo will now execute Tiger Cannon even if the target died from Dragon Combo or Fallen Empire. Cross Impact's Global Cooldown is now affected by bragi. Fixed a bug where the Divest FAW skill was not working. Heat Barrel, Madness Canceller and Platinum Altar can no longer be used at the same time. Ice Bound Trap's freezing effect is no longer reduced by stats. Sensitive Keen no longer breaks all traps on screen, instead only the ones the Ranger is trapped by. Sensitive Keen can now break traps created by Shadow Chaser's Escape. Items Updated the drop rates for the mobs in lasa_dun03 Charge Basilisk (3504) Basil (ID 22985) - Increased from 10% to 100% Bradium (ID 6224) - Increased from 2% to 25% Yggdrasil Berry (ID 607) - Increased from 1% to 3% Oridecon (ID 984) - Added at 10% Old Blue Box (ID 603) - Added at 5% Doram Elegant Shoes [1] (ID 22085) - Increased from 0.10% to 2% Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica [1] (ID 1697) - Increased from 0.10% to 1% Removed Yggdrasil Seed, Shining Scale and Magic Foxtail Staff from drops. Fruit Pom Spider (3507) Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff [1] (ID 1693) - Added at 1% Doram Elegant Suit [1] (ID 15156) - Increased from 0.10% to 1% Old Purple Box (ID 617) - Increased from 1% to 2% Bug Leg (ID 1042) - Increased from 25% to 100% Fruit Basket (ID 12573) - Added at 25% Non-Trans 3rd classes and Baby 3rd classes will now be able to wear Trans-only equipment. Siege Equipment now works properly in the new towns. Rune Strawberry Cake, Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee, and Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich no longer get dispelled in MH and BG. Updated Gigantic Blade's script and item description to more accurately reflect its kRO stats. Updated Aries Crown's script and item description to more accurately reflect its kRO stats. Berserk Guitar now gives the user 190 fixed ASPD. Eden Hats are no longer bound. Fixed a bug where Christmas Cookie Hat costume was giving stats. Sigrun's Wings now properly give +1 ASPD to Taekwon Masters. Fixed Bijou Card's effect. Added the following items to Mayomayo, the Malangdo Enchanter: Lindy Hop (21018) Juliette D Rachel (28010) Sunflower Boy (2027) Monsters Gajomart and Am Mut no longer spawn outside of Guild Dungeons. Normalized the DEF and MDEF values of the Training Dummies in Prontera, for more accurate testing. Dark Faceworms are now miniboss type. Battlegrounds Adjusted Battleground Cook's food prices. Removed Cyr from the Conquest rotation. War of Emperium Changed Draft WoE Castle from arug_cas05 (Bandis) to prtg_cas01 (Kriemhild) Rebalanced Siege Token rewards: Battlegrounds Siege token cap was decreased from 1,500 to 1,200. Draft WoE will now be rewarded 500 Siege Tokens to every participant. WoE Reward RODEX duration has been lengthened from 2 days to 6. Players in WoE will now be given a Siege Coin reward at the end of WoE for every minute their guild defended the castle. WoE1: 25 Tokens per minute for the winning guild. 15 Tokens per minute for the losing guilds. Siege Tokens for WoE1 are capped at 1,750. (Decreased win rewards from 750 Siege Tokens to 250) WoE2: 20 Tokens per minute for the winning guild. 10 Tokens per minute for the losing guilds. Siege Tokens for WoE1 are capped at 1,300. (Decreased win rewards from 300 Siege Tokens to 100) Added the Warlord's Treasure to the WoE Siege Shop for 100 Siege Tokens. High chance of getting Speed Potion (15) Medium chance of getting WoE Violet Potion Box (50) Low chance of getting Yggdrasil Seed (3) Low chance of getting Yggdrasil Berry (2) Very low chance of getting one of the following costume headgears (Item IDs 29876~29883): Implemented General Sotaro, who has two headgear quests requiring Siege Tokens (you can find the NPC over at @go woe). Challenger's Blindfold (+5% Demi-Human resistance) Handkerchief in Mouth (+3% Demi-Human resistance)
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    Just do what all the other pro ninjas do and throw money at people when they resist your petals.
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    Merry Christmas, idk what to draw I guess HTF is kind of Christmas-y? http://fav.me/dbxspmv
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    IGN: Lucia Lawrence The evil queen arrives... [Shadow Chaser] Cathie: OH no! Please! no the cat!! [Doram] Runalizu: (T_T)
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    Only a number of unpopular quests got boosted rewards, and this was in exchange for making dish multi-clienting impossible. A single person cheesing dishes with 12 clients could get 48 tokens for an extremely short amount of time and effort. Because of this, overall number of tokens in the market should likely remain similar outside of some renewed interest from people who see the changes and are motivated to run the quests.
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    Try to level 12 accounts at the same time and see how long it takes. This is not rewarding people for being lazy, they're spending the same or more amount of time that they could be farming raw zeny so they can get more zeny with less effort over time, paying up the initial time investment. Also your math is wrong, you can't sell 0.6 of a robe, you don't make 61.25m/hour because you don't always sell rewards as soon as you get them, the market is not a fixed tool as selling items to tool dealer and you can't get the robes each hour, you get them every 4~7 days. I'm not surprised that you missed the fact that you can't turn-in +2k honor tokens in the same day because they're on different acounts and aren't tradeable. This suggestion is not honest. It shows envy towards a person or a very small group of people that decides to tryhard the game way more than the rest just because they're making the rewards a little bit cheaper and more accessible over time, which is a good thing for economy because these robes are items that needs refinement to get them better and the more we get, they're gonna be easier to find them already refined and enchanted. People who support this are the ones being lazy here because they want the items to be more expensive so they do less and get more zeny.
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    Little Christmas Angel teaching kids the true meaning of Christmas IGN: Amimi
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    Hark! the bearald angels sing, "Glory to the newborn King!" -- Characters in this photo: Hae Soo Wang So -- IGN: Hae Soo
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    Camping out with the bae C: IGN: Ara Liadon
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    this castle is now an official slav squat area, well played peeps
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    Nice idea! I find the rewards kinda fine. I mean, i would WoE with or without them. Gettin is a bonus. I don't agree with getting a full stack of foods, just because it should be a investment to every player that wants to play woe anyways. Getting some is fine. There's also bg trade that, with the new values, is really worth it. You have fun, you train your class and you get food mats, that are enough for woe if you're an avid bg player. That's just my two cents on mins post. tldr - cool stuff
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    We're Russian Squad. We dont care about PvM or social. We dont care how much MVP cards u have or how much zeny u earn farming various "caves". We dont want u to be friendly or polite to everyone. The only thing we do care is WAR. Бэкграунд/Background. Гильдия состоит из ветеранов русской гв сцены со всех возможных серверов - ruoff, euro, а так же бесконечного числа пираток. Не смотря на это в нашем составе есть и англоговорящие юниты, которые так же составляют костяк гильдии и играют с нами уже больше года (I love ya Salty). На NovaRo гильдия существует уже больше года и успешно принимает участие во всех возможных ГВГ ивентах (WoE1, WoE2, Draft WoE, а так же замесы на аренке) Требования для вступления/Requirments. - 100 процентное или близко к тому посещение ГВ ивентов (суббота в 19.00 и 23.00 по мск) - опыт игры в гв гильдиях на Реневале, обучаемые бойцы с пре-ре тоже подойдут - возможность обеспечивать себя самостоятельно гв расходкой (рейты достаточно высокие так что это не составляет никаких проблем) - 100% or close to that WoE participation - Renewal WoE experience, fast learning pre-re units are fine aswell - ability to provide yourself with WoE consumables Ищем/Currently looking for. Биш / AB Шура / СС Sura ФС Генетик / FS Gene Механик / Mecha Контакты/Contacts. Midnight#1556 Infuriate#6269 Mr_nik#4875
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    We'll be adding Dried Squid to the Ninja Supplier on our next maintenance.
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    The current meta regarding Excellion is that everyone will just run the instance solo for the mobs, skipping the boss and all, since the instance reward is simply not worth at all compared to the mob drop. While I’m fine with this since it’s not that hard to just farm the instance mobs, I wonder what do people think about shifting these drops more towards instance rewards. We all know the RO community are kinda yearning for more instances that rewards party play. Charleston was one of the very few instance that does that, but its rewards are only for Mechs, and nobody really cares about those. I mean, I used to host free runs of this instance when I was farming for EA enchants, but now that the mob drops are as valuable, I will be less inclined to let other people tag along on my runs. My suggestion is to reduce the drop rate from the mobs (mainly the Kicks and Steps) and instead increase the reward for completing the instance. 2-3 of both the fuel and scrap will be ideal, since that’s the average you’ll get per solo run from the mobs. The numbers and rates are not set, feel free to make 20 pages of discussion regarding that. The advantages are that it will encourage people to run it in a party, giving chance for newbies and those who are not geared enough yet to effectively farm the instance. I can’t stress enough how much LFM parties were one of the things that got me hooked in this server in my early days. Other than that, it actually encourages people to challenge the boss and complete the instance, which leads to more of the Charleston equips in circulation. I mean, there’s probably only 2 +9 Reinforced Engines in this server right now, one of them being mine. I believe any budding Mado player will be glad if this and the PB P becomes more affordable. I don't know about Robot Arms and Gigantic Blade, although I heard RKs like those. Alt was a problem, but now that we have figured out how to prevent the reward from going to alts, I don’t think it’ll lead to people running the instance on 3++ alts. Will this lead to Excellion being way too easy to get? I don’t know. But at the moment, any naked Rebel with a Tempest is perfectly capable of getting 3 of the drops each from just the mobs. Making the drops more towards instance rewards will then require them to actually fight Charleston 3, which is not as soloable. I think the number of Excellions will be the same, but the means of getting it will definitely be more challenging and fun. The only other issue is that Charleston isn’t that hard of an instance that required a big party like BMD. If the GMs want to modify the instance to make it a bit more challenging, that’s fine, although that might be too custom. Anyways, if the community is just content with the current state of Charleston being a hub for solo farming, then I guess that’s fine as well.
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    My Christmas's gift for the most important person in my life. Balir- Rune knight Yellow- Arch Bishop
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    Heya there, can we enable vending option on the walls from disabled maps area instead of blocking the whole map?
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    it's not the best items but I follow all of suggestions to play this character so thank you so much
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    "Well, let me tell you a story about Mr. Krampus and a little girl... [...]" IGN: Reck
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    The Mysterious Tree of Life!!! IGN: Kyuru
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    A thing I have been thinking since Sky Fortress got implemented... How about making so the Viscious Mind Weapons already drop refined like Faceworm Skins and Devils Tower weapons? Even something like +6~+8 would already help wonders to deal with the stupid crap of overloaded RNG involved in that content. But in the end, I really doubt any suggestion like this would get approved. Just look at the previous suggestion regarding Horror Toy Factory enchant reset. The topic was put aside and eventually left to rot and died. I really dont get all this reluctant and afraid stance towards customizing enchanting and/or refining process in instances when our OGH enchanting is completely custom and argubally the most popular instance content ran in NovaRO. Which only shows how customizing enchanting/refine processs in instances DOES work for the best.
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    PvP in a nutshell?

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