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    Patch Notes

    Features Added an option to buy the new 4th job Sprites from the Stylist. New Outfits! Rune Knight Royal Guard Warlock Sorcerer Ranger Minstrel/Wanderer Mechanic Genetic Guillotine Cross Shadow Chaser Arch Bishop Sura Developer's Note: As 4th jobs will take some time before their release, we've decided to add the 4th job sprites as an additional costume for 3rd classes. After the release of 4th classes, a player changing from 3rd job to 4th job will automatically change their outfit to the 4th job sprite, as you'd expect. The previously unlocked 4th job costumes purchased for 5,000 NP will then allow you to change your outfit to the 3rd job outfit instead. Please report any broken palettes to Panic#1463 on Discord, with Palette number and class. Added a new instance - Legacy of Glast Heim: Developer's Note: This is a new custom instance that aims for being more difficult than regular Ragnarok Online content, while keeping the feeling of the original game - not restricting gear or skills. This also allows us to bring more gear that is not available through official content releases, without relying on systems such as the current Endeavor Token. We'll also be exploring more instances similar to this one in the future. With it we're also implementing a new experimental reward system: Upon completing the instance all players will be granted 3 Pure Temporal Crystals. Exchange 18 of these crystals for any Stat Temporal Manteau of your choice. Once a week, on top of the existing rewards, all players will also be rewarded with a Sealed Temporal Crystal [Bound]. You may exchange two of these account bound crystals for a separate, account bound variant of any Temporal Manteau. This system aims to supplement generation for your own character's progression, while still allowing those who are willing to farm the instance as often as they'd like. The entrance can be found from the Warper > Instances > Legacy of Glast Heim. The level requirement for the instance is 180 and it has a 1-day cooldown. Party size limit is 8. Legacy of Glast Heim - Temporal Manteaus Temporal Str Manteau [1] Atk + 10 and Atk + 1% per 2 refine rate. Increases physical damage against all size enemies by 5% per 4 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional Atk + 7%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 20%. If refine rate is 11 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by additional 10%. When equipped with Temporal Str Boots [1], Atk + 50, if refine rate of boots is 10 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 30%. Class: Garment Defense: 38 Weight: 40 Required Level: 100 Jobs: Every Job Temporal Agi Manteau [1] Atk + 10 and increases critical damage by 3% per 2 refine rate. Increases physical damage against all size enemies by 5% per 4 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional Atk + 7%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 20%. If refine rate is 11 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by additional 10%. When equipped with Temporal Agi Boots [1], increases critical damage by 7%, if refine rate of boots is 10 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 30%. Class: Garment Defense: 38 Weight: 40 Required Level: 100 Jobs: Every Job Temporal Vit Manteau [1] Atk + 10 and MaxHP + 400 per 2 refine rate. MaxHP + 3% per 4 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional Atk + 7%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 20%. If refine rate is 11 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by additional 10%. When equipped with Temporal Vit Boots [1], reduces delay after skill by 5%, if refine rate of boots is 10 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 30%. Class: Garment Defense: 38 Weight: 40 Required Level: 100 Jobs: Every Job Temporal Int Manteau [1] Matk + 10 and Matk + 1% per 2 refine rate. Increases all property magical damage by 3% per 4 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional Matk + 7%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 20%. If refine rate is 11 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by additional 10%. When equipped with Temporal Int Boots [1], Matk + 50, if refine rate of boots is 10 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 30%. Class: Garment Defense: 38 Weight: 40 Required Level: 100 Jobs: Every Job Temporal Dex Manteau [1] Atk + 10 and increases long ranged physical damage by 1% per 2 refine rate. Increases critical damage by 3% per 4 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional Atk + 7%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 20%. If refine rate is 11 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by additional 10%. When equipped with Temporal Dex Boots [1], increases long ranged physical damage by 7%, if refine rate of boots is 10 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 30%. Class: Garment Defense: 38 Weight: 40 Required Level: 100 Jobs: Every Job Temporal Luk Manteau [1] Cri + 3 and increases critical damage by 3% per 2 refine rate. Increases attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 5%) per 4 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional Atk + 7%. If refine rate is 9 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 20%. If refine rate is 11 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by additional 10%. When equipped with Temporal Luk Boots [1], ASPD + 1, if refine rate of boots is 10 or higher, ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by 30%. Class: Garment Defense: 38 Weight: 40 Required Level: 100 Jobs: Every Job Temporal Seal Key 1st enchant Min ~ Max Attack 5 ~ 40 Magic Attack 5 ~ 40 Attack % 1 ~ 6% Magic Attack % 1 ~ 6% Critical 3 ~ 10 Flee 10 ~ 50 Max HP 500 ~ 2000 Max SP 50 ~ 1000 Max HP % 3 ~ 10% Max SP % 3 ~ 10% Hit 3 ~ 10 Reduce variable casting time 3 ~ 10% Aspd % 3 ~ 10% Increases critical damage 3 ~ 10% Increases healing skill 3 ~ 10% Increases ranged physical damage 3 ~ 10% Reduce after cast delay 3 ~ 15% The - End of Summer Egg is available once again! - Peony Hair Ornament - White Bear Ears - Ribbon Wig - Citrus Ribbon - DJ Neko - Fortune Scarf - Popcorn-Fro - Master of Dragon [M] - Baby Shark King - Sparkler Fountain - Sparkler Stick - Beach Ball - Bulgogi Riceball - Long Neko Wig - Short Neko Wig - Master of Wind [M] - Red Poring Letter - Baby Panda [L] - Sleepy Sheep [L] - Savage on Shoulder [L] Players can now start Episode 17.1 quests without doing Episode 16 content. Updated certain monsters' behavior to make them lose aggro after some time. Separated the Endeavor Token Shop in two sections: Gear and Consumables. Added the following items to the Endeavor Token Shop: - Shining Defense Scroll 30m - Shining DEF Scroll Box Summer Festival Fixed the Sing Along range from the Summer Festival to include the whole map rather than the center area. Fixed issues revolving around the Charge skill. Items Fixed the combo bonus of Black Circle and Alphoccio's Memory. Fixed an issue where Assaulter set was making players invulnerable. Updated Mystery Hat Box to include some of the new Nova Shop headgears. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds The newly implemented Stat Temporal Manteaus are disabled in Siege game modes until further notice. Renamed the Temporal Manteau from the Siege Shop to Warlord's Manteau. Its stats were unchanged. Fixed a bug with Guyak not being dispelled in fixed speed BG modes. Fixed a bug with reequipping and unequipping gear on BG Snowball. Fixed a bug with rewards for King of Emperium not being sent. Siege Commissioners Soul Reapers will no longer lose souls on death.
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    Hello everyone and welcome to another MH Dev Blog! In this blog we'll be going over some of our future plans for the current state of Monster Hunter. Keep in mind these can still be changed a lot prior to the actual release, but they serve to illustrate where our mindset is going forward. The Final 2-star Role Patch This patch will be the last big patch regarding role changes in MH which will affect 2 star hunts. You can expect a similar level of changes and improvements to our previous Healer Patch, but we will be looking over all the rest of the roles: Utility, DPS, and even slight adjustments to Tank. We may do follow up patches to tweak changes and fix some bugs but by all accounts this will be our last big patch related to Role balancing and MH 2 star content. As per our commitments to transparency, we will be releasing another Dev Blog closer to the patch explaining our rationale for the changes we've made, accompanied by the full patch notes, in order to get feedback and allow people to prepare ahead of time for the changes coming. So what is this patch going to contain? Well, we will be adding new content and improving on what is already implemented. Aside from additions and improvements, we'll also be focusing on fixing major bugs that have gone unfixed. For example, we will be fixing a major bug that affected Bombring's damage calculation negatively, when your stats increased. Another aspect of this patch will be to prepare for MH 3-star (or MH3 for short). This involves reviewing some of the alterations to skills, gear and other balancing we've made for MH. We want to remove or adjust some changes that are outdated or no longer necessary. We also want to bring back some nuances from some skills that were disabled or reduced in power such that each class will feel unique, useful and worthwhile. We are still discussing these changes internally, but we'd like to give you an example of some of these ideas. Here are some of the ongoing discussions, along with some of our favorite ideas, that are in development (so details may change): The 5-man party limit from Monster Hunter makes it difficult to accommodate two performers. This means Ensemble skills cannot be used at all, as most parties will have one performer. Therefore, we will allow usage of Ensemble skills without the need of a second performer -- however, at a lesser potency. If you're willing to bring dual performers, you will still gain the full bonus for those skills. For example, Invulnerable Siegfried when cast by dual performers increases Fire, Water, Wind and Earth resistances by 15%; when cast alone, the effect will be to increase 5% of each resistance instead. We're aware some Ensemble abilities won't work out as well but we will share more information in the next blog and we encourage everyone to join in our discussion and help steer development. Rogue's Raid is another example of a skill that is tricky to deal with. It is a powerful global damage increase and is something that Shadow Chasers rely on to be competitive damage wise. Unfortunately, the current change led to Shadow Chaser being an unpopular pick and hence reduces class diversity. Something we have strived to improve with this patch is promoting better class diversity. Simply increasing the numbers could lead to a scenario where many team compositions may feel compelled to take a Shadow Chaser due to the strength of the bonus. Instead, we are planning that Raid will increase damage done by all Shadow Chasers by 30% while retaining its current 10% global damage increase for any other class. Hopefully, this buff to Shadow Chaser damage, as well as the party-wide buff (at a lower potency) will make them a more attractive pick for party compositions. (We'll also be looking at expanding this behavior to similar abilities, for example, Comet's Magical Intoxication and Sorcerer's Insignias). Genetic's Red and Blue Herb Activators are simple damage increases that are available to everyone but felt out of place as a consumable inside the Savage Coast. Even before these items were implemented, our original MH item, Demon Extract, already served the same purpose as the "damage increase potion". We have received suggestions from players regarding this - namely to enable the Activators only if there's a Genetic present in the party which is definitely something worth considering. Another suggested that we reintroduced the skill Item Sling and enable Genetics to make throwable versions of Activators. We liked this suggestion as this also allows us to expand Item Sling functionality in the future to also include MH consumables, such as Hunter's Potion, Demon extract or even the newly released Herbal remedy. This addition to the Genetic's kit may even open the door to future discussions regarding the place of Genetics as a potential Healer role class, now with a much larger supportive kit at their disposal. All the above concepts are still open and we're really like to hear what you have to say about what we have planned so far. We greatly encourage everyone to head over to MH Suggestion Forums to share your ideas or constructive criticisms! We made the conscious decision to put a pause on most of our replies for suggestions - especially the ones which were not relevant for the Healer patch - but now that we've finished the Healer patch and follow-up patches, we'd love to hear what you all have to say for this last Role patch. With this thread, we hope that everyone can understand what kind of changes we're considering so that you can formulate your own suggestions and ideas around that basis. Solution to Long-term Invalidation of Content We have spoken previously about the need to come up with a long-term solution to the issue of growing power and the invalidation of difficult content along with it. Other MMOs have taken their own steps to ensure content is kept at a difficulty level that is not easily completed, even under the pressure of the increase in player power that comes with new patches and gear. For example, Final Fantasy XIV has level and gear sync that means your stats are pegged to that of the level range of the content. World of Warcraft has a similar system within Timewalking dungeons. We looked at these, and other, systems for inspiration so that we can build our own system for RO. The problem arises due to RO being both an old game and a not-very-well balanced game. Something like FFXIV's or WoW's system would be extremely time-consuming for us to implement, not to mention difficult to conceptualize, because there is no real way for us to know how powerful a player can be at any given level. We thought long and hard about the best system for RO - best for both us as developers and as players to actually play. After a lot of discussions and meetings we came up with a system we're fairly happy with: Dynamic Damage Adjustment (DDA). DDA works by reducing party-wide damage based on damage per second. As you deal damage to a mob with DDA active, the damage is not actively done to the mob and is instead stored until the calculation phase. The calculation phase happens every second (1 second) and adjusts the damage based on the thresholds we have set (more on that below) and then deals that damage to the mob. Therefore, the mob's health does not get reduced as you hit it but in one second intervals. Damage is reduced based on thresholds and reduction percentages. I think the best way to describe this is with the example of the DDA thresholds we will be using for the Cawful Trickster King this Halloween: Thresholds = 30m, 40m, 70m Reductions = 0%, 20%, 50%, 90% This means that all damage (party Damage Per Second) between 0 and 30m will not be reduced. Damage between 30m and 40m will be reduced by 20%. Damage between 40m and 70m will be reduced by 50% and finally any damage over 70m will be reduced by 90%. Here are some examples: Party DPS = 20m => post DDA damage = 20m Party DPS = 36m => post DDA damage = 30m + 4.8m = 34.8m Party DPS = 60m => post DDA damage = 30m + 8m + 10m = 48m ...and so on. We have made sure that it is always beneficial to increase your power level and deal more damage. At no point are you penalized for doing more damage - you will simply receive less benefit from more damage at certain thresholds. We are adding this system to the Cawful Trickster King for Halloween this year as a test run. We are expecting to implement DDA with MH3 but the CTK makes for an interesting testing grounds before we seek to roll out this system more widely. We are very keen to hear your opinions on this system, particularly how you feel about it and how it appears in game. Please let us know, either on the forums or on Discord, your thoughts and any suggestions for improvements. P.S. More on thresholds and how balance these numbers. These thresholds and reduction percentages were balanced based on the latest MH data from the months of August and September. We had nearly 3GB of data to analyze from over 30,000 MH runs. We had a lot of data to analyze, and we are certain that these thresholds will not affect the majority of players. In fact, we expect roughly 90% of people to never meet the first 30m DPS threshold themselves. However, DDA works off party-wide DPS and changes the context slightly; even so, we still expect the vast majority of parties to be unaffected by DDA. We will be keeping an eye on the data we collect to check if our assumptions are correct and will be using this data to inform our decisions on how DDA is balanced for future content. Pending public opinion and any changes made thereby, we're fairly comfortable with DDA's ability to limit power levels moving forward in a hands-off manner. Therefore, we are likely and will be happy to revert many custom balance changes that affected classes negatively come MH3. Last, but not least... That is all for this development blog, we're eager to hear your feedback and new ideas on the coming weeks before the Role Update goes live. Thanks for reading!
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    Patch Notes

    We crashed last night so our patch went in before planned. Here are some changes that came in with last night's reboot. Summer Festival Blocked skills which allow you to move while invisible inside the Summer Festival island. A new shop has arrived to the Summer Island (201, 146), Fabulous Fabrics. Reduced the price of the raffle buy-in from 2500 Summer Festival Coins to 1250 Coins. Added Mallory to the entrance of the island. She exchanges certain Summer Festival headgears into Pouring Keys. Fixed a number of issues with the Summer Concert. All of the playful effect items (ex Godly Elixir) from the Dutchman Booty shop have been reduced greatly in price. After the festival closes on October 1st we will be moving the Gourmeow Shop, Guitar Pick Shop, Produce Vendor and the Felyne Chef to The Crow's Nest, inside the Main Office. Additionally, we will be implementing two new exchangers revolving around the Felyne Chef. One will allow you to exchange gatherable ingredients such as Sugarcane or Island Chili. They will be separated into three different categories: Island Foraging Ingredients, Grotto Foraging Ingredients and Meat Ingredients. Ingredients can be exchanged for one another within the same category. The other exchanger will allow you to convert any of those gatherable ingredients into ingredient points. These points can be used to purchase any of the ingredients exclusively obtainable via the Farmer's Market. It's important to note that the exchange rate will be suboptimal, as purpose for this is to drain the extra ingredients and not have the item rotting in your storage. We highly advise everyone to take advantage of the original obtainment methods while the festival is open, as you will get a lot more value with vouchers created using summer coins compared to this new recycler. Features Added a new command: @view @view acts as a shortcut for existing commands which hide various things from your screen. @view cart - Toggle on/off your cart for everyone. @view pet - Toggle on/off seeing any pet. @view marble <0/1/2> - Toggles marbles on (0), hide them only for yourself (1) or hide all Dorams' marbles (2). @view hateffect <0/1/2> - Toggles hat effects. Community Suggestion Reduced the ask for the Festival Coins weekly quest from 11,000 to 9,000 Summer Festival Coins. Community Suggestion The Healer will now fully heal Homunculus' HP and SP. Community Suggestion Added an option to the Nutritionist to combine Rejuvenation Potions or Potions of Energy or their Mega counterparts into 30 minute versions of themselves. Community Suggestion We've doubled the capture rate of all pets. Additionally, every pet that still had its chance below 5% is now 5%. Developer's Note: We'll also be actively adding all pet tame chances to their respective taming items. Items Items that apply statuses when being physically attacked no longer apply them when hit by magic attacks. Fixed Black Circle's item bonuses. Fixed Heart Whip's item bonuses. Fixed Tidung's item bonuses. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Added a HomuncuBank to the Hall of Valor. Siege Commissioners Eira's Eraser Cutter and Xeno Slasher will now both have a 0.2 second cooldown in BG and WoE. Siege Commissioners Added a new King of Emperium timeslot. It will run on Wednesdays at 15:00. This slot is 6v6 only.
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    Personally not a big fan where the "challenging" content being basically just HP sponge monsters (6m++ HP normal mobs kekw). But since it's RO I guess there's nothing much you can do due to limitations. I'm just glad that they're pursuing to implement cash shop items in different ways possible and not just dump them in MH-related content.
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    We want to clarify that our previous policy of advising players to block the offending party by using the /ex command was put in place for a number of reasons. We're but a small team with around a dozen GMs, most of us focusing on server development and running events for our players. Not only that, but the great majority of us speak English exclusively, and are not well versed in the intricacies that each unique culture brings. The original player report made some assumptions about our understanding of political tensions in Brazil, which I can assure you most of us know absolutely nothing about. Once those things were explained to us properly, we were able to identify that the reported player was indeed breaking our rules and sent him a warning to cease the behavior. The character was renamed because while reviewing the case, I was made aware by one of our few Brazilian Game Masters that the character name had political associations, which are against the rules. On the subject of character names, we rely on player reports to deal with offensive nicknames. As you can see in our front page, [22,663] characters were created in the last 30 days alone. We cannot be expected to make sure every single one of those is appropriate, especially considering the variety of languages these character names can be created in. All of this said, as you can see by the latest reply to the ticket, we had just revised our decision one hour prior to this thread being created and sent a warning to the player. Not only that, we have decided to make it our official policy moving forward, where we will not only be advising players to block the reported player, but also deliver a warning to the offending player in an attempt to curb the behavior. Please do let us know if the behavior does not stop, as we can assure you we will take more drastic measures then. Ultimately, while we can try very hard to improve the ways players treat each other, the responsibility falls upon each and every one of us. In making future reports, we ask you to please provide as much information as possible, as while we may present the image of being all-knowing, we're individuals just like you are, and we're only familiar with our own experiences. We apologize for any misunderstandings that may have happened in this situation, and we hope you understand where we're coming from. Edit: I'm adding images of the entire support ticket in the spirit of transparency. I don't feel it's fair for out-of-context replies to be posted. https://i.imgur.com/HPnsOLe.png https://i.imgur.com/OOEDXUz.png https://i.imgur.com/qBgpsUN.png @Asdfghjr, if you'd rather I remove it, let me know and I'll get rid of it along with your screenshot.
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    Amazing how ppl ignore that u can make a 8 man party and that u dont need to do - and kill - all by yourself xD
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    I'm the guild leader of a LGBTQ+ guild for like 5 months from now and it's been a very pleasure time we've spent together since then. Some days ago we reported a guy who offended one of my guildies and nothing was done. The problem is that we always get insulted in game and it was the first time we decided to take an action about it. We provided prints with the proofs and also explained the insult was clearly because of the guild purpose (as usual, cause all these players do when they see our parties is harass us with homophobic shi*). The GM could take so many simple actions and I can list one or two that would take like 30 second to be taken. Like mute the guy for some hours, say in main chat that the server doesn't tolerate any kind of insult for sexual orientation or etc. But even with the proofs, the report was closed because aparently, according to the GM, the problem ís that the person insulted did not told the guy to stop. And two days after it happened we were surprised by a character rename. And the point is: And that's bad that we have to say it in here after all things that happens in this world like rapes and etc: That's like blaming the victim. There are so many offensive nicknames running around the server and nothing is done (And I think here is also an opportunity to thank GM Millefey for banning a NAZI guild with a NAZI emblem/guild name some weeks ago) . The gamer community has never been a safe place for anyone with all the toxicity and we all know about it. Mainly for the fake "freedom of speech" people think they have to insult others because they are on other side of the screen. I'll conclude that we have tolarated so many insults before, but I'll keep fighting for the freedom of a respectful and safe place wherever me and my guildies are.
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    Then what's the problem to make it more friendly to these 1-3? Considering it won't affect other classes at all. To make it even more "fine and balanced than anything else novaRO or Ragnarok overall has to offer". That's unnesessary gate that keeps some classes from playing that can be adjusted w/o harm to difficulty/balance of instance overall.
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    Heya, I'd just like to give you guys a quick update regarding the status of the instance. We've done the following changes so far (these changs are live). Increased the duration of the instance from 1 hour to 2 hours. Reduced the flee of multiple mobs, but have kept it for the Demented Archers. The Arrow Storm damage for Demented Archers has been reduced. The proc chance for Defender has been reduced greatly and should be more bearable (at least that's the goal). The Demented Maggot's HP has been slightly reduced. The defense and magic resistance for Memory of Gerhard have been greatly reduced. The following changes will apply most likely tonight, at 00:00, after we reload the instance. The entrance for the instance will be disabled for 2 hours while this happens. The Memory of Gerhard's mobs will be randomized rather than being only 1 type of mobs. This is to avoid a situation where you'd only get Demented Archers. The first encounter, in the locked zone at the entrance, will be spawning mobs slightly slower. Fixed a bug with the transformation of Gerhard at the final cutscene. The Pure Temporal Crystals will be given differently. By killing Root of Corruption, you will get 1 Pure Temporal Crystal and by killing Memory of Gerhard, you will get 2 Pure Temporal Crystals (instead of having all the rewards at the end only). Multiple parties have managed to complete the instance and we'll be looking into more feedback after the changes above are applied.
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    Sloane x Synthesis

    Wanderer and Geneticist Art Commission by: Lirenya ❤️☺️
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    Strongly disagree. Messing with existing content and making it more difficult has historically proven to cause very negative reactions from our playerbase, unless we attach some sort of additional rewards to compensate for the decrease in damage, which we're not ready to explore at this time. As for "avoiding any possible future bugs", bugs will happen regardless. We're human and mistakes are bound to pop up, but rest assured we'll be quick to address them!
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    At one hand people fine with elite classes be able to kill everything and crush it just like every other instance . on the other hand , same people have absolutely no problem with class diversity , flee blocking the weak classes are justice and those who affected all cry babies. how about some big crit shield and see how big of a noise those elite class can cry , like couple month ago. also , if reduce the archer’s flee, it won’t bring anything to change the pace of the top teams cuz they all use classes that ignore flee already. People say “ wut da hell you want to nerf it again go home cry babies” without even understanding , or care to understand what flee is. And say shit just for the sake of arguing. like I said , if the flee is in place to bring a real oghc experience, sure . But since it’s a custom instance , why not give more diversity and less gate . Also , at least kro non crit class have the option to stack perfect hit gears . On nova right now the only option is to pick other class .
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    I understand Conan's frustration that some extend classes such as doram and star emperor feel very much left out. In fact, since skill crit modifier being added into the game, any content that has high flee is likely to exclude classes with no crit. This is more of a kro game design flaw. As much as I hate to say this, but RO, at least since renewal, has always been a game where you have to gear up different classes for completing different content optimally, or cost-efficiently. Unfortunately for pvm it just sucks to play only one non-meta class. While non-crit classes and extend classes' concern over high flee mob are legit, I still believe making LGH easier this early after release for ALL classes isn't the best solution. It will end up just another instance can be completed by meta classes before a cup of coffee is brewed. The best potential of a private server is to supplement deficiencies of official content. It will be great to see Nova developers, in custom content, saving non-meta classes a seat while not making it too easy for meta classes.
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    I feel the changes were too much, I don't have anything against the flee change, because as someone said, some classes get affected a lot by it. But the other changes were... Unnecesary in my opinion. The content was released to be challenging and I think it should stay like that, I completed the instance with and without the changes, and now I can say it is a lot easier, which removes the "challenging" part of it imo. (I enjoyed a lot the first one, even if it was hard to do and needed coordination) If you don't want to undo the changes, it would be cool if we could have the option of playing a harder mode, for those who want to enjoy a good and "new" teamwork-needed contet.
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    We mentioned this in the past, Extended classes shadow gear was purposefully not included within the initial release of shadow gear for the existing 2 star monsters. At the time of making that decision, Star Emperor and Doram were actually the "Meta" classes and we did not want them to get an even further advantage with releasing the full set on day 1. That only supported our decision to try to mimic as much as possible, kRO's release time line for Shadow Gear with as few exceptions as possible. The decision was made over a year ago before even Garanth and Nyia were released. From our latest data, as surprising as it may seem, SE and Doram, in this past month, still rank somewhere around 3rd~5th place on average for the highest DPS in a successful Garronath or Nysori run. But you're right, it has been about a year and things have obviously changed drastically with the release of RK / GX rework, Crit changes, Level 200, and Edda Bio, extended classes started falling greatly behind in comparison especially outside of the MH environment. Unfortunately within that year, each of those individual patches required their own time to fully develop and release, which only further elongated the timeline. I think it's important to note that the finalized list of Shadow Gear set for the next release has been continuously updated taking all of the changes which have happened throughout this time and are not simply sticking to an outdated schedule that was developed over a year ago. By this point we had hoped that all of the existing Shadow gear in kRO was released by now and for not having that be the current reality, I apologize. As seen from LGH and MH, we strive to release as much gear as possible through our own original content to not be a server which throws gear out through the cash shop or a generic currency shop such as the Endeavor / GC shops, but that takes time, and sometimes longer than we anticipated. With that in mind we are also against the idea of expanding the gear available for monsters / instances which have grown old by now. It's the same reason Temporal Manteaus weren't just added as an additional reward to OGH. This is something that has been coming up a lot recently while working on LGH, now that our MH has been released, while we will continue to expand on it, we are also eager to create more content that isn't necessarily tied to MH with the purpose of releasing more gear from KRO which is originally cash shop-exclusive.
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    As main RK (a top meta class that's super tanky, hyper offensive, has melee and ranged builds, basically has zero weaknesses), i don't see the problem with reducing flee of Full Custom monsters to help Dorams and other non-meta classes to be at least useful. Let's be honest, people would still prefer top meta classes cause they're simply superior, giving a little push up to non-meta classes won't hurt anyone. Please keep the old changes that made the instance harder, but instead just reduce the flee of those monsters that keep Doram, SE, Sura and Rebellion from being useful as main DP.S.
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    As it seems the flee issue is already mostly pre-resolved by the fact that the current meta are already building towards crit/magic (or flee bypass). The high flee is not preventing some meta-builds from cheesing, but it seems to just exist to make seceral non-meta builds and classes to be even less valid. If the idea is to encourage various composition and builds, then Mandie's suggestion is good; to peg it to reasonable flee and still give agi up at low chance so that sorcs can dispel or something. This is much akin to current archer's use of Defender, the archers dont come with pre-casted Defender but only triggers at a low chance. At least there are possible challenges poses with high flee, and can be counteracted with good team coordination. While it is easy to say that other team members can cover what dorams cant do, in reality parties dont even give chances for classes that has apparent flaw in their runs (afterall the Archer posed the greatest threat in the instance too). Why recruit a class that doesnt tackle your greatest concern (other than bosses)?
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    The most elegant solution with high flee will be: Reduce natural flee to bearable numbers, but add an agi up to mobs so they can get flee you took from them. Opens an instance for no-crit/flee bypass/magic dps classes, but also requires party play to dispell agi up. Not like any of meta classes pays any attention to the amount of flee mobs have. Instance won't become easier because of this (meta classes still do much more damage, and this change does nothing for them anyway), but at least classes like doram, SE, rebel and dps sura can try to play it.
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    don't make it more easier.. maybe just reduce flee and let it cast AGI UP.. and make it a bit more harder.. cuz at this point.. if it become easier with the said changes, it will be duo-ble .. we already ran with 1 DPS and with that.. you will see its possible to finish with 1 DPS and duo/solo will be possible with incoming changes
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    KRO main server will get the update very soon ( in 5 days ), and they also have released the official art for 4th classes. Dragon Knight Imperial Guard Inquisitor Archmage Elemental Master Meister Biolo Cardinal Shadow Cross Abyss Chaser Wind Hawk Troubadour/Trouvere
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    Out of curiosity - what was the reason of reducing 11k to 9k sfc? There were plenty of reasonable requests/suggestions like 2 months ago and they all ended up being rejected (the staff team itself said there is no plan to reduce this requirement any further) but decision has been made pretty much just now. Why?
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    Final sprite arrived at KRO Sakray server today. Dragon Knight's Mount Imperial Guard's Mount Wind Hawk's some skills also have buffed, like Elemental Master's, but lets take a look the sprite of Prime Elemental Spirit. Prime Elemental Ardor Prime Elemental Diluvio Prime Elemental Procella Prime Elemental Terremotus Prime Elemental Serpens ABR system is upgraded, now they will deal stronger damage to aid the meister and give new buff effect. ABR Battle Warrior When summoned, Meister will gain continuous buff to increase Power Swing damage, and splits damage display to 2 hits. ABR Dual Cannon When summoned, Meister will gain continuous buff to increase Knuckle Boost / Vulcan Arm / Arm Cannon damage to twice. ABR Mother Net Support type ABR, can do aoe heal and recover SP. ABR Infinity the most powerful ABR, meister's ultimate skill. Biolo also get the same treatment, Biolo's summons are the real deal cause how hard hitting their skills are, such able to make end game dungeon monsters like in Abyss 4 equal with walking Poporing. but lets take a look the sprites. Creeper Wooden Warrior When summoned, Biolo will gain continuous buff to increase Cart Tornado and Cart Cannon. Wooden Fairy When summoned, Biolo will gain continuous buff to increase Spore Explosion damage. Hell Tree
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    Anyone who use internet for the past few years knows there will be no end to this once one party starts to dictate what offends them. Today's trigger words are abc, tomorrow's are xyz. It will be a huge toll on admins to regulate player speech. 5 years ago this whole Woke thing might be able to guilt tripping people. It's 2020 now and honestly people are tired of it. This is a private server of an almost 20 year old game. Please publicize your sexuality elsewhere and leave us alone.
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    I want to clarify. I don't have "pride" being gay, just like most straight people don't have pride being straight. They just don't care. Being gay for me is irrelevant and doesn't define me in the least (nor should it define you, for that matter), but I digress. Also not gonna lie, I'm a bit tilted you're surprised and sad of what I said, because I told you I was gay. That's a bit messed up, and quite ironic. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and pretend that was just poorly written. Now you're reaching. Your character had a political name, which is against the rules. You got renamed for it. You can easily change it afterwards, takes 2 seconds, and is far from being a punishment. Don't try to make this worse than it actually is... I didn't blame the victim for getting insulted, no. I "blamed" the victim for not showing clear proof that he wasn't okay with what happened to the other player, and that the GMs can't know that. Didn't think I needed to clarify that point. Anyhow, the player got punished. Hopefully you've learned something from this and the next time a situation like that happens, you'll know what to do. I'd also expect an apology from you towards the staff, that would be the right thing to do, but I don't think that's gonna happen, now is it?
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    Thank you @Nova for clarifying and for the time to understand about the problem. I suggest the other gamers in this topic to do the same.
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    why you guys are throwing the blame for the victim? the only guilty here is the guy who said this things to our friend! stop blame us of being who we are!
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    As mentioned with-in the post "Therefore, we are likely and will be happy to revert many custom balance changes that affected classes negatively come MH3." With that being said we will be announcing what the specifics of those changes will be when it is ready but we will be again revisiting all of those changes individually and tuning for that new environment.
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    This is a dev blog I'm very pleased to hear about since it concerns leftover classes, I hope not only these classes will be changed and the bigger picture will be taken into consideration as we all know that a lot of classes aren't performing that well except sometimes extremely geared ones (and I hope you fixed the heal part for the non-healer roles ! ). Keep up the good work !
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    That's basically a hard reset to the info saved in your computer related to how you connect to the internet. And some of this stuff isn't exactly needed. » You don't really need to ping the server in the first two steps. That's just in case you really need to be sure of how bad your internet is at the moment. /ping in game does the same. » You don't need to generate a log to check what it's happening since I'm sure nobody here cares about what it produces and wants to analyse it (c:\resetlog.txt <<<this part). If one has the modem/router/hub connected for ages and never ever unplugged it to acquire new info/do updates to its firmware/whatever companies do nowadays with them, that's a way to correct some issues without actually unplug it. I don't deal that much with this nowadays but let's see if I still remember it well enough. Usually if you notice some trouble to connect to some websites, you can simply: » Open CMD and type ipconfig/flushdns since the dns may be fetching wrong info/corrupted and fail to connect to servers due to that. If that fails, you can try to force the connection to get new info to use. » Open CMD and type ipconfig/renew (and wait for it to end) If both fails, then yes, you should do a: » Open CMD and type netsh int ip reset (if I remember it well, you may need to change that ip to ipv4 or ipv6 to make it work with some ISPs) to force the computer to reset the protocols being used and how it connects to the internet. If there is still some issues, you then go for: » Open CMD and type netsh winsock reset this gives a reset to the settings saved on your computer to deal with the protocols and how connects to the internet or something like that. Both netsh commands require you to restart your computer (or used to be like this, I think I never used this on win 10 so I have no clue about it there).
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    these cats users are so crybabies LOL.. they already made cats OP in MH with any build healer/DPS/tank/utility (because of their cries) asked for @spam = given.. asked for healer role = given lul .. now you want it to be OP in every instance? genetic users didn't cry in MH seeing how shit they were before.. now they finally have a place where they can fully utilize.. and still cats cried.. nothing new lol
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    ??like gx rk ranger gene gives a crap about how much flee the mobs have . The only thing 700 flee dose is blocking a group of already underwhelming classes which either don’t crit , dont bypass hit check, or dont do magic . If this is try to mimic the kro experience - choose those superior classes to play - well done . If not , what is the point ?
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    I was very excited when the new instance came out, me and several other players were waiting for something like this and it brought back some players to do it together.. Now i'm kinda sad to see that those changes will be made (in my opinion, unnecessary, cause its beein very possible with a good planned party) :s In the first day there was ppl doing it in 35mins, in a few days they probably will be doing it duo or even solo.. sigh
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    Just to give you a scope of what the mounts look like sprite wise. RG Vanilla: RG Alt Outfit Chicken: IG Outfit Chicken: Basically everything but the head comes in a single sprite.
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    I really liked the content. I went back to the server 4 ~ 5 months ago and it is the first time since then that something really seems challenging to me, where you can't just kill everything super fast, it is necessary that the group is articulate and that there are strategies. And for me that is everything the server needs in terms of PVM. Many of my friends were extremely excited in the same way. I was also very excited about the idea that the staff intends to continue making content like this. Ah, I also liked the visuals of the mobs and the interactions of the NPCs, some better than things that Gravity itself does today (have you seen the mobs that will come with the 4 classes? Haha), so I think efforts like this should be noted . I notice some players asking to make it easier because the content is " " "elitist" " ", and, well, if you don't want / can't / don't like that content, you have all the rest of the game, which is already tremendously easy, and eventually you will be able to go LGH without any problems. Another point to be said is that we do not even have two days of instance. To say that it is difficult and to ask for changes at this point would be tremendously precipitous ... If you have a "very difficult" difficulty now, you will soon learn how to do the instance (strategy, group setups, etc.) and you will have an "Ok" difficulty, and in the same way, if you get the average difficulty now, it will soon be very easy. We can still consider, with a macro view, that becoming the simple instance to be made, you will quickly have numerous garments +12, which, modestly, I see as problematic for the economy, for the endgame and for the health of the server in the long deadline. I believe it would be better if the item only started to be accessible (cheap) when the next equipment are close to arriving, to keep players active and with the progression of items healthy. With that in mind, I see no reason for nerfs or anything like that. The "flee" factor prevents (or at least makes it difficult) a class to kill absolutely everything, so I think it is valid to remain, as well as everything else. It is necessary to realize that these details that may be bothering you are what, in the end, will make people form groups in fact, instead of going solo / duo / trio and not calling more people (simply because you don't need to). The content can be challenging, it just has to be molded to what the game allows (I also believe that any content that you need to focus on and think about, even a little, is already different and good at this point)
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    I am ok with high flee mobs. It's supposed to be difficult. And this is only the 2nd day. It takes some time for people to come up with optimal strategies and team comps. At first it sucks to be classes that don't have crit modifier. But there are classes that can reduce flee, and consumables and gears that increase hit. Maybe down the line we will want to have reroll option on enchant. But again it's only the 2nd day so we will have to wait and see how it goes.
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    I believe that PvM was in need of something a little more challenging and that it would be very good to really continue bringing content in that sense. It looks great.
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    Hi ppl My name is Leon, im from Mexico(Mexicali at 15 min of Calexico CA US) , 27 years , gamer since was kid, i REALLY love Fire Emblem Games haha xD, i played RO , but about 10 years ago, on another server (Atlantis), was fun my early game but i dunno.. i just played for a couple of months and quit But recently a friend invited me to NovaRO, his name is Gernoz and .. omg this game is a JEWEL, i mean.. everything on the game is very nice, very clean, nice sprites, good quality, good content, dammm ! haha ♥ I really hope to have a very nice time here, make a new friends, have a cool time and have fun on WoE´s , Instances and etc . Regards !
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    like u said why this with all the scars, the pinnacle of a mature and moscular body (so hard that when they flex muscle they bleed) so feared that they actually call them monsters, with their beef u can feed Lightalzen slums, they choose to leave monks way cuz for suras monks and champs are chumps. And he choose to be back? and be an Inquisitor? whyyyyyyyyyyy! i feel sad cause u know for me star emperors and suras are two face of the same coin, u know one use savage power unbounded and the other cosmic power but more bounded both in the name of martial arts. Star Emperor and Suras best buddy. but now gravity was like "nah let's make a priest who punch people, fate has that u know"
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    My first Perfect score on Summer Concert:
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    What's the most important stats to consider? race resist, acd, or hp pool? Would +9 guard cap be a good one for tank doram
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    few days ago (8/28) GM Zarok said inside the game that the game were supposed to be a place for fun and forget reality, I completely agree with what he said, that is why homophobic comments should not be accepted at all, the game is supposed to be a safe place for everyone
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    This... is quite the usual response I'd expect? They don't know your relationship with the other player. They don't know if he's a friend of yours, if he's just kidding with you, if it's a first time thing, etc. You have to prove to them that you've tried to make this behavior stop somehow. Tell the guy to stop, you don't like being called whatever he's calling you, at least /ex him I dunno. When you've done that, they can punish the guy for harassment and whatever you're hoping for. If they started punishing players for every single thing they said on a daily basis, they'd never be done lol. Also I'm pretty sure there are many gay GMs on the staff already? There are new GMs now, but there were at least 4 active gay GMs in my days that I knew of, so no I don't think "NovaRO's vision" has a problem with the LGBTQ+ community. But as they said themselves, it all ends up to your tolerance. Me and a couple of my friends are gay on the server, we're not shy about it, people know, we join parties, and I've never had that kind of issue. We don't really give a shit nor think about it? I dunno. If someone was spamming that next to me, I'd be annoyed, but first of all I'd think he's retarded and make fun of him instead. He'd... be the laughing stock, I'd even expect that from the Prontera princeses. Anyway, it seems to be like you're trying to stir up drama or something. The GMs told you what to do, do it, get them punished, and let's move on. Seems pretty simple to me.
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    As much as I want to agree with you on that case, I think running around with an LGBT flag with a name probably containing LGBT, is digging your own grave. While you totally have the right to be what you want to be and I totally respect it, screaming on top of roofs what you are will indeed attract dumb people who know nothing but throw hatred at people different from them. Actually a ton of stuff is done, I see very commonly people getting renamed but the staff can't look manually at all the characters of 4000+ players to see which one is bad, it works on player reports mainly. There is actually so much stuff done by the GMs behind the scene but a lot of players are unaware of the work they got which is literally a job time-wise for some of them.
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