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    As the only TGK RK in the server, I have the gear to deal more DPS with DB than every other RK in the game. If I'm so much better than everybody else, why should I need to share my rewards with a shitty bard who only uses bragi while I put in all the effort by using a single skill repeatedly? Honestly, it's ridiculous that I have to rely on an obsolete non-trans skill like Bragi to be better than everybody else. Yes, Bard does have some other skills but honestly I don't need them to clear content anyway so it's not worth sharing my rewards with a disgusting support. This is why I think we should add a Bragi Scroll. Yes, it's better than an MVP Card, but let's face it, Kiel card is a meme and there's no reason to use it anyway. It's natural that new content will be stronger than irrelevant old content. Plus, on kRO they have shadow sets with this effect, so it isn't custom anyway. Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing a Bragi Scroll in game soon.
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    Hi there! My name is Carmine and me 'n my good pal Ninishio where chilling last Wednesday when we decided we where going to speedrun some RO cosplays! (I really hope it's ok to post this in the art category eep) We figured we'd make two of our Nova in-game characters but then in the alt. outfits(which neither of us has at this point oops): (My wanderer and his GX) So we had a time limit of 2 days and planned a photo shoot last Saturday. We made a planning for the 30 hours we had(keeping 18 hours for sleep and food) and did the best we could in that short time! I personally did most of the sewing and small details, Ninishio made the base of the armour and we then detailed and painted it together. In the end we went for the default black & red alt. GX colours because the in-game palette of black with more black didn't work out too well in real life. Without further ado, here are some of the results from the photo shoot! (within spoiler tags bcs large) In the end we couldn't add all the details we had wanted but we're pretty happy with the results! Both costumes will be properly finished at a later point but we greatly enjoyed challenging ourselves c: I personally plan to make a few more RO cosplays next year, might post those here if there's any interest in it~ Credit to our photographer: https://www.instagram.com/kaleidoscopy_creative_works/
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    So I guess I shouldn't get rewards when you play rebel since I only have to use bragi and windmill every 60 seconds, so then you should avoid getting me or any minstrel in your party and see how you do then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well it's not like I quadruple your damage output with a single skill but since I can be replaced by an alt client I'm not worthy of rewards.
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    Hey there everyone ! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ I just recently got back here after a long inactivity and playing again got me excited to draw some RO art! I love the new sprites for the AB and Mech. I'm here to share some of them and maybe open an art shop in the future. I'm still not really sure how to price my art so for now here's an art thread! Sorry for all these ABs. I mostly play as support >< I'll post new RO art over here if I do get to draw more soon!
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    "Want your boat Georgie? And a balloon? I've got red and green and yellow and blue." IGN: 1000 Zeny Per Bragi/ Shuu
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    -The Phantom of the Opera is there~ Inside my mind~ IGN-GraveGhost
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    Here's Johnny! IGN: O X D
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    So I'd like to suggest another method of obtaining those demonic ashes. Maybe it's just for me, but i think its far too difficult to obtain demonic ashes right now, probably because it relies solely on luck but the problem is we only have 4 chances to drop it PER DAY.. I've already done the instance more than 30 times (in 1 account) and yet got only 3 demonic ashes after all those runs. So because of that, I'm suggesting for the staff to add one more way to obtain those, since its account bound, we could use something like trading 1.000 Lost Souls = 1 Demonic Ashes (or something like that, we could accept more suggestions on what to do to obtain it)
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    The King's Return

    The Trickster King has made his appearance once again! Speak to Demon Hunter Hector for details. The Trickster King resides within the Twisted Courtyard, a demonic realm that has been imbued by Hel's power, resulting in many changes on combat mechanics within. Note that you may enter the instances as many times as you'd like, but you will only obtain rewards for each mode 4 times per day per account. Both the Trickster King and the Twisted Trickster King drop a variety of new loot, including hats and King's Treasures! The Halloween Event will end November 14th. Normal Mode Effects No item requirement. An improved version of Loki's Elixir is available for use. Elemental resistances are capped to 75%. Movement speed is limited. The Trickster King's power blocks the use of many skills and items, listed below. Party size limit of 8. Party members are able to die a total of 16 times before the King's power overwhelms the heroes and the battle is lost. SP regeneration is improved inside. @refresh cannot be used while fighting the Trickster King Twisted Mode Effects Entrance requires 1 Spirit Shard per player in party. (Drops exclusively from the Twisted Trickster Realm) All of the effects from Normal Mode. Neutral resistance is reduced by 10%, and all other elemental resistances are reduced by 15%. The Twisted Trickster King is significantly more challenging than the normal Trickster King. Skills Disabled (In both Normal and Twisted): Trap Skills Volcanic Ash White Imprison Manhole Bound Trap Thorn Trap Vacuum Extreme Ankle Snare Fiberlock Bloody Lust Painkiller Defensive Skills Steel Body Pnuema Safety Wall Zephyr Neutral Barrier Cicada Skin Shed Elemental Shield Fire Expansion Level 4 Movement Skills Snap Back Slide Feint Bomb Emergency Escape Castling High Jump Shadow jump Mech Front Slide Mech Back Slide Fallen Angel ( Movement reduced to 1 ) Shadow jump Flying Side Kick Warg Dash Illusion-Shadow Lope Dispell Skills Banishing Buster Dispell Pile Bunker Dispell Etc. Skills Unlimit Intense Telekinesis Dark Claw Scar of Tarou Spell Breaker Sense Plant Cultivation Greed Piety Acid Demonstration Items Disabled (In both Normal and Twisted): Deviling Card Angeling Card Ghostring Card Tao Gunka Card Golden Thief Bug Card Nightmare Amon Ra Card Medium Life Potion Patch Notes Features Added new Halloween Hats to Loki's Shop Added an automatic exchange to Loki for the 2016 Halloween Coins. Implemented ~300 New Body Palettes Added Alpaca Hood Quest (rachel) Added Miraculous Blue Rose Quest (lighthalzen) Skills You can no longer use Flying Side Kick while under statuses such as Stone Curse, Frozen, etc. Lope can now be used in PVP once more. The Doram passive skills will be fully disabled in PVP/BG/WoE. Boss protocol monsters will finish their walking movement when trapped with Ankle Snare. Reverted, pending discussion. Fixed Fresh Shrimp's heal formula. Both Renovatio and Fresh Shrimp will now tick immediately instead of having to wait a full cycle. Crazy Weed now removes Wall of Fog. Fixed the heal formula, please view this bug report for more information: Post Maintenance Changes: Created a wiki guide: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Trickster_King's_Invasion_(2017_Halloween) Changed the mechanics for Spirit Shard farming from a low drop chance, to 100% chance once you clear a room in the Twisted Trickster Realm. Increased the frequency of Town Invasions by a lot. Also added them to @events Decreased the number of King's Essences required by Hector to exchange for Devil Wings (both) Decreased the price of Lost Femur in Loki's Shop. Increased the number of Creepy Critters that spawn. Every player that beats The Twisted Trickster King for the first time will now get a new hat, exclusive to this fight. (Image coming soon) Disabled Scar of Tarou inside the Twisted Courtyard. Increased the Death Limit inside the Twisted Courtyard from 16 to 24. Fallen Revenants in the Twisted Courtyard will no longer be able to avoid Physical Attacks. Fallen Revenant HP has been decreased by about 20%. Fallen Revenant sight range has been increased.
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    This thread is being derailed now and people are mostly only posting jokes and off-topic replies. Because of this, it will now be locked. We have yet to fully read the thread and do not have a formed a collective opinion on this matter yet. Before reading the thread, I'd like to mention that based on the title alone, I personally do not like the suggestion much. But we will be reading over the thread and discussing the points made inside at a later time.
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    Although the original point of this thread is long gone, Min has already made a post trying to give reasoning for why those scrolls wouldn't be bad to have. Last year he wanted Aspersio scrolls because he didn't want to make holy crimson weapons and before that he wanted FCP scrolls because BG was too hard for him on other classes. So, to say that no one would ever suggest that when it's already happened several times including in this thread, well, lol.
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    In-Game Name: ReeZy "ReeZy the Dragon, as he prepares to attack the next town."
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    Watch out when you go to the park For he who lurks in the dark He doesn’t meow, he bark Hark, It’s a shark! IGN: Roomba SharkCostume Cat
  17. 6 likes
    Hi ho heyo so I thought I’ll start a feedback topic about the Halloween event that just ended. I’m sure there are other players out there who share my sentiments, and players that have completely different thoughts and reaction to this year’s Halloween events. You’re all invited to share your thoughts here. So the good stuff: Personally, I’m pleased that there’s a challenging PvM content that gets people to party up and tackle it together. The lengthy list of skill restrictions were kinda “wut?” at first but as time goes on and players learn more about the mechanics of TTK, it turns out to be pretty fun. TTK got classes that usually are not called up for group PvM content to show up and shine. I’ve partied with some great WLs, Sorcs, Oboro, RG, RK, and GX. They deserve love too. Trickster Realm overhaul. Lots of enemies that are weak to Holy in Trickster Realm this year, and as an AB player I absolutely love it. Last year I had to farm Spirit Shards with another conventional DPS class (rango, rebull). This year I was able to farm a lot of Spirit Shards on my own with my AB, and be the sugar mommy and made it rain shards share them with my guild mates so we can all run TTK together. Shout out to my sugar daddy Rei for sugaring me Spirit Shards on the last day of the event! Some stuff that made me go “ why?": TTK party size being limited to 8 members. I suppose the idea started off as some kind of expansion of Deserted Island’s system (more party members, higher death count limit) with an added “dodgeball” mechanic (for lack of a better word) and stronger minion spawns. Still can’t help but wonder why only 8 party members when TK in 2016 Halloween didn’t have such restriction IIRC. Demonic Ashes were character bound and required to make account bound costume garments. After a few days Demonic Ashes were changed and become account bound. I wonder if this was an oversight, and what was the thinking behind making Demonic Ashes character bound in the first place. In my opinion this was as bad as Jolly Roger materials from Octopus Prince (Blue Tentacles) being character bound, while the costume hat is actually trade-able. I don’t want to be the person who has to say this but I feel like the development team did not consider several simple facts: Some players own different job classes. For example, although I main AB, I also own other job classes. Some players do not have a fixed group to run instances with. For example, due to timezone reasons and personal schedules/RL responsibilities, sometimes I have to join a different guild to run TTK, or join randoms. Some players play different job classes to fill in whatever role is needed in an instance party. For example, a lot of TTK parties often have the roles of Minstrel and AB already filled, which is why I frequently run as Doram for TTK… despite the fact that I main an AB and I’m more confident playing an AB or a Minstrel than a Doram. I’m generally willing (and able!) to change classes for TTK depending on the party’s needs but when Demonic Ashes were still char bound, I had to stick with my Doram for TTK parties. It’s not like it’s the end of the world but it was certainly inconvenient. The difficulty of farming Spirit Shards on the first day they were released, and the difficulty level of TTK. The way I see it, there was a pretty steep learning curve to TTK, and it took some difficulty tweaks, skill restriction changes, Spirit Shard drop system change, and lots of trial and error before players were able to figure out tactics to clear TTK. While the fixes were swift, I still wonder if there was another oversight in terms of estimating how steep the learning curve was. Implementing Halloween event in phases. If I recall correctly, last year it was Loki’s Halloween Coin Exchange Shop that were expanded as the event goes on. Tower of Trickery and Trickster King were available for most of Halloween 2016. This year, the Tower is not accessible, and Trickster King is only available for about… two weeks? I don’t understand this change and frankly I don’t like it. Hiding details about normal TK, TTK, and its minions. I would like an explanation for this, and not something like “We don’t want other private servers to copy us,” or something obvious like “We don’t want players to immediately cheese our custom-made content by viewing detailed monster information and drop rates.” The not so good stuff: The lack of Tower of Trickery. The mini games were a wonderful way to decompress from all the farming and Trickster King carnage. It was also much friendlier to under-geared newbies. I would like an explanation of why it was not accessible. The terrible timing of certain parts of the event. It’s very unfortunate that October 31st happened on a Tuesday this year, and it’s such a shame that it was the only day when players can do trial-and-error runs of TTK without farming or buying Spirit Shards. I was wondering why it couldn’t be done on Saturday or Sunday (October 28-29 or November 4-5). I guess it coincides with WoE and Monthly PvP tourney but it’s not like WoE and PvP tourney last all day long. I feel that little care was given regarding the timing of some parts of the events. I’m certain that there are players who are very much interested in participating in the event but are unable to fully enjoy it, because it coincides with their school/work schedules. TTK clumps players into 2 groups; well-geared players who are part of an organized group or guild that can run it regularly and with a high enough success rate to farm coins and materials, and players who are not. There’s some truth when players say the main part of this event is not inclusive to all players, and TTK is not for under-geared newbies. Some Trickster Realm mobs. I think they’re designed with specific ideal method(s) and specific composition of job classes to clear them but some mobs are just… so unnecessarily extra??? I absolutely hate it when 2 or more Dark Illusion-like enemies spawn and they start continuously summoning swords (Executioner, Ogretooth/Tirfing, Mysteltainn). The Tiyanak-like mobs are also somewhat over-the-top; one of them is no big deal, two or more of them spawning close to the entrance would be an almost deal-breaker. Multiple Tiyanak and Dark Illusion spawning on the entrance? Excuse my French but fuck that I’ll just wait out the 5 minutes and find another Wandering Spirit, thanks. For context, I ran Trickster Realm using a class that does better when fighting enemies one by one instead of mobbing enemies (Adoramus AB), so other players may have different opinions about this. Hector’s costume garments being behind a wall of RNG. Yes, they’re optional, cosmetic rewards but it essentially rewards luck over anything else. Some players who made their costume garments may argue that they ran TTK every single day and they got the reward they deserve, and would probably say it’s worth it and it’s fair. On the other hand I’ve seen players who did the exact same thing, and yet they got nothing, or they fall short of making the costume garment. Is it any wonder that they’re upset when they put the same (or maybe even more) level of effort but gained little to no reward? I suppose players can take some solace in the fact that (according to GM Panic) we’re allowed to keep Demonic Ashes after the event ends and maybe try again next year. Still sucks tho. In any case, I’m gonna miss dodgeball with the old fart! And once again, I’m inviting you to share your thoughts and feedback about the Halloween event. Like it, hate it, tell me all about it.
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    Patch Notes

    Features The Halloween Event has ended. The Proof of Loyalty shop and the Gold Coin Vending Machine have merged! Check out the new store inside our Main Office, next to the Daily Rewards NPC. Gold Coins from Daily Rewards have been increased by 25%. (From 15 ~ 25 to 20 ~ 30) The Gold Coin to Cash Point conversion rate has been changed to 15 Gold Coins for 100 Cash Points. All existing Proof of Loyalty have been converted into Gold Coins at a 2:1 ratio. Automated the Monster Races event. (Runs at 00:00 and 10:00) Daily Reward Calendar: All Proof of Loyalties have been replaced by Yggdrasil Berries. All Gold Coin prizes have been increased by 5. Skills Ignition Break no longer randomly breaks your shields. Renovatio can now be copied by Shadow Chaser's Reproduce. Shield Chain is now considered to be a melee attack instead of ranged. Illusion Doping range decreased from 7 to 1. Castling Cooldown changed to 1 second. Monsters Updated Faithful Manager's item drops. Implemented Moscovia, Faceworm, and Sarah's Memory cards. Moscovia Cards Faceworm Nest Cards Sarah's Memory Cards Items Added Infinite Giant Fly Wing to the Cash Shop. (1,000 CP, 2 hour duration)
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    hey everybody, moneybalanced here looking for a brand new minstrel to join my ultimate support roster. being part of the mumbananaman's support team is an awesome opportunity for you to get to play with ragnarok online's most professional DPS player. being part of my team has some requiresments you must be dedicated to the support role and not attempt to do any damage whatsoever as it'll make it harder for viewers to see my damage. you must relinquish all past, present and future items to me so that I can afford to upgrade my items to make the stream a better experience for me you must follow a strict fashion policy that involves wearing costumes that resemble wings. please post replies here if interested thank you
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    Min and his fans vs whole server, war, war never changes. On topic, idc about scrolls as long as they dont work inside woe, bg and pvp overall. As by me +/- 20 perc dmg in pvm doesnt make any difference anyways, since all instances we have right are already soloable in like 15 mins.
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    You can argue that Weapon Perfection is not exactly the best buff, but it's not exactly the skill itself people have a problem with, it's just putting more skills on consumables. if this did get through, what's stopping people from requesting a large range of beneficial scrolls, like FCP, Quagmire, Aspersio, Striking, all the other blacksmith buffs, etc? Weapon Perfection scrolls are only being requested just so Min doesn't need to bring a mechanic around with him, so why can't there just be every buff in the game in scroll form or every useful debuff skill in scroll form so that people don't need to bring anything extra if they don't have to? That's the logic people are trying to argue against this, because you can't exactly add one skill consumable because one person doesn't want one class tagged along with him when you could use that logic for every skill in the game.
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    -1 on scrolls -1 on autocasting headgear shenanigans +1 on fixing Mado Mech to be more reliable inside parties a.k.a. usable skills on Mado. Or anything that makes Mech usable in party plays. Also +1 in fixing instances rewards. We need more party content not solo stuff. We want MMORPG not some single player online game.
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    "The Exorcist" Before I head on down to Payon to break everything upgrade my desired equipment. I ask my friend to exorcize some spider walking vomit spewing evil demons for good luck. IGN: Tiny B
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    WoE Stats are very very useful to guild leaders when evaluating the performance of individual members to give suggestions to them. I feel like including Speed Potions Used in those stats would benefit leaders quite a lot so that they can identify possible problems with their roster and work on fixing them.
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    First time using magic oboro and decided to try it out on Trickster King.
  26. 5 likes
    Hi there I'm new to this server, the first thing I sought was art forum! Because I love Ragnarok Online since 2005, and love what this server to it, I'd like to share my art that perhaps there are guys who've seen these... God knows from where Anyways, long story short, here's my arts these ones older I will try to enjoy myself here Good day for everyone
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    Helloooo everybody, Deegs here and today I am going to be discussing aboot this 17 page thread as I was enjoying my nice morning coffee! Let me get this right with this recap, the original purpose of this thread was to "fix the damage gap between weapons because of size modifiers so other weapons can be used" and then your solution is to add a WP scroll because kRO did it. Then when some people counter-argue that if you want the buff of WP "in an instance" you should alt client a mechanic to get the buff. Pretty simple, quite logical. ....but then, for some reason you decided to put your pvm cape and hard-hat on to counter argue that classes which don't do anything more than press 1 button shouldn't be worthy of rewards. Our beloved dyfer gets hit right in the gut, you tell him on the very first line you would have replaced him long time ago if all he did was just use bragi, but of course you make it better by complimenting him afterward. The core problem with this entire suggestion is that you're using the "damage table" as an excuse to want a damage buff `in your try-hard` instance runs, you mention GX as a prime example and you also pair it up with claiming that OGH-H is the hardest instance to clear in the server (besides bio labs ofc!) when GX can't even kill amdarais, to begin with. tl;dr -1 no for the suggestion this is an mmo, if you're not willing to go through the "hassle" to get that sweet 15~30% damage increase then don't do it, after all, you're the one who brought a SC to an OGH run for berzerk
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    All this topic are full of messages like "SCROLLS ARE OP SHIT DO NOT ADD" and "SUPPORT CLASSES WILL BE USSLESS WITH THEM". But idk where problem them if they will be usable only in PVM , killing boss ~10% faster will not change the game, no1 will really take mechanic in party just to use WP on dps class so its not affecting popularity of mechanics in partyes. The same thing about Aspersio scrolls, before topic about asp scrolls closed with reason "AB will be ussless" BUT i dont really remember the last time i really needed aspersio as dps class or needed to give it while playing AB in my mind there only 2 exceptions who actualy can be needed in asp scrolls its GX and doram(even GX has acces to holy property so its not even big deal), ABs being accepted in partyes for active buffing\healing\tanking\saving(pneuma\SW). And even with those reasons ppls who wants do SOLO , WILL STILL DO SOLO and you cant change it, and it will not increase numbers of players that will say "HEY YOU AB , I DONT NEED YOUR ASPERSIO GO AWAY FROM MY PARTY". Why i was talking about asp scrolls? Just to explain problem on more popular class(AB) that they will be still viable(not even less vialbe with scrolls) even with scrolls, and the same thing will go to mech, if some1 will need neutral barrier\stealth field or just good tank they will take mech anyway if WP scrolls will exist or not. as summary you can just insert midnight comment "if they not works in PVP its not a big deal", the only thing what will happend after adding WP\Asp scrolls its only that ppls will start use different weapons in pvm, for example that min gived its JDR that affected by size mod and also neutral(while you can just get holy crimson) P.S. talking about alt AB\mech or others, right now almost any popular instance(OGH, wolfcheav lab, Demon god) gives extra rewards for using alt char so its kinda stimulate ppls to grab them, and scrolls could decrease number of alts used in instances. So its even better to add them
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    To summarize: A person who never plays support class is writing the server eassys to accomodate him a cash shop item that replaces a support class so he can maximize his loot You may be the only one that streams pvm every week but you are not the only one that plays pvm. There are a lot of high efficiency pvm parties that do not share your sense of entitlement. Imagine dyfer and yuuze asking for a dps scroll. "it's just spamming picky peck anyway. why do I have to bring a dps like min. I want to maximize my loot efficiency" This is what happens when you have a support crew following you 24/7 without asking for much in return. You are just another scroll.
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    That's a poor solution made very evident by the fact that no one does this. Your "True damage" isn't desirable enough to bring an alt client for. It is not just ME that does not like the current solutions, they're not working for anyone. I've not seen a single person carry an alt mechanic into an instance because honestly they're the 5th thing you'd alt client. The buffs they provide are so underwhelming and risky that its just not worth the effort. There are already better solutions than that as well, but they are also unsatisfactory, such as playing the "Approved" classes which don't need buffs to reach their true damage. Or just avoid the harder to get weapons, leading the current content update to be almost completely pointless for many classes. Which is not a fond solution either. Again, the solutions I mentioned do work and some players are fond of them. But other players, myself included don't find these solutions adequate. It's a detraction from group play that already does not exist. If you want to shoe-horn in group play then reward group play. The game does not reward group play, it punishes it.
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    Weapon Perfection Scrolls are over all pretty benign if we're being honest. If a class in this game can spam a skill with an MvP card effect what's the difference between a consumable that endows that same effect? As has been state already, it's pretty fallacious reasoning to say just because it endows an MvP card-like effect it's too over powered, other cards having also been addressed as being totally useless since not all are equal in potency. I get the vibe some of the posters think this is the camel's nose poking under the tent for FBH and Tao Scrolls, which is a concern I suppose should not be belittled, except for the fact that I don't see anyone advocating for something so ludicrous to begin with. I can't really understand why some people seem to think it breaks the game when these skills in scroll form are already easily attainable from other classes. Agility, Blessing and Assumptio Scrolls have not lead to a decrease in AB players or their desirability in instances and other party situations. Nor would Aspersio Scrolls. These scrolls are merely substitutes for alt-clients. They're not game breaking because you can simply just make an Archbishop, make a Mechanic, make a Sorcerer or whatever other class has the buff you need, and multi-client and buff yourself. The only thing Scrolls in general will change is how many clients you use per instance or event. Maybe if we have Clem, Canto, Striking, 16th Night, Unlimit and other skills endow-able by a consumable then maybe there would be a reason for concern. NovaRO is far behind kRO in terms of relevant gear, which is in part why I am curious to see when The Bed of Honor comes to this server. Harder content will naturally dictate better gear to step up. NovaRO doesn't even have Illusion dungeons. Ominous Turtle General has 15 million HP, the normal mobs there have 500k+ HP. And on kRO, the server that is supposedly being emulated on NovaRO, at least to some unclear extent, players can solo even those with the appropriate gears that are available to them. At this point to decry the game-breaking natures of one-time use consumables that endow buffs that are already present in the game via the skills of other classes is just baffling. If some players, or the staff itself, thinks scrolls tip the power balance of this game too much then I would hope they are not inconsistent in that belief. That would mean no double standards. No Guarana Candy, no Speed Pots, no Endow Scrolls, ect... I generally think a wider perspective on what kRO is, what NovaRO is and what content and gear are available to both and how that truly effects game play in the relevant aspects thereof are necessary to come to a level-headed conclusion. I obviously see no problem with scrolls that endow buffs in general, baring egregious examples like FBH or Tao scrolls. I would be in favor of an NPC that sells scrolls for anywhere from 150k-350k zeny each, maybe more depending on its intrinsic value, for those end-game players who can afford it, want the buffs, and don't feel like doing all the pre-requisite quests for their Wolfchev run just so they can alt-client a buff slave. (That's not very endearing content, just in my opinion.) It would also serve as a zeny sink to help balance zeny surpluses since MMO economies obviously do not work the same way as the real global economy and would be an alternative I feel would be reasonable if people feel the cash shop is an unfair method for such common place buffs.
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    He is coming to save us from this realm of the living that boring and tedious.. IGN: Airkryle Charater used in this image: Airkryle2
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    "Tiger Lily v.02" IGN: Avernus Isbarin
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    Ravage It is time... for too long, I've been sitting idle, watching guilds come by one after another. All of them with the same premise, but they all end up vanishing. Now look at the state of WoE 1, nothing but a slug 1v1 fest. For this very reason, I'm officially creating my guild in nova "Ravage". Ravage is a combination and compilation of all things that make striving to play WoE fun once again. Week after week all I see are the same old-tiresome behaviors going on in WoE, no real change, no real structure, it's just push and get the castle. All these years here on Nova and not once have I seen actual progress amongst any guild. This is where I come in and the direction I plan on taking this guild. Put it simply, Ravage will be the guild that I've dedicated all my years into WoE and make it an environment where progression, growth, passion will come to fruition. I don't just want to make a guild, I want to make a community of people who all love playing WoE, regardless of what the stakes are. Throughout all my years playing, the people whom I've met, laughed, shared memories with, those whom I've played side by side are the ones who still remain close to me till this day. This is what I want to bring to nova. A little bit more about myself, if you're new and it's the first time seeing me around. I've been a long time RO player for more than 8+ years, my earliest memory that I remember of RO was being excited about "transcended" classes being released and all the hype that went around it. It has been a long journey to get to this point, and it's all been thanks to the people who I've shared those precious moments. I've played for many guilds throughout the years, in different servers, some of these guilds that I've grown fond memories of are Symphony, SNL, king me, Suicide Squad, Savage(I love you luffinho), G.O.A.T. + other guilds that I've been part of but none have hit home like all of these have. On nova however, I've been a long time player, I've got the chance to lead, organize guilds, pvp tourney, PvM grindl0rd, I've pretty much done it all on this server (I even have a sweet 2016 summer championship trophy!) The guilds that I've mentioned have taught me something very important, and that is a strong sense of community, without the people in them, the passion to play and better oneself wouldn't be there. This is my ticket to invite you to be part of something big, something whereas we get the chance to play together in these WoE's we all can become better at not only at the game but overall as people. Guild Requirements - -Be able to accept criticism - You will get a lot of it and that's the first step to becoming a better player -Be respectful to others - If you lack the decency to treat others properly, then I simply don't want you in here -Have fun Currently looking for: Mechanics Royal Guard Shadow Chaser Arch Bishop Other classes are welcome to join as well, and I'll see how we can compromise and switch people around if need be Guild Town will be Lutie Message me on discord if interested Deegs#3493
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    I did not participate in TTK frequently so I don't feel qualified to speak on it, but I do know that the class restrictions caused a lot of strain on my guild, as people were often being excluded due to a need for this specific set of roles within a party. I'm all for party play, but not the kind where you either play Doram, Minstrel, AB, Tank, or GTFO. I also share the same disappointment over the lack of the Tower of Trickery. It was so unique and fun, there didn't seem to be any reason to remove it?
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    Patch Notes

    Halloween Fixed a bug that caused The Twisted Trickster King to consume more Spirit Shards than needed. Demonic Ashes are now Account Bound rather than Character Bound. Added a new option to Demon Hunter Hector under Item Exchange. Players can now trade individual Demonic Ashes for one of the following packages: 1,000 Halloween Coins 10 Loki's Boxes 2 King's Treasures. Added new hats to Loki's Shop. Declared winners for Monstrous Monstrosity Event: Features HP/SP Recovery now stops at 70% instead of 50%. Rotated Gramps. Implemented Mob AoE Telegraph visuals. Fixed how pet eggs display inside @whosells. Fixed the MvP kill counter on our character cards. Proof of Loyalties: We are beginning a complete revamp of the Proof of Loyalty system. The concept of the Proof of Loyalties was initially based around Vote for Points sites which we phased out a long while ago. Because of this, it has been difficult to add new items to the shop or make changes at all. Following are a list of changes that have taken place during this maintenance in preparation for the system upgrade. Unbound all hats obtained through the Loyalty Shop. Slightly increased the prices of all hats obtained through the Loyalty Shop. Removed the random daily Proof of Loyalty from Daily Rewards (20~30). Keeping Calendar Daily Rewards (for day 11, 20 and 25) active until the next phase. Removed Proof of Loyalty reward from Monster Hunter and Battlegrounds Daily Quest rewards. Proof of Loyalty Box from Achievement Rank rewards has been replaced with the Achievement Box. We recommend spending all of the Proof of Loyalties you have saved up as they will be converted to a different existing currency at a later date. You can still get Proof of Loyalties through the Daily Reward Calendar (but not for long). More details will be posted at a later date. There is currently no set date for when the next step in this process will happen. Added dead cells around the Slot Machine so that people no longer cover the NPC up. Opening up an @at shop will now put your Homunculus to sleep so that players no longer lose their Homs to starvation. Skills Shield Chain now takes into account weapon attack bonuses without having to wear a weapon. Fixed an issue where RKs could rent Peco Pecos. Fixed a bug where King's Grace was not ending Devotion. Fixed a bug where Moonlight Fantasy was reflecting full damage to plant defense monsters. Fixed a bug where Earth Drive was breaking unbreakable shields when swapped on after cast. Fresh Shrimp heal amounts are now improved by Heal Power effects. Death Bound now reflects Hell's Plant. Power Swing no longer has a weapon-type restriction. Fixed a bug where Fear Breeze would not activate if you had Double Attack (also affects some other skill interactions). Instant Cast Arm's Cannon no longer has an animation. Changed Napalm Beat's damage type. Devoted players that have Magic Mirror will now properly reflect magic to their attackers. Counter Slash's 3x3 AoE is now centered around the GX, not the target. Lope can now be used inside Battlegrounds (does not leap over walls). Shadow Leap now allows you to move inside Battlegrounds (does not leap over walls). Quests and Instances Fixed the 'Warrior's Discipline' quest targets. Expanded Stephen's Earthquake range by one. Monsters Chen's Asura Strike cast time has been updated. The following mobs from OGH Hard are now mini-bosses: Khalitzburg Bloody Knight Abysmal Knight 1st and 2nd Commanders of Destruction Items Implemented a number of brand new Custom Headgear Quests! Zero Helmet (verus04) Angel School Cap (iz_ac01 - Criatura Academy) Devil School Cap (iz_ac01 - Criatura Academy) Thanatos Despero Mask (tha_t01) Thanatos Odium Mask (tha_t01) Fixed an issue where certain item combos were breaking (most notably Hunting Bow and Doram gear combos). Fixed Altea & Ares' script to give an ASPD bonus instead of adding skill delay. Old Yangsang now gives +10 MATK per refine. War of Emperium Both WoE1 and WoE2 have had their timeslot moved back one hour due to Daylight Saving Time. (Draft WoE is unchanged) If you live in a country which just ended Daylight Saving Time (such as the US and most of the EU), WoE times will be one hour earlier for you. Otherwise, WoE times will be the same as they were last week for you. If you are not sure, you can check @events in game. WoE1 now begins at 7:00 and ends at 8:00 server time. WoE2 now begins at 12:00 and ends at 13:00 server time.
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    rng based event was dumbest idea ever, we run TTK daily for more then 12 runs and 1 guy in our party wasnt able to collect even small wings on any account imagine how frustrating that is when everyone else already have small wings on every account
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    Tokei is considering a dirty fix for this.
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    I agree with these, cant u guys make another way to get demonic ashes? It's extremely frustrating to spend all day looking for a party that can kill the mvp, just to have a minimal chance to get wings (in my case I don't have an fixed party, so I need to look for another one everyday). i'm making an effort to log every day, look for a party that can kill, AND THEN have a chance to get the ashes it'll be extremely frustrating know that all this effort i made for one wing, and in the end finished with 2 trickster box pls noba :C
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    The problem is > the limited amount of times you can go per day + Account bound + Time to get the required amount + Factor of randomness (luck) If we add up these factors, we notice that there is a great chance that someone will work hard to get the item and end up empty handed. This is because the "luck" factor is totally counterbalanced by the "limit" factor. It's like having to drop a poring card, but you can only kill 30 per day and you have 10 days to do so. If you can, great. If not, how sad. If you take any of these factors, or even expand any of them, I believe the problem will be relatively relieved. I think the idea is not to make it easy, and I'm sure there's no one finding MVP easy. I think it would be a good idea to ALLOW the player to work on it, by taking away or reducing its limitation. Being account bound already removes the possibility of extensive farm, so why not allow the player to get the item in the 6, 8 first attempts, not just 4? (Since there is a good chance that he will leave empty-handed) The factor of randomness could be removed by ways like the idea quoted in the topic itself, which is exchanging an item that the player always wins (lost soul), that is, it is something certain, by a random item (ashes) And the last way would be to extend the timeout, but I do not know if that would be a good idea, so I'll end up here.
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    And this is without Weapon Perfection scrolls! Nice job there!
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    No. If you want play solo - dont play MMO games. Ragnarok is more about cooperation and groups (btw, you can do things solo, but that will take much time). Breaking balance for one player, who want farm shit on his character (193 aspd scroll and Berserk scroll when) is shitty idea. If you want maximize your DPS potential - bring some friens on supports or alts with you. Offtop: I thought Min dont understand only WoE, but now i see, what he dont understand concept of MMO and RO at all. No offence or hate, just facts.
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    I like to think sorcs has more than 3 support skills that are good... SW... WoF... 4 Endows... 4 Insigs... Warmer... Volcano... Violent Gale... Deluge... anyways xD You get the idea. - - Back to topic tho, what if instead of arguing if it makes Non-Mado Mechanics useless or not... We think about implementing this scroll and balance its price so it can be used as a zeny sink? Those that can afford it can just use their zeny to purchase them. What would be a fair price for them to pay to have the convenience of not having to dual a non-mado mechanic. Those that do prefer to bring a mechanic can do so and have all the benefits that comes with that class and splitting rewards. Although in all honesty the core issue is RO's instance rewards design for parties.
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    I want my Arclouse Dash scrolls please.
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    Guys, have you come across an error when uninstalling the client? Internal Error cannot find UtCompiledCode record for this version of the uninstaller. Help me please
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    I see dead people... IGN: Clear Box
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    TRICK OR TREAT ! IGN : ImGosu/Bjergsen
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