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    Just a bunch of guys wearing the stuff you can get from the Halloween event. (Yes, I'm aware some of the headgear combinations aren't even possible, but w/e, WEAR ALL DA HATS) IGN : ADC main BTW Twitter : https://twitter.com/artbygwg (pls help me im broke) Thanks!!~ <3
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    "After hearing rumors about a possible invasion upon Niflheim, orchestrated by the Twisted Trickster King. A group of adventurers, seeking to end his reign of chaos, are directed towards the realm of the dead to face off in an epic battle against death itself." In the painting: from left to right our Warlock, Rebellion, Sorcerer and Arch Bishop use a warp portal to get into the realm in the middle of its destruction. The Twisted Trickster King feels them and stops its actions to turn around and intimidatingly look at them, acknowledging their arrival and giving green light to the battle. ─────── My entry! Been a while since I participated in an art contest for a game but I enjoyed this event and I felt inspired to paint something for it. This is my interpretation of an invasion of the Twisted Trickster King upon Niflheim with the characters of my girlfriend and mine. Happy Halloween everyone! IGN: Sphyrnax Wallpaper format 1920x1080 A small gif of part of the process The characters in the painting
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    Hello everyone! It seems judges will have a really hard time choosing the winners here, as there are lots of wonderfull art! IGN: tomohackslocos My entry: and for reference: Hope you had fun with my entry, and Happy Halloween!!!
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    IGN : Belhard Decided on participating and got the idea after randomly getting mvp on twisted king invasions. So here's my RK with a few friends and a bunch of RO randoms. Tablet died before I even got the chance to color... Still pushed through with another tablet but it didn't feel the same. Guess this was the last hoorah of my tablet before going? Overall it was a fun experience, glad I got to participate in this event.
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    IGN:Porte Happy halloween Nova Ro
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    Happy Halloween NovaRO !! the season is in ! time to snatch bunch of new Halloween costumes submission for the contest : in-game character name : kencurperosotan the upload seems to lowered the quality a little bit, for better version :
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    Happy Halloween Art Contest

    IGN: Kopisu
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    Soooo I guess I'll post my contest entry now I'm scared ~_~ IGN: Tukaram Here is the digital artwork Here is the sketch
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    Hello Well, it's my time as well, but before I post my entry, I'd like to write down few words: I've been playing here for around 1.5 year I believe (with shorter or longer breaks meanwhile). Before coming to Nova, I've been attached to the other server for nearly 6 years. I was planning to give up on Ragnarok fully but...somehow I couldn't and I ended up on this server. Do I regret it? Nope, I don't. I couldn't find any friends at the beggining or a single group of people that would accept me the way I am. My first guild, Cringy Losers, were basically my first friends (most of You are gone, I hope You're all doing well wherever You are). In march this year I decided to take few months break and I came back again around june (oh sweet summer event, you summoned me!). I was lonely, again, because my m8s were sucked up by some demonic power (aka they stopped playing). I wasn't plannng to stay for too long because I thought I wouldn't be able to find anyone to play with again....but I was wrong. Nina and Andi! You guys are the best people I ever met online (literally, I mean it). Nina - you are a sweet and amazing person, I absolutely love you girl! I am really, REALLY greateful that you pmed me after my break. I still can't believe you remembered me after helping you with damn Gramps :'D! Thank you for that! And Andi! You better take care of Nina and make a lot of babies OOHOHOHOH (joke joke, I mean kinda joke). I really am happy that Nina introduced you to me, you're my best buddy, our spam till 3am is amazing, can't believe we never run out of topics LMAO. Hopefully we'll meet in real life the next year during the summer (I'm crossing my fingers and I am waiting for that!). I love you guys XOXO!! To NovaRO - thank you guys so much for giving me the opportunity to meet this couple, I gained really special friendship with these 2 :D! So end of spam, here is my entry: Annelin - ranger, Exii (Andi) - genetic, Priesterin Ninna (Nina) - arch bishop. ps. Carl is Jakk's brother if anyone is wondering :v ps2. Hylozoists are absolutely in love with Nina's bunny Happy Halloween to Nina, Andi, Novaronians (is it correct..?) and the whole "Absolutely Spooky" squad! IGN: Annelin Screenshot references of our characters:
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    IGN : Lysthis Happy Halloween! Here's my little genetic and my ranger, along with my childhood friends who decided to celebrate Halloween! (The bigger version is on my website: http://holylilium.daportfolio.com/) 1280 x 960:
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    IGN: Valenvenge
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    Happy Halloween ~ IGN: Snowshade
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    IGN: Saccharon Belated happy halloweenies~
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    ign: Eythil just in time for halloween~
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    The draw in the middle is original art by me, hope you like it. :'3 ING: Fu Wind
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    IGN: Oeganss
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    IGN : Fujoshi Lya
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    Rebel QDS aspd 193 bug

    Welp, this made things easier: Quick Draw Shot can be used with 193 ASPD.
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    It's the time of the year, Here's my submission for the contest ! IGN : Hon3y3a3y " Scaredy Whisper just wanna make friends but it got spooked by the Porings disguised as Whisper " In case this upload is low resolution :
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    IGN: Strawberry Thug Art Shop Instagram✿
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    IGN: Caltela Silvano In memory of my first TTK (Hard) win... Loading Screen Size:
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    Happy Halloween Art Contest

    A Doram name Muning and her friends during the trick or treat event in their neighborhood.. IGN : I Support You
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    I had a couple hours of free time and it had been YEARS since I've draw something. Should be fun, let's give it a shot: (holy, I'm rusty LOL) IGN is, as always, Hatsumei
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    Happy Halloween Art Contest

    Here's a traditional art. Went way out of the comfort zone to do this. It was good practice tho ^^ IGN : Ymirein
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    ING: V i o l e I was inspired by the idea of an innocent monster, but a monster after all ... from the bottom of his accursed heart, wishes everyone a Happy Halloween and enjoy many dark adventures playing Nova RO. Techniques: Watercolor, Acrylic and digital collage.
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