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    New Shadow Chaser Outfit!

    A new Alternate Outfit has now arrived to NovaRO! You can swap into this outfit via our Stylist, under the Outfit section with any Shadow Chaser for just 5,000 CP. Male Colors Preview Sheet Female Colors Preview Sheet
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    Heya guys! First of all, welcome to my Art Gallery!! <3 My name is Stella Franz and I'm an AB main with a hobby for drawings. ^-^ I've been playing Nova for 3 months now, and after some time gathering courage I decided to share my art with you guys >///< I'm also interested in opening zeny commissions ( soon ) for those who want having stuff drawn. May not be a "masterpiece" but I promise that I'll put a lot of details and love in my drawings ^-^ here are some samples of my work <3 REQUESTED WORKS OTHER RAGNAROK RELATED WORKS NON RO RELATED There you go guys I still haven't decided yet on when to start receiving commission requests ( due to IRL busy sched @_@ ) but will do inform here once slots are already available. Feel free to drop by your inquiries here and or contact me in game ( IGN: Stella Franz ) and or @Zanni .. or simply go Lasagna (@go 40 ) for I am frequently seen there sitting near the cheese blocks @_@ THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! PRICE LIST [ WILL BE POSTING HERE SOON] COMMISSION LINE UP ( Opening Soon ) SLOT 1 [ CLOSED ] SLOT 2 [ CLOSED ] SLOT 3 [ CLOSED ]
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    2017 Client Release

    2017 Client Release You can now patch up into our brand new 2017 client! Here's some features that are included with the client if you choose to use it during this test period: Position lag should be reduced to a degree. New MVP icon markers: /stopwatch: F-tab lock so items from F tab cannot be NPC'd. F-tab organize button feature. Headgear Previews: Storage 'Close' button has returned. Added a Register button to the client login. Fixes the bug where the client rotates your screen when you alt-tab out. Fixed the Achievement Group quantities. Moved the achievement bar down so it does not cover item messages. Zeny amounts in the trade window are now marked by color. Certain AoE mob skills will show a new, updated marker on the ground to display those cells that will be affected. Annoying friend/guild check message will no longer appear. Updated several Rebellion animations. Note there will most likely still be some bugs in the client, we're counting on you guys to find and report them! Features You can now transfer Guild Leadership to offline members. Disabled vending in Mora and Comodo (was getting out of hand). Login Settings and Channel Control NPCs now return you to the menu instead of closing the dialogue after setting an option. Added a tool dealer to the BG Waiting Room. Expanded the @wn command in order to include the arrow and ammo shops to it. Fixed the Faceworm/Chaos overkill interaction. Super Baby ASPD values have been updated to match Extended SN's, and their max ASPD has been increased to 193. Fixed the Repair NPC in Izlude. Skills Fixed Crimson Marker to now last 50 seconds. Chain Lightning no longer has a cast animation if the cast is instant. Fire Rain is once more clearing a 3x10 area rather than a 1x10 area. Hovering now properly ignores Ankle Snares dropped from Emergency Escape. Hallucination Walk debuff should now be properly cleared between BG rounds. Mado Mechanic: Is now affected by Assassin Cross Sunset. Is now affected by Magnificat. Is now affected by Wind Walk. Items Doram ATK and MATK bonuses now only affect the weapon bonus. <- Delayed Fixed an issue with Immune Shield where the bonus was starting at +6 rather than +5. Fixed the Parfaille Vigilante Hat SP issue. Fixed item description for Excalibur and Tiraya Bonnet. Fixed various item bound restrictions in the new Lasagna quests. Mystery Hat Box is now account-bound again. Fixed Rudolph Hairband's item script. Fixed item bonuses for Hero Nependess Shoes, Hero Silverleather Boots and Hero Ungoliant Boots. Updated server-side Runestone names so that you can more easily find them using their various names. This also fixes their names in Telma's shop. Cash Shop Aquarius crown and diadem have been rotated to Pisces. Added the Evil Marching Hat to the Cash Shop for 5,000 CP. Battlegrounds Implemented @voteleader command to take leadership from inactive leaders. Implemented @reportafk command to players that have been AFK for a while from Battlegrounds. Added an auto-kicker. When a player AFKs for a very long amount of time, they'll be automatically removed from the team. The BG Deserter flag will now last 5 minutes. This is to prevent kicked players from just re-entering the round and farming badges. Kicked players are being logged, and repeat offenders will be getting badge strips, as well as potential BG bans. Added a shop where you can buy Siege Set pieces for Valor Badges. We put a lot of time and effort into this new client, and we hope you enjoy it. Show your appreciation and remember to review us on !
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    Hello im a new player looking to make some extra bucks with art :3c.. I will open one slot at a time, single characters only for now. Price is 50mil + 20mil if your character is wearing armors. Please post your reference and personality of your character via pm or comment. Slot: 1. Huka [DONE] 2. WinterRED x2 Payment Method: Instead of paying all at once, I prefer half payment upfront and receiving the rest when the commission is finished. I usually AFK in Lutie, so just shoot me a message when you are online! (or we can arrange a time to meet up in game)
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    Adopt this Plushie: Leaf Lunatic It's going to be a sad Easter for one little Leaf Lunatic this year unless something is done soon! The rapid de-cloverization of the field south of Lasagna since the last week has forced the lunatic in question to seek shelter in a cardboard box (with a giant carrot as the only company). We have been informed that the individual in need of a loving home would like to move out of the cardboard box in the upcoming couple of weeks. We believe it would be of benefit if the future owner shared the fondnesses of afternoon naps, poetry and carrots. This is a text-format contest. To participate, reply to this thread and explain why YOU would like to adopt this plushie. Dimensions (in cm): Leaf Lunatic: 22 cm x 15 cm Carrot: 28 cm x 6 cm Both plushies were made to be loved, out of fake fur & microfleece. Stuffed snugly with polyester fiber and embroidered by hand. Carrot top, lunatic ears & front paws are carefully wired, thus slightly adjustable. Contain no sharp edges. Rules: You are only able to submit ONE entry per PERSON. Please include your in-game character name with your submission post (if no IGN is included, user will be disqualified). Please keep the length of your entry between 200 and 1000 characters (including spaces). You have 2 weeks to submit your entry. (March 25th - April 8th). The entry must be posted in this thread or else it will not count. You can change your entry any time between March 25th - April 8th. Any entries submitted after the 8th will not count. The winner will be announced on April 9th at 12:00 server time. (@time) Rules are subject to change at our discretion. Rewards: 1st Place: Leaf Lunatic & Carrot Plushies Officially Unofficial Laminated Plushie Card 100 Gold Coins Participation Reward: Every proper entry will receive the following items as a reward: 5 Old Blue Boxes 1 Old Card Album Good luck and have fun!
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    gg! im gonna try to learn some russian for next woe. Lets the vodka and tequilla rocks together hahaha
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    Pet Evolution

    Pet Evolution NovaRO Wiki Page going into detail about the system: You can evolve the following pets from the pet status menu: Here are all of the possible evolutions: Evolution pets have different bonuses depending of their intimacy level (loyal giving you the best ones). Your pet must be loyal for it to evolve. You can also autofeed the evolved pets (this effect gets removed upon relogging): Your pet will be put back into an egg when you log in for the first time. @time is now actually accurate. Skills Fixed all crafting skills including Pharmacy. Lightning Walk: No longer requires spheres. Now refreshes duration when re-casted. Items Gold Coins can no longer be bought using Buying Stores. Fixed an issue where the Chrome Metal Sword was not indestructible. Added Hyegun Hat as a drop from Hyegun mobs. Battlegrounds The AFK timer will no longer count down after death in KvM. Fixed an issue where players dual clienting would break the BG counter. Applied a block so players can no longer dual client in BG. Decreased the price of Siege Armors down to 2,750 Valor Badges. War of Emperium Guild Cap has been increased to 30 players per guild.
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    Pug Party is a Newly Founded Woe/social Guild. We are looking to increase our numbers to get that sweet castle We are Currently Looking for Sorcerers Suras Rk's Mecha's Warlock Bragi AB Requirements: Must have Discord, You dont have to speak if youre shy you just have to listen. Nice and Friendly Attitude. If you are interested in joining pm(In game) Blueberry Cheesecake OmenSC Madame Chips Fariel (Discord) jer#1269 ecececc#4336 omen#2938 Or come look for us in Malangdo(go33) or Al de Baran(go 6)
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    Welcome to my humble art shop! Where I use poor souls of the players in NRO to create my arts! I'm an artist who does both traditional and digital art, but preferably traditional. I draw in various different styles, some of which are dark and anime-esque, but as of late, I’ve started drawing furry/animals. As an artist, I hope to increase the flexibility of my style. I'm here to open an art shop so I can earn a lil’ bit of money while, I sit all day in Izlude like an npc, I’m also hoping to know more artists and expand our skills together. I might be a bit socially awkward, so please bear with my weird way of talking sometimes. I looking forward to see many awesome characters and awesome designs from artists! Notes I'm not drawing NSFW arts. There will be just Headshots and Fullbody atm, will add more as time progresses. I works IRL so my art might not be done quick, please be patient and bear with my slow progress. I'm still experimenting with my current style so it MIGHT be unstable. Price & Samples Avatar : 8,000,000 zeny Note:This is an older art, but it will be performed around this way. Headshot: 12,000,000 Zeny Full Body ( WITHOUT Background ) : 18,000,000 zeny (+5m w/background) Slots /Waiting List [CLOSED] [CLOSED] Note: Busy for something else irl, will be closing the store for a moment upon completing the remaining orders! Order Form Completed Art Dazai (Paid) Ihsan (Paid) Tendachi (Paid) Contact Information I will usually sit south of Izlude when I am online, usually semi-afk though. You can also PM me on forum or DeviantArt for easier attention. DA Link: Do note I mentioned before that I'm working IRL, so it might take quite some time for me to reply your message!
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    Update since inspiration kicked in after WoE :feelsbadman:
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    Next order is done! Thank you Ihsan for your order! Character: Ihsan (Warlock) Ordered by: Ihsan (IGN) Order Type: Avatar
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    Kirion here, a self proclaimed artist. Talk less, paint more. AVATAR SAMPLE BODY SHOT SAMPLE CHIBI SAMPLE DO YOU WANT ME PAINTING YOU? Painting need time + tools + knowledge + skill, tools, dont worry about it, i already invest my money on it. knowledge and skill, need a lot of time, hardwork, persistence, and source. dont worry about it, i ll do my best on this part. time equal farming and leveling. And I need zenny for my Character. PRICE LIST: - AVATAR : 50,000,000z - BODY SHOT : 75,000,000z - CHIBI : 60,000,000z [COUPLE] - BODY SHOT : 130,000,000z - CHIBI : 100,000,000z [GROUP max 6 (size & composition wise ] - Couple price + 40,000,000z per person, chibi + 20,000,000z per person + Animal (warg, falcon, etc) : + 5,000,000z - 15,000,000z (depend on difficulty and size) + Homun : + 5,000,000z - 15,000,000z (depend on difficulty and size) + Monster (succubus, poring, etc) : + 5,000,000z - 40,000,000z (depend on difficulty and size) + Background : nah, too troublesome to draw, contact me if you really want background, we will negotiate the price. HOW TO ORDER: 1. Contact me ingame, here, or Nova Discord @Kirion, will respond as fast i can. 2. Send me screenshot, your Character, your SO character, or anything you want me to draw. Front, half-front, and side view. And your request (pose, type, style, expression, etc). 3. I ll make quick sketch and screenshot it for you to approve, then i will start coloring and finishing it. 4. You pay me up front for the price we deal with and i will send you, via email, link or whatever you want me to send. Not printing or sending hard copy tho. 5. Will do correction twice, mostly color correction or simple stuff, major correction will cost you. RULE: 1. My castle, my rule. 2. Not drawing pornography or that not related with ragnarok and novaragnarok. Or anything that violated server rules. 3. Sexiness is ok tho, you want me to draw succubus sexy. Succubus must look and be sexy, if not, that is wrong. 4. Each painting will take 1 - 7 days, depend on difficulty and how many char in there. That seem cover all. Best regards, Kir
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    Listen, little Lunatic, can you hear the sounds of Every Lasagna critter urging you to come home? A brilliant new adventure awaits you here, though, Far, far away from the broccoli trees you know... Listen, little Lunatic, does your blood boil for adventure? Unexpected twists and turns, danger and suspense? Now come with me and you can see the world from brand new heights, And with all the carrots you can eat, now doesn't that sound nice? The moon is slowly rising, dear, I see its pale blue light. Come sleep, now, little Lunatic, a new day awaits at dawn. IGN: Chemist
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    Listens to nightcore garbage ... thinks knows good music lmfao bad taste :clown:
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    Next order is done! Thank you Alcyone for your order! Character: Alcyone (Geneticist) Ordered by: Alcyone (IGN) Order Type: Avatar I'll be closing the shop for the moment due to busy stuff irl, will re-open as soon as possible!
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    Next order is done! Thank you Alcyone for your order! Character: Tendachi (Shadow Chaser) Ordered by: Tendachi (IGN) Order Type: Avatar
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    First order is done, thank you Dazai for your order. Character: Dazai (Rogue) Ordered by: Dazai (IGN) Order Type: Full Body w/Background
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    Truuuu Pshh I never miss an upload o;< Ahh yeah that is tru tho ppl b lazy -- New page! Joshua bought a weapon! but then... see what happens in the new strip!
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    Fashion Contest Winners

    Fashion Contest Winners It was a really tough choice to make, so many good entries! But sadly only three players could claim victory. Now the votes have been tallied and the winners are in! Thank you all for participating and good luck next time! Rewards will be distributed soon. 1st Place: Pompon Rewards: Choice between Poring & Marin set (6 magnets) OR Poporing & Drops set (6 magnets) OR Angeling & Deviling set (3 magnets) 250 Gold Coins 100 Proof of Loyalty 3 Valentine's Day Pack 2nd Place: Asterios Rewards: Choice between the two remaining sets of magnets 150 Gold Coins 75 Proof of Loyalty 2 Valentine's Day Pack 3rd Place: Hiromaru Rewards: Remaining set of magnets. 100 Gold Coins 50 Proof of Loyalty 1 Valentine's Day Pack Honorary Mentions: Shark Muscles, Airi, Playan, Rachel07, Wanderingflower & many others who we unfortunately cannot mention due to space limitations.
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    RIP Mora daily/Mora Coin vendors tho
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    I have been busy with school hence no updates in Feb. But here's something I started drawing last week \o/
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    I think only the strong should get to be fashionable. If you can't handle carrying around your costumes then you do not deserve to look good.
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    When you die to a player's tetra vortex, @battleinfo displays a message like: "Potato killed you using [Tetra Vortex - Wind]" Silvervine Stem Spear is a skill that behaves very similar to Tetra Vortex in the sense that it is a spell which element can change. So today I was thinking if it would be possible to make Silvervine Spear appear like Tetra Vortex: "CatMemer killed you using [Silvervine Stem Spear - Wind]" "GrumpyCat killed you using [Silvervine Stem Spear - Fire]" etc. And I was just thinking that if someone starts crying about Doram dmg in BG again, it might be good if @battlestats showed the element of SV used so they could counter it by switching armors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    *a pen gently rubs a leaf* Dear Gen, You have been my favorite companion during all my experience in Midgard. For now you are still a Lunatic, but I hope you grow and hop into my arms as a Leaf Lunatic so we can live together in real life, eating carrots and snuffling leaves for the time we are given in this world. Loving you already, with all my heart, Fanya Hayat IGN: Fanya Hayat
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    Yeah, a few more people and we might have had the castle for the whole hour instead of only 54 minutes.
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    12m zeny for 1000 cp. lemme know if you keen.
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    Stripe Integration

    I'm happy to inform you all that we've now finished implementing full Stripe integration. This means that you can now pick between PayPal or Stripe to make donations. Our Stripe integration will continue to be updated in order to support BitCoin in the future, and potentially add an option to save your details, so that you may check out even more easily! In addition to this, we've added a $4.99 for 5,000 CP option, for those of you who just want to snag a single hat. We know the addition of new payment gateways were long awaited, and we hope you give Stripe as shot!
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    Congratulations @Pompon, @Asterios and @Hiromaru!
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    On kRO there's a rental item that's obtainable from the cash shop event boxes called the Infinite Giant Fly Wing, which as the name might suggest, lets you have a giant fly wing that is usable endlessly until the duration on the item runs out. It lasts a day on kRO. I think this would be an item worth adding for partying in general. It's useful if you want to party with friends and level somewhere and want to stick together, useful for farming together and getting groups together to go to instances like Wolfchev's or can even be used individually so that you can farm better on your own with alternate characters, which would improve the "solo" farming viability of some characters. If this were to be added, I think it'd be better if it lasted something like 4 / 6 hours instead of a full day. I wouldn't want to see it as a cash shop item, but maybe a proof of loyalty item, gold coin exchange item or slot machine item. Giant fly wings are great items and I think it'd be beneficial to the server as a whole if this got added. Giant Fly Wings are already in the cash shop so this would be an alternative to that.
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    Thank you everyone for your participation! It really means a lot to us that so many of you have taken their time to share your creativity with the community. You have all come up with such unique screenshots with so much beauty, wit and humour! They have really brought a smile on my face and hopefully on many others too. As it is rare to see so many great entries in one thread, deciding on the winners will be a challenge. Still, as stated in the beginning of this thread, they will be announced on March 8th, 12:00 server time (@time). Until then!
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    who woulda thought though dat willow angry af it's immune to fire LOL At least you didn't think regular willows were scary like I did... Also I had a similar experience with greatest generals, like ykno the map with a lot of bamboo in it and you can't really see anything, then suddenly them GGs murder you from among the trees... so scary Updates~ A kind lady comes and offers a nice helping hand... or does she? See who she is in the newest strips on PP&P! (I actually didn't forget to update I jsut got lazy to post a notification here... sorry oops.............. as I said b4 just check the tapastic page every friday for new pages when I don't post here lmao)
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    Can we save incomplete skill tree, as in without spending all skill points? That way, we can put on skill points that we know we will not change (e.g skills from job 1-2), save it, then put in the rest of the skill points. So anytime we want to change build we can just reload from that incomplete skill tree and use the remaining skillpoints for the new build.
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    IGN: Aria Rose Fish Market Friends in low places...
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    Isnt it always truuuuu thooooooo The situation's getting hot between Josh and his new lover! See it in the newest strip of PP&P!
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    The fees are pretty high sadly, but I've decided to go through with my word and have now implemented the $4.99 for 5,000 CP option. You can find it over at our new donation portal: Paypal will be re-enabled soon, as well.
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