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    First Entry Gambling with the Sharks. IGN: Shark Muscles Second Entry The long drawn battle of the century, Tiger v.s Shark. IGN: Shark Muscles
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    NovaRO Market

    After many requests and months of people begging for this feature, it's finally here! https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=vending For Sale page is 100% random and you'll see new listings as you refresh. Popular this week shows a range of items that have sold in high amounts during the previous 7 days. Click on any item's name to go to that item's portal. The button at the top right will return you to this portal page. In each item sub-page, you can click on the item's name to get a pop-up of the description. Hovering on cards/enchants will also get you descriptions. Live Market Data will show every listing of that item being vended, while transaction history shows previous transactions. Statistics listed at the top of each item sub-page are based on previous transactions for their appropriate time range. In gear pages, selecting a refine rule under the item name will make these statistics only apply to items within those refines. All item statistics are omitting outliers located at the highest and lowest 10% of the data. Hovering over the location of a live market listing will show you a mini-map of where the shop is in the map. When viewing a particular card or enchant, you'll now also be able to see Live Market Data listings of items that have said card/enchant slotted/enchanted into them. Hovering an item's location will show you a mini-map of where the shop is in that map. Clicking on it will copy a command into your clipboard. Shops in the market will copy a shopjump command: @shopjump 90 54 Shops outside the market will copy a navigation command: /navi ecl_in01 38/46
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    Screenshot/Fashion Contest!

    Valentine's day has come and gone, but the members of the poring family have yet to come to terms with the fact! For the little chubby things, love is still very much in the air, and they would be very happy for the opportunity to celebrate it a little (or a lot) longer. Would you like to join them? This is a Screenshot/Fashion Contest so entries will be judged on screenshot scenery, cleverness, character attire (headgears etc.) Players CAN come up with and write up their own little descriptions for their images, but any text will NOT be judged. Lonely souls, don't despair. These porings are so loving that they are ready to move in at a moment's notice into a welcoming home and even the tiniest of apartments to brighten up your fridge or other magnetic item. Or just to keep you company and share the love. Dimensions (in cm): Poring magnets: Approx. 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm (excluding wings) Bubble magnets: Approx. 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm Food magnets: Approx. 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm The felt magnets were hand-crafted by Millefey with love - Nova Rules: You are only able to submit 2 entries per PERSON. Please include your in-game character name with your submission post (if no IGN is included, user will be disqualified) You are only allowed to use in-game assets. The dimension of each entries must NOT exceed 500x500 pixels. Using Skills and Items are also allowed to add some Visual Effects to your entry. You have 2 weeks to submit your entry. (February 20th - March 6th). Entries must be posted in this thread or else it will not count. You can change your entries any time between February 20th - March 6th. Any entries submitted after the 6th will not count. By posting your pictures here, you're allowing us to post them in Twitter as promotional material. Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, or any program of the sort is NOT ALLOWED for anything besides cropping. The winners will be announced on March 8th at around 12:00 server time. (@time) Remember you can use F11 to turn off HP/SP bars! Rewards: 1st Place: Choice between Poring & Marin set (6 magnets) OR Poporing & Drops set (6 magnets) OR Angeling & Deviling set (3 magnets) 250 Gold Coins 100 Proof of Loyalty 3 Valentine's Day Pack 2nd Place: Choice between the two remaining sets of magnets 150 Gold Coins 75 Proof of Loyalty 2 Valentine's Day Pack 3rd Place: Remaining set of magnets. 100 Gold Coins 50 Proof of Loyalty 1 Valentine's Day Pack Participation Reward: 20 Proof of Loyalty Will be rewarded to everyone who enters. Good luck and have fun!
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    Hai there! I like playing around with photoshop and started making stuff like RO skins so I decided to make a thread for anyone interested in grabbing what they like, leave feedback or suggestions, so I'll keep this post updated with new content when it's done! Maybe when I improve I'll take requests for zeny, but for now I'm doing it as a hobby and hoping to improve ;3 Skin: Amethyst Download: Link Preview: Screenshot
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    !ArtDump: WIP No update for guild commission due to change in plans Commish for WinterRED: First time drawing knight class & dragon, very excited to see how this turns out :3
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    We're buying all of your Hurricane Fury's for Easter Event. Who needs to hunt Easter Eggs when you can hunt Hurricane Fury's?
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    Patch Notes

    Features Implemented Lasagna Quests: Summoners will begin their journey in the Ravioli Plain (instead of the Captain Carroc storyline). You can complete all quests and learn more about the Dorams! This quest also serves as a beginner's guide to RO. Fixed @mineffect not being re-applied on map changes/refreshes. Opening Treasure Hunter achievement chests now plays a neat sound effect. The Kafra at Morroc Ruins now has a Save function. Max Job Level Super Novices and Super Babies can now use the Build Manager. A Repair Kit making NPC has been added to Prontera (155,279). The Valentine's Day Event has been disabled. Website Market: Sorting by Additional Properties for Crimson Weapons will sort by element. Doing so for any other type of gear will sort by card. Listings are now ordered by a single input. This means you no longer have to remove the default ordering. War of Emperium Statistics: A player's guild on the date will now be recorded (Value used to be live) Added skills casted counter. Added skills interrupted counter. Added HP/SP healed by potions. (These changes will take a bit to reflect on the webpage) Instances Magic Seals inside Devil's Tower are no longer boss protocol. Skills Fixed Hell's Plant showing a cast bar when you are instant cast. A player will now always stand up after a knocked back hit (whether it misses or not). Items Added the following Rebellion Weapon's to Seiyablem's S Class Weapon list. (/navi prt_in 33/70) Altea & Ares RAG203 Peace Breaker Tempest Southern Cross All of the following items can now have a slot. We had accidentally began selling the RAG203 as a slotted weapon through the NPC. All RAG203s obtained through this method were reverted into their non-slotted versions. The NPC shop now sells the non-slotted RAG203. Bound Daily Rewards are now new items. These will properly show in the bottom of the item description that they are indeed bound. This change is not backwards compatible and will only affect future Daily Rewards. Fixed Hero Magic Coat not giving any mdef. Hero Magic Coat and Doram set will no longer give you a phen effect in WoE maps. Removed trade restrictions for all Rift armor pieces. Benevolent Guardian and Holy Stick combo has been fixed. End of the Horizon weapon now has a low chance to inflict Stun or Blind status effects. Updated Tiraya Bonnet to have the proper script and description.
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    I want to suggest adding an NPC that lets you turn the materials used to repair a Guardian Stone or Barricade into a box, with a small zeny fee. These boxes would make it easier to trade materials between characters, make inventory management easier and it's overall much nicer to not force people to carry around many materials on them.
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    Hi \o/ I'm Bellus, also known as Brendy or Brender. I have been drawing characters for Nova players since the Summer Art Contest (my entry here). I am not opening an art shop but instead a showcase. I hope you enjoy my works =D Last updated: Feb 11, 2017 Here are some of my older arts from my previous server: Another spoiler: Lastly, here's a 10/10 markus ;D
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    Patch Notes

    Website General Updated the website to remove the register button if you're online and replace it with a button for the Market. Re-enabled the view account and character feature. (Click on your username on the website after logging on) Market Fixed a bug where sometimes invalid items would be listed in the Live Item listings. Enchants and Cards now show items which have said enchants/cards slotted into them. Added the ability to sort armors by type. You can now click on the Location and it'll be automatically copied onto your clipboard. If it's a shop in the market, you'll get the @shopjump line, otherwise, you'll get the /navi command line. You can now search items by client name. Features Fixed a bug where some costume garments were giving defense. Extended @alootid to take up to 15 values. The Counteragent/Mixture quests now has a quantity select option, so you can make more than one at a time. Corrected way too many instances of the word 'loose' being used in place of the word 'lose' Instances Changed the timer behavior for Sarah and Fenrir: The castle portal timer now stops the moment you touch the portal rather than stopping when you trigger the MVP cutscene. Bangungot Hospital's entrance NPC will no longer get you stuck. The cooldown for Wolfchev's Laboratory has been changed to 2 days and 23 hours (instead of 3 days). Horror Toy Factory should no longer get you stuck. Skills Hell Inferno's Elemental properties have been fixed. Fixed a bug where certain skills were being able to be casted past the 14-cell cap. Hell's Plant animation now happens even if you have instant cast. Mystical Amplification is no longer affected by the by the bFixedCast bonus. Pile Bunker skill now properly removes Reflect Shield. King's Grace now properly blocks all damage. GX's Toxin poison now properly ignores Phen-like effects. Fixed a bug where both Empty Shadow (Kyomu)'s and Volcanic Ash's status effects were not causing cast failure on instant-cast skills. Metallic Sound is no longer affected by weapon element as it is a magic skill. Spell Fist damage is now properly affected by various multipliers such as Lex and Dark Claw. Level one of the skill Elemental Analysis now gets you 6~10 ores. Monsters Root of Corruption's attacks can no longer be avoided by being out of range of the MVP. Updated mobs (stats, drops, attack and exp) to match kRO. (Mob IDs 1001~1131) Zealotus can now drop the Black Butterfly Mask. (Succubus Accessory) Items Added Mercury Riser to the Cash Shop for 5,000 CP. Implemented a new Hat Quest! You can find it in ein_dun01,42,268 Fixed Heroic Backpack's neutral resistance. It now gives +5% at refine +7 instead of 10%. Thanatos Staff now properly drains HP/SP. Increased drop rates of Lv. 140 Doram Weapons from 0.10% to 0.30%. Monster transformation items (such as Zaha Doll Hat, Bear's Might, etc) can proc their effect while being transformed. Mad Hatter is now a middle and bottom costume item. Added combos for the non-slotted Pocket Watch. Headphones Deviruchi's bonus has been added. Fixed a bug where Infinity Revolver could not be refined properly. Fixed the ASPD Bonus from Demon Mask. Using consumable items will now remove the invincible timer. Battlegrounds Applied an attempt to fix the Battleground Crashes. Fixed a few other assorted BG bugs.
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    Copied Thread from another forum, Sorry by taken so long NovaRO Last Update: 2016-09-26 Hello All, I'm here to Finally post my Sprites, yes these sprites are posted in many threads haha, but I really want to add here too: Valkyrie (rebirth) Basic Sprite, Just completed, Click on the gif to see the full sheet, Most of the sprites are Randgris edits: ZeRO I used this sprite as my avatar long time ago, someday will be done to use in a server, maybe, maybe not xD (Old) (New) Diabolus Set Everything started with the Manteau, Then I done on this rsrsrs, I finished the manteau, just need to make the In-Game spr and act files (ragnarok have many jobs to make a spr for each .-.). Manteau GIFS: Half-Life Half-Life Characters Sprites (Half-Life, Blue Shift and Opposing Force) I made them as NPC's. Berzebub One of the most scary monster of the game, many just doesn't like his design, compared with the card (except the cloths aheuaheau) reason why I'm making a Dami-Human Version: Actually the sprites doesn't look good in animation side but I'll fix it. VAMPIRE With my brother, we made it, using dracula as reference, but with some changes (Yes this is the demon god hair) Small Edits Order: Chaoplin(Red Grashoper), Mavis, Mado Vesper, Rockman X, Zero HAIRSTYLES: EVIL MOROCC - GOKU DARK KNIGHT MALE - DARK KNIGHT FEMALE VENOM SNAKE - SASUKE Thats all ^^
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    pRETTY MUCH soon This week's update! Did... did someone just propose to Joshua?! See his latest shenanigans in the new page of PP&P! https://tapastic.com/episode/581015
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    Greetings! Hymn of Midnight currently has some spaces open! While we love welcoming all classes, at this time we are focusing on recruiting the following classes. Sura Doram (Tank!) Support Royal Guard Sorcerer Genetic Super Novice (Tank!!) Warlock (Preferably geared) If you're interested in joining a group of players who like to do instances, random parties and in general have fun, give one of the leaders listed on the main post a PM! We would love to have you in our family and get to know you~
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    TFW your actions are meaningless and the world doesnt care LOLLL -- update! Joshua should really have researched his monsters before hunting them... See what happened in the new strip of PP&P! https://tapastic.com/episode/596591 work was so hectic this week I forgot to post here OOPs but yeah just check on the tapastic page itself every friday ;3
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    it was fun GR> active RK for the guild hit me up fams
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    @RadenWA has been rewarded for his Mado Mech guide. You can find your rewards on Vaults. Thanks for the guide!
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    Hello everyone! My suggestion is very straight forward. I honestly wish that doram armor pieces have their drop rate increased to 1%; or, at least, to have any reasonable increase at all (0.5% would already be very, very good). Here's why: In my humble opinion, currently the 0.1% drop rate for doram is a bit too low. Most Dorams that I know and are newbies in the server have a very hard time dropping the armors needed. Considering that the class already gives enough hardships in the drop/refine weapon matter for the newbie players, making the armor drop rates higher would at least make it less discouraging to start as a Doram. Before straight up rejecting this suggestion, I'd like to point out that yes, I'm aware that the official drop rate for Doram equips are still mostly unknown at this point; but I would also like to point out the fact that Doram sets are as important to them as most other "class sets" are. Imagine the hardships a Ranger would have to get their White Wing Suit to +9 if the drop rate was 0.1% - that's what Dorams are going through now. Actually without the Set and Talismans (that also depend on the dropped armors and weapons, may I remind you), Dorams already have enough difficulty reaching damage high enough to be "a farmer character". When I see this situation, I feel like anyone who intends to be a Doram needs a farming alt, more than any other class except maybe AB - which is sad because in kRO the cats are made to be a beginner-friendly and versatile class that holds its own quite well. At this point I already heard from several players that they started as Summoners and then gave up quickly because they feel the hardships in equip-farming are too great for a newbie to handle. In other words, the class becomes frustrating to play as. And honestly, I feel sad that people are being discouraged of playing a class they're interested in because their equip system on server is not on par to those of all the other classes. I don't remember if that has been suggested before (or if it has been suggested like this); but if it has, I'd like to humbly ask it to be reconsidered again. As a player that's been on the server for more than a year now, I know that the NovaRO staff wants the best for it's players and that GMs are serious in this server's growth; but also as one of the most experienced Dorams, and as someone whom many people ask for help, I'm seeing that Dorams have much more trouble reaching the same high level as other characters. Thus I'm trying to open a reasonable discussion with both the community and the staff for trying to improve the quality of life of Summoners in a rational, well-thought way. Thank you for your time.
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    Weekly update :> When your guild is full of strange people actually, how do you stop an ecall??? *meme* WIP for Enma, probably don't have time to finish until weeks later after my exams
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    !ArtDump @Flower Event Commission Complete! Thanks for the patience, I got addicted to a phone game recently so I got a bit distracted along the way... >.< It was definitely a very challenging piece, especially for the bald eagle. Was very very conflicted about the amount of detail to add but I finally settled on something in the end at least :"D I still ended up using SAI because my friend taught me a lot of neat tricks and stuff so I wanted to experiment a little and I learned a lot of new things Again, feedback/tips/suggestions from anyone would be kindly appreciated o/
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    Now I know this isn't exactly official but I think the idea of having NPCs of story driven instances hurry up would be a very welcome inclusion for players who have already completed the content several times. Similar to the fast advancement features already existing in instances such as Nightmarish Jitterbug and Horror Toy Factory. Mainly for instances like old glast hiem, which if you're speed running can run up to 30% waiting time. Not that the story isn't nice the first time around but it is very boring to sit and wait for NPCs to exchange dialog you've seen dozens of times. Of course that isn't the only example. Talkative NPCs eat up a lot of time in many other instances such as... Geffen Magic Tournament Last Room Morse Cave Demon God Charleston Crisis I suggest that players be given a hurry option assuming everyone in the party has completed the instance at least once (or maybe just the party leader) this will allow for quicker completions and less downtime, it may even result in people running instances more often which can be great for the economy.
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    not really sure what was going on, a lot of dying, but i make video anyways =) tim no castle? woe won.
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    If I were to have a party to an instance, and I had to choose between a warlock who spent 400m on his gears and a ranger/rebel who spent 40m, I'd still choose the freaking ranged dps. With the specific exception of HTF, which requires a VERY "niche" damage type that must be constant AoE. That's literally the only instance and only because soul expansion exists. The effort vs efficiency on it is an absurd gap, and with the way renewal MDEF is stacked (+ the said elements of the monsters said above), it's basically impossible to beat other classes on said role. Of course you could go support/offtank/utility/jackofalltrades, but that's another story and to be fair I haven't seen a party with need to cover such role yet. Warlocks cannot DPS effectively on instances because of long cooldowns. Taking example of OGH, you'd theoretically abuse the elements to effectively do DPS (Earth, Undead) but Crimson Rock has a 5 second cooldown, and Hell Inferno barely is composed of any fire damage. There's honestly no reason to take a warlock in a party aside from tanking. All the roles are better suited by other classes, and if a warlock were to cover one of those, it'd not be viable. Safety wall isn't a reliable tanking tool especially for squishies. Half a second it's not there and they are dead, and renewal's safety wall has HP, which on the usual player would only cover 2-3 hits max (imagine fighting a boss which summons slaves.) Sure, safety wall can help tanking a lot, but that skill cannot cover the role on their own, hence the reason above, again. Now for MDEF on renewal- The high end cards that give 50% MDEF ignoring look really strong, but their effect isn't because of the way the numbers work- Let's take a target with 150 MDEF, it's standard and doesn't look much. It will receive around 46% magic damage. Now let's say you equipped a combo, sacrificing a weapon and a shield slot, for that sweet 50% MDEF ignore, now the target is taking around 61% magic damage. Yes, 50% Mdef ignoring would only give you 15% damage increase overall. That's also achieavable by slotting a race card on the weapon and an elemental card on the shield instead. And the more MDEF your target has, contrary to what people may think, the less effect on the overall damage it will have, mdef would only really be worth if you had at least more than 65% or if you didn't have access to such raw damage cards. Now enough about talking about the bad parts of warlocks, there is indeed a role which they cover very, very well: Working solo or on small parties (2~4 people). No, a warlock wouldn't be able to do other's job as well on most instances or on big parties, but if one were to main a warlock and farm solo with it, even endgame content (g.scara, biolabs, etc etc), it'd work very well. Get some partners and go have fun and the possibilities are even greater. Still, warlocks and other magic classes in general related to PVM are in a very bad spot, maybe except oboro because of their DPS possibilities, but haven't tested that one out. You can't sugarcoat it, you don't see warlocks often in parties for a reason, nor AB or Sorcs DPSing. I've mained an offensive magic class since I've started this game, and even though I don't regret any second of it I wouldn't recommend it for anyone, the other paths are so, so much easier and viable. If you ask me one would easen this one up I wouldn't be able to answer. The only reason magic damage is viable on kRO is because of their totally-not-broken shadow sets which boost mdef ignore and all that (iirc you can get up to 100% ignore with them, could be mistaken). And I'm not sure if it was implemented here it would work out. TL;DR - Magic damage and Warlocks are in a bad spot on our renewal, and there's no reason to sugarcoat or try to make it viable when other options work 90x better with 90x less effort. They aren't useless, they're just unviable.
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    The Little Match Girl of Lutie. IGN: Exuer
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    Stand out in style with these nifty headgears! Guaranteed to attract even the most divine and powerful of ladies! Proof: A weakling who isn't even a real class managed to charm this Valkyrie! IGN: Rakugaki
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    Support my FB Art Page! ^-^ https://www.facebook.com/sandiiartlove/ I am an artist by heart and currently taking commissions. To request a drawing, PM me in Forums >> here << (Request Fill-Out Form is located under "Prices" spoiler) or contact me IGN (Lilly Belle). ==================================================================== Available Slots: 1. [Available] 2. [Available] 3. [Available] ==================================================================== Newest Drawing! (Images are all resized to prevent stealing.) Fill-Out Form | Prices | Estimated Completion (to show a sign of gratitude) Ragnarok Related Drawings Other Arts FAQ Thank you and I look forward to be of any service
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    Man. I should explore more. Tons of interesting scenery. :thinking:
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    I've noticed that on the item description it says that the on-equip skill is disabled in BG/WoE/PvP. I'd like to request that it be allowed to be used in these 3 environments, with the exception of PvP tournament. Here are my reasons: 1. PvP Arena on NovaRO has always been a place where people do testing, have fun, practice against one another. I don't see any huge detrimental effect in allowing Spider Web use in PvP arena. 2. BG rounds can go either way due to the random aspect of queuing. You may get cases where your team lacks classes that possess crowd control abilities. By allowing the use of Spider Web in BG, this will even the odds, if even slightly. 3. WoE involves large-scale organised combat, where a lot falls on strategy, communication and coordination. Allowing Spider Web will diversify the kind of equipments players choose to use, and also create more opportunities for playmaking. I hope this would be put up for consideration. I'd also like to hear what others and GMs have to say about this.
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    Don't forget about Chubby Panda. Poor Xalie always being left out
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    Another weekly update o/ Apparently I'm being really productive and finished two pieces (for Enma and Purrfect). In all honesty I just didn't want to study for exams :| I also doodled Hopp but I doubt if I will work on this anytime soon or in the future hehexd
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    Event: 2 is better than 1! Tis the month of Love ~ Giving a discount to couple commissions for the month of February, just my way of saying congrats to the 2 of you (see main post for details) Conditions: You will be guaranteed a commission regardless of slots but no guarantee on whether it will be finished in time for v-day, I don't do rush orders, I just go in order. If the commission is supposed to be a surprise, please mention that in additional information! Was supposed to release this on the first day of the month but I kind of got side-tracked from binge watching kdrama (oops) Additional special will be released on the day of v-day so stay tuned! o/
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    Surprise Patch Notes

    Features Added the Class All bonus next to the ATK Rate % in battlestats to reduce invalid reports. A brand new, very requested feature will be coming to NovaRO within a couple of days! Stay tuned for more details. Skills Updated Final Strike to properly reflect kRO mechanics. Fixed Neutral Barrier to check the target, not the source, if attacks should hit. Turning Chase Walk off now has a cast timer. Adjusted Kunai Splash and Throw Kunai damage to be closer to kRO's formula. Fixed musical lessons not having any effect on Song of Lutie's MaxHP bonus. Song of Lutie now heals 1 HP more every 2 vit instead of 5 HP more every 10 vit. Updated Perfect Tablature's flee bonus. Updated Perfect Tablature's perfect dodge bonus. Updated Focus Ballet's hit bonus. Updated Slow Grace's ASPD decrease. Updated Slow Grace's speed decrease. Updated Lady Luck's critical bonus. Implemented official Gospel chances, effects and duration: Chance of Gospel to trigger increased from 10% * skill_lv to 50% + 5% *skill_lv. Gospel's Heal effect now heals 1000-9999 HP instead of 1-9999 HP. Blessing and Increase Agi effects now last for 4 minutes instead of 60 seconds. Increase Defense now only lasts 10 seconds instead of 60 seconds. Gospel's damage is now twice likely to trigger with one of two different effects. Fixed Gospel's damage not showing the Holy Cross effect. Gospel's first damage effect deals 3000-7999 damage which is reduced by DEF. Gospel's second damage effect deals 1500-5499 damage which cannot be reduced by DEF. Curse, Blind and Poison effect now last 30 minutes instead of 60 seconds. Provoke lasts infinite, but is removed when changing maps or logging out. Fixed Provoke's icon from disappearing whenever a status changes. DEF, ATK, Flee and Speed super debuffs now only last 20 seconds instead of 60 seconds. Official status change base duration for curse: Curse base duration is now 20 second. Napalm Vulcan, Tarot Card of Fate, NPC_HELLJUDGEMENT, NPC_WIDECURSE use this duration. NPC_CURSEATTACK has a fixed 30 seconds duration. Official status change base duration for poison: Poison base duration is now 20 seconds. Envenom, Venom Dust, Venom Splasher, Tarot Card of Fate, NPC_POISON, NPC_ACIDBREATH use this duration. NPC_STOP now has a duration of 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds. NPC_HELLPOWER and NPC_WIDEHELLDIGNITY now have a duration of 180 seconds instead of 300 seconds. Tarot Card of Fate uses base duration for Curse, Poison, Stone, Freeze and Stun. For Confusion and Stop the duration remains fixed to 30 seconds. All NPC status skills now have a 20% * skill_lv chance to trigger instead of 50% + 10% * skill_lv NPC_HALLUCINATION and NPC_HELLPOWER now only affect players 20% of the time instead of 100%/60%. Damage shown by Hallucination is now completely random instead of being multiplied by 6. An animation is now shown when trying to resurrect someone affected by Hell Power. NPC_HALLUCINATION now has a fixed duration. Updated Tarot Card: Implemented official chances for each Tarot Card to occur: 15%: LOVERS 10%: FOOL, MAGICIAN, HIGH PRIESTESS, STRENGTH, SUN 8%: TEMPERANCE 7%: CHARIOT 6%: THE HANGED MAN 5%: DEATH, STAR 2%: TOWER 1%: WHEEL OF FORTUNE, DEVIL The SUN tarot card will give you the tarot card status change The status change makes you immune to other tarot card effects The affected person will see a tarot card and the duration of the effect as a status icon. The LOVERS tarot card now displays on self instead of target. Items Fixed (again) Zaha Doll Hat to give -0.8s fixed cast time rather than 80% fixed cast time reduction.
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    Late to the party but allow me to offer another perspective regarding Aspersio Scrolls, as someone who mained a Priest in PvM situations since 2009, and is still maining an Arch Bishop today. This will be based mostly on what I know and experienced from playing AB in PvM situations. I will not talk about solo players that dual/multi clients, or use alt/slave/pocket ABs. Bolded bits are important bits so feel free to skim through. There’s actually a shitton of obtainable and/or affordable consumables, cards, and equipment that enable other job classes to use or autocast Acolyte, Priest, High Priest, and Arch Bishop class skills. Other job classes also have skills that function the same way (or similarly) as some Acolyte/Priest/High Priest/Arch Bishop class skills. There is probably no other class in RO besides Acolyte class and Priest branch that has so many of their skills being accessible to other classes through various means, and I did not even provide a complete list in those spoilers. It’s bad design imo but that is a different can of worms that I would rather not approach right now. Despite facing this reality, there are people that still come into NovaRO, create an AB, and actually play them, and not always as buff slaves on a side account. Shocker, right? So why the fuck would anybody play AB when other job classes can use their skills, and can do the same things they do, and especially when better, Real Job Classes(TM) exist? My point is, people will still play AB because they want to, and they will remain functional and useful, whether they’re alone or in parties, even when they’re not healing and supporting and ressing and applying Aspersio, and despite the fact that many of their “core” skills are accessible to other job classes via consumables, cards, and equipment. There are people who play AB that went above and beyond what’s typically expected from this job class because they actually dedicated time and effort to play it, and they figured out that this class can do so much more than that. What an Arch Bishop can do, especially when played by the right person, can never be replicated or replaced by consumable buff items or other job classes. I don’t see how making Aspersio Scrolls obtainable will bring about disastrous results for ABs in PvM. Aspersio scrolls give players an alternative, not a substitute for an entire job class. If someone decides to use Aspersio Scroll, that’s one less buff for an AB to keep track of, which gives them more opportunities to do other things besides supporting and healing. If someone decides not to use Aspersio Scroll and needs Holy endow on their weapon, it literally takes 2 seconds to just apply the buff and go back to whatever the AB was doing before. Bottom line, I think Aspersio scrolls would not make ABs absolutely useless and turn them into worthless waste of space in PvM, even in high tier instance dungeons, as some people may have indicated in this discussion. People who play AB can and will figure out better things to do than just keel over and delete their character if Aspersio Scrolls were made easier to obtain. Also I just have to point out that Back Slide Scrolls are probably never gonna happen. With that out of the way, let’s do a proper comparison between Aspersio and Sage class’ elemental endowment skills. Endow scrolls and consumables are relatively easy to obtain but Sage/Professor/Sorcerer’s elemental weapon endowment skills are better than scrolls and consumables for a number of reasons (longer duration, good synergy with their ground-based AoE buff/debuff skills, etc). It’s so much better that you’d be a bloody fool if you reject a Sorcerer from joining, say, Bios/Morse/Temple of Demon God parties, and this is despite the fact that elemental Crimson Weapons are relatively accessible and affordable to everyone. Think about that for a minute. With that in mind, I think it’s worth mentioning that Aspersio’s max level is 5, and higher skill level increases the duration, up to 180 seconds. If we’re going for the “Aspersio Scroll as an alternative to Aspersio cast by actual Priests” direction, at the very least, the scroll’s duration should not last longer than the skill at max level, and should not have any other effects besides a simple temporary Holy endow on weapon.
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