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    "in memory of a beloved friend"

    "Someone once said that good people never leave forever, they remain eternally in the hearts of those who loved them so much." dear community, today is a very sad day for our guild, since a very dear person has died who always brought us a smile in some way, for that reason, we would like you to support us on a proposal to remind those loved ones that they were ahead of us on the road, I speak of a memorial or a monument with the name of the deceased person, whether it be an MVP grave, or a simple gesture of the character used by the person with a farewell text. A little memory of her, inside the server she loved so much to play, to represent the mark she left in our hearts.
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    Patch Notes

    Monster Hunting Items: Dragoon's Shadow Shield can now be properly crafted. Hunter's Potions and Mega Hunter's Potions healing effects will now be removed when taking damage. Increased Life Powder's healing amount from 20% to 35%. Stoneskin and Demon Extracts now work against all Savage Coast monsters. Increased Dash Juice's movement speed bonus. Fixed an issue with achievements and Satchel's upgrades not being fully retroactive. Community Suggestion Removed the +1 stat enchantments from Arch Angel Wings. (This change is not retroactive) Skills: Added an active ability to the Tank role's Sentinel skill. It now works as a taunt skill when used on a Great Monster. Large Barrel Bomb: Increased damage by x10. Now has a 2.5 second irreducible cast time. Changed Release Bombring's damage formula to more heavily be affected by Dex. Significantly increased Set Dizzyring, Set Bombring and Megaton Bombring's explosion damage. Increased the duration of the status effect which increases damage done on a target from Megaton Bombring's explosion from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Changed Choose Bait's skill description to explain the type of fish that can be caught with each bait. Updated a number of Role skill descriptions to reflect their new behaviors. Utility Role status effects are now cleared every time you enter a new instance. Players can no longer destroy their own Bombrings. Eucharist now shows a status effect icon on both the Healer and the target. Fixed Divinity's Speed boost. Increased Slow Poison's damage reduction on Fester from 35% to 50%. Shield Spell level 3's heal is now properly being affected by the healing reduction inside Monster Hunting maps. Elemental Aegis Passive elemental resistance reduction is increased from 10% to 20%. While the status is active on a hunter, their elemental cap is increased by 5%. Misc: Altered movement speed inside The Savage Coast. Energized now properly gives players x2 rewards from Foraging. Features Implemented the Dreams and Shadows instance. (New version of Jitterbug) Weapons dropped in this instance come pre-enchanted. We've added an enchant system similar to the Sky Fortress one. The Weapon's Master will be found at the entrance of the instance. You can choose to re-roll all enchants or only two enchants. Implemented the King's Heels instance. (New version of Charleston Crisis) Ingrata M sells Charleston Upgrade Parts to enchant the following weapons: Robot's Mechanical Arm Pile Bunker Pile Bunker S Pile Bunker T Pile Bunker P Tornado Axe Gigantic Blade Su Winterguard can add a slot to these equipment pieces: STR Supplement Equipment Reinforced Parts - Plate Added a new NPC named Heidi located on the bottom floor of the main office. Heidi is able to costume a players pet into a different pet while keep the stats of the original pet. Consumes the costume pet egg. Costs 2k NP. Costumed egg becomes account bound. Community Suggestion Using Swap Gear skill now properly makes the character say "Swap Gear!" and shows a visual effect. Fixed @whodrops showing up the same monster multiple times. Slightly simplified the Bio5 enchanter NPC. Level up bubble gum effect is decreased to 75% effectiveness, and duration is increased to 5 minutes. Fixed a part of Luanda's story that prevented you from finishing it. Removed slaves from Time Holder. There will no longer be a price validation check for forged items (preventing you to sell them higher than the NPC value). Items Added Cellphone to the Nova Shop for 4,000 Nova Points. 30-day rental item that allows you to access a number of utility NPCs from anywhere you want. Crow Transport (Teleports user to their choice of Main Office floors.) Stylist Daily Rewards Ben Recycle Heidi The Pet Groomer Recruitment Board Channel Control Login Settings Added EXE Wing Cap to the Nova Shop for 5,000 Nova Points. End of Summer Hat box headgears can now be recycled. Community Suggestion Fixed cast time reduction effect has been added to Spell Circuit, General Helm, Fancy Feather Hat, Ruff Officer and Amistr Beret. This effect does not work inside BG/WoE. Fixed an issue where the Poison Breath quest was consuming equipped Giant Snake Skins. Fixed a number of item bonus issues with the Poison Breath lower headgear. Skills Drums of Battlefield now applies the Song Fatigue status. Solar Burst and Prominence Kick no longer deal damage to hiding players. Cross Slash now applies the debuff on the target as soon as the skill is used. Cross Slash will now teleport the caster closer to its target. Cursed Circle will be cancelled if the Sura fails a skill on the target. New Moon Kick can no longer be used while the Shadow Trampling status is active. WoE and PvP Temporal Manteau can now be used in BG and PvP. Doubled Temporal Manteau's demi reduction. Community Suggestion WoE winner rewards have been changed. Each participating member from the guild who holds the castle at the end of woe will be rewarded 1 Mega Orlean's Course and a 60 minute Guyak Pudding (all account bound). Each participating member from the guild with the longest defense time will be rewarded 30 million Zeny. Andlangr castle will have 3 entrances starting from next WoE.
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    Patch Notes

    Hey guys! After listening to the input given on the forums and in-game, we've decided to lower the requirements of the Combat Training Quest. Effective immediately, the quest has been reduced to the following numbers: Win 20 Battleground Matches [Down from 25] Kill 100 [Bio 5] Monsters (1) [Down from 200] Kill 100 [Bio 5] Monsters (2) [Down from 200]
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    Having to reset the wings just to enchant again is quite tiring and unecessary. It would be nice if AAW enchanting system was similar to GMT and Ghost Palace enchants, where you can reroll enchants in a row, without having to reseting and enchanting again.
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    As shown in this screenshot its 10vs6 but you still need 2 players to queue to get in and the distribution wont be made even Please make it so in cases like that if one player goesi nto queue he is automatically sent to the team with the lower number of members
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    Costumed Pets

    Now that there's a huge amount of Pets available in NovaRO. I Think it would be best to implement something similar to Costumed Headgear, but for Pets. It will give more Variance to Pets that we'll See in Party Runs because as of now, only those with Useful Effects are Used (Incubus, High Orc, Little Isis, Hodremlin, Choco, Angeling, etc). Currently, Pets that are pure Cosmetic, either from Event Eggs(Garm/Piamette/Time Holder), or NP Eggs(Garanth/Nyia/Warrior Lola/Daehyon) Exists only to be used at Towns where Effect doesn't matter, Or Classes that can/choose to live without pet Effects. Prefered Method Should be something Like This : 1. Choose a Pet Egg you want to give effect to. 2. Choose a Pet Egg you want to sacrifice for the effect 3. Create a Pet Egg with No.1 As Sprite, No.2 as Effect, and Eats a Special Food. Edit1 : An Already Costumed Pet(Result from No.3) Should still be able to be used as Sprite(No.1)
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    Non-trans jobs shouldn't allow to wear trams gears and thats it, idk why complain about this suggestion, 17.1 is comming and valk manteau will not be meta for SE anymore.
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    The way I see this suggestion is as a single 30m prize to each member of the winning guild. I'm totally OK with that as a pvm player who will never take part in woe. Even in the worst case scenario where the same guild wins everytime it's not like they'll monopolize BSBs or anything, it's just a single extra prize for each member. Hell I don't even know what woe winners currently get but 30m doesn't sound like a big deal for such event. A WoE weekly or a bsb for participation however is something I'm totally against, as it's a very different thing.
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    Geitzz's Gryphon

    The Water Trial(s)

    Entering the second half of the whole TWT storyline I'm gonna say the next chapters will be quick-fire chapters. This means they will not have that long wait between chapter start and chapter ending. The TWT season chapter finale will come on Saturday 31st August. The following chapters will show the real Water Trials (We could also consider the whole journey to the cave was also a water trial. But Geitzz didn't know it would be that complicated reaching there). The Water Trials are a show-off of strength, power and strategy/wisdom. The Water Trials are . . . TWT Chapter II. Three Stages of Hell. 1. First Stage: Show of Resistance 2. Second Stage: Show of Power/Strength 3. Third Stage: Show of Domination
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    Guild Arena effect on Training Chamber

    Added the option to the Support NPC for our next maintenance.
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    Illusion Armor A-type Enchants

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    Warper to rudus Floor 2

    Put a option to go direct to rudus 2F ~Just quality of life change
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    # Language channel add JPN ?

    Hello Thank you for always great gaming experience. I am studying English and other languages through games. For Japanese friends, # Language JPN channel Is it possible to add Thank you for your consideration.
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    Geitzz's Gryphon

    The Water Trial(s)

    TWT Chapter 5. Part 2 epilogue. TWT Chapter 5. Battle of Kings. Part 2. There's the result. Even Geitzz can't always win but, "you can't defeat who never surrenders". This storyline (and ending) shown in part my fight against a bigger force I couldn't change though I tried my best to get the best for the global people. I might be down, but I will rise up once again. This is the ending of TWT ; TWT was a show-off of strength, power, strategy/wisdom and friendship. The whole TWT has been such a complex journey regarding the simple and small structure of The Forest Adventure so let me thank you for the support and the feedback. Hope you had fun checking it out and free your mind for a while with it. TWT. Prologue. The Aftermath Maybe what it was all needed for Geitzz was to just feel going down so he could get higher
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    Geitzz's Gryphon

    The Water Trial(s)

    Chapter 4. Side A. God's will. Part 1. Next step. Spear vs Spear fighting on Cliff's edge. Will Geitzz, a former king, recently named as captain win or will Zeus (can you guys remember this mob's name? I do) ? Chapter 4. Side A. God's will. Part 2. This is how a winner looks like. I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end. Chapter 4. Side A. God's will. Part 3. I never had any doubt. Geitzz's spear is the biggest and strongest spear! You can pay attention to three main details in here: 1. You can see me clapping with my wings. 2. Is it Geitzz vomit from heights panic, Strouf's blood (yes. That's the name), or maybe he just evaporated. 3. Have you seen the pinpoint attack damage?! Side B coming tomorrow.
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    New Episode Teaser

    please do include MvP green aura
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    Mad Bunny and its reflect part

    Why should every dps in the game be free to go brainless full dps but Warlock? This is just not the way to go about it. Reflect damage is cancer. I understand the bad spot the game is in terms of balance and how tanky characters can't really tank a lot of damage sources, but you need to increase resistance somehow, not give such mechanics and tools as reflect.
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    Disable Opossition/Hatred On bg.

    For me it's not really all about the damage that SE can bring. It's mostly about the utilities and flexibility this job offers and sadly, all for himself. Let's talk about everything else before the damage output it can deal; 1. Elemental diversity: This class can literally change element without hassle and have access to even ghost. Sure small thing, everyone can change elements with converters. 2. Tumbling: Oh boy, why would you still play CS RK if you can have Solar Burst which can easily outdamage Crush Strike and you can hit multiple people plus you have a better and permanent version of Millennium Shield. 3. Star Emperor Advent: Millennium Shield is asking if he's a joke to you, read #2. 4. Cloak thingy: Oh boy, what a way to kill the GX class, I mean seriously why would you still play GX if you can play SE. You have cloaking, you have tumbling, you have better, spammable and almost the same burst damage and don't forget the mini AoE :). 5. Mobility: FSK, need I say more? 6. Gravity Control: I mean seriously, can't this class have more things under their belt? You use this without counter-play and you can have the person crying up in the air while they're getting stripped and masqueraded. Call 911 for rape incidents. 7. Nova Explosion: I'd like to stop explaining things, thank you. 8. Damage: I should probably blame my devo for not having enough reductions to counter one solar burst that deals 282k damage in burst, if he only had wore reductions maybe we could've lower it to around 200k. Oh wait, I'm still dead. Let's try again; . I don't know if I'm forgetting something else but you get the gist. There's too much going on for this class and if I have to answer what I'd like to be change for this class, I'd say disable their cloaking and mobility utilities and it's a start. This would ultimately stop them from being a suicide machine and learn to actually play with brains and flank at the right time.
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    Disable Opossition/Hatred On bg.

    Because no SE ever care about your wanderer and don't mark wanderer at all? LOL Even my PvM geared SE with rideword hat can wipe people in bg, this solar burst with opposition is so broken. Ofc SE main gonna protest since its their main class after all, but no amount of reduction can save you from SE if ur class is on their hatred list. Only reflect gear work but then again their hp is stupidly high and got the millenium shield thingy too not to mention TUMBLING. And those oppresing sura in bg actually is very skilled player with high end gear and mvp card, but then again you can counter them easily with range reduction gear. They invest so much time and dedication to play sura and it make them very good at it. While SE? Even Pvmers SE can be a threat with how those opposition skill work. And even without opposition, they can still 1shot every people too with their broken nova explosion too that bypass almost all reduction with very cheap gear. +1 to this nerf, actually just disable SE in pvp please since it was bad design overall?
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    Hey! could u please read before posting? Frist of all im not a pvm player, second i was the insulted one and im treaing everyone with respect and giving only argumets. But now u came and calling me "toxic" and pvm player, im not neither of both. Am I toxic for think diferent than the current WOE comunity? I dont think i need to ask, but i wll: Who is being toxic here?? (look at the mirror)
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    Buying Shop Update

    Done for next maintenance.
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    Crescent Elbow

    I totally agree with this suggestion but I also think that EDP is too strong right now and GXes are hardly tankable to I suggest to put cooldown on cloaking and remove EDP because I cannot tank gxes otherwise, thanks for reading
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    The menu has now been re-ordered for our next maintenance.
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    Tone down AGH Weekly Quest

    How do you know it's intended? If it is intended, what do you say the example I mentioned earlier about Magma 3? Is it intended too? If yes, why was the kill count lowered? What economy lmfao, Frozen Gargoyle and Contaminated Sting hold no value whatsoever on the market. People don't even bother to kill other mobs with GFW / Convenio party cuz killing these two is already tedious asf. ????? Literally everything is like that right now though lmao. It's not even about newer players / non-meta classes, every content has similar problems (bio5, MH2, etc). But guess what, they are fun to do because it does not involve you to kill low amount of mob in huge map.
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    My argument is that the number of kills required should be proportional to the number of monsters in the maps. Straight and simple. Teddy bear, magma Luanda and labyrinth are crowded with the target monsters and the maps are smaller in area. Which makes 150 or 200 kills not a big deal. But with the Agh map and the small number of monsters, 200 kills each is unbalanced in comparison. With that said I don't think it's a big deal yet, you have an entire week and you can do it in one sitting (1-2 hours). But the difficulty shouldn't change so much between weeks imo and the Agh one is way more difficult than the others. So either tone it down or raise the numbers for the others, I'm good with both solutions.
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    Kaizer [Many]

    Tone down AGH Weekly Quest

    This topic don't have a single valuable arggument about it, i've see a bunch of this guys telling is "tedious and boring" complain about don't have something new to do a couple of months early, other members already said, you can do perfectly in one week and i've see member (including me) doned in the same day, so if you guys realy think this is something to be discussed or suggested, then apoint the valuable arguments about it. Nova never change something because you have bored times to do so... If you complain thaat much about things like that, he gonna put even more [Redacted by staff] mobs for us to kill.
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    Help with Full Support AB

    Hi! I am new to the game, I hope someone could help me build my archbishop. I do need help with my equipments and stats. Thank you very much for helping.
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    Fu Windschwert

    Wanderer solo belzy

    Like for the usage of an outshadowed class. I like to see when people put effort on making their favorite jobs to shine. It's not common to see Wanderer videos. Nice achievement.
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    Holo the Wise Wolf

    KRO stuffs and disappointments

    What do you mean "unfair for old players"? Aren't most of us old players? I've been in Nova since 2016 I think I'm an old player too? I remember having invested a lot of effort in getting not one but 4 or 5 crimson weapons all the way to +15 back when they were BiS for every class. I went on hiatus for some time and when I was back everyone was using VM weapons now. And holy crimsons were no longer worth 400-600m. I was kinda sad but that's the thing with new content. I have a VM mace now and I know the new os mace might replace it potentially, and I know for a fact the Edda mace will replace it again but honestly I'm excited for that. And yes if you know it's coming you could save the zeny and not buy current content but then you're missing the point.
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    WOE Sets for Dorams 2019

    Can we have enable dorams to equip woe sets? TBH I want to have a tankier doram. Since they are demihuman at least give them some form of resist like other class otherwise change them back to be brute. There was suggestion before but was on rejected now but with no end reason.
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    @autoloot range for MvPs

    The more we think about this idea, the more I'm open to it, but I've decided to put a hold on it for a short while, and try to introduce it with the MvP update that's looming. Moving this to pending.
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    Disable Opossition/Hatred On bg.

    Just take away this class from pvp/bg/woe
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    I dont remember gravity control ever going through gtb, not since Release day of SE. You might have gotten my ninja a few times with it when I was on another Shield or weaknessed or double dagger. Also this suggestion has nothing to do with me it's about SEs having a bug with Valk Mant and most of the pvp community wanting To have it fixed. I only made the suggestion because in the previous thread Nova asked someone to do it. Grow up and stop taking things personally, you arent that important. Besides your obvious off topic points, which other classes can wear gear they shouldnt be able to?
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    Just post the suggestion to remove the class from NovaRO completely already, it's inevitably coming--might as well get it out of the way now. If you're going to remove the class from wearing trans gear, then be fair and completely remove it from all 3rd jobs that do not/have not trans'd. This singling out is completely unfair. I bet if Arias was able to equip Valk Manteau his opinion would be very different. But because Keagerou is still a 2nd class, he can't. Everything Arias helps change is to benefit him, under the guise of being helpful with bugs. Speaking of bugs, what bug report resulted in Gravity Control being designated as magic? All of a sudden out of the blue I cannot Gravity Control him and his GTB, when i had no issues prior. At least be transparent about his seedy changes. I can't find a patch note that references changes to Gravity Control in that manner.
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    Mad Bunny and its reflect part

    I think these reflect mechanics can be stupid and just not healthy to the game in general especially because it makes playing certain classes a very frustrating experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHzs9WBYTSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft2OFaaDB-w These are video examples of Warlock insta dying to Mad Bunny's reflect. There is a big difference between platinum and mad bunny shield which is card slot. First video you can see him dying to out of screen mad bunny reflect and the other is a mad bunny reflection compilation. You can see at first clip of the second video that even at 117k HP he still instantly dies to reflect. The person receiving reflected damage has no control over it and no reliable options or counterplay to deal with it other than getting bigger HP pool or lowering their damage on purpose. I can see mad bunny becoming easy/standard gear choice making reflect gear even more popular/accessible/viable and Warlock for example can become almost unplayable in WoE. I don't think it's fair when one piece of gear affects so heavily on a class potential/viability as it is the case for Warlocks here, and my feeling apply to overall reflect mechanic.
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    Command @ws bsb

    I don't hate it, should be simple enough to do. Done for next maint!
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    First time i actually agree with dog, how the fuck 24 more bsb per week will affect market? Honestly cost of single bsb wont even cover the price of consumables needed for single person. Wanna get that extra bsb, prove you're worthy and join one of big guilds.
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    um hi I am downloading right now so haven't really started yet.... I was led by an article saying this server has lots of people but last introduction was made in June...? doesn't look so active so I'm worried a bit. also, I was curious about the rates of Nova Points but it seems I am getting an error. Below is what I get on both IE and chrome: First, choose a payment gateway An error has occured. Please try again later. anyone know why? anyways, hope this server is better than the one I am moving from...
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    Patch Notes

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    Nova is definitly making BSB harder to get, maybe the number of BSBs being earned surpassed their expectations. With these changes, they will cut these earnings by half, if you kill mvp's but your weekly quest is incomplete, you'll have 3 BSB per week, instead of 6. I can't say that i'm totally against it, but it should have been this way since the beggining.
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    Holo the Wise Wolf


    Yeah in case you are out of the loop discord pretty much killed all forums on the internet, sadly. Welcome~ and don't worry it's pretty active in game.
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    Just Chilling

    Yuuri your skill never disappoints! look at that uwwwu, you drew him too handsome perhaps hahaa and the first picture both are male whattt whyy 0.0
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    Geitzz's Gryphon

    The Water Trial(s)

    Trailer 2nd Chapter. So Geitzz had this map. I can see where is he going now.
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    Geitzz's Gryphon

    The Water Trial(s)

    He doesn't want to tell me, so I got my own conclusions: Either he stole the hat and ran away closing Drake inside the ship. Killed him using Sacrifice + Grand Cross with the advantage of these being holy. Dueled Drake in a drinking pot competition and killed him from a pot overdose. Chapter I. 4th Part. Back on the track. Finally I found Geitzz and took him to his next step. Where is he heading to? I hope it's a dungeon with lots of water. This summer has been sooo hot This is the end of Chapter I. Thank you for your support and feedback. Hope you liked and will like the new chapter when you seen them!
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    My Art Attempts

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    Novice Tutorial Patch Notes

    Features Introducing the brand new Novice Tutorial, exclusive to NovaRO. All new human characters will find themselves starting on a dream map, where players will be able to enter a portal to begin this short tutorial. Dorams will continue to begin the game in Lasagna. Inside the tutorial, budding adventurers have the opportunity to experience and explore one of the cozy houses alongside the Prontera's main street, all while learning the basic controls to play Ragnarok Online. When creating a guild, if the Guild Name you chose is held by a guild that has been inactive for over 6 months, you will be given the Guild Name. The Geffen Magic Tournament Healer now removes Berserk. The memorial window will be disabled by default for everyone. You can re-enable it by using @nomemorial. Recompiled the navigation files and fixed a bunch of issues related to them. Added the @guildinvite command to invite a player into your guild (this is the same as /guildinvite). Earthquake animation will no longer display for every target hit. It will only show once on the caster. Earthquake animation will show on the caster even if there are no targets hit by it. Autobonuses (such as Lucky Day) will now trigger even if the target dies. You will no longer get stuck when sending an item via RODex outside of a town (you will simply get an error message). Items Thanatos Knuckles can no longer be worn by Arch Bishops. I Love Nova headgear now has the following effects: Increases Maximum HP by 500. Doubles the healing potency of Novice Potions for players below level 100. Adds an SP restoration effect to Novice Potions for players below level 100. New headgear quest! Honey Pancake ( brasilis 342/246 ). New headgear quest! Warg in Mouth ( npc_in 34/97 ). The Cash Shop has been re-branded and updated: Cash Points will now be known as Nova Points (NP). The Cash Shop will now be known as the Nova Shop. Introducing a new Sale System where a number of items will be sold at a discount for a limited period of time. Added the Fluffy Cat to the Nova Shop: 5,000 NP Added the Ornate Scarf to the Nova Shop: 7,500 NP Added the Platinum Adventurer Pack to the Nova Shop: 20,000 NP Contains the following items: Gym Pass Box x1 Alternate Outfit x1 Omni Clothing Dye x1 Halter Lead x1 Field Manual x2 Job Battle Manual x2 Token of Siegfried x5 Kafra Card x5 I Love Nova x1 Added the Adventurer Pack to the Nova Shop: 5,000 NP Contains the following items: Field Manual x1 Job Battle Manual x1 Token of Siegfried x5 Kafra Card x5 I Love Nova x1 Added the Critter Ear Pack to the Nova Shop: 6,000 NP Fixed Rogue's Treasure combo and description. Fixed Irene High Elder Card's refine bonus. Revised Encyclopedia can now be worn by Star Gladiators (not by Soul Linkers). Replaced all usage of "Invective Robe" to "Abusive Robe" to avoid confusion. Fixed Glorious Cure Wand item description to match with the item script. Removed Drifter's Cape's trade restriction. Pendant of Harmony will now trigger its effect from range attacks as well as melee attacks. Bonuses obtained from items crafted using Special Pharmacy can no longer be dispelled. Skills Added the ability to craft Brew White Potion (All) to Alchemists. Added the ability to craft Elemental Converters (All) to Sorcerers. Instances Updated all the mob drops from Sarah Memories. Captain Ferlock is no longer agressive. Room of Consciousness changes: Bijou skills will now match with kRO. Dying while fighting Bijou will reset the MVP. Sky Fortress changes: The Hallucination Walk cooldown for Stefan J. E. Wolf has been increased to 8 minutes and 20 seconds. The monsters inside the MVP room will no longer respawn. The Earthquake radius has been increased to 6 in range (13x13). You can only avoid the Earthquake damage by running outside of its range. (No dead-cell trick) If you do not avoid it, The Earthquake will kill you with one hit. You cannot die from the same Earthquake twice in a row. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Fixed an issue where the 2 Day Rental Large Bapho Horns were only lasting 1 day. Fixed an issue where map flags weren't being swapped alongside the castle rotation. Improved the BG @voteleader command.
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