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    Hi everyone! As we are nearing the year 2020, brave players that venture to the Savage Coast will be facing the wrath of Garronath and Nysori. The release of the two great monsters come with great rewards. Not only the new Shadow Gears, improved rates for Shadow Gear refinement, new items for Dante's Exchange Shop, changes to the elemental table and more coming your way on tomorrow's patch. With that being said, Weekly Quests are also in for some changes. What to expect from the Weekly Quests post-maintenance: The new quests will be implemented soon after the maintenance. Since the update will take place on the 1st of January which is a Wednesday, Weekly Quests taken before the patch will not be reset. If you happened to have completed or in the midst of the former weeklies, you will have the old weeklies quest for the time being until the next reset. On the other hand, if you have not begun your Weeklies Quest yet, you will obtain the new set of quests, designed for Garronath and Nysori. And while that means more rewards, it also means more trouble, as the two monsters can prove to be quite challenging. We hope that you are as excited as we are and ready to face the new beasts! Good luck and hunt fiercely!
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    Patch Notes

    I be disappointed with this: "Neutral Barrier no longer blocks Earthquake" In that case, "Hovering" should be able to dodge Earthquake, I mean If I'm flying, how is it possible for an earthquake to hurt me?
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    New Year's Teaser

    After lots of hard work and a long wait from our players, it's our pleasure as a team to finally be able to make this announcement! 2020 is just around the corner, and we want to start off the new year strong. Have a guess as to what's coming? That's right, the highly anticipated 2-Star Monster Hunting encounters, which will allow Hunters to craft not only the Reload Shadow Gear Set but also a variety of the Class Set Pieces, such as the Knight Shadow Armor / Shoes and the Rune Knight Weapon / Shield. We're thrilled to say that the release date for this update will be on the 1st of January, 2020. We also have another surprise for you! By the end of January, Edda Biolab will make its way to NovaRO, so get ready to visit the memories of the poor souls who were captured during the Rekenber Experiments and relive their past! We're excited for the future and cannot wait to have another amazing year with everyone. Thank you for the wonderful 2019 we've had, and we wish everybody Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
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    Multiclass WoE Videos

    Sorry, delete
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    Discord Bot

    Hello, I've been making discord bots for 4 years, and since I started playing here a few months ago I've already adjusted and added custom functionalities adapted to the server. And today I'm releasing a standalone bot specifically made for Novaro, foruse by the general populace of the server with no catch at all. Some people might know me from another ro server, if they're familiar with my bot. Note that 90% of my codebase was refactored from my other bot, so there might be some weird unintended behavior, so I'd like to apologize in advance if something comes off as buggy and implore you to bug report through comment in this thread or the bot commands. Without further ado, I present you: RO-B0T#3222 (creative naming I know) https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=352049705103917056&scope=bot&permissions=1342201856 Prefix: !, @mention Default Help: !help Permissions needed: Manage Messages, Embed Links (if you add through the link above the appropriate permissions are already asked, the extra ones are for extra functionalities not activated at the moment, and can be disabled) !!! The bot is designed to auto leave bot farms. If the bot autoleave your server, it means that you don't have enough people in it (the bar is set very low), or you have too much bots in the server. Database Commands !ii item_name/id (scraped from item info) !mi mob_name/id (outdated rathena database don't rely on this, it's just for show) Events Commands !events !notify event_alias minutes eg. !notify bg 5 (get notified x minutes before events, consult !eventlist for alias) !weeklies !gramps Market Commands !pc item_name (limited to 10 uses per day per user, results are cached for 10 mins) Signup Commands Too many to list, here's a screenshot giving an idea on what's possible to do with them: And a lot more. For more information on available commands, use !help and try each one yourself. If you have any feedback, suggestion, bug report, feel free to use !feedback command, or post your inquiries here. Hope some of you may find the bot useful. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
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    Why, hello!

    Greetings everyone! I'm a new player in the server, going with Elyss as my nickname. Found NovaRO as an indication from a friend of mine (tho I'm not 100% sure they are still playing and all that, gotta check), and since I'm in the middle of some holidays I decided to play some more RO after about 5 years away from the game. As such, there may be a whole ton of updates and changes that I may not be aware of, but just from checking the server's website and wiki (I was absolutely dumbfounded with the amount of care and info that went there!) I think I can get the gist of it and have a great time. Since the beginning my favourite job class has been the Priest/Arch Bishop, followed as a close second by the Ranger. Still need to start the game and create a proper character... I'm beyond excited to be a part of NovaRO and I hope to get to know everyone better in the future! ♡
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    Leliana Siegfried

    ASS SC, need help

    ATM I'm using the +9 Smokie Transformation Leaves [Weakened Fenrir Card] and the Hell inferno Autocast is hiting something like 80k. At +10 it'll also autocast Chain lightning, I'm farming some BSB to try this. At higher refines probably better than Inconspicuous Hat.
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    you can use @mobinfo/@mi to checks information and drops of monsters in-game, @help to check other useful commands
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    Other popular places for farming raw zeny (selling drops to NPCs) are Juperos 1st floor and Magma Dungeon 2nd floor. For more information on that, I suggest you check this guide: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Zeny_Guide_and_Farming_101
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    There's Raging Fight (Overpower) enchants on Illusion Legs that are like Bear's Might I suppose? It doesn't have the animation change that Bear does either. MH2 is a group of custom Bosses in a custom Instance that you have to fight with a party of 5. 5 deaths and your party fails it, basically. You can check out the portal here. Incantation Samural only pierces defense of NORMAL monsters, so it'd be nice vs those but does nothing vs Bosses. I wouldn't really recommend it, MVP cards are kinda scarce around here. There's no thread to price check items, you can try going ingame and typing "@ws itemname" (like, @ws temporal boots of dexterity) one by one on the items, but that's about it. Market page is nicer because it's got sale history too. It might seem confusing at first but it's not too hard to figure out
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    Prolly Kendall


    Did someone say refine?!
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    Character View on Website

    Thanks to KeyWorld We now have a new feature on the website! Feel free to use these on any forums you use! (Such as RMS) and add a link to NovaRO! http://www.novaragnarok.com/ROChargenPHP/character/Intohimox http://www.novaragnarok.com/ROChargenPHP/avatar/Mawile http://www.novaragnarok.com/ROChargenPHP/signature/Lu Lingqi [center][url=http://www.novaragnarok.com][img=http://www.novaragnarok.com/ROChargenPHP/signature/NAME][/url][/center] http://www.novaragnarok.com/ROChargenPHP/characterhead/Yoshimitsu Just plug in your name there and you can view your character and use it as a signature, or avatar. You can also view your character via clicking your account name on the website, then one of your character names.
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    Hey, It's me Grizz!

    Hi, A player returning to it's roots after 4 years Although, High Rate is what i've been playing NovaRO is my first low rate server that i'll player w/ an old friend. Looking forward to play and enjoy :> friends are also welcome
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    Feyre Archeron

    DPS Wanderer videos

    With the lack of performer DPS videos on youtube, i decided to upload, when possible, some of my wanderer gameplays, especially regarding the endgame content, starting with this one.
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    Feyre Archeron

    DPS Wanderer videos

    MH 2 Star as wandy tank
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    Suggestions for RK HS

    Alright let's break it down. 1. (16+G spear)(10 - 12+ rune circlet) The spear and circlet only costs around 2b to make perfectly. So it's not as bad as you think. This is basically a HS RK but its multi purpose, as in you can use other skills at your disposal. Although you cannot spam HS. It's imperative you make the g spear 16+ as it adds 30 ATK. Scale it with the slaughter youll do an extra 6k damage a HS. Which in reality matters a lot when youre eager to kill someone in intense fights. 2. (16+ illu pole axe, shooter FAW, 12+ circlet, 11+ illu shoes 2x dexnive 2) This builds a little pricier but its HS focused. You can spam HS really fast in this one and yes, it does more damage than glorious spear. However people have range reductions and hence this build is leaning towards a more PVM oriented build. This is what most RK's use, but once someone slaps on a pnuema or a defense barrier their IB wont do enough to kill them. Hence why I recommend G spear being the more versatile choice. However this build is also expensive. It costs 3.5b to get it right. The above are two solid HS builds RK's can use in this server at least. But if you really want to go balls deep with HS go for build no.2.
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    My name is !!!

    Hello there! Welcome back to the Nova-Community ^-^ Hope you are going to have an awesome time and some awesome adventures here! Cheers~
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    An Unstoppable RG for PvP

    PvP builds tend to stay pretty similar over time. Not sure what you mean by that. Reduction sets have hardly changed over the years. RG builds usually for Devo, but you can swap it over to the standard reduction set for tanking. That'd be a WoE Suit or Plate set (Suit for more Ranged resistance, Plate for more HP), defensive headgears (Defensive Cat Ear Beret/Warlord's Beret, maybe Illusion Goibne's Helm or Piamette's Brown for upper, Challenger's Blindfold or Blush of Groom mid, Handkerchief in Mouth or Gentleman's Pipe lower), Cursed Knight/Valkyrja's Shield with Thara Frog, Combat Knife, and some sort of defensive accessory like Glorious Rings, PER/MIR with All resist enchants, RG Rings, Black Rosary. All reduction/tank sets in pvp are pretty much the same, tbh. Though my concern with this build is that you're not going to be doing much other than tanking. I'd suggest replacing your weapon with some sort of spear (you can use glorious spear for something unbreakable, or a pike[4] with 3 VIT3s and a golem card otherwise) so you can play Pinpoint and Moon Slasher, perhaps? You can also go around devo'ing with this build, but since it's not a dedicated HP build you won't be as effective as a full devo build. Just keep in mind that if you swap off Combat Knife, you do lose a significant chunk of resist. Good luck!
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    Patch Notes

    thank you heidi :D
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    Why, hello!

    Why Hello there. Welcome to Nova RO, I hope you enjoy your stay while you're here
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    Best Spell Element to invest in?

    @StarSeries here the topic
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    Best Spell Element to invest in?

    Hello Firaga! I think we've met at the gym before lol. I'm struggling with DPS wew, I don't know how to progress. the illusion set is good for instant cast but my Matk is capped and still low with Sunflower boy.
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    Best Spell Element to invest in?

    I saw a new staff on MH update that improves Earth Strain, maybe the staff + shadow set + mutated WK (may take some time to come) makes Earth Strain viable as a build.
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    Hello, dears!

    Of course not, we're here to help. Glad you're enjoying the server!
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    Yuuri Lee

    Hello, dears!

    Hi eduardo XD im that pink GX from the other day. Hopefully u still remember me XDDDDD. GX will need to be well-geared in order to get into a pt. I recommend u to make a ranger or any farming classes to get the zennies 1st. AB can also make ez money by joining bio5 parties. The bio5 loots r pretty good to sell. You can check the item prices by https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=vending Currently GX is dealing the highest dmg compare to other dps classes . The common builds are Cross Impact and Soul Destroyer. Glad to see u here eduardo. Im always homelessing at prontera stop by and having some chit chat with everyone . Welcome to NovaRO my friend
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    Hello! name's Kurusu Light

    Hello! as you can see on the title my name is Kurusu Light (Light for friends) i'm new on this private server and let me tell you. it's very good not to say amazing i spend here on my first day 6 hours and i'm a Sura lv 101 (i know isn't to much, but the experience to get these Lvs here was really cool) by the way i come from iRO and the experience i had here was much better than the beginning of my adventure on iRO, and well that's all i can say for this server to my the first touch was 10/10. Well... changing the subject i'm a Artist and i really like to draw stuff from RO, to give an example these are one of my drawing of my main character Light X: Hope you like it! Also i like Nintendo games like Super Smash Brother (Main Sonic BTW) , Mario Kart 8, etc. here's a pic of my character in game Light X So far if there's a guild recruiting people like me let me know i'll be more than happy to join you guys, my purpose is not be the best player or fight the strongest MvPs is create connections with people and unforgettable moments. well, that's all see you later and let's see what this server prepare for me!
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    Hello! name's Kurusu Light

    Thank you!! I'll create more art for this game.
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    Hello! name's Kurusu Light

    That's really nice! thanks for receiving me
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    Nice! Wasn't expecting so much itens.
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    2-Star Monster Hunting Quests

    wow this is pretty cool, thanks for ancient hero stuff.
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    smash it

    Nova Companion - Android Closed Alpha

    Read first post carefully
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    in case of FOGH quest, will you remove the 3 days delay ? because secondary ungeared char aren't well welcome in those parties.
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    A lot of the quests will remain exactly what they were prior to the maintenance, here's a better explanation of what you can expect after the maintenance: Weekly Quest Updates: Garanth and Nyia Quests have been replaced by Garronath and Nysori single-kill quests. There is now a third Monster Hunter Weekly, which will rotate between Garanth and Nyia each week. (This quest will still give 1 Blacksmith's Blessing). Savage Coast Hunt's targets have been replaced by Garronath and Nysori. Savage Coast Hunt's Blacksmith's Blessing reward has increased from 1 to 2. King's Heels instance completions will no longer count towards the Charleston Crisis weekly quest. Dreams and Shadows instance completions will no longer count towards the Nightmarish Jitterbug weekly quest. Added King's Heels, Dreams and Shadows and Fall of Glast Heim to the potential weekly instance quests. Removed Faceworm's Nest and Sarah vs Fenrir from the weekly instance quests. Increased the Blacksmith's Blessing reward from the "Complete All Weekly Quests" quest from 3 BSBs to 4 BSBs. Below is an example of what your weeklies COULD look like next week! To what you said Puros, Monster Subjugation, Instance Completion and Combat Training will continue to be the same quests for people who grab the quests after today, so the increased difficulty in party finding should only apply to some of these weeklies.
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    Would it not be possible to let us choose which weekly set to get from now on? Obviously I haven't seen the quests yet so this is just conjecture, but as someone with less time to play it would be nice to be able to still get the old set of weeklies even if I get lesser rewards.
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    That sounds pretty fun! And don't worry, even though I've played RO for a long time, renewal mechanics and end game completely escape me, I wouldn't be surprised if you and your brother had already surpassed me in knowledge xD
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    smash it

    Royal Guard with kasa card.

    As far as I know gravity changed reflect that way so reflected damage doesn't count as attack therefore it doesn't trigger autocast( ROFL, elemental sword etc). Not sure if it's implemented at Nova.
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    Platinum Skills Update

    I tried to create the new elemental converters, and three of them are consuming the wrong elemental stone. The fire converter is using crystal blue, the water converter is using wind of verdure, and the wind converter is using red blood. Also, the duration is 30 minutes.
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    Christmas Patch Notes

    It's quite simple as to why that change went through, if you look at the initial list of modified MH skills, you'll notice there are no working movement skills in MH. Its new behavior was allowed in MH temporarily as we did not want to just turn the skill off for the content temporarily. Saying the change is unnecessary and makes no sense at all makes me think you're not really seeking to make sense of the change and you're just upset about it having changed.
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    Should i quit my AB?

    Just get shadow gears from MH 1 for your AB and do a healer role on MH 2. If not much gramps 175 do the weekly quest kills and get field manuals using valor badges. CKS == cursed knight shield can be brought using weekly coins. Big Def/Mdef pots are from telma on BG, check battleground consumables instead of sieges. Nah its fine to switch out randel garment. nimble armor = furious gazetti adds range resist though you may want alternative, furious ice titan combo.
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    Wedding tittles

    Neat idea, I’ll do some thinking on this one.
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    Equalize movement abilities in BG

    Sura has the most confirmed bugged/custom behavior skills out of every class in the game. Are you guys really okay with that just to keep a unrestricted Snap? And how about the recent kRO skill reworks? Literally every class in NovaRO got their rework except Sura. Ever wondered why? At this point might as well put a disclaimer on Sura in NovaRO as a "heavily customized class". While other classes have some customization (like doram being demihuman and manhole not being castable 1cell next to people to instatrap), sura not only has 3 skills with major customized behavior but is also not getting it's skills reworked due to becoming overwhelmingly oppressive. So what in the end? Are we going to continue customizing every single sura change over restricting snap?
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    Equalize movement abilities in BG

    kinda curious about this "siege commisioners"...do they always bg? i mean like active bg on every hh? that what im wondering too how the heck ppl fine with mech slide but when gx wanna get backslide they act like nooooooo backslide is op...im like huh? wait what? its not like gx can backslide while cloaking tho...
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    Change weapon sprite

    I'm going to move this to pending as it's something we want to do but haven't gotten to it.
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    Hair Style Suggestion

    Well I made this one and Id like to know if its possible to add it to nova RO, sadly I still have no clue about how to compress the frames lol... (I edited some details)
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    Fu Windsword

    Equalize movement abilities in BG

    SC has been always an "unfair" class. While they have a sad perfomance on PVM, on PvP they shine as no other Job, being able to disable 3, 5 or even more players at the same time on their own. Their only natural counters are jobs that one-shot them before they start playing around, as Warlocks. But some SC can switch into GTB and laugh of them. And now they have insane ranged reduction due to Illusion Gazeti card. Wich leaves them with literally zero counters. All of this makes SC the ultimate cancer Job, having an imbalanced advantage over the great majority of jobs, advantage that not even numbers can equalize. When FSK was removed from BG, for the first time in my life i saw SC acting as a balanced Job. A Job that's strong and can disable a lot of players, but at the same time killable, trapable and over all counterable. For the first time, SC had a decente amount of counters, and they died to great group of players instead of easily escaping from them. So I see removing FSK as the only viable way to actually turn SC into a balanced job (its sad for SE, but as with backslide GXs, its collateral damage to keep the overall balance). On the Sura side, when Snap was disabled, I myself admited that there were good players demonstrating their skill even without Snap, but the great majotity of Suras where giving pity, not even using Guyak/speed potion, which turned them into just "easy targets to kill". Because of this.reason, I myself stated that Snap should be bringed back. But now, looking in retrospective, I realize that clearly it was their fault. If a player is not using a Speed Potion or Guyak, items that everyone can use, it's his own responsibility. It is there for everyone to use it, and it has a very low cost of valor badges. So yes, Snap should be disabled forever. And the reasoning behind of this is simple: This skill gives them insane advantage that no other job has (except maybe, FSK SC) . Suras can move faster than the fastest movement speed allowed in the game. They can also CC + Asura Strike, which is insane considering Asura's actual damage. While this tactic could be considered suicide over large amount of players (and still not a bad one, since you will always take down someone with you before dying), BG is not WoE, and in BG there are situations when you will face players in 1V1, 1V2 or 1V3 duels. In those situations, CC+Asura strike is broken as hell. You don't even need MS to do it. You can literally take your time keeping the CC waiting for someone to lose his buffs, or for a friend to help you. It's hardly oppressive. @Ouilyan Its worth to mention than BG is not and it will never be like WOE. Why? Because of a simple reason: Team distribution. On WoE, you and your partners build a balanced Team togheter, where everyone fulfils an specific function. And the role of some jobs is to specifically target and stop other jobs. On BG, team distribution is so random, that you can literally end in a team with only Rangers against a Team with only Mechanics. So what's my opinion on the topic? It's not hard to realize it if you have read with attention my structured post until the end (if for someone is not clear yet, i'm all for removing everyting, since it seems to be the only way to create a perfect balance between jobs). With nothing more to add, thanks you and wish you good nights.
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    The Infamous Player Picture Thread!

    Somewhere in Downtown Dallas in-between bars like....2 years ago.
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    We are working on coming up with some stuff for the achievement system for these instances, there is no ETA on when it will be done/added, but it is something we have had our eye on!
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    The Infamous Player Picture Thread!

    ٩◔‿ ◔۶
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