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    Reading through the (many) threads about the summer weeklies has made abundantly clear how frustrating many of you find the new system. As much as the summer weeklies were a conscious choice, please believe that we haven't done this change to make your lives harder. We have never had any hidden agendas behind the weeklies. There is no gambling on a mass exodus in order to drive up market prices or anything else of the sort. I don't think this sort of thought occurred to any of us at any point. If it was income we were after, we would have implemented the BSBs in a way that would have directly benefited us -- for example locked them behind the cash shop. It still would be easier to do away with the whole system that has caused so much grief not only for you but also for us. It is however true that we felt we had no other options except for choosing between a rock and a hard place. For us this has meant modifying the existing system. Yet, the summer change was never intended to be a punishment. Rather, we honestly thought this sort of a tie-in could be beneficial in not only that more casual players would be able to obtain BSBs, but also that you wouldn't need to choose between MH and the festival. That said, we miscalculated the ways in which the playerbase is split at the core and for that we are sorry. As somebody noted, because the majority of the development decisions have had a positive impact in the server's past, we continue to trust the dev team to pave the way. This is why we are as hesitant as we are to implement player suggestions in a 1:1 manner. I know some of you guys have felt a lot of frustration in regards to suggestions being rejected, but I want you to know that we are not just shutting those suggestions down and moving on, we're looking at the core issue being presented. So when we reject a suggestion, it is usually because we feel it creates other larger issues. What we do then, is to try to think of the best version that we can implement, which ideally does not cause other issues. This of course doesn't mean there are never flaws in a final implementation, but the ideas you present us with are never lost. To summarize, we are deeply sorry for how much upset the weekly change has caused, not least because there have been many bugs present due to map adjustments and other last-moment changes. This upcoming maintenance we'll implement instancing to the singleplayer games as well as additional copies of multiplayer games to reduce queue waiting times. We hope this change will at least help with the long waiting times. The attendance has been unprecedented and the number of participants has frankly caught us off guard. Of course, we are also keenly aware of the effects of time-gating of the content due to how the system is set up. All I can say is that we are continuing to explore what we else can do to improve the experience right away. It is not an easy process, so I must ask you to be patient with us.
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    Sorry, I know you want people to play the seasonal events, since it demands time and effort from the staff, but forcing us to play this kind of content (which i don't like and never play, btw) for the weekly quests i think is too much. The event goes up every 3 hours, so if my free time doesn't match the event's i get no weeklies? Sincerely, I don't think you should include in weeklies a content that has a time to go up, when, clearly, not everybody will have the opportunity to do it. Make people play the game, kill monsters, gather items, do instances, but don't force them to play costume content that isn't related to the game. MH was fine, but minigames and stuff goes away from the game's core. Also, i'd like you to understand that RO is a game that's up for almost 20 years and it's public has grown up, so we got jobs now, some people have a familly etc. I'm a Doctor myself, and can afford to play very little during my free time. If this stays the way it is now you pretty much killed the game for me (and for other people as well), cause i'll certainly won't be able to finish weeklies in the majority of the times and will lose the sense of progression i thought i gained by being able to finish them and secure some BSBs every week (which are totally gamechanging, specially for people who don't have enough time to grind like crazy).
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    NovaRO Partnership Program

    Calling all content creators, musicians, artists, and entertainers! We invite you to join the NovaRO Partnership Program and earn rewards for your content. What kind of content are we looking for? Any NovaRO-related comic strip, podcast, video, music piece, or the like posted in external platforms as Youtube, Soundcloud, DeviantArt, etc. and can be viewed by the general public. Content Creator Tiers I. Proby Content Creator - Has least 5 separate pieces of content about NovaRO - 1 month mentoring and trial - Eligible for 1,000 Nova Points for every good quality content II. Partner Content Creator - Has least 10 separate pieces of content about NovaRO. - Eligible for 3,000 Nova Points per content for every good quality content III. Established Content Creator - At least 10,000 subscribers/followers. - Eligible for monetary compensation for good quality content. Reward Scheme How to join? 1. Send a private message to Kefi (Kefi#9989) in Discord with your channel link and links to your 5 pieces of NovaRO content. 2. The team will assess your content creator status and give you a role accordingly. - Proby CCs will have access to the content creator channel and will be aided to improve their content. After 1 month, the team will re-assess their status to accept them as partner content creators or not. - It is possible to get Partner CC status right away. Partner CCs will be eligible for rewards for content made after becoming partner. - CCs with more than 10,000 subscribers or followers, they will receive the Established CC role and can be awarded monetary compensation for content. 3. Proby and Partner CCs must submit their content links to Kefi in the following format to receive rewards: Deadline on the 7th of every month. (Ex. Submit May videos on or before June 7.) ``` [IGN where you want to receive rewards] link#1 link#2 link#3 ``` Ex: We're excited to see all your creative content!
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    In preparation for the upcoming Summer Festival 2020, like in the years before, there are a few changes we will make to the items obtained from it. Below you can see a detailed list as to what these changes are and what will happen to the various items you may have obtained last year. All Summer Festival Coins will be transformed into 2019 Summer Festival Coins. All Rainbow Gemstones will be transformed into Dull Gemstones. All 2019 Summer Tickets will be transformed into Ripped Ticket. All 2019 Summer Festival Coins can be exchanged into Summer Festival Coins at a 3:1 ratio when you speak with the Ferryman. The same applies to Dull Gemstones, that will be exchangeable into Rainbow Gemstones at the same 3:1 ratio. If you want to use Rainbow Gemstones at their present value, you can do so at the Festival Painter (who can be found at Main Office 3rd floor). This will remain the case until the maintenance that will bring the new festival. Ripped Tickets can be exchanged into Summer Festival Coins at a 1:100 ratio. One ticket will become 100 Summer Festival Coins. Golden Pearls will remain unchanged. If you hold any of these, you'll be able to use these right away as normal. The items listed below will be removed and have to be obtained anew: Deepwater Pearls Pouring Keys Wetsuit Iron Shovel Steel Shovel Obsidian Shovel Steel Shards Obsidian Shards Wooden Rod Iron Rod Steel Rod Golden Rod Shiny Clamshell Sturdy Turtle Shell Cool Conch Cheap Lure Worm Lure Standard Lure Rainbow Lure These changes are going into effect because of the fact that new rewards are being attached to the different activities around the island. We feel compelled to reset player's progress in order to get everyone to share the same starting line. We've also made some minor changes to digging and fishing to prevent upgrade material stacking. We write this message so that players who may still have Rainbow Gemstones in their inventory get an opportunity to use them at their original value. Please note that the above is scheduled to take place prior to every future Summer Festival as well and not only this one. We are looking forward to taking you to to the Summer Festival grounds that will open doors on July the 1st. Hope to see you then!
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    Honestly, as a part of the "Leeching Team" I actually don't really care that it was limited, I've got a feeling like people make a bigger deal out of it than it actually is for us. The whole "QQing" is not about the leech at all, it's about the - yep, gonna say it again, this conversation goes on in every discord and literally everywhere - time gapped content as a requirement to complete the weeklies. Again, many people have jobs, families, children, more important things than camping the specific time when the festival is opening. People should be able to log when they can to complete their weeklies in their own free time and their own pace. Doing MH when you can? Sure. Joining bio or bg when you have a free time? Go ahead. Doing 3 instances in a row or every other day? Yea, nice. But it's not nice anymore when you need to check the clock and log in a specific time, because otherwise you'll miss your chance to complete a part of the content that you like and enjoy. And of course there gonna be comments like "U d0n'T haV3 t0 j0iN it, it'S n0t y0ur 0bl1gat1on" or "it's just the extra, non-essential content and if you don't like it, don't join it". Yea, people will keep saying it, and of course they are right at some point. But imagine people that actually log on the server they like (yea, because we do like NovaRO) when they have a small window of time to complete something, make some progress while they can't focus on unlimited geffenia farm/doing 20 instances a day with a plenty of alt accounts etc...and then this. The weeklies that may not be completed in your free time because you simply miss the time gap. Vermiliana, one of the "veteran" players actually said on NovaRO discord, that whenever he finishes his work, the festival is already over and he cannot wait longer to join another one. And there are probably plenty of other people in the exactly same situation. I don't complain about the Summer Fesival itself - I joined it 3 years ago, 2 years ago, I joined it again because I always found this content fun, original and interesting comparing to the contents that other servers may offer....but adding this content to the weeklies, turned it into some kind of duty that actually COULD be fun if not the amount of the required stuffs that average Joe may not be able to complete. 11k coins? Sure, it doesn't seem like a great deal to people that may be able to join the event a couple times a week at the specific time it's open. But for the avarage Joe who doesn't have the whole time in his pocket it's already a block off. 4 dailies requirement? Sure, again, for someone who can play the event several times a week it's not a big deal. But again, look at those who won't be able to join it 4 times a week, AGAIN, in a specific time. Multiple games? The staff team probably hasn't considered how many people will actually join, but when you see the queue of 30~40~50 people waiting and you know you'll have to finish the game several times, it becomes another back off because you'll have to join it several times, AGAIN, in a specific time. People who read these complaints think "such crybabies, just adjust to it or skip it". But have you ever thought of that, if majority - not a small group of people, A HUGE PART OF THE COMMUNITY - complains about it, then something MAY BE actually wrong? I'm not even talking about removing the summer content from the weeklies completely (because it's nice to have something different for a change than the same monotony) i'm saying about thinking of it and decreasing it to reasonable amount that average player - not a try hard - will be able to enjoy and complete. I try to believe that staff team is reasonable enough to actually consider it (and I really cross my fingers for it). And just for the record - I am a teacher in high school and lucky for me, I finally have a bit of time to enjoy the game, but in the last couple of months I was logging mostly to complete weeklies, ocasionally leech with my friends or do some small in game activities, because I simply had no time for more due to current world chaos, a shitton of responsibilities as a teacher and as a wife at home. I do enjoy the content provided by the staff team, but some decisions made by them weren't very good. (I hope nobody will take it as a "personal attack" just a small and constructive criticism?)
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    Thank you for receiving my previous post with kindness, I deeply appreciate it. As there have been many responses since last, I would like to say a few more words in an attempt to repair some of the disconnect. I know that at this point it's a little too late to say but your concerns have always been and always will be a part of the internal agenda -- the reality is we wouldn't have a server without you, and the entire purpose of what we do is to make a good game. I do understand why it wouldn't appear so, or why it would be difficult to believe, as we really-really haven't been the best at communicating that, but it is the truth. We read, listen, consider, and discuss all of the inputs as a team. After big changes the flow we go with tends to be one where we tweak a bit by bit and discuss a lot. Then we stop to look at the results, and go back to the discussion table to talk about what we implemented successfully and what we could do better. This process continues until we have something we are happy with, but it does take time. From here on out it is clear that we have to get much better at communicating with you. On that account, I'll do my best to uphold at least this level of communication between you and the staff. That's something I've shied away from doing and I'm sorry for that.
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    I don't post here often, but here it goes: I find the way that this has been approached to frankly be a bit unfathomable. As others have said, it's perfectly understandable that you want players to actually participate in your Summer Festival, but at what cost? As of right now, players will be FORCED to attend this incredibly time-consuming and mostly cosmetic-oriented event in order to make ends meet with their weekly BSB count. To simply tack this event onto the weekly staples that everyone depends on for progression and economic needs (use or sell their BSBs) is a catastrophic shock to most people, and to be even remotely surprised that people are upset about it is frankly a bit naive. And no; tacking one extra BSB onto this and calling it a day is not really a compromise. There are hundreds of players who have invested billions of Zeny into clearing Monster Hunter each week in order to reap the benefits, and those players should continue to be able to do so by way of their own agency (leeching has nothing to do with this, so please leave that argument out of here). That being said, there are clearly some in this thread who enjoy the Summer Festival and embrace the change, so it's for this reason that I would propose giving players a weekly choice; this concept has been touched on by a few players already, but I will echo my support. 1) Allow players to choose a weekly path to take each week: Old weekly format vs the "new" one. Why? - Giving players a choice allows for those who don't enjoy MH or aren't geared for it an option to enjoy the Summer Festival if they so choose. These events clearly cater to a pretty different crowd, and a crowd who has a lot more time on their hands evidently. 2) Sit down and actually revise how long it will take the average player to complete this newly proposed weekly agenda. At the moment, even with the latest change, the commitment required to complete the old vs new weekly agendas are not even comparable when you consider that this event is only active so many hours a day. If you're adamant on keeping this new agenda going forth (including other seasonal events like Halloween/Xmas/Easter), then please do address this, even though I really hope this isn't going to be a trend. @Ariasmen Sorry mate, but you're objectively wrong here in a way: Where you're right: Can you still log into the game even with the new agenda in place? Yeah, I suppose. Technically you're right there. Where you're wrong: You most certainly are forced to play the event if you want to progress in-game with this proposed agenda. If people who cannot join this event very often cannot fulfill the requirements, and there will be many, then what incentive do you suppose that leaves those players with when BSBs are such a huge aspect of progression? Not very much, my friend. Also, you might want to tone down on that caustic attitude you've got towards your community members who value different things than you do. Please recognise that most people do NOT have the time that is required to attend the Summer Festival religiously; especially when its up time is rather small for those with commitments outside of the game. There is plenty of incentive to participate in the Festival if players choose to, even without shoving it down their throats in this form of pseudo tyranny. You have multiple avenues of custom content, and you should be allowing players a degree of agency on which they enjoy more. I'd be willing to bet that there's a respectable number of players who only log in each week in order to complete the standard weekly agenda as they wait for new content. To encroach upon these players in this way is to play ball with the Devil, and the ball is in the Devil's court if you lose these players; just sayin'.
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    i don't usually say anything about anything but today is different i guess. i'm actually fine with the summer event being weeklies, as there are other ways to generate zeny/bsbs/etc. i don't really understand the decision but it's honestly fine. what is not fine, is the attitude shown by team-members of the staff to players. there's nothing wrong with standing by your decision but to be so rude and callous to players is unprofessional. i would expect an admin to act like an admin (you know, someone who can keep their cool. someone who can moderate and rely their ideas and take criticism, while retaining a calm demeanor), not like a child with a stick in their ruddy little hand. please, for the sake of your game, hire a person to handle your public relations. the current response is disappointing, truly. PS: whoever handled the MH roll-out, please come forward. you did great. the summer event team needs your finesse.
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    Endgame...? It cannot be "endgame" if it's a totally different game with different rules. If cannot be "endgame" if endgame builds don't work there, and you have to get a totally different gear (for a newbie build like WC) to be able to play it. Odin 4 MVPs are Endgame. Challenge Glast Heim is Endgame. MH is more like a side-game.
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    I agree with most of the considerations made here and I would like to add a bit of info: one of the most challenging aspects of game design is balance. As a game developer, you must design your mechanics considering the experienced (or hardcore) and inexperienced players. It may sound basic, but It's surely hard to achieve some middle ground there - If things are easy, casuals would love, but veterans would be bothered; If the opposite happened, veterans would be satisfied with the challenge, while newbies would struggle and be demotivated. It is hard to get to a balanced point, that's why a lot of games try to twerk things from time to time. The thing is, after what I saw on discord/forum (so It's purely based on my perspective), nor experienced or newbies are pleased with the way changes are being handled. It seems the balancing is creating frustration on both sides, which usually indicates something is wrong on the user's perspective. It seems the weekly quests are being made to "punish" hardcores for being hardcores (trying to rush everything) while hurting a lot the people that are not that experienced or have a resonable amount of time to play during the week. It feels like newcomers and casuals don't belong on the balancing of the game mainly because of what @Annelin just said: lack of flexibility or level of freedom. We know it's no easy task to balance, but we ask for a little bit more of consideration with all the player base, not only the veterans.
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    1 step forward, 2 steps backwards. Why not implement instacing to the other mini-games instead of removing the best feature implemented in this Summer event? Just to be perfectly clear, I am fine with the increased cooldown for Poring Patterns. The issue is not allowing multiple people to play at once.
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    Congrats, you made an event that is supposed to be enjoyable become a freaking chore. Are we playing a mobile game?
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    I have started playing NovaRO during last year's Summer Event, and I really enjoyed it, however, this year's... I feel all of this year's changes feel more like a chore and to make the experience worse than an improvement, such as: Not being able to farm lower tier of Shovel materials using a higher tiered one for the case of when it breaks. Grotto changes such as getting expelled out of it out of nowhere or if you stand in air bubbles for too long Increased the number of dailies for the Ticket, from 4 to 5. (This one is fine-ish as you can do Foraging and Concert now, but is is still more time investment for the same reward) Last year's the main source of Summer Coins was from doing Grotto, which to be efficient requires both a fully upgraded wetsuit and a tier-3 Shovel, however, with the above changes, it just became annoying and frustrating to farm in the Grotto. And that is coming from someone who regarded Grotto as the best activity from last's year summer event. The staff said coin rewards have been increased this year, but my experience so far tells me it's the other way around, since they nerfed the most efficient way to earn Summer Coins quite heavily. I feel the Summer Event this year to be less rewarding and more grindy, alongside with the changes to the Weekly making it obligatory. I am already filling bummed out due to the reasons cited above... and we still have 3 months of it ahead. I am also totally against adding side event activities to be a requirement to the weekly quests. Those should be core RO activities only. In MH2 at least you get to actually play your character. Seasonal Events were meant to be a fun side activity instead of being mandatory, and the current weekly changes just gives me the complete opposite sensation, totally ruining the feel of a Seasonal Event. Why not give players the option to choose between Seasonal Weeklies and Normal Weeklies instead of forcing a Seasonal Event upon everyone?
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    I made a suggestion on July 2 that started off by pointing out the time limitations of SF as being one of the largest issues. That post was rejected in a matter of minutes by Nova. However, I do believe what I said in there largely stands; albeit, I would modify a few things in light of recent changes made to SF (e.g. roughly a 50% reduction from current counts for Coin Collection and Social Games ). With the multiplayer game queues easily taking 8 to 15 mins just for one round, and players cutting in a non-existent line to play single-player games like Poring Pattern (coupled by the “normalized” 30s CD on win), the Weekly Quest figures are extremely troubling. (Side thought: Wouldn’t poring pattern be better if the queue (aka whoever can spam the npc faster) was removed, but just had the CD increased to what it is now?) The time-/schedule-restricted SF remains a huge issue, and this still has yet to be adequately addressed. Sure, we could say the additional play stations help a bit, but this still does not address or resolve the weekly’s social gamer quest issue, let alone the coin collection matter. The queues are still ridiculously long. We would literally need AT LEAST another 2 stations for Voltz, Poolside Panic, and Dodgebomb to make the lines really move. I would estimate that the wait times would drop to 2-3 mins, which is much more acceptable. The question remains as to what the GMs will decide to adjust, if any at all. Will weekly quest completion figures be further reduced? Will GMs be adding in more stations (or even a 2nd SF map)? I understand that the weeklies are supposed to be high ask, and high reward, but the high ask part is not reasonable if a player that WANTS to complete the weeklies for the rewards, AND WANTS to participate in SF (whether or not they enjoy the content), cannot feasibly complete it due to everyday life commitments coupled by the lengthy waits in queues. Do the SF Weeklies even make sense with respect to realistic human and event time limitations? Let’s assume each game takes 1 min to complete with an average of 12 mins wait time. That would be 13 mins per cycle, meaning 4 games would take 52 mins (out of a 60 min event). Any player that cannot participate in AT LEAST 10 sessions a week will not be able to complete THIS ONE QUEST, and fail to achieve the weeklies. Even if a working player can participate once a day during the week, they need to find 5 corresponding hours during their weekend, or days off, just to complete it. Let us not forget that EVEN if you could complete all 40, you would STILL FAIL to complete weeklies because with 8 mins free (not even factoring in walking time), you CANNOT just join a concert/fishing tournament part way, or go into the Grotto without losing your place in queue to complete other quests. That leaves you with the following quests: solo gaming, foraging and digging. A player can’t even complete the dailies at this rate, which is another Weeklies Quest (need 4 completions I believe). I hope this makes sense, and that it illustrates to the GMs how their “high ask, high reward challenge” is not realistic even if a player can spend 10 hours participating in SF per week. (Feel free to correct me if my calculations are wrong, and to re-calculate if my numbers are inaccurate.) The design of the new Weeklies discriminates against all such players, while forcing them to abide by NovaRO’s SF schedule because they have no other choice. Nova's statements gives me the impression that such "uncommitted" players are not worth this server's consideration. Would such players just give up the next few months of weeklies, or NovaRO altogether? I suppose we will find out at some point. Nova callously saying to just not complete the weeklies, or suggesting to just not play, is not only disappointing, but it completely misses the point. NovaRO is a business. A business is nothing without its customers. Does a business not try to understand its customer base? I do believe NovaRO can make the weeklies high ask and high reward, all the while NOT at the expense of alienating what could very well be a large proportion of its player base. If Nova’s intention is to have only the top 90th percentile of players to complete such high-ask, high reward quests, then I suppose this could well be a mission accomplished. If so, I have nothing further to say, other than I wish the rest of you best of luck.
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    I understand the concept that weeklies were made to be difficult, however, today, they are seen as something MINIMUM, not something EXTRA, which is why the reward it gives is probably where most of the money comes from for many players. I understand that they were not created to be something MANDATORY, but it is not so difficult to understand why all this discouragement on the part of the players (I was also discouraged because I don't feel the slightest desire to get 10k + coins, but I try to understand the reason) And the reason for all this discouragement and so many complaints: Much of what players did and / or much of what they profited from was simply taken away. "It shouldn't be like that, weeklies were not made for that purpose" But that is what it has become, and for that reason, this revolt on the part of the community is absolutely understandable, I believe. If the intention is to try to make the weeklies again become what they were meant to be from the start, I think this should be done in a more gradual way, not simply nullifying the possibility for most of the server to do this content. I really seek to understand the changes made by Staff in general with criticism, and I am totally in favor of new and differentiated content for the players, but in this case, you took something that already existed (Weeklies) and removed it from the players at the moment that they placed yet another prerequisite that, for many, is impossible. Adding something new, new content, and saying: "Look, this content brings great rewards! But if you can't play / don't want to, ok" ok, however, it wasn't what was done, because it also affected what existed previously, and in this way, it is not fair. A while ago I suggested that there should be an award for those who did class quests, you answered me, among other things, saying that you didn't find it so interesting cuz many players would feel "obliged", as if they were "missing something". .. So? I believe that there are the best possible intentions in the summer event, and I believe that it is done with a lot of appreciation and care, however all of this is ending up turning sour and turning into something negative in the way it was put in. Try to understand the players' side and rethink, please. Anyway, I keep my suggestion to split the prize among the Weeklies, and I really can't understand why not, and I would like to know if there is a reason.
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    Altho, I have a love n hate feeling about mh2 , love it’s great concept and dynamic & rewarding game play, dislike some of it’s class balancing , but I must admit it’s the best novaro has to offer. Weekly system has been the core of novaro experiences for the past months, and mh2 is the center piece of it . It has became a fundamental drive for players to improve. But now , novaro’s weekly system is totally distracted by the summer event , a pure mini game content which I have not been and will not be interested in participate. I don’t care if you will increase the summer coin reward or reduce the time needed to spend in summer event. Mini games is just not what am here for. And since participating in such mini games is required in order to finish the weekly, I won’t be able to finish the weekly from now on, whole novaro experience is going to be , put it politely , incomplete . And if adding mini game event in the weekly will become a seasonal thing .... oh well.... What I felt most disappointing is that , when the negative feedback on adding summer event into weekly is overwhelming, a few nova officials’ replies were memeing back, instead of give constructive options on how to improve. Ofc , I totally see the time, thoughts and efforts that has been put in designing the event , especially the concert thingy ( the pogo is pretty damn cool ), and it deserve to be played and applaud. I would want to try join it sometimes with friends and get high, but knowing it’s compulsory totally takes away the magic for me . At the end , I don’t even know If I have a right to speak my opinions regarding to the summer event , since I feel am exactly one of those people , categoried by the nova official , who should use the door to freedom.
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    Well, I apreciatte the efford to make a server with some custom contents, this make the server more solid and aims for a influx of newer players. The idea of Monster Hunter is great, earning previous kRO cash shop gear with actual gameplay, while making difficulty bosses for us to kill, as we don't really have any challange in any of the instances that we have today, all can be done solo. I know we are still lacking content such as Challenge Glast Heim, but MH2 attends to those who loves a good adventure with your teammates. Seasonal events are great, as you can do different things other than just kill monsters, while also earning costumes and making a market around it, attending to those who don't play only to get stronger. Do I have to finish all dailies quests in a day to count towards it, or each individual summer daily (for example Foraging) counts toward that "Complete Summer Dailies 4 times" weekly? If I have to complete all the summer dailies during 4 days, it will be impossible with the time I have allocated to Ragnarok. I can play around 1~4 hours a day, so I will rarely be able to attend more than 1 Event Time Window, and I can safely say many working people will fall in the same case. Weekends are an exception, but we also have other things to do in life other than play Ragnarok. "I can't balance content for players who can't play it" - People can play it, otherwise we wouldn't be here, would we? People are making suggestions to make it more viable. Even if I played during the whole weekend I don't know if I would be able to complete that weekly, since I played like 1-2 event hours yesterday and barely made 400 coins (never played summer event before). So far it's looking life if I am not a pro in farming it, it will take a whole week without missing an event window to gather 16500 coins. I'm in the same case... In MH at least I could choose which time I wanted to play it, but with the Summer Event, I'm now locked behind time windows to do it. The argument "you're not obligated to do it" is just not valid when you lock end game items such as Endevour Tokens/PKS and the ability to receive BSBs behind the Weekly Quests. It just doesn't make sense, and only people who don't actively plays will tell you otherwise. It's looking like: if you don't only play NovaRO and live for it, you are not the player that we want. Suggestions to the current Weekly Changes: - Give the option between normal and event weeklies; - Make the event playable at any time; - Increase the time in which it is open, such as 2 hours open/2 hours closed (It will be available 12hours/day).
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    I've been trying to attend as many Summer Festival as possible since the day it's released. Obviously there is quite a lot of frustration among players right now, just look at #main every time the 1-hour rush ends. So here is my 2 cents (or 15k coins I gathered so far ). When I started at Day 1 I was, among many others, shocked by the requirement of 16.5k for Weekly. This is the first time I see a 5-digit number on an RO quest. But since I went hiatus for 2 years and just came back last month, I was excited to see if there is anything new in this year's SF. I always enjoyed old SF. There are quite a lot of new stuff to learn for a "new" player like me. I got very sub-optimal amount of coins on the first 2 days because I didn't know about mechanics behind Grotto, and wasted a lot of coins on cooking quest before it's lowered. After asking around in game and Discord, I got the hang of it and coin farming became significantly easier for me. Now I can see why the opinions on SF are so polarizing. Learning curve is very important, especially when there is a big number. A lot of people were discouraged by the number before they even stepped onto the island, even more so after they found out upgrading wet suit and sandals is very important for optimal coin farming but it's gated behind pearls which is not easy to find. The curve is too steep before obtaining wet suit and sandal upgrade. When Nova lowered 16.5k to 11k I was still not sure if I could achieve this. But after full upgrade I can see it's actually doable, not easy, but doable. Unfortunately this steep curve deters quite a lot of players before they were informed of the tips and tricks. If you want players to play the content, you encourage them first then make it harder at later stage. I obtain pearls much more easily after upgrade, but I need them the most before upgrade Quality over quantity. I can relate to the enthusiasm to provide new content, but one stable mini game, even old ones from last year, is better than two bugged new games. Take the maintenance of new content into consideration when developing them. For a game that's enjoyed by players from wide range of time zones, it's already difficult enough for developers to fix things as soon as something breaks unless you don't sleep. Now you have a piece of content that grabs almost entire server population into one tiny place at 2 to 3 blocks of time when maintenance staff is most likely to be unavailable, there will be problems. Now the most difficult part of this conversation, weeklies. Players' frustration due to the two points above is worsened when they found out summer quests are now part of the old weekly system. First, if Weekly and SF are not locked in together, players who find SF too time consuming can simply not do it. However this suggestion was rejected. It is interpreted that developers very much want us to play the content, and/or this is a way to kill leech in MH. Second, lower the SF participation requirement. Nova already lowered 16.5k to 11k and is keeping track of coin generation, but it still seems too high for some players. The better question to ask, or topic to discuss is: Is there any other way to stop leech in MH? Is it possible to do it without ruining a for fun event ? The whole weekly-MH-leech-BSB is a separate issue, it has nothing to do with Summer Festival. Now SF is dragged into a controversy, which creates a bigger fiasco. Did it kill leech? No. It did kill the generally relaxing summer atmosphere and mood for a lot of us. What about after Summer Festival? I surely hope Halloween and Christmas are not going to be like this. I made a thread for everyone to share their tips. https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/13056-summer-festival-tips-share-yours/
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    We aren´t obligated. But BSBs and the weeklies became part of the main routine of the server, everything is around these things. I know people who only do the weeklies, and these people will not do this summer event. And logically, may stop playing.
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    It's actually the tier idea and I agree on this like 100%. Even if not separating MH - tier 1, Dungeon+Instance+BG/Bio - tier 2, Summer - tier 3, but mixing them all together from casual players to the hardcores, it would probably make everyone happy. You can gather all of it or just a part of it, basically you get what you've worked for (more or less hardcore) and everyone is happy. But I'm not even sure if they would consider it. We gathered some ideas today and one of our friends talked to Tokei about it (we actually explained the idea and i think she presented it) but what are they gonna do about it is another thing - is it even gonna be considered or overall ignored or marked as not worthy to implement. No clue. To make it more simple to imagine - something like woe progress. And the same excuse all the time. "Don't play if you don't like it". Jesus.
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    With your comments regarding MH in the last threads you've already shown to me that you're not just a clown, but the entire circus. If i'm correct, which I might not be, the only one person that posted in this entire thread that sells leech is Annelin. And she didn't even complain about the changes. Your view of MH is extremely clouded by your own bias. It's simply a content you do not enjoy, you don't have to angrily tell anyone who enjoys the content or, in this specific case, preferred the last weekly quest suite which contained 1 extra MH2* kill and 10 MH2 kills. Even with a new group this activity can be fun and extremely rewarding/satisfying. And unlike summer festival, it encourages group play and has a learning curve of optimization on the special skills usage. In all honesty I can only take your frustration so far, you've said in the MH dev blog that you dropped the content 1 month after MH2 release. You also fronted one of the devs with the question "Do you even play your own content?". You should not boast your negative opinions on a subject you yourself voluntarily removed yourself from participating, especially when that is not even the problem at hand. Let me be very clear on what is the problem at hand: The previous weekly quests allowed players with less time available to play during their smaller time windows of free time, but still having a sense of progression. Even if that progession is slow. The new weekly quests unwillingly removed those players' abilities to do so due to such small windows of time in which they'd be able to complete those quests, unlike what you did with MH2 voluntarily.
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    I have bad news for the people who think they will be out till october and will come back with the seasonal events off of weeklies: In october Summer Festival will go down, then Halloween will go up and they'll find something to put into the weeklies. They want it to become a trend. Huge bad move by the staff...
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    Sorry but if this event stays in the weeklies I wont play (and also don't donate) until October. I grinded and farmed and donated a lot in the past 4 months to keep up and built my equipment and shadows up for MH2, which is in my opinion the endgame and only challenge on this server. And now seems was all for nothing. Totally killed my fun in the game and support the server :( And don't forget, Nova and probably the others also spend a lot of time and energy on the whole Monster Hunter part. Did he forget his own efforts there? ^^ We like to play that content. And I guess a lot of people also like the summer event content, and appreciate the effort in it. But forcing ppl to use it can't be the right way imo. I would suggest that you take it out of the weeklies (or like recommended by others earlier, make it choosable for players who are not yet able to do mh2) And instead open the event area the whole time, so players can enjoy your beautiful event! If u want keep the fishing and concert like 15 minutes of 8 hours, how it is atm. I guess you would really do a goid thing with that, and keeping the event area accessible would be even a good thing in times of Corona, since ppl could play and enjoy time there instead of go out. If nothing changes I'll be out til October (stopped already Thursday, cuz mood to play is broken) Cya guys and have fun playing
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    Hey all, since I started playing NovaRO about 3-ish weeks ago I have been learning quite some things that I wish I knew right from the get-go. So I thought I'd pick ten of these things and put them into a video. Its geared at people just starting out, because there is a lot to learn when you start out as a 1/1 novice. I am more used to making tutorials for game-dev related software, and am a bit rusty but I did enjoy the process of making such a video. Might do more in the near future
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    @Nova said their plan was to make weeklies hard but this has nothing to do with being hard. New players can do summer festival naked, while some endgame geared players cannot finish them because of their jobs and family. This is not hard, is just time consuming.
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    You may call it an excuse, a statement, it doesn't matter because it's not the main point. We're all well aware that weeklies are the custom content and they're not essential as I mentioned in my previous TL'DR post on this thread. The main problem of the weeklies is locking them behind the time-gapped content which may be problematic for many people to complete. And it's not because they don't like the content or they don't want to join it (believe me, I like it and I want to be a part of it), but because of the time restriction. Comparing to the previous set of weeklies, the lack of flexibility is just bad. That's all.
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    This is EXACTLY how I feel. I have a life outside of this game, but nevertheless, I love playing it. I used to enjoy playing the game especially doing weeklies because I can do it on my own time. But..now? the weeklies are locked in with summer events and with my job, I can only join ONE daily because it's the only time I have so I can balance everything else. But then again, that's just me. *shrug*
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    Ragnarok had been my light in my darkest times. Every game and every server has a certain energy... There's something specially uplifting when playing here in NovaRO. I easily get in good mood after playing even just for a short while, and I forget all that I was mad about. Playing RO helps me think through my emotions and untangle my mind, there's something mystical with RO...However, not every RO server had been successful to capture and reverberate that original good vibe of the game. Some servers could even worsen one's vibe. Here in Nova I could still strongly sense that original RO "it" factor despite how being in renewal inevitably has that certain feel of cash grab for how it's differently designed than the original RO. There is just that uncomfortable feeling of wanting to have to rush to get the best gears and need to refine it as much as possible, and getting lost in the great array of equipment choices, which distracts the player from slowly but fully enjoying the story, adventure, camaraderie, and team play. But I'm amazed how NovaRO is able to somehow at least lessen a bit that effect. I first played RO in 2005 but I was busy in school back then and rarely had the chance to play. I started regularly playing in 2017 in a classic official server at a time when I've lost my career and the hope of ever getting back on track because of my health condition. I enjoyed RO for having a job there and playing a role that serves the community... I faithfully woke up early morning every day just to vend the lowest price for consumables with my merchant while I also to serve as a warper and buffer using my priest. And when newbies come along, I enjoyed helping them level up and sharing information, or just giving company and fun conversation to lessen the monotony of farming. I also enjoyed how I felt free to roam the world despite having no choice but to stay at home. I was a biologist, so I just loved exploring maps, discovering new species (monsters), and researching and studying their traits. I'm a frustrated plant taxonomist so I loved killing plant monsters to alleviate my frustration. I so loved popping porings in the novice training grounds, and my greatest dream was just to kill Lady Tanee. I was also a frustrated priestess/monk irl, so I just expressed my passion against evil forces by beating the demons in game also as an act of defeating my own dark side. Eventually, RO helped me regain my self-confidence to get back to real life and work. However, I had less time to play and later on I left that official server since the community deteriorated and all the good guys seemed to have left and all that remained were rude botters and cheaters that they failed to control. I tried other servers but I find the same problem of poor community management and lack of technical expertise. I got to know about NovaRO through positive reviews in Reddit then I read more reviews at RMS. I admire how Nova responds to negative feedback in a very professional and cordial way unlike other server owners who takes offense and lashes on, it tells a lot about leadership quality and the kind of community. I also so much love the website, it tells a lot about technical developer capability. I also loved the logo and other graphics, which tells a lot about marketability to attract good enough population of players and enough funds to keep the server well maintained. And when I got in game, the good reviews and my hunches just proved to be true how good this server is. I liked how NovaRO has been easier to install and troubleshoot than other servers I tried, and the immediate technical support I got at the start. Once I started playing, it had been easy to adapt to the server as a newbie since the community is very healthy and friendly. It wasn't also so hard to play the game alone when I'm not much in mood to be so social, it's still fun and peaceful to play in this server. I very rarely met annoying responses. I just particularly dislike when some people just answer "just google it" or "read the wiki"... even how much I feel they sincerely just intent to help, I find such responses quite cold and unengaging and could make players feel shy to ask questions and participate in the support channel. Community engagement is a good thing, players should be more encouraged to ask question to real players in game to get more relevant and up to date info than just be pointed by google to iro wiki rms or divine pride or other sites and guides which may give info not applicable to the server. Nevertheless, more often, whenever I asked in #support there were always people ready to help, even to give free items, or accompany me through the quests and levelling up. The wiki guides were very well written and updated, and the market database easy to search, and so it wasn't so difficult to get around the game. The custom features are not so complicated and it's still ROish, unlike the custom of other servers that seem so complicated and like a totally different game. Market prices are fair and stable at least in the past 2 years that I've played. I admire how even low level gears and easily farmable items get sold and the diversity of market niches such that it wasn't hard to earn and catch up as a newbie. I like how its easier and cheaper to level up and that I won't need much potions. I also like how it's not too easy, it's still challenging enough. I think the server rates are just perfect... Except for the novice stage where the joy of being a novice can't be as much savoured coz its too quick to get through. Job change quests could also make it more fun and give more sense of achievement but I understand it could be boring for old players to do it over and over again, but doing it once or a few times could be a good experience on new accounts/players. Nevertheless, I like how NovaRO keeps the other quest requisites as I enjoyed role playing through the stories except that it's not so fun to repeat the same story for my other characters. Also the design of the dialogue boxes could be modernized for better readability. I love how many GMs are very active unlike in other servers where I rarely had seen one. The events are so fun as the GMs know how to be engaging and exciting and simply fun to play with. I also enjoy the conversations and comments of the participants. I salute the GMs for being able to keep and build a live engaging swarming population. The seasonal events are also fun and I like the rewards. The Holloween event seem to be the best and most popular or maybe it seems so to me just because its my favorite... Despite that I don't have very good internet connection, and so it gets very laggy during town invasions but I still love participating hehe... Monsters invading town by surprise is very fun and exciting for me, I wish there could be more of it. Or even in fields and dungeon maps, would be more fun to more often encounter unexpected monsters around. I couldn't think much of what to improve for NovaRO but if I'd make suggestions, this is the server I'd bet to listen and carry out reasonable improvements. I've been reading the forums and I see how skilled and prompt the developers are to fix bugs and also to apply good suggestions. For those that had not been implemented, I also see the rational and trust the knowledgeability of the Nova Team as how they were able to keep the market good and the class balance fair enough more or less. I like how we this server recognizes it ain't perfect and that makes it having more potential to be the best. I like how we even get asked for feedback in game, except that the text field to answer the questions is too narrow. I am also just biased towards Shadow Chaser how I wish it could be improved for pvm though it seems really mainly for pvp. I do not completely understand Gravity's rationale but wish there could be a way that SC can be improved for PvM without making it more powerful for PvP. I'm guessing it's because of the autosteal why SC are nerfed for pvm? Goes as well with Expanded S. Novice. I'm also particularly fond of autocast build for SC coz I love doing magic, I wanna be wandy but I hate the cast times, cool downs, and sp costs. I do not understand why it has to be so so weak and so expensive to gear up and still weak. Also losing the plagiarized/reproduced skills also not fun having to copy over and over again.... I don't really like having to dual client just for that but I also don't want to bug other players asking to copy their skill. I wish there could be an npc or something how SC can more conveniently get the skill we need if it won't be so bad. There's nothing I'd complain about NovaRO, I'm just sharing my experiences and perspectives which I hope could give some idea for the server to achieve its goals. I'm not leaving the server though for any of its room for improvement. I don't think I'd ever find any better server with such a good team of and good hearted and talented professionals. I just might have to take some years away to move on from a guy I met in this server who just broke my heart. I wish I could still play again in this server after some time. I just want to thank you all for how good this server is and I wish more power and magic for NovaRO.
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    I actually enjoyed this idea of making it possible for players to choose between Old weeklies and Event related weeklies. It would make it easier for people to get BSBs who can't finish MH related quests, and make it more enjoyable for people who don't like doing events and minigame related stuff. The problem is that people will start to leave (i know lots who already quitted), and as you said, a domino effect will take place in the market and NovaRO will come to it's roots where starting here was almost impossible. So basically, if the staff keep being stubborn about it, and not admitting it was a bad move, they're giving a huge shot at the dark and will hit their own feet.
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    Meh, used to love Summer event But the simple fact that is now mandatory to do in order to get Endevor / BSB's just killed the vibe Another Chore, another bad game design choice
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    there are two types of complaints about the summer event , 1 is the event is too time consuming, too many addition hrs requied for only 1 extra bsb than old weekile . 2 is that people who are not interest in mini games are forced to play it , for a long period of time. I hope you realize that there is a fundamental difference between -summer event - like mini games and the rest of content. Mini games are supposed to be optional, nice to have, can chose whether/when to play. But doing them like home work routine, and for 3 months straight.... I dont know whats going to be like for most people, for me , the game experence will not be great. since the current core of novaro is designed around weeklie, and novaro clearly wants people to play weeklies by making the cost of not doing it so great, I dont see much of a choice of not doing it fully .when I saw some of the board member's response to frustrated players was " you are free to not play it "" the door is over there", I just dont know what to say at this point . I mean, plz take a look back of the high steaks you presented to the players , the choices you left for the players , and , at the end of the day , have some empathy. well, since nova make it clear that summer event will be in weeklie no matter what . maybe break the finial weeklie 7 bsb reward and evenly distribute them to other quests(mh2/instance/mob kill etc) , so that people who cant stand mini games can have more than just 2 bsb a week.
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    you say class dont need to be 100% useful in every single boss, and yet you are perfectly fine or just ignore the fact that gx,ranger,rk are 100% usefull in all 3 of ur scenarios. for 1000 crit shield boss: gx CRS/SD, ranger amied bolt , RK CW are all viable options to bypass crit shiled limitation. Many of them are already meta and much better than other none crit physical classes, like cat. for 1000 mdef/1000 flee boss: gx ranger and rk will just crit the brains out of these bosses and other classes cant even see their tail light. for the case of 1000 flee boss, its not even a disadvantage for none crit physical classes, its 100% exclusion. Not even phreeoni card will help them hit . So I ask you, why are these 3 metas get to play all the bosses while others deserve to get left out . anyways , the entire idea of making crit shiled / mdef def/ high flee bosses are extremely biased .It just looks like a front that FU WIND put out, without much thought, to enable him to play crit aa rk or what ever . Think legit reasons and make them into legit suggestion, stop making none metas ,that are already in huge disadvantage, to be YOUR sacrificial lamb
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    While we know that emotions run high right now, we feel saddened to see players take any amount of frustration out on others. It is not in our intentions to let this continue, thus while we do not enjoy locking threads and wish to keep them open, we do find it best to close this one. It is not easy but please try to be kind to one another. Again, we warmly invite you all to continue to submit suggestions for summer festival, but of course not only. We'll do our best to continue to make the server the best we can.
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    Thats it. Not gonna spent my time on this event. At least you guys could let us do the old way for less bsb than the event, and not force us into it. Gonna just get my dailies until this event is over. Cya in a few weeks/months (?).
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    Summer Patch Notes

    Summer Festival The NovaRO Summer Festival has returned once again! The Summer Festival is an island with mini-games unique to NovaRO where you can earn unique hats! This year, at the closing of each Summer Festival, instead of always closing the festival with Fishing, half of the Summer Festivals will close with a brand-new activity, a live performance of the rock band The Hunter Inside! Participating in the Concert will earn you Guitar Picks, which you can exchange in Brad's Guitar Pick Shop for different hats. We're introducing a Raffle system. Every character entering the Summer Festival automatically enters a Raffle. You can obtain additional draw chances at the Raffle Ticket Seller and by exploring the island. The Raffle will be held at the end of every Summer Festival. The Raffle winner will get an exclusive title [Radiant Glow] and headgear Summer Glow. The new Splish Splash Pet Egg has been added to the Nova Shop for 2,500 NP. The new Bob Cut Egg has been added to the Nova Shop for 3,500 NP. The following items from the last summer have reappeared in the Nova Shop: Summer Egg for 6,000 NP. Summer Egg II for 2,500 NP. Summer Crate for 5,000 NP. Blue Ornate Scarf for 6,500 NP. Three new hats have been added to the Summer Daily Shop on the Frying Dutchman. Festival Wings [M] Dazzle Festival Scarf The new Summer Spirit Event Egg can now be obtained at the Event Ticket Manager. All Series II Event Eggs have been updated. The Pouring Event Egg has reappeared at the Event Ticket Manager. Three new hat-quests have been implemented. These quests will be going away when the summer ends: Hibiscus -- You can start the quest at Ayothaya Field 2 (104, 252). Festival Pride -- You can start the quest at the Summer Festival Island (182, 51). Seppl Hat -- You can start the quest at the Summer Festival Island (205, 76). We have made a change to how to obtain hats at the festival. Instead of them all being available at the Festival King, they are now purchasable at various NPCs. With more shipments of hats, more NPCs will appear around the island. The all-elegant Kaari has arrived to the Summer Festival Island. She sells the following hats: Hat Of Girl Hair Brush Lace Bow Blue Frill Ribbon Chung E Bao Bao Festival Band Costume Flower Summer Hat Lucky Sun Hat Classic Ribbon Frill Trilby White Goldfish Sun Hat Garden of Eden Bouquet Hat Kitsune Wig Mermaid Wig Camellia Hair Pin Chad Buff has arrived to the Summer Island with his muscles and hats: Pirate's Pride Bandit Hat Racer Goggles Costume Bio Protector Joystick Hat Love Digging Hat Love Fishing Hat Striking Hat Rampage Headband Ifrit's Breath Summer Fan Festival Tophat Love Games Hat Hound General Summer Tech Master of Water [L] Heidi has arrived to the Summer Island, and she has her pockets full of pet eggs! Shellfish Egg Seafoam Egg Crab Egg Sea Otter Egg Amethyst Egg Grocto Tentacle Egg Swordfish Egg Red Eruma Egg Uzhas Egg Start frying this summer with the Felyne Chef on board of the Frying Dutchman (64, 372). With the influx of visitors, he's is from head to paws in cooking this year. Of course, the creative puss is good at delegating his tasks to his helper -- you. The ingredients are obtainable from NPCs, mobs, and gathering around the island. Developer's note: The recipes will be implemented in two parts. A future update will add 4 extra recipes. For each recipe completion, you will be rewarded Gourmeow Vouchers. You can trade these at Dotty on the festival grounds (156, 130). Powerful Jager Skillful Whisky Apathetic Stout Witty Gin Speedy Tequila Lucky Rum Purrfect Fish & Chips Enchinyaladas Nyamburger Nyakisoba Fishy Taconyos Spring Meowrolls Lenyamon Donuts Fried Bananyas Sopa de Macaconya Features Weekly quests have been adjusted to include new summer seasonal quests: Removed: Kill Nyia/Garanth 10 times for 1 Blacksmith Blessing. Removed: Kill Nysori 1 time for 1 Blacksmith Blessing. Removed: Kill Garronath 3 times for 1 Blacksmith Blessing. Reduced: Savage Coast quest from 2 Blacksmith Blessings to 1 Blacksmith Blessing. Added: Kill Greater Monster 2 times for 1 Blacksmith Blessing. Greater Monster will rotate between Nysori and Garronath. Added: Earn 16,500 Summer Coins for 1 Blacksmith Blessing. Added: Complete Summer Dailies 4 times for 5 Endeavor Tokens. Added: Play 50 Summer Multiplayer Games for 5 Endeavor Tokens. Added: Attend the Summer Concert 4 times for 150 Guitar Picks. Increased: Complete all weekly quests for 7 Blacksmith Blessing. The following table shows the complete list of weekly quests after the changes: .tg {width:auto; border-collapse:separate; border:solid 1px; border-radius:6px; -moz-border-radius:6px; width: 50%; border-color:#cecece} .tg td{overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;border-color:#cecece} .tg th{overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;border-color:#cecece} .tg .tg-top{padding: 5px; text-align: center; font-weight:bold; color:#ffffff} .tg .tg-0lax{padding: 5px; min-width: 80px; border: 1px solid; vertical-align: top;} Quest Reward Monster Subjugation 10 Endeavor Tokens Combat Training 10 Endeavor Tokens Instance Completion 10 Endeavor Tokens Summer Dailies 5 Endeavor Tokens Multiplayer Games 5 Endeavor Tokens Summer Concert 150 Guitar Picks Summer Coins 1 Blacksmith Blessing Greater Monster 1 Blacksmith Blessing Savage Coast 1 Blacksmith Blessing Complete All Weekly Quests 7 Blacksmith Blessings The newer client (2020-05) has now been made as the default client. Developer's Note: We ask you to move to using this client as soon as possible. We will be dropping support for the 2018 client within two weeks. This is being done as it is very difficult to continue supporting multiple clients, especially one as old as the one we're dropping. By abandoning the 2018 client, we will be able to pursue new really cool features such as inventory size expansion. Community Suggestion Reduced the kill count numbers for some Bio-5 Weekly Subjugation quests. Community Suggestion We've made improvements and hastened the first dialogue from OGH. Developer's Note: As this was one of the biggest offenders and a quite old instance, we felt like the initial lore took too much time. While some other instances may be prone to this treatment on the future, please do not suggest this for other instances, as it will be rejected. Community Suggestion Edda Bioresearch Laboratory now warps dead players to the next floor. Community Suggestion Endless Tower and Endless Tower now resets at midnight (we forgot to list this in our previous patch notes). Fixed the Madogear disappearing on death when using the new client. If you do not see your Mado, you will need to take it on and off. Fixed guild emblems for the new client. Added the option to buy a Premium Storage III to the Doram Kafra, for 5000 Nova Points or 175 Gold Coins + 20M Zeny or a Storage Voucher. Added Event Storage to the Doram Kafra. This one is available for everyone free of charge. Community Suggestion The tool dealers in Morroc Ruins have been upgraded to vend the full range of items. Community Suggestion The Weapon's Master NPC for Dreams and Shadows will now accept any related weapon when rerolling all enchants. Bow of Storms Gigantic Bow Old bard's Ukulele Old Dancer's Floral Mic Contrabass Gymnastics Ribbon Monster Hunting Community Suggestion Enabled the @spam command inside The Savage Coast. Community Suggestion Adjusted the kill count achievements for classic Monster Hunter to 10, 100, 1000 and 2000. Items Community Suggestion Premium Ore Coins can now be stored in the Currency Wallet. Community Suggestion 17 Carat Diamonds can now be stored in the Currency Wallet. Fixed Divine Power enchant from increasing magical damage on all elemental monsters to increasing elemental magical damage instead. Fixed the hit bonus of the Physical Modification Permit enchant from 3~25 to 5~35. Fixed Imperial Spear's bonus not fully taking into account the refine level of the weapon. Counter effect skills now proc even you miss on a target using GTB. Fixed Grim Reaper Ankou Card. Fixed Dullahan Pet bonuses. Fixed Gin Limited Booster fixed cast time reduction being additive rather than taking the highest value of the available buffs. Fixed Jewel Detector. Reduced the bonus activation chance for the following items to match their official values: Safety Knuckle Detecting Staff Grinder Huuma Shuriken Rubber Hammer Bolt Shooter Claw Sword Parfaille Vigilante Hat Rutilus Stick-OS Welding Wand Safety Whip Fay Kanavian Card Bolt Crusher Mine Worker's Pickaxe Saw Axe Metal Detector Mk47 Skills Fixed damage distribution between the left-hand and right-hand for melee attacks. Left-hand damage will be quite lower after this change. Right-hand card bonuses will now also affect the left-hand weapon. Swap Gear is now only blocked with option statuses (such as Freeze, Silence, Stun, Sleep, etc). Reflected damage will now be reduced by the map specific reductions (PVP/WoE/BG). Fixed Circle of Nature to only work with party members. Fixed a bug with Great Echo not counting the party members properly. Removed after-cast delay for Eraser Cutter. Fixed the duration of Neutral Barrier and Stealth Field when teleporting on a map. Fixed Eleanor's skills (Tinder Breaker, C.B.C., E.Q.C.) to consume the correct amount of spheres. Changed Gentle Touch - Change from weapon attack to equip attack. Fixed Earth Charm to no longer impact the target's hard defense. The following skills no longer have fixed cast times: Melody Strike Slinging Arrow Swing Dance Spirit Control Gravity Control Return To Eclage Xeno Slasher Fixed an issue with Frost Diver and Autospell overlapping, and cancelling the Freeze status. Fixed in invalid cell in KVM that made you invincible to damage. Fixed Reject Sword not being reduced by Golden X's effect. Fixed Talkie Box client issues. Fixed Attack Shadow Plate, Blitz Shadow Bracer and Enhanced Force Shadow Weapon to now give Equipment Attack instead of Weapon Attack. Fixed a bug with Storm Blast autocast. Fixed the SP consumption for Redemptio. War of Emperium and Battlegrounds Siege Commissioners Sura's Knuckle Arrow will no longer move the caster to the target in BG. Increased Conquest's minimum player requirement from 10 to 12. Increased Stone Control's minimum player requirement from 8 to 12. Increased Triple Inferno's minimum player requirement from 9 to 12. Fixed an issue in Triple Inferno where homunculus/elemental kills weren't giving skulls.
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    Hi, I'm a former RO player who played way way back in pre-renewal patch. I think the last time I played was back in 2010 or 2011... can't really recall for the life of me hahaha. Anyways I'm felt a sense of nostalgia reminiscing the original RO MMORPG gameplay though with the current tech has evolved RO to played in a different platform as well as different sense of playstyle. Honestly was intrigued to find that the OG RO still is up and really fascinated how this server has adapted incentives such as daily login freebies into the game. I'm not sure how long this feeling nostalgia will keep me playing but so far I'm hooked. Hopefully to make get know a lot of people here and eventually make lasting bonds as the I did before. Just started playing yesterday and still coping with the renewal game mechanics. Looking forward to join casual guilds as it's quite lonely to play alone without online buddies. Hit me up anytime.
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    For the 3rd time: Don't take what i say out of context and erase the parts that are not convenient to you. This is an excellent moment to use this meme: OK, to the point: Is clear you're biased against "meta classes" (GX, RK, Ranger). You don't like to be forced to play a specific JOB? Right? That's totally understandable reasoning, and i support it. . But guess what... Turns out YOU and ME are basically in the exact same position. My personal issue with Endgame RK Builds being so lackluster, is that BEING FORCED TO CHANGE YOUR BUILD IS BASICALLY THE SAME AS BEING FORCED TO CHANGE OF JOB. Is changing the whole identity of your character, so as your whole gameplay. You say RK can do well against high critical shield bosses, but a what cost? Getting a totally different gear and playing a totally different style? Isn't that basically the same as being forced to play a totally different job? By the way, I already have WC GEAR, so NO, is not a thing of "monetary convenience", is a thing of being forced to give up your character to play another. So instead of fighting an idea "without much thought", why don't you give an actual input (construstive feedback) and suggest a better idea? Because, you know, we are all in the same sintony: ENDGAME RK BUILDS are in a bad position. It doesn't make any sense that a Super Cheap NEWBIE-FRIENDLY build (WC) outshines what are supposed to be the ENDGAME BUILDS (IB, AA, that are a lot more expensive by the way) RANGER is more or less in the same positon. Sharp Shooting is supposed to be an Endgame build and to be TIED with Aimed Bolt. Instead of that, Sharp Shooting is totally outshadowed by a newbie build like WC. And along with them, there are lot of jobs as DORAM, STARM EMPEROR, SOUL REAPER, OBORO, GENETIC, that even fully geared are totally outshadowed by a Newbie build like WC. So why don't we find a solution for this issue together? Just saying.
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    The content being endgame is not the problem, the problem is balancing the content entirely around GX/RK while giving nothing to weaker contenders and around outliers on said classes, this is exacerbated even more when they nerf a whole class without tanking on account the people who are not at the final stage of their build, see the GX nerf how it affected more people that were starting to take the content. Go around the wyvern and see the amount of people selling leechs and the amount of buyers, if you really think this doesn't have a connection on how they are balancing the content then idk what to say. Oh and this message is lovely, when are we getting shadow gears outside of defeating MH bosses? Because they promissed that too.
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    Yeah, we all remember they said that when they announced MH2. Yet, i personally refuse to consider it endgame with the path they have been following, with a high level of customization that made it a totally different game compared to Ragnarok Online. Making some Endgame builds very lackluster to the point of some newbie builds outshine them (like the CRIT vs WC case). Endgame Gear not working there, forcing people to get totally different gear for it (Soul destroyer being an excellent example of this). Even altering some of the core characteristics of Jobs, the ones that represent their whole identity, as Sura being the Tank for excellence of the game, due to steel body. Or RK being the guy that's always immune to frozen and resistent to magic due to Hagalaz. Or Doram being a life buoy thanks to Tuna Belly. Or Ninja and WL being good Tanks with their blocking stuff. And worst is, despite all of those customs that make it a whole different game that is not RO, a lot of untradeable endgame and meme gears are locked behind it. If you're gonna make it fully custom, go ahead, but don't lock untradeable endgame gear behind it. Now, if you compare it to the 2 things i mentioned as endgame (Odin 4 bosses and Challenge GH), you can see the big difference: 1.- Uses the classic mechanics of RO, yet not everyone can do it. Requires certain level of gear, economy and some previous thougth. 2.- Endgame builds and gear work perfectly fine there. 3.- It the case of Challenge GH, it forces you to party, having some specific jobs (as Sorcerer) in your party. 4. Endgame gear is locked behind them (exclusive hats and exclusive MVP cards), yet this is ok, because they require RO Endgame characters. You don't need to play a whole different game to get *endgame* gear for RO. At the end of the day, all the people who's criticizing here is doing so because we know they can make it better. I personally loved MH2 1 stars, their mechanics and balancing, so much so that i putted a lot of my time and effort on making a videoguide for them. As my wife said above, in 1 stars the balancing was a lot better, all jobs had the oportunity to contribute, and Endgame characters were Endgame characters. That's why i know for sure they can make it better, and i have the hope that they will.
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    With Glast Heim Challenge instance, Gravity proved that still there are ways to make people party up, and challenge the current meta. They made this instance over 1 year ago and it still hard af, and you can see 12/12 partys failing on high stages in kRO, you can see some of them being really afraid of Himmelmez. The stages system makes possible for everyone to make/enchant their gears (obviously taking a longer time). GHC says that you don't need to nerf the players, but instead make the content harder itself. Better geared characters will be able to challenge themselves for better rewards. MH is a side-game that is supposed to be an endgame content but it don't even let players experience what Ragnarok is at full potential. It don't even is Ragnarok. It's just frustrating how limitating it is when there's no reason for that. There's nothing wrong with the fact that 10% of playerbase can do some content more easly than others - Saying the opposite is taking out the freedom of Ragnarok. And we still have the fact that this side-game try to be mandatory: Those 2016 "rewards" are account bound, why? Refining, shadow sets (and even costume stones) make part of the core of the current ragnarok. We need to make and endgame content to get progressions items (and most of them are obsolete on kRO and even on NovaRO). We need to struggle and get frustrated for a Reload set? Most of these gears could easly be dropped from mobs or given by endeavor tokens/cash shop. Someone can say "if MH is so frustrating, you can simply don't do the hunts" - But... What do we get for being frozen in time? Players want progression and want to enjoy what Ragnarok has to offer. MH2 has an amazing design and the 1 stars hunts are awesome but the whole thing is just much more complex than it should be. The customs, the craft system, the rewards itself. I really hope you guys can make a content that let us enjoy Ragnarok being Ragnarok, with minor custom changes (And I know you can! You already proved that you can do great stuffs). I also hope that the development of MH3 doesn't affect the contents that still have to come (Like delaying the official updates).
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    You guys are the ones sending people to geffenia over weeklies. I'd never dare to so much. Is like saying "hey this super old and boring content is bettet than our weekly system" And weeklies are not worth money-wise if you don't finish them all. So what option do people have?
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    You have no idea about how you let your community down by answering stuff like this... you just make us feel like we're barking at the wrong tree. This "don't like, don't play it" "statement" it's the same as if someone goes to the Doctor complaining about their hip hurting during walks and the doctor saying "well... you better don't walk, then... walking is not the only method to get to places nowdays, you know?" We don't want the game to give an "easy boost" to new players or whatever. We just want to be able to complete the quests during the time we have to play the game, 'cause it doesn't matter that I love or hate the content if I can't play it because of time schedules that doesn't give equal opportunities to every single player. Also, your concept of "high-ask, high-reward system" will probably go down hill when the prices of BSBs raises again due to this same concept and the lower ammount of them in the market (which is already happening). So your "if you don't like it, don't play it" players will have to work 3~4 times more than the ones that do the weeklies to pay for the expensive BSBs. Further more, people will feel burned out from this time-consuming weekly routine, will stop playing the summer event, because minigames do get too boring with time, and the problem will get even worse cause less people will finish weeklies and so on. Snowball effect... And after all that, weeklies will, indeed, be the only place worth of getting BSBs. After that, will your "high-ask, high reward" argument still be sided with the people who does weeklies? 'Cause the server will "ask" much more, with even less "reward" (cause you get Endeavor tokens from them too) from the people who doesn't. Now try to wear the shoes of people who have a real job and can't attend to your scheduled events even when willing to do it... Fair... right? Deeply, behind your (very unfortunate) statements, you know you're selfishly forcing people to play your costume content (which was already on your schedule), that is acting like the perfect combination of business with pleasure untill you figure out how to revert the weekly quests to your original concept before "MH eroded" it. Don't fix your mess by screwing your players, nore add shitty ways to correct your mistakes
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    Just like other player suggestions, why not make 2 set of weeklies so player can choose. If it's about the quantity the bsb just make the old weeklies bsb reward half of the SF weeklies that you want the player to "enjoy". But from the looks of it, players opinion won't even matter. I think a lot of RO players here are people at their late 20s, 30s or even 40s. Where they play RO because they love RO from their younger years, want to have nostalgic fun. They are people that have a little free time to do something they love and have fun
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    Aren't they the only way to get PKS? I remember in previous years a lot of people enyojed summer festival without adding them to a periodic quest. Even the population of the server was higher during the festival, now is lower. Why was this decided? Honest question
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    I agree with you that people who says that won't donate because the staff did something they don't like, shouldn't deserve attention and that's being an asshole. But then, you're thinking too much inside your box. There were lots of ways to take leechers to an end: they doing BSBs account bound, allowing a limited ammount of BSBs per account, making parties that if containing people who already finished their quests no members would complete their quests, etc. Or even just not allowing the practice of leeching in MH by the same way people can't KS or grief on regular maps (they get reported and punished). Those were fast thought examples, they know their methods! Even myself, who's commenting the most in here, can't kill Nyso in MH, so i have to use leechers. Do I agree with that? No! It gives people who's already capable of doing it too much of an advantage by acumulating BSBs. The deal is that they've added into weeklies an event with content that isn't related to the game's core, and by that i mean: farming loots, killing monsters, doing instances etc . You can see it in here in the comments, people don't like playing minigames to get something that is crucial to progression. Even more when they're forced into it. It kills even the fun away from the event. Not to mention the event being on and off for a period of time kills it even more. If someone can play 6 hours a day, but if it doesn't match the time the event is ON, they won't get all the quests done for the weeklies. That's something shameful actually... "Oh... but you could farm zeny and live of that"... Yeah, everyone could! But try to wear the shoes of people who did something they enjoyed, got a reward for that and suddenly it got taken away from them without any notice at all. And then the new option they have is to "live of" something boring as f*... how'd you feel? You can say you hate MH and that you've "lived of" zeny farming to buy your BsBs. But if that's the case, be truthful, did you enjoy it? I bet you didn't... but you're actually acting like you're glad 'cause the table's turned now. But lemme tell you: not everyone who enjoys MH is a Leecher, they're people who enjoy getting prizes over their challenges, who invested time to be capable of doing it. And about the market "situation": BSBs and MH were a life extender to NovaRO, which was drowning on it's own blood before that. 2~3 years ago prices of anything were too high at a point that whoever came to the server wasn't encouraged to keep playing in here, cause it was a damn hard job. The players and the market were elitists that didn't welcome any new people. So the att got stabilized in 2~2.4k people and it started to go down when they got stuck by not getting new episodes or gears and the server was on high RNG dependent sense of progression. It was on it's way to death if it kept going that way. Then the BSBs and MH were added and BAM... 4.4k people and a much easier server to start on, with a sense of progression that's no P2W and not that rough on people's time investment, and a much warmer enviroment to newbies... And yeah, we don't play a high rate server, but we also don't play an official one, which btw, have much more progress easing stuff than we do, like Safe refine scrolls and stuff, and still i don't wanna play there, because i'd like to see a server that allows people to achieve stuff equally without paying for it. That's why im here commenting, because I'd like NovaRO's staff to review this patch and allow people to choose between 2 or more kinds of weeklies that would benefit anyone with what they're most likely to spend their time with. Which they could actually make it like the daillie rewards, where you choose which prizes suits you better. The BSBs should be in every quests, but the longer, more time consuming quest you get, the better the prizes. Now it's in a state of getting too little for not completing it and getting less than before for completing it with more time investment. Also... If you want to give people an attitude because they think different than you, maybe you might not be welcome and neither deserve others respect as well... Every person has it's own peculiarities and tastes, respect them... Just think about it
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    I didn’t put this on the suggestion because it has nothing to do with RO game content. Facebook is known for its high recognition of various types of content in their platforms from News to Sports, From Shows to Movies even games and etc. A lot of people are on Facebook getting recommend many types of games pages RO servers included. Pages like those were run by GM’s specifically to share the game and it offers, making quality content appealing those who are interested to join in. So far there isn’t a NovaRo official page on facebook to share the server and looking at NovaRo Twitter there isn’t much activeness going on since I started playing (Not that I mean its dead or anything) it’s just that facebook has a higher chance of reeling in people into trying the server since there are a lot of RO players there. A page called “Raganarok Online Memes” has a unique way to get a lot of RO players like their page because of its RO content no matter what server it is. I sometimes see in the comment section that there are people playing in NovaRo, even so far as getting a glimpse of NovaRo’s Payon featured in there page. To that I think NovaRo should have a facebook page of its own, runned by not just GM’s who are willing but also letting content creators of NovaRo sharing their live streams and videos. If you want I would like to offer my services to run the pages as well keeping it from spamming and checking the stats. I’ve run 4 facebook pages each with more than a thousand likes by myself for almost 10 years, I also have a old RO page dedicated from an old server I use to represent. It has a couple of active people following the page and it would be a waste to erase it. Renaming the page and have it represent NovaRo is a good solution to put it to good use. Why I am doing this? Other than the shire boredom I’m getting during lockdown and surfing the facebook all the time I’ve been craving to run a good page again and re-experience admin hood like I did before (when I run it by myself) If any GMs’ or content creators who are encourage with this fun idea just leave a comment here. I’ll clean up the old page while I’m at it and let you in with further details. Thanks for Reading and Hope this help NovaRO to expand more.
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    They considering it ENDGAME IS a problem because that's why they lock untradeable BIS gear behind it. When reality is, you're being forced to play a whole different game to obtain BIS gear for RO. I don't like to repeat myself, but: If you wanna go full custom, then go full custom, but don't lock RO GEAR behind that content. Make them tradeable so people is not forced to play a whole different game to obtain stuff for RO. But if you want it to be RO's Endgame content, then keep customimation to minimum. Let all RO tactics work there (Steel body, Land protector, Cideda Tanks, White imprison tanks). Let ENDGAME BUILDS work in the content with their full potential (including all crit builds). Don't make it a totally different game. With Challenge GH, KRO already proved that Hard Content can be created without using any single custom Mechanic.
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    I talked a bit with some friends, and we've come to the conclusion that, if the devs make different kinds of bosses that are resilient to different game mechanics each, while being extremely hard difficulty-wise, the gears obtained or the item drops shouldn't be trade-locked. At least if people can't play with the build A on one boss, they can farm the other one that is resilient to build B which the other dude have, and then proceed to trading.
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    MH2 is a big no no for me because my class isn't viable. Simple as that. I have no interest in playing this mode because I don't want to reroll to RK/ WL. It feels super unfair that some classes get to be viable due to custom modifications, while other classes won't ever see the light of day. Why not go custom all the way then?
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