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    Arena of the Abyss

    Far beneath the surface of Rune-Midgard lies the mysterious sealed realm of the Abyss, a place where the souls of fallen monsters are said to descend into upon being slain. The earth has begun to shatter as the Abyss quickly fills beyond capacity with the advent of new adventurers. Cracks have begun to form in the surface of Rune-Midgard as the terrors below attempt to claw their way out of their grave to exact revenge on all mortal kind. From beyond the borders of the Schwarzvalt Republic and the Arunafeltz States, the Highlander Corps, known for their prowess in battle, have come and taken it upon themselves to keep the Abyss at bay. Four breaches have since appeared in an area now known as The Arena of the Abyss. Despite lacking in numbers, the Highlander Corps continue their efforts to prevent these monsters from being released into the world. While their efforts are brave, they now find themselves in need of aid, lest their defenses break and the horrors of the Abyss emerge to wreak havoc upon the entire continent. Desperate as they might be, the Highlanders are prideful people who will not join forces with just anyone: Only adventurers brave enough to take up arms in the War of Emperium will be allowed to fight in the Battle of the Abyss. Those lucky enough to return alive will find themselves able to purchase rare arms and wares developed by the Highlander Corps. Will you risk your life in the Battle of the Abyss, or will you stand by and watch the world crumble to pieces? Arena of the Abyss Arena Overview: Guild versus Guild, compete against your rivals to hunt powered-up MVPs and earn Siege Tokens. Additional rewards for the guild that kills the most MVPs! Each week, a new Arena will be explored. (Rotates between 4 maps) This event occurs twice a week, Wednesday at 8:00 and 17:00 server time (PST). Battlegrounds consumables WILL work inside the Arena of the Abyss. Only those who attend War of Emperium will be able to stay inside for the full duration of the event. Players who did not participate in War of Emperium will be kicked after 5~10 minutes. The Arena Gatekeeper will allow entry over at @go woe You can only enter the Arena on the character that participated in WoE. This ties into the fact that you must stay in the guild with which you attended WoE. WoE Rewards Overhaul New Siege Token system. Can be obtained through several options: Participating in the War of Emperium. Participating in the Arena of the Abyss. Participating in Battlegrounds. (Only if you attended War of Emperium) The victors of WoE and the Arena of the Abyss will of course receive higher amounts. These tokens can be exchanged for various rewards, including the much desired Cat Ear Beret and Red Pom Band and much more. Note that all shop prices are tentative and subject to change at any time. Highlander's Bounty Each active member in the winning WoE guild will also receive a Highlander's Bounty. This is a box containing additional siege tokens, and a chance to drop Enriched Oridecon/Elunium and HD Carnium/Bradium ores. This reward can be received once a day, Sunday through Friday from the Daily Rewards NPC. Improved Castle Treasure Box drops. Drops have been modified to be more useful for the current state of the game. Designed to give the winning team a break from farming consumables, as well as giving a reward. The War of Emperium Castle will now rotate once a month. The Hall of the Abyss will rotate along with it, going through a cycle of all 4 halls. Schedule: Features Implemented RODex, a new mail system! Added a new automated event to NovaRO: Jukebox Jams! When adding a slot to your Temporal Stat Boots, the enchants will now be kept. Updated some of the @go behavior: "@go mor" will warp you to Morroc. "@go mora" will warp you to Mora. "@go el" will warp you to El Dicastes. Poring Catcher and Dodgebomb will no longer unequip your gears upon entry. @restock should work properly for Acid Bottles and Bottle Grenades. You can no longer vend inside of the Prontera buildings. Rachel Field 1 (ra_fild01) Einbroch Field 6 (ein_fild06) Geffen Field 10 (gef_fild10) The alternative outfits can now be used on the newly added baby classes. Added weight check for the Peaked Hat quest, the Thanks Ticket Machine and the Daily Reward NPC. Pet autoloot has been disabled in towns. Using @listenpvp/@listenbg/@rodex/@nosnow will now be saved upon login out. Gramps has been rotated. Skills The skill tree of Baby Gunslinger and Baby Rebellions should now match up with kRO. Moonlight Fantasy now propery reflects in a 7x7 AoE. Shadow Trampling (Kagehumi) no longer has a cooldown. Fixed Flying Side Kick crashing the server when used with Reject Sword. Fixed Exceed Break's interaction with KE and other similiar shields. Trapped mobs (from Ankle Snare) will no longer appear on top of the trap instead of slightly off. Fixed Anti-Material Blast's status on mobs. Fixed Frost Jokes that would sometimes still be displayed in people's chat (and would eventually get them muted). Feint Bomb will explode a tiny bit faster to match up with official. Exceed Break will now work properly in regards to Kyrie Elesion. The Magma Eruption splash damage now ignores flee and is no longer affected by elements. Banishing Buster: Now has 1.5s Fixed Cast Time. Now has a 2 second Cooldown. No longer has after-cast delay. Quests and Instances The president (in the President Quest) has increased his availability hours and the secretary will tell you how much time you have to wait until you can go inside. The Sealed Shrine instance will always require the party leader to bring 10 Essence of Fire to advance in the quest. The Peace for Arunafeltz achievement will be completed at the correct time in the quest. The 91-99 Eden Board will no longer allow you to bypass the cooldown timers. Fixed a bunch of quest issues in the Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest). The new baby classes will have access to their Eden gears. Monsters Fixed the following pets' bonuses. They should now properly increase your damage against their respective races. Metaller Ancient Mummy Leaf Lunatic Root of Corruption's skills have been updated to match kRO. Amdarais [Hard] now has Reflect Shield. Wandering Archers will no longer be able to detect hidden players. Items Updated Odin's Bible in-game description to match with its actual effect. Lucky Day will once again trigger when receiving damage. Updated Miming Card's behavior to reflect kRO. Updated Gift Box drops (added the following items): Elunium Emperium Old Blue Box Oridecon Rough Elunium Rough Oridecon
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    I've seen other servers with a visible Poem of Bragi buff timer, so that when minstrels flash the song, those affected by it can see the timer and plan their gameplay accordingly around it. Is this feasible for Nova? EDIT: If this could also be done for Assassin Cross of Sunset, Service For You, Whistle, etc., it would be greatly appreciated as well
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    We've WoEd in Cyr for several months already in case you don't know, just look up old TiS and Casuals videos if you'd like to have a look. And every single time there were massive complaints from everyone, regardless of how many times the castle fell or if there was a full hold or not. This is NOT a new issue. It's not a matter of having or not having hour holds, it's just a matter that, for most people, a WoE in which you spend more time regrouping and organizing and getting demounted on the way to emp than pushing and fighting just isn't as fun as it is in other castles. Cyr is clearly meant to be played when there's more than two attacking guilds. Is there really a need to bring stuff like "knee jerk reactions" from a "certain guild" into it when this has been a recurring complaint every single time Cyr was rotated in regardless of who won - especially when even the actual castle holders want it gone and the thread was posted by an admin instead of suggested by a guild? Just seems like bringing in unnecessary drama which was supposed to have died when the guild with no honor decency and respect disbanded, or maybe you didn't realize it because you didn't actually WoE the past few times Cyr was rotated in.
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    Must suck to be a cancer patient then
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    Hello fellow Novarites, I just had a quick suggestion to make: changing the loyalty shop. Before I move on, I would like to state that this is not all me. There have been sprinkles of suggestions or complaints in the past that I am just leap frogging and/or taking ideas from to help make my suggestion. The Loyalty Shop Issues I wouldn't request for a change if the loyalty shop was perfect and items/rewards didn't seem so insignificant or easy to substitute. There are specifically 2 problems I have found in my 5 months on this server: A lot of the rewards of loyalty tickets seem not to be bought. This problem is mainly centered around the fact that items like the heroic backpack can easily be substituted via monster hunter. Also, a lot of the head gears seem sub-par to other head gears on the server so they're simply just not bought. Out of all the items in the shop I believe only the gum and the AB headgear are the only items bought. The items are not worthwhile and do not have a way of showing actual "loyalty". What do I mean by this? Well, loyalty is proof that a player has been playing on the server for a respectable period of time. Players should be rewarded accordingly and other characters should be able to notice someone is a long-time player on the server. The Idea My vision of the perfect loyalty shop is one where proof of loyalty tickets get actual loyalty rewards that players can show off. So, I'll cut to the chase, the loyalty shop should be a costume hat shop. But, the costumes available should have an advantage over others. One custom feature a lot of servers have currently not in Nova is color custom head gears. I believe the best place to introduce the custom feature would be in the loyalty shop. Some good examples would be (from what I have seen in my previous servers): Baseball cap, berets, feather beret, and wind milestone hat. (More hats in the future would also be cool.) These hats would be bought for x amount of tickets and would be color changeable at the custom NPC using dyestuffs. Headgear links below: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=5147 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=5466 Secondly, I should mention, what would happen to the old loyalty shop. In this case I think it'd be best to move the hats to the cash shop. It's kind of weird to have an AB class-specific hat being the only practical headgear in the loyal shop. I mean, ship captain's hat and hats like harvester hat are specific to classes like genetic who don't have to wait weeks or months to finally upgrade their hats. As for the other "useless" hats, they can also move to the cash shop. The bubble gum and mounts should stay in the loyal shop. I think it'd be cool to have alternatives in the shop. EDIT 4/25/17: To make things clearer I have complied what I think would be the best head gears to introduce that don't get to custom-y for Nova. Also, I would like to mention: HEADGEAR SHOULDN'T BE TRADEABLE; they should be account bound. List of headgear costumes that would be in the loyalty shop: 1. Love NovaRO hat 2. Beret (dyeable) 3. Feather Beret (dyeable) 4. Wind Milestone (dyeable) 5. Baseball cap (dyeable) 6. Backpack (dyeable) 7. Scarf (dyeable) 8. Chewing bubblegum (dyeable) 9. Colored eyes (red, etc.) 10. Bubble gum, mounts, and battle manuals should also be in the shop just to have some diversity. That's the list so far. Keep coming with the suggestions! EDIT 4/27/17: Per @Randell and others, we all seem to want more of a system that has simple headgears. Forget auras or custom wings. It seems that everyone wants the loyalty shop to be costume orientaited but with simple headgears and costumes. I have taken out the request for auras and wings. Reasoning and Implications I think this would be best for the server because Aesthetics are everything. In Ragnarok, customization is not very wide. Sure there's hair style and color, cloth style, and costumes, but it'd be great to have more options. It's a great way to satisfy end-game players. When someone is finally a top level player (has gone through the tough grind of farming gefenia for 2000 hours) and has soldiered through doing instances repeatedly, there's not much a player can differentiate from others. Pretty much there's a few endgame gears that everyone aims for. Rewarding players by giving more customization gives them another reason to login everyday. It encourages new players. If a new player first logs on and sees a cool hat or aura or pet, they will be more inclined to make sure to log in everyday. They will want to get something customizable that makes their characters tastier eye candies ;). Nothing here is orientated towards bonus stats or better damage. This simply gives an avenue for loyal players to show off their loyalty. I played on an old server for about 5 years and I noticed that people only cared about getting as many hats as they could once they reached their endgame gears. This is a nice way to continue to reward players who log in and play everyday. Well, I'll stop here. I look forward to positive criticism and feedback. If you like this idea please like it. If there are holes please let me know. I just want to fix the loyalty shop because I feel as if not a lot of people look forward to daily tickets as much as they do gold coins or other daily rewards. I also feel that the current loyalty shop is kind of shallow and only a few items are actually purchased thus making it useless to have all the other items in the shop. Thanks for reading!
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    WoE Expansion (+Refines!)

    After much thought about how to make War of Emperium more accessible for people who cannot attend the current time-zone, we have come up with an idea that we hope will solve all of our problems! The concept is simple, we open up a new time-slot which is a scaled down version of WoE: A smaller guild cap, scaled down rewards on participating, limitation on MvP card usage. With the opening of this slot, players who currently do not attend WoE due to bad time-zones can begin new guilds and populate this War of Emperium. As the competition matures, we progressively scale this new WoE up, increasing the guild cap, removing the MVP card limitation, and giving full rewards, with the end-goal of both War of Emperiums being perfectly equal. We want to emphasize that the goal of this WoE is to give players who are unable to attend the opportunity to do so. The new WoE will take place at 17:00 server time on Saturdays. This time will be parallel to the second AoA time and both may be subject to change. It will take place inside a Second Edition castle on a parallel but off-set rotation. Guild member cap: 18 MvP cards will not be allowed inside this new castle. Attending this new castle will grant reduced Siege Tokens for participation. Players who choose to attend both War of Emperiums will only recieve rewards for one of them. You only have one chance to receive the winning prize each week. If you lose the first WoE, but attend and win the second, you will not receive the winner's prize. Victor rewards will be scaled down for the second WoE. There will be no additional daily reward prize for guild members who won. The Siege Token bonus for winning War of Emperium will be much smaller. There will be no Gold Coins given to the members of the winning guild. Refinement Rate Update Features Updated our refine rates from +1 to +10 to more closely reflect kRO's values. Enriched Ores no longer offer a double roll, but instead offer a flat % increase to the success chance. RODex mail can no longer be sent/received outside of towns. Arena of the Abyss: Players who won WoE will now be able to get their Daily Reward prizes on any character. Fixed an issue where the Arena could be semi-opened incorrectly. Feel Reset NPC now works for Baby Star Gladiators as well. @events will display the Arena of Abyss timer properly. Sarah and Fenrir will always give you the reward quest, even on your dual clients. Skills Fixed an issue where Ankle Snares were moving monsters that were knock-back immune. Items Doram consumables now have their proper effects. Monster Hunter headgears now properly apply their bonuses once more. Ignis Cap no longer affects bosses. Goggles are now upper and mid headgears. Battlegrounds You can now participate in Battlegrounds and obtain Siege Tokens on any character of your account if you were active in either of the War of Emperium battles.
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    Ban Cyr from castle rotation
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    Sunny's Chibi Doll Art! Hi everyone! I just started this server a few weeks ago and need more cute hats better gear so I will take commissions to help reach my goals!! Here are some examples of the chibi dolls I will draw! Prices 35 mil per character additional charges : carts : 5mil pets/monsters : 5-10mil depending on complexity Interested? Send me a PM on this forum Include the following information : A screenshot of your character Any type of preferred expression In-Game name for me to contact you I will accept payment after completing the art. When I have finished I will contact you so we can meet in-game for the payment. I will then send you the files through PM here on the forum. Available Slots open open open Where to find me! If you want to talk about anything, ask questions, or chat I can usually be found in Lighthalzen. Just look for the guild called Ocean , my gf and I have all of our characters in it. Some of my IG names are : Care Bear , Party , Popple , Disney , Cloudy Thanks for looking!!
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    MVP card take #1 woe kill again wtf nintendo
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    PP up (a division of Pied Piper) (Banner edited by Damakos) Time Zones - International, leadership based in North America Level Requirements - None! Classes Wanted - Any and All Guild Focus - War of Emperium / Arena of Abyss / Social / Money-making Guild Home Town - Eclage (@go 35) Guild Leaders @Truce - Discord: @Kelly#0342 - Characters: Quiet, Chemist, Maverick, Cursed Circle @Mallinock - Discord: @Mallinock#4870 - Characters: Mallinock, Claira, Fiaa Discord Server https://discord.gg/k5hcwqK Almost all our communication is across Discord due to everyone having different characters across different guilds, so please join! About Us [PP up] was started as Pied Piper's WoE division. With the release of Arena of Abyss, our goal is to help players overcome the barriers to War of Emperium so we can all work together on getting the cute hats provided by Arena of the Abyss, and/or to study and take advantage of the economical impacts of WoE and AoA. We have one, absolute rule across all our guilds that we uphold: Be nice to others and yourself. And secondary rules for this particular division of the guild, due to the requirements of WoE and AoA: Ability to attend War of Emperium most Saturdays at 17:00 server time. Ability to attend at least one of the Arena of the Abyss time slots most Wednesdays at 08:00 or 17:00 server time. If you need a place to get started with GVG content, this is it! We'll help you on creating your build, strategies to maximize profit to help you gear up and train your reactions by continuously targeting you during Battlegrounds Happy Hours.
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    Hit me up in Discord @Ihsan#7969 Preferably with Devotion, thank.
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    UPDATED! @Terrijoo's Request Done!
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    Blue Ribbon: I'd love to have this obtainable from either The Claw or Loyal Merchant, or from crafting! Love Daddy Hat: Looks pretty cute and casual, I'd gladly spend my Proof of Loyalty to purchase this. Twilight: Has been suggested at least 3 times in this topic, come on Nova, please let us have this one pretty please I'll dump most (if not all) my Gold Coins on this Monochrome Ribbon: Yessss this please! I'd love to craft this. Deviruchi Headphones: The costume, red version of this headgear was obtainable during Halloween 2015. Would be a good hat for Halloween event. Ribbon of Lady: So cuuuute. I think this should be craftable, it looks like the white version of Red Ribbon. There are several headgears that I think we should pay a little extra attention to: Winged Headphones Would be really cool for Reverb/Metallic Sound build Maestro/Wanderer. Judging from its appearance, I think this should occupy Upper and Middle headgear slots. I would spend Cash Points or Proofs of Loyalty to purchase this. Power of Thor Potentially very very good for melee physical and magic damage dealers (e.g. GX, Sura, Auto Shadow Spell SC, RG, WL, Sorcerer, Adoramus/Battle Bishops). White Angel of Ghost Potentially very good for high ASPD, Banishing Point-spamming Royal Guards, and other job classes that rely heavily on ASPD like Thief class. Small Evil Horns This is a very OP headgear for a lot of job classes. It's like Pink Pajama Hat + Variant Shoes combined and placed in one equipment slot. I think a costume version of this would be okay but if this is going to be made obtainable in the server, with its original effects, the quest to craft it should be ridiculously difficult and expensive. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think something visually similar to this, a costume version of it, was purchasable with Halloween coins back in Halloween 2015. Can anybody help me confirm this? Triangular Hat Seems like this would be a good addition to the Loyal Merchant's shop. The magic reflecting effect seems interesting, I wonder if it would stack with Platinum Shield and other equipments that reflect magic spells.
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    Commision thread for signatures, emblems and banners STATUS: OPEN PRICES: Non Animated Signature - 5m Animated Signature - 10m Non Animated Guild Banner - 3m Animated Guild Banner - 6m Guild Emblem - 1m PM me if you want me to present the examples of my work ( I don't want to post them on the public ) You can check the current work of mine on this server in the content below V
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    WORK IN PROGRESS For @Helene I got you fam! @Zanni haha XD Hagalaz ft. Zanni
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    @min MBK needs to be allowed on allies, the "overpower" excuse isn't a good one, MBK guilds aren't supposed to be allowed to begin with, but we've all ignored that rule and did it anyway. Also, I don't care about smaller guilds in WoE. They should either enter with minimum 20+ or don't bother showing up for content that's "WoE related". It's honestly that simple, I don't understand why PvMers try so hard to justify their annoyance in WoE when the WoE we currently have is already a blown out circus filled with clown fiestas left and right.
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    Show me this people or mb new guild, like rly new, done from scratch, not hybrid of lately disbanded guilds. On topic, cyr is freaking disaster, with current number of guilds this castle is pure heaven for yolo "entrance warriors", which makes lt literally impossible for guilds to group except Ecall. Less grouping -> less organized GvG -> more solo PvP, dumb and boring as f*ck.
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    Hi! This is a brand new guild, looking to add mayhem more friendly competition to WoE and have a blast wreaking havoc farming our own gears, or running dungeons for nostalgia. WoE probably won't happen till June. The primary language is English. As more people join, I'll update this to better suit the group of people. There is a Discord server that anyone is really welcome to join. If you're interested, shoot me a PM on here or you can message me on Discord under the username Arruvae#0913 The 17:00 Server time WoE on Saturdays is when we will try to participate. You may see us messing around in the castle sometimes Town: Moscovia Leaders: Katrayu, Himei Classes we're recruiting: All of them :v PvM: Endless Tower/Cellar Monster Hunter Wolfchev BMD OGH MVP hunting and Bloody Branch events pls join
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    I vote for no, I don't think there's anything wrong with this castle, we also just got our guild cap increased, means there's a lot of people playing and big castle is always nice for it. If we talk about sub-optimal map, cyr is not the only one here, there's always andlangr for example, but other guild keep playing in there, so I don't see why it should be different with this one. Also we just had our first week in cyr, I actually confused why we already have this conversation. Best joke 2k17 right here
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    Finished the first batch of commissions! I've changed the price and I'm also reopening to accept a few more for anyone who is interested! =)
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    so cringe dude edit: to tack something onto this post just because you are in a guild that is starting to try out woe (sitting at the entrance and dying) doesn't mean you suddenly have the best opinion of WoE and get to try and act high and mighty to players who are rightfully not happy about the state of WoE. not only did people actually give solutions to issues they raised (a registration to encourage actual guilds to form and not just people AFKing/entering the castle and dying over and over because HATS / changing the castle from Cyr to something else) but you just came into the thread only to say "look at these people complaining, I'm not complaining haha." it just screams like you're trying to show that you're somehow above everyone that posted here when you're the last type of person people want to hear opinions from. the main guilds want a more competitive WoE experience and for a while WoE was sort of heading in that direction and people were hoping that the reward system would raise the stakes - finally some value in holding the objective and something to encourage people to really tryhard for. unfortunately, it didn't really give that effect and it's just encouraged the more casual player base to just walk into the castle and sit around / die because they get free things for doing it. i'm hoping nova and anyone else involved in the project can work to fix these problems and maybe revise parts of the system.
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    Or at least give us Speed Pots half off during Cyr season
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    O M G !! so many talented people on this forums, i'm scared I don't even have much drawings based on RO tho x-x so i will show you from other games i was addicted (i'm not longer, i was detoxifyed). And this is it!
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    Best merchant guild /WoE guild ever
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    When I get tired of drawing I play music. So I thought I'd record a cover so I can like show off share Now can someone who actually know how to do music tell me how much I suck U///U
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    You're very very much welcome! <3 And Is my debt already paid??? kek hahaha XD Randoms again :3
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    End of Month Sale - Coming Soon!

    Hey guys! We've got another Cash Point sale coming up. Starting on Friday, May 26 and ending on Sunday the 28th at Midnight, we will be holding a sale in which all of your Cash Point purchases earn an additional 15% Cash Points. Don't miss out!
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    As people have wanted to give some input on this new content, figured I'd organize it into one single thread. Feel free to make your AoA suggestions here. Changes since last Arena of Abyss: Emergency Call has been disabled and replaced by a new "Enter with Guild" option for Guild leaders, which has a 3 minute cooldown. BG Light Blue potions are currently disabled but will be re-enabled next week. (Along with a handful of other consumables, mainly boxes) Domovoi has been removed from the list of bosses. The overall HP of the MvPs was decreased from what it was when the event first began.
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    Some people should really know when to stop talking...
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    I heard he's almost as good as galactus
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    To my understanding, both the Physical and Magical variants of the level 175 Doram weapons should be enchant-able via Malangdo (Seagods, A-E class coins). The reason I"m bringing this up is because after testing the lvl145 weapons against the lvl175 weapons (all at +14 enchant), the damage of the 175 weapons is actually only on par with or even inferior to that of the 145. The reason being, 175 weapons only have 1 card slot whereas 145 weapons have two. This means significantly more damage from Zakudam or White Knight card. The drop rate is alright as it is right now (prices for 175 physical are comparable to BxBs, and 175 magics are CHEAP), but the amount of effort required to get them does not correlate properly to the amount of improvement over its lower tiered copies. So yea, I'd like to suggest that Doram weapons be properly adjusted so that they can be enchanted at Malangdo.
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    Can confirm Kelly is lying its 11/10 best merchant guild actively busting rice cultists >now I have a legitimate excuse to target Kelly on strim
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    10/10! obviously.
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    other skill and item buff icon I'd like to suggest: Sorcerer's insignia skills. Box of Sunlight.
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    Not agreeing or disagreeing. Just wanna add in that orc dungeon is also a great mobbing level up area. A lot of returning ragnarok olayers are familiar with it. Also, new players like to use the mobs for quick level ups. It's hard for new players to mob level when every inch is covered in afk genetics. Im not saying that hom leveling is easy. I also feel your pain as genetics have gotten a ton of nerfs. But i just wanted to make sure all views are represented.
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    Next order is done! Thank you Saviel for your order! Character: Saviel (Archbishop) Ordered by: Saviel (IGN) Order Type: Full Body without background I regretfully informs that I'll stop my artshop requests due to personal problems, I'm really tthankful for those who loved my art and them who requests me to draw their characters, hopefully I'll get my chance to come back here and works on the requests again, with better skills.
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    casuals griefing woe by doing the same thing every other guild did for weeks for 5 minutes good thing they are gone fucking griefers
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    Agreed. Scarfs and backpacks seem fine. Beret, windmilestone, and feather beret seem doable and not too custom. The furthest i would go is mini wings and auras. But i really do have faith in the creative minds and management of nova. Im not pushing for specifics; i just want the loyalty shop to be more of a costume shop (but keeping gum and mounts) than the mix of things it is now. Thanks for the input. I will edit when i get the time. I totally missed it but yeah 100% agree. Being tradeable would totally defeat the purpose of loyalty. Thanks for the mention!
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    I wish I could like +1 million on this idea, very well thought out and presented = ) I never really understood why the AB hat is in the loyalty shop because of its similarities to the above hats. I wouldn't mind it being moved to the cash shop. The HE bubble gums are usually what I spend all of my loyalty points on anyway. This is a great point, anyone can buy CP and purchase anything from the cash shop or sell CP via coins to other players and pretty much get anything that they want from day one. But what is special about a long time resident of Nova RO, who takes the time to log in every day, how is that person rewarded???? Account/character bound costume items and etcetera of course, something that can only be obtained by investing time (NOT CASH) into the game. Costume and other items I would love to see added to the loyalty shop: micro wings from angel/devil rings hats with multicolor option (beret, feather beret, wind milestone, baseball cap) backpacks with multicolor option scarfs with multicolor option multicolored birds on shoulders angel/devil on shoulder back ribbons with multicolor option back swords/staffs/maces/shields (for example clouds giant buster sword) capes with multi color option pets (special pets via loyalty shop such as mini MVP?) full body costumes (santa suits/beach suits etcetera) custom aura's extended mount boxes for 30 days Hair extensions this site shows costume hair buns and cowlicks there should also be pig tails and a ponytail. http://playragnarok.com/news/eventdetail.aspx?id=417 alternate costumes and or alt costume tickets that last for a period of 30 days (Yes, I know you can purchase this with CP however once you get your costume you don't need to buy again, and what if you don't like it? A trial period would be nice to really get a feel for it.) alternate skin colors falling petals, bubbles, snow http://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20285/costume-fluttering-cherry-blossom
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