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The Siege Token Battleground cap has been increased to 1,500 temporarily due to the disabling of the Arena of the Abyss.


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    Welcome to Midnight Rendezvous' recruitment thread! I could say we're a 'new guild', but I pretty much remade the old guild "Hymn of Midnight" under a new name. Fresh new look, nice clean start! (No it wasn't remade due to drama, this was a personal decision.) We are a PVM and Social guild. Right now I'm still in the early stages of having the guild remade and getting back in the swing of things from RL stuff. The tone to the guild is very mellow and chill, and I intend to keep it that way. Though I do warn, we like to act a little crazy sometimes. This is a place for Nova players to come to and just enjoy what the world that Ragnarok has to offer. We plan to do multiple types of instances, bloody branch parties, special guild events, gramps/leveling parties, and more! Oh, and let's not forget our random, slightly insane games of Cards Against Humanity! We are currently recruiting ALL CLASSES (preferably in EU/SA/NA time zones), but I encourage that if you're not fully geared, that you take some time to gear yourself up, so that you may participate in higher instances with us. We do plan to do BMD and Wolfchev on a hopefully normal basis. Interested in giving us a try? Feel free to reply here, or contact myself (Paper Airplane), Fuoco, Wolvero12, or Andrei Kirilen in game! We are located at the Archer Village outside of Payon Dungeon (Warper > Dungeons > Payon Dungeon, walk straight out the portal). There is currently no @go set for this location. (Nova halp pls.) Also, Discord use is highly recommended. We look forward to meeting some fresh new faces!!
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    It's been a while now since we've had Siege Tokens implemented into the game, and I think it's fair to say the situation has more or less stabilized regarding WoE and AoA. With this in mind, I'd like to propose a few changes to the way the rewards are distributed in those two modes. -WoE- Current Model: 1000 Siege Tokens for participation + 750 Siege Tokens for winning. Results of this model on the last two WoEs: Jul 1: Alliance - 1750 Tokens / ME - 1000 Tokens / RS - 1000 Tokens / Randoms - 1000 Tokens Jun 24: ME - 1750 Tokens / Alliance - 1000 Tokens / RS - 1000 Tokens / Randoms - 1000 Tokens Jun 17: RS - 1750 Tokens / Alliance - 1000 Tokens / ME - 1000 Tokens / Randoms - 1000 Tokens To me, the problem with this model is that it equates all the losing guilds, so for this past WoE RS and Minimal Effort got the same amount of tokens as one guy camping entrance. I'm not here to judge or say that you can't have fun playing WoE in other ways, especially since this has been discussed to death in other threads, but I think the "real" competitive guilds should get something more even when they lose, which is why I came up with the idea below: Proposed Model: 1000 Siege Tokens for participation + (750 Siege Tokens for winning OR 15 Siege Tokens for every full minute holding castle if lost, capped at 750) Results of this model if applied to the last two WoEs: Jul 1: Alliance - 1750 Tokens, ME - 1165 Tokens, RS - 1120 Tokens, Randoms - 1000 Tokens Jun 24: ME - 1750 Tokens, RS - 1420 Tokens, Alliance - 1075 Tokens, Randoms - 1000 Tokens Jun 17: RS - 1750 Tokens, Alliance - 1350 Tokens, ME - 1075 Tokens, Randoms - 1000 Tokens If this model was implemented, the losing guilds which actually managed to take and hold castle, even if they dropped it in the end, would still get increased rewards. If they managed to hold it for 50 full minutes, they would get 1750 Tokens, same as the winning guild, although they would not get the extra tokens from highlander's bounty or access to the guild dungeon. I feel like this would make it more worthwhile to take and hold castle during the early parts of WoE, when you know you don't have a chance to hold it til the end yet, as well as making the competitive guilds feel more rewarded without reducing rewards for the randoms. Plus it would incentivize people to actually push for emp, which would probably be helpful on the smaller environment of WoE 2. -AoA- Current Model: 550 ~ 650 Siege Tokens for participation + 300 Siege Tokens for winning. Let's face it. We can spend ages arguing whether it's a good game mode or not, but the reality is that AoA is pretty much completely dead right now. I don't even remember the last time RS didn't win, and at this point the other guilds don't even attempt to fight because we know the chance of winning is super slim (be it because of less people or less key classes for AoA), and it makes no sense to waste consumables and foods to try and get 300 measly tokens. Proposed Model: 550 ~ 650 Siege Tokens for participation + (400 Siege Tokens for 1st place OR 300 Siege Tokens for 2nd place OR 200 Siege Tokens for 3rd place) Now, hear me out. For this model to work, we'd need multiple MVPs spawning at the same time (even two would work), so that the smaller guilds could fight them too. That way, if a massive guild (in this case, RS) wants to try and take multiple MVPs at the same time, they'll have to split and the other guilds would have a real chance of winning engagements consistently. There are a couple other suggestions which would, coupled with this change, help make AoA at least a bit less of a chore to play: Remove the attendance restriction on characters and make it account-wide, like BG tokens. The current system is super clunky and basically encourages account sharing for key roles if the person can't make it to AoA. Automatically apply +30 Foods inside AoA (like in PvP tourney). Let's face it, the victory reward is not going to pay for your +30 Foods, HP Increase Pots, and all that other stuff that you'd use if you wanted to be seriously competitive. This would help make AoA less of a burden on players who only log in for WoE, and make it more competitive (same rationale as the PVP tourney thing, really). Plus the 40 minute duration makes it really awkward to use foods even if you wanted to. I'm not sure how far this would go towards fixing AoA (or if it even can be fixed without fundamental changes to the concept), but at least it'd give people more motivation to try. Let me know what you guys think.
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    HAPPY SUMMER EVRYONE may the Kraken bless ur broken rods... ... and shovels
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    Welcome to Rock Ridge

    Sheriff Wyatt Warp is seeking out adventurers to come to the city of freedom: Rock Ridge! The people of Rock Ridge are in need of brave souls to venture into the Kiwawa Desert to alleviate the crime wave perpetrated by the notorious Buffalo Bandits. Perhaps you can clear them out of the mines beneath Rock Ridge. But beware, rumors abound of a mechanical spider lurking in the darkness of the caverns below. Will you, brave adventurer, answer the call and come to the rescue of this boom town? Rock Ridge You'll find everything you need to know about Rock Ridge's quest over here! New items are available! Sheriff's Left Badge [1] Sheriff's Right Badge [1] Vigilante Badge Hippie Feather Costume Black Cowboy Hat Costume Cactus Flower Corsage Elemental Robe Vigilante Suit Golden Ninja Suit Mine Worker's Vest Hippie Clothes Drifter's Cape Elemental Cape Golden Scarf Mine Worker's Backpack Spurred Boots [1] Liquor Bottle [3] Elemental Origin [2] Elder Staff [3] Vigilante Bow [2] Hippie Guitar [2] Hippie Rope [2] Mine Worker's Pickaxe [2] Monokage [2] Huuma Shuriken of Dancing Petals [2] Costume Native Feather Headband Summer Festival Added a number of new headgears to the Festival King. Decreased Fishing Rod break chance. Added a way to trade in additional Golden Fish headgear for Summer Festival Coins. Changed the way the Hidden Treasure event works to make it more fair. Features Implemented the new Sorcerer Alternate Outfit: Implemented the @nomemorial command, which hides the instance window ( Alt + B ) inside the instance (not outside). Finished implementing the Walther's quest-line (Episode 16.1) Fixed an issue with the Royal Guard job quest. Mercenaries can no longer autoloot. Disabled monster transformation inside the Main Office. Players can no longer travel in time to delete characters instantly. Removed non-bound Bubble Gum from Master Package. Items Gemini Red Eyes now properly give their effect. Updated a number of item descriptions to be clearer. Skills Reject Sword works against mobs once more.
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    Our latest WoE video, come join us
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    I'm sorry but I see no need of doing that. Your items not selling quickly could mean a million things before it means there is something wrong with the economy. Maybe there's no demand for what you sell, or maybe your prices are too high. I find it kind of funny and offensive at the same time that you post a thread with a title including "in my opinion", and yet when someone says they disagree, you take this stance of: "If that's what I've done then explain to the players what your servers economy is like, in detail." "If the server really is going through deflation, is anyone willing to admit it?" Basically saying "Prove it."
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    Welcome to Renewal

    the tentacled plants shall be your guide
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    Since I've noticed this thread in iRO and it was provided source from kRO that this is how it works after the banquet update, can we also get it here? It would be less hectic to rush instances just to be able to do it the next day if cooldowns were fixed at a specified time. kRO source:
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    This topic is clearly becoming a clown fiesta. Closed.
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    Icons in grf Mystical Amplification (Has a bug where the icon disappears only after the second use of the skill) Aura blade Duple Light Epiclesis Expiatio Sorcer insignia Fury Expiatio Memorize MHP/MSP/Vitata/Ceromain/Sun Light Oratio +20 foods Stasis Bard and Gypsy songs Link:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzLGsia1CRzyZGJVRi1hb2VYa0E I dont play doram or rebel, so some icons of these classes are missing Is missing the description of some icons, but you can add by itself editing the file stateiconinfo.lub
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    Greetings! I come to you about a nostalgic little area in the game known as the Archer Village! Back in the old days of Ragnarok Online, this was a very popular place for people to hang out and save their characters. At this moment, there are a handful of guilds that currently save there (a pretty good little crowd I may say). Considering that the server is growing each day, some of use would like to see this place added as an @go point. Sure, @load and @return are available, but why not make it official? This place is totally worth it. On top of that, the area already has most NPCs available, but still currently lacks a PVP Warper. I think this would also be a nice addition to the area. Maybe a little adjustment to the placement of the current NPCs, but that didn't cross me as urgent of any sorts. Last, there are people who are putting their vendors right on top of the spawn point there. I know one of the GMs was making it a point in the past that people were not vending or placing buy shops too close to spawn points. Is there anything that could be done about this? Please take all this into consideration! It would be GREATLY appreciate.
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    Hi everyone! o/ I'll be posting my instance runs on here. I'm mainly using the Mechanic and Shadow Chaser class. I'm going to post some more in the future! --------- Mechanic • Geffen Magic Tournament (Fenrir part only) : https://youtu.be/2Gs4ZITNjL0 • Sky Fortress : https://youtu.be/aNt9lduvZIk Shadow Chaser • Geffen Magic Tournament (Fenrir part only) : https://youtu.be/LoQarxuqy2A
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    Hello, I've played the PvP Tournament for 5 months this year from the 20th to the 24th tournament. From my experience, I never notice the amount of Valor Badge/Gold Coins/ Proof of Loyalty/Siege Tokens gained when I win. Personally I would like to see the rewards be less scattered from 4 different currencies to 1 definitive increased currency. However at the moment, for 1st place I think 300 Gold Coins is good enough, but a mere 50 Proof of Loyalty and 100 Siege Tokens is very stingy. 50 Proofs is about 1/5 of a Bubble Gum or 1/10th of an Immune Shield. 100 Siege Tokens is 1/15 of the Rental Baphomet Horns and can be easily achieved with 10 measly KvM wins in BG. I'd suggest increase the Proofs to 150 and the Siege Tokens to at least 500. I'm a little iffy about the current price of Valor Badges, but I do think 2000 Valor Badges/ 1 Glorious Weapon would be fair for placing first. Below I have further developed other ideas for different aspects of rewards: -Repeat Winning Winning the PvP Tournament and getting the Vicious Mind Aura is a great accomplishment, but most recurring tournament players nowadays have already won the tournament. I've even met Tourney Winners that "can't be bothered to play" because it's not interesting enough without personal goals like beating a certain team. After winning once, it doesn't seem enticing enough to return for another tournament; we can spice up the 1st place rewards to motivate these players to return. I'd suggest introducing new Headgears (specifically an Upper and Middle Costume) alongside the Vicious Mind Aura. The winners of the tournament have the option of choosing one of the headgears thereby having to win the tournament 3 times to complete their costume set. Another idea is to mix the PvP Tournament with the Achievements system; give titles depending on the number of times that player has won first in the tournament. Ex. Winning once = Champion, Winning twice = Undefeated, Winning thrice = Third Times the Charm, etc. I would like this idea to be expanded to an absurd amount of titles like 10. -1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Rarely any winner wears the Rental Gold , Silver, or Bronze Dragon Helm. This might be due to it being unappealing to the eyes, in which case we should change the headgear to something more interesting such as the RWC 1st/2nd/3rd Place Crown. However, the main point I want to convey is that the headgears serve as a memento to your place in past tourneys. I personally have kept all my Dragon Helms I've won in the past tourneys and it's a little saddening when I mistakenly take one out just for it to disappear forever. I'd recommend making the headgears permanent or creating a misc Item that shows your place for that given month as well as your teammates if possible. -Participation Reward A ton of players feel intimidated to join into the tournament because they don't seem geared enough/ scared of being watched. And while we can motivate them by increasing the 1st/2nd/3rd rewards, we can further alleviate their uneasiness by improving the participation rewards to something more useful. I'd suggest including currency that has more liquidity. 500 Valor Badges isn't very valuable. I'd suggest bumping the rewards to at least 1000 and/or include Proof of Loyalty/Siege Tokens/Gold Coins. Thank you for your time in reading my suggestion and please do reply/comment on any changes you think we should make to better competition.
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    I like the scaling title idea, and I also got a new idea from what you mentioned of the RWC Dragon hats. Maybe a new Golden Trophy item could do the trick better? I'm not a fan of one-upping the aura because regular to red is a single upgrade. Specific ideas such as a list of progressive titles would definitely help here. Though I'm thinking it having a number would likely be a hard requirement, as random players would never know "Ravager" means you won 10 tournaments.
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    I've been asking for this for a while but the reward I want the most is by far a unique title for tournament winners. Could be [Champion], [Tournament Winner], anything like that. From the current rewards, I agree that only the aura is nice, and it definitely doesn't incentivize continued participation since, unlike Vanagard, you can't even sell it. If you win once, you already got everything. If we must stick to this, maybe give repeat winners the option to upgrade it to the red aura? I actually really like your ideas for repeat winners. I'm not even going to comment on the Valor Badges and the Siege Tokens as they're a little insulting, you get more for playing 1h of BG HH than for winning tournament. In all my tournament entries I NEVER played with a single person who was excited about this part of the rewards.
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    OGH and HTF Runs I hosted :3 Please join, guys! All classes are welcome, we want to become a really strong and fun guild for everyone ^^
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    Hola gente! Hyrule Warriors tiene abiertas sus puertas para recibir nuevos miembros. Sobre la Guild Actualmente somos una Guild PvE. Tenemos personas de diversos países de latinoamerica (México, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, etc.) Hacemos instancias a diario entre las personas que estén conectados y asistimos de manera concurrente a Monster Hunter. Los fines de semana hacemos Endless Tower en el momento en qué más haya gente para que asista. ¿Vienes de Pre-Renewal? No te preocupes, si es necesario hacemos el recorrido inicial con ustedes para que se familiaricen con las mecánicas de Renewal. Características Contamos con Discord para comunicarnos mientras hacemos instancias u otras cosas. En los canales de texto se dispone guías en español (actualmente en construcción) para quienes no sepan mucho de inglés, prontamente también vídeos. Tenemos grupo de Facebook donde compartimos información puntual por si alguien no usa Discord. Se comparte el Patch note actual en Discord en español para que puedan comprender los cambios en el server. Contamos con 10 a 12 miembros activos en los horarios peak. Emblema: Guardamos en: Mora (@go mora o @go 31) Todas las personas, independiente de su Job, están invitadas a unirse Mientras podamos estamos dispuestos a apoyar con lo que podamos a quienes lleguen, lo mismo con las dudas, hay gente que tiene buena experiencia con algunas clases, así que si están libres estarán dispuestas a ayudarlos en lo que se pueda. Podrás dejar un mensaje acá en el post y nosotros te contactaremos in-game para añadirte, o también puedes buscar a alguien de la Guild en Mora y preguntarle si hay alguien on que pueda dar invitación . También puedes contactar al Guild Leader in-game por el nick Mike Magnus. ¡Saludos, nos vemos in-game!
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    Made a new friend after Charleston! Still recruiting~ Bump bump~
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    say no more. personally I think all classes have potential to shiiiiiiiiine It all amounts to how much zeny/time you invest into it, right..? What's your opinion?
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    You aware that Juperos and Geffenia is not the only way to get raw zeny right? OGH alone has really great loots that can get one person 1m per run via NPC sell, and there are hundreds of people running it every day, hard and normal combined. Ask Nova how much zeny comes to the server from Glast Horrendous Mouth/Decayed Nail alone and I'm sure you'd change your mind.
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    Holy crap! Items are cheaper and more affordable for all players, that is just wrong. Let's fix this as soon as possible guys!
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    I disagree. I feel you're very much taking your own personal experience and projecting it into the server as some kind of server-wide crisis. Not only that, but your "zeny in/zeny out" chart is extremely biased to support your own theory.
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    guys what the hell are you all talking about??? chill! 2 more month and its over! the reason of the deflation is that most people that were grinding in usual zeny places are participating in the summer festival event. its every 4 hours last 1 hour, so those that partake often loose 1/4 of their playtime on the event instead of bitterly grinding for zeny. as thats the case its understantable that there is less zeny being created. also a lot of high demand cash shop item have been released at the same time, most people are hoarding money to buy those cos cant or dont want to donate for CP, and therefore even the available zeny is not being circulated. the summer event explains it all. dont worry if its over everything will go back to normal.
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    Can we please just KICK castle afkers out of the castle instead of doing the random warnings? I don't understand why GM Solaris is going around giving warnings to people who are clearly NOT AFK. Using the skill hide in itself is not AFKing nor is it deliberately avoiding WoE action. It's a legitimate tactic to wait for other people to break guardian stones while avoiding Chasers. Also, please stop giving us warnings every time we stop moving for longer than 5 seconds. I used a kafra card to use storage and I got a warning... Thank you.
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    Hey there this is Wolv! If you wish to join or have any questions simply send me a message or visit us in Archer Village! We'll be glad to have you! Successful ET RUN!! EC BULLDOZING
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    5v5 PvP Tournament

    All details subject to change. We host a PvP tournament on the second Friday of every month at 16:00 Server time (PST) Players will be able to place Zeny bets on every set of matches. The next tournament will be on July 14th, 2017 All participants will receive some participation rewards. All details subject to change. In these PvP Tournaments, all BG gear and consumables are enabled, so make sure you play a lot of BG and stock up on supplies. Bidding Explanation: Payouts are made proportionally. For example, if you wager 1m on player 1 and the total pot for player 1 is 4m, your proportion is 25%. This means that you are entitled to 25% of the player 2 pot, assuming that player 1 wins. Your proportion of the payout is calculated as follows: (Your bet/Total amount bet on the player). Match Details: Teams will be restricted to one single MvP card for the entire tournament. The MvP card of choice will be announced when the tournament begins and the brackets are locked. Teams will be allowed to move their MvP card from one Teammate to another at any time. All debuffs last their full duration. The 20 second timer does not apply to Tournament matches. All BG consumables function inside the Tournament except for Weapon Repair scrolls. All participants will be getting free +20 and +10 Food Effects at the start of each round. Vacuum Extreme is enabled. Peony Mamy, Snowflip, Sadagui and Yggdrasil Sand are disabled. Kafra Cards and other methods of using storage will be blocked inside the Arena. All other BG rules/behaviors apply. Starting with this tournament, each team will have one (1) rematch if a member DCs, after which all matches are final. This is to prevent abuse, as well as keep the tournament to a reasonable length of time. All teams also have the ability to bring in one substitute in the event of a missing teammate or technical difficulties. Players MUST play on their accounts to be eligible for all rewards. Players found paying others to play on their accounts for bound rewards will be punished severely. Rewards are subject to change. Past rewards: First Place Rewards (Per Member): x1 Costume Subject Aura (Character Bound) [Players who already own one will instead receive an additional 300 Gold Coins] x1500 Valor Badges x100 Siege Tokens (That do not count towards the weekly cap) x150 Gold Coins x50 Proof of Loyalty Second Place Rewards (Per Member): x1500 Valor Badges x75 Siege Tokens (That do not count towards the weekly cap) x100 Gold Coins x50 Proof of Loyalty Third Place Rewards (Per Member): x1000 Valor Badges x50 Siege Tokens (That do not count towards the weekly cap) x50 Gold Coins x25 Proof of Loyalty 1st 2nd and 3rd place teams will got costume rental RWC Dragon Helms for a full month to show off their dominance. Everybody else will receive equal consolation prizes. Consolation Prize: 500 Valor Badges PAST TOURNAMENTS 4th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_2vs2_4 5th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_2vs2_5 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjpCqUqvRPQ 6th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_2vs2_6 7th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_2vs2_7 8th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_3vs3_8 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbh2AfD7l9U 9th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_3vs3_9 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBRdJVgpJCA 10th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_3vs3_10 Recording Pt. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFSIUoIFkjc Recording Pt. 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSIJQSLS9tk 11th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_4vs4_13 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdO7dmbXYPg 12th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_4vs4_14 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e46KRx-oPCY 13th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_4vs4_15 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRsI9NU0AQE 14th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_4vs4_16 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiCX5HQ9eD4 15th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_5vs5_18 Recording: 16th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_5vs5_19 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M7vbu65DPM 17th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_5vs5_20 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg-FLOrSpOY 18th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_5vs5_21 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiqFqe7HJjg 19th Tournament Brackets: http://challonge.com/NovaRO_5vs5_22 Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZNSBU2g4LI
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    how much did he pay you?
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    I've been playing with Frunckie for years, and I couldn't imagine a better guild leader. Great, helpful atmosphere, lots of activity, and an all around fantastic guild! Can't recommend joining enough!
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    I have a semi-decently geared Ranger, Rebel, and Genetic. Also willing to play the boring support classes. Hit me up in Discord @Ihsan#7969 Preferably with memes, thank.
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    Earlier today there was someone who created a costume and did not realize he would lose the card and all refinement on the headgear when he did so. He didn't think there was any warning about this, and others visited the NPC to directly quote the warning ("Remember, cards and refine will be removed.") He admitted that he missed that. But then posited a query: "Removed means destroyed?" I can see where this is ambiguous wording; after all, the Wise Old Woman removes cards, but they are not destroyed. My suggestion is a simple rephrase -- as simple as changing a single word: changing "removed" to "lost." To me there is no ambiguity about what 'losing' your card and refinement means.
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    Updated with Hopp's Rebel! I have been busy with school and now it's finally summer break, so I get more time to doodle and draw now \o/ Here's a "timeline" for my improvement with this drawing: (I wanted to use spoiler tag on it but it seems like it's not available with this new forum layout :|)
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    Step by Step Leveling Guide from Level 1 Novice up to 3rd Job Includes basic and In Game Command Covers Eden Board Quest + Eden Group Equipment Quest I and 2, Gramps & Cautious Village Quest note: 1) This is NOT de best way for pro/fast leveling, so dont dislike de vids 2) suggested to NEW player that NEW to Renewal or Never heard of Eden things before 3) Applicable only Jobs that Can Rebirth 30/4/2017 Cautious Village with detail & navigation commands > Expanded Classes (Jobs that Cant Rebirth) such as (Ninja Rebel Taekwon Doram) can directly do Cautious Village 3/7/2017 Hazy Forest Ranger Solo with basic WW Gear, NO +9 WW Gear & NO 3 row of buffs icon on the right side, less consumables 3/7/2017 Room of Consciousness newbie NO OP Gear & NO overinfinity DPS, only 100 White Potions & 90 base VIT more, coming soon
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    added white prison w/ description frozen status w/ description stone curse status w/ description burning status added description ghp gsp fogwall manhole bloody lust death bound poem of netherworld siren's voice crescent elbow
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    Tmw Catnip Meteor is better than the actual Meteor
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    Yeahhh and I like it that way lmao..... no more standing around bein totally vulnerable for 5+ seconds... -- Finally, it's time to crush that plant with these meteors... huh, it didn't die?! https://tapas.io/episode/745966
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    Please, add information about "Full Chemical Protection" skill in @showbufs "F" for example
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    We initially adjusted the rates of the Plushie Claw (along with all summer games) to account for the massive increase in expected players going from 2016 to 2017, as well as to account for the Bonus Frenzy system, which left the overall rates somewhat low. We had a minor inconvenience where the server crashed 2 days prior to the maintenance, which forced us to use provisional rates which we had not finished discussing. These rates were not finalized, but were pushed live and we were unable to update into our newer, better odds. We plan on having a small maintenance soon which will fix this and many other small issues. Note that while this will be a significant and visible increase, the hats will still be rare. It will still be much easier and more reliable to obtain these hats through the Siege Token shop. Not only that, but the Siege Token shop is available year-round, unlike the Summer Festival.
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    man, he could have at least stolen something from you that was worth a lot more. PM me in game and I'll get you an immune shield w/ alice card
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    added = Blade Stop (Sura and enemy) = Bloody lust (Shadow Chaser) = Crescent elbow (Sura) = Manhole (Shadow Chaser) = Spell fist (Sorcer) Changes => Siren voice (Minstrel/Dancer) => Poem of netherworld ( Minstrel/Dancer)
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    10 yrs later finally we learnt how to blink
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    added = fortunekiss (dancer) = deathbound (RK) = fogwall (Sorcer) = gospel (RG) = siren voice (Minstrel/Dancer) = poem of netherworld (Minstrel/Dancer)
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    Oh no! That was one of the spots I was going to 'tour' him through. Thank you! And light indeed - I'm surprised at the amount of work done on this server! It boggles my mind that its more polished than the actual game. Thank you very much! I checked the @whereis, and Mallinock has it 100% - they're now in the other field! I'll have to look up on a lot that's changed... I remember playing when third classes released -- but I don't remember much outside of getting Stalker and manhole'ing folks in PvP. Thank you all so much for the warm welcome!
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    *bunps* Any plans on implementing this? O:
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    Better idea is to just kick entrance warriors.
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