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Unimplemented Item Submission:

This form was created as a way for players to submit the IDs of items that have not yet been implemented in NovaRO. Please provide the item ID and a short description of how it is obtained officially.

Note that this is NOT a guarantee that the item(s) will be implemented.



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    As we all know, the Telma NPC has been extremely clustered and annoying to navigate, specially if you're still not used to it. It often takes a long time to find what you're looking for and missclicking can be extremely annoying mid-match. I personally don't mind how the NPC currently works since you can just get whatever items you need in your storage and just use @restock when you're in a BG match. With that said, I feel we could create a new NPC to substitute Telma but only during BG matches. The idea is for the Supply Agent to not be present in the BG Lobby (@go BG) During the BG match, instead of going from this to this: The idea of the Supply Agent would go from this to this: The idea is a behavior similar to the Arrow Seller NPC in Payon, where talking to the NPC gives you a menu option to open one of multiple different shops. Shop using Valor Badges as curency, of course. This means the Supply Agent: Would allow for restocking of multiple supplies of the same section while Telma only goes 1 item type at the time; Would likely reduce the extra time inexperienced/new players stay in the respawn room of modes like Capture the Flag and Conquest while looking for specific supplies. Would not have the option of sending the items to the player's storage, the point of the NPC is for a quick restocking of supplies for the ongoing battle; Would be much more user-friendly and a really welcome feature for new BG players that still haven't figured out the ideal way to restock supplies is by using the storage and @restock; Would still be considerably slower than simply using @restock, thus not really affecting players that already have their BG supplies in their storage. The only problem I can think about is that we'd need to create custom "box" items such as Whole Roast Bundle (a box containing 3x BG STR Foods) for example but I don't think that'd be too hard to do.
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    Its not secret to anyone that woe got better in last 3 months in Nova and attendence got way higher that it ever was. But most castle present at castle rotation are just too small for 4-5 playing guilds >> just look at statistics we have like 10-15 breaks every woe, not because players got worse or better, its just whole woe looks more like "rush to emp" game, even GvG and real 1 vs 1 teamfights are rarity nowadays. Not WoE, more like Mess at Emperium. Thats why i suggest to bring back Cyr, since right now we have numbers to fill that castle, but not official one, a bit modified one. let me explain: - 3 way castle entrance - new way to first cade in the middle of the map Will help to deal: 1) entrance camping (yeah its still problem nowadays) 2) more space for new guilds to fight each other 3) more GvG 4) less troubles with grouping and stuff
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    You are definitely wrong. Defence does not guarantee you an easy win. I can't even say in which of condition i've won more in conquest; I'd say the same for defence and offence. I don't know how you said that, since you are not even in BG that often Answering Chato's question: No, for me as a regular BG player, I never care about rewards. I do BG only for having fun as it is one of the most fun contents in Novaro. Conquest is fun as it is, as it replicates WoE which IMO the best content in Ragnarok, and 3 WoE in a week is not enough for me.
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    NPC in BG that allows you to prefer to be or not to be a team leader, then have the BG algorithm decide leader, picking from preferred players first. removes situations where the team leader is given to someone who has no idea what they're doing. These generally lead to the clueless player being immediately hazed for their misunderstanding and or failure to read tini-tiny RO chat. sorry about that.
  5. 9 likes
    End of Winter Art Contest Winners As winter slowly but surely inches closer towards the end, so does this contest..! This part is always both so difficult and so exciting in equal measure. This contest was a real race to the top among our 18 participants who poured their time, heart and soul into their End of Winter themed art and the competition for the the second and the third place in particular was fierce up until the very end. This time we quite possibly had a record number of judges (13) and it was a really close run! With our democratic votes tallied, here are our final results. 1st place winner: Froth (Manjyu is happy) 2nd place winner: kooriiko (Kooriiko) 3rd place winner: razeoryuno (AlThyrsos) Even if you are not on among the winners, I warmly encourage you to continue sharing your passion with us in the Art subsection of this forum or, as I mentioned in the original thread, over Twitter by simply tagging NovaRO (@NovaRagnarok) with your piece. There are so many passionate and talented players among our midst and we the staff (and surely also fellow players) would be delighted to see more of your work. So we hope you will continue drawing and painting! Congratulations again to all our winners and thank you everyone who took part! The participation rewards and the main prizes will be distributed as quickly as we can but please be prepared to wait for a few days for them to appear in your RODEX. Remember that you will need to redeem them on the character whose in-game name you provided when you submitted your entry. Additionally, the winners will be contacted within the next few days for addresses so we can send you the little phone-zipper charms. You may naturally decline to receive this prize should you wish to do so. I will also add that there will be some waiting time involved, especially for locations outside Europe, as in order to ensure no packages get lost we will provide you with tracking numbers. For this to be possible however, they need to first course half the world to Nova so please be patient.
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    ASPD Patch Notes

    Attack speed changes After many tests on kRO, we will be updating our ASPD formula to a new and improved, much more accurate formula! This is what we used to have: aspd = base_aspd + flat_aspd; aspd = aspd + stat_aspd + status_aspd * agi_bonus; aspd = (193 - aspd) * percentage_aspd_bonus + aspd; And this is the new ASPD formula: aspd = base_aspd + stat_aspd + status_aspd * agi_bonus; aspd = (195 - aspd) * percentage_aspd_bonus + aspd; aspd = aspd + flat_aspd; The parameters in these formulas being: base_aspd: The character's base ASPD value including the current weapon. flat_aspd: Flat ASPD bonuses gained from items. status_aspd: The ASPD bonuses from pots and skills (affected by AGI). agi_bonus: The AGI bonus is AGI/200 (0 AGI does remove status_aspd bonuses). percentage_aspd_bonus: Percentage bonuses such as a Doppelganger Card. The stat ASPD formula has also changed depending of the weapon type: For Bows, Guitars, Whips, Revolvers, Riffles, Gatling Guns, Shotguns and Grenade Launchers: √(dex²/7 + agi²/2) / 4 Any other weapon: √(dex²/5 + agi²/2) / 4 The following base ASPD will be modified as well: Class Weapon/Armor Change Class Weapon/Armor Change Wizard Shield 138 to 148 Arch Bishop Shield 146 to 151 Knight Two-Handed Spear 131 to 136 Royal Guard Two-Handed Sword 147 to 143 Sage Shield 141 to 151 Sorcerer Two-Handed Staff 151 to 141 Dancer Unarmed 160 to 156 Minstrel Bow 146 to 147 Whip 155 to 151 Instrument 151 to 152 Shield 153 to 149 Wanderer Bow 146 to 147 High Magician Shield 136 to 146 Instrument 151 to 152 Professor Shield 141 to 151 Shadow Chaser Shield 151 to 152 Lord Knight Two-Handed Spear 131 to 136 Sura Shield 153 to 151 High Wizard Shield 138 to 148 Genetic One-Handed Axe 145 to 148 Soul Linker Dagger 156 to 146 One-Handed Mace 151 to 152 Two-Handed Staff 143 to 141 Warlock Two-Handed Staff 146 to 140 Shield 138 to 148 Shield 146 to 151 Gunslinger Shield 140 to 150 Rune Knight Two-Handed Spear 144 to 138 Rebellion Unarmed 146 to 152 One-Handed Spear 138 to 136 Shield 140 to 152 Two-Handed Axe 136 to 144 Riffle 141 to 142 Ranger No changes - Gattling Gun 148 to 149 Mechanic No changes - Shotgun 121 to 122 Guillotine Cross No changes - Grenade Launcher 116 to 117 Kagerou/Oboro No changes - Revolver 146 to 147 Summoner No changes - Baby Rebellion and Baby Gunslinger have the same ASPD table as their regular classes (Mostly an ASPD increase). Baby Kagerou and Baby Oboro have the same ASPD table as their regular classes (Mostly an ASPD increase). Other classes not listed above were not changed. Important changes: Classes using bows and gunslingers' weapons will notice a drop in their ASPD. The flat ASPD bonus that is now applied at the end of the formula rather than the beginning, meaning they will have a much larger impact. You no longer need a 100% ASPD bonus to reach the max ASPD from percentage reduction. Max ASPD is still 193, despite the formula using 195 as a base. The @battlestats command will also be updated to reflect those changes. With these changes, our ASPD formula should fully match kRO's. We hope you enjoy the change! Features Ended the Valentines Day quest. Implemented the Hat Recycler (second floor main office, top left corner) Exchange 5 hats from a single Cash Shop box into a new unopened box of the same type. Feature only works for a limited number of Cash Shop boxes: Valentine's Day Pack Mystic Egg II Celestial Christmas Egg Balloon Bag Balloon Egg 2017 MLG Box Pet Shop Hat Egg All future Cash Shop boxes will be included in this system. No additional older Cash Shop Boxes will be retroactively supported. All hotkey issues should be fixed. If the party leader breaks the party, the party leadership will be reassigned to another online player randomly. You'll now be able to use @return in any instance. Fixed an issue with Dice allowing to enter while being overweight. Gramps has been rotated. Gramps 85-114 Gramps 115-144 Gramps 145-175 Fortu Luna Baba Yaga Nightmare Terror West Orc Village Tatacho Nightmare Arclouze Thor Volcano Big Ben Miming Items Twisted Key of Time is now a consumable (casts Wide Curse). Dark Red Lump is now a consumable (chance of cursing yourself). Fixed Jiiterbug Card from neutral resistance to resistance against neutral monsters. Hope you guys enjoy the patch! And please, write us a review on RMS when you get the chance! http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=writereview&serid=17776&url_sname=NovaRO
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    IGN : Hon3y3a3y Last minutes drawing Forgive me the quality. So the background story is. . . There were three of us; Thief, Acolyte and Bard, partying together in the journey to seek Santa Claus. We had to go through wintery island. That night, the blizzard stormed in , we were forced to seek shelter. Fortunately, we found the ice cave nearby and decided to stay the night there. We lit up a campfire to heat up through the night. Then, the bard warmed the atmosphere by singing the sweet song from his village. Little did we know, we weren't alone enjoying the serenade, the wildlings came over the cave for the warmth and performance. Snowier & the cub; Siroma, are known as a mythical animal as they don't confront themselves with humans and they're aggressive. However , thanks to the bard's song ,we had this opportunity to witness the beautiful creature and the family seemed harmless. :3 Deviant Art & Facebook Page : MikoHon3y3a3y
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    Shame on me for cramming too long-- and on a group pic, what was I thinking, but I hope I can at least make one person laugh with this joke. Time waits for no man! IGN: Hikaru Elior
  9. 8 likes
    We've discussed this at length and will be implementing +20 and +10 foods to Telma's BG shop. The rest of the items suggested in this thread are pending further discussion.
  10. 8 likes
    We're planning a large update to NovaExt in the very near future that will implement both Turbo and Smart Cast functionality on a per-key basis! Turbo: Repeatedly spam the key while holding it down (Think Rolling Cutter) Smart Cast: Repeatedly spam a key with a targetted skill for it to be casted and clicked to where your mouse pointer currently is. Stay tuned!
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    A new map for TI has once more been commissioned. The triangle idea doesn't work due to the nature of mapping in RO, here is a concept of a triangle idea we played around with a very long time ago to show it: The sides are still not 100% equal. Instead, what we'll be doing is requesting a hexagon shape: Moving this to pending suggestions.
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    I suggest adding renewal consumables to battlegrounds. It's no secret that battlegrounds already has a large wealth of pre-renewal consumables including Potions, "Box of" items, Converters, Proof Potions, Speed potions, +7 foods among others. But as far as renewal consumables go, battlegrounds is insanely lacking. Aside from classes consumables, BG lacks many of the consumable items introduced in renewal, leaving the shop overall feel outdated in my opinion. I also feel this forces many players to struggle getting to a build they would actually use in WoE/GvG, either settling for a much less effective build or going outside battlegrounds to get these consumables. +30 foods - +20 and +10 foods to Telma approved by Nova. I feel like these are probably the biggest contribute to potential effective gap between players in BG. +7 foods were fine for BG back when it was 99/70 and instant required 150 DEX to get along with ASPD being massively easier as well. But I feel renewal has much higher expectations for builds and these are not met with what's currently available in this regard, leading to a lot of clunky feeling characters. On top of helping player reach the real potentials of their class and letting them practice at that level. I feel this would also help alleviate the issue of the few people who are using +30 foods in BG and react faster, cast faster, attack faster, etc. This can feel pretty overwhelming and unfair to newer or less established players. Genetic Potions Including HP Increase potions, Enrich Celermine Juice, Vitata500, Etc. Again, much like we have Proof potions and boxes, it seems pretty arbitrary that these would be excluded. I think it would be a good idea that players have access to these consumables Via BG since these are just about as expected in a WoE scenario and much like +30 foods will help players get a feel for what is available and reach the potential of their characters. Bifrost Friendly Consumables Peony Mommy, Yggdrasil Dust, Etc. These ones just make sense to me. Originally they are pretty hard to grind for, even leading to their removal from the monthly PVP tournament. I'd say instead of limiting that, you should allow players to access these items easily in battlegrounds and see what potential they offer. This may also alleviate issues of certain status being particular to nasty to teams without a key job to rid the status. Ex: Crystalize is not a large deal to a team with a good arch bishop or sorcerer, but one without it the team is almost powerless against the debuff. I really don't think these consumables would break the game especially with how strongly the emphasize team play, which I feel should be rewarded.
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    Eh, just keeping it simple this time. Someone else better get that Beret, I ran out of accounts to put it in I know Christmas is like months ago but that's the only wintry theme that came to my mind (ノ • ں • )ノ*: °・゚.°✧ 。゚ Also idk why I always associate Christmas with White Imprison IGN : Vaults DeviantART | YouTube | Tapas
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    Please do not start fear mongering. Most people know that the mobs' magic attack is completely wrong since ages and it doesn't match with official servers. It is somewhat shameful that this bug has been around for so long in my opinion. Mobs' magic attacks are a joke, they deal you 1~20 damage, and that's including MVPs. Emulators have already catched on that issue for a while now and this update will be seen on every other server out there sooner or later. We're simply applying it sooner because we have less restrictions.
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    Ive just join the server yesterday and after playing for couple hours I must say that Nova RO is such a wonderful server. Every details are so polish , everything is so considerate for new player. Thumbs up and thank you for all of you who make RO feels great again.
  16. 6 likes
    Been a while since I have gotten super involved in my digital art. I hope it really catches the spirit of winter coming to an end. Good luck to everyone else and their entries! IGN: Chuck King
  17. 6 likes
    It was really intimidating when I first joined NovaRO not knowing anything (I came from and only know about pre-renewal). PP was not only the guild that invited me, it was the only guild where I felt welcome. They knew my name, they answered all my noob questions, they didn't mind that I was a noob with zero skills for Instances. They invited me to join their runs, they taught me what to do, they didn't care about my equips/money/skills/tendency to die, they want to be nice If you're looking for something more than a guild, PP is the community that's more than happy to welcome you!
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    Wolfchev’s Babies Winter Vacation to Lutie [ft. them in 3rd job outfits and with a winter outfits \o/] Monsters/NPC : Santa Claus, Sura Chen, Arch Bishop Magaleta, Warlock Katrinn, Guillotine Cross Eremes, Despair God Morroc, Outrageous Cookie, Decorated Evil Tree, Evil Dwelling Box IGN: Domiel follow me! Tumblr | Website
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    IGN: Doot Eastwood Links: http://www.instagram.com/_baltar http://www.twitter.com/dtdbaltar
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    Hi. I found some hairstyles you might like. hairs.zip 5 for females, 6 for males. (these aren't mine, i just found them)
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    I suggest an NPC that would save your Homunculus status and allow you to swap between Homunculus and make multiple Homunculus on the same genetic. Currently Genetic can use one Homunculus only, this creates problems due to the fact that each Homunculus has a specialty and in order to be optimal in different scenarios you basically need to make more than 1 genetic. This functionality would allow genetics to adapt on the fly to which ever content they'd like to be optimal for, perhaps with a price and maybe a cooldown. Note that this wouldn't allow the genetic to change their Homunculus status at will, they would still need to grow and level each hom they wish to use and earn the right to use what they've already leveled.
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    Ready for next maintenance now, moving to implemented:
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    100m + Wickebine's Black Cat Ears
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    The game mode can take a while and often ends in a tie because people have a tendency to go ham on the defence and not attack, resulting in a long game with minimal rewards that eats up a chunk of happy hour. I was thinking if the game mode forced people to go on the offensive it can end faster and also subsequently be more fun. Similar to Stone Control, if a team was always ticking up points as the game mode went on, the fight usually won't extend to the time limit. Along those lines, how about if there's only one flag, at the centre of the map. When a team member picks the flag up, they'll start ticking points for their team and the rest of the team has to try to protect the flag bearer. Whoever hits the point cap first is the winner. With only one shared objective between both teams, they must compete aggressively against each other and it'll force a lot of PVP fights as one side tries to shield their flag-bearer while the other team is trying to kill that person and steal it.
  26. 5 likes
    IGN: Jam Jar The best gift for the New Year is a bunch of puppies, he he =)
  27. 5 likes
    Snowfall in Prontera. ign: Kiumi
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    Star Emperor HYPE! awwwwww yeaaaa! 1. Job improvement : Archbishop 1.1 New skills - Convenio : teleport all party members in the same map to the caster's location. - Vituperatum : Cast Lex Athena to all enemies in target area. 1.2 skills improvement - Adoramus : become multi-target skill. but slightly lower its damage. - Renovatio : will affect to all party members in caster's range and increase recovery rate from 3% per 5 seconds to 5% per 5% seconds. - Expiatio : will ignore target's Mdef too. - Lauda Agnus : increase success rate (100% at level 4) and increase MaxHP instead of Vit. - Lauda Ramus : increase success rate (100% at level 4) and increase critical damage instead of Luk. - Ancilla : reduces SP required to create it to 10%. When using Ancilla, HP/SP recovery rate are increased too. - Judex : increases damage from 400% to 570% at level 5. 1.3 removed skill Eucharistica : replaced by Vituperatum. 2. Taekwondo third classed They're on internal testing and almost finish. In addition, exclusive riding halter for them will be added. 3. New dyes for doram and improve its appearance. 4. Illusion of Launda new illusion dungeon based on Comodo cave. 5. Episode 17.1 6. Party booking improvement 6.1 Party leader register party booking at adventurer's agent. 6.2 Set party details 6.3 Party recruitment will pop up in party recruitment window. 6.4 When click accept button on party joining message. Player will join party. source : https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3089-note-kro-update-schedule-on-the-second-quarter-of-2018/&tab=comments#comment-4336 http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3864253&curpage=1
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    I was working on a more thorough translation before I knew DP already posted theirs, but I'll stick mine up anyway. DP I think made a mistake in the Ancilla effect (Heal amount increase, not HP recovery), but aside from that you get the gist of it. 1. Job Improvement Project : Arch Bishop Job improvement project! Here are the Arch Bishop’s improvement update. 1) New skills Convenio Despite being the centerpiece of the party, the Arch Bishop would always have to continuously buy and use Giant Fly Wings. This new skill will allow the Arch Bishop to summon party members on the same map to their location. Convenio ( CONVENIO / Gathering ) MAX Lv : 1 Pre-Requisites: Ancilla 1, Oratio 5 Type: Supportive Description: All party members in the same map as yourself are brought to your location. Cannot be used in locations where teleportation is disabled, siege and PVP areas. This skill is only usable if you are the party leader. < Now party members can enjoy party play far more easily! > Vituperatum Lex Aeterna is one of the skills that strengthens the Priest’s position. As the upgraded Priest, the Arch Bishop will get a new skill that applies Lex Aeterna to multiple targets in an area, which should strengthen the Arch Bishop’s position in party play. Vituperatum ( VITUPERATUM / Criticism ) MAX Lv : 5 Pre-Requisites : Epiclesis 1, Expiatio 1 Type: Supportive Description: By consuming 1 Blue Gemstone, apply a state which causes enemies around a designated target to take double damage by the next attack they receive. The higher the skill level, the lower the casting time and SP consumed. Level 1-3 : 3 cells around the enemy Level 4-5 : 5 cells around the enemy < Apply the Lex Aeterna effect to the area around the target! > 2) Existing Skill Improvement Adoramus Arch Bishop is the only magic based class to have Holy property magic skills. Adoramus is the highest damage skill, but is single target, which masked one of the Arch Bishop’s advantages. For that reason, Adoramus is changed to an area-type magical damage skill. However, since it now hits an area, the damage has been slightly reduced. < Now you can deal Holy magic damage to a number of enemies > Renovatio Renovatio is a skill that grants one ally a continuous recovery effect, but its long casting time made any sharing of the Renovatio buff a relative scarcity. Therefore, Renovatio will be changed to apply to all party members in range all at once, and the recovery rate will be buffed from 3% every 5 seconds to 5% every 5 seconds. Expiatio In addition to ignoring physical defence, Expiatio will grant the ability to ignore magical defence too. Lauda Agnus The 4th level will now remove abnormal conditions at 100% (they typo’d and said 5th level), and the VIT increase effect will be replaced with a MHP% increase. <Gives a new effect that will increase the health of allies> Lauda Ramus The 4th level will now remove abnormal conditions at 100% (they typo’d and said 5th level), and the LUK increase effect will be replaced with a critical damage increase. (RIP brewer buff but goods news for GXs and RKs) <Gives a new effect that increases critical damage> Ancilla The SP required to create an Ancilla is now 10% of MSP, which will let it function better as the Arch Bishop’s SP storage device. In addition, heal recovery increase and natural SP recovery increase effects will be added. Description: Restore 15% of MSP on consumption, and for 60 seconds increase heal amount by 15% and SP recovery rate by 30%. <Ancilla usage effects added> Judex Judex damage at the 5th level is increased from 400% MATK to 570% MATK. 3) Disappearing skills which fall into history (I don’t know why the felt the need to write this so eloquently) Eucharistica Right at the bottom of the skill tree, Eucharistica demanded several pre-requisite skills. However, its effect was scarcely ever used, so it will be deleted, and its spot will be taken by Vituperatum. 2. Updates for the final Tae Kwon classes Finally, the Tae Kwon’s parent jobs are updated. We are currently conducting internal testing and working very hard to make them available to users soon. In addition, we’re also in the process of creating a special mount (Halter Lead) for the Tae Kwon’s upgraded classes. < Star Emperor and Soul Reapers will ride a Xiezhi! > 3. Doram Clothes Dyeing and Costume Improvements There were a lot of users who were sad that Doram didn’t have the ability to dye their outfits. Finally, the ability to dye Doram’s clothes has been added! In addition, we’re working hard on making every costume work with Doram well. < Doram’s new clothes dye! > < Now you can see more costumes on Doram! > 4. Illusion of Luanda Update The Illusion version of Comodo Dungeon! Illusion of Luanda will be added. Please be on the lookout for new Illusion equipment too. <What stories are hidden in Illusion of Luanda?> 5. Episode 17.1 update Episode 17.1 will be added. Following the story of 16.2, please look forward to the various events that will take place in 17.1. <New areas will be released as well> 6. Party Booking System Improvement! Adventurer Agency Update! The Party Booking System is reorganized as the Adventurer Agency! 1) The party leader will register the party into the Adventurer Agency! <Click on the Adventurer Agency Register button in the party organization window!> 2) Set the details of the party members desired in the Adventurer Agency Settings window <You can set a map, or type in your own entry!> 3) Adventurers can search in the party recruitment window for parties that match their level range, then can right-click a party to make a request to join! <All you have to do is click this request button!?> <Voila~ The request to join party has been received by the party leader!> 4) Once the party leader clicks the Accept button on the request to join message, the character will join the party! <Party recruitment is way easier now!>
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    Requesting to put Poker card in mouth as an alternative for Gentleman's Pipe on creating the item Handkerchief in mouth from General Sotaro. Because why not, they're the same item that gives the same effect of 2% demi-human resist if I am not mistaken and both obtainable at the Cash Shop.
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    Lets zuka their blyats Middle entrance makes you more vulnerable to being sandwichd tho
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    The contest is now closed. Thank you so much for your heartwarming entries and all the best of luck to all participants!
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    Reasonable discussion ended in this thread pages ago. Fu, you're making your side look bad. Multiple people came in here to say they don't care for rewards, and yet: This is so wrong on so many levels. I'm going to try to get past the petty disputes and judge this suggestion on its own merit rather than the banter that's been going on for the last few pages.
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    stone control is okay ctf is meh TI is meh I think people would enjoy Flavius instead of CTF and Tierra instead of TI
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    I have been in nova for 3 years already and have been in several guilds which time they die because the synergy among the members was only focus on the game. PP is not only a guild but a community where everyone who want to make friends and create bonds is welcome. We members only ask respect for some subjects like: homophobia, racist and bully. If you can be respectful about this kind of things u gonna have a great time playing, sharing memes, chatings and lewding things. Join us!
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    I'm pretty new in this server and I saw that there's a contest going on so I decided to join the fun XD (I'm really here for one of those super cute Mini Myst Case!) Twitter Instagram Deviantart IGN: Kooriiko Goodluck to all participants!
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    Before people start panicking more: All mobs, MVPs included, will see their physical damage the same or be lower than their old values, except Vadons and Yoyos that will gain ~14 attack. The mobs the most affected by the attack changes are MVPs (meaning they will all deal less physical damage, physical skills included, such as Earthquake). The biggest changes for magic attack, in descending order, for non-boss mobs, are: Margaretha Sorin (+ 3546 matk) [Hard] Wandering Archer (+ 3187 matk) Trentini (+ 3171 matk) Gold Antler Scaraba (+ 3155 matk) Kathryne Keyron (+ 3098 matk) Gold Two-Horn Scaraba (+ 3075 matk) Alphoccio (+ 3048 matk) [Hard] Corrupted Palace Guard (+ 2609 matk) Celia (+ 2455 matk) Pasana (+ 2441 matk) Elvira (+ 2098 matk) [Hard] Corrupted Steward (+ 1973 matk) Abysmal Dark Frame (+ 1690 matk) Am Mut (+ 1688 matk) Evil Ghost (+ 1687 matk) Faithful Manager (+ 1677 matk) Gajomart (+ 1657 matk) Lichtern (+ 1638 matk) Faceworm (+ 1633 matk) Flamel (+ 1620 matk) Lichtern (+ 1580 matk) Rudo (+ 1532 matk) Box of Evil Spirits (+ 1509 matk) Evil Tree (+ 1489 matk) Abandoned Bear Doll (+ 1485 matk) Dancing Marionette (+ 1450 matk) Seyren Windsor (+ 1341 matk) Howard Alt-Eisen (+ 1321 matk) Maggot (+ 1298 matk) Antique Book (+ 1274 matk) Cecil Damon (+ 1238 matk) Kaho (+ 1191 matk) Cenere (+ 1088 matk) [Hard] Maggot (+ 1061 matk) There are plenty more, of course, but these are the mobs that will be the most "game breaking" (again, this list does NOT include MVPs).
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    Finally, I was really waiting for this fix! Hopefully this will encourage more party play and less Ranger-does-everything-solo-meta that we have~
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    About scripting, nothing is impossible, but a hardcoded engine such as athena is very hard to customize on some points, but not impossible, custom tables are possible and link those tables with character data is possible too. Now such type of change can cause problems on homunculus creation. If such type of npc came to the server, some limitations are necessary: - Homunculus must be max level. - Homunculus must be on S form. - The NPC should have a limited number of slots. So it will work like the build manager, such limitations are necessary to avoid issues.
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    I can see your point of view but you're talking about bg on a strictly farming point of view, and not the pvp experience itself,to have fun or improve your gameplay. I just wonder, is that the (profit, farm as much badges as possible, doesn't care about improving only farming) majority view of bg player base right now? If that is, ok I guess. But when you talk about attacking team giving up conquest for it to be more profitable it makes me worry that this might not be the main view when joining a pvp environment. Also i think that conquest should help a little with introducing the woe idea (where indeed there's an advantage on the defending team). If we had enough people, could we have a 3 team conquest? 2 attacking and 1 defending. Could be a mess, but would make things closer to woe scenario. Waiting for others opinion.
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    I made this suggestion after I first played Triple Inferno, but I don't think I ever formally wrote it as a forum post. Anyone can see Green Team is at a disadvantage. The only way they win is if their team got stacked by RNG. Other than that, they have a way smaller chance of victory since the other teams have a shorter distance to walk to reach them. The map should really be an equilateral triangle so that all sides are equally distant from one another. That way it won't be a game of who camped Green Team the best.
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    Before i wanted to talk about what i suggest, i want to write some of introduction, because i'm new in this server I have been playing Ragnarök Online official server in my country ( jRO ) for years in my teenage and about weeks ago, i really miss my childhood and want to play again. I love this server so much, not only it bring so many fond of memories back but the community are very good. But what i lack is, i used to have serveral pets and working to make them loyal because they will have more performance and also talking (depends on the situation). I think i have read why pet doesn't auto talk in this server but what i am trying to deliver is, ... My dear GM developer team, could you please implemented the rest of accessories pet for avaible pet so far ? I know there is alot of people might don't care about the detail but for my opinion, since the pet accessories its official ( for example Golem's Spring, Miyabi's Summer fan or popular pet such as Incubus and Succubus accesoriess as well), i want to feel the every aspect of the game i used to love so much,without missing a thing. Maybe i just played in this server not more than 2 weeks but i really love it and i want NovaRO will become the most detail and as close as Official server that still runs. Or maybe making something custom like Pokeball (to catch any monster and each of them has own abilities, auto-attacks , it must be great ! ) Also many thanks for GM DEVELOPER team who work for making customs aspect in NovaRO such as headgears and Monster Hunter ( I love that game since early 2003, so i could say, its the best custom feature in this server so far ! Oh my God, i couldn't believe the sound of horn when starting the quest just exactly in game ) I hope dear GM would at least consider my suggestion. Thanks in Advance.
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    IGN: Noriaki Don't know if its too late buut, here we are.
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    This fully depends on what you want Valor Badges for. If the amount you get for losing increases to a point where you still find the rate that you'll acquire the items that you wanted out of it to be adequate, what does it matter to you? Frustration is part of it. Losing isn't supposed to make you feel good. It's supposed to make you feel like you have ways to improve and do better for next time. I've had full happy hours of straight losses before, especially when I first started out, before I started to really settle down and think about what can I do to turn a tide even if my team isn't optimal. Once I learn a class, I rarely can't complete a daily set of wins in a Happy Hour anymore, and given that I still have some bad habits, I hardly think that's unreachable for people. And yeah, RNG will sometimes pit everyone who is on their guild voice chat together and a bunch of newbies just trying BG on your team, but sometimes you'll also have a day where all the items you're trying to refine break at +5 and +6. What of it? There's literally no consolation AT ALL when you decide to gamble on refining gear, so I really don't see why you need increased consolation if your teammatching RNG sucks, especially since it costs you nothing but some time to join. Luck is a part of the game and BG's luck isn't nearly as uncontrollable since you still have options even if you've been placed into a bad team. Even if for the full hour you get overpowered enemy teams, you can still get your daily wins doing the smaller scale 3v3s post-HH that tend to happen frequently, and with the smaller numbers individual skill takes front and centre more often than not. Those smaller scale fights are also a great way to learn a class better. Because I was/am tenacious as fuck. As were/are the other leaders. Even when losing guilds had low rewards we still fought, we still had fun, we still tried our best, because we wanted to fight and that's all there was to it. WoE is a whole different ballgame though, since the price of entry is far higher. I only ever advocated an increase in rewards there as a way to relieve some of the sting, which is highly inapplicable to something as low effort to enter as Battlegrounds. The price of retrying a WoE fight is way higher in both time spent (once a week, organization of the roster, recruiting teammates, chasing down their status, having to rework the entire plan Saturday morning, etc.) and Zeny used than Battlegrounds, so I really don't think it should be taken as any way similar. And I don't think Battlegrounds participation rewards right now are so low that it's a discouragement to keep going. Getting anything at all despite losing was already helpful enough when I first started, and the rate I earned Valor Badges was still adequate to get me the gear I wanted.
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    Been in Pied Piper for over a year and everyone is so friendly! It's like having your own secondary family and I couldn't be happier here! Discord talk is quite active, from the chats about different playstyles in RO to real life talk. Guildmates are all over but we all seem to come together to do pvm runs and the monthly pvp tourney is always fun to see guildmates running! All in all if anyone is searching for a bit of fun in Ragnarok or even just to make some new friends (or even old friends) this is definitely the guild for you
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    Winter landscape, oil paint on canvas. IGN: Super Hans
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    My Royal Guard in the blizzard. IGN : Manjyu is happy FB Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/FrothsGallery/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/manjyufroth Thank you~
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    Me with my mate. In-Game Name : AlThyrsos
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    I am very much in favor of removing the RNG to destroy biolab equipment during enchanting process. Because here we are kind of a reverse kRO where we cannot simply enchant first and then refine safely to +10 and beyond. We have to refine first and then pray to goddess that we don't destroy our equips while enchanting. (Or unless there are some crazy masochists that enchants first and then refine...) The equips also have a difficult time competing with the already popular Crimson and Flattery/Abusive robes. Although if the RNG to destroy were removed I imagine the top tiers for enchanting are AGO and BXB. But would also give Ghost Chills, Will of Warrior, Blood Thirsts some more value.
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