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    Currently Horror Toy Factory provides you with random, non-resettable enchantments for your items. The list of enchantments is pretty big, ranging from a variety of up to (11?) types, also ranging from power itself (Fighting spirit 1~3, etc.) The RNG involved in such choice for enchantment is counter-intuitive to invest on since the items themselves are not easy to grind as it would otherwise seem. Horror Toy Factory itself has been seeing it's spotlight pretty fairly recently, and I don't think giving it another reason to be looked at would hurt. Resetting enchantments could open some room for diversity on builds, make a mechanic that would lessen RNG influence on the grind itself and reward the player to be hard-working and persistent instead. Just not on the pure torture level that would be the current one. The resetting process should not be as simple and spammable, though. From my point of view it should still tell people 'go get those coins' instead. So adding a decent price for it (50? 100? 300?) bloody coins would move the players a bit more. Maybe even use other items, but I think that'd be a bit unnecessary. Please feel free to add up or even refute my ideas. I strongly encourage you to do so. Thank you for your time reading this!
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    Heya guys, I made a discord bot that tracks Nova market items. You can keep track of an item's price and it notify you whenever the item you want goes on sale on vend. Please give it a try! just type !help to get the commands EDIT 2020, the bot no longer work, there was some programming problem I couldn't figure out so I stop updating. Thanks for giving it a try.
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    This piece is an etude (study) in hand crossovers and the melody alternating between the left and right hands.
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    2nd Act. Deep in the Forest II Here we end Act II, we are just one act away to reach a conclusion to this mini-series. Things to comment about this two parts of act II: Geitzz and Roseroth are surrounded by an epidemic plague of insects (later we can see they somehow made it out alive). What's wrong with those lunatics? They kept appearing in each act. Are they hostages? We surely gonna solve it out on the last act. The guiding lights of Geitzz guided them both to a secret lake where the magical plant was hidden. They happened to almost find the Eclipse they were looking for. As a guest actress, we present to you [GM] Eclipse. It was nice to make the concept of the "fake" Eclipse a real thing, but as they share name, they can feel each other and she revealed his location. WE ARE JUST 1 STEP AWAY. As the script is already finished, you can expect act III dropping soon. Somehow, we've been thinking about the idea (like this one) of giving new acts as the days passed to make it a temporal thing. The other idea is to first shoot all the scenes and dropping them all together as a whole story. Feel free to share your ideas for future projects and also to comment what you think will happen in the outcome.
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    It's pretty hardcore, some of you might not like it~ Don't worry guys, I'll never let you down.
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