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    Don't get me wrong, as someone suggested in another topic, 10 wins in BG or even 15 would be fair enough, but with 25 feels like pvmers are being "forced" to play BG, instead of being atracted to the content and feeling free to play it only for the weekly quests or to naturally creating some interest for It and playing without the "obligation". Bio 5 option only works for the high end geared people, so newbies (who needs weekly coins the most to get some good hats) will have no satisfying choice. I know a lotta people will not bother with the "25 wins", but i would be upset if i had to win BG so many times, cause i really don't like PvP content and i can go with the Bio 5 option, cause i play there already. It's the only thing that i would like to point out but i hope It works well for everyone. Appreciate the hard work, Nova, great job from the whole team bringing new good and fun content to the server.
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    TWT Trailer Chapter III. He heard that singing, that got his heart ringing.
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    Some of the changes here are odd and some are just plain.. I guess pandering to the filthy rich and PvP oriented people / vets. Gotta listen to the whales. :p The odd changes are the Flee and Perfect Dodge reduction in MH maps. Why? The things already hit often and hard enough. My character with 500 flee even with high Perfect Dodge gets hit so often. It just is pointless. The clear pandering are the BG changes. Forcing a WIN 25 BG condition is too much. If its to eliminate AFKers, tough sht. it will only make them AFK more. It is okay to remove the "participate" condition but make it a "Win 5" at least. Then you will say "oh just do the alternative". Same thing. Bio5? Really? Have you even BEEN to bio5? only the, again, rich and powerful get to go there and killing TWO HUNDRED of a SPECIFIC mob? That is too much. If you actually played there it takes a long time to filter out and specifically hunt those monsters. And we aren't even talking about the problem of class-ism. For lack of a better word. Not all classes are in-demand in bio5. People outright refuse some classes and even get gear checked. These decisions above really seem to have been made by "elites" that are really out of touch with the normal player-base.
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