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    Имя персонажа: Arcara Рождественский Якк, Дикая Роза, Снежный
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    Character Name: INEXUSI Pets: Archangeling, Ice Titan, Tatacho
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    IGN: Fabelwisp Pets: Stocking Stuffer, Snowier, Stormy Knight
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    Character Name: Scoulz Pet name : Cruiser
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    If you talked to Loli (at the beginning) you need to find the Dragon. The thing is, the spawn of that mvp is random so you can lucky to get him early on or you need to walk the entire dungeon. After defeating you need to get to Loki (Who has an girl lying around). The thing is the Dragon Mvp Spawn can be tricky. Just use a map to know where to navigate and where he can spawn.
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    Finally finished my cute Stormy *u*9 Character Name yKanda Pet Stormy Knight
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    I consider this suggestion to be material for the Sieges commissioners that Nova is recruiting to discuss in a more extensive way. This topic at least has a large data of being treated every X/Y/Z period of time (I'm not saying this isn't good at all, I approve to review some past matters that could be good) and hope the people that do BG could achieve a good final result for everyone.
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