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  1. Not very constructive of you to spam pointless dribble. This is all constructive criticism. If you feel honesty is toxic, I suggest you close your browser and open up the twitter app on your phone. As for the staff, please stop turning this into some hardcore mode of the game, when it is meant to be quite the opposite. You have become a private server, in the pursuit of the real thing. This is not why most players come to this server. They are here for the convenience of it all, and the accessibility. One of the reasons why I started here, was because another had been slowly closing down, and a player FROM that server, created this one, so we're both fully aware why the other one closed, but one of us is having trouble remembering why. Although I didn't stay on this server, I moved over to a prerenewal one, for reasons of my own at the time, but I always held this one in check. After a few years, the prerenewal server turned into a chaotic, 5 person hierarchy, and all the decisions made, ran through a minority of people who were already geared out of their minds and afk'd all day. You can probably guess what happened, but it's better I explain it. After a decade of zero content, they finally decide to work on something, and quite literally copied all the renewal content over, claiming it was all custom. (Quite serious). During this process, they relied on the afkers to decree what sort of challenges should be presented for the playerbase to tackle. Keep in mind, these were people who basically have ran all of the content, have all the mvp cards, and see no challenge in anything. The staff thought this MINIMAL amount of people, should decide what is deemed difficult, and what is deemed acceptable, to a player base full of casual people, who LEECHED themselves to max level and know little to nothing about the game. This was positively absurd, and created an elevated gap between mid-to-end game, which basically required the end game WEAPONS to achieve the new content, but you could NOT get those weapons, without DOING the content. So to sum it up: The Staff created a hierarchy of leeching services, in order to achieve end game, that you NEEDED to pay for, in order to achieve. This is because the Staff did not play with, or know anyone who was still progressing. They simply spent time around their end game players, and took into consideration only their thoughts and their needs. How did this end you might ask? well, I am here, and although I was one of those end game players (Who was consistently helping the new players progress without leeching) I quickly realized that any effort I put in to help anyone, resulted in the same thing. A leech, a dumb player, and a lack of talent to progress behind a paywall. I simply left the server, I hoped for the worst to happen, and to this day, I sincerely hope it will. The reason for this long and drawn out story, is to remind the staff, that the players who surround you, are not a majority. They should have little, to no influence, on your decisions. DO NOT make the same mistake the prerenewal server made, and start opening content, instead of gating it. Recently, there was a Blacksmith's Blessing complaint. This item is quite gated, and should be obtainable through other means, RATIONAL means, disregard any gating or irrational percentages. Let this become a random WORLD drop, so that ANYONE can obtain this while farming, regardless of where they are. Also, stop placing more difficult time gates on content which was previously made easier. This is quite annoying, and quite unfair to any new comers who arrive. If players have already farmed an item, do NOT make it HARDER for newer players to obtain it. What is the logic behind this? why would you want to PUNISH a new player and just leave the outstanding ones who already got their prize? this is obviously in regards to the shadow gear. You have placed an additional burden on players who are NEW, to get their +9 sets, while the old already have them. Why do this? because you heard some overgeared player complain it's too easy? this is a problem, and a real one, because it's just becoming MORE TEDIOUS, instead of actually becoming more accessible. If gear has already been obtained by numerous people, then it should NOT be gated anymore. Overtime, things that are old, should be made easier, so that the newer players can at least catch up and attempt the newer content on even grounds, not find a wall taller and longer than the great wall of china to cross. Shadow Gear being untradeable, is just one of those burdens. Adding a BSB to upgrade them? with the risk of a curse ontop of that? is just ridiculous. I sincerely urge you look at all the content available to you, and consider what a new player would think if they read the irrational means of obtaining it. You already have older players leaving for that reason, imagine how many put their foot in the door and decide it's not worth the hassle. If not for my amazing guild, full of strange and exotic people, who take to these challenges for me and anyone under geared, I would have been gone long ago. They are YOUR saving grace, and the reason why I'm still here. Not everyone is that fortunate here, and they too have a fuse lit. Try to put it out before you lose all of us. Thank you for reading.
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