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  1. Let me talk about one of the main concerns in NovaRO for everyone, especially for the newbies. As we can see NPV price has been going up crazy in just one the price jumped up from 6m to 25m that 4 times increase in the price. Some people address the problem of the lack of donations but in reality, the number of NPV selling in the market is constant at about 3k NPV selling every week. Other people blame people who hoard a lot of NPV but I don't think this is the real problem maybe it has a tiny impact on the price but it is not the main impact on the price. To understand the problem let's talk about what happened after Zaedronath has been released when it has been released some people who hoard a lot of Zeny were thirsty for new content especially Zaedronath introduce ignition shadow gear and edda hat which make a lot of builds a lot different so those rich people were desperate to buy these at any price, so that makes a lot of Zeny release to people and therefore, that makes everything is expensive not only NPV but everything literally. Note we are talking about something that happened when Zaedronath has been released so imagine if 4th job comes!! So this problem is not friendly for newbies who can only farm Geffenia and gain only 15m in 1hr which is not enough to even buy 1 NPV or BSB. GMs introduced a lot of ideas trying to reduce the impact of NPV price and it helps a little bit to stabilize the market but if any new content comes, the price will go up again. TLDR: the price of everything went up because there are a lot of Zeny in the market so needs to sink. We know GMs did not introduce recently any good feature to sink Zeny except for PKS enchant which was good but it is not quite enough. So here we want to discuss and generate some solutions to this problem at least before the 4th job comes. One of the solutions is re-open para market feature by adding some new items, such as COGH materials, LOGH materials and maybe some costume instance mats. Also, adjust the price of all materials and adjust the numbers of each material so it won't be too much or too low ( a suggestion to make the price and numbers automatically adjust every week based on the market info on the website). Another suggestion is to introduce or modify some enchants so it depends more on Zeny. I think those two suggestions will help a lot to sink some of the Zeny from people and you guys are free to discuss or add new suggestions.
  2. Is it really necessary to reduce rewards and adjust woe track just because of bg consumables? Why not put really attractive rewards?
  3. Heya guys, I was messing around with the client a bit more and I added a new feature that allows you to change your font to anything you want ingame (assuming the font exists on your computer). Simply open NovaRO\RagnaShield\import_config.ini and edit the file to anything you want. For example: Font.Size: 18 Font.Family: Comic Sans MS Other information: Fixes the fullscreen mode making your font blurry. Fixes the "Your game exe is not the latest version" error for some players. It may also be possible for players to use specific character sets. Meaning it might be possible to use Cyrillic characters, assuming you set the font properly. I haven't been successful with this, however you need to change your local settings to the appropriate language (and I didn't have Russian installed). Make sure you set the Font.CharSet to DEFAULT_CHARSET (by default, it is set to ANSI_CHARSET). If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll remove this part @@. Enjoy!
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