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    Increase Draft WoE Captain Rewards

    As we always have a "saved" every week i think the rewards should be more fitting for being a captain a second time as its not the most fun task. Currently "First Time Captains " get the following 5,000 Nova Points 1x Costume RWC Commemorative Pin (18821) - ACCOUNT BOUND 5,000x Valor Badges 250x Speed Potions 1x Mystical Card Album Second time captain and onwards currently get the following 500x Valor Badges 250x Siege Tokens (counts toward cap) Title Progress My suggestions is for SECOND and onwards time being a Captain and on onwards should be more rewarding. Such as the following (Account bound) 2nd-4th Time being Captain 2x Protective Balms 1x Mega Orleans Course 500x Valor Badges 250x Siege Tokens Title Progress 5th Time being Captain 2500 Nova Points 2x Protective Balms 1x Mega Orleans Course 500x Valor Badges 250x Siege Tokens Title Progress 6-9th Time being Captain 2x Protective Balms 1x Mega Orleans Course 500x Valor Badges 250x Siege Tokens Title Progress 10th Time being Captain 5000 Nova Points 2x Protective Balms 1x Mega Orleans Course 500x Valor Badges 500x Siege Tokens (Title Obtained) 11th + Time being Captain 2x Protective Balms 1x Mega Orleans Course 500x Valor Badges 250x Siege Tokens
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    Cross slash by oboro/kagerou gives the enemy a debuff that will let the next cross slash deal additional damage. The issue is the cooldown of the skill is 3s while the debuff lasts for 3.1 seconds. People with high ping can't use the debuff because of the small 0.1 second window, therefore I suggest to make it last 3.2 seconds for the sake of people with high ping. There's no other benefit to it as the skill has 3 seconds cooldown anyway.
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    kRO Third Quarter schedule

    kRO release of their quarter 3 schedule update on 6/10/2019. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=3956818&curpage=1 The class they are targeting next is that of Warlock, with some information for future updates of character levels, dungeons, equipment and a new pet. The changes to Warlock, and related skills, seem to be mainly a power increase while stripping them of a side benefit of their skills. Sadly it seems kRO has decided for increasing the Warlock’s ability to deal damage to remove the status their magic can inflict. The stated reason of the magic change is how Tetra Vortex is the most common or efficient magic. Warlock Skill changes While not a Warlock skill; it is specifically a High Wizard skill, Mystical Amplification will receive a skill update as well. At level 10: 50sp -> 75sp, for a change of 50%->100% matk boost. Beyond the Warlock update is one for character base and job level update. For the 17th anniversary of Ragnarok Online the level will change to 200/70 for humans and doram will be 200/60. Three new dungeon levels will be added as well: for those who play or follow changes in Ragnarok Zero they will be some what familiar with the new dungeon levels. Einbech Mine Dungeon floor 3 – the kRO release states ‘intangible monsters show up’ so possible ghost or formless. Abyss Lake Dungeon floor 4 – it will stick to being a dragon habitat. And finally Ancient Odin Temple Dungeon – angels will be there once again. For those who have a strong attachment to class set armors such as those from Mora or the Verus Mechanic gear, class specific armor that is related to specific episodes will be added as well. It states specifically The listed specific episodes are 16.1 (known for Banquet for Heroes), 16.2 (known for Terra Gloria), and 17.1 (continues the Terra Gloria story). It states that the armors can be refined but that they seem to be character bound with the ability to sell them to npcs. The next MVP to be added to as a pet is Gloom Under Night.
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    Buffs with no Status Icons

    Hi! We’ve been working on adding some additional status icons, but there’s soooo many buffs. Let us know what you’d like added, and we’ll see what we can do! Feel free to suggest what you might want it to look like, too! In additon, do you think some icons are ugly? Like really ugly? Let me know about those, too! Currently To-Do: Aura Blade Magnum Break Crescent Elbow Dance with Warg Lerald’s Dew Temp Boot 2nd Enchant Procs Memorize Wall of Fog. Kaite Amplify Magic Power Oratio Ninja Stones Shield Spell (different for level) Duple Light Basillica Ugly: Madness Canceler Adjustment Ugly but Nova likes it: Sitting Made but not in: Spellfist Epiclesis +20/10 foods Abrasive Sorcerer Insignias Sorcerer Elementals Mindbreaker Please note that not everything will be possible, but we’ll do what we can. Thank you!
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    Increase Draft WoE Captain Rewards

    I dislike these stacking rewards you edited into your post after. It'll be super clunky to give them out properly especially when people have multiple chars. We already have First Time Rewards and Titles for that. I agreed with the old suggestion though. 1x Orleans and 2x Protective Balm is a great reward. So I'd propose leaving the first time reward and title as is, and changing the regular captain reward to those items (not sure if we keep the Valor Badges and Siege Tokens or not, I don't really care).
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    Miles Recolor Suggestions

    Costume Name: Kitsune Wig Item ID: 32266 Is it possible you could add the Kitsune Wig as a costume that can be recoloured by Festival Painter NPC'? I think the Wig looks very nice but having only one colour is fairly limiting for people who run with different colour schemes/palettes.
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    Quick Restart 6/11/2019

    Hey guys! Nova here with some updates. We're aware that Soul Links can be received before an event run and kept throughout. While not intended, we have no problem with teams doing that. Significantly increased the amount of passive SP recovery in the map. Fixed the Item Combos for all [EVT] hats. Fixed an issue where the King Pouring was immune from Watery Evasion. Fixed an issue where the King Pouring's element was not being set properly. Increased Dark Claw's damage bonus from 130% to 160%. Due to how the dummy was made to withstand large amounts of damage without dying, the Picky Peck skill was never at it's full effect. Because of that, we are baking in a +50% bonus to the skill, to simulate the overall damage you could get with that bonus. The Leaderboard has been cleared due to a back-end issue. The top team will receive some compensation. Improved the Leaderboard so as to not show the same team repeatedly. Extended the Event duration to end on June 28th. Lastly, we regret to inform you guys that there will be a change to every reward under the Consumables category. We failed to realize that offering these sorts of rewards could lead to players creating multiple accounts in which to store these rewards to create unlimited supplies of consumables. Because of this, we've changed it so that all of these items will stop working on July 26th. Note that any previously bought Consumables from the shop will be able to be refunded for their original cost. Other changes: Added the ability to re-order your Storages in the Doram Kafra. Added the Currency Wallet. Vicious Mind Weapons refined to +8 and higher can no longer be used as enchantment catalysts. A number of non-character bound event items can now be deposited into the Character Storage. Added the Nova Point Voucher to the Nova Shop. (1,000 NP, fully tradeable) Festival Painter now works while the Summer Festival is turned off. Replaced the Bubblegum (Dailies) in the Summer Shop with the proper Bubblegum (Event). Fixed the Thanatos Tower F7 Warper option.
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    Quick Restart 6/11/2019

    List of items that can be stored inside the new currency wallet are as follows: Gold Coin Sentimental Fragment Cursed Fragment Energy Fragment Valor Badge Siege Token Dream Fragment Silent Energy Particle Weak Energy Particle Unstable Energy Particle Sinister Energy Particle Fallen Energy Particle Soul of Swordman Soul of Merchant Soul of Thief Soul of Mage Soul of Acolyte Soul of Archer Honor Token Schwarz's Honor Token Shattered Magic Stone Grey Shard Shard of Gigantes Token of Hero Seagod Anger Rock Ridge Coin Illusion Stone Mora Coin Splendide Coin Manuk Coin A Class Coin B Class Coin C Class Coin D Class Coin E Class Coin Monster Coupon Monster Hunter Ticket Event Ticket Charleston Component Huge Metal Scrap Old Fuel Tank Tooth of Jitterbug Geffen Magic Tournament Coin Contaminated Magic Corrupted Spell Temporal Crystal Weird Part Thanks Invest Ticket Unrefined Energy Crystal Refined Energy Crystal Pure Energy Crystal Sapha Certification Blank Card Will of Warrior Blood Thirst Ghost Chill Bloody Coin Silvervine Fruit Decard Voucher Decard Voucher (EVT) Storage Voucher Enchant Scroll 16.1 Enchant Scroll 16.2 Items that can now be stored in the Character Storage are as follows: Summer coin Rainbow Gemstone Deepwater Pearl Golden Pearl Pouring Key Obsidian Shard Steel Shard Halloween Coin Lost Soul Spirit Shard King's Essence Organic Agriculture Pumpkin King's Stone Chromatic Stone Great Chromatic Stone Jolly Sock Summer Ticket Deeps Coin Octopus Moss Blue Tentacle Stolen Red Gift Box Stolen Blue Gift Box Stolen Green Gift Box
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    Buffs with no Status Icons

    How about: Spellfist Memorize Wall of Fog. Mind Breaker Kaite Amplify Magic Power Epiclesis Oratio By the way Dust, I have some icons for difference the three types of Gentle Touch (Revitalize, Change and Energy Gain) made by myself, they are very simple, I don't know if you want them.
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    King of the Deeps

    I do believe if you want to get into top 5 rank, you should not waste a party slot for support class. All should go DPS, and yeah the party consist of RK, SE, Ranger.
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    Summer Patch Notes

    Summer Festival The NovaRO Summer Festival has now returned! The Summer Festival is an island with mini-games unique to NovaRO where you can earn unique hats! This year, there is a brand new King of the Deeps event during Summer Festival: As usual the Festival King is selling a variety of hats and will get two more shipments of hats during the Summer. Three new hats have been added to the Summer Daily Shop on the Frying Dutchman. - Blue Ribbon Scarf - Master Of Snacks [M] - Feline Fork There is now a rare chance to receive a Levias Egg or a Grocto Egg when opening chests in the King's Grotto. The Festival Painter has a new set of recolors. - Alchemy Bag [M] - Festival Shaman Hat - Gigant Helm - Mermaid Headphones - Costume Wild Poring Rider All gold/rare hats from the Festival Painter will now have an added visual effect. Added a brand new - Pouring Event Egg to the Event Ticket Manager. Event Box - Exclusive Hats Pouring Event Egg Roulette Cap Poker Fedora Show Me The Zeny Pouring (Pet Tame) King Pouring [mini] (Pet Egg) Features The 185 Experience Event has now ended. Fixed the Investment NPC dialogue to not end suddenly when you select Zeny option. Baby Star Gladiator and Baby Soul Linker can reset skills properly again. Fixed the spawn mobs in Nightmare Glast Heim to match with official. Community Suggestion Added a cat storage to the north save point of Prontera. Fixed a couple of MVP mobs that would sometimes not detect hidden targets. Fixed a display issue with @ws and Vicious Mind weapons. Fixed the requirements to join the @joinpractice room. Items Fixed the Illusion Enchanter to include Illusion Goibne's Armor. The costume Blessing of Angels will now have it's correct visual Hat Effect when worn. Fixed an issue with damage calculation that does not account for changing equipments while being attacked by mobs. Fixed Sea God requirements for Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica and Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff, from 5 to 1. Golden Thief Bug now blocks Bloody Lust, Manhole and Chaos Panic. Splash Magical Damage will also damage nearby enemies. Siege and BG items can no longer be traded. All Spring packs have been removed from the Nova Shop and will return next Spring. All previous Summer packages have returned to the Nova Shop for their respective prices. The new - .EXE Backpack has been added to the Nova Shop for 7,500 NP. The new - Summer Egg II has been added to the Nova Shop for 2,500 NP. Summer Egg II Headgears Skills Fixed the double proc chance of Picky Peck, Bite, Scar of Tarou and Silvervine Stem Spear. Picky Peck, Bite, Scar of Tarou and Silvervine Stem Spear double procs now properly apply after-cast delay. Fixed an issue with sitting status not being removed on hit if the target has devotion.
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    @tgbg59 that was from novaext. Check the patcher for its settings.
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    make statuses in PvP last 20 seconds

    I believe status debuffs will be CAPPED at 20 seconds. Anything lower will not be changed.
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    Bio 5 Special Enchant

    Hello. I am wondering if there is a possibility to consider improving the odds or providing a safe option of obtaining a special enchant or a particular special enchant for Bio 5 Old headgear. I understand this is supposed to be end game content with end game headgear (while it remains relevant), but it seems like there is a very large likelihood that the reset process may take several dozen or even hundreds of tries in some cases. A friend of mine has started playing on Nova for about a month and got their special enchant after a couple days of playing Bio5.. While I have personally been playing Bio 5 since it started on this server and I have not yet obtained my desired special enchant. I have no idea how many times I attempted it. But for an idea of how long I've been playing Bio 5, I currently have 480 Soul of Archer (without ever exchanging souls). Is this normal? I don't really know the odds of obtaining a special enchant. So I don't know if I fit the bill or if I'm an exception to the RNG probability. If odds are improved, I promise not to afk in Prontera with my OP level 1 special enchant. Please advise.
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    King of the Deeps

    its ONLY for consumables. all headgears or other kind of gear will stay forever.
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    King of the Deeps

    All gears are permanent and will retain their effects forever. Sadly, we did not have the time to introduce a hardware or IP liming feature as we did with Daily Rewards.
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    shadow forme and cursed circle in pvp

    I think the suggestion is against people who are part of a Sura/SC duo. Since if the Sura ever lands a CC on anyone, they're guaranteed to be dead no matter how far away the other player is. Sura CC -> friend SC shadow forms the victim -> SC wears damage amplification gears -> SC walks next to Sura -> Sura hits the SC, which guarentees a kill on the victim It's like, a cowardly strategy that I think is borderline griefing. I'm pretty sure this works no matter what the killed player is wearing, whether the player is in safety wall/pneuma/fog. It's like, the definition of "no counterplay" except to just not get CC'd. Literally cowards. ------------------------------------ I propose that instead of disabling this, you apply the point penalty to whoever hits the shadow form, for every instance someone dies to shadow form. Give no one points for these kills. So the Sura (in this case) would be penalized, killed player loses nothing, chaser gets nothing.
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    Dragon Howling at PVP & BG

    might wanna try in the bug tracker instead? https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/bug-tracker/skills/
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    Help to choice a class

    Just to Add: Try a class and level it, learning the machanics, if you don't like how the job play, jump to another. About the post above, is accurate enough to get an idea... The missing info is: Kagerous are strong ranged dps, specially well geared, on early game can be dificulty to adapt, but if you like to play ninja, the male job work as good as the female. Soul reapers can be nice damage dealers, but magic attack is outshined by physical because of the high mdef on most of the mobs, espa, eswhoo and esma is a deadly combo, and soul reapers as the linkers are known by the auto heal, auto ress and auto flee of kaahi, kaizel, and kaupe, that make them almost immortal. The only issue is learn how to deal with the soul system, stack the souls sometimes is just a problem.
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    Help to choice a class

    Rune Knight - Crit Build High DPS tier even early game build equipment. Royal Guard - Support or tank. Needs high investment to see real damage of builds. Warlock - Strong damage dealer but needs high investment to see real damage of builds. Sorcerer - All around damage dealer, support, or both. Good sorc always have a slot on high end dungeons. Ranger - Stong damage dealer even with minimum set. Good early game class. Currently one of the top DPS solo or party. Minstrel/Wandy - All around damage dealer, support, or both. Always have a slot on high end dungeons. Mechanic - Have equipment sets to help for damage. Good early game class. Genetic - Good all around class but needs high investment to see real damage of builds. Has homunculus to help. Guillotine Cross - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested. Good early game class. Shadow Chaser - Mostly better on WOE but has some specific builds the shine on its targeted dungeons/instance. Arch Bishop - Always have a spot on parties even if minimum geared. But high end dungeons needed investment but not much as other classes. Sura - Tank suras are needed to high end dungeons. Has strong damage either pvm or woe. Kagerou/Oboro - afaik even early game equips oboro has strong single target magic damage. Dunno know much on kagerou though. Rebellion - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested. Good early game class. Super Novice - haven't really used this class but I've meet some who really are good on their own. Soul Reaper - I use this as a buff only but dunno much on as damage dealer. Last months most parties like to have SR too. Star Gladiator - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested. Good early game class. Currently one of the top DPS solo or party. Summoner - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested but mostly single targeted. Last year was the most sought out in parties. You can start either with ranger, rebellion, gx, sg, performers, mechanic as first class they are easy to play. Tier list is hard to say as some class either shine solo or on parties or both. Updates keep coming so things still might change.
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    Hello word

    Hello! I hope that you do indeed enjoy your time playing here with us! Be sure to check out our Wiki and join our Discord Server. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask them, there's always someone willing to help. Welcome to NovaRO!
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    Buffs with no Status Icons

    Dustyyyy, the Sit icon is HIDEOUS! Please remake it! Much love, thanks!
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    Please, could you add the skill icon to the right part of the screen? I think this is necessary, since the fact that the skill is now very useful, I hope you can approve my suggestion. (like the Buche de noel´s icon).
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    Add Status Icon For "Aura Blade" skill

    Hi there, I’ve started a thread for status icons so we can keep track of them easier. I’ll send this to pending and add it to my list!
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    King of the Deeps

    Yeah I know, but usually you will find people recruiting classes like Crit RK, SE, GX, ranger and whatnot, whereas it's really rare to see parties recruiting classes like AB, wandy, etc. Also it is really common to see said classes looking for party for hours but not finding any, and also not-so-high DPS (gene, mechs, rebels, RG, etc.) classes struggling to get a party. I'm not trashing the event nor saying it's totally unbalanced, just saying that it feels like some classes are left out in favour for others.
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    Grant EXP for BG participation

    Everyone who has leveled a character has already done some PvM. Most people end up leveling multiple characters. This is not about being selfish, it's just trying to make the game better and more enjoyable. Who cares if someone only likes RO for PvP? People have different tastes and giving them the option to progress in a different way is good, not bad. It's not like you can escape PvM completely, plenty of other content and aspects of RO will force you to PvM anyway, including leveling 1~175. afaik all woe gears are tradeable with the exception of the woe track costumes. so people aren't really forced to WoE unless they really want some of those specific costumes, and even then, it's fair that WoE gets some attention and incentive for people to participate. PvP players don't have to woe only to spend zeny on consumables and have 1~2 hours of fun/week. They deserve that reward. That means new players getting in contact with the PvP aspect of the game early on and they can get a feeling if that's something they would be interested in doing more often at a later stage when they're better geared, potentially helping BG population long term. Adoramus AB will at least give agi down to enemies/buff allies. There is always the option to offer a little advice so they get recruits set and play the more "standard" AB, too. If they don't listen to it, at least you tried. People doing pvm get gears/cards as they level or get levels as they farm gear/cards. I think the "problem" is the controversy for this being something new/not natural in RO, but I don't see how this would hurt the game or anyone playing it, only the contrary. If the idea is to finally give RO an alternative leveling method (other than quests, that aren't really reliable 175~185) I think it should only be a bit slower compared to PvM as Shall suggests. It's not like we are playing a super low rate server where the fastest leveling method will still take you a long time to max. What's wrong with being able to level a bit slower but actually enjoying the process? If it's an underwhelming reward imo people would just kinda ignore it and go 100% for the most effective leveling option. This also gives the opportunity for a player who has class and gear PvP focused to level without having to suffer finding a party who will take them in. Agree with minimum 175 to joinbg. Make it so you can only earn experience from BG during BGHH.
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    ★ Ann's Spot ★

    Wow! You are so good!
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    Agree with this suggestion, those enchant systems should recieve the same treatment of the new ones, to open build options. Bio 4, Rock Ridge and even older ones like the +3 stat enchant from prontera npc
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    Because of the recent level 185 expansion, and class rebalance. New builds have started to sprout and some are starting to consider Rock Ridge Armors as an option to their gear build. Some example that i know are : Kagerou Physical Build using Golden Ninja Suit with Expert Archer Enchants(Because of the recent Shadow Warrior Change) Performer Severe Rainstorm/Arrow Vulcan Build using Hippe Clothes with Expert Archer Enchants(Because of the recent Performer Song Changes) Wanderer Critical Auto-attack Build using Hippie Clothes with Fatal/Crit Enchants(Because of the recent Dancing Lesson and Fortune's Kiss Changes) Sorcerer Spellfist Build using Elemental Robe with ASPD/Spell Enchants(Because of the recent Spellfist Changes) Also because of the many options already implemented that allows safe enchanting like for example : 1. Safe no Downgrade Bio5 Unique Enchant Upgrade 2. Safe Socket Enchanting(From Illusion Dungeon Changes) 3. Safe VM Reroll and Keep 1 Enchant VM Reroll 4. Upcoming Safe Abyss GH and Magma3 Enchant Reroll I Think it's good to implement Safe Enchantment Reset to the Rock Ridge Gears, because it will allow niche builds to perform better or even enable previously undiscovered builds like Mechanics using Mine Worker Set(also from Rock Ridge).
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    I think Swap Gear should be disabled or not as good as it is now for PvP stuff, but at least force it to show when it was used.
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    now with the new cap update, cross slash is actually decent addition for throwing build the idea here is to make cross slash animation just slow enough so you can re-cast cross slash before debuff timer runs out cross slash debuff is 3 sec while cross slash cd is 3.1 sec at lvl 10
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    Spring Art Contest Winners

    Spring Art Contest Winners Dandelions are starting to bloom while Lunatics continue to delightfully hop and quite possibly (we suspect) still hide delicious chocolate eggs. Most importantly however, the time has finally come that a good few of you have been waiting for -- to unveil the lucky winner bunch of our Spring Art Contest! Our 15 staff judges have cast their votes on the grand total 43 entries that this art contest had generated and they were rather unanimous on this very light and joyeous trio! 1st place Winner: Eliee 2nd place Winner: Menardy 3rd place Winner: Anonymous While our staff team of course offers our warmest congratulations to our winners, we haven't forgotten about our many talented participants! We hope you all get something nice with the 50 Event Tickets that will be dropping into your RODEX mails over the next couple of days and to see you again in more forum events! May our paths cross in game as well! Keep your creative spirits up and most importantly enjoy yourselves with sketching, doodling and all manner of creating! P.S. Please remember that you will need to redeem the rewards on the character whose in-game name you provided when you submitted your entry in the original post or private message.
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    It would be great if the Doll NPC in Alberta allow you to gives doll in large amounts at a time. I had 100+ Yoyo Dolls from the plushies and had to give her the doll one by one to get the Ygg Seeds and it was super time consuming. It would be great to have the option to give her all the dolls you have for convenience.
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