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  1. Nova

    4th Job Maintenance

    Hello everyone! We'll be having a special maintenance this Thursday, 1st of December at around 3:00PM server time (PST). As you all may have noticed, it's been a while since our last maintenance, but there's good reason for that. Not only will this maintenance mark the start of the Christmas event, but all 4th Jobs (and related systems) will also be making their debut on this same maintenance!
  2. Took a little break but I'm back From my first time of playing here I thought for sure I'd take me forever to get some decent gear. After a few tutorials and some few tips from the nice lads and lasses here I manage get well decent gear Haha. But I gotta be honest the reason I took a break is because things seem a bit stale once I maxed up, all I did is farm and get dailies. I know there's some instances the involves partying up with people but I couldn't be bothered cause I might be just dead weight, maybe because I'm to lazy to adjust my stats and skills which is the reason why I prefer to be an all rounder kind of RG. I do join Events esp the summer event of last 2020 which was hella fun I was a bit lost at first not knowing what I'm doing digging but as the days went by I manage to get some good rewards. Same with the Halloween event same thing I was lost in detail and manage to figure it out and got some good stuff, so over all events here are great. As for grinding as I said before I farm a lot to get some gears, I also prefer to just buy it from players instead having to wait around instances hoping there's parties around to help me getting some mats to make one myself. but I did try to make my own bio5 helm which I'm proud of "to me now its outdated", and the refine system which I don't want to mention that struggle. Look I'm old, the last time I play RO and go full grind mode was around 2010 so yeah. I tried PVP here but as some say it's a bit broken (no offense) maybe because I'm facing some chads and not much people going into the arena. I know some prefer BG but I never participate so I got no saying atm, WOE in fact seems to me is limited, not just in castles but in guilds participating. I Know this isn't a WOE focused server but I do wish to see other guild participating. Lastly use of field maps mainly because we got gramps now and the boards seems less of an option to gain exp from killing off mobs and alot of us are already maxed out. I like to share some ideas to make players explore field maps more. So that's it really and it sounds more of a complaint than reason I leave and there's also IRL stuff but that's important. anyway I still love this server it's more colorful and lively and a lot of RO players should check this out.
  3. I remember those days too. While we cannot say how long exactly, especially considering there'll be stuff to patch, but generally speaking maintenances tend to be over in minutes. Can definitely take longer, but not eight hours or half a day.
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  5. Hey! Welcome back! I think people havent been using forums as much lately. Nova has the official discord if you ever want to join us there. I came back to the game recently too and Im still leveling my chars and getting used to stuff again. Stopped playing when level cap was 150 or something then came back when it was 175 and now back again. I currently have a level 190 rebellion, Zutomayo, if you ever want to run anything that I can help with let me know. Also I just need to mention, your profile is really adorable ^^
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  6. The lux rune gives a chance to proc SB with AA;
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  7. Moving characters from one account to another won't be an available option here. Nova said it himself that this will never be implemented. Yes it is possible to re-order your character into different slots. Right click on them then choose move character, then find an empty slot then right click on it and choose move. A pop-out window will appear for confirmation. Just click OK, then you'll need to refresh the page in order to see the effect. Either try make a new character then cancel it or re-login.
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