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    1/19 Surprise Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes


    • Added a warp to Mom's House under special areas.
    • Improved the Daily Rewards safety feature. You can now change characters without losing your daily rewards.
    • Allowed Land Protector to be level-selectable.
    • @battlestats now shows Long Ranged Reductions.
    • Added a Reset Man NPC to the Hall of Valor.
    • Disabled vending in the dali map.
    • Fixed town mapflags in the newest save points.
    • Added more NPCs to the Training Chamber.
    • Class-specific battlegrounds titles now properly give 100 achievement points.


    • Moved the Scarlet Rose from the limited-time Valentine's Day Box to the Master of Coin (700 GC Price).
    • Sentimental Fragments now drop on an individual basis (just like Fallen Energy Particles).
      • Because it's now calculated on an individual basis, the drop rate has been decreased from 7.5% to 2%.
    • Added Doram costume to the Nova Shop for 10k NP (note this item can ONLY be used in towns).
    • Fixed a bug with one of the Packed Envelope not giving its effect.
    • Muramasa's Sea God requirements is changed to 1 instead of 5.
    • Added the Scrap Robots Card drops effect.
    • Changed the Thanatos Staff bonus to heal 50 SP and 300 HP every 2 seconds. The buff lasts for a whole minute.


    • Re-enabled Wink Charm and updated its behavior to match with kRO. It is simply a confusion status.
    • We have fixed the line of sight issue regarding single target skills (only, ground skills have not been affected).
    • Silvervine Root Twist can now be removed with Heaven's Drive even if the skill does not damage you.
    • Removed Death's Bound damage cap.
    • Intense Telekinesis now increases the damage at the end of the formula rather than being additive.
    • Fixed Acid Demonstration's formula with the card modifiers to properly match with kRO.
    • Inspiration now removes Blessing, Agility up, Angelus, Imposito Magnus, Suffragium, Kyrie Elesion, Magnificat, Gloria and Assumptio.


    • Increased the GMT side quest bonus effects from 5% to 10%

    WoE & Battlegrounds

    • Gravity Control is now removed by Freedom.
    • Empty Shadow will now be properly removed by Freedom.
    • Empty Shadow will now only last 20 seconds in Battlegrounds.
    • The New Moon hide effect will now be removed when taking the stone in Stone Control.
    • Fixed an issue where casting songs in KvM in the preparing platform wouldn't give their effect.

    Edited by Panic

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    ripp op samurai mask

    1/19 Surprise Patch Notes


    Edited by giacapoj

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    so is the safety bio 5 special enchant implemented along with this patch?


    love the updates, thanks GM team.

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