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    Hello everyone! We'll be having a special maintenance this Thursday, 1st of December at around 3:00PM server time (PST).

    As you all may have noticed, it's been a while since our last maintenance, but there's good reason for that.

    Not only will this maintenance mark the start of the Christmas event, but all 4th Jobs (and related systems) will also be making their debut on this same maintenance!

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    8 hours ago, Karus said:

    The 4th class for the expanded classes will be inclueded in this patch?




    9 hours ago, joshpal95 said:

    Hello, just wanted to ask, will Episode 18.1 be included in the maintenance/patch? 




    12 hours ago, Millefey said:

    I remember those days too.

    While we cannot say how long exactly, especially considering there'll be stuff to patch, but generally speaking maintenances tend to be over in minutes. Can definitely take longer, but not eight hours or half a day.

    Yeah I predict it'll take 2~5 minutes.

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