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  • 6th Anniversary Patch Notes #147

    • Patch Notes



    • NovaRO Anniversary Pack
      • As a thank you for 6 long years of fun, all players who receive their daily rewards on or after the 24th of October will also receive the following pack of goods:
        • 7-Day Nova Phone
        • Pepper Aura (can be previewed at the Hat effect Genie on the third floor of the main office.)
        • [EVT] All-In-One Booster
        • [EVT] Combat Rations
        • Taini Egg Pack (Cosmetic), choose one of the following:
          • Taini Egg
          • Orange Taini Egg
          • Green Taini Egg
          • Blue Taini Egg
        • [EVT] Pet Costume Voucher
        • Pick A Voucher Pack, choose one of the following:
          • [EVT] Alternate Outfit Voucher
          • [EVT] Storage Voucher
          • [EVT] HomuncuBank Ticket
        • 2 [EVT] Trick or Treat Baskets
        • 6th Anniversary Title
      • Thank you for making these 6 years a blast, here's to the future friends!
      • (Please note you may only get this pack once per account and all contents are account bound)


    • The Felyne Chef has appeared at @go 53.
    • Fixed an issue with EDDA Bioresearch Laboratory spawning more mobs than intended.
    • Inactive parties will now be destroyed after 30 days of inactivity to free up party names.



    • Changed current DDA thresholds for CTK.
      • New thresholds (post green aura effect):
        • 4M = 15% reduction
        • 5.5M = 40% reduction
        • 6.5M = 90% reduction
      • Reduced CTK's HP by around 17%.
      • Developer's Note: We've altered the DDA thresholds in order for the low end of DPS to not reach the lower DDA thresholds as easily, but tightening it down on the high end. This will also affect immediate burst, such as Climatic Fury and Megaton more than before. As the fight with this change alone would become harder, we're also decreasing CTK's HP by around 17% in order to balance its difficulty.
      • Thanks to these changes, we've added another reward of 5 Trick or Treat Baskets for defeating the CTK after this maintenance. This is a one-time bonus.
    •  Community Suggestion Changed the way DDA numbers are displayed.
      • Developer's Note: When attacking CTK, your attack numbers will show a number between 0 and 100. These indicate what threshold you and your party are currently sitting at. This calculation is done using the amount of damage done to the boss within the one-second time between DDA calculations. Some examples are below:
        • If a party has done 3M damage to CTK, all attack numbers will show 100s, indicating they have not reached a DDA threshold (100% damage is done).
        • If that same party then do another 2.5M damage - within the second between DDA adjustments, totaling 5.5M damage - then all attacks numbers will change to show as 85s, showing that the 15% reduction threshold has been reached (85% damage is done).
        • If another party manages to do 8M damage within the second time, their attack numbers will show 100s, then 85s after 4M damage, then 60s after the 5.5M threshold has been reached and finally 10s when the final threshold of 6.5M has been reached.
    • Fixed an issue where item cap limits were not properly resetting in CTK.
    • Enabled the use of Shining Defense Scrolls in CTK.
    • Fixed an issue with the Selim Dish Delivery daily quest.
    • Disabled consumables inside the Tower of Trickery.
    • Implemented a new Halloween exclusive quest:
      • 33238.png  Fluttering Fallen Wings (Nobru, at louyang,210,122) (Please note these wing will only work on the 2020 client.)
    • Changed Twisted Templar's Scar of Tarou ability to NPC Blooddrain.
    • Increased the amount of chances to obtain Halloween Coins from the Twisted Realm.
    • More than doubled the chance to get King's Essence for clearing a Twisted Realm room.


    Monster Hunting

    •  Community Suggestion Replaced Seruel at the front of the Airship with Halloween Seruel.
    • Reworked how per-run and per-life item restrictions work inside MH.
      • Developer's Note: Players should not notice a real difference in functionality, but if you do, please open up a Bug Report.
    • All Utility role bomb stacks will now be removed when changing maps.
    • The requirement of low-rank Shadow gear to unlock high-rank hunts has been reduced from 4 pieces to 2.
    •  Community Suggestion Players should now be able to use Swap Gear on the Wyvern.



    • Fixed an issue with Sky Deleter dropping the wrong card.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    • Changed 1pm Battlegrounds Happy Hours back to noon.

    • Wednesday King of Emperium has been removed due to lack of activity.

    • Fixed an issue with some consumables not getting properly dispelled at the start of WoE.

    •  Community Suggestion Added @vs as a shortcut for @voteskip.


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    2 hours ago, Daniel said:

    I don't get it. These new thresholds (4M, 5.5M and 6.5M) are for party DPS ? or for individual DPS? Pls help me to understand this

    iirr before was 3m/ 4m / 7m its basically a buff for "low dps" partys since they will not hit the damage reduction 

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