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    NovaRO Staff Application

    Over the years, we at NovaRO have formed a small but solid team of staff members in order to help you with various in-game matters and assist you on the forums. We are always working to improve our players' game experience to be the best it can be. With this same goal in mind we are once again looking to expand our GM family. The application is open to all interested players that fulfill our age requirement. Prior experience is not necessary (we will teach you everything you'll need to know) but robust knowledge of the game -- or at least enthusiasm for learning as much as possible about it -- is.

    Available Positions:

    • Support Game Master

    At present our primary focus centers on finding people to answer questions in both of our #support channels. As a Support Game Master, it would be ideal if you also were willing to engage with the development team and aid us with testing official and custom content. While this is the only position we currently seek to fill, if you have other talents that you think would be great boons to our server, don't be afraid to apply for positions that we do not specify. Remember your tasks are unlikely to be limited to only one, so it would be of great benefit if you are naturally interested in donning many different hats. For example, quest writing and event hosting are things every GM is able to do on the side if they wish.

    Be sure to read the rest of this post thoroughly, and post any questions you have in this thread before you begin filling in your answers.




      • Age: 19+.
        You will have to be at least of age 19 in order for your application to be considered.
      • All applications must be filled out in their entirety.
        Do not leave any fields empty. While we understand that some questions may seem difficult or tedious to answer, we ask that you fill each field to the best of your ability. Please aspire to use full sentences, proper punctuation and capitalization and avoid abbreviations.
      • Applications must be filled out in English.
        While most of our staff members are multi-lingual, the server's primary language remains English. Your English does not have to be perfect but we consider that your application reflects your fluency in this language.
      • Any applications filled out improperly will not be considered.
        As we process a large number of applications, it would be a huge task to contact each individual player regarding errors or omissions. Please double-check your application before you send it to us.
      • Please do not send multiple applications, or ask about the current application status.
        You will be notified of our final decision once we are ready to do so. Recruitment is a lenghty process and we will reply to everyone in due time.
      • Do not post applications in this thread. They will be deleted, and you will be immediately disqualified.
        Just don't do it, folks..! This would only indicate you have not paid attention to our requirements.




      1. Copy and paste the application found in the spoiler tag of this post, along with your answers into a message via THIS LINK.
        You can remove the comments in small font without any worry. The actual answer length is completely up to your discretion; your replies may be elaborate, consice, or something in-between.
      2. Please BOLD your answers to make your application easier for us to read.
        You can do this easily by highlighting your answer, then pressing Ctrl + B.
      3. Use the appropriate title for your message. The format should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name].

        Event GM Application - Nova

        Scripting Application - Tokei


      • Your name:
        Full real name recommended, but optional.
      • Ideal GM name:
        The name you would wish to have upon becoming a full-fledged Game Master.
      • Age:
      • Country of residence:
      • Language(s) you speak:
      • Current in-game name:
      • What can you tell us about yourself?
        Please introduce the magnificent person on the other side of the screen with a few lines of text, so we can have an inkling of who you are.
      • How long have you been playing Ragnarok Online?
      • How long have you been playing on NovaRO?
      • What other RO servers have you played on?
        How long did you play at each, why did you leave, and what things did you like and dislike about them.
      • Have you been a GM on any other servers or in any other games?
        If so, what was your name there, what server was it, and how long were you a GM for?
      • What are your greatest three strengths?
      • What are your greatest three weaknesses?
      • Why are you applying for this position?
      • What would be your unique contribution to the team?
      • Do you have any worries or reservations about this position, and if so, what are they?
      • How many hours per week will you dedicate to the server tasks?
        If you do not know, please explain briefly what your weekly schedule is like, and where you think you would fit your position at NovaRO into that.
      • Are you willing to voice chat with the other staff members?
        This is not a requirement, but it would make communication easier if you are open to the idea of using Discord voice chat during our staff meets.
      • Do you know any Staff Members from any server (NovaRO included) that would vouch for you?
        If so, kindly provide contact information. Please note that references will be verified.

      We wish you all the best of luck and are looking forward to reading your applications!

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      18 hours ago, fxfreitas said:

      Uh I love staff aoplications, sigh if only I have more than 1~2 free hours per day.

      Aw, that is too bad fxfreitas!
      I'd encourage you to apply regardless but you do need some free-time for yourself as well. Maybe in the future..! /no1

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      i dont know how i would feel about it.
      it does sound nice, though i have mix feelings of it.
      i just registered an account on the forum so i can post how i feel.

      guess i'll start by how i came across NovaRO.

      so recently i took a small break from FFXIV as things are getting slow, so wanted to play something nostalgic and thought of ragnarok online and see how things are going. so went on steam, downloaded, and created a new account to start over and lvled a Super Novice to 102.(did the annoying expanded job, though felt it wasnt worth it....)
      however to my dismay, after playing, seeing and hearing horror stories from EU and how the game is now and what i think of actually playing it.
      compared to what it was back then, i felt heart broken, Gravity not addressing or even doing anything to appease the fan base. (along with making/rehashing the mmo to other mediums (turning them not so great....)
      so had the idea of wanting to just quit and never playing again... some time after roaming about iRO about to just quit after spending an entire week playing the game for fun (sorta?)
      i heard someone talking about NovaRO in iRO, how the server is basically amazing and people being so nice. actual GM events and so many quality of life changes being a thing. while issues that were present in iRO, are removed (or re-purposed) on this server. so was curious and decided to check things out.
      of course, made a Super Novice (best job FYI), explored the world, additions, and everything else in the game and was shocked about the new changes/additions throughout the server. made SN alot more fun to mess around with being an actual jack of all trades job. a brand new tutorial that i fell in love with, (love you Mom <3)
      and all the quality of life changes and additions from npc placements, to simply chat commands.
      while the exp rates may be a bit too fast, i actually have to option to tone down the rates at any time when im in the main offices. (amazing and cool addition :o)
      then brought the game dev in me and thought about "how would i make changes here?" or "what if i have a storyline here?" or"how about you have NPC friends with actual character development with a story that works around that?"
      having both the child me and adult me, felt right at home.

      i mean with that said, it sure feels like i would fit right at home here, i mean it does sound like alot fun. but i dont know how things would go even if i decide to make an application.
      not to mention i have other things to worry about.
      i have a part time job, i do commissions online, i even started streaming whatever i felt like i want to do.

      i only came here to see how far can i go making characters, making the super novice i always wanted, and all that other stuff.
      then eventually leave the game entirely.

      anyway, imma stop typing.
      making this too long already /wah

      thanks for reading i guess?
      have a wonderful day and stay hydrated guys!  /ok

      Edited by Shou-Li'eyard

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