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    NovaRO Staff Application


    Over the years, we at NovaRO have formed a strong team of staff members in order to help you with in-game matters, assist you on the forums, and are overall always working to improve the players' experience.  We're currently looking to expand that team to offer an even better experience.


    Currently, we are mostly looking for people to aid us answering questions in #support, both in-game and in Discord as well as Event GMs. But worry not, if you have other talents that you think would be great boons to NovaRO, don't be afraid to apply for positions that we did not specify!


    Available Positions:

    • Support Game Master
    • Event Game Master
    • Spriter
    • Streamer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Developer
    • Scripter


    Do you think you have what it takes?  
    Do you script, sprite, or map?
    Do you have amazing event ideas that you think players would enjoy?

    Maybe you just love to help people and solve problems?


    And most importantly, are you a super cool dude/dudette?

    If you replied yes to any of these questions, you might just be the person we're looking for!


    Applications are now open to all players who care to try out, though we do have a few requirements.

    Information on the application process, requirements, and rules can be found below.


    Be sure to read this post thoroughly, and post any questions you may have in this thread.



    Best of luck!





    • All applications must be filled out in their entirety.

    • Applications may only be filled out in English.

       Though some of our staff members are multi-lingual, but the servers primary language is English and applications must reflect language competency.

    • Any applications filled out improperly will not be considered.

       As we will need to process a large number of applications, it would be a huge task to respond to each individual player regarding errors or omissions found in applications.

    The application can be found in the spoiler tag below.

    Simply copy and paste the application, along with your answers into a message via THIS LINK.

    Make sure you BOLD your answers. ( Highlight them, then Ctrl + B )

    Message title should be [Position you are applying for] Application - [Player Name]


    Event GM Application - Atticus

    Scripting Application - Eremes


    • Do not post applications in this thread. They will be deleted, and you will be immediately disqualified.
    • Do not send multiple applications, or ask about application status.




    • Your name: (Full real name recommended, but optional)
    • Age:
    • Country:
    • Native Language:
    • Current In-game Name:
    • Position you are applying for:



    • How long have you been playing RO?


    • How long have you been playing on NovaRO?


    • What other RO servers have you played on?

                 How long did you play at each, why did you leave, and what things did you like and dislike about them.


    • Have you been a GM on any other servers, including non-RO games?

                 If so, what was your name there, what server was it, and how long were you a GM for?


    • Can you script?

                If so, would you rate yourself a beginner level, intermediate, or advanced scripter?

              Also, do you have any examples you would like to share with us?

    • Can you sprite?

                If so, would you rate your spriting abilities as beginner level, intermediate, or advanced?

                Also, do you have any examples you would like to share with us?


    • Do you speak any other languages besides English?

                If yes, what other languages do you speak?


    • Do you know any Staff Members from any server (NovaRO included) that would vouch for you?

              If so, please provide contact information. Please note references will be verified.


    • What are some things you would want to see changed here on NovaRO, and what is the best way, in your opinion, to go about that?


    • What kind of Staff Member do you see yourself as?


    • What are your specialties, and how do you see those contributing to the server in a meaningful way?


    • What is your earliest available start date?


    • Which hours would you be available?  

              If you do not know, please explain briefly what your weekly schedule is, and where you think you would fit your position at NovaRO into that.

    • Optional: Describe an event idea you have, or had previously thought of.

               Include how would it be performed, if you would need assistance, and what would the rewards be for each player that won.

                 Go into as much or as little detail as you like.


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    User Feedback

    Good Luck for all, being staff is a great honor but a great responsability too, no worries I'll not send a application, I do not have time anymore.

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