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    Achievements and Titles

    • Patch Notes


    Achievements and Titles

    • Achievements have now been implemented. There are many different types, so explore and get as many as you can!
    • Character cards now display Achievement Rank in the top right corner, and your character's Title in the bottom.
    • Players who are in a guild that owns a Guild Castle will now also get a flag behind their Guild Emblem. (Added to GMs to exhibit them)
    • 504


    • Added 3 more character slots to every account.

    • For a short while, there was an unforeseen bug which caused Weapons being refined using HD Bradium to accidentally obtain the Armor Refine Safety system we had implemented. This meant that it was very rare for a Weapon to go down to +9, as the success rate from +10 to +11 is 80% (Very high). Well, worry not. We have heard your voices and have decided to bring back the system. We are of course toning it down just a bit, but from now on: 

      • When you fail to refine a Weapon from +10 to +11 using HD Bradium, another roll will be automatically performed.

      • You will have a 90% chance to remain at +10 and a 10% chance to drop to +9.

    • @battlestats will now show bonuses from bAddClass in both hands.

    • @battlestats will now show Damage reduction from monsters of specific elements.

    • @whosells can now be used with @ws >+8 or @ws <+8.

    • @noks has been reworked:

      • If the owner of the mobs is out of range or dead, they will no longer belong to the player.

      • The advanced version of @noks fully protects you after you lose the mobs for 5 seconds instead of 2 seconds. This means you have 5 seconds to kill or grab back your mobs after someone else takes them. Past that time, the mobs will no longer belong to you.

    • @autoloot will now only work for mobs within your view range.

      • This is to prevent people leaving mobs half dead and still getting the loot when others kill said mobs.

    • Possible fix for mobs not disappearing after dying.

    • Added a message when you're trying to vend or open a chat too close to an NPC. The Market and Eden Group will have less strict restrictions.

    • More maps have been added to the advanced @noks system.

    • Tripatriate Union's Feud turn-ins have been simplified. The limit of 5 items in your inventory has been removed as well.

    • New vending map! The current one was getting crowded. Due its new size, you'll now be able to use @shopjump X Y inside the map

    • You will no longer get stuck if you speak to the PVP warper and you've been resized.


    • Now, all players who finish the Last Room instance will be rewarded with one 'Weird Part'. This reward is limited to one per person.
    • Sarah and Fenrir's Gigantes are now Dark 2 and their range has been reduced to 2 instead of 3. All of their stats have been updated as well.
    • Nightmareish Jitterbug changes:
      • Updated all the mobs' elements, stats, attack damage and drops.
      • Increased the MVP's rewards:
        • Pendants now drop at 4% instead of 1%.
        • Gigantic Bow and Bow of Storms now drop at 10% and 20% respectively instead of 5%.
      • Jitterbugs can drop two Tooth at 100% and 50% rates instead of 100% and 20% rates.
    • Fixed the left side-quest in Geffen Magic Tournament so that players will no longer get stuck.
    • Updated Horror Toy Factory:
      • Re-wrote the lore.
      • Increased requirement level to 140.
      • You can no longer re-enter the instance upon leaving (you will be given 3 tickets however).
      • Updated reward chests to more closely match official implementation.


    • Doram Hide can now only be removed by MVPs.

    • Dorams can be un-hidden by Earth Strain and Heaven's Drive.

    • Doram Lope can now be used in any map.

    • Flame Launcher now only requires Vulcan Arm level 1 instead 3.

    • Platinum Altar now gives the correct attack boost.

    • Madness Canceller's ATK buff will be removed when the status ends.

    • Crimson Marker can now be used without a weapon equipped.


    • 5129.png Added a brand new custom Hat Quest (spl_fild02)
    • Reverted a previous decision which allowed Dorams to wear Temporal Boots now that their official gear is implemented.
    • Fixed Reginrev's Wings's item description. It should give a 3% reduction.
    • The concentration effect of Guarana Candy will now be working as intended.
    • Fixed description errors with Neo Punk Card and Big Bell Card.
    • Fresh Tuna Talisman now properly reduces Tuna Party's cooldown by 5 seconds. 
    • Eden Group Armor and Eden Group Hat II will now be char-bound.
    • Fixed a bug which was causing Broken Chip Combo to be doubled.


    • +7 BG Foods will now weigh 1.
    • 16th Night will no longer be removed at the end of each BG round.
    • BG emblems will show up properly with the correct team color.
    • You can now @joinbg from Eclage.


    As usual! Tell us what you love about the patch, what you hate about it, and why you're not writing an RMS review this instant!

    Edited by Nova

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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments


    You will have a 90% chance to remain at +10 and a 10% chance to drop to +9.



    welp now this made me sad even more,I lost my +14 gspear 3 days ago lmao

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    Ok, good luck with that.
    Is there any source on how to get the Achievements and Titles? Like a guide or something? 
    Or everything comes down to... things you do with the chars? 

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    The achievement window itself will guide you on what you have to do to get every single achievement.


    And the server's back up!

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    If i knew refining was recently changed, i should not refined my +10s. Just lost 3 of them yesterday. And now this patch. RiP

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