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    Adopt this Plushie Contest Winners

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    Adopt this Plushie Contest Winners


    This little contest gathered whopping 59 entries in total! Thank you everyone for participating! We hope you enjoyed this contest.

    I know it may have been confusing with the rather free-format rules this time round but it was great to see how creative you all were with writing all manner of letters, stories, songs, poems and haiku. (It is possible that we'll expand on and refine these types of contests in the future.)


    And as you can probably guess from the number of entries, it was quickly proving quite overwhelming to choose only one winner. Unfortunately we are not able to provide plushies for everyone (no matter how much we'd love to do so), but we are proud to present these two fluffy bonus plushies who have now also found an owner (and are visibly happy about it).


    These two lunatics come with a detachable plush ribbon. One has a red ribbon, the other a dark orange one for a touch of individuality.  (The ribbons come with a safety catch but always remember to exercise caution if giving these plushies to small children to play.)


    Congratulations to the winners, and good luck next time to everyone else!

    Rewards will be distributed soon.




    1st Place: Chemist

    Who captured our hearts with a poem of a future full of carrots.


    • Leaf Lunatic & Carrot Plushies
    • Officially Unofficial Laminated Plushie Card
    • 100 Gold Coins


    Bonus Winner: SupportElemental Chocolate Chip
    Who captured our hearts with a cute little song.


    • Lunatic with Orange Silk Ribbon
    • Officially Unofficial Laminated Plushie Card
    • 20 Gold Coins


    Bonus Winner: Stracciatella

    Who captured our hearts with a soulful collection of haiku.


    • Lunatic with Red Silk Ribbon
    • Officially Unofficial Laminated Plushie Card
    • 20 Gold Coins


    Honorary Mentions:
    Vaults, sunyan, Deathscope & many others who we unfortunately cannot mention due to space limitations.
    However, we can assure you that all entries were noticed and appreciated!

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    I HAVE PREPARED THE RING TOO (which is my bed)


    But congrats y'all prolly can take better care of it than I do

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    A little late to say this but two of the IRL rewards were shipped last Friday (the 23rd).
    @ask83r Please provide us with your shipping information as soon as possible by Sunday the 30th.

    The cards are sadly unlaminated, apologies for that! I hope you will still like them and that all of the things arrive soon and in good shape. Be careful if opening the packages with scissors, as the boxes are brimming with lunatic. I would also like to remind you that it is not possible for me to provide you with tracking numbers and that it is your responsibility to check with local post services if you know in advance you are often inadequately notified of parcels addressed to you.

    That said, if a package does get lost or stolen, let me know and I'll see what I can do to remedy that.

    Edited by Millefey

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