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  • Arena of the Abyss

    • Patch Notes




        Far beneath the surface of Rune-Midgard lies the mysterious sealed realm of the Abyss, a place where the souls of fallen monsters are said to descend into upon being slain. The earth has begun to shatter as the Abyss quickly fills beyond capacity with the advent of new adventurers. Cracks have begun to form in the surface of Rune-Midgard as the terrors below attempt to claw their way out of their grave to exact revenge on all mortal kind.


        From beyond the borders of the Schwarzvalt Republic and the Arunafeltz States, the Highlander Corps, known for their prowess in battle, have come and taken it upon themselves to keep the Abyss at bay. Four breaches have since appeared in an area now known as The Arena of the Abyss. Despite lacking in numbers, the Highlander Corps continue their efforts to prevent these monsters from being released into the world. While their efforts are brave, they now find themselves in need of aid, lest their defenses break and the horrors of the Abyss emerge to wreak havoc upon the entire continent.


        Desperate as they might be, the Highlanders are prideful people who will not join forces with just anyone: Only adventurers brave enough to take up arms in the War of Emperium will be allowed to fight in the Battle of the Abyss. Those lucky enough to return alive will find themselves able to purchase rare arms and wares developed by the Highlander Corps.



    Will you risk your life in the Battle of the Abyss, or will you stand by and watch the world crumble to pieces?



    Arena of the Abyss





    Arena Overview:

    • Guild versus Guild, compete against your rivals to hunt powered-up MVPs and earn Siege Tokens.
    • Additional rewards for the guild that kills the most MVPs!
    • Each week, a new Arena will be explored. (Rotates between 4 maps)
    • This event occurs twice a week, Wednesday at 8:00 and 17:00 server time (PST).
    • Battlegrounds consumables WILL work inside the Arena of the Abyss.
    • Only those who attend War of Emperium will be able to stay inside for the full duration of the event.
    • Players who did not participate in War of Emperium will be kicked after 5~10 minutes.
    • The Arena Gatekeeper will allow entry over at @go woe
    • You can only enter the Arena on the character that participated in WoE.
      • This ties into the fact that you must stay in the guild with which you attended WoE.


    WoE Rewards Overhaul

    • coin.png New Siege Token system.
      • Can be obtained through several options:
        • Participating in the War of Emperium.
        • Participating in the Arena of the Abyss.
        • Participating in Battlegrounds. (Only if you attended War of Emperium)
      • The victors of WoE and the Arena of the Abyss will of course receive higher amounts.


    • These tokens can be exchanged for various rewards, including the much desired Cat Ear Beret and Red Pom Band and much more.
    • Note that all shop prices are tentative and subject to change at any time.






    • 22782.png   Highlander's Bounty
      • Each active member in the winning WoE guild will also receive a Highlander's Bounty.
        • This is a box containing additional siege tokens, and a chance to drop Enriched Oridecon/Elunium and HD Carnium/Bradium ores.
        • This reward can be received once a day, Sunday through Friday from the Daily Rewards NPC.



    • Improved Castle Treasure Box drops.
      • Drops have been modified to be more useful for the current state of the game.
      • Designed to give the winning team a break from farming consumables, as well as giving a reward.


    • The War of Emperium Castle will now rotate once a month.
    • The Hall of the Abyss will rotate along with it, going through a cycle of all 4 halls.
    • Schedule:







    • Implemented RODex, a new mail system!




    • Added a new automated event to NovaRO: Jukebox Jams!
    • When adding a slot to your Temporal Stat Boots, the enchants will now be kept.
    • Updated some of the @go behavior:
      • "@go mor" will warp you to Morroc.
      • "@go mora" will warp you to Mora.
      • "@go el" will warp you to El Dicastes.
    • Poring Catcher and Dodgebomb will no longer unequip your gears upon entry.
    • @restock should work properly for Acid Bottles and Bottle Grenades.
    • You can no longer vend inside of the Prontera buildings.
      • Rachel Field 1 (ra_fild01)
      • Einbroch Field 6 (ein_fild06)
      • Geffen Field 10 (gef_fild10)
    • The alternative outfits can now be used on the newly added baby classes.
    • Added weight check for the Peaked Hat quest, the Thanks Ticket Machine and the Daily Reward NPC.
    • Pet autoloot has been disabled in towns.
    • Using @listenpvp/@listenbg/@rodex/@nosnow will now be saved upon login out.
    • Gramps has been rotated.


    • The skill tree of Baby Gunslinger and Baby Rebellions should now match up with kRO.

    • Moonlight Fantasy now propery reflects in a 7x7 AoE.

    • Shadow Trampling (Kagehumi) no longer has a cooldown.

    • Fixed Flying Side Kick crashing the server when used with Reject Sword.

    • Fixed Exceed Break's interaction with KE and other similiar shields.

    • Trapped mobs (from Ankle Snare) will no longer appear on top of the trap instead of slightly off.

    • Fixed Anti-Material Blast's status on mobs.

    • Fixed Frost Jokes that would sometimes still be displayed in people's chat (and would eventually get them muted).

    • Feint Bomb will explode a tiny bit faster to match up with official.

    • Exceed Break will now work properly in regards to Kyrie Elesion.

    • The Magma Eruption splash damage now ignores flee and is no longer affected by elements.

    • Banishing Buster:

      • Now has 1.5s Fixed Cast Time.

      • Now has a 2 second Cooldown.

      • No longer has after-cast delay.

    Quests and Instances

    • The president (in the President Quest) has increased his availability hours and the secretary will tell you how much time you have to wait until you can go inside.
    • The Sealed Shrine instance will always require the party leader to bring 10 Essence of Fire to advance in the quest.
    • The Peace for Arunafeltz achievement will be completed at the correct time in the quest.
    • The 91-99 Eden Board will no longer allow you to bypass the cooldown timers.
    • Fixed a bunch of quest issues in the Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest).
    • The new baby classes will have access to their Eden gears.


    • Fixed the following pets' bonuses. They should now properly increase your damage against their respective races.
      • Metaller
      • Ancient Mummy
      • Leaf Lunatic
    • Root of Corruption's skills have been updated to match kRO.
    • Amdarais [Hard] now has Reflect Shield.
    • Wandering Archers will no longer be able to detect hidden players.


    • Updated Odin's Bible in-game description to match with its actual effect.
    • Lucky Day will once again trigger when receiving damage.
    • Updated Miming Card's behavior to reflect kRO.
    • Updated Gift Box drops (added the following items):
      • 5CfiqrY.png Elunium
      • S9KJTcr.png Emperium
      • lk2xjv6.png Old Blue Box
      • opGbNfr.png Oridecon
      • vJOzYAT.png Rough Elunium
      • aUHhWAC.png Rough Oridecon


    Edited by Nova

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Great event, but the midweek timing is awful.. Wednesday at 8:00 and 17:00 server time (PST) -> Even on this time zone people with work school can never make it unless they are on holidays. For me in Europe that means 4pm (work) or 1am (sleep).


    Thank you for the new content but please consider moving at least one time to a Friday/Sunday.

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    Any timezone we could choose would be awful for a range of people.

    Saturday is already off-limits due to WoE happening on that day, which is why we decided on Wednesday and chose 2 times.

    In the future, we might consider adding additional times to try to reach a winder audience.

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    I'd like to check if I understand this Arena correctly.

    1) It's a pve game type

    2) Exclusively for players participating in woe (whole 150 of them)

      2.5) Arena must be attended by a guild, not just single players (this goes both for woe and Arena)

    3) That rewards cute hats and hats mostly used in pve and maybe some of them in pvp/bg but most of them not in woe

    Edited by Nyaa

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