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    Baby Extended Classes

    • Patch Notes


    • Implemented 9 new baby classes!

      • Baby Doram

      • Baby Ninja

      • Baby Kagero

      • Baby Oboro

      • Baby Taekwon

      • Baby Star Gladiator

      • Baby Soul Linker

      • Baby Gunslinger

      • Baby Rebellion




    • Added a feature to allow the daily timer to persist for up to two minutes after you disconnect.

    • Fixed an issue with @restock not refilling the right type (Battleground) of items in some scenarios.

    • Added a Tool Dealer to Payon's Archer Village.

    • Implemented PvP Killing Spree announcements.

    • Dorams can now be adopted.


    • Increased the maximum amount of units that can be used.

    • Fixed unit interaction of Electric and Fire Walk.

    • Fixed Gloria.

    • Feint Bomb:

      • Now explode after a whole second rather than 0.5 second.

      • Will no longer trigger the rude teleport on mobs.

      • Will properly keep the mobs' aggro towards the transparent dummy.


    • Max Pain now properly reflects to all party members and also reflects magic damage.


    • Lucky Day will no longer trigger when receiving damage.


    • Fixed the lack of 12:00 BG Happy Hour on Sundays.

    War of Emperium

    • Fixed an issue where additional entries were being added into the WoE Stats page.
    • Implemented a Guild Recruitment Board. (Over at @go woe)
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      Edited by Nova

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      User Feedback

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      "Lucky Day will no longer trigger when receiving damage"


      yeah i always think that it triggered by both attacking and receiving damage is too much.

      but i still thinking the new Muscular Endurance is lame

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      Thank you!!!! I have wanted to make extended class baby characters since baby characters ever existed. This is a fantastic update, and kudos to your team for not leaving out Doram. Well done = )

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