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    BMD Card Expansion

    • Patch Notes

    Christmas Event

    • The Christmas Event has now ended.
    • Snowball Fights will continue to run until the end of Winter.


    • The 2019 Name Prune has now taken place.
      • All characters below level 99 in accounts that have not logged in for over 6 months have been renamed.
      • All characters below level 150 in accounts that have not logged in for over 18 months have been renamed.
      • All renamed characters get a free rename, to use it, simply right-click the character in the character selection screen.
    • Added a new Save Point (@go 48) in Pharos Lighthouse.
    • image.png
    • Reorganized the Nova Shop.
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to skip a warning and vend items for 0 zeny.
    • Added warps to the various Churches in the game to Warper under the Special Areas section.
    • The @partyinfo command will now display which members of the party have No Share enabled and their autoloot percentage.
      • When a party member changes their @noshare settings, a message will be sent to the entire party.
    • Added [Bio 3], [Bio 4] and [Bio 5] tags to their respective cards.
    • Fixed a bug with where it wasn't possible to retrieve items from returned RODex mail in the newest client.
    • The 20180621 client will no longer be able to access the server. If you were using this client, you will want to use the following ones instead:
    • @nodrop changes:
      • @nodrop has again been turned on for everyone on login.
      • @nodrop will now only affect items that are refined, carded or have a random option (including enchants).
      • An additional list of headgears, accessories, and other useful items that should not be dropped has been included.
    • Added a cut-in for Doram storage kafra.


    • Added Demon God Morroc, Bios Island and Morse Cave cards!







    Despair God Morocc Card
    Transforms into Despair God Morocc for 5 seconds when using First Aid.
    Atk + 10%, MaxHP - 50%.
    Increases physical damage against demihuman and angel race enemies by 30%.
    Compounded on : Shoes
    Prefix : Demon God's

    Demon God's Apostle Ahat Card
    MaxSP + 5%
    When equipped with Demon God's Apostle Shnaim Card, additional MaxSP + 5%.
    Compounded on : Accessory
    Prefix : Dominator's

    Demon God's Apostle Shnaim Card
    MaxHP + 5%
    When equipped with Demon God's Apostle Ahat Card, additional MaxHP + 5%.
    Compounded on : Accessory
    Prefix : Coordinator's

    Brinaranea Card
    Increases water property magical damage by 15%.
    When equipped with Muspellskoll Card, increases water property magical damage by additional 10%.
    Compounded on : Weapon
    Prefix : Brinaranea

    Muspellskoll Card
    Reduces physical and magical damage taken from fire property enemies by 30%.
    When equipped with Brinaranea Card, reduces physical and magical damage taken from fire property enemies by additional 10%.
    Compounded on : Shield
    Prefix : Muspelheim

    Morocc's Minion Card
    Atk + 100, greatly increases attack speed
    (reduces delay after attack by 25%).
    MaxHP - 20%.
    When equipped with Despair God Morocc Card, MaxHP + 50%.
    Compounded on : Armor
    Prefix : Destructive

    Grim Reaper Ankou Card
    When receiving physical or magical damage, has a chance to curse all enemies in 17x17 cells around the user, Atk + 25% and Matk + 25% for 10 seconds.
    The probability shall increase depend on refine rate.
    Transforms into Grim Reaper Ankou for 5 seconds when using First Aid.
    Compounded on : Headgear
    Prefix : Grim Reaper Ankou

    Corrupt Life Card
    MaxHP + 500, MaxSP + 50.
    Increases damage taken from angel race monsters by 50%.
    When equipped with Orc Baby Card, reduces damage taken from neutral property by 5%, Flee + 5.
    When equipped with Baby Desert Wolf Card, Int + 3, MaxSP + 100, Matk + 5%.
    When equipped with Familiar Card, Atk + 15, increase physical damage against shadow property enemies by 20%.
    When equipped with Orc Warrior Card, reduce damage taken from demihuman race enemies by 15%.
    When equipped with Desert Wolf Card, increases physical damage against medium and large enemies by 15%.
    When equipped with Phen Card, reduces variable casting time by 25%.
    When equipped with Orc Zombie Card, Hit + 15, Flee + 15, increase critical damage by 15%.
    When equipped with Verit Card, MaxHP + 4%, MaxSP + 4%.
    When equipped with Magalodon Card, Def + 100.
    Compounded on : Headgear
    Prefix : Corrupt Life



    • 19768.png Added a quest for [Costume Sakura Coronet]. (ama_in01,180,130)


    • 5530.png Added a quest for [Raven Cap]. (niflheim,143,82)
    • Added HomuncuBank Ticket to the Nova Shop for 5,000 NP.
    • Reduced cost of Name Change Coupon from 7,500 NP to 5,000 NP.
    • Added Dragon Ball to the Nova Shop for 5,000 NP.
      • Allows you to choose between one of the following Saiyan Hairs:
      • image.png
    • Added White Ornate Scarf to the Nova Shop for 7,500 NP.
    • Added a 1 Hour Giant Fly Wing to the Nova Shop for 600 NP.
    • Fixed an issue where Angeling Potion was not giving the user Angelus Lv 5.
    • Evil Enchanted Box Card now has a 50% chance to curse enemies, up from 1%.
    • Mega White Potions have been fixed to not recover SP.
    • Fixed an issue where Mega White Potions would count as two items being consumed in the WoE Statistics pages.
    • Fixed Fancy Feather Hat combo to take garment refine instead of weapon refine.


    • Star Emperor Universe skills can now be used in towns.
    • Fixed an issue with targets having a 0% elemental attribute modifier. Volcano, Violent Gale and Deluge will increase and deal damage in such scenarios.
    • Fixed an issue with Dragon Breath where the soft defense was not ignored when using defense piercing items.
    • The following skills will no longer have a casting animation when the player has instant variable cast:
      • Reverberation
      • Poem of Netherworld
      • Severe Rainstorm

    WoE & Battlegrounds

    • The first time you become a Draft Captain, you will receive the following rewards:
      • 5,000 Nova Points
      • 9WneiY3.png 1x Costume RWC Commemorative Pin (18821) - Account Bound
      • LoVbxAv.png 5,000x Valor Badges
      • PnaJbLC.png 250x Speed Potions
      • R5aJJ5Y.png 1x Mystical Card Album
    • These rewards are PER PERSON and cannot be claimed more than once.
    • You will receive the rewards on the account you played on.
    • We will verify you based on voice chat as well as server side logs to prevent abuse.
    • Attempting to cheat the verification system can result in a ban (not Draft ban, actual ban).
    • If you already captained prior to these rewards being introduced, you will not receive them retroactively, but you can receive them the next time you captain.


    • Regular Captain rewards will be changed as follows:
      • 500x Valor Badges
      • 250x Siege Tokens (count toward cap)
      • Draft Captain Title Progress
    • As usual, this second set of rewards can be claimed every time you become a Draft Captain.
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    5 minutes ago, Skeleton King said:

    You guys should include Card/Gear descriptions for the new stuff in patch notes. :) Good Job with updates. /no1 


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    9 minutes ago, Fruit Bomb said:

    Sorry may I ask where are the card description I want to see. Thanks a lot 

    " > Reveal hidden contents" above  [Costume Sakura Coronet]


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