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  • Christmas Part II

    • Patch Notes





    • 4

      Added a new Christmas based character card.

      (Change the background to 11)


    • Implemented Part II of the 2016 NovaRO Christmas Event.
      • Speak to Santa in Prontera after finishing the previous episode, and he will send you on a new quest.
      • Finishing the quest will get you one of the three following headgears, as well as the title "Santa's Helper".



    • Added an option to modify the DEF/MDEF of the Training Dummy inside the Training Chamber.

    • Added @nosnow (this has been requested a lot!)

    • Added @wn/@whonpcsell/@whonpcsells; this command allows you to search through NPC shops.


    • Fixed a bug where some players were randomly losing achievements.

    • Fixed a few more exploration achievements.


    • Updated Celine Kimi's drops.


    • Changed some instances of "Wug" to "Warg".

    Cash Shop

    • Added Holiday Egg to the Cash Shop for 8,500 CP





    • Implemented brand new Verus Monster Cards!
    • 4697.png4698.png4699.png27012.png
    • 27013.png27014.png27015.png27016.png
    • 27017.png27018.png27019.png27020.png
    • 2874.png Implemented our first custom quest for an accessory. (yuno_fild04)
    • Fixed the Sidewinder Card to increase your chance based on the skill level learned.
    • Mouton Life is now properly a mid headgear.


    As usual! Tell us what you love about the patch, what you hate about it, and why you're not writing an RMS review this instant!

    Edited by Nova

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    5 hours ago, Karuna-tan said:

    Thanks for the update, shame Sograt Explorer still isn't something you can finish. 

    Yeah, have you checked if the Payon Explorer was fixed?
    The rest of the Christmas part ii seems interesting.

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    The second part of the event is really well designed/scripted, I'm glad I got to experience it no matter how frustrating it turned out to be. Thanks a lot, Nova staff!


    (life would have been much easier had I known that I should turn /lightmap on)

    Edited by Saeyoung
    Sorry senpai I don't England much again
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