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    Christmas Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes



    Christmas Event

    • The Christmas Event is here! Speak to Santa in Prontera to participate.
    • Santa's Gift Delivery now has two new potential prizes. Players who finished this quest last year will be able to clear it again this year.
      • White Ribbon Scarf
      • Green Ribbon Scarf
    • In addition to last year's content, a Snow Ball Fight mini-game has been implemented.
      • The event will run every 6 hours, at 5:30, 11:30, 17:30 and 23:30. (A portal will open in Prontera)
      • Each one of these timeslots will run three consecutive rounds, with new teams being formed after each round.
      • The winning team will get 8 Secret Santa Gifts and the losing team will get 3 Secret Santa Gifts.
    • Secret Santa Gifts have been split into two separate boxes, Red Secret Santa Gift and Green Secret Santa Gift.
      • Players participating in the Snowball Fight and Frosty's Festive Frenzy games will receive one of these two gift boxes at random.
      • These two boxes will have the exact same list of consumables, but have a chance to drop two separate sets of headgears. (View the graphic above)
    • 20088.png Implemented a new headgear quest [Rudolph the Dragon]. (xmas_dun01,39,66)


    • snowcat.jpg Implemented a new headgear quest [White Fluffy Cat].
    • Added Festive Wreath to the Nova Shop for 7,500 NP:
      • kagerou_32.gif
    • The following boxes have returned to the Nova Shop:
      • Celestial Christmas Egg
      • Holiday Hat Box
      • Holiday Egg



    • Fixed an issue where Earth Strain's splash range was bigger than it should be.
    • Fixed an issue where Lucky Day would sometimes proc twice.
    • Dragon Breath now treats hard defense as soft defense.
    • Cicada Skin Shed now blocks the following skills:
      • Self Destruction
      • Sacrifice
      • Warg Bite
      • Warg Strike
    • Crazy Weed now removes the following effects:
      • Vacuum Extreme
      • Poem of Netherworld
    • Dispell no longer consumes gemstones when it fails.
    • Poem of Netherworld can no longer be cast on the same cell as a player.
    • Kaite now has a 50% chance of reflecting magic attacks (Used to be 100%).



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    On 12/7/2018 at 5:47 PM, Reskl said:

    Hey, are we going to get a discount or some kind of bundle on novaPoints for christmas? I really want to buy the points, but at the same time i'm scared of buying it just to for it to enter some kind of end of the year promotion. Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this. 

    if i'm not wrong i remember a bonus in the nova points purchase for the new year, maybe this year could be the same

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