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    Is your storage harboring egg-specially wacky hats? Do you want to show off your chocolate bunnies or just make yourself look egg-stra special and differentiate from the mass of NPCs? If you know eggs-actly what I mean, this is your call to venture forth and dig out the most egg-cellent of fascinators! Put together a sp-egg-tacular ensemble that is sure to astonish! Who will emerge as our eggs-pert headgearista?


    Contest Theme: Colorful

    This is a Ragnarok Online Screenshot Contest, celebrating character dress-up! This is a Screenshot Contest, so entries will be judged based on their scenery, originality, cleverness, and character attire (headgears et cetera).


    This contest will be voted on by staff with every participant anonymized. The idea is that you send your submissions to me via e-mail, then after I confirm the character belongs to you (by me) and your submission is valid, it will be voted on by the rest of the staff (excluding me) with no character names attached. On this note, please do not delete this character you're participating with, or change its appearance, as I'll need to have ample time to confirm the validity of your entry. Once we have the results, we'll publish all participant entries alongside the winners in the future winner thread along with their given character name.



    1. You are only able to submit 1 entry per PERSON.
      You will not be able to alter your entry afterwards, so please make sure it is the one you want to participate with.
    2. The screenshot you submit must be taken by you. Do not submit an entry for someone else.
    3. The screenshot you submit must be created expressly for the purpose of this contest. Please do not enter with work done outside of this contest's runtime, as doing so would be deeply unfair to the other contestants.
    4. Please only submit serious entries. We encourage everyone take part in the contest, but just like with any contest, troll and meme entries will be disqualified. Humor is amazing and awesome but it should not be confused with low-quality submissions.
    5. You are only allowed to use the default in-game assets. You can also use skills and items are to add visual effects to your entry.
    6. The dimension of your entry should be 400x400 pixels.

      If you need a sample to go by, you can use this one as a reference.


    7. Entries must be submitted via e-mail or else they will not count.
    8. Bug abuse, changes to .GRF files or other ways of pre-processing your images is NOT ALLOWED.
    9. Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, or any program of the sort is NOT ALLOWED for anything beyond cropping.
    10. Please include your in-game character name in your message. If you omit your name, we will not be able to send you your rewards once the contest is over.
    11. When you submit your screenshots, you agree that it can be used as promotional material by NovaRO (with appropriate credit given).
    12. This contest will run from April 12th until April 26th. The run-time is 2 weeks.
    13. Anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to any rewards and cannot re-enter.
    14. We reserve the rights to adjust and clarify the rules of this contest if we deem this necessary.


    How to submit:

    1. Once you have snappyshotted your masterpiece, set up your e-mail like this:
      • Write "Eggs-treme Screenshot Contest" as the title.
      • Write your in-game name as plain text in the message body, as otherwise you will not be able to receive rewards. Be mindful to not delete or change the appearance of this character until the winners have been announced, as I will also need to make sure that the screenshot belongs to you.
      • Attach two images.
        • One should be an unedited fullscreen.

        • One your final cropped image.

    2. Set this e-mail as the recipient and press send!
      This is a private mail, and nobody but yours truly will receive your screenshots alongside your character names.





    1st Place:

    • 32406.png 10,000 Nova Points
    • 33659.png 3 Blooming Spring Pack
    • 32109.png 150 Event Tickets


    2nd Place:

    • 32406.png 7,500 Nova Points
    • 33659.png 2 Blooming Spring Pack
    • 32109.png 100 Event Tickets


    3rd Place:

    • 32406.png 5,000 Nova Points
    • 33659.png 1 Blooming Spring Pack
    • 32109.png 50 Event Tickets


    Participation Reward:
    The participation reward is given to everyone who enters, including the winners.

    • 32109.png 10 Event Tickets


    We wish everyone the best of luck in this contest and hope you have lots of fun dressing up your characters to the eggs-treme.

    P.S. Your ensemble may or may not include eggs.

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    It's been really exciting to have screenshots landing in my inbox. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate to take one and participate, there's still a little over a week left to go. /ok

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    Annnd time is up!

    Thank you everyone for your screenshots! Everyone (and not just me) will have a chance to enjoy them once the winner post is up in a few weeks. Until then! 

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