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    Episode 15.2 - Memory Record

    • Patch Notes



    Episode 15.2 - Memory Record





    • We got ourselves a new logo!

    • Increased the amount of builds you can save using the Build Manager from 3 to 5.

    • Added Charleston Crisis, Last Room, and Central Laboratory instances to the warper.

    • You can no longer use skills on dead players.

    • The solo record for Faceworm's Nest has been reset.

    • Removed Overlook Water Dungeon's Strouf's respawn timer (They now spawn instantly)

    • You can now put items in a blacklist using @alootid -<ItemID> (ex. @alootid -501).

      • These items will be not looted from either @aloottype or @autoloot.

      • This feature will be added during the next maintenance as a slight bug made it past us.

    • Implemented a new hat quest! (verus04 151,231)

    • Eden Gear Quests now give the proper weapons to Baby Classes.

    • Prontera Flags now display more information about the current castle owners.

    • Removed all of the Summer NPCs.

    • Added a sweet new Tournament Arena complete with a brand new Spectating System!

    • Removed cells that were impossible to reach in gef_fild06.

    • Rotated Gramps.


    • Endless Cellar will now only display the last 5 remaining mobs.


    • Silvervine Root Twist can no longer target dead players.

    • Updated the following Rebellion Skill Cooldowns to match official values:

      • Banishing Buster cooldown removed.

      • Shattering Storm cooldown removed.

      • Platinum Alter cooldown removed.


    • Twin Bunnies are now a mid-headgear.
    • Thanatos Dagger can now only be used by the following classes: Swordsman, Archer, Merchant, and Thief Classes.
    • Ben Recycle no longer allows you to recycle an item if you have one of the same type equipped (To prevent accidents)
    • Time Keeper card now triggers when getting hit instead of when you attack (the same applies for its combo).
    • Explosive Kunai will no longer be considered as an ammunition.
    • Advanced Ring of Flame Lord and Ring of Resonance no longer auto-cast Sonic Blow nor Asura Strike.
    • Fixed item descriptions of Sword Stick[1] and Speed of Light enchantment.

    War of Emperium

    • Morning Castle rotated from Vidblainn to Cyr.
    • Evening Castle rotated from Andlangr to Vidblainn.



    As usual! Tell us what you love about the patch, what you hate about it, and why you're not writing an RMS review this instant!

    Edited by Nova

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    Nice news. My rebellion thank you so much...



    . . .




    MEMORY RECORD!! Love it! Running to test RIGHT NOW! Waiting for the Verus Cards e.e

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    In Verus we can get the Excellion set right? :o If that so, I can finally get good gear for Rebellion hahaha

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