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  • Episode 18 Patch Notes #193

    • Patch Notes

    Episode 18: Direction of Prayer

    • Implemented Episode 18: Direction of Prayer.
      • Episode 18 depicts the very continuation after the exploration of Varmundt's Mansion in the last episode.
      • New systems:
        • Enchant UI
          • The new Enchantment UI makes its debut with Episode 18. All enchant types and prices are shown in this new UI. You can access the enchantment window by talking to Emmett (wolfvill,164,137).
        • Reputation
          • Completing the Main Quest and Daily Quests within the episode grant you reputation points:
            • First time dailies: 100 Reputation per quest (total 1000 reputation, once per account)
            • Dailies: 20 per quest (total of 9 quests / 180 reputation per day, once per account)
            • Reputation is tracked account wide.
          • Different reputation levels grant different rewards. Without any reputation level, you're unable to speak to anyone on the village nor use any provided services.
            • Level 1 - Unlocks Episode 18 Npcs.
            • Level 2 - Unlocks Tool Dealer and Storage Kafra.
            • Level 3 - Unlocks @go and Warper to Maze of Oz F1 (oz_dun01).
            • Level 4 - Unlocks Save Point, Healer and Warper.
            • Level 5 - Grants a Title (Pack Member) and Costume Hat.
      • Additions:
        • Aside from the new Enchant UI, Emmett (wolfvill,164,137) will also allow you to reroll the 1st (special) enchants for Armors and Boots.
          • Armors: 100 Amethyst Fragment + 500,000 zeny.
          • Boots: 625 Amethyst Fragment + 3,000,000 zeny.
        • Bamdat (wolfvill,170,131) handles creation, enchanting and reforming of Adulter Fides Weapons.
          • Purification Ritual allows you to reform an Adulter Fides weapon into its Vivatus Fides counterpart.
            • General Purification (-5 refine)
              • 200 Amethyst Fragment
              • 15 Fides <Weapon> Blueprints
              • 50 Purified Holy Oil
              • 8 Sanctuary Sudarium
            • Higher Purification (-1 refine)
              • 400 Amethyst Fragment
              • 45 Fides <Weapon> Blueprints
              • 200 Purified Holy Oil
              • 24 Sanctuary Sudarium
          • Transmute Weapon allows you to create a random Adulter Fides weapon, for 3x Purified Holy Water.
          • Bamdat sells Pontifex enchants for Adulter and Vivatus Fides weapons and Refinement Hammers:
            • Pontifex Courage or Wisdom (Adulter) for 3 Purified Holy Oil.
            • Pontifex Tenacity or Belief (Vivatus) for 10 Purified Holy Oil.
            • Vivatus Fides Refinement Hammer for 20,000,000z or 35 Endeavor Tokens.
          • Transmute Oil allows you to exchange various currencies to 10 Purified Holy Oils.
            • 1 Purified Holy Water to 10 Purified Holy Oils.
            • 1 Sanctuary Sudarium to 10 Purified Holy Oils.
            • 10 Weapon Blueprints (any) to 10 Purified Holy Oils.
        • Villa of Deception
          • Increases in droprate chance, such as Bubblegum, do not work inside the instance, regardless of difficulty.
          • Normal Mode:
            • Freya has a 15% chance to drop a Villa Basement Key. This chance is rolled individually per person.
            • Killing Freya rewards each player with 1 Purified Holy Water.
            • The altar at the end of the instance has a 50% chance to give you a Villa Basement Key. This chance is rolled individually per person.
            • Mobs inside the instance drop Purified Holy Oil at 30%. This chance is rolled individually per person.
          • Hard Mode:
            • Weapon Blueprint Scrolls drop from mobs in the instance, at 20% chance.
            • Schulang and Freya both drop Sanctuary Sudarium at 100% each.
        • Mob Drops
          • Ashen Goat has a 35% of dropping Purified Holy Oil.
          • Mobs from fields related to the episode all drop Amethyst Fragment:
            • Baby Gray Wolf and Ashen Goat at 5%.
            • Rakehand and Ash Toad at 6%.
            • Ashhopper, Tumblering, Phantom Wolf, Firewind Kite, Ashring and Grey Wolf at 12%.
            • Volcaring and Spark at 15%.
            • Lava Toad and Hot Molar at 18%.



    • Headgears that have Mettle lv5 or higher will be granted an enchant that will let you exchange it.
      • Developer's Note: If you have a Mettle lv5 headgear that is eligible, you will be able to choose another enchant, without cost, at the respective enchant NPCs for each headgear. The option to do so, "Change Mettle to another enchant", will only be present if you have an eligible hat.
      • An eligible headgear will have the following line enchant: "You can reroll the Bear's Might or Mettle enchant for this item".
      • This process can only be done once and will preserve the enchant level. Double check you are selecting the new enchant you want before confirming. If you'd rather keep Mettle, you can just ignore the message.
      • Added a new option to the Wise Old Woman, Card Remover: Remove ALL stones from costumes.
        • Developer's Note: Pretty self-explanatory, this new option will remove all Costume Enchantment Stones from any equipped Costumes, at once.
      • Commands that query items will now be more accurate.
        • For example, @ws Etel Dust will return who is selling Etel Dust, and @ii Greater Plant Bottle will return... Greater Plant Bottle.
      • Valkyrie now allows for extended classes to enter the Hall of Honor.
        • Developer's Note: This was done so that you're now able to enter and complete the quest for Edda Hats on classes that do not transcend.
      • You're no longer able to use Bloody Branches on Thanatos F11 and F12.
      • Discord's #main and in-game #main are now integrated once again.
      •  Bug Fix Miles will now be able to change positions and compress Costumed hats.
      •  Bug Fix Randel and True Randel (lhz_dun_n) and Amdarais [Hard] no longer have Shield Reflect.
      •  Bug Fix Green Aura and non-Green Aura MvPs will now properly +1 their respective achievements.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed an issue where Summoners and Spirit Handlers were unable to load builds from the Build Manager.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed a plethora of items whose names did not match on monsters drop tables.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed a bug with the Biolo job change quest.



      •  Bug Fix Fixed Eden Equipment Chest not always giving a weapon for classes 2-X or above.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed the description of a plethora of items to be properly accurate.
        • Developer's Note: This, aside from bug reports, also included listing "Damage to all Classes" as "Physical Damage", as to not be confused with ATK%.



      • You're no longer able to cast Ice Wall in Thanatos F11 and F12.
        • Developer's Note: This change was done as some players were using the skill to purposefully be annoying and guarantee they will never get invited into a party ever again.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Kunai - Distortion to properly use the element of the equipped kunai.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Inquisitor's Powerful Faith P.ATK bonus wrongfully being removed by Gentle Touch - Revitalize.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Kisul Water Spray skill cast indicator to not show as Heal.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Cardinal's Competentia duration to be 5 minutes.
      •  Bug Fix Wind Sign no longer works with magic attacks.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Maelstrom to prevent Earthquake damage when placed under the caster.
      •  Bug Fix Eternal Slash now requires Weapon Blocking to be triggered.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Rush Quake duration values per skill level.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Rush Quake buffs to work properly.
        • Rush effect now grants +50% damage multiplier.
        • Quake effect now grants +50% long range and short range physical damage.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Magic Book Mastery to grant the proper values.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Festival of Kisui to properly work when the caster is not in a party.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Colors of Hyunrok effect multi-stacking.
      •  Bug Fix Using Colors of Hyunrok at level 7 no longer removes the buff for Catnip Meteor.
      •  Bug Fix Having 10 Earth Charm no longer increases the target's hard defense by 100%, but instead increases your own hard defense.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Midnight Kick going through walls.
      •  Bug Fix March of Prontera now also increases movement speed.
      •  Bug Fix All in the Sky now has a 60s cooldown.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Vigor effect from +50% normal melee physical damage to +200%.
      •  Bug Fix While mounted, Dragon Training now increases mastery attack for spear type weapons.
      •  Bug Fix Dragon Training now only ignores the size penalty while using spear type weapons.
      •  Bug Fix Fixed Religio, Benedictum and Competentia showing up multiple times in the chat window.


      Siege and PvP


      User Feedback

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      3 hours ago, Hurt Locker said:

      Thanks for the patch. It would also be great as a suggestion in the future to add the book to skip the quests and do multiple runs for the new 18.1 content.

      Somewhat planned for the future.

      Paranoid and Hurt Locker like this
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      cannot use @ws at wolf village,this make us cannot buy Amethyst Fragment from vending or put it to currency wallet so we must back to other town and come to village after manually passing 4 map if want to buy or enchant new wolf gear.
      not sure if it bug or intended but i think wolf village is a town so i think we should be able to use @ws there.

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      There is a way to choose your desired enchant on gray wolf equipment?

      there is only the option to choose a random enchant on acessories on the first 2 slots, and then you can choose the last enchant for 2500 amethyst.


      i think it would be better if you have the option that can choose the enchant in all slots, even if it costs 7500+ amethyst

      Gelgoog and deniswalle96 like this
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      So the 3rd and 2nd slot enchants on gray wolf equipment are going to be only random? Let's say I want 2 Warrior orbs in my armor, this makes virtually impossible to achieve desired enchants, especially if the odds in NovaRO are like these:



      With these odds, there's hardly any improvement over the 17.2 equipment that we get to choose the enchantment, really disappointing. I hope the staff rethink this, either giving an option to reroll 2nd slot enhchant or choose the desired enchant for a higher price.


      Edited by deniswalle96
      Armster likes this
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      If we can choose all desired enchant it will be break the game because it is so OP.

      Since its really hard to get eg 2x Wolf orb in a row with that chance

      Maybe I suggest that, once you get the rare orb (warrior , mage , shooter) on 4th enchant , the 3rd enchant will be auto have 50% chance to get another rare orb (warrior , mage , shooter) 

      Atleast this gives some hope that might get the perfect enchant

      Edited by Nekomimi
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      On 3/15/2023 at 1:59 AM, Sst said:

      cannot use @ws at wolf village,this make us cannot buy Amethyst Fragment from vending or put it to currency wallet so we must back to other town and come to village after manually passing 4 map if want to buy or enchant new wolf gear.
      not sure if it bug or intended but i think wolf village is a town so i think we should be able to use @ws there.

      This has been fixed.

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