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  • First Responder Thank-You Note

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    To all first responders among us,

    This is a short letter to you.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that the past couple of months have been trying. We have faced such a tremendous amount of adversity from all directions and you all have inspired us with the courage and resilience that you have shown during these trying times. We cannot but admire the tenacity and grace that we know will continue to shine light into the uncertainties that lie ahead. These truths cannot be said out loud often enough.


    This is to you, for being out there performing the kind of work that is rough physically and not the least bit easier mentally; work that risks your own health and well-being but that you still selflessly and tirelessly tackle. You take on assisting those who need assistance and helping those who are weaker and more vulnerable; protecting those who need protection. But above all else, this kind of work that you, as a first responder, do, is often thankless. It shouldn't be this way. Your efforts should not be taken for granted.


    So for the daring you, for going that extra mile for everyone else, we want to offer you our sincerest thanks. It is you who is actively making the world a little better place. For your contributions to society and for being a hero of today, we hope you will accept the following as a little gift from us.

    Lifting a toast to your fighting spirit,
    - The NovaRO Staff



    32406.png Free Nova Points & Bonus Nova Points

    As a first responder, you will obtain 25k Nova Points and a bonus +25% on any Nova Point purchases for a full week.

    A player of NovaRO who is also a first responder is required to provide identification to Nova via Discord. This should be an official ID from your respective organization. We understand this is private information you would be sharing with us, hence it is perfectly alright if you want to censor certain fields that would be shown. However, we ask for your full name to be visible and legible.

    Who is eligible?


    Law enforcement officers, state troopers, deputies, federal agents, school resource officers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, rescuers, military personnel, sanitation workers, public works, and other trained members of organizations connected with this type of work.

    If you're not sure if you fit the bill, PM Nova on Discord regardless and chat it out with him!


    FIRSTBADGE.png First Responder's Badge
    For joining us during these times, we're also distributing a small exclusive memento item under the name of "First Responder's Badge". This is a simple costume equipment created for the purpose of commemorating your efforts. Nova will send out this headgear to you together with the Nova Points once you have been confirmed as a first responder.


    Please note that the combination of these items may only be redeemed once per person on one account. The week's bonus starts at your confirmation as a first responder.



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