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    You may be required to keep your distance in real life right now but fortunately in an online environment you do not need to stay separated from your friends. Are you spending time with some in game? Do you already have a family away from family here on NovaRO in form of a guild or other close-knit individuals? Or perhaps you're new with us and looking for friends as we speak? Illustrate your adventures, warm and fuzzy moments and hugs shared.


    Contest Theme: Friends & Family


    This is an Art Contest, so entries will be judged on the following: clear presence of the theme, creativity and originality. You are more than welcome to write up descriptions of your work or captions for your images but no text will be judged to determine our winners.


    There are two special things about this contest. The first is that we have removed the usual submission cap. This means that you if you really like drawing and want to submit lots of pictures, you can! The second is that this time we've borrowed an idea from our dear friends at TalonRO. For us, this means you can earn more Event Tickets per GM challenge you complete if your submission includes them. Both are purely optional and there for your fun.


    As always, both traditional as well as digital creations are welcome so take out your favourite supplies of choice and indulge yourself in a creative moment or two! All artists will receive a small participation reward for sharing their art with the community.



    1. There is no limit on the number of illustrations. You can submit as many as you wish but please group them under the same (one) post.
    2. There is no size restriction. If you want your artwork featured as a "Login Screen" or "Loading Screen", your image should be 1280 x 960 or higher and scalable to this size.
    3. Include your in-game character name in your submission post. If you omit your name, we will not be able to send you your rewards.
    4. Please only submit serious entries. Humor is welcome and we encourage artists from all skill levels to take part, but troll and meme entries will be disqualified.
    5. Artistic nudity is allowed, pornography is not. If your piece contains nudity please add a NSFW tag to your post and put your piece in spoiler tags.

    6. No plagiarism is allowed. If we find someone submitting plagiarized artwork they will be disqualified.
    7. If you wish to submit your entry anonymously, you can do so via this link. Write "Friends & Family Art Contest" as the message title.
    8. You can change, swap out or edit your entry anytime within the time limit. We encourage all artists to either sign or place a water mark on their art.
    9. This contest will run from Monday, March 30th until Monday, April 20th. The run-time is 3 weeks.
    10. When you submit your art, you agree that your entry can be used as promotional material by NovaRO (with appropriate credit given).
    11. Anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to participation rewards and cannot re-enter.
    12. We reserve the rights to adjust and clarify the rules of this contest if we deem necessary.


    How to submit:

    1. Once you have finished your artwork and ready to submit it, start by writing a new message in this thread and attach your image.
      You can do this by first clicking "Drag files here to attach or choose files...", then click on the image you have attached to embed it into the post. Do not copy-paste it, as this will degrade its resolution.
    2. If your image is significantly large in size, please put it in spoiler tags.
    3. Remember to include your in-game name and the GM challenges you did (if any).
      This is so we can send you the in-game rewards via RODEX and to help with their distribution.
    4. You can alter your entry at any point during this contest runtime by editing your original post.
      If you wanted to submit a different image, or add your signature, feel free to do so.





    1st Place:


    2nd Place:

    • 675.png 5,000 Nova Points
    • 32882.png 2 Blossoming Buddies Packs
    • 32109.png 250 Event Tickets


    3rd Place:

    • 675.png 2,500 Nova Points
    • 32882.png 1 Blossoming Buddies Pack
    • 32109.png 150 Event Tickets


    Participation Reward:
    (Reward for everyone who enters, including the winners.)

    • 32109.png10 Event Tickets


    Additional GM Challenges:

    (More GM challenges may become available with time.)

    • [GM] Nova: Include a pet 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Tokei: Write "that's impossible" 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Hector: Draw a lil' poop and add a lil' crow 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Scout: Have Baphomet in the picture 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Lumitas: Include Loli Ruri's crescent moon and black cat 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Eclipse: Draw a frog 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Mavka: Incorporate a blanket 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Svarog: Include anything that relates to fire 32109.png5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Millefey: Have someone wear a seductive pair of bunny ears 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Panic: Draw a Royal Guard 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Horong: Include a Video Call with friends 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Carmin: Include a red-colored headgear 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Skorian: Include something pirate related 32109.png 5 Event Tickets
    • [GM] Aimer: Include at least 10 references to different 'universes'. Gaming, movies, comics, anime, anything goes. 32109.png 50 Event Tickets


    As always, we wish everyone good luck and hope you have fun!
    If you have additional questions or enquiries about this event, you are welcome to post them directly into this thread.


    * Both of these items are account-bound. If the winner has already obtained both of these headgears, this prize will go to the runner-up.

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