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    Hi there everybody! I'm here to talk to you about the EU General Data Protection Regulation. (GDPR)

    There's been an influx of players curious on how this new legislation will affect NovaRO, and we'd like to inform everybody that we will not be banning anybody from NovaRO based on location as a result of these new regulations. You can feel safe continuing to play, knowing that you will not lose access to your accounts just because you're in Europe.

    Our team is already making the necessary adjustments for us to be able to fully comply with these regulations, and we will be updating the Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service in the coming days.

    We hope you continue to enjoy your stay in NovaRO!

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    Nova, im sure you will get a lot of new players by this week.

    really sad to hear about what happened to EU players , they are forced to leave the server 


    Godbless NovaRO

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    21 minutes ago, Mob said:

    What happened to EU players?

    Summarizing quickly, the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation 2 years ago that gives consumers more control over their personal data hosted overseas. They will begin to enforce it relatively one month from now.


    Instead of using those 2 years to make sure they're compliant, WarpPortal who hosts iRO decided the best course of action is to region-block and deactivate the accounts of their European players, even those not in the European Union, save Russia and the CIS.


    Nova is thankfully not so cruel.

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    Awesome, @Nova!


    The GDPR is absolutely one of the most amazing things to come out of Europe, besides myself and only serves as an example for what's possible when the leaders of the people listens to the masses.


    To everyone bashing the GDPR, you really shouldn't. It gives you direct control of your online presence. You own your data, and it effectively makes it illegal for anyone to collect personally identifiable information about you.


    You can read up on most of the key changes here: https://www.eugdpr.org/key-changes.html

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    I wanted to reach out and offer my assistance if you have any questions regarding GDPR. I work in IT Compliance at an international company and have been up to my neck in GDPR policy drafting in recent days. I'm glad to see you're making an effort here.

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