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    Eggring Pin Giveaway

    Hello, everyone! As everyone is surely aware, we are slowly moving towards the darker and gloomier times of the year (at least here in the northern hemisphere). But whether it is cold or sweltering where you live, here is an Eggring Pin to brighten your backpack/clothing item and remind you of RO, the evergreen Lasagna fields and all things sunny! Note that while there is only one pin to give away, two runner-ups will receive in-game goodies.


    3.png   4.png   5.png


    This brass pin is approximately 4.5 cm (1.7") wide and 2.5 cm (1") tall.


    Theme: Your reason
    How: Tell us why you should be the owner of this pin. You may find it helpful to start your post with an implied or explicitly mentioning the word "Because...".


    This is a Giveaway, where the winners will be selected in a raffle. To qualify for the raffle, you must have adhered to the theme and followed the rules below so please make sure to do so.


    1. You are only allowed to submit 1 entry per person.
    2. Please include your in-game character name with your submission post (if no IGN is included, the user will be disqualified).
    3. There is no limit on how short or long your entry can be as long as the theme is expressed.
    4. Please respect this event by refraining from plagiarizing other players as well as from submitting meme & troll posts.
    5. You have 1 week to post your entry in this thread (September 18th - September 26th).
    6. You can change your entry any time between September 18th - September 26th.
    7. Any entries submitted after the 26th will not count.
    8. The winners will be announced on September 29st at 12:00 server time. (@time).
    9. We reserve the right to clarify/adjust the criteria described here over the first two days of the event should we find this necessary.




    Winner (1):

    • Eggring Pin (sent to you)
    • 10,000 NP
    • 300 Gold Coins
    • Random Pet Egg


    Runner-ups (2):

    • 5,000 NP
    • 300 Gold Coins
    • Random Pet Egg


    Participation rewards are (exceptionally) not available this time.

    Anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason CANNOT re-enter.



    I hope you can forgive me for the belated summeryness.
    Good luck to all you lovelies!

    Edited by Millefey

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    RO made me kill so many cute little creatures, the only thing to cure my darkened soul is this eggring with that shiny gaze in its eyes.


    IGN: Gunpowder

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    This Eggring pin looks very eggsperienced, I'm not even yolking. 





    IGN: Blair Waldorf

    Edited by Blair Waldorf

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    Roses are red, violets are blue ...... i just see delicious poring, give me that


    IGN: DogeShibe

    Edited by Oneeyez

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    This pin is themed yellow. My character is exactly yellow. They match, I'm sure, thus gift it to the IGN below.

    IGN: Money drei

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