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    Halloween Art Contest Winners


    Winter is chugging ahead at a record speed at least over here, but it's not going so fast that we can't catch up and get up to speed with distributing the promised awards and rewards! Unfortunately it took us longer to go through the voting and I must regrettably announce that the loading screens that we made (out of nearly every image submitted to the contest) will not be making an appearance until next Halloween. This is perhaps not terribly surprising considering how late the contest ended last month but we're indeed very sorry to disappoint those of you who were really looking forward to seeing the new screens. It's a major bummer! On the positive, we now have a little less than a year until arguably the best season of the year returns -- and return it will.


    In this contest we had 14 members of our staff who voted and ranked the contest pictures from 17 of our talented artists!
    All the names provided below are the creators' player names. Big applauses and congratulations to the winners of Halloween Art Contest 2021!


    1st Place

    Ms SisSipPi.JPG
    Ms SisSipPi
    2nd Place

    3rd Place





    Participant Snapshots


    Thank you everyone else too for the fun arts that you submitted, and this contest wouldn't have been the same -- and certainly not a contest -- without you! Sadly participants often seem to go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things so we had the idea to better show the rest of you just how much we enjoyed your work. We hope you enjoy this small initiative. So below every entry you can read a small assortment of the staff team's thoughts and impressions about each piece.


    REMINDER! If you took part in this contest, your participation rewards (Event Tickets) will be sent to you over the next few days. The same applies to winner's rewards. Please pick them up from your ROdex mails before they expire! We don't want them going missing! You'll have one full week to claim them by logging onto your characters and checking your incoming mails.



    Thank you again, everyone, and see you in the next contest!
    The staff team wishes you a wonderful day.



    "I now have seen Elvis Presley in a Ghibli movie" "I love the cute artistic whimsy, the adorable mittens, and the deviruchis!" "Dark"
    "I like the concept a lot, pretty fun seeing the sins asking for their plates and the natural reaction a player would experience." "I like the colors of the left character. Red/black/white go well together. I want to change my AB's colors." "Full of so many detail, and a dark fantasy style that hit a chord with me"
    "A nice representation of the sin, that remind these monster are really strange looking !" "This made me laugh. True, the deviruchis need lots of food... How else will they stay plump like this?!" "This is a horrifically bloody scene but beautifully drawn!"
    "I reallyyy like the background!! (And they sure are demanding, aren't they..?)" "It's very cute, to the character at the monster it overflow with cuteness and i like it !" "Those are some detailed feathers. Good job."

    Lazy Anna.png
    Lazy Anna
    Anna Molly.jpeg
    Anna Molly
    "The... Sura's abs are kinda hot?" "Great "family" picture ! Very nice to see many character with very unique design" "It's fun and interesting. We rarely see 3D art, and i love the change for once"
    "Chatty time with friends. The little angry deviruchi is my fave detail." "Reminds me of egypt mythology. Don't ask me why, it just does." "Nice style ! The refining hell incarnated"
    "Nice chibi full of colour, and the author was able to give an idea of the character personality with one drawing" "Really cool. Some elements make me think of some old RO card arts and I really dig it. Definitely one of my favorites so far." "I like the authentic feel of RO in this piece."
    "Fun one, loved all the expressions!" "The colors lend warmth and depth to this piece. I love the contours!" "I love the 3D! It grants a whole new dimension to RO! But I most especially appreciate the Crow ;)"

    Flora Hodgson.jpg
    Flora Hodgson
    "Cute! Loved the running Jakk, hehe" "Uhm, those are some very fancy Porings" "Crow is dope"
    "This was a very creative idea! When no pumpkins, make them!" "Adorable and seasonal Porings, I love it! Trick or Treat indeed!" "I love the disposition of the scene, it really makes for a great presentation"
    "Those hanging dolls on the gibbet are adorable." "Porings celebrating Halloween! They're adorable. Just look how happy Munak looks! They'd sure get lots of candy in those getups!" "Pretty neat! I love the concept, it's really creative."
    "Lovely depiction of Niffelheim." "I wish the real Trickster King was this cute." "Wow, this art surely makes an impact with that big crow! Very nice!"

    "Great scene, you can tell a story just by looking at this picture" "This one makes me wanna hide.... scary intense look D:" "It's a nice take on Kimi, i like the light effect and ghotic style"
    "Grumpy, I like it." "I love the ambiance and light in this! You can almost feel it glow!" "This feels like a League of Legend splash art."
    "Reminds me of a demon lord of some kind! The pants remind me of velvet, and the cloak of fur!" "Very nice portrait, i think the lighting on the face make it stand out" "The pillars of light *-* The color scheme is on point!"
    "I really like the ghosts and the little story in it haha." "Really cool! I will forever imagine every Warlock making this face when they release Comet."

    "I especially like the hair and necklace details. And the teeny thin marionette strings."

    Vaquita Warlock.jpg
    Vaquita Warlock
    "A nice unique design, of a "twisted" version of a character" "Kinda weird but cool"  
    "This is quite demonic indeed. Wouldn't like to get in her way!" "Love the expression of pure horror and the detail on the shield. Poor loli ruri that is now an orc and super strong so that she broke her moon in half ;_;"  
    "Very cool looking AB!" "It'd a nice and fun interpretation ! I love to see the pet gloom disguise !"  
    "The creative cascades and contrast of colors sets this piece alight. Stunning <3" "This style is super cute."  
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    I really liked Ms SisSipPi's and Luabua's art.

    That picture with zombie Kafra is scary, good pick. And Luabua's picture is cute and beautiful, too bad it didn't win one of the first 3 places.

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    On 12/8/2021 at 4:04 PM, Dhal said:

    I really liked Ms SisSipPi's and Luabua's art.

    That picture with zombie Kafra is scary, good pick. And Luabua's picture is cute and beautiful, too bad it didn't win one of the first 3 places.

    I cannot comment other than it was a close competition and only three slots..!


    We do wish everyone could be declared a winner though because finishing an artwork the likes you see here (and within the deadline at that) is a real achievement. So I do hope that all of our artists are super proud of their work, and we hope to see more of it! /ok

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