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  • Halloween Patch Notes #167

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    Halloween Event

    The Halloween Event has once again begun! Creepy Critters are being spotted all throughout Rune-Midgard and legions of monsters are invading the cities of the world! Defeat them to obtain rewards, including many exclusive headgears. Rumors pass from soul to soul about the one responsible for all of this, the mysterious Trickster King. What terrors will the Trickster King and his army of the dead unleash upon Rune-Midgard? Only time will tell...


    Creepy Critters will spawn in most field and dungeon maps. Kill them for Pumpkins and exchange them to the Coffin in Prontera for Halloween Coins. You can also earn Halloween Coins by participating in the town invasions. You can then exchange your Halloween Coins to Loki for either headgears or one of his boxes. Defeat the Trickster King in order to obtain Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings. Continue to defeat him for Chromatic Stones, which you can bring to Selim in Prontera for Devil Wing recolors. With so many recolor tasks, Selim has been going around Prontera recruiting new test subjects to help her fulfill her creepy food orders for her loyal clients, the Deadly Sins. And last but not least, the Tower of Trickery makes its return!


    The Halloween Event will end on October 31st at 11:59PM [Server Time - PST]



    Halloween Event

    The event is divided into multiple sections with a wide range of challenges and unique mechanics for all to enjoy! For more information, check our wiki page!

    • Trickster Realm: Visit another world, where you can farm Halloween Coins and Spirit Shards.
    • Mysterious Coffin: Collect Organic Agriculture Pumpkins and Halloween Coins to complete the quest and be rewarded with costumes!
    • Tower of Trickery: Go through a series of mini-games and collect Halloween Coins. You also get a chance at getting unique headgears from completing it!
    • Trickster King: This fight is for the brave and consist of a real challenge! Fighting the King will require a strong team and Spirit Shards from each participating player.
    • Cooking with Selim: Help Selim cook up spooky meals to satiate the hunger of the Hungry Hungry Sins and earn Phantom Favors.



    • image.pngSpirit Shards: Used to enter the hard Trickster King's Keep (they are obtained from the Twisted Realm).
    • image.png Halloween Coins: Used to purchase several items and hats from Loki.
    • image.png Organic Agriculture Pumpkins: Can be given to the pumpkin-devouring Mysterious Coffin.
    • wyq54e4.png Selim's Paints: Used to recolor various Halloween-themed hats.


    Each section of the event has its own unique headgears and costumes attached to it, while Halloween Coins (obtained by participating in any Halloween content) can be exchanged for a shared list of goodies. All the NPCs can be found in Prontera, near @navi prontera 143 171.

    • Loki will exchange your Halloween Coins into items and headgears.
    • Demon Hunter Hector will craft Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings, as well as prepare you for the Trickster King's fight!
      • Selim can recolor the wings you obtain through Hector, if you so desire.
    • Mysterious Coffin is a small quest that gives you headgears.
    • Tricky Ghosts generate the Tower of Trickery instance.
    Cooking With Selim

    You can find the visiting Selim and her Bad Monkey hanging around on the Hallowed Square (hallohub, 139, 205).


    Selim's coloring tasks are eating up her time, so she won't say no if someone was to help her handle the food orders this year. Her most loyal clients, the Deadly Sins, are particularly hungry, because scaring people all the time is draining, and there is a lot of bloodcurdling cooking to be done.

    Every day you will obtain a list of three meals, one main course and two side dishes, so roll up your sleeves, lest Bad Monkey be forced to do the work for you. Additionally, you are to collect Spiritual Seasonings from the parallel world to aid digestion of material particles.

    The finished meals can be brought to spoil any Deadly Sin on your choosing. Through the process of being devoured, they become human and Doram-friendly, and you get a little something for yourself. Return to Selim to get your Phantom Favor. You may also repeat the cooking process as many times as you like.

    Trickster Realm

    In any dungeon of field map, you may find a Wandering Spirit which you need to kill. They will remain on the field as an NPC and talking to him will lead you to the Trickster Realm.


    The Trickster Realm is a small room with various monsters, whose difficulty scales depending on your character's level. These all drop Halloween Coins on death and there's a 5 minutes time limit to clearing the room. You can freely re-enter after death, but so can anyone else who sees the NPC, regardless of their affiliation with you.


    When you reach level 175, the Wandering Spirit will open the Twisted Realm instead of the regular Trickster Realm. You'll find harder monsters inside, as well as a chance of meeting a mob that drops a Spirit Shard.


    You can lower the difficulty of the Trickster Realm by speaking with Loki and selecting Escape the Twisted Realm. Please note that while this will make the mobs easier, it will also decrease your rewards and make you unable to farm Spirit Shards. You can revert this setting anytime by speaking with Loki once more. 


    Twisted Mobs will drop Cookie's Bats, which are used to evolve the Skellion Pet.

    Mysterious Coffin

    The Mysterious Coffin will exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins. To begin this quest...

    • Speak with the Mysterious Coffin in the Hallowed Square (@go 54).
    • You will be asked to bring 30 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins and be rewarded with a Costume Executioner Hood.
    • You can now exchange 25 Organic Agriculture Pumpkins for 50 Halloween Coins as many times as you want.
    Tower of Trickery

    The Tower of Trickery can be found in the Hallowed Square by talking to Tricky Ghost (hallohub,255,203) and requires a party of 2-4 players.


    You have to complete several mini-games within 15 minutes. For each game completed, you're given 5 Halloween Coins. You are also given 100 Halloween Coins as a reward for finishing the whole tower. Everyday, the top three fastest parties to clear the tower are placed in the leaderboard and will receive bonus rewards at midnight. The top 3 fastest parties over the course of the entire event will receive exclusive rewards when the event is over. The same party cannot win more than once, however, so if all the top 3 runs have been made by the same group, the 4th and 5th parties will be rewarded instead.


    Before starting a game in the Tower of Trickery, you will always be given a choice between the left or right portal. Each one has a different game, so if your party struggles with a specific one, consider simply skipping it. 

    Twisted Trickster King

    Freed from his slumber, the Twisted Trickster King has once again made his return!
    Without any power restraints, the regular Trickster King fight is no longer available.

    Adventurers reported hearing strange sounds when entering the Twisted Realm, some of which would remind them of a caw.


    Any adventurer who defeats the Twisted Trickster King for the first time ever will obtain the following rewards :

    • King's Crown
    • Achievement containing the following title: Revenant

    Regular Drops:

    • Vampire Familiar - 100% drop rate
    • Banshee Master - 20% drop rate
    • Brown Ribbon Scarf - 2% drop rate
    • Black Eremes Scarf - 2% drop rate
    • 5 Cursed Ruby - 100% drop rate


    Script Based Drops (Individually rolled):

    • Chromatic Stone - 90% drop rate
    • Great Chromatic Stone - 60% drop rate


     Much like last year's Halloween Event, players will be able to craft Little Devil Wings and Great Devil Wings using exclusive drops: King's Essence and King's Stone.

    • Crafting a Little Devil Wings now only costs 6 King's Stones down from 18
    • Crafting a Great Devil Wings now only costs 10 King's Stones down from 30
    • The 3 kill requirement for obtaining King's Stone and King's Essence was reduced to 1.
      • This reward still has a limit of one per day, per account.


    Refer to Demon Hunter Hector in the Hallowed Square for more information.


    2021 Halloween

    • The all new Hallowed Square map has been added. You can access this map by typing @go 54.
    • You can now obtain Halloween Quests from Sally at the Hallowed Square.
      • Developer's Note: These quests reset with Weeklies, but are not part of the Weekly system and do not count towards to the "Complete All" weekly.
        • Obtain 1,000 Halloween Coins, for 3 [EVT] Trick-or-Treat Basket.
        • Compete 5 Twisted Trickster Realm rooms, for 3 [EVT] Trick-or-Treat Basket.
    • Introducing the Haunted Harvest!
      • This year, help various Halloween friends with their activities in the Haunted Harvest and they will reward you handsomely! For each friend you help, you will receive their corresponding rewards and, if you are so keen, receive a bonus reward for helping all of them.
      • You'll receive these set of quests whenever you complete one of the activities described. There are 4 friends to help in total:
      • Loki's Shadow Box contains a 12-hour reusable mercenary scroll to summon a Loki's Shadow Mercenary.
        • Developer's Note: We have always wanted to explore custom mercenaries in the past, but were met with technical difficulties. We are very excited to say that this is no longer the case. With the release of Loki's Shadow, you can expect to see more custom mercenaries in the future.
        • Loki's Shadow is balanced to be stronger than the popular Scaraba Mercenary, as it is a limited event reward.
      • You may complete the Haunted Harvest once per account and all rewards are account-bound.
    • Tweaked the difficulty of some mobs inside the Twisted Trickster Realm.
    • Bubblegum has been removed from the Halloween Coin shop.
      • Developer's Note: As Bubblegum is highly available through the Summer Event we decided it was unnecessary to have it be a part of Halloween as well.
    • Added the option to choose a Challenge whenever entering the Twisted Trickster Realm.
      • Challenges in Twisted Trickster Realm work similar to challenges from Glast Heim: Challenge Mode. Party leader is presented with a list of challenges and may choose one challenge when entering the realm.
      • In addition to the challenges, each choice also comes with random elemental buffs and debuffs. Mobs inside a realm with challenges will have additional resistance towards a single element, and deal bonus damage in a single element. The bonus resistance and damage are listed next to the challenges.
      • Clearing a Twisted Trickster Realm with challenges rewards players with additional Halloween Coins and progression towards the Haunted Harvest, as well as additional achievements.
      • Here is a complete list of all available challenges:
        • Cast Time: Players have increased cast time inside the Twisted Trickster Realm.
        • No Crit: Skills which normally crit do not crit or deal critical damage.
        • Slasher: An invincible mob follows each player around inside the realm. If a mob reaches its target player, the player dies instantly.
        • Poison Cloud: The realm spawns Poison Cloud in random areas, dealing damage to anyone standing inside it.
        • ATK or MATK: Mobs inside the realm rotate between being immune to physical damage and being immune to magic damage.
        • Enraged: Mobs inside the realm have increased attack speed and movement speed.
        • Low ASPD: Players have reduced attack speed inside the realm.
        • Agi Up: Mobs inside the realm have higher flee and movement speed.
        • Regen: Mobs regenerate HP continuously.
        • Inc. HP: Mobs have increased max HP.
        • Culling Strike: Receiving damage while having less than 30% max HP instantly kills the player.
    • Added 4 new Tower of Trickery mini-games: Poring Swap, Find the Way, Color Memory and Cade Crusaders.
    • Added 4 new achievements for completing the new games 1,000 times, similar to the existing game achievements.
    • Killing enough Revenants inside Twisted Trickster Realm with challenges unlocks an achievement which gives one of the following hats:
    • Reduced the amount for Hungry Sins deliveries (tier 3) Achievement from 1000 to 250.
    • The following hat quests have returned for the duration of Halloween
    • Selim has a new shipment of hats that can be recolored.
    • The following items have been added to the Phantom Favor shop:


    Live Changes (applied during the month of September)

    • Added leaderboards for most instances.
      • Developer's Note: This excludes instances which a leaderboard wouldn't make sense, such as Central Lab. Currently, there are no special rewards, but we may explore those for top ranked individuals or groups in the future. This is also something we'll be adding for most new instances adds as well.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a #japanese channel.
      • Developer's Note: Please keep in mind that, by default, the client does not support Japanese phonetic symbols.
    •  Community Suggestion Automatic Modules will now take priority over their enchants when using @ws.
    • Fixed an issue with Geffen Magic Tournament's exit portal.
    • Fixed Orleans Gloves and Orleans Server to not be equippable by Soul Reaper.
    • Fixed Temporal Boot enchantments to no longer get dispelled.
    • Corrected the behavior of Empty Shadow and Dark Claw to remove and prevent Max Pain.
    • Removed the restriction on Battlegrounds not being available during War of Emperium.



    • Fixed @navi to work properly inside the new Eden map.
    • Healer now removes the Overheat from Mechanics.
    •  Community Suggestion When resetting skills, Seth will also punch away to your inventory any items that give you skills and prevent you from releveling them.





    • Added the 33964.png - Vampire Set Box to the Nova Shop for 17,500 Nova Points.
    • All Halloween Nova Shop items have returned for the duration of the Halloween Event.
    • The Cawful Trickster King is once again available for battle.
    • Fixed [MVP] Guillotine Cross Eremes Card not giving +15% damage.
    • Fixed Wizardry Staff not being able to be Malangdo enchanted.
    • Fixed Glorious Holy Avenger to give its intended INT bonus.
    • Fixed Big MDEF and Big DEF Potions to no longer be dispelable.

    • Fixed Wakwak card sprite missing.

    •  Community Suggestion Added items from Blazing Egg and Blazing Egg II as separate items to the Nova Shop.


    Siege and PvP

    • Revised and decreased most BG Secret Shop prices by 25%.
      • Mega Orlean's Course: 5000 -> 3750 Valor Badges
      • 30m Regeneration Potion: 500 -> 375 Valor Badges
      • 30m Guyak Pudding: 1000 -> 750 Valor Badges
      • 30m Big Defense Potion: 500 -> 375 Valor Badges
      • 30m Big Magic Defense Potion: 500 -> 375 Valor Badges
    • Enabled the following items in all Siege Modes:
      • All Temporal Jewels
      • Temporal Circlet (Warlock)
      • Temporal Circlet (Ranger)
    •  Community Suggestion Added the option to buy Reversal Vouchers from the BG Secret Shop for 650 Valor Badges (limit of 5 per week).
    •  Siege Commissioners MVP Card Tiering changes:
      • The following cards have been moved from Tier 2 (5 per Guild in WoE) to Tier 1 (3 per Guild in WoE):
        • Boitata Card
        • Jewgoliant Card

        • Cursed King Schmidt Card

        • Ktullanux Card

        • R48-85-BESTIA Card

        • Bone Detardeurus Card

    •  Siege Commissioners Disabled friend and trade requests in all Siege maps.
    •  Siege Commissioners Doram is now considered Medium in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the range of Arm Cannon to 14 cells in all Siege game modes.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Diamond Dust by 100% in all Siege game modes. (now 200%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Psychic Wave by 100% in all Siege game modes. (now 200%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Varetyr Spear by 100% in all Siege game modes. (now 200%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Earth Grave by 100% in all Siege game modes. (now 200%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Poison Buster by 100% in all Siege game modes. (now 200%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Triangle Shot now goes on cooldown for 2 seconds after using Feint Bomb in Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Disabled Full Strip in Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Enabled Mystical Amplification in Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Severe Rainstorm by 100% in Battlegrounds. (now 200%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Cluster Bomb by 100% in Battlegrounds. (now 200%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Spell Fist by 25% in Battlegrounds. (now 125%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Further reduced the damage of Comet by 25% in Battlegrounds. (now -50%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the damage of Soul Expansion by 33% in Battlegrounds. (now 67%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the damage of Kunai Explosion by 50% in Battlegrounds. (now +50%)
    • The following changes were applied in order to make their behavior consistent with War of Emperium:
      •  Siege Commissioners Crazy Weed now has a minimum cooldown of 4 seconds in Battlegrounds.
      •  Siege Commissioners Full Chemical Protection now has a range of 7 cells in Battlegrounds.
      •  Siege Commissioners Kaite now increases physical damage by 50% instead of 400% in Battlegrounds.
      •  Siege Commissioners Illusion Immaterial Sword now only applies its effects through auto attacks in Battlegrounds.
      •  Siege Commissioners Disabled Mind Breaker in Battlegrounds.
      •  Siege Commissioners Reduced the Fixed Cast Time of Aimed Bolt to 0.7 seconds in Battlegrounds.
    •  Community Suggestion Super Novices now get Soul Linked at round start in Battlegrounds.
    •  Siege Commissioners Performers can now use emsembles and choruses with guild mates instead of requiring party members in War of Emperium.
    •  Siege Commissioners Decreased the damage reflection from Reject Sword from 50% to 25% in War of Emperium.
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Arm Cannon by 25% in War of Emperium. (now +50%)
    •  Siege Commissioners Increased the damage of Spell Fist by 100% in War of Emperium. (now 200%)
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    >Doram is now considered Medium in all Siege game modes.

    Yeah just take more damage /e28


    Why not just lower that 85% global demi resist instead of doing these random skill amps so everyone could have high damages.


    Heck some who played support already opt to carry damage skills/gears anyway.

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    - Fixed an issue with Geffen Magic Tournament's exit portal.


    I think this hasn't been fixed yet? I've been walking back and forth, still nothing happens



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    On 10/2/2021 at 4:49 AM, Fujii said:

    I noticed the change of Special Pharmacy brew rate, why is it not included in the patch note?

    This is likely an unintended bug brought about by changes related to fourth jobs. Please create a bug report about the matter and we'll investigate it as soon as possible.

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    On 10/5/2021 at 11:15 PM, Nova said:

    This is likely an unintended bug brought about by changes related to fourth jobs. Please create a bug report about the matter and we'll investigate it as soon as possible.

    Nova, apparently its not bug ? and they fixed, can u let us know if its really change or is it bug ? thanks 


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