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  • Halloween Patch Notes #168

    • Patch Notes

    Hello! We had an emergency patch to fix Haunted Harvest being reset with weekly quests. This issue has been fixed and all lost progress prior to reset has been restored. With this maintenance, we also implemented a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life updates for the event. Enjoy!


    Halloween Changes

    • Fixed Haunted Harvest and restored progression to before reset.
    • Increase Trickster Realm spawn rate from 75% to 100%
    • Fixed an issue with infinite mob spawn inside Twisted Trickster Realm
    • Fixed an issue with Trickster Realm not spawning after killing Wandering Ghost.
    • Disabled dual client in Trickster Realm.
    • Fixed an issue with Revenant achievement only counting for the killer.
    • Fixed an issue with Twisted Trickster Realm quest not progressing properly.
    • Changed Challenge Trickster Realm description to be more clear.
    • Fixed an issue with Sin cooking achievements not counting properly.
    • Fixed an issue with Sins not taking cooked dishes or giving Phantom Favors.
    • Fixed an issue with Pumpkin turn-ins not counting for all characters on the same account.
    • Fixed an issue where Sally was only giving 1 of the 2 Halloween Quests.
    • Reset King's Stone cap for this year.
    •  Community Suggestion Decreased Color Memory minigame from 5 rounds to 3 rounds.
    •  Community Suggestion Decreased Matching Elements minigame from 5 rounds to 3 rounds.
    •  Community Suggestion Revamped Find the Way minigame to be more interesting.
    •  Community Suggestion Slightly decreased the NPC timer in Poring Swap.
    • Tower of Trickery will now dispel you on entrance.
    • Disabled dual client in both Tower of Trickery
    • Fixed Loki's Shadow pet not hatching.
    • Fixed and re-enabled CTK battle.
    • Disabled vending at @go 54.
    •  Community Suggestion Added "Mad Queen" title. You can obtain this title after you've complete the "Mad King" title achievement by speaking to Astrid (hallohub 220, 225)



    • Revamped Deathless challenge in Glast Heim: Challenge Mode. All Deathless challenge now has an innate 25% Culling Strike and 45% Healing reduction. One of the 1-star challenges in the combination also has been upgraded to a 2-star challenge.


    Siege and PvP

    • Performer Temporal Circlets are enabled for all siege modes.


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