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    Time to get spoopy! This is a call for all creative individuals -- join us for the season of pumpkins and the hallow time! Dust the spiderwebs off your brushes, rinse clean your water pans, find a nice crackly wall and get ready to do some frightful art. How about drawing your guild members or yourself in terrific disguises? Or portraying your chilling adventures during our seasonal event? Or perhaps a walk around the dark Prontera will light your scenic spark? Stir your cauldron of creativity and add a touch of the bizarre and the supernatural to the world of RO.

    As always, both traditional as well as digital creations are welcome. Anyone who enters will receive a small reward for participating.


    The theme: Halloween


    This is an Art Contest, so entries will be judged on the following: clear presence of the theme, creativity and originality. Players are more than welcome to write up their own witty descriptions or captions for their images, but please note that any such text will NOT be judged to determine our winners.


       2.png    1.png    3.png


    Each brass pin is approximately 3 cm (1.2") wide and 3 cm (1.2") tall.



    1. All forms of visual art are allowed.
    2. While humor is allowed, we want pieces with effort put into them so please refrain from submitting low quality entries.
    3. Any forms of troll entries and entries including memes will be disqualified.
    4. There is no size restriction, but we ask that contestants try to keep sizing within reason.*
    5. If your image is significantly large in size, please put it in spoiler tags.
    6. Artistic nudity is allowed, pornography is not.
    7. If your piece contains nudity please add a NSFW tag to your post and put your piece in spoiler tags.
    8. We ask all artists to either sign or place a water mark on their art.
    9. No plagiarism is allowed, if we find someone submitting plagiarized artwork they will be disqualified.
    10. Please include your in-game character name with your submission post.
    11. Contest will run from Wednesday, October 17th until Wednesday, November 7th.
    12. Players have 3 weeks to submit their entries.
    13. You can change your entry at anytime within the contest time limit.
    14. Entries submitted after November 7th will not be counted.
    15. Players who are afraid to submit their artwork publicly may send it to me privately and we will display it as anonymous.
    16. All entries can be used as promotional material by NovaRO (with appropriate credit given).
    17. (Optional) If you wish to include your deviant art, or online portfolio links with your submission we will include the links when we share the entries on our social media mediums.





    1st Place:


    2nd Place:

    • 250 Gold Coins
    • 5,000 Cash Points
    • 5 King's Treasures
    • Quve OR Lude Pin


    3rd Place:

    • 150 Gold Coins
    • 2,500 Cash Points
    • 3 King's Treasures
    • The remaining pin


    Participation Reward (Reward for everyone who enters including winners):

    • 50 Gold Coins
    • 5 Loki's Boxes

    Anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to participation rewards and CANNOT re-enter.

    *There is no size limitation, but if you want a chance to have your artwork immortalized as a "Loading Screen" here on NovaRO, your image must be 1280 x 960 - 2k (or able to be scaled to that size and not ruin image quality). Remember the image dimensions have to follow that same order (width x height).

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    ING: V i o l e



    I was inspired by the idea of an innocent monster, but a monster after all ... from the bottom of his accursed heart, wishes everyone a Happy Halloween and enjoy many dark adventures playing Nova RO.

    Techniques: Watercolor, Acrylic and digital collage. 

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