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    Happy Halloween Art Contest Winners


    And the results are in! This is always simultaneously a very exciting and positively nerve-wrecking moment for (I suspect) not only us staff but especially much so for everyone who (in fact) participated..! There were 38 entries this time, and as few of you noticed, we implemented as many as we could as loading screens a few days ago. I do humbly apologize that it took us a moment longer to drag out get the final votes from last of our 16 judges. Now that we have the vote averages tallied and everything, without further ado, let's congratulate our top trio!



    1st place Winner:




    2nd place Winner:




    3rd place Winner:




    Honorable mentions: Belhard & Hon3y3a3y


    Congratulations again to our winners and thank you to our participants, many of who are probably unaware of how amazingly talented they are! Keep up the drawing and painting, lovely folks, while you enjoy the late Autumn, dark evenings (and maybe some hot cocoa with sprinkles).


    Also, as a good number of you have been curious about where the rewards have been at, well, I'm happy to say both the participation bonus and the main prizes have now been distributed. (Thank you, Tokei!) This means you should hurry and check your RODexes. We hope you get something nice from the Loki's Boxes, and to see you again soon! GO GO GO!


    P.S. Remember that you will need to redeem the rewards on the character whose in-game name you provided when you submitted your entry in the original post.

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    Wow, Congrats guys!

    First is badass and scary, the second is creative and funny and the third beautiful and cute xD

    You all deserve to be in the first place!

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