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  • Healing Role Update #142

    • Patch Notes

    Summer Festival

    • Added another potential set of songs to the Summer Concert.
    • Dying on the Summer Island will now respawn the player at the entrance of the island.
    • Fixed an issue with movement speed after leaving the Grotto.
    • Added two new recipes to Felyne Chef, "Spring Meowrolls" and "Sopa de Macaconya".



    • We've added a new instance: Poring Village.
      • This instance is designed for new players and it is now part of our tutorial!
    • Most important town utility NPCs now have an unwalkable area around them to make them more visible.
      • Developer's Note: With this change, some paths may have become unwalkable. Please report any that you may find!
    • Added a new save point, Old Summer Island. (@go 53)
    • Added 4 new Doram heads.
    • Added a subscription option to the 30 Day Pack, so that the pack auto-renews itself.
    • Fixed the skill reset after changing classes and relogging for the first time.
    • We've made some improvements to the Knight's Shield Bearer NPC.
      • Reduced the Zeny cost of Silver Angel Idol from 1,000,000z to 100,000z.
      • Increased the chance to get a Purified Knight's Shield from Silver Angel Idols enchanting 0.2% to 0.3%.

      • Added an option to recycle Silver or Gold Angel Idols back to their Endeavor Token and Zeny cost.

      • Changed the requirement for cleaning a Bloody Knight's Shield:

        • 2 Silver Angel Idols (Down from 10)

        • 10 Armor Fragments of Valkyrie Ingrid (Unchanged)

        • 10 Armor Fragments of Valkyrie Reginleif (Unchanged)

        • 200 Energy Fragments (New)

        • 350 Cursed Fragments (New)

        • 6,666,666 Zeny (Unchanged)

      • Added an option to save a single enchant and reroll two for Purified Knight's Shield.
        • You can choose between two payment options:
          • 1 Gold Angel Idol, 150 Gold Coins, 15.000.000z.
          • 2 Gold Angel Idols, 50 Gold Coins, 1.000.000z.
      • You can now swap between DEF/Physical pierce and MDEF/Magical pierce equivalent enchants.
        • You can choose between two payment options:
          • 10 Endeavor Tokens.
          • 25.000.000z.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a "Turn in All" option to the Item Packager.
    •  Community Suggestion Added a Sword as a reward when changing jobs to Swordsman.
    •  Community Suggestion Added an announcement for Chaotic Baphomet's death on Illusion of Labyrinth.
    •  Community Suggestion Nydhoggur's Nest can now be accessed by a single person.
    •  Community Suggestion You can now choose which alootid profile is loaded on login.


    Monster Hunting

    • This patch is largely dedicated to fine-tuning and expanding the Healer role. A dev blog discussing these features can be read here but after listening to feedback and more internal testing we continued to tweak things further so some of that information may be outdated.
      • The healing penalty for the Healer role has been reduced from 75% to 40%.
        • Developer's Note: The main purpose for this change is to incorporate Acolyte's base Heal ability to be a staple in the rotation of healers in MH in order to give different options in a battle. With this change Heal will now be the bread and butter to the healer role, as opposed to the current Highness Heal. Now a players' Heal ability will be healing for a slightly weaker amount than what they've been used too using Highness Heal.  
      • Highness Heal now has a 3-second cooldown as well as a .7 second irreducible cast time on top of it's existing cast time.
        • Developer's Note: With the healing penalty now being greatly reduced, Highness Heal's potency increased significantly. This with Heal now fulfilling the role of a fast, spammable healing ability, we wanted to repurpose Highness Heal to incorporate a sort of  "High risk, High reward" ability to the role. Due to the fast-paced nature of RO, even those .7 seconds will be a huge drawback, not only will it put the caster in a vulnerable position but the target also has a short delay before they receive their much needed heals.
          Ultimately we wanted to introduce a few "micro-decisions" while playing the healing role, getting players to question: "should I continue to use Heal... or risk one Highness Heal here" during the midst of combat, as this is something that we feel adds a lot of much needed depth to the role.
      • The Healer role now has an inherent -20% after-cast delay granted by the Divinity skill.
        • Developer's Note: We feel like this should help a lot of healers starting out in MH and to bridge the gap between newbies and highly geared players, whilst still being useful to the latter.
      • Coluceo Heal's cooldown has been reverted to official behavior but has increased in heal potency.
      • The healing penalty within Monster Hunting maps now only applies to "healing classes", i.e. Priests and Summoners. This means, for example, the healing amount from the Heal skill used by Monks or Crusaders will no longer be penalized.
        • Developer's Note: Unfortunately we discovered that this change didn't quite make it in as intended. In the near future we will revise this to allow non healing classes to have potentially significant heals to support their party with.
    • Summoner may now take the Healer role.
      • Developer's Note: In order to make balancing easier, and trying to avoid one healer being preferred over another, we attempted to standardize skills between Arch Bishops and Summoners. Therefore, a number of Summoner skills now have expanded functionalities to work similarly to the updated Arch Bishop abilities.
      • Note that these skill effects only apply for the Summoner has taken the Healer role. Skill effects remain unchanged from their previous effects if the Summoner is not in the Healer role.
      • Furthermore, all of the Healing abilities Dorams have now use the same calculations as Acolyte's Heal ability, meaning INT and Healing Effectiveness are the determining factors to their potency.
        • Fresh Shrimp
          • Now also does an initial heal. This calculation mirrors that of Heal (within MH).

          • The Healing over Time (HoT) effect now heals for half the initial heal.

          • Spirit of Sea effect: Heal effect for the initial heal and the HoT effect is doubled.

        • Tasty Shrimp Party
          • The application of Fresh Shrimp via this ability has been replaced with an Area of Effect heal which affects all party members in range. This calculation mirrors that of Coluceo Heal (within MH).
          • Blessing of Shrimp now recovers 1.25% of a target's Max HP every 5 seconds
          • Spirit of Sea effect: Initial Heal effect is doubled.
        • Tuna Belly
          • No longer does a percentage heal. Instead, it will mirror Highness Heal (within MH).
          • Spirit of Sea effect: Heal effect is doubled.
        • Tuna Party
          • No longer only grants a percentage HP shield. Instead it heals the target with the same calculation as Tuna Belly.

          • Additionally, the target is protected with a shield with equal health to the amount healed.

          • Spirit of Sea effect: Heal effect is doubled, additionally the final effective shield health is doubled.

        • Arclouse Dash
          • Now also applies Assumptio.
        • Grooming
          • Now also applies Kyrie Eleison to the caster, 2 times the skill level casted.
        • Purring
          • Takes Grooming's new effects, meaning all party members with-in range are applied with Kyrie Eleison, 2 times the skill level casted.
        • Hide
          • No longer grants Hide. It will instead mirror the effect of level 5 Offertorium, including the alterations made in MH, for duration and cooldown.

          • Also reduces Aggro generated by 50% for the duration.

      • The following items have been disabled in Monster Hunter

        • Fresh Tuna Talisman.

        • Cute Grass Necklace.

        • Lesser Tuna Talisman combo effect.

        • Intermediate Tuna Talisman combo effect.

        • Superior Tuna Talisman combo effect.

      • New skills for the Healer role have been added.
        • Sanus: Cures Great Monster-related debilitating status effects, namely: Disorientate, Incapacitate, Dizzy and Snooze. Example of how these statuses are now being applied to players is explained down below.
        • Celeritas: Grants Increase AGI and Blessing in a 15x15 AoE. For Acolyte-based classes, this will mirror your known skill levels of either Inc. AGI, Blessing, Canto Candidus or Clementia. (for full effectiveness you must have these skills maxed out)
          • For Dorams, a the calculation is based on Inc. AGI and Blessing at skill level 10.
      • Other skill changes:
        • King's Grace now has a flat 100-second cooldown regardless of level used.
        • The heal part of Shield Spell now has an irreducible 60-second cooldown. If you cast level 3 Shield Spell and the random effect is the heal, it will instead cast the other effect at level 3.
        • Gentle Touch Cure now removes a stack of Fester, similar to Cure and Detoxify. It now also has a 30-second cooldown similar to these skills.
        • Golem Soul cooldown reduced to 55 seconds (from 100) and duration increased to 60 seconds (from 40).
        • Kaupe now has a 15-second cooldown.
        • Sera's Pain Killer has been enabled within Monster Hunter content, but can only target Genetic classes (either yourself or another Genetic class).
        • Potion Pitcher and Slim Potion Pitcher have had their formula simplified and randomness reduced. See the Dev Blog for more details.
          • Developer's Note: These skills should now be useful and can be used as fairly decent off-heal skills. Overall, these should now feel like the Genetic's answer to a Priest's Heal and Coluceo Heal, albeit weaker.
        • A number of skills and status changes which did previously not generate Aggro, now do so. This includes, but is not limited to, skills like Divinity's Heal over time, Potion Pitcher and Refresh.
    • The Role Manager has been updated to include a short spiel about the Healer role, its skills and how Aggro interacts with healing.
    • Added a new item, "Herbal Remedy", a special Monster Hunter only item that replaces Panacea, Green Potions, Cure All, etc which is combined using a Mega Hunter's Potion and Smelly Fish via the Combination Kit.
      • Developer's Note: We have added this to cut down on the amount of items that were required to be carried in MH. The other items will be disabled within MH and the new item will have a short cast time but will remove all common status effects the items it replaces removes.
    • Racial resists have been capped at 90% reduction.
    •  Community Suggestion Size resists are also capped at 90% reduction.
      • Developer's Note: Previously racial resists could easily reach 100%, trivializing certain fights and mechanics. We will review this change later and decide if further changes needs to be made, à la elemental resists. We have also added Size resists, capped at 90%, for future-proofing.
    • We have changed around a number of status changes that Great Monsters inflict on players.
      • Flash Bomb now inflicts 'Disorientated'.
      • Shock Trap now inflicts 'Incapacitate'.
      • Garronath's Dragoon Jump now inflicts 'Incapacitate'.
      • Roar now inflicts 'Dizzy' (same as from Dizzyring).
      • Nysori's Sleepring now inflicts 'Snooze'.
      • Developer's Note: There were originally a number of disparate status changes used for these skills which caused problems. For example, Roar used RO Stun which, although we force started, would still be modified by stats in certain cases. These status changes are now unified for players and mobs and gives us greater control of balance.
    • Climactic Fury now has a blue damage bubble (à la Taekwon skills) when used with maximum Fury stacks.
      • Developer's Note: "Feel the impact!"
    • Fixed an issue whereby multiple skill adjustments would not take hold.
      • Developer's Note: Within MH, we make use of adjusted skill cooldowns, cast times and durations. If a skill had more than one of these then it was likely that the others would not take. A skill, for example, that is affected by this fix is Land Protector. Originally this skill was meant to have a reduced duration and an increased cooldown. Formerly, only the cooldown was implemented, whereas now both are.
    • Fixed a large oversight which meant Aggro generated by Healers was much lower than intended.
      • Developer's Note: We have only recently started to track healing numbers within MH, so we don't have a large amount of data to better balance Aggro generation for Healers at the moment. We'll keep a close eye on how this works in practice after the patch in case there are large imbalances.
    • Fixed Garronath no longer using Dragoon Jump to leave the zone he is in.
    • Fixed Great Monsters being able to be blinded.



    • Fixed Ingrid Card's bonus.
    • Fixed Soda in Mouth equip position from Upper to Lower.
    • Angelic Mask can now be worn by Novices.
    • Fixed Rune Knight Shadow Gauntlet and Rune Knight Shadow Shield Sonic Wave SP consumption combo bonus.
    • Fixed Heart Whip and Trentini's Memory neutral magic damage combo bonus.
    • Added Kiel Pet as an evolution from Aliot Pet.
      • Pet Bonus:
        • When intimacy is Awkward or Shy, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 4%), Hit + 9.
          When intimacy is Neutral, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 5%), Hit + 12, increases melee physical damage by 1%.
          When intimacy is Cordial, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 6%), Hit + 15, increases melee physical damage by 3%.
          When intimacy is Loyal, increases attack speed (reduce delay after attack by 7%), Hit + 18, increases melee physical damage by 5%.
      • Recipe:
        • 1 Kiel Essence.
        • 10 Alicel Card.
        • 10 Aliza Card.
        • 10 Aliot Card.
    • Added Kiel Essence as a possible reward from Evolution Event Egg.
    • Added Kiel Essence as a drop from Kiel-D-01 MVP.


    War of Emperium and Battlegrounds

    •  Siege Commissioners Dragon Plate, Hoods and Boots are now enabled in WoE/Battlegrounds.
      • The fixed cast time reduction from the items combo effect is disabled.
      • The "Reduce damage from Demi-Human enemies" enchant will not work on players. The functionality was unchanged outside Siege gamemodes.
    •  Siege Commissioners MVP Card tier changes:
      • The following cards were moved from Tier 0 (banned) to Tier 1 (limited to 3 in WoE, disabled elsewhere):
        • Deep Sea Kraken
      • The following cards were moved from Tier 1 (limited to 3 in WoE, disabled elsewhere) to Tier 2 (limited to 5 in WoE, disabled elsewhere):
        • Bijou
      • The following cards were moved from Tier 2 (limited to 5 in WoE, disabled elsewhere) to Tier 3 (no limitations):
        • Atroce
        • Baphomet
        • Ifrit
        • Dark Lord
        • Phreeoni
        • Evil Snake Lord
        • Infinite Orc Hero
        • Berzebub
        • Heart Hunter Evil
        • Cutie
        • Dark Coelacanth
        • Weird Coelacanth
        • Giant Octopus
        • General Daehyon
    • We've added new whacky Battlegrounds modes. These modes will apply custom rulesets to the regular Battleground matches.
      • These "party modes" will be running on the following schedule:
        • Friday 12:00 - 23:59
        • Monday 00:00 - 11:59
      • Current Rulesets:
        • Jumbo Shrimp -- Player size is randomized.
        • Juggernaut -- Recovery items are disabled. Damage taken is reduced.
        • Gotta Go Fast -- Maximum walk speed, maximum attack speed, no cast time, no skill delay.
        • Snowball Fight -- All skills are disabled. Defeat your enemies using your Snowball.
        • Golden Gun -- Movement Skills disabled, auto-attacks OHKO and have 4 cell range.
      • Developer's Note: If players like these, we'll continue to make more modes and consider expanding when they happen.



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    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    "You can now swap between DEF/Physical pierce and MDEF/Magical pierce equivalent enchants."

    While I greatly appreciate this change, i feel like i'm being mocked by NovaRO Staff, you know that many people have had defense pierce pks that they've rerolled by now but now we get the option after the fact.

    This should've been implemented day 1.

    Tudor likes this
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    I love what you guys are doing with MH, improving the roles and stuff before the next batch of monster comes but can you guys do something about mh1? Ever since it was removed on the weekly quest, it's impossible to form parties.


    Like half of the high rank shadow gear is made from it, and for the other half, you need mh1 shadow gears to be able to farm. I can feel you guys have some kind of plan for it so you are just ignoring the problem, but what's the harm of adding it back to weeklies and rewarding a few evt token?


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    Snowball Fight -- All skills are disabled. Defeat your enemies using your Snowball.


    Haha, snowball BG is not a dream anymore. /heh

    Gonna give it a try.




    Golden Gun -- Movement Skills disabled, auto-attacks OHKO and have 4 cell range.


    What's this, invisible characters Top meta.

    SC's attacking from hidding ultimate meta. :pepperderp:

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    Gonna give a try to those weird BG modes and give an input after that. /no1






    On the other hand, not too pleased with PKS changes:


    1. Wish the magic <---> physical switch was implemented a lot earlier. A lot of people i know already rerolled and lost excellent enchants because of the old system. Honestly, thanks you for the change, but i wish it was implemented earlier.
    2. Wish the safe option's amount was decreased (at least to 250 or something). Or the Endeavor Tokens were increased without consuming more time. For us people who work in "Covid" and "Health-related" areas, those have been very busy months, there's no time to do even more extra activities. :th_swt3:


    Those 2 changes were suggested by people a lot of time before. ^^^

    And well, the system was unfair from the beggining, because some people had a big currency of Endeavor Tokens in Kafra when PKS was implemented. While us others started with 0 endeavor tokens, because we were using them all for Weekly Potions and Hats, and we were PUNISHED for doing so.



    But well, democracy is not the way to develop a server. Just hope everything goes well at the end (i honestly mean it).  /no1

    Edited by Fu Windsword
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    Really appreciate how Snowball got integrated in BG, I personally enjoyed the Christmas event more than the Summer event in more ways than one. I felt like Snowball was a really engaging, player to player, equitable combat system that allowed everyone to have a dynamic experience. I had SO MUCH FUN. I would wait for the event to start every time, I didn't even care about the rewards. I'd recommend doing announcements or having GM's promo the whacky BG event for at least a month just to get everyone on the same page, I see a lot of promise with this addition.


    Unlike Snowball, I'm personally fatigued by the Summer event. It feels very low stakes and I feel very disengaged from playing it after completing the weekly requirements, so I choose not to participate after fulfilling the criteria I need to advance through the game. On a related note, there's an argument to be made about gamer burnout, I think if there's a way to conceptualize seasonal events as Summer = Laid-back and Winter = Competitive (but still fully engage everyone from all levels), it would boost player morale, well, mine. Just a meta thought around what we're actually all here for: to momentarily escape life and have fun.


    I also think that there needs to be more transparency with how a major, game-changing mechanic would affect public perception of the game as a whole. I'm talking about the people who spent their Endeavor coins on the PKS pre-rework because I feel really bummed out for them. So many are salty because there's a lack of communication with your playerbase, yet again. Could there be a way for devs to sound an alarm when something like this happens the next time? Like an announcement that disclaims a certain mechanic is currently in-process of being reworked and that if one choose to undergo pre-rework enchantments, that's a risk on them? I know you sort of did this for the MH rebalancing, but I think you should have done it for this PKS rework as a courtesy for the competitive people out there. They're as passionate playing the game as you are improving it.


    Kudos to your efforts!!!!!



    Edited by domo
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    As I said in my previous post in these same patch notes:

    18 hours ago, Nova said:

    Glad you liked the changes, we do apologize for the delay. It took us quite a while to figure out what all we were going to do with it, as it is a very powerful piece of equipment, and a very complicated system overall. Big props to Hector for both the concepts as well as pushing us to do it sooner.


    The time it took from the idea being formulated and implemented wasn't long at all. We tried to apply the changes as quickly as we could to further prevent this sort of feeling.

    I agree that best case scenario all of this would have been implemented day 1, but foresight is 20/20. I can assure you we did not delay these changes in order to negatively impact players.

    We felt that the suggestions being made to improve the shield system were too extreme and it took us some time to reach the middle ground that we did.

    But I do apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused due to the system being delayed. I wish we could have had all of this ready sooner still.

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    """"We've added new whacky Battlegrounds modes. These modes will apply custom rulesets to the regular Battleground matches.

    These "party modes" will be running on the following schedule:

    Friday 12:00 - 23:59

    Monday 00:00 - 11:59"""""

    Have to say that I don´t like the SNOWBALL FIGHT as part of BG... i feel it loses the idea of Battlegrounds; in my opinion Snowball fight takes too much time to end, the % of  getting snowball should be LOWER.

    Of course IF the idea is to make "weeklys easier"  it´s possible to add a different event just like the snowball event, and give it as an alternative.


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    The following items have been disabled in Monster Hunter

    Fresh Tuna Talisman.

    Cute Grass Necklace.

    Lesser Tuna Talisman combo effect.

    Intermediate Tuna Talisman combo effect.

    Superior Tuna Talisman combo effect.


    The removal of item combo is a bit hit to Doram stats. I guess you took it away so Doram cant  have lv9 heal but thats also MaxHP +25%, MaxSP +15%
    Healing +30% gone. Dorams cant use the AB only items with the +Healing either : /

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