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    Illustrate: Geffen Magic Tournament Cards


    As some of you have noticed, we have recently expanded the cards in-game to include the Geffen Magic Tournament set! We hope you enjoy this addition and their effects. However, as the official illustrations are not yet available for an indeterminate period of time, we are looking to implement community-drawn artwork in their stead and hope you will support us by joining this endeavour.


    The Theme: Geffen Magic Tournament



    This is an Illustration Contest the purpose of which is to grant a new, unique look to all of our 15 blank GMT cards. You can find the full list of these cards below. Artists of all skill levels are welcome to try their hand at illustrating and maybe see their card in-game!


    1. You may illustrate each card once. This means you can submit up to 15 entries if you group them under the same post.
    2. The character/monster/NPC must be clearly visible in the image but you may include as many other elements as you like. You are more than welcome to take inspiration from the small stories in a number of pre-existing cards and the card stats themselves.
    3. While humor is allowed and we encourage artists from all skill levels to take part, we also want pieces with effort put into them so please refrain from submitting low quality entries. Any troll entries and entries that include memes will be interpreted as low quality and immediately disqualified.
    4. Depending on the the number of entries, a maximum of 2 illustrations will be chosen from the same artist.
    5. We ask that you submit your image(s) in 300 x 400 pixels format.
    6. We encourage all artists to either sign or place a water mark on their art.
    7. Please include your in-game character name together with your submission post.
    8. No plagiarism is allowed; if we find someone submitting plagiarized artwork they will be disqualified.
    9. This contest will run from Saturday, April 7th until Saturday, April 28th Wednesday, May 2nd.
    10. Players have 3 weeks to submit their entries.
    11. You can change your entry at anytime within the time limit.
    12. The chosen cards will be announced and implemented in-game in the two weeks following the deadline.
    13. We reserve the rights to adjust and clarify the rules of this contest as we deem necessary.



      Card List:
      Here are our new GMT cards to be illustrated.


      • Arhi Card (1)
      • Dio Anemos Card (3)
      • Geffen Gangster Card (3)
      • Geffen Bully Card (1)
      • Geffen Shoplifter Card (1)
      • Faymont Card (3)
      • Ordre Card (1)
      • Blut Hase Card (1)
      • Kuro Akuma Card (2)
      • Ifodes Card (1)
      • Licheni Card (2)
      • Odoric Card (3)
      • Ju Card (3)
      • Dwigh Card (1)
      • Fay Kanavian Card (1)


      Click to reveal the example card template that you can (and are encouraged to) use as your reference.



      The size of each submitted piece must be no more or less than 300 x 400 pixels.
      Keep all the most important aspects of the image (including your signature) within the inner red borders.
      Do not use the borders in your final submission; extend your art to cover the full image, then hide this layer.


      How to submit:
      Once you are done with your artwork, write a new message in this topic. Add the card as an attachment by clicking "Drag files here to attach or choose files...", then click on the image you have attached to insert it into the post. Remember to include your in-game name as well as the card name(s) you have illustrated. You can add more entries anytime while this contest is running by editing your original post.



      Due to the special nature of this contest there will be a record number of winners. Additionally, everyone who takes part will receive the participation reward.


      Artists of Chosen Cards:

      • 7,500 CP
      • The satisfaction of seeing card art drawn by you implemented in-game.

      • Entry in a special raffle. This IRL prize (1) will be a small Fenrir Felt Doll. Pictures will be shared at a later date.

        • On the occasion the raffle winner declines to adopt this prize, there will be a re-draw.


      Participation Reward:

      • 20 Geffen Magic Tournament Coins
      • 25 Gold Coins
        Anyone who is disqualified from the contest for any reason forfeits their right to participation rewards and CANNOT re-enter.


      We wish everyone good luck and most importantly hope you have fun!
      If you have additional questions or enquiries about this event, you are welcome to post them directly into this thread.


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      IGN: Mr Mobil

      Licheni Card




       Geffen Bully Card



       p/s: it based on the event where this three guy appear and harrash mage student to give them some zenny... they are Brothers :D



      Full version for load screen:







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      IGN: Kabage


      A crying Ju Card &  Ifodes Card ◕3◕



      Kuro Akuma Card  and  Dio Anemos Card ٩◔‿  ◔۶


      5addfd0015e41_finalfinalro300x400.png.247984a2ed3b5cf3780f13d91bcece06.png          x3x4.png.93167071a3fc1692aa3f1ae91a86c936.png

      Geffen Gangster Card

      (coloring inspired by Atomic blonde and KS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

      Arhi Card




      1280 x 960 pixel sizes








      Geffen Gangster






      Dio Anemos 

      Detailed larger version of my men /omg I mean my art:th_swt3: XD are in my art page kekek   






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