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    Illustrate: Rock Ridge Contest Winners


    No more blank Rock Ridge cards for our server! We are happy and proud to present you NovaRO's second player-drawn card art illustration batch. We had received 31 original illustrations during the contest's run time and out of these 11 had made it into the final selection.

    As some of you are aware, as a thank-you to our small but wonderful artist community, all these card arts will remain in-game as duplicates (with identical effects) after Gravity's official card art release. At that point these cards will obtain "1st Edition" prefix. All newer cards dropped past that point will have the official card art. The same applies to our previously released GMT batch.

    All of the credit naturally goes to the original artists whose player names are provided below, from left to right. New loading screens will likewise soon be made available for you in-game. Enjoy these illustrations!



    PoLskie -- PoLskie -- Lyliana



    Throrin -- Vaults -- Etain



    Adelle -- Hon3y3a3y -- Strawberry Thug



    Miscy -- Shibey



    Thank you again for all the patience you've demonstrated while waiting for the results the past two weeks.
    And I would once again like to remind all participants: please do not forget to claim your rewards from your ROdex mails (that will be distributed shortly). You have at least one week to do so from this day onwards. You will need to access the mail on the character whose name you provided in the original topic (in the case of winners' cards it is the same one as listed above).



    Our lucky draw -- Throrin -- shall be awarded a little Rock Ridge themed something as a commemoration prize and contacted for the shipping address shortly. Congratulations!





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    On 7/26/2018 at 7:05 PM, Ary said:

    I still can't see these cards ingame, even after patch :(


    Tokei had forgotten to do so (and I didn't check)..!

    They should now be viewable in-game too, sorry for the additional waiting time. ☆

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