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    Infinite Space Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes


    GLbuHHw.png Infinity Violin [1] XwqF4Lp.png Infinity Whip [1] Aio7dSZ.png Infinity Two-Handed Staff [1] BpBSumZ.png Infinity Dagger[1]
    6nHEVAy.png Infinity Two-Handed Sword [1] stqp1S8.png Infinity Bow [1] 4paAw6s.png Infinity Two-Handed Axe [1] ehNfjMb.png Infinity Mace [1]
    kwLraaQ.png Infinity Revolver [1] Yhrfjsg.png Infinity Shuriken [1] xzzzgGa.png Shoes of Rift [1] GgotveT.png Manteau of Rift [1]
    TGh8sQG.png Ancient Armor of Rift [1]
                                        9KvRICb.png Ancient Decoration of Rift [1]



      • The Infinite Space instance has been implemented.

        • Warper -> Instances -> Infinite Space

      • The Christmas Event has been removed.

      • The @whosell/@whobuy/@whonpcsell commands now also work with the "next" feature to display more results.

      • Re-implemented the classic 1st job quests.

      • The /ex command is now permanent and will persist through logins.

      • Added the missing alternative Colored Dragons' sprites.


      • The corpses in the Old Glast Heim instance will no longer spawn if you're hiding.
      • The security robots in the Charleston Crisis instance will no longer spawn if you're hiding.
      • Fixed an issue with a clickable invisible NPC in Devil's Tower.


      • Coluceo Heal will no longer show the casting animation on the party members (except for the caster).

      • Arrow Shower now properly pushes targets back based on the target cell the skill was casted on.

      • Chain Lightning no longer does a double-cast animation.


      • Added two new hats from the headgear suggestion thread to the Cash Shop.


      • Monster Hunter headgears once more give their effects inside the Flooded Forest.
      • Zaha Doll Hat has been updated to match its official behavior.
      • Elemental Proof Potions now show status icons on the right side, and stack properly.

      War of Emperium

      • Removed the Sunday castle due to low activity.
      • A major revision of the WoE rewards systems will take place soon.

      Edited by Nova

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